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Submitted by: ADAM ASBILL on Jul 11, 2021
I had searched high and low locally for a GSP puppy. When I discovered Spin Top Kennel and Mr.David Holt 1 call was all it took for me to know where my puppy was coming from. He required nothing more than my word to add me to his list no deposit no crazy contracts. He told me when I took ownership of my puppy it was 100% mine to do as I pleased. I waited on a litter and when they arrived I got pics that day. 3 weeks later we picked our fella. I got regular updates on the puppy and pics. I called often to just check in. When the time arrived for pickup I scheduled a time drove 6-1/2 hours to Spin Top to be greeted by David holding my puppy in his hand and welcoming me and my children like family. He didn't rush us at all answer every question I had and the 100 my kids had. He went over all the paperwork and details with us and then turned it all over to us we stopped twice on the way home and our little guy used the restroom and was ready to go again. Once we arrived home he quickly adapted and fit right in after the long ride he still slept all night long and came from the factory potty trained by some grace of the lord. He hasn't had one single accident in the house and continues to exceed our expectations. I promise getting a puppy from Spin Top isn't a decision to buy a dog its a investment into a wonder family addition. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.
Submitted by: Baylee Saint on Feb 25, 2021
My boyfriend and I were in search of a German Short-Haired Pointer and came across David’s website. After discussing with him, we were able to visit the puppies and put our name down on a wait list. I kept in touch with David almost everyday, hoping we would find a perfect match for us. David helped us so much along this journey. He knew how much I wanted my puppy and was able to get me my sweet Beau earlier than expected. My GSP is a great family dog, a great listener, knows basic commands, and has natural hunting instincts and he is only 13 weeks old. David is definitely great at what he does and I will forever recommend him as a breeder to anyone looking for a wonderful dog.
Submitted by: Meg Spires on Feb 17, 2021
This post is very overdue but extremely heartfelt. We have met so many “angels” during the last 15 ½ years of being parents to a special needs son. So many people we have met are truly servants --they are the hands and feet of Jesus!

Mr. Holt with Spin Top Kennels is no exception. He certainly is one of Jesus’ servants and he touched one young man’s life and made a huge difference. Our son, Copeland received a GSP from Mr. Holt on Sept 4, 2020. Copeland and Sadie have bonded.

1 Peter 5:2 Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care, watching over them—not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be; not pursuing dishonest gain, but eager to serve.

We should have a core value of a servants heart, we should be dedicated and committed to serve others selflessly, with humility and loving kindness.

Servant means to serve; Serve means to help, assist, or attend to.

Many people think of the word servant with a negative attitude. They see servants as those who wait on someone hand and foot. They think the job of a servant is demeaning, thankless and a horrible job to have.

Servants are people who help or assist others. There are many jobs within God’s kingdom that require servants. Servants in God’s kingdom do the will of God with a humble attitude and with the desire to not only serve God but help others along their journey. Servants may have a thankless unnoticeable duty but God notices their service and for their service their reward shall be great in heaven. A lot of people do not want to be servants because of the negative connotation that goes with that title, however, if you are a child of God, doing God’s will then you are a servant.

Mr. Holt with Spin Top Kennels is no exception, he certainly is one of Jesus’ servants and he touched one young man’s life and made a huge difference. Our son, Copeland received a GSP from Mr. Holt on Sept 4, 2020. Copeland and Sadie have bonded exceptionally well. Sadie is beautiful and loves people, she is playful, energetic, extremely loving and affection and super smart! We could not be more pleased with Sadie and are forever grateful that we crossed paths with Mr. Holt and Spin Top.
Submitted by: Kristine Parsons on Feb 09, 2021
Can’t say Enough nice things about Spin Top Kennels. David was extremely helpful and communicative when we were picking out our puppy. He knows his stuff and breeds really wonderful, smart and beautiful dogs. Our dog is not used for hunting she is a companion dog. We could not have asked for a better dog. She is sweet, cuddly and super super smart. Not to mention that she is beautiful. I have now found a breed that I love beyond compare and can’t wait until it’s time for us to get our second one.
Submitted by: Beth Brownlee on Jan 07, 2021
I had not had a GSP since childhood, but when my husband and I decided we wanted a dog, I knew a GSP was right for us. After much discussion we decided to get TWO puppies. The next phase of research was to find the right breeder. Let me tell you, David was absolutely amazing. He was so patient with all my questions and quick with his responses. We picked up our babies on 8/28/20. I cannot say enough about them both. Rye, our baby girl, is so smart. She’s affectionate and has such a unique personality. Scotch, our baby boy, is the most loving dog. He is caring, empathetic, and so eager to please. Both dogs could sit, lay and stay by 4 months. They were pointing when we picked them up! We haven’t tested their hunting skills yet, but can’t wait! Scotch is at school currently, and we feel like part of our family is missing. I would choose David and our babies over and over again every single time. Absolutely the right choice for us!!
Submitted by: Joe on Dec 30, 2020
I would like to just say David at Spin Top is just a great breeder to work with. We lost our chocolate lab, Holly, on Memorial Day, she was 13 years old. We decided no new puppies for a bit. That lasted all of 3 months. When we decided to get a puppy, I suggested a GSP. We did our research, felt confident since we have had retrievers in the past. That said, I texted David at 9pm the first time and we texted for 30 minutes or more and he answered all of my preliminary questions. We set up a time to come and visit his kennel and then answer all of my wife’s questions. Needless to say we decided then we wanted a black roan GSP.
We brought Gus home on 10/9 and cannot be more satisfied with our choice and the breed. Gus is just a little over 4 months old and is progressing nicely. He is just beautiful and very smart. He is probably the smartest or most intuitive dogs we have ever owned. I can’t wait to get him in the field and take on hikes with me.
Thanks David for everything
Submitted by: Shayne Campisi on May 31, 2020
Before I tell you about the dog, let me just say that working with David was hands down the best experience working with a breeder, especially while dealing with this COVID mess. He responded to all of my (wife's) questions and was quick to provide pictures (multiple) and videos. Such a patient man to put up with that.
Now about this puppy...SMART and BEAUTIFUL...our Ruger is officially 8 weeks old(brought him home at 6 weeks) he already sits, shakes hands, fetches, drops (still working on this one as he likes to play with it a little bit first), stops what he's doing when you say "no" and will come.
He has had ZERO accidents in his crate, and only a couple in the house. He will go to the door, paw at it and then whine if you are not moving fast enough.
Not gun shy at all, and enjoys our days at the trap field.
SUPER IMPRESSED with just how smart this puppy is and look forward to working with David again in the future.
Submitted by: Nolan miller on May 19, 2020
I picked up my gsp, Fynn, up from 5/18/20. Mr. David Holt could not have possibly been more friendly and helpful! This is my first bird dog puppy and he answered every single one of my questions I had throughout the process and even sent me home with a few wings to start Fynn off on the right foot. His kindness, patience, and care for his dogs really shows. Fynn has been an amazing dog so far that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to Mr. Holt.
Submitted by: Josie Gibbons on Apr 20, 2020
We picked up our GSP January 26th of this year. Already, he has been a great pup. He has shown great intelligence and an eagerness to learn. David at Spin Top Kennel was easy to work with and clearly has quality dogs. Highly recommend.
Submitted by: mark on Apr 01, 2020
i will make this short.Pick my dog up 2/9/2020 today is 4/1/2020.the dogs name is Colt at this time I have Colt retrieving and dropping on command,staying and releasing on command,laying down on command.These are just a few thing that I am working on with him.Colt is less than 4 months old this dog is unbelievably smart I hope if you purchase a dog from David that you are as fortunate as I was.I took him hunting three weeks ago along older dogs just see how he reacted he did just fine actually he back up one of the older dogs.So in closing if you are look for a TOP quality GSP there is no way you can go wrong buying from DAVID.
Submitted by: Emily Roth on Feb 06, 2020
Our sweet GSP girl Maggie will be 6 years old in 2 days. We are still so happy and proud of our experience with STK. We searched and searched for a breeder we liked and wanted to use to help welcome a pup into our family and were so happy when we found David at Spin top. If you are looking, look no further he is honest and kind. He breeds quality pups and really cares about the dogs.
Submitted by: Jeff Garland on Jul 16, 2018
We just got a little liver and white Brittany from David and couldn't be happier. David was really nice, good to work with and excellent with my boys when we came to pick up the pup. The pup has only been with us a few days but is already settled in and gets along great with our cats. We didn't have to house train him cause he just seemed to know what was right and when to ask to go outside. Very quiet, very calm and very smart. This speaks well of how David raises his dogs. I grew up hunting with German Shorthairs but always wanted a Brittany. I don't really have a place to hunt him now but I hope to start training for field work very soon, that is if I can get him away from my kids and my wife. He has really bonded with them all and my 3 boys and the pup run until they are all exhausted and happy. When they are done, he usually walks right in the house and lays down by, or on, my wife's feet. I don't think we could have had a better experience than with David and our new Brittany.
Submitted by: Jaime H on Jan 09, 2018
My partner & I have had the best experience working with David and his dogs. David was personable & helpful, especially for new puppy owners. We got our puppy in October from his Peggy & Zeke litter and could not be happier with our girl.

She is so smart and sweet. She turned 12 weeks old this past weekend & is already (basically) housebroken, can sit, lay down, and stay, on command. She comes when called & walks on a leash perfectly. Even at 8 weeks, she knew “crate” and “go outside”. At 8 weeks she was also sleeping in her crate at night 6-7 hours without crying or fussing. Our girl loves to play and is very affectionate but not overly excitable. She loves to go on walks and run around outside.

Our girl loves people and loves to play with other dogs. We started taking her places right away and make sure to make her walks exciting and to new places.

I highly recommend David & Spin Top Kennel. We feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful puppy!
Submitted by: Nick Sabatino on Dec 19, 2017
We got our Brittany from a litter born to Rose and Jace on July 3, 2014. Ruby is the sweetest dog in the world and a fantastic hunter of upland game out here in Nevada. Our experience with David was exceptional. We hunted high and low for brittany breeders when we were living in Georgia and it just had not worked out. As soon as we found David and started communicating with him, we knew we had found the right place. He made the process so easy. He kept us updated during the 7 weeks we waited to pick up our pup. She has been a healthy dog for the last 3 1/2 years and we could not be happier. Great experience. My only regret is that we now live on the west coast and getting another dog from David will be nearly impossible for us.
Submitted by: Shane on Sep 18, 2017
My son and I took our 11 month old GSP that we got from Mr. Holt to the dove field for the first time without much training due to a hectic spring and summer schedule. Excellent breeding showed out as our Dolly retrieved every bird we shot and brought them straight back to me. She found doves that fell in high weeds, she found doves that fell in woods and she tracked down a few doves for other folks that she didn't see shot. She made my 6 year old boy's day with all the doves she retrieved, he absolutely loved it and walked her proudly back to the truck after shooting our limit. A big thanks to Mr. Holt and his wonderful family for letting us own one of his wonderful dogs, our Dolly has been the perfect mix between a great hunting dog and loyal family pet!
Submitted by: Allie Stedry on Sep 17, 2017
Over the past year or so, we wanted to welcome a GSP puppy into the family, but decided to wait until after we moved into our new home in Huntsville, AL. Roughly 6 months prior to the move, we began the journey of searching for reputable breeders in the area with the hopes of finding the right breeder with available puppies at the right time. After extensive research and receiving a handful of recommendations from others, we decided on Spin Top Kennel.

I can not thank David enough for the GSP puppy we recently brought home from Spin Top a couple of weeks ago! I have been in contact with David since May of this year. He is one of the most honest and genuine people I have even spoken with. He truly wants to make everything work out for the potential owners that contact him and will do everything in his power to do so. We made our first trip to Spin Top to pick out our puppy from the litter. During this visit, we spent over 2 hours playing with each puppy in the litter and carefully narrowing down our decision. Mr. Holt immediately welcomed us when we arrived and was nothing less than extremely patient and kind during our puppy picking process. He never made us feel rushed during this process and happily answered our long list of questions.

A couple weeks later after our first visit, as we were getting more and more excited about bringing our new puppy home, we reached out to David again and asked if it was okay to come visit our puppy again and see how she was doing. His response was, "Of course!" Again, David will do everything he can to make it all work out for his customers and will go out of his way to make sure they are happy.
After the day had come to bring our puppy home she has been the highlight of our days! She is SO smart and is the smartest most attentive puppy I have ever seen. She learned the "sit" command on day 3 and the "stay" command shortly after. The first week she even started crying by the front door to let us know she needs to go out. Her hunting instincts were also immediately noticed, as she intuitively sneaks up and "points" while playing with her toys.
She easily transitioned into her new home with us and we could not be happier. She has met numerous people, dogs and kids in our neighborhood and is great with all of them. We have received so many compliments on her coat, her temperament and her obedience. Upon her first visit to the vet, the vet immediately commented on the paperwork that David had given us and was impressed with the deworming series he had completed. She wanted to check for worms one last time just to make sure, and after looking through the microscope herself she said that this puppy's breeder was the best she had ever seen in terms of deworming and that "her breeder really knew what he was doing." We have continued to keep in touch with David since bringing our puppy home. He is not only our breeder but has also become a friend. We had been planning on getting another puppy down the road and will only be coming back to Spin Top kennel!
Submitted by: Kisha on Aug 08, 2017
I purchased my GSP from Mr. David at Spin Top. Our baby is named River and he is by far the best bred dog I've seen. River attracts attention all over the Tri County area with comments about his stance, color and disciplined behavior. When it came to potty training and retrieving, River was a natural. At 7 weeks River would go to the door when he needed to potty. What a relief that was. We worked on retrieving and it took a few times before he was back and forth. He couldn't wait for the next throw. I have two children, 4 and 10. River is an awesome pet as well. My children love him and he protects more than I thought he would. He is overall the best investment I've ever made. Our experience with Mr. David was like no other. He is the most honest well rounded man. Not only did we end up with an amazing puppy but we gained a wonderful friend too. I would recommend Mr. David at Spin Top over any other breeder in the state. What a fantastic experience!
Submitted by: Abby Ambrose on May 27, 2017
I can not thank you enough Mr. Holt for the puppy I have received from your kennel. My German shorthair Sadie is just beautiful. Mr. Holt truly cares about all of his puppies/dogs and the people who come to get them. Don't expect anything less than the best from Spin Top Kennel!!
Submitted by: Megan on Apr 05, 2017
Our experience in finding the right GSP for our family was made so simple thanks to the help of David! He made sure all of our questions were answered and was always easy to get in touch with throughout the process. He made sure that we had very clear pictures during the time for us to select our puppy so that we could make the most well informed decision. I will forever recommend Spin Top Kennels for anyone looking for a dog, solely because of how wonderful our experience and our puppy has been!
Submitted by: Hannah fabre on Jan 23, 2017
My experience with dealing with David at Spin Top Kennel was the best experience I could have ever hoped for! I was extremely nervous about buying a about 10 hours away and doin it as a surprise for my husband but David was extremely patient and so helpful I would never buy a GSP from anyone else but him! Our Hank is 2 years old and we still keep in touch with David with pictures! Our Hank is not long a great hunting dog but also a great family dog!! I would refer anyone to buying a dog from David!!
Submitted by: Maggie Eason on Jan 07, 2017
My family and I got our beautiful Brittany spaniel, Lily, from David in the fall of 2014. She is such a smart and beautiful dog and is a perfect fit for our family. Mr. Holt was such a pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend him and his dogs to anyone! When/If we are need of another dog in the future we will most definitely be calling Spin Top Kennel.
Submitted by: Brett Young on Dec 02, 2016
David and Spin Top Kennels was by far THE best buying experience I have ever had. After researching for months for the breeder I would be picking my GSP up from, I came across Spin Top Kennels. I touched base with David and he helped me through every step of the way. David has been raising pups for far longer than I have been alive, and the pups speak for themselves. David is unbelievably knowledgeable about these dogs and went out of his way to help me, and answered my emails almost immediately. David kept me up-to-date on the litter of pups with pictures and at 6 weeks, it was time to make the trip from Florida, to Athens, Alabama to pick up the newest member of our family. David is running an amazing and clean kennel. He even has a separate building that the customer can play with the pups in - clearly he knows what he is doing. My pup was even more beautiful in person. She was incredible on the 10 hour ride home to Florida. That was last night, and today is my first day with her. I couldn't imagine purchasing a pup from anyone or anywhere else.

