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Submitted by: Russ Hefte on Jul 12, 2010
Steve, I haven't sent you an email for a quite a while regarding Gunner, but... Today I took Gunner out for some training with a friend of mine who has a Lab. This was the second time he was exposed to guns and he did a great job. There were no signs of gun shyness and all he wanted us to do was keep shooting birds. It was a bit of a warm day in So. Cal so we took the dogs to a pond afterwards to let them cool off. We also wanted to see if he and the "LAB" would do any water retrieves. Well lets just say Gunner kicked the shit out of the lab and he embaressed the cramp out of my friend. Gunner loved the water and swimming and Gunner retrieved at least 40 birds from the water. I was very impressed at his abilities and his drive. I look foward to hunting behind him this fall. He has definitely turned in to a great family dog, hunting dog and a good four legged - best friend. Thanks a lot and hopefully I can send you some pictures soon.
Submitted by: Mark Archer on Apr 12, 2010
Hello Steve and family-
Happy Holidays from Roxie, myself, Diesel and Scout! These are two great puppies and growing like crazy. Diesel is over 25# and Scout is 23# last checkup. Both are great companions, tons of fun and have a large outdoor secure area to go nuts in.
They are wild about anything birdy and should be good hunters. We have spent some time and money training them to good results. Their health and attitudes are great.
He's the nut and she's the brains of the outfit.
Thank you for all the fun,
Mark Archer
Submitted by: Roger W. on Apr 12, 2010
Buck is doing well..

