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Submitted by: Kevin on Jan 12, 2022
We received our Cinder from Steve and Lynn. Cinder is the sweetest and most wonderful dog we could have hoped for!
He is incredibly smart and hasn’t had a single accident in the house.
Thank you for choosing a great puppy for us. Also your potty training method works!
Regards, Kevin
Submitted by: Mike Johnson on Aug 09, 2021
We love our Betsy so much! We enrolled her in the Star Puppy class. She is wonderful and smart.
Thank you for a great experience choosing and receiving our girl!
Submitted by: Steven Johns on May 07, 2021
Fitz is a perfect match for our little family!
He is very spunky and smart. Thank you for choosing the right puppy for us.
You breed great versatile dogs!
We will be back for puppy #2 soon.
Submitted by: Maddie on Feb 23, 2021
My Annie is so cuddly & sweet! She has quite the nose on her too! She picks up on everything so quickly. Thank you guys for breeding awesome dogs!
Submitted by: Gretchen on Oct 05, 2020
Steve & Lynn were easy to deal with and they have excellent bloodlines. My pup is easy to train and has so much personality.
My overall experience has been great and they kept me up to date on my puppy. The Jarvis’ breed great all around dogs that can do pretty much anything you teach them to do. Highly recommend!
Submitted by: Kindy on Jul 25, 2019
We got our adorable vizsla from Steve and Lynn in May and he has been a great addition to the family. Little Casper is super smart, he is already crate trained, potty trained, and knows several commands at just 4months old. This would not be as easily done without the wonderful help from Steve; not only does he breed excellent pups but he also offers training videos/help as part of buying one of his pups. Both my boyfriend and I have texted Steve a billion times with questions and he always answers super fast. In fact, last time he even went to the trouble of filming a video for us to understand. I mention Steve Jarvis vizslas to anyone who asks where I got Casper, because we are so happy with our puppy!
Submitted by: Jim Smith on May 29, 2019
I am a premier hunting Outfitter and i spent several years researching in order to find the perfect dog for upland hunting and a family pet. I decided to get a puppy from Steve Jarcis Vizslas and I sure am glad I did. Steve and his wife were extrememly helpful and made the process easy and fun. The puppy is amazing and is by far the best dog i have ever had. If you want a great dog, get one from Steve. Thanks for everything!
Submitted by: Hunter Morgan on May 04, 2019
I have purchased two Vizsla’s From Steve and both have not only been incredible hunting dogs with tons of natural instinct but also amazing family dogs with very goofy personalities. Once you get a dog from Steve you have access to all of his very helpful training videos to guide you with training your new puppy. Overall I am very happy and will continue to get Vizsla’s from Steve Jarvis Vizsla’s
Submitted by: Bryan Bradley on May 03, 2019
Steve and Lynn are the nicest people you could deal with when buying a new pet. I did my homework when we decided to get a Vizsla and I could be happier with buying from the. They truly care about their dogs and customers. Our trainer said in 40yrs of dog training this was the best Vizsla he’s ever trained. We will buy another one from Steve and Lynn in the near future.
Submitted by: Russell Bailiff on May 03, 2019
We have had our Steve Jarvis Vizslas for over two years and still believe they are the best dogs and the best breeders out there. Not only did we get the best dogs and bloodlines we have ever enjoyed but we also have ongoing availability to dog coaching and advice as these pups mature. If you want a lot of bang for the buck and a commonsense approach to buying, training and raising dogs you should not pass this opportunity up.
