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ABOVE: One of the great pleasures I have in running a EB kennel, for 60 plus years, is the friends and family I have from it. In 2018 I had a family in Ohio that wanted a dog for Dad and One for the Son. Both got dogs from JJ. The family grew and Now there is a Master Dog Handler!! Named Titus. There will be more dogs from Windy Acres in this family I am certain Thanks! I am Proud to call Grandpa Jim and Granma Gail, Kyle and Nicole and of course Titus part of my Kennel Family!. The Picture above is Titus teaching Oden To be easy. Prospective clients often ask about , Kids and the EB. I think they are one of the best in house and with youngsters there is. If I was offered some cheerios I probably would be more aggressive than Oden is here. The Dog in Grandpas house is Kona. Thank YOU for being part of my clients that I truly consider My Family. Windy Acres is a small kennel located in bird country and croplands of South Central North Dakota near the SD boarder. For over 50 years the black nose Brittany has been a favorite of Phil and his friends. When we started the kennel there were just 7 Registered Epagneul Breton kennels in the country Wow how that has changed. The popularity of the breed and the eager buyers have increased that to way over 100 and counting.

All of our dogs are Duel Registered or tri registered UKC, AKC, NAVHDA. Proven excellent Hunters and Huntress. We do insure all breeding pairs are exceptional hunters.We cater to hunters and Family hunting dogs.

Our Lines are all superior and proven . We give a full 2 year guarantee on all our dogs.

We have several training plans and cater to all levels of training requirements. Phil has trained over 500 dogs and loves it.

Our desire is to become a kennel family with and for our clients, we strive to provide the best lines, proven breeding pairs and professional training and most of all superior Customer Service before and after the sale.

My goal is to breed for a client, not have a litter, and It is proven a good plan. Having only 2-3 litters can mean a wait, at times but clients tell me it was worth the wait to get a well fit dog for the field and family. I look forward to finding one for your family.

Also a Huge thank you all for the support Kind words and for Loving my dogs !!!

I love to, and am very proud to,show these dogs and everyone is invited to come visit for a field run any time.

May you all have a Super year and Id like to say Thank You and God Bless to our New , Repeat and Future clients

Phil Rogers


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Phil Rogers
2991 70th St SE
Napoleon, North Dakota 58561
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 20 years.
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Submitted by: Chris Bradow on Dec 03, 2020
Pax is 20 months old now. He came from the April 2019 Monty and Gracie litter. We just got back from a pheasant hunting trip in South Dakota. Although the bird numbers were down where we hunted Pax did great. He's got this bird hunting thing down now. He's got phenomenal drive and hunts close to me out in the field. As long as it isn't too hot out he can hunt all day without tiring. He helped me retrieve a bird I knocked down in the thick cattails that I wouldn't have found without him. It is just fun to watch how these dogs work. I couldn't be happier with getting a pup from Phil who runs a top notch kennel.
Submitted by: Elizabeth Davies on Nov 21, 2020
When I was around six years old my family bought our first dog, a french brittany from windy archers. We named him Scout, after Scout from 'To Kill A Mocking Bird'. We recently bought a new dog who we named Kirby after the baseball player Kirby Puckett. Scout and Kirby are both wonderful dogs, and when I'm older and I've moved out of my parents home I'm going get a french brittany puppy of my own.
Submitted by: Dennis Luszcz, Sheridan WY on Nov 12, 2020
We have had our male Niko for about 3 and a half years. Not only I he a great companion but he has developed into a fine hunter. Today was a prime example as he had one of his best days yet. In a 3 hour hunt he had 19 solid points on about 25 pheasants and a covey of Hungarian partridge. He was steady, controllable and exhibited a great nose. We wouldn’t hesitate going back to Phil Rogers and Windy Acres Kennel for our next bird dog. He was helpful and a pleasure to work with during the entire process. He also showed outstanding hospitality when we picked up our pup. I recommend him highly.
Submitted by: Audrey and Rob Andrews on Oct 31, 2020
The entire experience from the first call til now has been amazing. Phil was very informative and willing to answer all questions no matter how many times we called. He also sent us updates and pictures from the time she conceive til we pick her up. He was also very accommodating to our needs to when we could pick up Winnie. He offered for us to stay in his guest bedroom, as we drove all the way from NJ. He made dinner for us and then breakfast. We also observed his training program which seems to be top notch.

Now to talk about the amazing dog we picked out. We first saw her and we were in love. We had about a 2 day drive home. She did amazing in the car. No accidents. Slept through the night at the hotel. Then once we arrived home she has been great and easy to train. We would highly recommend Windy Acres Kennel and we will surely use them again if we ever get another dog.
Submitted by: Ed Davies on Aug 24, 2020
We picked up "Kirby" two days ago, age six weeks. He is adorable and we love him. He has great conformation, a wonderful disposition, and when you get him outdoors he's go-go-go exploring.

Thank you, Phil, for taking so much time with us when we came to your home in gorgeous Napoleon, ND. The extensive briefing you gave us, coupled with the multiple pages of instructions, etc. are tremendously helpful. Even though this is not our first puppy from you (yes, we are yet another one in a long line of your repeat customers) it really helps to have the information laid out so precisely and extensively.