Took him to Kansas in November this year, for pheasant season....He was a little confused the 1st day, because we really got into a lot of wild birds, so he had a tough time holding anything...By around day three he really began to calm down, completed 3 good solid points and recoveries, in about a 1 hour time frame...He weighed 44 pounds on his mid October vet check, so he's a horse and real covers the ground well....still a little hard headed, but that will pass with some more serious work....He will be getting his opportunity on chukar in the next week or two..
Thanks for a great dog, Steve
Roger W.
Submitted by: Orlyn G. on Apr 12, 2010
Just wondering how those pups turned out from the breeding you did last January with Stevix Bulletproof Jill. Did you keep any and have you had them in the field yet? I plan to start looking for a new pup this spring and was wondering if you might be breeding your female again this year. If so, I will be interested in getting a pup.
We had a pretty good year here for chukars and forest grouse. Also managed to make a trip to North Dakota this fall and hunted sharptails. Hope to do a little more chukar hunting locally up in Challis, ID as I haven't gotten out to hunt there yet. It's been quite cold at our place so I've been concentrating more on the lower (warmer) country in the Snake River canyon in western ID.
Hope you had a nice Christmas and have a great 2010.
Submitted by: Nick Johnston on Dec 08, 2009
Nick Johnston here out in Phoenix. We got Gunner from you two years ago when we met up in Barstow. While he is not pictured here you can see some of his handy work on the tailgate while we were out in the field on a recent quail hunt here in Arizona. The kids LOVE him so much and as a matter of fact this was my daughters first ever bird hunt!
I will try to send a couple of additional photos of Gunner.
Merry Christmas!
Nick Johnston
Submitted by: Gerry Gresham on Nov 22, 2009
Hi Steve, I wanted to let you know that my pup, Buckeye, is absolutely tearing it up on the pheasants!!! I got him back from the trainer on nov. 11, and I shot 8 pheasants over him on my way home!!! This past opening weekend, we got 8 more roosters, and he pointed all 8 of them. He even had his first water retrieve!!! At 10 months, he's not perfect, but everyone who watched him hunt this weekend thought he was!!! Thanks so much for breeding such great dogs, and to help some of us "old pheasant hunters" reconnect with our past. Sincerely, Gerry Gresham
Submitted by: J. Brazzle on Nov 09, 2009
Hello Steve: Lucy is doing great. She is a fantastic dog, exactly what we had hoped for. She seems to be getting alone very well in the Brazzle family. The kids & their parents spoil her. She is a very intelligent puppy who has mastered sit, come, stay, enjoys riding in the truck, loves walks (often 2-3 times a day) but we are still working on retrieving. She loves to go on walks and explore the 90 acres of park & open field next door to our house. She is even getting along with the cat. Attached are a couple of pictures.
Submitted by: Jason Portman on Oct 28, 2009
Hey Steve,
I want to copy you on this email I sent to Sheldon Twer, if it wasn’t for you we may have gotten rid of Sophie at one point. I called you last year around this time and you recommended I take my dog Sophie to Sheldon. He had her for 5 months.
She was our first dog as adults and a handful until we got her back from Sheldon.
Thank you very much for the recommendation.
Any pups on the way? I was thinking Sophie might like a little company……. J
Jason Portman
Submitted by: T. Grinsell on Sep 28, 2009
I knew she had a lot of bird in her she just came ungluded every time she was exposed to birds. I have had a lot of bird dogs I think she has a lot of potential. she is really young and needs some maturity. That is the reason I have stayed with her. Go watch her on birds. she is as intent as any dog that comes down the pike. she is head strong and needs direction but at the same time is sensetive . this a real challenge for a trainer. dont go to hard and dont go to soft. I think handled properly she will be a really good dog. your friend, Tim
Submitted by: Russ Hefte on Sep 24, 2009
Hi Steve, just to give you another update, Gunner is doing wonderful. His drive to find and locate the bird wings has been amazing. He locks up on point every time. I plan to start running him and teaching him the whoa command soon. He is very calm around the family but loves attention. I look forward to getting him out in the field to see how he'll respond to live birds. Thanks for everything. Gunner has been great.
Submitted by: Tracy N on Sep 19, 2009
Steve, My husband is driving as we speak with my father in law to get the dog. It sounds like a perfect match. They are driving to her place in AZ. Dad is over the moon! I have to thank you so very much for the connection. They have a long drive there and back but I think it will be worth every mile. My father in law insisted on making the 1600+ mile trip even @ his age he has got some kind of drive, had us pretty worried though for a few days. This dog brought him back and gave him his will again. @ 83 I wonder if I will ever be half as tough? He will only be missing one weekend of the season thanks to your time and thought.I know this is exactly what his spirits needed. Thank you again. I'll keep you posted. I will always be grateful.
Thanks again!
Submitted by: Russ Hefte on Sep 19, 2009
Steve, The pup is doing good. He still doesn't have the potty training concept down. But we are working on it. He locks up good on bird wings. I can't take him out in the field yet because the vet says to complete the shots to be safe. Overall things are great. Did you get that picture I send to you when he was on point?? . Russ
Submitted by: Amy Say on Sep 08, 2009
Hi Steve,
Little Benelli did great on the ride home. She did get sick, then slept all the way. She's adjusted just fine to her new surroundings, and our dog and cat are getting accustomed to her and finally playing with her. She is as smart as a whip and we're so looking forward to hunting with her. Thanks so much.

Best Regards,
Amy & Dave
Submitted by: John C on Sep 01, 2009
Hi Steve,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say thank you. The pup we picked up from you on Sunday is doing great. We have decided to call her Stella, not sure of the registered name yet.
You were right; she slept almost the entire 7 hours home. She is adjusting to her new home. She is eating well, exploring everything and walking around like she owns the place. Crate training is a little noisy in the first 10 minutes, but she settles down quickly and relaxes for the night.
Thanks again. I am looking forward to our future with her. I’ll keep you posted on our progress and imagine I’ll have a few questions.

Submitted by: Joe Gower on Aug 31, 2009
I purchased a Stevix pup ealier this year that was whelped on New Years Day. I couldn't be more please with Sonny. He is out of Steve's bitch FC Bulletproof Jill and by NGDC FC Blazing Shane. He is far and away the highets potential puppy I have handled so far. He has excellent range, unparalleled prey drive and remains biddable. I have entered him in three stakes with two blues and a yellow before he is 8 months old. I see this puppy as the possible foundation for my own breedings. Thanks Steve!

Joe Gower
Submitted by: D&D McCoon on Jun 07, 2009

Thanks so much for all your help in acquiring Tempe. We apprieciate your time and effort.

