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Submitted by: Jeannelove Ferguson on Nov 21, 2016
I owned a Pet Supply store in the Charleston, SC area and 3 of her "puppies" were Blue Ridge Beef ( Raw Food) Customers of Mine. I can honestly say, these dogs were amazing examples of the breed. Each was incredibly healthy and had a wonderful temperament. I saw these three dogs at a minimum once a month ( all three dogs were in separate homes) and each time, it was a joy to have them in the store. Kathy knows her breed and you will get an incredibly sound ( physically & mentally) dog. I have owned Labrador Retrievers for over 25 years and because of my experience with these dogs- I am honestly considering getting a Chessie the next go round. And it will of course be one from Whiskey Creek Kennels!!
Submitted by: gisselle on Sep 05, 2016
From the day we started searching for a new pup until now (our Whiskey Creek pup is alittle over 1 year and 2 mos) Kathy/WCC has been phenomenal. WCC initially impressed us when we read their informative, up front, and extremely caring website. After talking to Kathy for the first time we were committed...HER commitment to her dogs, ethical breeding, and much more was not just refreshing, but motivating; she had/still has a great impact on how we raise our Baker. Since picking up our beautiful Chessie, Kathy's support has been tremendous; from keeping us informed to taking my nervous phonecalls as a first time Chessie owner. Kathy and WCC are a huge added bonus, but even without the continued support that I don't think we'd find from any other breeder, our Chessie alone is reason enough for us to never go anywhere else when it comes to Chessies. Baker (SnapxNuke) is not only a great looking dog, he's extremely intelligent, resilient, and his temperament is wonderful. He's great with other dogs and people. We plan on growing our family in the near future and are so happy that Baker is part of it. For us he's a family dog that enjoys the outdoors with us and our 6 yr old Rhodesian Ridgeback who he's won over, but we have no doubt that should we decide to broaden our activities to anything from hunting to agility trials that he has the ability, physically and mentally, to excel. We are forever grateful that we found Kathy/WCC.
Submitted by: Jessica Horne on Apr 29, 2016
I purchased my Chesapeake 5 weeks ago and he has been a dream so far. A quick learner, extremely well socialized, and is showing real promise. He's not nearly as hyper as my last Chessie, but when he gets out he want to work.