Submitted by: Bill and Sara Davis on Nov 14, 2016
My wife and I decided last year to purchase to GSP puppies upon moving to our new home in Highlands NC. Their we have plenty of room for our new boys to play and explore their inbreed instincts of hunting and pointing. We were impressed at the start of our decision with the quality and love which David Holt has for all his pups. Thus, we made the choice to only purchase our new GSP's from Spin-Top. Both our guys, Moses and Ramses have been just pure joy for us and our family. Upon our first and continued posting on FB and Instagram we have had hundreds of commits and everyone saying these are the most attractive pups they have ever seen. Both are liver/roan and just full of life and passion for being a part of our family and the outdoors. Now at 10 weeks old, both are already trained to set, stay and obey to name commands. We provided David a short video of these commands to show how easy it was to establish this obedient training.

We could not be happier with our guys and are thankful everyday for having such a high quality breeder like Spin-Top for giving us such awesome additions to our home.

Bill Davis
Submitted by: Wynn Springer on Nov 10, 2016
I picked up my female GSP about two weeks ago, and the entire experience with David has been great. I was originally supposed to get a puppy from David back in the spring, however, things did not work as planned. He ensured to keep me updated on the progress of the fall litters, and I even had the opportunity to visit within a few weeks of the puppies being born to pick out the puppy that I wanted. Since bringing her home, she has had me on my toes and on the go. Even at such an early stage, her intelligence and love are evident, and I can only imagine what she will be like as she grows. I highly recommend David and Spin Top Kennel!
Submitted by: Nicolle Williamson on Jul 24, 2016
My son had asked for a "puppy with spots" for Christmas last minute last year and as a result of research and determination, we found Mr. David and Spintop Kennels. At the time he had one puppy left but felt like that was not the perfect fit. He worked with us to facilitate a puppy from his next litter and we picked up our liver and ticked boy GSP in February. He has been a perfect match for or us. The Vet praises his breeding and our boys keep him busy running the woods, pointing and even fishing. Mr. David really delivers on quality and personalization. We will definitely be back in touch soon for our next addition; once we get out of the puppy stage with this one. We would recommend Spintop Kennels to anyone interested in a quality hunting dog or family companion.
Submitted by: ron and felecia potts on Jul 14, 2016
We have had our little boykin from spintop kennels for about 3 years now. The initial transaction was superb. Our little girl is our princess-much to the real kids jealousy! She loves to hunt, retrieve tirelessly in and out of water. we have to just quit throwing to get her to quit retrieving. She loves running and quarters naturally. When she gets hot, she runs in one door strait to the back door and wait to be let into the pool area so she can go for a swim with her little docked tail looking like a rudder as she swims. She sleeps with us, goes on vacation with us, goes to work with us and loves us. We love her!
Submitted by: Zac Buckley on Jul 13, 2016
The GSP I bought from David is now 6.5 months old and I couldn't be happier. He is growing into an incredibly athletic dog that is instinctively pointing and stalking birds in my backyard with no training whatsoever. Can't wait to see what he will do once he gets some professional training. I'm trying not to get too excited about just how good I think he can be. Thanks a lot David. You've got a great thing going.
Submitted by: Justin Trice on Jun 29, 2016
Rocky is now 9 months old and my wife let me know if could get another one and I can't wait rocky is the best puppy I've ever been around so I know number 2 will bring us just that much more joy. Waiting for rocky's new friend thanks a million David and spin top kennels.
Submitted by: David and Keely Darnell on May 06, 2016
David and I could not be more pleased with our pup, Doc. He is a Boykin spaniel and is right at 12 weeks old. He is beautiful, obedient, and full of energy! He does GREAT with other people, children, and dogs.
Our experience with Spin Top Kennels was wonderful! David was quick to respond to our emails, and was a joy to work with during the entire process. He is kind, welcoming, and very generous. We are so thankful we've had the pleasure of working with him.
We will get all our dogs from Spin Top!
Submitted by: Justin Trice on Apr 06, 2016
Rocky will be 7 months old this month and is so smart and still wants to get out and work everyday... as soon as I can talk my wofe I to a second puppy I will be blowing David's email up. If you are on here considering a Spin Top puppy don't go any further just go ahead and get one from David it is way worth it and he is the most helpful person you will ever meet. THANKS DAVID
Submitted by: Emily Mena on Mar 27, 2016
David and Spin Top Kennel are the BEST! David is very personable and easy to work with. David was there for me through out the entire process. He is very knowledgeable about his puppies and you can tell he has a passion for people and puppies(even through email). I got my male liver roan GSP at 7 weeks from him in Feb. of 2016. At 7 wks he was already pointing and stalking. My puppy is so smart and loving. I recommend David and Spin Top to any and everyone! I've had many people ask me about my pup and I immediately lead people this way. You won't go wrong with chosing David and his kennel. When I get another pup... it will definitely be from here!
Submitted by: Austin Wilsford on Mar 22, 2016
I bought Abilene way back in 2013. She has been the best dog I could ask for. She is smart and I swear at times knows what I'm thinking without me having to say anything. I have never trained a dog to hunt, but Abilene does great regardless. I just use her for retrieving dove, but she is very excited the whole hunt but still obedient. Never chews a bird and only issue I have is her going to retrieve without a command but that all the owners fault for not working with her on it. I attribute all of this to this great blood line at spin top kennel!
Submitted by: Jones Family on Mar 12, 2016
A few days before Christmas we went and picked up our sweet Ollie from Spin Top. She is a liver and white Brittany. We immediately fell in love and have ever since. She is so smart and fast!!!! My boys adore her and can't wait to get home to her everyday. Mr. Holt is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and has everything ready for you when you get there. I highly recommend Spin Top Kennels!
Submitted by: Jeff Mockensturm on Feb 23, 2016
After meeting David in the summer of 2013 and surveying his dogs and kennel conditions, we committed to buying TWO GSPs from the next available litter, due Oct 2013. We had first male pick and second female pick, resulting in Blitz and Schatze, born Oct 6, 2013. Blitz is the most beautiful ticked white, full liver head and liver saddles - he has filled out at 65 pounds and extremely muscular. Schatze is black and rhone with black saddles and a tiny white strip on her forehead - she was at 58 pounds last vet visit. People don't believe they're brother and sister.

These are amazing dogs in every way. Both dogs are extremely healthy and resilient. Both have been bit my cottonmouths - Schatze has been bit twice. Full and uneventful recovery all three times. Aside from snake bite vet visits, just the usual shots and regular food. They are the most even tempered and people friendly dogs you'll ever see. We are gradually working them into "inside the house" time, because they love their people so much. As they're over two years old now, they've settled down enough and gotten past the chewing and breaking things stage, so we allow them in while we're up and doing things and the dogs absolutely love it.

David advertises that his dogs work "right out of the box" and the dogs are true to his word. People who have hunted over hundreds of bird dogs, or competed dogs in field trials, will not believe it when I tell them I received these dogs as puppies and they have never had formal training - none. People will not believe that you didn't get these dogs "started" - a service David does provide, but we didn't have done. We have played fetch with the tennis ball, find the duck carcass, taught them to sit - that's about all. All their other "training" happens in the field with live birds on actual hunts. We don't have all the training devices apparently other dogs need. We do use electric shock collars to keep the dogs under control and keep them from getting too far away. But if you shoot a dove, they'll run and fetch it and bring it back to you - we've never trained that. You plant quail in a field, they will find them and lock up on point - no creeping, no accidental flushing, it's never happened. Drop a quail in heavy brush, they go in and come out with the bird. I put them out in the Tupelo swamps for ducks this year - in neoprene vests --- dropped a wood duck back in the timber, Blitz swam in after it and came back with it like a champion Lab. Dropped a hen mallard 50 yards in front of Schatze, she dove in off the platform, swam out and brought the bird back. No, they're not perfect and they don't always finish the retrieve like a trained dog would (and I've seen expensive trained dogs miss the mark as well), but they're only two years old and have had ZERO training. Imagine how these dogs would be with a month or two of training! We're quite happy to "train" the dogs while we hunt. They're smart, cooperative and very wanting to please.

I've never owned a gun dog before, but I have hunted over a good number of other people's dogs. I was a little anxious about the amount of training and discipline I was told that gun dogs require. I don't know if it's just natural to the GSP or David's excellent breeding standards - or both - but I would say to you if you're like me and DON'T have a lot of time to spend on training and discipline, but truly want an "out of the box" hunting companion, then David is the man to see.