Don and Debbie
Submitted by: Nick M on May 24, 2009
Thanks for being an excellent breeder. You have always had the dogs best interest, I appreciate
all the time you have taken to answer my questions and concerns. I'm so glad we found you and your breeding ethics, everyone else fell short of the quality bird dog that I was looking for. I highly recommend Steve's pups, not only are both of our pups very birdy,they are great family dogs. We have our Tucker pup on birds, and our Bella pup is right behind him. Dont hesitate if you are considering buying a pup from Steve, not only is he an excellent breeder, he is honest and dedicated to his dogs. I cant wait to show off my pups this bird season.
Thanks again for the two new additions to our family.
Nick M. from Ventura
Submitted by: Roger C. on May 22, 2009
I wanted you to know how much we enjoy our puppy that you chose for us. She is smart and sassy and really gets along with our family. You were a joy to deal with and we tell everyone about you. Kathy hoped you liked the cookies that we brought to you when we picked up our dog.
Submitted by: Dave R on May 19, 2009
Dorothy and I are just thrilled with the pup you sold us. We named him Duke. He owns the house and stole our hearts. He just loves the little pool and splashed and jumped and had a great time in the water. As you can imagine the house is a wreck after he storms through and pulls everything down to his level. So far he is doing very well. Dorothy is thinking about a companion for him and she would like to get a female. You did such a great job on the tale and dew claws I don't think I would settle for anything less. Keep us in mind if you spot a female on the same caliber as Duke.
Thanks again
Dave Rose
Submitted by: Dan Bibetts on May 16, 2009
Steele has turned into such a wonderful hunting companion. He has a great temeperment and really loves birds. I took him to t pro for training and the reports are coming back just great. He will be fully broke for hunting this fall
Submitted by: Ginny Bogler on May 16, 2009
My dad loves the pup that we purchased from you last fall. He wasn't sure that he wanted a brittany but he thinks that little amber has turned out great. He took her out hunting a few times last fall and she had a great time. He loves her style on point!!!!
Submitted by: Sabrina Gaylen on May 13, 2009
Hello Steve,

I wanted to give you an update on Boogie. She is doing fine. She is the most mellow girl ever. She is very comfortable with Aaron and I, and already knows where her bed is in the living room :) Thank you for letting us bring her home and make her a part of our family, she is the best!