The breeder is fantastic. She kept me updated almost daily from the time he was born until I got him with pictures and videos. She would also provide links and instructions on various topics to help you get ready for the pup. Visits with the pups were not only welcomed but encouraged. Certainly the best experience I've had with a breeder so far, and I'll be going back when I'm ready for another one.
Submitted by: Tyler on Apr 21, 2016
Where do I even start. Kathy is the most knowledgeable, kind and thoughtful breeder I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her dogs are stellar examples of the breed and titled in more events than I can name. The same goes for her puppies, it seems most days online I see a posting for a new title earned by an offspring of her girls. Making the trip to Whiskey Creek is always informative and enjoyable but never short. And in my opinion that's the only way the buying process should be. Kathy is thorough but not prying when you first express an interest in a puppy, she really wants to ensure that the pups are going to a good home and that you the buyer know just what you are getting yourself into. As for my pup, a Snap x Nuke puppy, she could not have a better temperament. Tema is level headed, happy and always willing to please. She loves her people and is extremely tolerant of strangers and new dogs. She lives with a 5 year old frenchie and they could not be better friends. I only hope Kathy is still breeding when I am ready for my next chessie because I really cannot see myself looking anywhere else.
Submitted by: Kim Schrempp on Apr 01, 2016
If you are wanting a quick and easy process then this is NOT the breeder for you. If you are wanting a CBR pup from a breeder who truly cares about the breed and goes to great lengths, only better the breed, but do everything possible to match the right pup with the right family, then Kathy Case is your breeder. We were blessed to be matched with our now 13 month old male CBR, Scout (Brier x Chaamp). The process did take a while and for that we are thankful. Kathy required us to make a visit to the farm, spend time with her and meet all the Whiskey Creek girls. We were able to see their different personalities and understand how much goes into Kathy's placement choices. She does an awesome job of taking all factors into consideration before placing a dog with a family. You are not allowed to pick your pup. You are welcomed to come and visit during the whole process and spend time with the entire liter. That is when you get to see all that Kathy does to prepare her CBR puppies for success in their future homes. They are socialized often- children from a nearby daycare come over for play dates and she takes the pups to the lake or creek to introduce them to water. The pups are taken for wagon rides on the farm and lots of play time in a very interactive play space she has created. Thanks to the extra measures taken by Kathy, Scout arrived home very well adjusted, loving and happy. Through the whole process Kathy stays in contact with her "customers" and makes you feel more like family. You will not find a breeder who cares more about you and that sweet little Chessie that is getting ready yo join your family.
Submitted by: Russell King on Mar 24, 2016
This is my 3rd Chesapeake and first from Kathy at Whiskey Creek. If you are looking for a great match and a breeder that cares about the process and placement of her pups this is the breeder you want. No question went unanswered and Kathy offered volumes of information and advice to each question or concern. She was in constant communication and always available during the process. She bent over backwards to be accomidating for visits once the litter was born and carefully matched the pups to the owners for a perfect fit. The pups are all fantastic in temperament and solid in their characteristics. I cannot say enough GREAT things about this experience and Kathy Case - WOW.
Submitted by: Ashley on Mar 24, 2016
Kathy is wonderful. We lost our Chesapeake Maggie in July. We wanted a top breeder for a new puppy, and that is what we got. Kathy is very good about dog placement, providing training and education, and making sure you know what you are getting into. I have learned so much from Kathy. Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious. I can't wait to begin agility training with our new dog.
Submitted by: Amy Boone on Mar 24, 2016
There just aren't enough good things I can say about Kathy Case and Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes! I admit the process is very unique and may not be for everyone but if you are smart and looking for the best Chesapeake breeder choose Kathy Case. She genuinely cares about all the dogs and goes above and beyond to match the right puppy to the right family. From the moment you meet Kathy and the girls and get on the waiting list Kathy keeps you up to date all aspects from the conception, pregnancy, birth, and the eight to ten weeks following. You essentially get to watch the puppies grow up from birth to the time they go home. It was the most amazing experience you can possibly imagine. We researched Chessie breeders for months before contacting Kathy and scheduling a visit. We live 6 hours from Kathy and feel without a doubt all our trips were well worth it! Kathy devotes her life to being an exceptional breeder and puppy mother. Our puppy is a reflection of how amazing Kathy is. He is beautiful, smart, well socialized, and has the best temperament. Do yourself a favor and get your next Chessie from Kathy and the girls at Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes, you'll be glad you did!!!! Our puppy is from the Twiggy and Wyatt litter.
Submitted by: Shauna K on Nov 13, 2015
Our family's experience with Kathy and Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes has been second to none! We first visited them nearly 5 years ago to meet the dogs and Kathy, and loving what we found, put a deposit down that day. Being a military family, we had to move before our litter came to be- without hesitation, our deposit was returned, but we still kept in touch. Another move later, we were finally back within driving distance and put (another!) deposit down on an upcoming litter. Kathy paired us with truly THE perfect puppy for our family. Kathy's love of the breed, and desire to only strengthen and better the breed shines through with everything she does- her dogs are a credit to the breed, and Kathy a credit to breeders. We have not only met a great breeder, but someone we count now among our friends. Her devotion bro her dogs does not end when you bring home your puppy- she is a constant source of advice and information whenever we have a question, and has been a great help throughout our first year of puppy ownership! We constantly are recommending Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes to any of our friends and family who are considering a Chessie- they're the only place we'll ever go!
Submitted by: Maria and Steve Nelson on Jun 22, 2015
Our Whiskey Creek Chessie puppy Fin, will be a year old in just a few days. He is turning out to be everything we wished for!
Kathy Case really listens to what her puppy buyers are looking for, and matches the pup to the best "parents" possible.
We wanted a puppy with an easy going temperament, and a lot of retrieving drive. And that's what Fin has. We just love him!! He's also very good looking. Thank you Kathy!
Submitted by: Jens Andersen on May 29, 2015
We couldn't have found a more perfect puppy for what we requested. Definitely a 10!
Submitted by: Misty on Oct 20, 2014
I got my boy Turq from Whiskey Creek, he is my first CBR. he is an AWESOME dog. Kathy is a WONDERFUL BREEDER that cares for ALL of her "babies". I will get my next CBR from Whiskey Creek! Wonderful breed and wonderful breeder!
Submitted by: Holland West on Oct 20, 2014
My chessie is Caanan. She was an awesome birthday present from my mom.
I was uncertain about the litter I went with and very uncertain about the selection process ....
Caanan is the perfect match for me. She is laid back and loving and stunningly beautiful! But also amazingly so smart
She loves everyone and plays well with other pups.
I recommend Kathy to everyone looking for the best Chessie.
We are so happy and fortunate to have Caanan and Kathy in our lives. Thank you Kathy and Trout and Fern
Submitted by: Annice Brown on Dec 20, 2013
Terra is our 11 month old Chessie (Twiggy&Lefty) and I can't say enough how much we love her. She is our 3rd CBR. Kathy was referred to us by a local CBR rescuer. How fortunate for us to to live only an hour away. When we drove up to the property and all her dogs ran out to meet us, we were hooked immediately. We fell in love with Twiggy because she seemed so affectionate and decided to wait for one of her pups. At that time we were still grieving over the loss of our two chessies and were in heaven to pet so many at once. What impressed us most (and there are so many things that did) was Kathy's invitation to stop by any time to visit with her dogs-and we did. We visited many times after Reid's puppies just to hold them and play with them waiting anxiously for Twiggy and Lefty pups. We could not imagine a better environment than Whiskey Creek.
Submitted by: Tina Westphal on Dec 19, 2013
I am now on my second Whiskey Creek Chesapeake this time a girl. I love this breed and could not be happier with my two dogs from Kathy. Both dogs are athletic,smart, beautiful and extremely people friendly! I have enjoyed,as just a "pet" person,trying different events that my dogs love as well as I do! Kathy offers support and guidance with whatever you may choose to do with your dog. She creates a great sense of family when you own one of her dogs! I will hopefully be a lifelong family member.
Submitted by: Jason Perkins on Dec 19, 2013
When the time came to welcome a new pet into our family, we performed over a year of research. We knew about the Chessie breed, however the stories that came along with the breed had us concerned. After reviewing the different CBR breeders, we met with Kathy Case a few times at her location for hours at a time. We had the chance to quiz and learn about how her line of CBR's have been breed. We learned that the preconceptions those have of CBR's are just that.