While both dogs are AKC registered, we did have Schatze fixed because we have no intention of breeding a female. However, Blitz is not fixed and is just about the age he'd be available to stud. We have no interest in fees associated with that - just interested in seeing an absolutely superior breed line maintained. If interested, let David know.
Submitted by: Kaylee Byrd on Feb 23, 2016
We got a Brittany spaniel from Mr. David right after Christmas. It was about an five hour drive to Athens, Alabama, but as soon as we got to Spin Top Kennels and met Mr. David, we instantly knew it was well worth it! He is very well-rounded and personable. He gave us a brief background of where our little Brittany (Rex) came from. We have had Rex for almost two months now, and we are absolutely in love with him! He is great with other dogs and people. Rex is very smart and learns very easily. He loves running through the woods and playing in the water. We can't wait to get him in the dove field!! Mr. David has exceeded our expectations; we will definitely be back to him for our next dog!
Submitted by: Dave Johnston on Feb 04, 2016
We got our Boykin Callie from David last Spring. She was 6 months old when the Bird seasons started here in Oregon Sept 1st. The seasons ended Jan 31st. The kids & I hunted this Little Brown dog just shy of 60 days during the season. 1/3 of the time for upland Quail, Pheasant, Chukar. 2/3 Ducks & Geese. What a dog she is. We could not be happier. She even retrieved a few Cottontail's and helped my Daughter track down an Elk she shot. Callie was not sure what we expected her to do once she found the Elk !!!! But she found it. This is the only Boykin we have had but this dog from Spin Top sure is the all around dog that the breed is supposed to be. If you want a Boykin I would talk to David : )
Submitted by: Audrey Harrison on Feb 03, 2016
We love our female GSP that we got from Spintop. She is gorgeous and a great hunter already. My son has had her trailing deer hides, and she runs with her nose to ground. She is about 5 months old now.
Spintop Kennels are easy to work with and very nice.
Submitted by: Julie on Jan 26, 2016
We purchased a GSP from Spin Top Kennel. She is a quality dog and we are very happy with the purchase. David was very knowledgeable and helpful. We'd recommend Spin Top Kennel.
Submitted by: Joshua on Jan 22, 2016
We got a GSP for Christmas that was 6 weeks old. We had this planned for months for our boys and my husband. The excitement grew more and more every day! My husband went hunting last weekend and that would make Aubree (the puppy) about 9 weeks at the time. After he got a deer we decided to take her out with the kids and see how she would do tracking the blood trail of a deer. We pointed out the blood and she got so excited! She couldn't wait to follow the scent! It all came so natural to her and at such a young age. The excitement she had when she got to the deer made us excited to watch her grow and do this over and over! David was great to work with and was honest and trusting about the whole process! We even drove almost 4 hours on Christmas Eve to pick our puppy up. David worked with us to make sure we were comfortable with everything and had the right timing! Definitely worth it all and we can't wait to see what Aubree does fully grown and trained! Highly recommend!
Submitted by: Liz on Jan 11, 2016
I love David! and his family are very sweet also. he was so much help with picking our our pup, Remi. she is a black-roan GSP. she is 8 weeks now and is already "pointing" and "stalking" her toys when she's playing. she also already knows how to sit on command! wonderful breeder, recommend highly! hopefully get another GSP pup from him in the future.
Submitted by: Stephanie on Jan 04, 2016
If you are looking to buy a GSP, I highly recommend Spin Top Kennel. David is very knowledgeable and works really well with you to get you the type of puppy you're looking to buy. Our GSP, Avery, is now 1 year old and we absolutely love her! She is very intelligent, full of personality, and a loyal companion. Avery is great with other dogs and a great family pet.
Submitted by: Justin Trice on Dec 24, 2015
Rocky is 13 weeks old and has learned so much he has so much potential. As far as a hunting buddy and a family pet this was the best thing I've ever done we are so impressed with what David and spin-top-kennel produced for us. Thanks and David and I've got my 2nd deposit ready.
Submitted by: Scott Andrews on Dec 11, 2015
I've had my GSP pup,Tripp, for exactly one week now and he has progressed amazingly in such a short amount of time. He is already pointing and I will begin obedience training soon. Mr. Holt was so great in helping me pick out my dog and walking me through the registration process. Would recommend him to anyone and I will not buy a bird dog from anyone else!
Submitted by: Sallie W on Dec 07, 2015
I first contacted David in September 2014 about his puppies. From our first conversation I knew I would be getting a dog from him. He was so patient and kind answering all of my questions. Our female has been such a great dog and has great instincts for a bird dog. She is first and foremost a member of the family but loves to hunt anything and everything (birds don't land in our yard anymore). In August of 2015, we decided to add another GSP to our family and we never even considered anyone but David. Just a few months later we brought home a male. He has been a wonderful addition and shows the same great hunting instincts our female does.
Submitted by: Jessica C on Dec 02, 2015
I began the search for a German Shorthair Pointer in March of this year. I contacted a man nearby that I heard of, through word of mouth. He then recommended David Holt. When I had my first conversation with David, I knew I would be getting a dog from him and only him. He was very thorough in answering all of my inquiries and also very kind. He added me to a list and told me to keep in touch and boy did I! I asked question after question and he always responded almost instantaneously. The puppies that we were on the waiting list for, were born in September. We went for a visit to meet David, see the puppies, and the kennel in early October. I was very impressed with the facility, especially considering it is all homemade. The dogs, all breeds, were all well taken care of and beautiful. A lot less barking than I expected too, considering the amount of dogs that he has! He let us play with those sweet puppies for a good half hour prior to our tour of the grounds. Once it was time to walk around, he gave a little background on each dog. At that point, it was obvious, he genuinely cares for each one of them. In our guide through the kennel, we came across a female that was just over a year old. Her name was Brandy, she was gorgeous! She was 14 months old, very quiet and smaller in stature than a lot of the adult GSP's. It was love at first sight. My boyfriend asked David if he would be willing to let her go even though she wasn't a puppy. David agreed, we were ecstatic! We picked her up the following weekend. She is now known as Ella Rose. She brings so much joy to us and our family everyday. We are all truly thankful to have met such a wonderful man and gotten the perfect dog for us. David will be a lifelong friend to us, I have no doubt. Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. If you're looking for a great dog, from a great person that knows exactly what he is doing, then you're in the right place. Thank you, David, for everything!
Submitted by: Dave Johnston on Nov 13, 2015
Last night with less than two hours of shooting light I loaded up my 8 month old Boykin Callie and hit the river to see if we could find some Mallards. It was foggy & raining. Not much action until a few minutes before shooting light ended.I whacked a pair of Mallard Drakes. She held in the bow of the boat until I sent her. She promptly retrieved both like a pro. We sat there enjoying the moment and let the light fade. Got home and as soon as she was dry & fed she curled up on my waders by the fire. Ready for the next adventure which is going to start in about two hours. We Love our LBD from Spin Top Kennels : )
Submitted by: Justin Trice on Nov 09, 2015
We went to get our Male GSP pup " Rocky " Saturday from David and he is the best pup I've ever seen david delivered everything I was hoping for and so much more he has very fine dogs, he is top notch I would recommend him to everyone looking for any kind of dog he breeds. We will be back soon for rocky a hunting buddy. Thanks David
Justin Jasper Al
Submitted by: Amberlyn on Nov 02, 2015
My husband wrote a review shortly after bringing our Ally Blu home, but I believe a follow up is in order! Our little one is everything we could have wanted! The drive she has is unmatched from other 6 month olds. She was making 30 foot retrieves at 3 months. She wants to work everyday rain or shine. Mr. Holt is by far an amazing man and his knowledge about GSP's is too notch. He was so patient with my million emails waiting the arrival of our little one! I know beyond the shadow of a doubt Ally Blu will be getting a hunting partner from Spin Top in the future!
Submitted by: Tabitha Abrams on Oct 21, 2015
I have recently purchased a GSP from David, and I am very satisfied. Not only am I in love with my puppy, Molly, but David has been the greatest help with everything and I would highly reccomend him to anyone I know. I cannot wait to see her grow up. I am so thankful to have gotten my Molly from Mr. Holt
Submitted by: Dave Johnston on Oct 20, 2015
Our Boykin Pup Callie is just shy of eight months old and doing great. She is as good in the house as she is in the field. We have been hunting her twice a week since Sept 1st. Boy-O-Boy does she ever have the drive. She is well on her way to mastering Pheasant, Mountain Quail and Ducks !!!! She will be earning her Chuckar, Cactus, and Goose badges before years end. Great dogs from a great breeder. Thanks again Mr. David Holt : )
Submitted by: Brittany Long on Oct 02, 2015
We contacted David in late 2014 looking for a Brittany female puppy to be a family pet, but also to compete casually in hunt tests and field trials. We waited patiently for a female and picked her up this past weekend. David was wonderful at updating us on our pup and sending pictures over whenever we wanted to see more of her! He is such a sweet man that takes very good care of his dogs. When we went to pick up our pup, Gracie, I felt like I had known David for years. He treated us like family, showed us around his farm, and let us meet our pup. He had all of the paperwork ready to go, allowing for a smooth process. Our family spent some extra time talking to David and playing with our pup before heading home. It was such a pleasure to get to spend time with him and learn more about the kennel. Gracie has adjusted so well to living in her new home and it is such a joy to have her around. It was certainly worth waiting in order to get a pup from David. My family and I highly recommend David and Spin Top Kennel and are very much looking forward to enjoying more time with our new puppy.
Submitted by: Anne Marie True on Aug 13, 2015
2 years ago I contacted David Holt with Spin Top Kennels and again recently regarding Brittany pups. Our 2 year old male, liver and white boy, is such a great boy. I am quick to let everyone know that I got Tuco from Spin Top. David is so kind and it radiates through his dogs. He makes you feel so special and treats you like family. After all, these dogs are part of his family. Thank you for all you do. Looking forward to the next addition from Spin Top.
Submitted by: Chase on Jul 25, 2015
Great guy with great dogs and a man that goes over and beyond to make sure that our family was happy with the puppy. This dog has a drive that will make her an excellent hunting dog along with a demeanor that is great with my two kids (5&3). My next dog will come from him again I guarantee!
Submitted by: KaeLeigh Mallady on Jul 20, 2015
Best Experience Ever! Period! A year and a half ago my husband and I decided to get a dog and did extensive research on breeds and breeders. We wanted to make sure our new baby was in good health, from a good line, and would be a good fit for our family. We found David's website, called him up and arranged to meet him and his dogs. One five hour drive later and we were sold. David and his wife are two of the nicest people you will ever meet and their dogs are beautiful! We were put on a wait list for the next litter of Brittanys. Unfortunately just before our little baby was born the military moved us to Virginia, a solid 11.5 hour drive (one way) from David's place. We were so impressed with David and his dogs though that we kept our reservation and it was one of the best decisions we've ever made. The puppy we drove so far for was worth every minute of the trip. She was beautiful, sweet and endlessly playful then and she is even more so now. We waited a year to write our post to offer a more "long term" experience. If you're looking for a puppy in any of the breeds David has, please go through him. You won't regret your decision. Our beautiful Brittany, Aspen, turns heads everywhere we go. Our vet raves about her and takes pictures every time we go in. We've read the standards for Brittanys and measured her out, only to confirm what we already knew; she's perfect! She meets all the standards but more importantly, she is a wonderful companion. Very sweet, gentle natured, playful, and loving. We couldn't have asked for a better dog. And for all of the hunters out there, though we haven't trained Aspen to hunt she is incredibly instinctual, points, flushes, and can literally go for hours in all conditions. She's fearless. I could honestly go on forever but I'll end here. David Holt and Spin Top Kennels are the best if you're looking for a high quality dog from a high quality breeder.
Submitted by: Georgie Marsh on Jun 20, 2015
I will start by saying that I did some extensive research before I picked a place to get my baby. I contacted Mr. David before Christmas, and since then, he has been wonderful and helpful. He is the sweetest thing and answered every single question I had about my little one. As for my girl, she is my little ray of sunshine. Her name is Sparrow Lynn and she is seven weeks old now and already smart as a whip and great with people. She is sound asleep beside me while I am writing this, and I can't keep the smile creeping on my face. She was in perfect condition, micro-chipped, had tail docked and dew claws removed, de-wormed, had her shots, and was all ready to go with her papers in hand. I already have all of my friends wanting David's contact information (haahaa!!). Thank you Spin Top Kennels!!!
Submitted by: Beth White on May 11, 2015
I contacted David Holt Spin Top Kennel about a male Boykin Spaniel last January, and he told me that he would have a litter by the first part of March, and sure enough, on March 15 I received email to let me know that the pups were here! David and I emailed several times as he sent photographs of the puppies, which was very exciting for us to see! He was a real joy to work with and always made me feel welcome! And the most important thing is the puppy, who is a very well bred pup, intelligent and very healthy! I would highly recommend Spin Top Kennel! Excellent!! Two thumbs and big toes UP!!!
Submitted by: Dave Johnston on Apr 29, 2015
We kicked around the idea of getting a Boykin Spaniel for almost five years. When we decided it was time we went with David Holt at Spin Top Kennels. Our pup Callie is one of the cutest happiest Little Brown Dogs we have ever seen. She is smart and stubborn just as they should be. We highly recommend Spin Top Kennels : )
Submitted by: Sarah and Nicholas Griffin on Apr 27, 2015
Almost 3 years ago we got our first pup, an orange/white Brittany from Mr. David. She is THE BEST, most loving dog. We just knew when we wanted a GSP that we would go back to Mr. David. Our newest addition, a liver/roan GSP is now 7 months old and so intelligent and friendly. We couldn't have been happier with the entire dog buying process and will certainly get our future dogs from Mr. David. Def. worth the 8+ hour drive!

Pineville, La
Submitted by: Brianne on Apr 03, 2015
I contacted David about a puppy I thought I was interested in he was super helpful and after telling him what I was looking for he actually steered me in the right direction of what I needed. We got the most amazing Brittany pup and he is exactly what we needed for our family. We are in love and cannot thank David enough for his help in picking out our perfect pup.
Submitted by: Tracy and Keith Pruitt on Apr 03, 2015
We could not be happier with our GSP we bought from David Holt at Spintop Kennels. We were looking for the perfect GSP for our son's first dog. What a beauty David offered to us. David understood what we wanted and knew how important this purchase would be. Bella is a beautiful and smart dog. Our son absolutely adores her. She has completed puppy school and learning something new each day. We are so grateful for the recommendation to talk to David Hilt at Spintop Kennels for a GSP. Wish I coud upload a picture of her to show off what a beautiful dog she is. Thanks to David we have the perfect grand dog to keep us smiling!
Submitted by: Nina Thompson on Mar 25, 2015
I brought my female dog to David to be bred by Lord. She wasn't ready the day that I brought her so David offered to keep her until she was ready. He walked us around and showed us were she would be kept and all of his dogs. His kennels are clean and all of his dogs look extremely good. He kept me posted daily on how she was doing. David has helped me through out her pregnancy and after 10 puppies were born! I would definitely use him again.
Submitted by: Heather Corso on Mar 05, 2015
From start to finish our experience with Spin Top Kennels was WONDERFUL. David could be the nicest person on earth! And I genuinely meant that! Not only did he reserve us the most wonderful and special pup in the world (not biased at all!) but he was so flexible and accommodating as well. My husband drove from Atlanta on Christmas Eve to pick up our precious new family member so our 8 year old son could have the surprise of his life Christmas morning. Dave met my husband in the middle of his family dinner! I am certain we will add another GSP to our family in the future and we wouldn't get our pup from anywhere else! <3
Submitted by: Jimmy Anslem on Feb 22, 2015
My experience began with eighteen months of searching for a boykin spaniel breeder. The first time I spoke with Mr. David on the phone, I knew I would get my little boykin spaniel from him. His strong faith and his eagerness to listen to my needs in a puppy, convinced me that he was the breeder for me. My overall experience has been a great one and I would highly recommend Spin Top Kennel to anyone who is in search for a top quality pedigree. Our family is not only blessed with a great boykin puppy, but a lifelong friend in Mr. David and Mrs. Charlotte.

New Iberia, LA
Submitted by: Taylor Crutchfield on Feb 12, 2015
Was looking for a Boykin puppy...talked to a lot of different breeders...Mr.David seemed to be the most honest one I've found yet! He truly cares for each and every dog! Ended up with a female and 2 friends of mine both got a puppy as well. A male and another female.. My girl (scout) is on her last month of duck dog training and has succeeded very well...the guys even said that at times she did it better than most labs! Her training ends in March and she will start training for the UKC field trials...excellent breed of dog and exactly what I was looking for! Thanks again Mr.David! Spin top all the way!
Submitted by: amanda on Feb 11, 2015
So far I have gotten 3 GSPs from Spintop/David Holt. That should say a lot right there. I am an avid quail hunter and could not be more pleased with the breeding of these dogs. I did not know what "breeding" to look for when I first contacted David. He told me he wanted me to wait on a litter he thought would fit, so wait I did for 1 year. Worth the wait, 2 years later got two more pals from different litters. At 6 months they are doing better than some dogs I see at 2-3yrs old just naturally. These dogs are bred to make bird dogs. Mine are all in the house and make wonderful pets, the biggest problem they love us too much and really want to sleep in the bed! I would definitely recommend Spintop to anyone.
Submitted by: Jennifer Carter on Feb 09, 2015
I cannot speak highly enough about Mr.David and our experience with him. The entire process was effortless and he was beyond helpful with any questions so or request we had. Our sweet little Ranger (GSP) is everything we wanted and more. He is super smart, eager to please and an absolute best friend to our son. I would recommend Spin Top Kennels to any one interested in receiving a top notch pup with fantastic service! Many thanks David!
Submitted by: Villeta on Feb 01, 2015
Our puppy from David is perfect! We love her so much! And we feel so lucky to have found David and Spin Top Kennel! He is such a pleasure to work with, and someone we call friend now. Piper is beautiful and healthy and going to be a good hunter one day!
Submitted by: Patti Glamuzina on Feb 01, 2015
I can't say enough about David Holt as a Breeder & the owner of Spin Top. His dogs as exceptionally smart at a very young age. I just went from Arizona to Alabama to pick up a female which I might add is so smart it is scary. At 10 weeks she was coming when you called her, she fetches when you throw, she sits on command and best of all she listens. My husband is an avid hunter and has been for 50+ years, we also have a 3 1/2 year old male Boykin who is a awesome hunter and a very strong swimmer in the currents of the Colorado River.
Mala is our 4th hunting dog and we can't wait for the lake to get a bit warmer and she had all of her shots to test the waters.
The Holt Family are God Loving people that really care about their pup's quality and the buyers, if you are looking to get one of his extremely intelligent pups I suggest you get on the list now and maybe if you will be lucky enough to have one by mid summer.
Submitted by: Maggie Tipton on Jan 28, 2015
I will always go to Mr. David for a dog and will recommend him to anybody! I absolutely love my puppy, Milo, he is a german shorthair pointer. A beautiful one at that! He is everything I could ask for in a sports dog and family dog, the perfect combination! I have enjoyed getting to know Mr. David, he is a sweet man that loves to hear about Milo. If you want a dog that everything comes very natural to and is extremely intelligent, Spin Top Kennels is the place to go!! You will love your whole experience! I can't say enough about Spin Top Kennels!!
Submitted by: Maureen Ahearn on Jan 12, 2015
I haven't got my pup yet, but I just wanted to applaud Dave for his wonderful and professional attitude when he called me.
I am DONE looking for my breeder. I have found it with Spintop Kennels.
I cannot wait to visit and pick my pup!
Submitted by: Mark Thorne on Dec 24, 2014
Mr. Holt was very kind and professional with everything! He was extremely easy to get in to contact with and was very organized. I am thankful for meeting Mr. Holt and being able to purchase a gsp from him. He's a beautiful puppy and healthy. I will definitely be purchasing another puppy soon!
Submitted by: Lauren on Nov 03, 2014
We loved Spin Top Kennel and David! He was so hospitable and truly loves all his dogs. I can't begin to describe how kind and helpful he has been. David has a great kennel set up and all of his dogs were beautiful and healthy. We bought our orange and white Brittany Spaniel pup (Lucy) from him and she is wonderful. Lucy has a gorgeous silky coat, a perfect 12 o'clock tail, a drive to learn, and is very affectionate. David showed us her parents and all his other dogs at the kennel. He keeps many different coat colors in all his dogs, so if you are looking for a specific color, you can find it here within a litter or two. David is not the type of breeder who only sells his pups to hunters. He wants them to go to happy, healthy homes and can be used for anything from hiking, companionship, jogging, and, of course, hunting. If we get a second hunting dog in a few years, Spin Top Kennel is where we will go.
Submitted by: Stephanie Hartman on Nov 03, 2014
My husband and I just got our little Maggie home this weekend. She is a beautiful Brittany and is already proving to be the best dog I’ve ever had.