Best Regards,
Sabrina Gaylen
Submitted by: Joe Gower on May 13, 2009
Hello Steve, I thought you may enjoy some pictures of Sonny pointing pigeons this weekend. He is getting a lot of time in the field. Showing great instincts, a lot of prey drive and a healthy amount of independence. I hope all is well with you. My best regards,Joe Gower
Submitted by: Hank Schmooter on May 12, 2009
I want to tell how great our Jimbo has turned out..he is one fine bird dog. He picked up on things real quick. We hunt quail in south texas and old Jimbo out finds every one of my buddies dogs. In fact one of my friends has a brittany that is supposed to be from some hot shot litter from out in california and frankly Jimbo puts him to shame. Keep on breeding these fine dogs
Submitted by: Dante Epstein on May 02, 2009
Hey Steve
We sure do love our pup!!! She is smart and very athletic, we even had her pointing pigeons at 12 weeks old. Thanks for breeding real field brittanys
Submitted by: Cheryl K. on May 02, 2009
You produce very solid dual prospect dogs, with great conformation and great movement. In the field our pup is just fantastic!!! We can't say enough good things about your program, keep up the good work
Submitted by: Dale S. on May 02, 2009
Thanks for helping me acquire our little pup, Annie. She is very sweet and really gets along well with our kids. We sure do appreciate the way that you were honest with us and spent plenty of time explaining the breed and the difference between "dual champion show dogs" and real field bred brittanys. I dont know why anyone would want to mess with the show dogs even though they are very pretty.
Thanks again
Submitted by: Mandy Dobson on May 02, 2009
Hi Steve,
Thanks for helping us with our brittany that we bought from a dual breeder. We thought that this would be a good hunter because the people said they were dual breeders. But we could never get sandy to point birds and were given your name as a good breeder. You took us out and the field and showed us your Jill and all I can say is wow!! Thanks for spending time with us, you sure helped us understand that there are many people that dont have a clue about breeding real bird dogs. We left you a deposit on a new pup and we can't wait till she is here.
Submitted by: Bobby Trouter on May 02, 2009
No need to say anymore than..WOW!!! Your pups seem to come out of the womb pointing birds!!!!! I bought a dual pup from a well known akc was worthless as a bird dog!!! We are lucky we found you..your breeding program is tops
Submitted by: Connie Bufrey on May 02, 2009
My husband I love our pup!! Awesome dog
Submitted by: Patty Smith on May 02, 2009
Thanks for letting us pick up our pup last weekend...she is beautiful!!! My husband Stan is excited about his new hunting partner.
Submitted by: Mark F. on May 02, 2009
Hi Steve
Thank you for allowing me own such a great dog..I had no idea what it would be like to have an awesome dog like little Sally. She does it all, runs, hunts, points, retrieves...she is just great
Submitted by: Chad Johnson on Feb 28, 2009
Steve has some nice dogs. We have been real happy with our Joey. Great family dog and a die hard little hunter.
and Steve has other breeders who recommend him . That is how I found out about him via knines in AZ. She is right he does put out some nice dogs
Submitted by: Dexter Washington on Feb 26, 2009
What can I say that all of these other people have not already pointed out. I called another breeder who had dual type brittanys..but when I went to look at them they were iddy biddy tiny dogs. And when I looked at the pedigrees the sire was some high dollar show champion dog from southern California. Not at all real bird dogs like you have. Your Jill is one of the finest Brittanys that I have ever seen. Thanks for producing real honest to goodness bird dogs
Submitted by: Connie Popowski on Feb 24, 2009
Hi Steve
Awesome dogs....just
awesome, awesome, awesome
Submitted by: Dan M on Feb 22, 2009
I bought a pup 2 years ago from Steve, sired by his Jack dog. Joe has turned out to be the best hunting partner a guy could ever want. He'll hunt all day for chukars or quail and never let up. I didn't even send him to a trainer, it was all natural ability, I just took him hunting and he knew what to do. If you want to chukar hunt and really find birds, get a dog from Steve. Dan
Submitted by: Christine Cook on Feb 22, 2009
I bought a brittany pup for my son from Steve. My son had never been hunting before and this was his first bird dog. We did it right, and sent the pup to the trainer and our son to hunter safety. Both of them came out with flying colors. Our trainer said Ringo was the nicest brittany he had trained in a long time, took to the training very well and had a great attitude. Now we have a wonderful broke gundog and our son has a great hobby to keep him busy. Thanks, Steve
Submitted by: Cathy & Art on Feb 21, 2009
I bought a brittany pup from Steve last spring to replace our 14 yr old Buster. My husband has really taken to Snuffy. He rides along with him on all his business trips into the country. Steve not only met me halfway when I picked him up at 8 weeks old but he picked him up again when he took him to a trainer that he had recommended. That saved me 14 hrs of driving time. Snuffy is a great little bird dog and a part of the family. He loves to hunt quail and chukar with Art.
Submitted by: Dan S. on Feb 21, 2009
Steve took me and my two boys out pheasant hunting this season. My boys had just gone through the hunter safety program and gotten their hunting licenses. What a great way to start them in the field. Steve's dogs pointed and retrieved 8 pheasants. We had a ball, and my boys wanted to go back the very next day. Thanks again for a great experience, Dan
Submitted by: BJ Bunton on Feb 20, 2009
I had the pleasure of hunting with Steve and his dogs at a local pheasant club this season. What a great trip it was. We pointed, shot, and retrieved 4 pheasants and 18 chukars to hand. What a dog that Jack is he retrieved every bird he pointed. He hunted hard for every last bird. Thanks for a great day in the field. BJ
Submitted by: Harold Beauford on Feb 17, 2009
Howdy Steve,
Thanks for shipping my little pup to me. She arrived in perfect condition and boy is she a birdy little thing. I just have to tell you she is an awesome dog, awesome, awesome, awesome!!!! I can't wait to take her out to the hunt club and show my buddies--Wowser!!!