We picked up our male over 2 years ago, and then our female in this spring from Whisky Creek. Vets, AKC, friends, and others are constantly commenting on how the temperament, health, lines, are just amazing. Plus Kath is available 24x7 to take calls and help at anytime we have had questions. She has even helped us at the AKC shows where we have earned our coursing ability test tiles!

After having switched from labs to Chessies, our family are converts to the Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes. Gun dog- check! Water Dog- check! Family dog- check! 100% trustworthy around children- check! Smart - Check. Beautiful and Handsome lines / features - check! If you are truly serious about a Chessie, look no further than Kathy Case.
Submitted by: Charle West on Sep 05, 2013
We were looking for our 3rd CBR when were referred to Kathy. She is a real pro. Knows her stuff and is willing to take the time to ensure a good match between puppy and people. Our CBR, Lido, is big, strong, smart, and healthy. We can recommend Whiskey Creek.
Submitted by: Richard Phillips on Aug 26, 2013
After reading all the positive comments about Kathy Case, there is not much else I can add. Radar is my second Chesapeake from Kathy and he is just as great as my first. She is the most amazing breeder I have ever met. It is uncanny how she can match a puppy with an individual so well. I think this is why she insist on meeting you before she will sell you a pup. Everything each person said about her in the previous blogs is so true. My first pup was so easy to train and my 8 month old is proving to be the same. Great blood line. Would never ever buy a Chessy from anyone else.
Submitted by: Dave Lancaster on Aug 26, 2013
I was looking for a puppy with a specific background when I came across Whiskey Creek's website. After a long distance chat with Kathy Case I reserved a pup from a pending litter between Lefty and Twiggy. It was the best decision I've made in a long time.My pup was everything I wanted and more. After the pups were born there was constant contact on her part. Pictures and videos several times a week, a Facebook group,updates on puppy progress, exposure to sounds, people, small kids, random objects and periodic assessments to provide every buyer a healthy, balanced, socialized and confident puppy specific to their needs. Kathy is direct and upfront about what she does, her dogs and who she will sell them to. You won't be disappointed at Whiskey Creek.
Submitted by: Mike Dearth on Apr 02, 2013
Kathy is by far the most caring breeder I have delt with to date. She takes particular pride in making sure her dogs go to responsible owners which is a testament on how much pride she takes in all her litters. The pup we have now is an exceptional family dog and extremely intelligent. His drive to please me in training is simple remarkable to see. I have delt with 4 other breeders in my lifetime in owning Chesapeakes and all of them outstanding people which resulted in great dogs, but Kathy is at the top of the list. Congratulations to her!!
Submitted by: Heather Charney on Feb 15, 2013
Kathy Case is truly a gift to anyone considering bringing a Chessie into their home. Kathy took the time to further educate us on the breed from her years of experience and was patient in answering all of our questions. She truly listened to what we were looking for from a Chessie and asked about our lifestyle, to ensure that not only was the Chessie the right breed for our family (it is :)), but, when the time came, that she was able to match us with a puppy who would be compatible with our family. Kathy was always open to us visiting with her dogs and the puppies. We visited while Brier was pregnant, when the puppies were 5 weeks old, and finally at 8 weeks old when we got to bring our puppy home in September of 2011. Whiskey Creek's Crystal Coast, more commonly known as Bogue, is simply an amazing dog. There aren't enough words to describe what a joy he is to have in our family. He spends half of his time at our home in the suburbs and half of his time at our beach home, swimming in the sound and the ocean. He is equally content and happy in both places. He is quick to learn and excels in any task. He absolutely loves people of all shapes and sizes. In fact, I find that he is the most intuitive around children and will instinctively be more gentle and patient. This shows that from an early age, Kathy made sure that all the puppies were well socialized, and we just had to continue the good habits she had instilled in him. He is so affectionate and is always ready to snuggle, play, or give a kiss. Also, Kathy always makes herself available after the puppy is home and considers all of her "puppy people" (as she calls us) part of the Whiskey Creek family. Even 1 1/2 years later, I know that I can call her whenever I have questions or need further guidance. When we are ready for our next Chessie, we will certainly be reaching out to Kathy again. Thank you Kathy for our wonderful Bogue! You have enriched our lives tremendously and we love Bogue to pieces!
Submitted by: Chuck Prowler on Jan 26, 2013
Whiskey Creek dogs do great things. What was originally just "WHISKEY CREEK'S DUKE CHASCERI", is now “HR, U-NJ, U-RO1, U-CH WHISKEY CREEK'S DUKE CHASCERI SH”. Duke is a great dog and it’s no wonder. Kathy spares no expense, and sacrifices so much, to ensure the quality of her litters. Since I met her four years ago, and received Duke, she has produced only about five litters since then. I had spent time with each litter. Kathy’s litter schedule socializes, loves, and nurtures these dogs. By the time you get your pup, along with the well-researched pedigree of the breeding, you will have one of the best Chesapeake Bay Retrievers in the world.