I found Spin Top Kennels through the Gun Dog Breeders site and David had so many good reviews that Spin Top really seemed like the right pick, even though it was 7 hours from home in Baton Rouge, LA. All I have to say is that it was definitely the right decision!

David was so accommodating, sending pictures of the parents, pictures of the puppies once they were born, always getting back to me right after I emailed, and letting us take up some of his time on a Saturday to play with the puppies and pick the right one. We even got to meet both of her parents, which was pretty great.

And wow, you can definitely tell that this dog was treated well! She is incredibly healthy and very secure. She seemed to feel at home almost immediately and just loves people. Thank you David (Spin Top Kennels) for a beautiful baby and a wonderful experience in finding just the right one.
Submitted by: Shawn Ethridge on Oct 15, 2014
Truly a wonderful experience with David Holt at Spin Top Kennel. We kept in touch from day until the very day I picked up my GSP named Ranger who just turned 12 weeks today. Beautiful and smart dogs and wonderful people to deal with. Will send anyone looking to him and they will not be disappointed. Thanks again David.
Submitted by: Jessica Mooore on Oct 13, 2014
We have had our GSP now for a little over 4 weeks now. Our experience with Mr. Holt was excellent, he was highly recommended to us and he has exceeded all of our expectations. He was extremely thorough, worked very hard to get me the exact color and gender puppy I wanted, answered any and all crazy questions I had being a first time GSP owner.
Submitted by: Glenn Elliott on Oct 09, 2014
Had a wonderful experience working with David from Spin Top Kennels in buying a German shorthaired pointer puppy. He was very easy to work with and all his pups looked very healthy. The female GSP has been an excellent dog so far (4 months old). She is probably the smartest dog that we have ever owned. Had all the basic commands mastered by 8-9 weeks old (sit, stay, come, down). Started pointing at 7 weeks and now at 4 months old will hold a point long enough for me to go inside and grab a drink and come back out and she hasn’t moved. She is all hunt mode during the day and lap dog at night. Everyone says what a beautiful dog she is and the vet gave her a clean bill of health from the get go. Highly recommend getting a dog from David. Wonderful man to work with and raises great puppies.
Submitted by: Lauren Sabatino on Sep 12, 2014
I could not say enough amazing things about Spin Top Kennel and David! We pick up our Brittany about three weeks ago and couldn't be more in love! David was very caring and attentive as I emailed him numerous times with a million questions, he always responded promptly and in such a kind manner. When my husband and I arrived to pick up our girl, we were shown around the property and it is large, clean, and all of the dogs looked so happy and healthy! I would encourage anyone to get a dog from them! We are looking forward to many happy years with our little Ruby!!
Submitted by: Lynette Byrne on Sep 10, 2014
We were lucky enough to purchase our LBD from Spintop Kennels in July. We have never had a LBD before. They are rare in our area. (Pacific Northwest) We always have had Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and Goldens. I wanted to wait a few months and see how our little guy developed before I wrote a testimonial. He is 16 weeks now. We are very amazed of how birdie he is. He played with a grouse yesterday and really showed how birdie he is. He loves boat rides and playing with all the dogs up at the cabin. He is very smart and stays very close to us. He is such a good boy. We are pleased with his personally and loyalty already. He is very eager to please and very lovable.
He swam a little but we are not pushing that right now. Bubba can sit, stay, come and beginning to heel. He is a fast learner. His coat is super silky and shiny. Bubba has a beautiful confirmation. He is put together really well. I think he would have been a good show dog. We don't show dogs but I know a little about confirmation with the Chesapeake's that show in our area. HIs back, legs and head is very straight. He moves very fluid. We truly got a great companion and hunting buddy. I also want to share that David at Spintop Kennels was very dependable and easy to work with. We live over 5000k miles away from the kennel and the logistics of shipping our pup over the road could not have been easier with David at the helm. Thanks again David!
Submitted by: Thomas Harper on Sep 07, 2014
I started my search off for a gun dog and a fishing buddy. I searched and located Spin Top Kennels and contacted Mr Holt. After several emails and Mr Holt answering my questions I decided to ride up and look at his kennel. When we first showed up Mr Holt and his family welcomed us like we had been coming to there home for years. We walked around his kennel and looked at all the different breeds he had and he answered every question I had about each dog.All the buildings are nice and the dogs where all well cared for and where happy dogs. We looked at his puppy's and he took his time helping me to decide on which breed I really wanted and would suit my needs better. After about an hour we had decided on a Solid Liver GSP and we got to pick him out. Mr Holt sent us pics of "SHUG" while he was growing and still answered any questions I had. We setup a date to pick him up and when we did Mr Holt had all the paper work in order and everything was well organized. We never felt rushed when we was there and never had a bad feeling about doing business with him. We took the puppy to our vet and he give us a great bill of health and said he was one of the best looking GSP he has seen. The vet also commented on how organized Mr Holt had his paper work and could tell by that he was a great breeder. I just want to say my first buying from a kennel experience was great with Mr Holt and Spin Top Kennels and I will definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to buy a puppy.
Submitted by: Josh Hoos on Sep 02, 2014
My experience with David Holt at Spin Top Kennels was second to none. David was kind and patient as he walked my wife, our 5 year old daughter, and I through a million questions as we are first time pointer owners. We went to Vist the kennels and they were perfectly kept with happy health working hunting dogs in them. I saw multiple breeds with some of the most handsome dogs I have ever seen. I have been looking for a GSP for a long time and I knew getting one from David was the best decision. I got a black roan male from David for a family pet and as a hunting dog. My puppy is beautiful BOLD and retrieving the second day we have had him home. I can't say enough about David! I will say we will get all our
Puppies from him and I'm going to name him Spin Top's Forrest! Thanks David and SPIN TOP! Josh Hoos
Submitted by: Wesley McCullough on Sep 01, 2014
Just wanted to give an update on my Little Brown Dog "Wrigley" that I got from SpinTop a few months back. Wrigley is 5 1/2 months old now and just went on her first dove hunt. She shocked me. I have spent a lot of time working with her but you never know how a dog will respond on their first "real" hunt. Wrigley picked up the majority of my birds including some water retrieves. Her natural instincts in the field were unbelievable and I credit that to the fine breeding that you will find at SpinTop Kennels. If you are looking for a natural, hard working gun dog, or a loving best friend (Wrigley is both of these to me) look no further than Mr. David and SpinTop Kennel. You will be glad you did. Thanks for everything Mr. David!
Submitted by: Brittany Petish on Aug 18, 2014
I went and picked up my Brittany Spaniel Male puppy this past Friday and my experience with David throughout the whole process has been like no other. I was able to watch him grow through pictures and fall in love with him before I even had him in my home. David was willing to answer any and all questions I had as I was learning about what my new puppies needs would be. I took the puppy to the vet the day I picked him up and they said they said it was one of the prettiest Brittany's they had ever seen. His eyes are just breath taking. He checked out as healthy as can be and he's very smart and anxious to learn and please. I would absolutely recommend David and Spin Top Kennel. He's given me a life long companion. I can't wait to watch Finnegan, my little man grow.
Submitted by: Scott & Savannah Sumners on Jul 03, 2014
We received a female liver and white Brittany from SpinTopKennels for our wedding gift this past January. She has been the most sweet, wonderful, and intelligent dog! My husband and I aren't into hunting but wanted an athletic dog as a companion and we couldn't have picked a better breed, let alone, a better breeder! Bisou (French for kiss) had already learned 5 or 6 tricks by the time she was just 8 weeks, and she was potty trained by 12 weeks. Now almost 7 months, she has won over the hearts of our whole family and lights up everyone's face with her loving and sweet disposition. I recommend a Brittany to anyone looking for a loyal companion. Beware these dogs do require lots of attention and exercise, but if you have the time and dedication this sweet breed will be a wonderful addition to your family!
Submitted by: Ron Potts on Jun 26, 2014
My wife made all of the arrangements to purchase a little brown dog from Spin Top Kennels as a present to me for fathers day. Oh yes, I do love her!
I have been around gun dogs and gun dog people all of my life..... my wife has not... so I had a little anxiety about the Boykin search!
My wife is however very thorough!She hunted for our first little brown dog as hard as I hunt for turkey gobblers in the springtime.
When we first arrived at Mr. David's my anxiety about the pup started to melt away - We found a REAL gun dog man with a great selection of REAL working gundogs.
ALL of the dogs at spin top appeared to be in marvellous condition.. they were in great physical shape..coats were perfect..eyes all clear.. kennels were very clean....the dam and puppy enclosure was impressive.... all of the grown dogs paid close attention to David as he moved through the area.
By the time we had our Boykin pup back to our vehicle all of the previous anxiety I had was replaced with the comforting feeling that Mr. David had done all that could be done to provide us with the opportunity to develop a top tier working gun dog / family companion.
Lil Red is is about 7 months old now. She has responded well to training but she has responded even better to becoming a part of our family.She is a prissy, spirited, playful pup that has yet to spend a single night out doors. She is a beautiful smooth coat Boykin and she darn well knows it too!!
Could not be more pleased with our experience with Mr.David and Spin Top Kennels. We wholeheartedly endorse Spin TOP Kennels !! !!
Submitted by: Amy Harris on Jun 25, 2014
Me and my husband were looking into getting a Boykin spaniel for train for duck hunting. We came across Spin Top Kennels on and contacted Mr Holt. He was more than please to sell us one of his beautiful little brown dogs. We also had two other friends who were interested in one too. So we all put out name on the list. When we got the call the puppies were ready, we all loaded up and headed to Athens. When we got there the place was beautiful. We knew right away that we had picked the perfect kennel. Mr. Holt and his family were very nice and welcoming. The kennels were set up perfect. We got to meet the mother and father of the litter and learned a little about their background. Once we got the puppies out, the hunt was on. Mr. Holt was more than happy to let us play with them and take all the time we needed to pick one. After a very tough decision, we picked a beautiful, happy, very energetic dog! Our other two friends picked one and we loaded up all three and came back south. We made a 5 hour drive to Athens and it was so worth it. I recommend spin top kennels to every one.
Submitted by: Krista Watson on Jun 09, 2014
I contacted Mr. Holt originally looking for a GSP puppy about three weeks ago. He invited my husband and I out to look at his kennel and some of the dogs he breeds. He let me hold a bodkin spaniel and that was it I FELL IN LOVE! :) We got to pick up our new fur baby last Friday and we love her to pieces. Mr. Holt is a WONDERFUL person! We had the best experience getting our little fur baby from him. Not only was he prompt in responding to me, he is AMAZINGLY friendly and such a blessing to work with! His kennel is nice and clean and hes willing to show you around and answer any questions you may have. I recommend his kennel to anyone interested in a spaniel or GSP. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!
Submitted by: Caleb on May 23, 2014
Just yesterday my wife, two small children, and myself went to SpinTop to get our little Boykin puppy, Lucy. I must say that I was already very impressed with David's timely responses to my wife's inquiries about getting a puppy from him. I was even more impressed with David's friendliness once we got there at his kennel, and I was very taken by the actual kennel itself. It may very well be the finest kennel I have ever personally seen. As impressed as I was with David and his kennel, it does not begin to compare with how impressed I am with the puppy itself. She was a bit nervous for a while, but this afternoon she began to settle down and come into her own. In a matter of no more than fifteen minutes of work she has already mastered sit, come, and lie down. As far as house training goes, she picked up fast and does really well, and again, we've had her just over 24 hours. She took to retrieving from the get go. I just can't say enough about this little dog. I absolutely cannot wait to see what she will be able to do in a few months and further. Oh, I almost forgot to mention how she is with my kids. My two and a half year old likes to shall we say, love her roughly. Lucy is very good about this and takes it all in stride. Actually, she likes him more than anyone else I do believe. Our other child is only seven months old, and she is just the gentlest she can be with him, and he just adores her. Thank you so much David.
Submitted by: Wesley McCullough on May 10, 2014
I picked my little Boykin Spaniel "Wrigley" up from Mr. David at SPINTOP just a few days ago. I do not even know where to begin with describing how wonderful the whole process was for my wife and me. Mr. David did everything in his power to make sure that every one of my needs were met. Answers to questions, pictures, and any other things on your mind are simply an email or phone call away with Mr. David. He is glad to answer any question you have for him and does it in a very timely manner. SPIN-TOP is one of the most impressive kennels I have ever had the privilege of seeing. Mr. David has some of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen and you can tell he genuinely cares for each and every one. There are so many good things to say about SPIN-TOP kennel but what I really would like for people to know is that Mr. David is the total package when it comes to dog breeders. He is so professional and above that a genuinely great man. I am so happy we chose SPIN-TOP. The rest of my bird dog searches in the future will look no farther than SPIN-TOP Kennel.
Submitted by: Russell McCain on Apr 30, 2014
David Holt is a top quality person who produces top quality pups. He responded quickly to every single email I sent him. He will keep you updated on the status of your pup throughout the whole process. Every person who i have talked to about David raves about his pups, his clean facilities, and his southern hospitality. You will not be disappointed if you decide to get your puppy from David.
Submitted by: Mike & Sally Truesdale on Apr 16, 2014
We had the best experience ever getting our puppy from David at Spintop! We wanted a new family pet and knew we wanted a Brittany Spaniel. We got our baby in January and she has been the best puppy! She house trained in no time and she's so smart our 6yr old has taught her to sit, give high 5's and lay down all by herself! We continue to be amazed by her intelligence daily. David was so personable and no matter how many times I emailed or called he was such a delight to converse with every time. We even got to visit with our baby before she was even weened and he gave us a tour of his kennels. He had the cleanest facility I've ever seen for a breeder. We actually ended up taking our baby to the vet that David uses and they recognized her as one of David's puppies right away and they were totally bragging on David the whole time and how good and healthy his puppies are. It's not often you hear a Vet brag on a breeder either! I highly highly recommend Mr Holt and his kennel to anyone looking for a puppy whether the puppy will be a pet or working dog you can't go wrong. We love our "Tater" and wouldn't trade her or our experience for anything!! #Spintopkennelrocks!
Submitted by: Sandi Parten on Apr 04, 2014
I bought my very first GSP , Charlee, in June of 2012 from Spin top kennels. She was the most awesome bird dog and overall hunting buddy/family member that anyone could of asked for. When I lost her this past January, I knew that I wanted another GSP from David at Spintop. I bought Cricket a week and a half ago and couldnt be more pleased. I didn't have her home two days before she gave her first solid point with a wing. Not only does David care about his dogs but he puts the same care into all of his pups. When you pick up your puppy, you are greeted with a smile and always a happy, healthy little puppy. I would recommend David at Spintop hands down. I guarantee that you won't be disappointed.
Submitted by: Russell Sherling on Apr 01, 2014
I have a 15 week old GSP that my mother got from David at Spin Top, his name is Gander. This dog is a natural at pretty much anything I ask him to do. I have been focusing on teaching him to hunt deer SHEDS since I don't have any access to Bird hunting. He has done nothing but impress me, not only on his ability to find a shed but his instinct to hunt what I wanted him to. I got Gander when he was 7 weeks old, by 10 weeks I had him finding 2 to 3 practice sheds placed in a 3 acre field. Gander's instinct to hunt comes natural and obviously runs deep in his genetics. Spin Top has it figured out, I would refer anyone to David for a GSP pup. I have done nothing but enjoy mine.
Submitted by: Chris on Mar 18, 2014
I wanted to write and give you an update on our puppy we purchased from you in September. She is just over 8 months and is the greatest dog I have ever owned. The best part about her is her hunting ability. We have joined the local NAVHDA chapter in Ga and she is out performing all other dogs regardless of age. She was 6 months when we took her on her first hunt. She pointed on over 12 birds in 2 hours. There is no doubt ya’ll are breeding some of the finest dogs in the south.
Submitted by: Clint B on Mar 10, 2014
We were looking for a family/hunting dog.