Submitted by: Ed K. on Jan 14, 2009
Steve, nice to hear from you. Well Annie had 11 pups. Sold all but 1, I keep one female. She is a great dog, better than mom. It was fun, but I wouldn't do it again. lots of work. Loved the experince though. Had the mother fixed. She really turned alpha. If a male smells her butt she kicks their ass. The pup I haven't fixed yet . don't know why, just don't like the idea. Having two dogs helps alot, they entertain each other. No quail again this year, so hunting has been slow. But I love my dogs I just enjoy seeing them hunt. Ed
Submitted by: Tim G. on Jan 14, 2009
steve, I have a pup that is full of energy. she is like having a racoon in the house. Into every nook and cranny and some I didn't even know about, however she knows sit ,stay, come, and heel. we are playing a game every morn . she brings me a toy I make her sit and throw the toy when I say fetch she goes and gets the toy some times she brings it back and sometimes not. It is just a game and no big deal is made of it. all in all she is learning quite rapidly. She knows every hole in the fence. Tim
Submitted by: Arlette Hennessey on Jan 14, 2009
I had the priveledge to see one of Steve pups in action ...nice style and Birdy..The owner is just a hunter and with a little guidance this pup will be all that and more ....Wish I had more room in my kennel

Thank you for making the people I send you extremely Happy.
Submitted by: Leslie Munoz on Jan 11, 2009
Hi Steve I just e-mailed Sheldon yesterday that despite Butty's desire to hunt flies rather than birds while he was at Sheldons', he is starting to hunt. We took him out twice in the past 2 weeks, once with a seasoned hunter and then with Beans. He found and pointed 3 birds. He has a beautiful point. I will try and take some pictures the next time we are out. He has been a challenge. he is very stubborn but very sweet and likeable. I'm not sure how much of his personality has to do with being a male. These are the 1st male dogs we have ever owned. We actually just moved to Placerville and have 6 1/2 acres which we fully fenced for the dogs. They are very happy. I hope your dog is doing well Leslie Munoz
Submitted by: The Pezzini Family on Jan 11, 2009
maggie is doing great! she is almost spending more time in tahoe than at home! she is healthy and happy. every morning we let her out to go potty and play with our sweet, gentle border collie Lacy. they are best friends and are almost like sisters! we love to see them together and getting along so well. she has learned her name and how to sit! she is so smart! we will take her to puppy class at petsmart when she has had all of her shots. she now knows not to chase the chickens! haha! we have all got a chance to bond with her, she is a great family dog and she does great with the kids! we all love her!

maggie is doing great! one thing i was wondering was when to start her in training for hunting?