With my work schedule, I can only train Duke about once a week. He seems to pick up every challenge you put in front of him naturally. It’s truly incredible. He has earned a Champion Title in the show ring, a Jumping title on the docks, a Rally Title in the obedience ring, and numerous hunting titles. He is the most forgiving of retrievers and very stylish in the field. The one thing I am most proud of is how professional he was retrieving in Arkansas this year.

I have been so impressed by Duke, and Kathy’s breeding program, that I recommended my daughter, and son-in-law, to get a Whiskey Creek dog. After they met Kathy, and saw what Duke can do, they too will have one of Kathy’s dogs soon. We look forward to having another Chessie in the family.
Submitted by: judith soerensen on Oct 24, 2012
We are a couple from Denmark and when we decided a few years ago that it was time to get a new puppy, we knew where we wanted one from. Cathy Case is one of the most responsible breeders we have met. We met Cathy first time in 2005 and she took us by storm. She is honest, she says what she means and mean what she says. We have over the years followed her dogs, and seen only possitive thing. Cathy puppies are so well socialized and full of confidence, and that is what gives us the best result in the end.
We breed chesapeaks in Denmark, and we know how hard it is to raise a litter.
Submitted by: John & Karen Housler on Oct 01, 2012
We lost our Chessie Jake at 12 years. When we were looking to get another Chessie we met Kathy Case. She invited us to her farm were we spent a wonderful afternoon with her and the Chessie family. Kathy takes great care in picking the dogs she breeds her dogs with,she is very knowledgeable about the breed. Kathy picked our pup for us which has been great. Ben is very freindly out going and everyone that meets him loves his wonderful personality. Thank you Kathy for bringing another great Chessie to us.
Submitted by: Michael Malhame on Oct 01, 2012
I had never worked with Kathy or Whiskey before this first litter. Kathy was an absolute pleasure and professional to work with. You can tell she cares for her dogs, the puppies and the breed in general. Her Naming rules were unique but once explained, I understood them. Its been close to six months now and "Hudson" has been excellent. I would buy a puppy again from Kathy and Whiskey Creek in a second.
Submitted by: Lex Phillips on Jul 25, 2012
I am a duck hunter and this is my fifth Chesapeake Bay Retriever. He is a big, strong, good-looking dog, and by far has the best disposition of any of the Chessies I have owned. He works hard and wants to learn. At one year old, he is easy to work with and very good in the house. I am deeply indebted to Kathy Case and Whiskey Creek for matching me with this dog. I was originally attracted to another puppy, but knowing me and my intentions to live and hunt with the dog, she strongly recommended this one...She could not have been more right.
Submitted by: Patti Kipper on Jul 18, 2012
We looked to Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes for a 3rd Chesapeake Bay Retriever to join our household. Since the new pup would have to fit into our multiple dog household, temperament was at that top of our want list. Things didn’t end there, we wanted a biddable, well socialized and good all around pup that would do all the things we love to do. With agility, retriever training and therapy work at the top of our list, Kathy went above and beyond our expectations in introducing our Reid X Chaamp pup to kids, adults and other dogs. She took the whole litter swimming, introduced them to loud noises and birds. Her puppy yard provided a stimulating environment for the pups to grow and thrive in. Our pup has been well socialized with kids, adults and other dogs and comes to us with the finest of starts. So far our pup is showing a remarkable aptitude for all the things we love.