After looking online and talking with folks here in Texas, we finally found David @ Spin Top. So we decided to take a big jump and get a Brittany. After researching more, and talking with friends, we felt this was the right move.

I contacted David, and man was he on point. He emailed me, stayed in touch, and made sure everything was in place. Now bear in mind, if i didn't like any breeder in Texas, David had to be good for me to drive 12 hours to Athens.

In the course of picking up our Brittany, it was when the ice storm hit the south, so we had a major detour all through Louisiana. We called David and told we would be late and where we were. In the most reassuring voice, he said "hey, don't worry, we'll be here you guys just be safe."

Once we got our Brittany back, I took him straight to the vet. The vet took a look at him and his exact words were, "this may be the best specimen of a Brittany that I've seen since I was in college at Texas A&M." He was amazed with how great of shape he was in, his coat, just everything about him.

Folks, I cant say much more about this dog & kennel. If you want the best, feel like taking a drive (depending on where you are), this is your guy. I'm totally amazed with how this Brittany takes the field, gun broke, etc. He is on a fast track to becoming a great dog.

So in closing, I think the obvious choice for a Brittany, (and probably other dogs based on how well he handles the Brittanys), is with David @ Spin Top. When David says he'll put his dog up against anyone's he ain't joking. I have numerous friends that have pups and they aren't near advanced as my Brittany is at his younger age.

There is a high chance I'll be getting another dog from David in a few years.