frome haley and wesley pezzini
Submitted by: Sherine Johnson on Jan 06, 2009
Hi Steve!Happy New Year!Dixie is doing awesome!!!I think she's doubled in size since we got her !She's going in for her 11week shots on Wednesday! I'm sure she's atleast 10lbs now! She was 6lbs 14oz at 7 weeks of age.I can't wait to finally take her for walks! I bought her a collar last week...she's just starting to get used to it. And everyday I take her for a few minutes with the leash in the backyard...She doesn't like that at all!!!! She did awesome over the holidays. We had tons of family in town and she just loves people and kids!She's actually very lonely today since school started today!She loves running with the boys and loves chewing EVERYTHING!We bought her a ton of ropes and chew toys but she really likes my furniture!She's so funny I found this spray that doesn't harm the dog, but deters them from chewing furniture...she likes the taste of it!She actually licks it !!!Too funny! Here's a picture of her on Christmas Eve. As you can see, she's the princess of the house :) And she's starting to really get her marks! Best Regards,Sherine
Submitted by: Karin Ramasco on Dec 24, 2008
Merry Christamas!-- Hi Steve, Just wanted to let you know that our new puppy is doing very well. Dennis has named him Cooper and they are inseparable! Thank you for helping me surprise him, Cooper has made the best Christmas gift of our marriage. Best wishes to you and your wife for a very Merry Christmas. Thanks again, Karin
Submitted by: Jason S on Dec 24, 2008
Hey Steve, The pup is great! We have been trying to chuckar hunt, just not good luck. The pup is working her tail off, up and down, side to side. Just can not get on the birds. The quail have been busting on us so I pulled her off quail until we can get a really good lock. I think she is doing good, her only weakness is me. How have you been? Next time you come over the hill give a call. Jason
Submitted by: Kent Drummond on Oct 17, 2008
Hello Steve...Just a note to let you know how the Brittany is doing. She made her first retrieve on a Sage Hen the other day. I will need to work with her on quartering ,But she is VERY birdie. Extremely athletic, long and lean. Sometimes I think she can fly,She sailed over 4-5 foot sagebrush at full speed. Very impressive. Now I need to do my part and get her out more. Thanks for being interested. As for your next Breeding try to instill a little less hard headedness if that's possibe. Just kidding, I am actually used to that, I've had a few Chesapeake's. She has high energy, gets what we call the zooms, she is hilarious at times. She loves water, is good with kids. We love her coloring and out hunting is easy to see. She is not a barker, which we like. She likes to be with her people, and she should be a good hunter. Kent & Beth
Submitted by: Jack Cox on Oct 16, 2008
I wanted a dog that would hunt like a champ and he provided me with one!
Thanks Steve!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted by: Ray Howard on Oct 16, 2008
Cora------- We had our first hunt on chukars wednesday, and she performed like a dog that had been hunting for years. I shot the first bird that she pointed and she retrieved it to my hand with no command. I was very proud of her. She does every thing I ask of her. If she gets better with age and experience she will be a true champion.
Submitted by: Larry Hollieker on Aug 27, 2008
Hi we bought dog from Steve. It finds birds when other dogs don't!! We tried other brittany breeders and were not happy with the way that we treated us. Steve Dogs come from really good stock from The Last Bullet a great Brittany from back east...he told us all about what a great dog The last bullet ...he wasn't a run off field trial dog, but a real honest to goodness hunting dog that was never more than 15yards away and that is what sold us on steve's breeding...short close working dogs that pointed their birds really close which made it easy for us to shoot the birds. We bought a another brittany from another brittany in central california but it was really small and sat down on we got rid of that dog and called steve right away...we sure our glad we did. Buy a dog from Steve he is good
Big Larry
Submitted by: Robert Shane on Aug 10, 2008
Hi Steve
I am not sure to tell people about you or your dogs. I was referred to you by another breeder because he did not have any pups. I called the lady that knows about all the litters from the american brittany club bit she did not tell me about your litter. i am very happy with little smokey! He is a nice dog, he like birds, and is great with my kids and their friends. I am planning to take him to a pro trainer this fall. Thanks for being so easy to work with, I sure wish the other akc brittany breeders were so nice.
Submitted by: Harry Motley on Aug 10, 2008
All you folks should know what a great bird dog man steve is. I have owned german shorthairs for more than 30 years but just could keep up with then anymore as i have gotten older. So my wife suggested that I should get a smaller, shorter running dog that we could keep in the house. So i searched all over the western U.S. for a breeder that had just what i wanted. When i talked with steve he was talking my kinda language. He was kind and spent a lot of time with me, and boy did i ask him questions...let me tell you he answered every one. He even gave me references of other people that bought his dogs...what a great guy!!! I had talked to a whole bunch of phony brittany breeders, most of them we nothing but show dog breeders or puppy mills. I was so happy when i finally found steve. Please do your self a favor, don't waste your time with a bunch of show people who don't know squat about bird steve and tell him that Harry said to call him...cause it's all about the bird dog and steve's dogs are all bird dog!
Submitted by: Megan Liksscheitt on Aug 10, 2008
Joe and I wanted to thank you for your letting us adopt Jessie...she is so cute!!!! Joe says she has all the makings of one super good bird dog! He can't wait to take her out with his dad and his german shorthair. We give her lots of treats and she even sleeps in bed with us...she sure is a bed hog...hehehehe We almost bought a puppy from a breeder in los angeles but they had way too many rules and had a contract that looked like it came from an attorney...they said they were american brittany club members and belonged to the CBC, whatever that is..blahblahblah!!! Any way our friend near fresno said to call you and we are sooo happy we did!!!! Jessies coat color even matches Joe's hair color...super cool. thanks Steve
your the best
hugs and kisses
Submitted by: Lou polaski on Aug 10, 2008
thanks for helping me get a new pup after i had to put old buster to sleep. I really wanted a small, close working dog that could take the place of old buster and i am glad i found you! Alot of field trial breeders told me about big running dogs that ran all over the place but that was not what i was looking for. You listened to my needs and then told me that even though your dogs field trial that they were bred for hunting and they run real close. Boy you were not kidding little jake stays right with me in the field....he sure works close and i never have to worry about losing him in the field. I guess your field trial are not real big runners as mine stays nice an close. I send Jake to a trainer in bakersfield and he said jake is going to make a great hunting dog. I gave him your number and told him he should call you to get a dog from you...he sure does like little jake.
Submitted by: Jack Riddlesprigger on Aug 10, 2008
Hi Steve
We wanted to let you know how happy we are with our Maggie. i can't believe that 2 years have passed already and her hips came back great!!! My wife and I were thinking back to when we met you at the California Brittany club trail in the mojave desert. We were there looking at brittanys and nobody gave us the time of day...everyone was sooooo rude!!!! Then we saw you and your pretty dog Jill and when we told you how beautiful she was you stopped and talked to us and invited us back to talk with your friends. That day you sure earned our respect and we decided that we were going to buy our first brittany from you. I we are not breeders or field trialers just plain old hunters but boy you made us feel like you cared. Once we came to your home to pick out little tia we have never been so happy. My wife and I are proud to tell eveyone where we got her.
Submitted by: Jason Stritenberger on Jun 17, 2008