Kathy Case has been a wealth of information and support and it has not ended with the arrival of our pup. She is always available to answer questions about the pup and the breed in general. We love our Reid X Champ pup and highly recommend Kathy as a breeder.
Patti Kipper - Regina, SK Canada
Submitted by: Fred Knudsen on Jul 13, 2012
We recently purchased a nine-week old female Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy from Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes (Kathy Case) and have been very pleased with the whole experience. The puppy Kathy chose for us is beautiful, healthy, and well-tempered--exactly what we wanted for a companion. Kathy was very conscientious is keeping us informed of the litter's development and progress via FaceBook, and offered many good suggestions for diet, health, vaccinations, and training. We would unhesitatingly recommend Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes to anyone seeking a quality, well-bred dog.
Submitted by: Cecilia Caretti on Jul 04, 2012
We feel very lucky to have found a breeder like Kathy Case. She invited us out to her farm to meet us. There we found the expectant mother, her sister and her mother and father. Not very often that you have the opportunity to see the family line when visiting a breeder. It was an amazing experience to have a breeder listen to you and see what you were looking for in a dog. After Reid gave birth, we were again invited to come out and visit the puppies. What fun. Kathy was amazing. She had a puppy playground set up for the puppies to play and be stimulated. She took them to the lake to swim. Kathy picked the perfect dog for us. She really listened to want we wanted. Words can't explain how happy we are with our puppy. He is so amazing. He is swimming in the ocean already. My vet was in love with him and couldn't believe what a wonderful puppy he was. Thank you Kathy for the best puppy ever.
Submitted by: Tina Westphal on Jun 30, 2012
Chessies are truly my favorite breed of dog. When we lost our Chesapeake at thirteen we knew we would have another. Kathy and Whiskey Creek were placed in our path. We thought we knew about CBR's until we met Kathy and her dogs. After she spent many hours with us we left with our newest family member. We won't compete or hunt with him but he has the best temperment and personality. He is a natural retriever! He loves people and people always tell us how handsome Gabriel is.
We have this wonderful dog but the experience we had at with Kathy is truley priceless. She is the most honest , dedicated and passionate person/ breeder . Her dedication to the breed and her dogs is amazing. When you leave with one of her dogs you have not just a great dog but Kathy and all of her help and knowledge and encouragement.
I know how much we love Gabriel and I know that there will hopefully be another Whiskey Creek Chesapeake in our future. Thanks Kathy, you and your dogs are the BEST!!!
Submitted by: Ann Frazier on Nov 30, 2011
I have known Kathy for years through obedience and agility and when it came time for us to get a Chessie puppy, I knew immediately that Kathy would be the breeder for us.
I have met all of her dogs and I really had a hard time picking the breeding to go with because they are all so great with respect to performance ability, confirmation and socialization. Our puppy was born this July (Brier x Freezer). He is very well socialized and a star in the performance puppy obedience class. He is performing exercises at the Utility Dog level at 5 months old even better than the older dogs in his group. No wonder since Kathy exposes all the puppies to multiple adult dogs from her home, gun shot, bird wings, swimming at the lake and visitors of all ages. He is also a joy to have in the house and gets along perfectly with our older Chesapeake and Brittany. I will overwhelmingly recommend Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes to anyone looking for a performance dog that also is a sweet family companion as well.

Sincerely, Ann Frazier
Submitted by: Bill Wilke on Nov 25, 2011
After the first two seaons of waterfowl hunting with Sere in 2011, I could not be more thrilled with his performance. He takes waterfowling to a whole new level of excitement and enjoyment for me. Sere is the first dog I have ever raised and trained to be a waterfowl retriever, and I made some big mistakes through the training process I thought I would never recover from. If it were not for his disposition, personality, strong desire to please, and personal attention by Kathy in the first seven weeks of his life, he probably would not have come through to be what he is in the boat and blind in just his second year. With Kathy's help, I was able to get Sere his junior hunter title, and every event and hunting trip he just gets better. It all starts with good breeding, socialization, and selection of the dog for the right person, which Kathy knows very well. Sere is my and my wife's best friend, is a loyal and loving dog, with the courage and tenacity of none other I have heard of except in DU magazine. He launches himself into action at my send and does the job on doubles and blinds better than any dog I have hunted with. I owe Kathy a great deal of thanks for understanding what I needed in a Chessie and delivering it perfectly. When the time comes for another dog for my family, it will come from Kathy.
Submitted by: Robert Louie on Oct 27, 2011
Kathy Case had seen pics of my boy Chaamp from a hunt test in NC that I was entered in. A friend of hers had met Chaamp and myself and told Kathy about us. A short time later Kathy called me to discuss using him as a possible stud dog. She drove over 10 hours to meet us. A couple of weeks went by and she called me back and said she would like to use him for stud service. She then asked if he had been shown, I answered no htat that was out of my league. She offered to show him with no strings attached and no costs other than entry fees. Wow, She showed him to a championship title in 4 weekends. Kathy and I have since become rather close. She has really educated me about health issues of Chessies. I was really impressed w/Reid-the bitch she wants to breed to. I feel that Kathy does a fantastic job in promoting the breed and keeping the breed standards up. I do not hesitate to recommend her.
Sincerely, Bob Louie
Submitted by: Cassia Burris on Jul 15, 2011
Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes has delivered on every level! Having been a professional trainer for 15 years, I looked for a breeder that produced all around working dogs with a focus on temperament, structure, and bloodlines and found just that in Kathy Case. Our boy Red, now almost two years old, is not only a great performance prospect (training/showing in Obedience, Hunt Tests, Tracking, Conformation, and Nosework), but an amazingly loyal and reliable family and hunting companion.

