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I have owned and hunted Brittany's for over 30 years since my first one in 1974. I started out simply hunting my dogs, later I began competeing with my dogs in order to extend my hunting seasons and training oportunities.  I have come up through AKC Hunt Tests, NSTRA, AKC Field Trials, and Am Field Trials with my dogs and have bred and finished 4 dogs to 7 field titles, and 4 one hour Championship placements. My dogs have come from the HOF lines of Scipio Spinks, Beans Blaze, Nolan's Last Bullet, Hi Proof Rum Runner,Tequila Joker, Scipio's Little Chick, Chubasco II, BulletProof II and  Chick-n-Little. I prefer smart, bidable, stylish, practically self-training, natural bird dogs. Bird dogs you can hunt a foot or compete with at any level. Bird dogs to be proud to own." method="post">" border="0" name="submit" alt="PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!">" width="1" height="1">

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American Brittany
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Steve Cosgrave
Modesto, California 95385
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 30 years.
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Submitted by: Russ Hefte on Jul 12, 2010
Steve, I haven't sent you an email for a quite a while regarding Gunner, but... Today I took Gunner out for some training with a friend of mine who has a Lab. This was the second time he was exposed to guns and he did a great job. There were no signs of gun shyness and all he wanted us to do was keep shooting birds. It was a bit of a warm day in So. Cal so we took the dogs to a pond afterwards to let them cool off. We also wanted to see if he and the "LAB" would do any water retrieves. Well lets just say Gunner kicked the shit out of the lab and he embaressed the cramp out of my friend. Gunner loved the water and swimming and Gunner retrieved at least 40 birds from the water. I was very impressed at his abilities and his drive. I look foward to hunting behind him this fall. He has definitely turned in to a great family dog, hunting dog and a good four legged - best friend. Thanks a lot and hopefully I can send you some pictures soon.
Submitted by: Mark Archer on Apr 12, 2010
Hello Steve and family-
Happy Holidays from Roxie, myself, Diesel and Scout! These are two great puppies and growing like crazy. Diesel is over 25# and Scout is 23# last checkup. Both are great companions, tons of fun and have a large outdoor secure area to go nuts in.
They are wild about anything birdy and should be good hunters. We have spent some time and money training them to good results. Their health and attitudes are great.
He's the nut and she's the brains of the outfit.
Thank you for all the fun,
Mark Archer
Submitted by: Roger W. on Apr 12, 2010
Buck is doing well..

Took him to Kansas in November this year, for pheasant season....He was a little confused the 1st day, because we really got into a lot of wild birds, so he had a tough time holding anything...By around day three he really began to calm down, completed 3 good solid points and recoveries, in about a 1 hour time frame...He weighed 44 pounds on his mid October vet check, so he's a horse and real covers the ground well....still a little hard headed, but that will pass with some more serious work....He will be getting his opportunity on chukar in the next week or two..
Thanks for a great dog, Steve
Roger W.
Submitted by: Orlyn G. on Apr 12, 2010
Just wondering how those pups turned out from the breeding you did last January with Stevix Bulletproof Jill. Did you keep any and have you had them in the field yet? I plan to start looking for a new pup this spring and was wondering if you might be breeding your female again this year. If so, I will be interested in getting a pup.
We had a pretty good year here for chukars and forest grouse. Also managed to make a trip to North Dakota this fall and hunted sharptails. Hope to do a little more chukar hunting locally up in Challis, ID as I haven't gotten out to hunt there yet. It's been quite cold at our place so I've been concentrating more on the lower (warmer) country in the Snake River canyon in western ID.
Hope you had a nice Christmas and have a great 2010.
Submitted by: Nick Johnston on Dec 08, 2009
Nick Johnston here out in Phoenix. We got Gunner from you two years ago when we met up in Barstow. While he is not pictured here you can see some of his handy work on the tailgate while we were out in the field on a recent quail hunt here in Arizona. The kids LOVE him so much and as a matter of fact this was my daughters first ever bird hunt!
I will try to send a couple of additional photos of Gunner.
Merry Christmas!
Nick Johnston
Submitted by: Gerry Gresham on Nov 22, 2009
Hi Steve, I wanted to let you know that my pup, Buckeye, is absolutely tearing it up on the pheasants!!! I got him back from the trainer on nov. 11, and I shot 8 pheasants over him on my way home!!! This past opening weekend, we got 8 more roosters, and he pointed all 8 of them. He even had his first water retrieve!!! At 10 months, he's not perfect, but everyone who watched him hunt this weekend thought he was!!! Thanks so much for breeding such great dogs, and to help some of us "old pheasant hunters" reconnect with our past. Sincerely, Gerry Gresham
Submitted by: J. Brazzle on Nov 09, 2009
Hello Steve: Lucy is doing great. She is a fantastic dog, exactly what we had hoped for. She seems to be getting alone very well in the Brazzle family. The kids & their parents spoil her. She is a very intelligent puppy who has mastered sit, come, stay, enjoys riding in the truck, loves walks (often 2-3 times a day) but we are still working on retrieving. She loves to go on walks and explore the 90 acres of park & open field next door to our house. She is even getting along with the cat. Attached are a couple of pictures.
Submitted by: Jason Portman on Oct 28, 2009
Hey Steve,
I want to copy you on this email I sent to Sheldon Twer, if it wasn’t for you we may have gotten rid of Sophie at one point. I called you last year around this time and you recommended I take my dog Sophie to Sheldon. He had her for 5 months.
She was our first dog as adults and a handful until we got her back from Sheldon.
Thank you very much for the recommendation.
Any pups on the way? I was thinking Sophie might like a little company……. J
Jason Portman
Submitted by: T. Grinsell on Sep 28, 2009
I knew she had a lot of bird in her she just came ungluded every time she was exposed to birds. I have had a lot of bird dogs I think she has a lot of potential. she is really young and needs some maturity. That is the reason I have stayed with her. Go watch her on birds. she is as intent as any dog that comes down the pike. she is head strong and needs direction but at the same time is sensetive . this a real challenge for a trainer. dont go to hard and dont go to soft. I think handled properly she will be a really good dog. your friend, Tim
Submitted by: Russ Hefte on Sep 24, 2009
Hi Steve, just to give you another update, Gunner is doing wonderful. His drive to find and locate the bird wings has been amazing. He locks up on point every time. I plan to start running him and teaching him the whoa command soon. He is very calm around the family but loves attention. I look forward to getting him out in the field to see how he'll respond to live birds. Thanks for everything. Gunner has been great.
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