Hello. Just wanted to send you a quick note and a little update. I would like to thank you for making this puppy buying experience so great. I am so thankful that you took the time and thought to actually match us up with a pup that suits us. She is doing great. I am really enjoying playing with her (that is, when the kids will let me), and she is just really becoming part of the family. She has plenty of energy, of course, but she can also calm down and cuddle. The other day she fell asleep with our 2 year old on the floor. Also, thank you very much for the videos. They are great. Even my wife sat through one, and she won't sit through most movies!! So I'm sure they will come in very handy and the tips in them will certainly be tried. Again, that was very thoughtful, so thank you. We've decided to name her Cadence's Cuervo Bullet. We call her Cady for short. We will send you some pictures shortly. Again, thank you so much and it has been a real pleasure doing business with you.
Submitted by: Bud Johnson on Jun 16, 2008
I am sure happy with my pup that I got from Steve!!! We had called another breeder in central
California who did not have any pups on the ground. But he did give us Steve's contact information and next thing we know we took a little pup home. I have owned Brittanys for 25 years and have to say that this is probably the best dog we ever owned. Our sally is all bird dog and really classy on the ground. In fact she might have too much point in her, if thats possible. Thanks Steve
Submitted by: Ben M. Ohfur on Jun 14, 2008
I have known Steve for several years and have assisted in the training of a number of Steves Brittanys. I can say without reservation his dogs are true to the breed and display all the characteristics of a well bred Brittany. I am looking forward to having room in my kennel for one of Steve's puppies.
Submitted by: Randy B. on Jun 12, 2008
Steve, Thanks for meeting me in Sacramento last year. That saved me a lot of driving. My "joe" has been a great hunting dog. I killed over 60 pheasants and chukar at the club last year with him. He retrieved almost all of them. looking forward to next season.
Submitted by: Mark H. on Jun 12, 2008
Steve, just wanted you to know "Chip" has become a fantastic hunting dog. I retired last year and have hunted him at least 3-4 days a week all season. He's the best dog I've ever owned. thanks, Mark
Submitted by: John Pope on Jun 08, 2008
We wanted to write a testimonial to let all of you know what a great job Stevix Brittanys does with their pups. We bought a puppy from another breeder 2 years ago from southern California. These people made us sign a big long contract telling us all these things that we had to do with our pup. Well the sire was a real well known dual champion brittany from southern California and our pup would not point birds, and ended up dysplastic like 4 others from the same litter. Well we gave the pup back to that breeder and said no thanks to a replacement from those people. A good friend of ours then hooked us up with Steve and boy are we glad that happened. Steve had a litter, there was no big contract, in fact Steve said if we had any problems to just bring our little ol puppy back and he would refund our money. We took our pup home and let me tell you, it the best bird dog we have ever owned!!! The pup was pointing at 4 months old, was a natural retriever, and found more birds than any of my buddies. I am one proud owner and tell anybody who will listen...if you want a real bird dog...Call Steve at Stevix Kennels..Thanks Steve
Submitted by: Barrie Macocaner on Jun 05, 2008
Steve, thanks for helping us pick such a nice pup. Woody is about seven months old now. Woody is out of Boogy and Jack. Sent Woody to puppy camp for two weeks, he is so impressive to watch point, and he's so young. My son takes Woody for walks to the park, all the kids love him because he loves to retrieve everything. Can't wait to go hunting with him. THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP.
Submitted by: Jason F. on Jun 04, 2008
Not sure what to say other then we love our new pup from Steve and Thank you for meeting us half way to pick her up. the kids love her. She has been a little dickens since we got her home. but that sweet face makes it so hard to get upset with her. guess that is what puppies are all about
Submitted by: Cary Crum on Jun 03, 2008
I have dealt with Steve on many occasions. He is all business and holds firmly to the concept that its "all about the bird dog" Do yourself a favor and get your next brittany from'll be happy for years to come.
Submitted by: Ted M. on Jun 03, 2008
just want to say we love our Boy that we got from Steve. He has grown up to be a fine hunting dog thanks.
Submitted by: chad e on Jun 03, 2008
Through a referal from another on this site i was sent to steve when the other breeder didn't have any pups available.
Pretty impressive when you have breeders who work together and you get a great pup.
thanks steve for a wonderful hunting companion. i ahve had some friends try and talk me in to running some trials with my boy. Still not sure about doing the trial thing but guess my friends are also impressed with him.
Submitted by: Glen Courtney on May 30, 2008
Hi Steve, hope you and your family are well. Buster is doing great, he is a good hunter and a great retriever. I have not been able to hunt this year, my niece is taking him out. I had to have more back surgery in September. I am still recovering and will be for some time. I get to hear how he is doing from my niece. He is at over 200+ pheasants and I don't know how many chuckers.