Submitted by: Gabi Kwan on May 03, 2019
Bought a solid little Vizsla puppy at 7.5 weeks. Steve and Lynn were very responsive on e-mail with questions being answered.
Complements on good job socializing her. We are finding her eager and friendly towards other dogs and people and trust this will continue. Seems to be quite smart and is progressing well with training.
Looks like she will be high energy but not hyper as she is very settled and calm in the house.
So glad to have another Vizsla in the house.
Submitted by: Don Jones on May 03, 2019
These are the best dogs I have ever purchased and this breeder provides the best customer service on the front end and in the long term that I have ever experienced
Submitted by: Wade English on May 03, 2019
These dogs have almost human like personalities that have given us the best experiences ever. This particular kennel is the best we have ever dealt with in our 30 years due to the straightforward and honest approach taken and the in-depth hunting knowledge. Also my daughter has loved having her Vizsla that she uses for daily running where she lives in New York City. We will never purchase from anyone else as long as we have this option
Submitted by: Anna Miller on May 03, 2019
We got our 12 week old vizsla puppy from Steve and Lynn a month ago. Not only do they breed a quality dog, but they have been extremely helpful and responsive to any questions or concerns we have had. When we arrived to pick up our pup, Lynn greeted us with a freshly bathed puppy and both her and Steve sat down with us for the next 30 minutes to give us tips on the next few days to help the puppy transition smoothly into our family. You can truly tell they are passionate about what they do. Steve has many training videos that lay out everything you would need to know for training and dog care. And when things don’t go quite as planned, they responds via text message almost immediately with helpful tips. I would highly recommend this breeder.
Submitted by: Trevor and Alyssa Hemingway on May 02, 2019
We wanted to surprise our 3 young boys with a new puppy. After contacting multiple breeders and not feeling connected, we stumbled upon Steve Jarvis dogs. He was quick to respond and we drove to their house the following day. Upon our arrival, Lynn welcomed us into their home with the sweetest little puppy nestled in her arms. With so much knowledge to share and the love the Jarvis family has for the breed, we knew that sweet little puppy would be ours. Our boys were thrilled to meet our new puppy Archer. Not only is he intelligent but he is one good looking pup. Thank you Jarvis family!!
Submitted by: Renee on Nov 26, 2018
Steve and his family breed the best Vizsla dogs! I highly recommend Steve Jarvis Vizslas. They are very knowledgeable and have great looking dogs.
Submitted by: Tom and Heidi Nordell on Nov 05, 2017
Submitted by: Kurt Dudas on Sep 03, 2017
We got an 11 month old Vizsla from Steve. She is the greatest dog alive. Super sweet, and totally devoted to me. I want a companion and hope to get one from Steve. He and his wife were also extremely responsive and continue to help us with any questions we have. Overall wonderful experience.
Submitted by: Tony on Aug 13, 2017
We found Steve and his dogs online and my wife immediately fell in love with one of the puppies in his pictures. I was hesitant to buy a dog from a different state and from a breeder that I hadn't done business with before, but all of that changed after one phone call to Steve. He was quick to send pictures and videos of 'Murphy' working, even at 8 weeks old. He answered every question I could think of, and reassured me that if anything were to go wrong that he would make it right. Murphy has been such an easy dog to train, and very well mannered in the house. He loves birds and loves to go on walks around the farm looking for birds.