As a professional, however, the most important thing that stounds out about Red is the truly solid temperament that comes only from good breeding and early socialization. Red assists me regularly in my full time job of rehabilitating dogs with fear, reactivity, and aggression issues... for an adolescent intact male to be comfortable with this work is remarkable and speaks volumes to his temperament. I can't thank Kathy Case enough for breeding so responsibly and would recommend Whiskey Creek to anyone seriously interested in all around, versatile, and well tempered Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.
Submitted by: Floyd Neal on Jun 22, 2011
After poring over websites of Cheesie breeders within 500 miles, I felt that Whiskey Creek's chessies were by far the best looking dogs that I had seen. It was obvious, talking to Kathy, that she knows her stuff about the breed and she loves her dogs.

Kathy was so interesting and fun to talk to and is just a great person to deal with. I spoke with her a few times by phone and was able to spend time with her and the pups a few weeks before they were ready for "adoption." Kathy loves her dogs so much that an adoption process is pretty much what a buyer goes through.

My boy Reuben, from Kathy's dog Willow, is my fifth Chessie and is by far the smartest dog of any breed that I have ever owned. I owned and hunted several pointers and setters and had many pets of various breeds but this is the most intelligent dog that I have had. Although purchased as simply a good family companion, I have no doubts that my boy would make a great gun dog or agility trial dog. He never stops amazing me!

Kathy continues to check in and is available for help 18 months after I've purchased my dog. I only hope that she'll stay in the Chessie breeding business for the rest of my life, as I've found the breeder that I would like to deal with from now on.
Submitted by: Craig Eberhardt on Jun 21, 2011
I cannot begin to describe how pleased I have been with my Chessie, Tiller, from Kathy at Whiskey Creek. Her temperament and retrieving desire is unparalleled. Tiller has developed into a loyal companion and great field dog. She is great around other people and dogs including small children. Kathy has worked hard on her group and it shows in the dogs. I would highly recommend Whiskey Creek.
Submitted by: Chuck Prowler on Dec 21, 2010
Whiskey Creek Chesapeake’s was the answer I needed when looking for a CBR. When I decided to start looking for a breeder, I found that Kathy Case. She was only 30 minutes away. Upon meeting with her, we quickly developed a great relationship. Her knowledge of the breed, and devotion to her dogs were quickly realized. My search was over. We brought Duke several weeks later.

Duke was born on 3/11/09 and was of Smoking Scout MH x Oak Hill Stormy Monday

I had never raised a puppy. Kathy new this, and recommended a vet, a diet, and that we attend puppy school as soon as possible. We have followed her directions to the letter. WOW!!!!! This is the best dog ever.

Duke gets compliments everywhere I take him. He has the most classic lines, and the most beautiful coat. He exemplifies everything that is the breed of a Chessie. Duke is always bright and happy. He shows tons of courage. His alertness and intelligence are remarkable. He loves the water. He is great as a family dog. He protects my wife, and makes me feel very safe at night.

Duke was also meant to hunt. I trained him myself. I used a book Kathy gave me. This dog soaked up every bit of training I threw at him and sill yearns for more. I have seen him do the most amazing things in the water. His first hunt trial taught me a lot about him. I hope to have his Junior Hunt title by the summer. He is all business when it comes to retrieving, and takes it very seriously. He wants to please.

On top of retrieving, he can also track, and locate things such as wounded game, or people. He is in training to locate truffles. I also take him to a local assisted living house to cheer up patients

Just on more thing. Duke is me and my wife’s best friend. Thank you Kathy.