I have never had a Brittany that retrieves like this guy, he has not lost a bird in the last 3 years. I hope by the end of January I can ride up to the club and if nothing else watch from the truck. Thanks for a quality dog. Maybe next season I will be good enough to go hunting with you.

Happy Holidays to you and your family, Glen
Submitted by: Kelli Eeishaupt on May 30, 2008
Rascal is doing wonderful. He has fit into our family just perfect. We mailed off the AKC stuff today, his AKC name is Kevs Rascaly Hunter. Thank you for all of the help you guys have provided. Kelli Weishaupt
Submitted by: Sharalyn Hamilton on May 30, 2008
Hi Steve,

Ginger is doing very well. She was 10 pounds a week ago and has been very healthy. She knows "outside" as the command to go to the door and she usually potties on command but still has accidents in the house occasionally.

She loves Gus (my golden) and follows him everywhere. She plays with him and sleeps cuddled up with him when she tires. She still cannot make it through the night without going out. I have attached a couple pictures.

She has a great personality, very resiliant, and not afraid of anything.

Submitted by: Nick Johnston on May 30, 2008
Steve, I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday Season! Iwanted to send you quick note, sorry no new pics this time. The coolnews is that my brother and I took my lab and Gunner out last Sunday toa favorite spot of mine for quail. We had been walking around for nomore than 10 minutes or so when I flushed a pair and shot at thetrailing bird. I thought I missed. We walked over to the spot where Ithought he might be and looked around for a couple of minutes but nobird. So I figured I had indeed missed him. Right then out of the cornerof my eye I see Gunner coming out of some bushes with a nice mature (anddead) quail in his mouth!! He Brought it right to me and released it. I was just hoping to get him some time out to enjoy the walk and thefield and low and behold he is a natural!! It was a pretty cool deal.Jack, my son, was with me and he was loving it too! Take care and I will send pics soon. Nick
Submitted by: Sharon Weiss on May 30, 2008
Hi Steve,

Just a quick note to let you know we are just thrilled with our new addition. Michael was so surprised and we are all just in love! I think half of Michael's high school came over yesterday to see this little celebrity. You weren't kidding about him liking his food - we don't have a name yet, but we're working on it and enjoying this new adventure!

Have a great day.
Thank you.

Sharon Weiss
Submitted by: Arlette Hennessey on May 29, 2008
I have had the great pleasure of dealing with Steve and see his dogs in action. Solid bred and quality breedings. A1+

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