Steve and I have kept in close contact for almost a year. He offers tips and solutions when I run into problems with during training, and always answers his phone when I call. He even made the trip up to western Nebraska to hunt pheasants, quail, and prairie chicken, and help me train in person. Steve is one hell of a guy, and will do just about anything for his clients. I would recommend a Vizsla to everyone, and recommend Steve to anyone looking for the whole package in a breeder!
Submitted by: The Valentines on Jul 23, 2017
We got or male Vizsla pup from Steve Jarvis and his great family on 7/21/2017. When we drove up to their home, the entire family met us on their front porch. What a great reception and wonderfully appreciated. My 14-year old daughter commented "the Jarvis' are really awesome" as our new Vizsla pup slept in the lap on the way home. We highly recommend the Jarvis family as breeders and their continued support as we love our pup into our new home.
Submitted by: Martin Laura on Jul 22, 2017
True dog lovers and experienced breeders. Interviewed me and picked our puppy out for parentage and temperament. Wonderful experience. Perfect dog! Highly recommend!!!
Submitted by: Kipper Overstreet on Jul 09, 2017
I purchased Scout, my 4 month old male Vizsla, from Steve in May. Steve makes the experience of buying and training a new puppy fantastic. Scout is smart, and already heels well off leash. He is part of our family and really wants to please. Steve's Facebook videos on training are so helpful, but more than that, he always responds to my questions when I contact him. I am really looking forward to finishing out Scout as a great bird dog with Steve's guidance. I couldn't recommend Steve more highly.
Submitted by: Jen B on Jan 02, 2017
We purchased a male pup, from Steve, from a Sept 2016 litter,he's our 1st vizsla ever. He has by far been the smartest, most easy to train pup we've ever had. Steve has been a great resource when it comes to training questions as well. His suggested techniques have worked great for us. Our pup, Dempsey, definitely represents all the positives of owning a viszla!
Submitted by: Julie Struble on Dec 02, 2016
We recently purchased a Vizsla from Steve Jarvis Bird Dogs and could not be happier! He and his family are very nice and knowledgable about the breed. We have a 4 year old vizsla and our vizsla from Steve is now 4 month. She is so smart and beautiful! She is well-mannered for a pup and has been very easy to train so far.
Submitted by: Robin Bailiff on Oct 05, 2016
We have had many types of puppies (Labs, Golden Retrievers, Shih Tzu, Shih Poo, Springer Spaniel) and I can honestly say that we have NEVER had better puppies than the ones from Steve Jarvis Bird Dogs! We have purchased 2 puppies from him and they are both extremely intelligent, well-mannered, and easy to train! Although I love puppies, I have never enjoyed the "puppy training" stage. It is normally a wearisome process! The thing that sets Steve apart from other dog breeders that we have purchased from in the past is his educational approach to "how" to train his puppies. If you follow his advice, you will have no problem! I would highly recommend these high quality puppies to anyone who is interested!
Submitted by: Jonathan and Katherine Niemietz on Jul 05, 2016
We have had our Vizsla for about a year and a half and could not be more pleased. He came to us at 8 weeks and trained very quickly. He is eager to please and is great with our children. We put him on birds this past dove season. He points, holds, starts and retrieves just like he was born to.
We would highly recommend Steve Jarvis as your next breeder.
Submitted by: Steven Leonard on Jun 29, 2016
I've purchased two pups from Steve. Both were exactly what Steve said they were. All of my interactions with Steve and his family have been great. He raises great dogs! Couldn't be happier. If you're looking for a great bird dog, I would highly recommend Steve Jarvis.
Submitted by: Natasha Paterson on Jun 28, 2016
We love our vizsla ! Steve and his family were wonderful to work with. Highly recommend .
Submitted by: Darren Chauvin on Jun 25, 2016
Extremely pleased with my experience with Steve. He is very knowledgeable and helpful when purchasing a puppy, and we remain in contact when I have any questions. I have raised and trained many dogs and my new Vizla "Meaux" is as smart and easy to handle as any I have seen. Excellent breeding. Overall excellent experience.
Submitted by: Josh on Jun 25, 2016
I purchased a drop pointer and setter and couldn't be more pleased. She was strong in training on point. At just under 6 months I put her on wild quail and woodcock here in Louisiana, she literally pointed and had birds shot over her day 1. She will hunt all day long no quit in this dog, real nice natural close hunting range. With age she's turning into a completely finished pointing and retrieving gun dog. Steve had been excellent after the sale with any questions I had. Real honest breeder.
Submitted by: Kristen on Jun 24, 2016
I have had a wonderful experience with Steve. I got my amazing 1 year old female vizsla from him and she couldn't be any more perfect for me. Steve and his wife were so helpful through the whole process and have welcomed any questions I have had since I bought my dog. They are very knowledgeable and are willing to answer any and all questions. I couldn't be happier with the whole experience!
Submitted by: Caitlin Vestal on Jun 24, 2016
We purchased a young Vizsla from Steve Jarvis in March 2016. Her name was Didi, and she was 9-10 months old. She is our family's first Vizsla, and Steve patiently answered our MANY questions, spent time on the phone with us talking about the breed, his dogs, and Didi in particular. When we went to visit Steve and meet Didi, Steve and his wife spent more than 2 hours with us, letting us ask more questions and letting us spend time with Didi before making a decision.

I appreciated the time he spent with us to make sure we were right for his dog as well as make sure his dog was right for us. Didi was trained for his hunting team, but was better suited to be a family dog, which is what we were looking for.

Didi has turned out to be the BEST family dog we could have ever found. Steve had already leash-trained, potty-trained and crate-trained her. She is well-behaved in the house, in the yard and at family houses. She is sweet as can be and has a loving temperament. We actually just got her spayed and our vet said she is one of the healthiest dogs she's seen.

Steve and his wife continue to check in on us and our girl's growth, and I think that is a sign of a great breeder.

My husband and I have said numerous times that a Vizsla is the best breed we could have chosen for us, and when we are ready for another, we will call Steve first.
Submitted by: Ross on May 09, 2016
I purchased my first puppy through Steve and Lin. They were very pleasant to work with and I couldn't be happier. They do care about the success of the dog and will guide you along the way. I highly recommend Jarvis.

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