--Chuck Prowler
Submitted by: Bill Wilke on Dec 06, 2010
I have owned Whiskey Creek's Sere Du Chasse, aka "Sear," for almost a year now. This year was his first season waterfowl hunting, and the dog has performed far beyond my expectations. I researched every possible resource I could find, and ventured to train Sear myself since I brought him home in January this year. He is the first dog I have ever trained, and the experience has bonded us as hunters and family like no other dog I have owned. He is the most loyal dog with the strongest desire to please I have ever known. The idea that Chessies are hard headed is a myth as far as I'm concerned... they have a strong desire to please, and the discerning trainer (that I am learning to become) will quickly find how easy and fun it is to train a Chessie from Whiskey Creek. For me, I could not have done any of this without Kathy Case, who has been with me every step of the way. When I had questions, ideas, or just needed to share my training experiences, she was there to help. She has a strong love for the dogs and an equally strong desire to help new owners succeed in all they want from their new family member. What Kathy helped me with was far more than a hunting dog that retrieves my occasional mallard, wood duck, or Canada goose. What I got was a lot more... a lifetime friend that would follow my every step for a chance to make me happy with a retrieve. I got more than just a dog from Whiskey Creek. I got a devoted breeder with a life long commitment to a fulfilling relationship between Sear and I. I wouldn't trade that for anything! Thanks Kathy! I hope you make many more Chessie owners as happy as you have made our family.
Submitted by: Sapa Carlson on Jun 28, 2010
I DID NOT buy a puppy from Kathy Case but I sure wanted to! Unfortunately for us Kathy did not have puppies available when we were ready but, she still went the extra mile for us. First, she screened us to be sure we were going to be a good Chessie family...I think this demonstrates her amazing commitment to the breed.

Kathy spent hours on the phone and in emails counseling mus and helping us to find just the right pup. She taught us how to look at pedigrees and helped us understand about health clearances and how to ask questions that would eventually lead us to the perfect puppy!

Kathy is truly a knowledgable, responsible and honest advocate for the breed. We are so grateful for her assistance and continued support.

Anyone who ends up with a Whiskey Creek pup, or finds themselves in the counsel of Kathy - will be fortunate indeed.
Submitted by: Kristen B. Sebnick on Dec 22, 2009
Kathy is an awesome breeder and wonderful person alike! My husband and I have nothing but positive remarks in reference to Kathy and her Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes! We purchased Whiskey Creek's Carolina Lincoln (Lincoln) about two years ago and since he has been a great dog. Lincoln is extremely smart and an excellent retriever. In addition, we constantly get complements on his handsome looks, which is not surprising since Walker is his father! We could not imagine life without Lincoln. Additionally, we would like to thank Kathy for her dedication to this breed and continued efforts to produce quality Chesapeakes!
Submitted by: keely huey on Dec 15, 2009
We could not be happier with our Whiskey Creek Chesapeake, 'Birdie'. She is everything we wanted in a dog: smart (trainable), loyal (can go for walks in the park and she stays right with me - off leash), loving (trustworthy with our 5 year old daughter, loving with the entire family)and athletic (loves to swim and run through brush without hesitation). We live in Ohio but did not think twice about traveling to North Carolina to purchase our dog from Kathy. Kathy is truly a breeder who is dedicated to the breed. She is active with her Chesapeakes in many venues. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a breeder to anyone and would not think twice about purchasing another Chesapeake from her. Wherever we go we always receive nice comments from strangers on Birdie. She has been a joy to own.
Submitted by: Miller Williams on Nov 09, 2009
Jazz (Walker's Worth X Kandiohi) is everything I want in a hunting retriever. Her natural hunting skills are phenomenal. She shows uncanny marking ability. Ducks on big moving water or doves in standing corn have been no issue for this young dog. She has drive, tenacity, a great nose and the natural instinct to use it all, but most important, the desire to please. I have never had a dog that was so accepting of new situations. The character trait makes training easy but is most important in hunting scenarios where the dog must be placed in situations that are not familiar or uncomfortable. She also will work for anyone, not just me, which I consider another important character trait in a hunting retriever. She is an easy going dog with nice blind and boat manners. Again, an overall well rounded hunting dog that is a pleasure to be in the blind with.
Submitted by: Pat Trainor on Sep 09, 2009
I could not be happier with the whole experience of buying a puppy from Whiskey Creek Chesapeake’s. I have had 2 other Chesapeake’s and what I found most striking about this puppy was how well it was socialized compared to my other dogs. My little man Trout rides well in the car is not afraid of anything and swims like a little fish. In fact he is jumping 8-9’, at 17 weeks, and is entering his 1st dock diving competition next week. He is extremely smart and easy to train in obedience and has a wonderful nose for tracking. I have no doubt he will be a great hunter and a loving and dependable member of the family.

Kathy Case is really dedicated to the breed and really works hard to provide support for her new puppy owners. A Chesapeake Bay retriever may not be for everyone, but if you love the breed as much as I do then I can highly recommend Whiskey Creek.
Submitted by: Beth and Jeff Burmester on Aug 30, 2009
We could not be happier with our pup and our experience with Kathy Case! She has welcomed us into the life of her dogs, and has made us feel a part of her family. She is so friendly and loves people as much as she does dogs. She isn't only an outstanding breeder and trainer, she is a good friend and a great teacher. She cares deeply about the ongoing well-being of her dogs and puppies, and we are so excited that this is a long-term relationship. We've enjoyed our conversations and visits with her so much!