Submitted by: Elizabeth Cobb on Feb 28, 2014
Initially, we were hoping for a Brittany Spaniel female puppy...she was to be mostly a family pet, but my husband did want a dog for hunting purposes. We found David at Spintop Kennels and immediately fell in love with all his wonderful breeds. We ended up choosing a female German Shorthaired Pointer, and we are SO happy with her!! "Adelaide" is almost 8 weeks old, and we've only had her one week, but she has settled in SO well with our family--she is a beautiful liver/roan--patched & ticked-- and she is so smart and friendly...she gets along famously with our other dogs, almost as if she has been with us for years! We love her so much and we are so thankful for David's help at Spintop!! He is so knowledgable about all his breeds, and he can absolutely help you find the perfect dog--whether it's to be a family companion, or to be strictly in the field--David's your guy!!! We are already thinking about a second GSP puppy in the future!!! THANK YOU, SPINTOP & THANK YOU, DAVID!!!!
Submitted by: Doug Walker on Feb 17, 2014
As a follow up to my initial comments in Jan...WE LOVE THIS DOG! Berretta is our Black and Roan GSP. 90% Pet and 10% hunting least I thought. We did his first Field training yesterday and he was ON POINT with the first bird and even picked up the second one! I love it! Did I mention that he is on 19 wks old!! I wish I could attach pictures. This dog is BEAUTIFUL in the field. Such a joy to watch. Thank you David for a great GSP!!
Submitted by: Ben Shepard on Feb 12, 2014
We searched for several months for the right puppy before finding David and SpinTop. We are so glad we waited. Our experience in adopting our girl puppy was so easy and exciting.
Geneva turned one year old in January and is such a good addition to our family. She is a quick learner, athletic and very affectional.
Submitted by: Trace Jackson on Feb 10, 2014
I purchased my Brittany from David in August and I couldn't be any happier. I have a beautiful healthy dog. David was great about answering any question I had and sending me information about the dog. My Brittany, Cyrus, is very playful and sometimes stubborn but he listens very well. I am very pleased with my dog.
Submitted by: Nicholas and Sarah Griffin on Feb 05, 2014
My wife and I purchased a brittany pup from Spin Top Kennel in December of 2012 and we couldn't be happier. Our Remi has been the perfect fit for us. She will be 15 months old in just 5 days and she is still in perfect health. She loves to run and LOVES the water. She was very easy to train because she is so eager to please. She doesn't get to hunt but she plays lots of fetch. When we decided we wanted to buy a Brittany pup we began researching kennels. My family has had experience with bad breeders that ran puppy mills so we wanted to be sure the kennel we purchased from was top notch. It absolutely was. Our experience at Spin Top was excellent. Mr. David was very knowledgable and welcoming to my wife and I from our very first phone call. He kept us updated through the entire process and frequently sent us pictures of the newborn litter we were buying from. When we arrived, he had a file with our name on it which had a picture of the pup we had chosen, the name we had given her, as well as all her paperwork. It is clear that the dogs and pups at Spin Top are loved and well taken care of. We have stayed in touch with Mr. David and he is always excited to see pictures of our Remi. We drove all the way from central Louisiana (an 8 hour drive) to buy our pup from Spin Top. Now, my wife and I want to get a German Shorthaired Pointer and we will not hesitate to call Spin Top and make that drive again when we decide to buy!
Submitted by: Ellen on Jan 30, 2014
I purchased my GSP, named Mellencamp, from David on January 18th and I couldn't be happier. Mel is the sweetest little puppy, and a quick learner! After visiting Spin Top a few months back, I fell in love with all of his dogs (they were all so handsome) and knew that I had to have one of David's puppies. My experience with Spin Top was very enjoyable and David will go above and beyond to find you the perfect dog.
Submitted by: Jordan Perry on Jan 20, 2014
We came to Mr. Holt late last year in search of a puppy to welcome into our home. We had no experience with Brittney Spaniels but we fell in love just as soon as we met with Mr. Holt and the dogs! He was so welcoming and was willing to answer all our questions, let us meet the parents of the puppies to be born, and communicated often. He was so giving of his time and wanted to make sure we got what we wanted. And we did...Sweet little Dixie is a wonderful addition to our family! Mr. Holt is the person to come to when looking for a terrific experience. He will work hard to make sure you are happy!! Hands down the best experience ever.
Submitted by: Doug Walker on Jan 01, 2014
i bought a Black and Roan GSP in Dec 2013 from David Holt at Spin Top Kennels in Athens, AL. Here it is Jan 1st 2014 and Beretta is already ON POINT with the training quail wing. We love this dog and get so many great comments from the people who see him. Can't wait to get him trained this year and look forward to him being a great pet too!
Submitted by: Michele on Dec 31, 2013
my boyfriend and I drove five and a half hours to pick up our little girl Brandy a German Shorthaired Pointer. she is absolutely fabulous! very playful very fun she's taken so well to our large German pointer male, they play so well together and I can't wait to see the future puppies that we will have. thank you David for everything you did for us I love her so much!
Submitted by: Trace' Copeland on Dec 11, 2013
I recently purchased a Boykin Spaniel from David Holt at Spin Top Kennel. “Ty” has been a part of our family for a month now. I am a principal of a school where Ty joins me every day. Luckily he loves the kennel and the children! He came to us quite socialized and we have only improved on this skill. Honestly, I rarely hear a peep from him! Ty enjoys walks, playing, rolling in the grass, and much more! Within a week we could tell that he had learned our home and his name. Through training, Ty is learning discipline with the commands of “here” and “sit”. While we intend for Ty to be a hunter he has already become much more! Thank you, David!
Submitted by: Daniel and Ellen on Dec 09, 2013
We had the pleasure of meeting David back in October. Not only did he give us a tour of his kennel, but he also invited us back to go hunting with his dogs. We were very impressed with the upkeep of his kennel, and could really tell that he is devoted to his dogs which is uncommon of many breeders we have come across. In addition, we had a blast hunting with him and are appreciative that he goes the extra mile to treat his customers. We intend on purchasing a GSP from him as soon as possible, and could not be more excited! Definitely worth the 2 1/2 hour drive from Tuscaloosa!
Submitted by: Sparky Lyle on Dec 07, 2013
Dave ------- just wanted to let you know that my young setter Chevy, is becoming a great bird dog. She has always been extremely smart and very loving since she was a puppy. After seven lessons with me and a trainer in Colorado, she started her first ever hunting season here in Illinois. Her progress has been beyond my wildest dreams. She has been nothing short of superb. She makes a beautiful staunch point and has never been a creeper! She also does some thing that I have never seen in my 55 years of bird hunting. She backs as soon as she sees the other dog, as she should; but stays there and doesn't move up until I release her. She has a great nose and is well on her way to becoming what I call a meat dog; the dog you always watch, because she will be the dog to find the birds. Retrieving, well that is still a work in progress. Dave, I can't thank you enough for the wonderful dog you picked for me. You have made an old retired Navy guy extremely happy with what will be his last bird dog! Pictures to follow.
Captain Sparky Lyle
Submitted by: Ashley Murphy on Nov 27, 2013
We got Jack Si from Mr. Holt just over a year ago now. I have been intending to write a review and never got around to it. The experience was great! We drove almost 2 hours to get our Jack and it was more than worth it!! He is an awesome dog! Very smart, pointing came natural and he is a wonderful, friendly family dog.
I was amazed at his kennels he has for his dogs. They are very well kept and the dogs all are happy and healthy!
We could not have been more pleased with our experience and in the future if we chose to add more 4 legged members to our family we will def be back to see Mr. Holt!!
Submitted by: Blake Matthews on Nov 24, 2013
David Holt is a dear sweet friend of mine, we first met when I came to look at his kennel and all of his dogs one day back in the summer. He acted very modest like what he had at his kennel was nothing to look at and man was he wrong!!!!! He takes such good care of his dogs all of them. Beautiful healthy gsps, boykins, setters and brittanys. All healthy and BEAUTIFUL!!!! Everything was very very clean. I was very impressed. Ever since then he has been training my now 7 month old gsp MOOSE to be a bird hunting machine and man has he also done wonders with him!!!! David's style of training bird dogs is very natural and he really has a way with the dogs. I watch every session and try to learn a bit from this wise man! Never any forceful training at all just all natural based on the dogs natural instincts. I also buy pen raised quail from him too to practice with my own hunting dogs, so if you need some quail he always has TOO MANY haha and always will sell them! Like I said his breeding, training, quail everything is TOP NOTCH!!!!! Not to mention he is the kindest, most friendly and dear man you will ever run across in the breeding world!
Submitted by: Ryan Moore on Nov 22, 2013
My wife found Spin Top through a friend of hers who had recently purchased a GSP from Mr. Holt and highly recommended STK. The day we picked up "Scout" we had our kids with us I surprise them. Mr Holt had tied a big red bow on the puppy's neck. Great Customer Service all around. Scout has been with us for a week. He just had his first vet visit and the vet said that he was very healthy and in great shape. We have been amazed how smart this puppy is. We are crate training him to sleep in the house at night. In one week since we began, he now goes to his crate when we turn the lights down inside and lays down to sleep. He sleeps all night. A smart puppy that has came from good stock. I recommend a German Shorthaired Pointer as a great family dog for kids and I reccommend Spin Top Kennel as the place to get one.
Submitted by: Lori Denson on Nov 20, 2013
Our family drove several hours to pick up our new Boykin female, "Ezzie" in October. Words can not describe what a fabulous experience this was for us. David's kennel is very clean, he is so well organized, communication was always a pleasure, and even the drive to retrieve our new addition was beautiful.
Ezzie is a perfect fit for our family and we are looking forward to many years with her in our lives. Thank you David!
Submitted by: Matt Hersel on Nov 20, 2013
Henry(Boykin Spaniel)has been great. A true pleasure to raise, train and love. He has plenty of drive to work but is eager to please. As a result, Henry is very easy to train (picking up on most commands almost instinctively)and remains calm when appropriate. His favorite activity is hunting the golf course while I play. At 12 weeks he can keep up with me for 18 holes and he keeps his nose to the ground the entire time. He's also a great swimmer and doesn't mind the cold water at all. David was wonderful to work with and I am extremely pleased with the hunter and companion that I received from him.
Submitted by: C Hunt on Nov 20, 2013
I bought a sweet pup from David last year for my son and husband. She is sweet and smart and can run like a race horse. She has been such an excellent dog that we have bred her and are expecting puppies first week in December. Thank you, David, for our sweet Flecka. She is AMAZING.
Submitted by: Mike Sims on Nov 18, 2013
In Sept I picked up my third puppy from David @ Spin Top Kennels and i'm sure it won't be the last.I have a Setter and a Shorthair from there and they are both tremendous hunters.In fact my buddies I hunt with with say The GSP female is the best dog they have ever seen.I think that is a huge compliment because these men have trained and hunted birdogs for 50 years.I think the setter is just as good!My new pup id full sister to my GSP and I expect her to be just as good.
David is a great guy a real southern gentleman and it is a pleasure doing business with him.
Submitted by: Aaron W. Rathel on Oct 11, 2013
I bought an English Setter from Mr. Holt in February2012, I named him Banjo.. He is out of Buffy and Sarge. I absolutely can not imagine a better dog. He has a wonderful disposition, everyone that meets him falls in love with. He is also an awesome hunter, I didn't teach him a thing, he had taught me a few things though. I will never look anywhere else for a puppy and look forward to buying a Boyin from Mr. Holt in the next year or so.
Submitted by: Billy on Sep 21, 2013
I just recently purchased a Brittany puppy from Spintop Kennel and could not have been more pleased with the whole buying process. David made everything easy and was very professional through the whole process. The pup is great and he provided all the proper paperwork for vaccinations and AKC registration. I highly recommend Spin Top Kennels.
Submitted by: Brandon Frank on Sep 20, 2013
I purchased my GSP puppy, Fonzi from Mr.Holt and I can't express how happy I am with the him and how great he is! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL puppy and hands down already the best dog I have owned! It amazes me how smart he is and how fast he adapted to his new home! The puppy is everything that I wanted and more!! Mr. Holt is hands down the BEST breeder by far I have done business with. He is so HONEST and PROFESSIONAL and runs a fabulous operation! If you are trying to decide on a breeder look no further this is your guy! It has been a privilege meeting and doing business with Mr. Holt and again couldn't be happier!!!
Submitted by: Josie Dayton on Sep 20, 2013
We got our sweet German Shorthaired Pointer, Milo, from Mr. Holt about a month ago. He is the sweetest thing! And everybody has a fit over how beautiful he is! Milo has the prettiest markings of any dog I've ever seen & his fur feels like velvet. He is still in his puppy stage right now but we love him so much! We look forward to being his forever home & watching him grow up! And it's obvious where Milo gets his sweetness from because Mr. Holt is just a sweet! He kept us very informed throughout the whole process of how Abby & the puppies were doing & he was kind enough to give us updates whenever we asked. He really just went above and beyond for us! The whole process was very enjoyable & we are so happy with our Milo! Thanks Mr. Holt!
Submitted by: Matt on Sep 19, 2013
Mr. Holt and Spintop Kennels were great. My family has had our GSP now for a little over a year and I can't say enough about how great the whole experience has been for our family. It was so good we are now contemplating whether or not to get our second GSP!
Submitted by: Justin Ford on Sep 19, 2013
I got my first English Setter from David a few months ago. The whole experience was amazing he takes such good care of his pups. The puppy is amazing! My fiancé and I could not have asked for a better dog. When we are ready for another Setter, David is the only person I will call. David I can't thank you enough and I look forward to doing business with you again soon!
Submitted by: Terri Boyer on Sep 15, 2013
We have had our GSP Brownie for a little over a year now and he is absolutely amazing! He is the smartest, most wonderful pup ever! He has truly become a member of our family and we could not imagine our lives without him! His instincts are almost unbelievable! We take him most places we go... when we can, and no matter where we are it's like a contagion, people always notice his love for birds! Even since he was an untrained pup, random strangers have always commented on his innate love and attraction to birds! Even once he comes in from nature and becomes a "house pet" he is the most loving cuddly pup! He is truly a blessing to us, and we could not imagine what we would have done if we had not had our first conversation with Mr. Holt (any many more there after). We are currently looking to acquire a second pup from Mr. Holt and would never ever think of looking anywhere else for a doggy, and please ask Mr. Holt for our information if you would like a reference, as we would be happy to speak with you. -The Boyers
Submitted by: Kenny Stubblefield on Sep 09, 2013
I can not describe how happy I am with our gsp pup, Bodee, that we purchased from David. You can absolutely tell that he really cares about his dogs and also cares that you find the right one for you. He really enjoyed helping us pic our puppy. I was also extremely impressed with how well kept his facility was. Everything was kept extremely clean. I would recommend David to anybody. Very thankful to have found him.
Submitted by: Caitlyn Hatchell on Jul 23, 2013
David Holt is HANDS DOWN the BEST man and breeder to work with EVER! He finds the right pup for you and what your looking for. I have been talking to him about a GSP puppy for 3 years now and I just picked my female pup up Sunday. We are extremely satisfied with our puppy Vegas. I am so thankful for Mr. David's help and kindness, you don't meet much people like him these days. He makes you feel like family, thank you again Mr. David!!
- Caitlyn
Submitted by: Andrew Troutt on Jul 12, 2013
If you're looking for a great all around dog David is the man to see. I purchased Jack, my now 6 month old GSP, from him and I couldn't be happier. He is already a great pointer and loves to hunt. He listens well and is easy to train. He is indoor and outdoor and I have been impressed by his way to cope with the differences at such an early age. Spin top has a very clean and well maintained facility so you know happy puppies come from happy parents.
Submitted by: Lauren Pavao on Jun 18, 2013
My fiance and I got our GSP from Mr. Holt in January and named him Hank. He is six months old now and weighs about 50 pounds! Hank LOVES the water. We cannot get him out of it, whether he is retrieving a stick or just jumping in and swimming around for the fun of it. We could not be happier with our decision to work with Mr.Holt and get our puppy from Spin Top Kennel.
Submitted by: Tim Frazier on Jun 10, 2013
David and I have become great friends even though we've only known each other about 5 years. Spintop Kennel is a class operation with some fine dogs. I've had the opportunity to train dogs for David and some of his customers, and these dogs perform very well. We've traded a few, swapped a few, and even referred a few to each other. I recommend David Holt and Spintop Kennel as a "Grade A" operation.
Tim Frazier
Ten Oak's Kennel
Submitted by: David McMath on Jun 03, 2013
Mr Holt is an outstanding honest breeder.In fact
in 2008 we purchased 2 GSP's from him and they are terrific dogs, excellent hunters, family pets, and NO health problems. So now we are purchasing 1 more GSP from Mr. Holt. I would never buy from anyone else.
Submitted by: Mark Willingham on May 19, 2013
Thank you David Holt at Spin Top Kennel. I have friends who have bought dogs from Mr. Holt in the last few years and I have received advice and guidance from Mr. Holt several times over the last 4 years of owning bird dogs. I contacted Mr. Holt about a month ago, looking for a nice started GSP. Spin Top didn't have what I was looking for at the time, but Mr. Holt graciously referred me to a good friend who had exactly the pup I was looking for. Mr. Holt didn't have to referr me to anyone else and I would have gladly waited on him to have what I was looking for, but he did it because he is the good man that all his other references say he is. Thank you again Mr. Holt for helping me add another quality member to the family.
Submitted by: pat hopkins on May 03, 2013
I purchased a Brittany from David Holt and she turned into one of the best bird dogs I have every owned.
Submitted by: Will Roddy on Apr 11, 2013
I purchased my GSP puppy, June, from Mr. Holt in January and she has turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I will admit that I was a little skeptical at first because most of the communication was done by email but when I arrived to pick up my puppy I was very impressed with the kennel and Mr. Holt. He is a straight forward honest person who really cares about what he is doing and his dogs. We still trade emails and updated photos of June’s progress. When I picked up June we played a bit with other puppies and a quail wing, at 7 weeks old she was already wanting to point. Now that she is 4 months old, she is pointing the pheasant wing I play with on a regular basis; I cannot wait until she has been trained properly. She has also shown to be very sociable and loves playing with other puppies at the dog park. I am currently doing the standard obedience training with her and the trainer brags on how smart June is and sometimes uses her with other puppy’s and owners. When I take June on trail walks in Birmingham she always turns people’s heads and is told how beautiful of a GSP she is. I have always wanted a GSP because of how smart they are and their versatile hunting ability and I have not been disappointed. If you are reading this and are interested in a GSP I would highly recommend getting in touch with Mr. Holt and get on the list for a puppy, you will not be disappointed.
Submitted by: Austin Carver on Mar 28, 2013
I purchased my GSP "Trigger" from David, and he was very cooperative throughout the entire process. Any questions I had he answered, and being a broke college student I definitely couldn't afford a puppy from many other breeders who were wanting $1000 for pups. My pup is now about 4 months old, and it still amazes me how well he listens and learns new things. I am training him to be a retriever and started taking him to a trainer a few weeks ago, and the trainer was very impressed with how well he listened compared to many of the dogs he has worked with. Don't let the price fool you these are great dogs and my next GSP will come from SpinTop.
Submitted by: Jaron Henderson on Feb 25, 2013
My wife and I purchased our female gsp almost a year ago now from Mr. David. He was very kind and helpful to work with. Always quick to respond to messages and keeping us updated with our pup's progress. we could not be more pleased with our puppy, she beautiful, sweet, and has a great personality. Not to mention she has a great nose, with a lot of natural instinct when it comes to hunting. It was a pleasure working with and meeting Mr. David.
Submitted by: Kayla Jones on Jan 24, 2013
If you are looking for a great dog and a great breeder, Spin Top Kennel is the place to go. Mr. Holt is very helpful along the process of finding you the right pup and he is also very trustworthy. I got a female liver/roan german shorthaired pointer pup from him back in December 2012, she is now 15 weeks old and within one week of me having her she learned how to sit, shake, lay down, roll over, fetch, and come. I am so thankful to have found a great breeder like Mr. Holt.
Submitted by: Preston and Lauren Jones on Jan 11, 2013
We bought a male liver/roan GSP from Mr. Holt back in 2009, I believe, and we could not be more pleased. He really is the best companion and hunting dog we could ask for. He was so easy to train and listens so well. Whether he is hunting with my husband or on a run with me, he gives it all he's got to please us. He brings so much joy to our family and is even great with kids! Mr. Holt has been such a pleasure to communicate with. He is sweet as can be, honest,and loyal to his customers!! We love spin top kennel and our dog so much we are now going back to get another!
Submitted by: Dylan Heartsill on Jan 03, 2013
I got my German Shorthair, Teller, from David at Spin Top just 2 weeks ago. He's now 8 and a half weeks old and knows his name as well as SIT, STAY, and COME. He's a great dog already! I would refer anyone to Spin Top Kennel.
Submitted by: Jessie on Jan 02, 2013
Well let me start off by saying that there are not enough pleasant words to describe my experience with Spin Top Kennel and Mr. Holt. I had been looking at different GSP breeders for months when I stumbled upon Spin Top Kennel. I read review after review after review and never found a single disappointing comment. I decided it was worth the 7 hour round trip. I couldn't be more pleased with my decision! My GSP puppy is learning soo fast at just over. 2 months. He has a wonderful disposition and everyone compliments his markings. I will definitely get another pup from Mr Holt in the future and I'd refer him to anyone. He was very pleasant to deal with. I really couldn't happier I decided to get a pup from Spin Top Kennel!
Submitted by: Lisa Owens on Dec 26, 2012
This is the sweetest man in the world he cares a lot about his dogs and puppies. He cares a lot about his potential buyers as well. We got a female Brittany Spaniel from him Dec.22,2012 she is the sweetest thing on four legs. i was able to see the parents and other dogs he has. David even told me about a great trainer i can take her to that is honest and does not use harsh training methods. I love my puppy which is named Willow and would never trade her for anything she is like one of my kids. Thank you David for having such sweet and loving puppies and for caring so much about the buyers, puppies and your adults i would give you a 10 but it is not an option. i did take my puppy to the vet they done an exam and a fecal test she was very healthy and had no worms very well cared for. :) thank you for my Wilow
Submitted by: Brandie Watson on Dec 08, 2012
Started talking with Mr. Holt in August about getting my son a GSP. He is a very nice man and has a very good set up with his kennels. We have had our puppy about 2 weeks. He is a wonderful puppy. He is already retrieving and proving to be very smart! I can't say enough good things about Mr. Holt and his dogs! My husband and I are already talking about getting another puppy from him in the future!
Submitted by: Barbara Patmon on Oct 12, 2012
My husband & I began working with Mr. Holt around Christmas time last year. Things worked out just right & we picked up a GSP female this past July. We were so pleased with our experience! We referred a friend who recently picked up their GSP this past September. We feel so fortunate that we had the opportunity to work with Spin Top Kennel. We loved the experience so much that our little girl's middle name is "Holt." I highly recommend Spin Top Kennel!
Submitted by: Andrew May on Oct 05, 2012
I purchased a Brittany pup from Mr. Holt in July and could not be more pleased. My Brittany Beau is almost 4 months and is smart as a whip and pointing every chance he gets!! Do not hesitate to buy a pup from Mr. Holt as he is very pleasant to deal with and has very good bloodlines. Thank you Mr Holt!!!
Submitted by: Patrick Trent on Oct 02, 2012
I am so thankful that my wife and I found Spin Top Kennel during our search for a GSP. We had already been burned by a dishonest breeder earlier and were wary about having the same problems again, but David put our minds at ease almost immediately. He was nice and professional throughout the time we spent waiting on a pup. When it looked like we may not end up with a pup for several more months, David went out of his way to find and offer us a pup from a litter bred between two dogs he had sold to another breeder. I can't say enough good things about how David treated us and would definitely contact him again if we were in the market for another dog.