We'll keep you updated as time goes on and Kirby grows. Already looking forward to coming back to see you next summer to have Kirby trained by you.
Submitted by: Chris Knopik on Aug 16, 2020
I have had three litters from Windy Acres out of his stud dogs. I am a breeder also. This breeder will call you back, help you out in any way. He will always call you back!!!!!!!! I have one female from him that is part of our family. I have already put a reservation for another for next year to add to our family of hunting dogs. If you ever call or visit it is always a great conversation that he will help with what you are looking for in just basic life or dog info. This Kennel has been around a long time. I have seen many puppies of his in person. I have seen some great legends of his pass away and have shed a few tears with him about it. But that breeding is still in the Kennel. Now I travel every time he has a litter to see his litter of puppies and I don't live close. I have not missed a litter since I met Phil. Their is always coffee and the offer I will make something for you to eat. I have met people while I was their that have a brother or sister to our dog and love the great stories of how their dog is doing. I love his openness to what I think and not be judgemental. In all this is a great breeder. I would call this a smaller breeder that pays attention to detail in his breed. Very picky on how he breeds. His stud service has been working great for us. How he breeds our dogs makes a difference on how many females and males we have. We are at 50% males and females. Colors? well like Phil and I say I can predict but GOD chooses the colors. Very true but we have an idea.
Submitted by: Kyle Paxton on Jun 04, 2020
My wife and I have had our Windy Acres Epagneul Breton for just over two years. We cannot imagine a type of dog that would be a better fit than Odin. He is excellent with our two boys (8 months & 18 months). Admittedly, it did take him a while to learn to be gentle. I mostly chalk that up to him being a young pup when our oldest was born. Odin was affectionate, but frequently wanted to play (as pups do). He adjusted quickly but was thrown a curveball once the baby could play in return. It took him a bit of time to get comfortable with that. Everything is pretty smooth now. You can tell that they are going to be best buds. Odin is usually laying as close to them as possible and is always alongside our oldest wherever they are in the yard.

I know there are other Epagneul Breton kennels out there. I am sure they are run by fine people that produce fine dogs. However, I want the best dog (four-legged family member) from the best kennel. If you want the same, Windy Acres is the kennel for you.

Kyle Paxton
Submitted by: Angelica and Tim Bialek on May 18, 2020
I hope you are staying healthy in this crazy coronavirus time. I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how pleased we are, with our dog, Hachi. He will be a year old on May 29th and is a great family dog, who loves being outdoors. He loves running free, hiking, jogging, playing with other dogs, flushing birds, and protecting his property from voles. He is a very social and vocal dog. Our B/C dog was neutered at 4 months, to help control some of his dominant tendencies. He is calming down nicely and has remained slim since neuter, he is now 27 pounds. Tim is very excited to get him out bird hunting this fall. I included some pictures of him.

Stay safe,
Angelica, Tim, and Alec Bialek
Submitted by: Jim Paxton on May 01, 2020
Our pups name is Kona she is from JJ and Grace and just turned 2. To make a long, long story short. Kona got injured last spring playing with her brother and she started carrying her left back leg at times. We saw 2 local vets and had X-rays which they couldn’t see anything, meds. and a total of 5 - 6 months in her kennel and on a lead, a Neurosurgeon and an Orthopedic surgeon. I tell you this for 3 reasons. 1) Kona got absolutely no training last year. Yet the 9-10 days that she did get to hunt, with muscle relaxers at the recommendation of the Orthopedic surgeon, she did great, beautiful solid points, and held till I got there to flush. We went to Michigan on a short mini vacation with Kyle and Odin her brother and the rest of the family. Kona and Odin worked well together. Kona got her first wild bird point a grouse that I managed to hit that is on the wall. Since mid. January of this year since she has healed up I have put birds out for her at least six different times and she just keeps getting better. I am constantly amazed by her nose she has a few different times picked up birds at over 40yds thankfully I had some witnesses they would say she couldn’t of smelled that bird, but her nose would go almost straight up in the air and she would turn and quarter right into the bird as she gets closer her quartering gets shorter till she goes on point. 2) I contacted Phil after the X-rays were taken and read, he graciously volunteered to contact his vet he showed her the reading and hearing the circumstances she said that with out being able to see her that she thought that it was an injury and not neurological issue like the reading of the X-ray suggested if the issue did not clear up. Which was a huge help. 3) Just in case anyone is ever in a similar situation after lots and lots of prayers I took Kona to my chiropractor who also works on animals. While I held her she adjusted both front shoulders one of which I heard pop and her left hip. After two and a half months of rehab she is doing great that brought us to mid. January.
I just want to thank you my Friend if not for God answering prayers and you going the extra mile contacting your vet I don’t know what we would of done. God Bless Jim
Submitted by: Lynn Van Vleet on Mar 02, 2020
Jada is a 9-year-old from Windy Acres, I broke my own rules placing her in a home to be trained for agility. I am so pleased and Proud that I did. Jada and her owner Lynn have proven time and time again these pups are amazing! I am pleased to post this email from Jada’s owner (permission was granted to post). She now holds over 13 titles

Jada had another great year of agility. She ended up the #2 Brittany for the AKC Agility Invitational (qualifying period July 1,2018 thru June 30, 2019) and is also the #2 Brittany for the Top Dog in Agility MACH Competition.(qualifying period Jan.1, 2019 thru Dec. 31, 2019). (2nd year in a row for both)
Jada has also earned her MXS2,MXG2, MJS2, MJG2, MJC2, and Masters Agility Champion # 6, 7, and 8 (MACH6, MACH7 and MACH8) titles. Along with the AKC Agility Invitational which was in December, she also qualified for the AKC Agility Nationals in Tulsa OK last March (2019) She went 4/5 at both events and ran great. She qualified for this years Nationals in March(2020) but I have decided not to go,This year I have to pass.
In the summer we take 2-1/2 months off from competing to enjoy the lake, swimming, boating and just doing fun summer stuff. Jada loves the water!
It's hard to believe Jada turned 9 years old on Feb. 17. She hasn't slowed down at all :) She is such a fun and loving girl and she makes me laugh every single day, her personality is incredible . I know I always tell you this, but thanks again for trusting me with one of your amazing pups.

Take Care,
Lynn and Jada
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