We first met her dogs and played with them when we were just considering adopting a puppy, and we just fell in love with all of them. Once Kathy had the pregnancy confirmed on her anticipated litter, she sent us wonderful emails with news and photos (even a youtube video clip!) of mom's pregnancy and pups' progress. We were able to meet and play with all the pups at 5 weeks, and when we brought Whiskey Creek's Miles from Port (Porter) home, Kathy had not only prepared a folder of documents and care info, but she also had a gift bag with carefully selected puppy toys. And they are still his favorites! She did an amazing job socializing the pups and training them--and there were 11 in his litter! Porter has the best disposition. People in our neighborhood constantly remark on his mellow nature. He is calm, attentive, and loving with us. We give Kathy Case and Whiskey Creek the highest recommendation. She is exceptionally good. She and her dogs are just amazing!!
Submitted by: Kevin and Becky Lareau on Aug 28, 2009
What can we say "again"! We just brought home the cutest, sweetest, most beautiful dog home from Whiskey Creek. Bella is our second dog from Kathy and she is just GREAT! She loves to swim with her 1/2 brother Boone on our lake. She is great with our two young boys and is such a wonderful addition to our she can keep Boone busy. Whiskey Creek ( Kathy) have become a big part of our life and we just love it that way! Kathy breeds such wonderful dogs, but I don't think 3 will be in the cards for us anytime soon...this stay at home mom of two boys and now two young dogs is at her limits...but who knows what the future will hold. For now, we LOVE to take mini trips up to see Kathy and ALL The dogs (not just when there are puppies). We're certain our friendship with Kathy will last many dog years!
Submitted by: Kelley Miller on Nov 10, 2008
We were so pleased with the whole experience with Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes. From the beginning all they way until the end. Whiskey Creek kept us informed throughout the whole process and is still checking in our puppy. The breeder truly cares about the well being of these puppies! Our puppy is georgeous and we could not have asked for a better experience! Thank you Whiskey Creek!!!
Submitted by: Kevin and Becky Lareau on Nov 07, 2008
Working with Kathy Case has been a great experience...not only did we get a wonderful breeder to work with, we got a friend. She is so wonderful with the dogs and really cares about them. We are fortunate to live not to far from Whiskey Creek Kennel and Farms and we always feel welcome to come up for a visit.
Our dog Boone is just precious and is a wonderful addition to our family. Hopefully in the near future, we will add another Chesapeake to our family.
Keep up the good work Kathy!
Submitted by: Kelly Brunelle on Nov 06, 2008
Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes are awesome dogs. We have had the pleasure of owning two. Both dogs are so smart and such wonderful friends. Our first was Ben, who was a great family dog and an awesome protector. He loved life. Our second, Willow (Wind`n`Willows), she is now 1 1/2 years old, prettiest and smartest chessey we've ever seen. She can switch from show-mode to family-mode very easily. She is an impressive retriever, loves hiking, swimming or just playing soccer with our three children. Her most favorite thing is agility inside the ring or out,especially in the forest. She has been a great asset to our family. We are very impressed with the owner of Whiskey Creek, she puts so much time and effort in her dogs-it shows through them. The love Willow gives us is enough for 10 lifetimes. Thank you Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes-we love you!
Submitted by: Susan Dorsey on Nov 03, 2008
I just got a puppy (Whiskey Creek Walk in the Park "Parker") from Kathy Case, Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes. Parker is very healthy, well adjusted and fit into our home with our other two Chesapeakes as if she's been here forever.

Kathy Case, is a very responsible breeder who is concerned with the "whole life" of the dog. Kathy's puppies have a great deal of interaction with people,are very well adjusted and all are ready for the transition to their new homes. All during the process from birth, to puppies going to their new homes, Kathy keeps the prospective new families apprised of the puppies progress; provides feeding instructions, photos and continuous updates. These are qualities that ensure the puppy has a home and family that is ready for the new arrival and prepared for a lasting enjoyable relationship.

Kathy focuses on the breeding lines with the main interests on temperament, structure and health. As a breeder she encourages the puppy's family all along the way, whether the puppy engages in hunting, obedience, showing and any other activity, and primarily is always available to provide input and support to the family on any issue.

I have had dogs all my life and my experience with Whiskey Creek Chesapeakes has been extremely satisfactory. Parker is a shear delight and my association with Kathy Case a distinct pleasure.
Submitted by: Laurie on Oct 29, 2008
Kathy Case exhibits a vast knowledge of chesapeake bay retriever breeding lines. She uses this information to plan litters of chessie pups with exceptional temperament, function, and structure. My male pup, Whiskey Creek's Wright to Flight (Wilbur), is nine weeks old now. I visited the Whiskey Creek litter several times since the pups were ten days old. Wilbur was crate-trained when I drove him home at 7 weeks of age. He has been a breeze to socialize with all ages of people. House-training has been smooth. Kathy is always available to give advice and she sent us home with lots of helpful information and supplies. I hope she's still breeding CBR's when I'm ready for my next puppy.

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