As for the dog itself, he has been everything we hoped he would be. Healthy, energetic and with awesome hunting instincts, David sold us a great dog. If you're looking for a quality dog you owe it to yourself to give Spin Top Kennel a try. You won't be sorry.
Submitted by: Kenneth long on Sep 30, 2012
I purchased my first GSP pup from David at Spin top kennels back in July, and we were so satisfied with Belle we went back this past Fri sept 28Th and picked up a male GSP from David . We drove 9 hours one way to pick up our pup and it was more than worth the long trip to get our special pups. I feel blessed to have gotten to know David Holt and we have become good friends over the past several months. I trust what David says about his pups and his dogs are absolutely the finest dogs I have ever seen. As busy as he is he always takes time to give us a tour and let us see his beautiful dogs. If a person is looking for the best and most honest person to purchase a first class puppy from ...I suggest David Holt @ Spin top kennels.
Submitted by: stephanie on Sep 06, 2012
i get soooooo many compliments on him and his markings (color). my vet even says he is the prettiest Brittney that has ever walked in his door.

it almost makes me want to come get a liver colored female from you. lol Colt was suppose to be my husbands dog ( that's the only dog he's ever asked for) but Colt takes up with me more right now but i'm sure that will change when he gets older. it doesn't hurt my feelings cause I love that dog. my husband makes the joke " I'm going to take my dog dove hunting but I'll have to take my wife too because he only listens to her" :)

just wanted to send you a pic and let you know we are very happy with our dog.
Submitted by: Lance Elkins on Sep 04, 2012
I bought a female GSP from Mr. Holt back in April this year, she is 5 1/2 months and she went on her first dove hunt this past weekend. I had her locked in her kennel to ensure she didnt freak out when everyone started shooting, but my first bird she watched it fall and immediately she started hitting the cagedoor. I let her out to sit beside me for the next bird, I shot, and the bird fell about 50 feet from me, she took off, retrieved it, and brought it back to me. She did this for 2 hours and was ready for more. I definitely recommend buying a GSP for dove hunting.
Submitted by: Aaron Moore on Aug 25, 2012
We got our girl Penny (GSP) in late June of this year and we couldn't be happier! Mr. Holt is the kind of guy you want to do business with, honest and a man of his word. Penny is smart and loves to learn and learns quickly. She's happy all the time! Our veterinarian was very impressed with her. The Dr.'s report said in all caps, "EXCELLENT GENERAL HEALTH" and a note that she sets the bar for a good attitude. Penny loves to swim and jump in the pool after toys. She truly is the bees knees! I would definitely recommend Spin Top to anyone looking for a dog that's at the top of it's breed! Well done David!

Submitted by: Lindsay Lucas on Aug 15, 2012
Mr. Holt is the absolute BEST person to buy a puppy from! I picked up two brittany pups (orange/white and liver/white) from him in June. They are such a great addition to the family. The liver and white female was pointing beautifully at 8 weeks old! Both of the puppies are pointing anything that flies or crawls now! They are so sweet and smart! They learned simple commands within their first week with us. We are constantly entertained by their antics! They get along with everyone/other pets they meet. They were both a bit timid with getting in the water at first, but now (16 weeks old) have gotten used to it. I got to know Mr. Holt very well over my time living in Huntsville, and I was sad to have to leave him. He will do anything for his customers. You will NOT find a better quality breeder especially with his great prices. Look no further, you have found the right breeder for you!:)
Submitted by: Peyton Montgomery on Aug 11, 2012
I set out to find an energetic, confident, and loyal GSP this summer and Mr. Holt at Spin Top Kennels provided me with one better than I could have imagined. At just 12 weeks old my girl Sadie not only embodies all these traits but always gets compliments on her gorgeous look and friendly disposition. She is going to turn out to be a fantastic companion and Me. Holt deserves all the credit.
Submitted by: The Smith's on Jul 27, 2012
When looking for a GSP we searched weeks on the internet. We came across Mr. Holt and he was very helpful with our questions and stayed in contact with us until our Tide was ready. When we drove up his drive it was love at first sight seeing "Tide". He is a very smart dog. Our 7 and 10 year old trained him to "sit" at 9 weeks old in 2 days. As soon as he is let out of his pen he goes straight to sniffing the ground and then pointing. He is a wonderful addition to our family. We plan to expand our family in the future and we will defiently go back to see David at Spin Top Kennel.
Submitted by: Kenneth Long on Jul 24, 2012
We picked up our GSP pup last week from David at spintop kennels and we couldn't be more satisfied with Belle as our granddaughter named her. I use to be an avid bird hunter and decided to get back into hunting quail and as I began to look for the best pup possible thankfully i contacted David and after talking with him and reviewing pictures of his championship German Shorthaired Pointers I was confident this was the right person and kennel for me to get my puppy. When we arrived on July 18th to get our puppy I was so impressed with the cleanliness of the kennel and his dogs were absolutely the most impressive bird dogs that I have ever been around.Our puppy has adjusted well and we will be getting a male puppy in the future.
Submitted by: Danielle Burgess on Jul 18, 2012
My husband and I had been talking about getting our second dog for quite some time and in April decided we wanted a GSP. We live in South Carolina so we started to look around our area for puppies and the prices were outrageous. I decided to try looking around our hometown in Alabama and lead us straight to David at Spin Top Kennels! Not only were his prices affordable but also included a micro chip for his high quality dogs.
We contacted him immediately wanting a liver/roan male or female which he did not have at the time but he kept us up to date with the mommies that were expecting and at the end of June we welcomed our Deacon to the family!
When I went to pick up our little guy there was a couple there from GA picking up their pup as well and Mr. Holt welcomed us warmly showed us around his property and let me meet Deacon's mom and dad. All his dogs are so well cared for and his love for them shows. It was such a pleasure purchasing a pup from Spin Top Kennels. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a GSP to contact Mr. Holt before going anywhere else!
We have only had Deacon a few weeks but he has already brought us such joy! He is gorgeous and stocky, the "man dog" my husband has been dreaming of! He started his obedience classes last Saturday and is a eager learner! We are looking forward to teaching, spoiling and cherishing our Deacon for years to come! :)

Heath and Danielle Burgess
South Carolina
Submitted by: Bethany and Nick Gentry on Jul 17, 2012
We absolutely could not have asked for a better experience than the one we had with David and Spin Top Kennel. You won't find a nicer man that cares so much about his dogs/puppies and the homes they go to. We drove 4 1/2 hours from Georgia and would do it again in a heartbeat. Our German Shorthair pup, Gunner, has the BEST disposition. At 9 weeks old, he is responding very well to his name, and beginning to point and fetch. He is very sociable with other dogs and people as well. I WILL NEVER GET A DOG FROM ANYONE ELSE!!!!! Planning on coming back to Alabama to get Gunner a playmate soon!
Submitted by: Patti McEntire on Jul 17, 2012
Our experience @ Spin Top Kennel with Mr. David has left us feeling as if we are part of his family. We recently bought 2 female puppies, one is a GSP we've named Izzi & the other one is an English Setter named Cali. As a matter of fact we drove a 6 hour round trip across Northern Alabama from North Georgia just to get Izzi, the one we especially went there for on a Saturday, but when we got there we met our Cali. Although I fell in love with Cali then my husband wouldn't let me buy her too. It took me 3 more days of showing him her picture & talking about how we needed a pair of bird dogs before he finally gave in. So I called Mr. David & Cali was still available & we took that 6 hour round trip again 2 days later for her! It is so worth the trips, now our family is complete!
Our girls are soooo smart, funny & beautiful! They are quick learners too! We can't wait til the fall when we can start training them with quails! They are very entertaining & cuddly!
Izzi & Cali were so clean & white when we picked them up it shows just how much work Mr. David puts into all of his animals. We are more than glad that we found Spin Top & if we buy any more pups in the future it will be from there & we highly recommend Spin Top to anybody else that wants quality puppies!
Another thing that impressed us about the kennel was how clean it was as well as how the dogs weren't noisy, they were all very well-mannered!
Thank you Mr. David for our wonderful girls!
Submitted by: Kim Chinn on Jul 07, 2012
We had the best experience with Mr. Holt. He was the greatest man to work with when getting our puppy. We knew we wanted a German Shorthaired Pointer last November and started looking all over the internet. We came across the comments about him and not seeing any bad ones decided he was who we needed to get our puppy from. We contacted him in December and there were no puppies available. We waited for the next litter and the next until we were told in April that we would be able to get a pup from the litter due in May. We were so excited and couldn't wait. We patiently waited for the litter to be born and waited for pictures so we could pick our boy. The pups were so adorable and we finally narrowed it down to Hank. We took a 10 hour drive up when he was available to bring home and couldn't be happier. He slept almost the whole 10 hours! When we stopped to let him potty, he did. He was excellent the whole way home in the rain! We love Hank more and more everyday. He gets along great with our 2 year old daughter & 7 year old Chihuahua/Yorkie mix. He is crate trained (was in 3 days) and is almost potty trained. He is a very loving dog and loves to play, retrieve, and sit. We are so happy that we found David and got such a wonderful dog. We will definitely recommend others to David and when we get another dog it will be from him. Thanks David for such a great experience to get our Hank!
Submitted by: Justin P on Jul 06, 2012
I was in the market for a new hunting dog and companion to take to the woods/field with me. I did some research online and decided a German Shorthaired Pointer would be perfect for me and my farm. I then looked online for a good Shorthair puppy. I ran across Spin Top Kennel and gave Mr. Holt a call about German Shorthaired Pointer pups. A few anxious months went by and it was time to go pick up my new puppies. When I got there they were in their kennel in the front yard chest deep in a water bowl, I knew I had some good dogs. After we got home they were naturally starting to point at 5-6 weeks old. The dogs are eager to learn and are very smart and practically potty trained after a week. I would greatly refer you to Spin Top Kennel and Mr. Holt if you are looking for one of these amazing dogs.
Submitted by: Terri Broda on Jun 16, 2012
Mr. Holt is by far THE BEST to get a puppy from! We have been looking for a puppy from him since October and he was SO patient with us in our search for the perfect puppy. We have had our GSP Brownie for a little over a week and we could not be happier to have waited for him! He is already crate trained and practically potty trained. Brownie retrieves, sits, starting to swim and is eager to learn! He is also super loving and full of energy! Brownie is such a blessing to our family and when we decide to get another GSP puppy it will definitely be from Mr. Holt! You could not pay us to get a puppy from anyone else! :)
Submitted by: Kelly Mickey on Jun 13, 2012
David was wonderful & extremely flexible with our schedule (I had to drive up from Florida). We love our new pup, Beckett. The vet said she looked great & couldn't be healthier. She has been a wonderful addition to our family & if we ever decide to get another I would definitely go through Spin Top Kennel again! It was worth the 10 hour drive!!
Submitted by: Matt Sakowicz on Mar 11, 2012
Simply the not get a dog from anyone else..David will truly stand by you and help you with anything...shine,my setter puppy has been a great addition to my family and my first gun dog but I know it wont be my last...everything he does is quality and his dogs are top notch...

Like I said..the will not find a better guy or set of dogs that make great puppies
Submitted by: John Upton on Feb 29, 2012
I contacted David 2 months before Christmas 2011 about a German Shorthaired Pointer puppy. I told him I wanted a liver and roan color puppy, and he told me that he should a litter of that kind born at Christmas from Hank and Jazzy. He contacted me a couple of weeks later to inform me that he had the puppy he thought I would like. On February 9, 2012, we went to pick up our puppy and meet the parents. David was extremely nice and open to us taking pictures of her parents and kennels. Today, she is 9 weeks old and everything I wanted in a GSP. She already retrieves toys and balls and enjoys long walks and being outside. She enjoys being around people and other dogs as well. I plan to train her to track deer, and she already has signs of a good nose. I enjoyed working with David. He was very helpful in the whole process of finding a perfect GSP for me and my family. Thanks again David!
Submitted by: Aaron Rathel on Feb 21, 2012
I have been talking to Mr. Holt for over a year about a puppy and finally on February 12th I was able to come get a fine English Setter. Mr. Holt kept me posted on litters and sent me pictures and answered every question I had. It was an absolute pleasure buying my puppy from him. I will most certainly be coming back to Alabama for another puppy in the future.
Submitted by: Tom Matthews on Jan 17, 2012
We picked up our GSP pup from David a couple of weeks ago and have been very happy with her. She is going through the dog door at 7 weeks of age and is impressively intelligent. She has adapted to a large 3 year old male labrador and integrated into the family well. She's a beautiful dog and we are very fortunate to have been able to get a pup from David. Our interactions with David were kind and professional. It's obvious how much he cares for his pups and he takes pride in a clean kennel and breeding healthy dogs. We recommend Spin Top Kennel without reservation!
Submitted by: George Peterson on Nov 30, 2011
Our family obtained a Brittany puppy (Bandit) from David this July, for our son. Since July, Bandit has been busy growing and getting used to our house and not spending much time out in the field. When we took Bandit on his first pheasant hunting trip this November, we really didn't know what to expect. As this is our first hunting dog and I am learning myself. Most of the training he had received to this point, involved pointing work with a wing, finding wings planted in the yard and trying to learn basic obedience commands. Once we arrived at our hunting location, Bandit took a few minutes to acquaint himself with the other dog present and seemed interested in observing his new surroundings. Once we started to get out into the field, Bandit's instincts took over! For his first hunt he exceeded our expectations. He naturally, hunted in front of our group, moving back and forth to pick up the scent of birds. I really didn't know what to expect from Bandit, but I was very happy with his behavior. He quickly identified how to use the wind to his advantage, once he caught the scent of a bird, he was driven and stayed on task. We were very fortunate to have seen a lot of birds that day, and my son to be able to harvest one over his puppy was a great. We would like to thank David for not only Bandit but his friendship as well.
Submitted by: Briana and Jessica on Nov 27, 2011
Jessica and I have known for quite some time that we wanted a dog. We searched the internet night after night trying to figure out what breed of dog would fit our lifestyles. One will often find us participating in some type of outdoor activity or gatherered around family and friends. Knowing this, we knew we wanted to bring home a dog that would be good-natured and adaptable to whatever environment they were in. Finally, we came across the German Shorthaired Pointer. After doing our research and learning about the German Shorthaired Pointer's temperment, behavior, and personality, this breed of dog appeared to be perfect for us! We googled German Shorthaired Pointers and came across this site. Mr. David Holt's reviews had us sold! The whole process of getting in touch with Mr. David to let him know what we wanted and keeping in touch with him was easy. Mr. David provided us with detailed pictures, through email, of Rex and June's litter. We were able to decide right then which puppy we wanted. I will admit, we were very anxious to go pick up our puppy and to bring him home. We sent numerous emails to Mr. David asking how our pup was coming along, was he eating good, was he "ticking" yet, etc. Mr. David never once complained about our emails. He always replied in a timely manner and was more than happy to answer any and all questions. Finally, on Septermber 20, we headed to Athens, Alabama, to meet our little man - Mitt! As soon as we arrived to the kennels, Mr. David came out holding our Mitt. Mr. David sat us down and went over all the paper work explaining the micro-chip that was inserted to our little man as well as all of Mitt's vaccines. Now I knew German Shorthaired Pointers were smart dogs, I just did not realize how smart. Before we headed home we put Mitt out in some grass so he could use the bathroom. Mr. David balled up a papertowel and threw it a few feet. Mitt went and retrieved the balled-up papertowel and brought it back to Mr. David. At that moment I knew that we had made the right decision.
It is now November 27 and Mitt is one growing boy. He is over 30lbs and still has a lot of growing to do. Training Mitt has been a piece of cake. We took the route of clicker training and it has worked very well. Just within the first few days we were able to have Mitt housetrained. When he has to go out, he will whine and head to the door. All we have to do then is just open the door and he heads to the backyard to do his business and he returns without us having to call him. Mitt also knows how to sit, shake, bring, and give. Mitt has a high energy level! That is okay though because we love taking him for long walks around the neighborhood and letting him roam around in the backyard. His favorite activity right now is swimming in our pile of leaves when we do yard work! When it comes to our families and our families' pets, Mitt is very friendly with all of them.
All in all, Jessica and I are very pleased with the decision we made. His coat is sleek and shiney and ever so "ticked" just perfectly. He thrives on outdoor activities just as we do. And just as we wanted, Mitt is that good-natured and dependable dog.
Submitted by: Renny Andrews on Nov 26, 2011
We recently got our second dog from Mr. Holt, a Brittany puppy named Wyatt. We all ready have a wonderful GSP named Cooper that we got from Mr. Holt a year and a half ago. Wyatt is beautiful and smart and full of personality and is going to be a wonderful companion! Mr. Holt has also become a great friend to us and has been a pleasure to work with. The kennel is clean and it is apparent that he loves and cares for each dog. I would recommend Mr. Holt and Spin Top to anyone!!
-Renny, Nashville,TN
Submitted by: dalton litton on Nov 25, 2011
In may I bought and english setter from mr holt. He was a puppy from buffy and sarge. I literally had him retrieving to hand at 7 weeks. He is now 5 months old and is pointing and holding, backing, and retrieving to hand. Not to mention the hospitality at mr and mrs holts place.if any one asks me where they can get a setter, brittany, shorthair, or pointer i tellum spintop kennel. A 3 and a half hour drive from rome, Ga was well worth meeting really good people plus bringing home one dandy of a bird dog.
Submitted by: Jessica Keener on Nov 22, 2011
My husband and I purchased our GSP from Mr. David Holt. He is the sweetest person I have ever met! My husband told me one say he wanted a GSP for our one year anniversary, so I went on a wild hunt for a GSP. Mr. David's kennel's were very clean and nice! I could tell right away each and every single one dog was part of his family!
Our GSP already sits, is kennel trained, attempting to shake, and has been fetching for the past 3 weeks. She's will be 13 weeks this Thursday. We can't wait to see what else she will surprise us with.
I know she is a bird dog an will go on a few hunts a year, but she is a great family dog! She goes to the door when she needs to go outside! She sleeps right beside me every night!
These are just a few things that she has added to our lives!!! I would recommend anyone who is looking for a GSP to buy from Mr. David Holt. He is awesome!!!
Submitted by: Zach Walls on Nov 15, 2011
I recently purchased a GSP puppy from here. This is by far one of the best looking dogs you could buy! And this guy also knows his stuff! He takes really good care of the dogs! Many people think German Shorthaired Pointers are mostly bird dogs... but they make great tracking dogs as well! My pup is 7 months old and has already tracked 6 deer this year! One of the deer went 550yds, crossed 2 creeks, quit bleeding, and was still alive when we got there and he led us straight to him! Recommend to Anyone in need of a Fantastic dog!
Submitted by: ashton hale on Nov 14, 2011
My boyfriend and I recently purchased a brittany spaniel from Mr. David Holt owner of Spin Top Kennel. He was very nice and had great kennels. He loves his animals and takes great care of them. I work at an animal hospital and took him the next day and was completely healthy. Mr. Holt is very honest man and I highly recommend purchasing one his dogs. He is organized and knows how to breed dogs the right way.
Thank you so much Mr. Holt for everything!!
Ashton & Ben
Submitted by: Elizabeth Benson on Nov 07, 2011
Our GSP, Elsie, is the best little puppy. We brought our 12 week old home 2 days ago. We have only had her a few short days, and she already let's us know when she has to go outside, and answers to her name. She is a little cuddle bug, and follows us all around the house. I have never had a dog with this much personality. She seems to be a quick learner and is showing signs of "working" by pointing to bird feathers, and happy to retrieve her ball. I can already tell she is loyal and eager to please. She has had so much fun making friends with the neighbor's dog, and seems to be very social. Words cannot express how happy we are to have Elsie in our lives. What a difference this dog has made! We have had the pleasure of growing up around all different breeds of dogs, and assure you without hesitation we will always be pointer owners from now on.
Dave and his wife are wonderful warm people, who are very easy going and made the adoption process more than special for us, and even called to check up on our new baby girl. We certainly look forward to using Spin Top breeders down the road when we get Elsie a friend. But for now, we just can't get enough of our little Elsie and all the play time she requires.

endearingly signed,
Elizabeth and Sean Benson
Submitted by: Hannah Dixon on Nov 06, 2011
My fiance and I purchased a Male GSP from Mr. Holt on Sept. 10,2011. "Tyler" is our pride and joy. We could not have asked for a better dog. He is so loving and VERY SPOILED :). He loves going to our pasture and running around with our female GSP and he points everything!! He has already learned basic commands and is doing very well. Mr. Holt is a very nice man and I would recommend him to anybody wanting to buying a well bred hunting dog. Spin Top Kennel is the nicest and the QUIETEST kennel we have ever been too. THANK YOU SO MUCH Mr. Holt for our wonderful dog Tyler.
Submitted by: John D Dixon on Nov 03, 2011
I want to update you on my setter, Boomer, purchased 2 years ago from Coach Holt. This dog is a bird finding machine. He has more bottom end than any dog I have been around, he possesses a fantastic nose, and is very solid on point. He has the blood. The amazing thing about this dog is that he sleeps in the house, goes to work with me every day, and is my buddy. Boomer is very gentle with my 5 month old little boy -- even enjoys having him around. Mr. Holt has figured out how to put machine like drive into a sweet, loving house dog. It is something to see.

I sincerely believe that you will not find a better breeder of bird dogs. David Holt is a one of a kind gentleman who loves dogs, loves hunting, and loves people. You will not go wrong with Spin Top -- whether you want a K-9 hunting partner, a sweet natured house dog, or both. You NSTRA guys, these dogs are the real deal. If you need a reference, please contact me.

"Setters and Pointers Instinctively Naturally Totally On Point" Spin Top.
Submitted by: Jennie Scully on Oct 30, 2011
My husband and I just purchased a puppy from Mr. Holt and we could not have hoped for a better experience in bringing home our sweet Tallulah Mae. Mr. Holt was so kind and helpful throughout the entire process. He is an honest man who has so much love for his dogs and for helping families bring one home. We are so happy with Tallulah. She is an awesome reflection of the kind of breeder Mr. Holt is. After having her only a week, Tallulah is almost completely crate-trained and house-trained. She loves to be with us wherever we go and is a joy to have in our home. Mr. Holt did everything he possibly could to help us bring Tallulah home. My husband and I live in Florida and he was so wonderful in helping us get Tallulah home. If we every purchase another GSP or hear of someone looking for a GSP, we will absolutely recommend David Holt and Spin Top Kennel. We have enjoyed getting to know Mr. Holt and feel so blessed to have been able to be a part of his GSP experience!
Submitted by: Landon Shadinger on Oct 22, 2011
I bought a German Shorthair from Mr Holt on 10/16/2010. I never thought anyone could be as nice and easy to work with as Mr Holt. I have been so excited that I am an owner of a GSP and I have had a great time this past week getting to know my puppy. Her name is Mako and she is very smart. She already retrieves and sits on command at 9 weeks old. I would highly recommend David Holt from Spin Top Kennels for your next gun dog purchase. I am very confident that I will return to him for another one of my own one day. A definite 5 out of 5.
Submitted by: Curtis MIller on Oct 21, 2011
I would recommend Spin top kennel to anyone who is looking for a GOOD HEALTHY dog. Mr Holt is great man and makes you feel welcome. I drove to Alabama to get my GSP and she is 8 weeks old now and is well tempered, smart,already listens to simple commands ,and retrieving. I am very pleased and thankful to be able to get a dog from Mr. Holt
Submitted by: Paden and Kaci Stephens on Oct 15, 2011
We recently purchased a German Shorthaired Pointer puppy from Mr. Holt and we could NOT be any happier! This little guy, whom we named Duke after the famous John Wayne, has brought so much joy into our lives that we can't even express how special he is. Not to mention Duke is an intelligent puppy. Before we decided on the German Shorthair as a breed, we did some research and almost every article, website, and book mentioned that the breed is an intelligent one and if you're not an intelligent human, this dog is not for you. Duke is representing his breed VERY well I must say! He just turned 8 weeks old and by the time he turned 7 weeks he knew how to "sit", "shake", "lie down", and "roll over". He is not fully housetrained but he is making excellent progress! He has, however, developed an obsession with going up under our front porch and he races up under there every time we take him outside. He has figured out a way to get us to take him outside by using his housetraining as a mean of getting outside. He has noticed that if he potties in the house we rush him outside to finish. So he'll tinkle a little in the floor and then he'll go outside, squat down, and ACT like he is finishing and then he sniffs for maybe 5 seconds and rushes up under our porch to play!
This is our first time buying from a breeder and if we do buy again, Mr. Holt will be the 1st person we contact because he practically bent over backwards to help us get our precious baby and we can't thank him enough! Unlike other breeders we were interested in, David actually stayed in contact with us and kept us up to date on the pups as they were getting ready. I just hope everyone else has felt just as blessed as we have upon bringing home this bundle of joy!
Submitted by: Josh Williams on Oct 13, 2011
I just wanted to say Thank You soooooo much for holding that puppy for me! She is so wonderful and smart! After a week she was sitting on command with very little work at teaching her! She's starting to learn how to shake, and stay when she sits too! She barked for the 1st time yesterday! I had to aggravate her and keep her from going off the porch to get her to! Shes so funny and we love her so much! Ive also been training her to fetch, bring it back, sit and release which she has picked up on so fast! And im glad she didnt do what you said she might the 1st night! Instead she crawled up in bed by me and slept til 5:30am! Shes only had 1 accident in the house and thats bc no1 would get up and take her out! She gets up between 3:30 and 5 every mornong! Thatll take some getn used to! My wife also wanted to know if they were still going to get that smallest brittany pup you had!? Thanks again and i hope to hear from you soon! Thanks, Josh Williams
Submitted by: Maisie Welch on Sep 30, 2011
Our puppy purchasing experience with Mr. David was amazing!!!!!! Not only are the dogs beautiful, healthy and PERFECT but David is just as awesome. I would recommend ANYONE to him, as I already have! Our male, Hank, is just shy of 7 weeks old and we can already tell that he will be an easy trainer and great dog. He's already pointing things around the house and in the yard! It's easy to give Spin Top Kennels a 5 of 5 rating!
Submitted by: Candice McMahan on Sep 25, 2011
We received a beautiful female GSP named lady from Mr. David and are beyond satisfied with her sweet sweet demeanor! She is so loving and gentle with our 9 month old son! She has to be wherever he is even when he naps she's right there laying next to his crib!
Mr. David promised us an amazing dog and that's just what we got and more!
We are a water family and spend most of our days at the pool or the beach! At first she was a little unsure (she was only 9 weeks old) and all she needed was a little encouragement now we struggle with getting her out of the water!
She is extremely smart and learns very quickly! I've never been able to teach tricks so easily and fast to any dog I have ever owned!
Everywhere I go I have strangers constantly complimenting how beautiful she is! I am beyond grateful for finding David! He is just the sweetest man! Was always prompt with getting back to me, answered all my millions of questions and even saved us a 8 hour trip by arranging with another client who lived in FL as well to allow our pup to hitch a ride with them!
Needless to say I have had an awesome experience with Mr. David and would recommend him to anyone that's is interested in a GSP he has truly exceeded my expectations as a breeder and now as a friend! I couldn't be more happier and will be purchasing from him again!
Submitted by: Taylor on Sep 23, 2011
I got a liver and white male Brittany pup out of Cedar and Jett from David. He was born at the end of May and picked him up in early July. David went out of his way to see that I took home the pup that I wanted. Since the first day he came home, he has been an energetic but gentle, loving dog. He is very smart and house trained easily (stays inside while im at work without any problems). At almost 4 mo's now, he has been dove hunting several times. He will already find birds consistently and retrieve to hand. Never had any problems with him being timid or gun shy and he is still a pup. He is an avid swimmer and never hesitated to dive in (first swam at 12 weeks). If I leave him outside, he will sit at the door step until I come back. He is very well socialized and playful with other dogs and people (even if he has never met them before). I never have to put him on a leash unless we are trainig. I can't say enough about his progress as a pet and as gun dog. If you are looking for a quality gun dog and family dog, go see David...who says deals aren't made with a hand shake any more?
Submitted by: Brandon & Magan Ward on Sep 18, 2011
We can't say enough marvelous things about Mr. David Holt and Spin Top Kennels! We purchased our female GSP puppy (Shiloh Belle) from him on September 2, 2011 - and had been in contact with him about her literally from the day she was born. He was more than accommodating to us by letting us know how she was doing, and sent pictures almost weekly per our request. Mr. Holt is a fantastic Christian man who loves animals, and it is apparent that he loves what he does. When we arrived to pick up Shiloh, he made us feel very at home by inviting us into his home, and he also showed us around his kennel. We could not ask for a better experience, and we WILL be purchasing another puppy from him in the future.
Submitted by: Daniel Musselwhite on Aug 31, 2011
I bought a German short-hair from Mr. Holt January 9,2011. Mr. Holt is one of the nicest and most honest men i have ever met. His kennel is first class because he puts his passion for the sport and the breed into every puppy he delivers. My puppy Remmy, has been a great puppy and the most loving dog anyone could ask for. This will not be the last time i do business with Mr. Holt. I highly recommend David and i know you will not be disappointed with him or his dogs.
Submitted by: Eric Paul on Aug 30, 2011
Mr. Holt was an absolute pleasure to buy my GSP puppy from. From the first email to today Mr. Holt has answered every question that I had along the way. He is very knowledgeable about his dogs and a pleasure to talk to and meet. I drove 15 hours to get my puppy and plan on doing it again because I can't imagine buying another dog from anyone but him. My pup was happy and healthy from day one!
Submitted by: John Kappelman on Aug 22, 2011
I bought my Brittany pup Hank from Mr.Holt on 8-13-11 and couldn't be more pleased with him.Mr.Holt is a man that dearly loves his dogs and takes great pride in his kennels.I highly recommend that anyone looking for a top of the line dog and kennel to get in touch with David Holt at Top Spin Kennel you won't be disappointed. Thanks for a great pup David!
Submitted by: Josh and Leah Reaves on Aug 12, 2011
First of all, I have to say that Mr. Holt was wonderful to work with! He always kept us updated on when a puppy would be available and how she was doing once she was born. Birdie is a wonderful dog and we couldn't be happier with our choice of using Mr. Holt as our breeder!!! When we arrived to pick her up he made us feel right at home. He sat us done and went over every thing with us. It was great that he was able to show us his dogs!!! They are all so beautiful! We look forward to getting another GSP soon! Five stars all the way!
Submitted by: Ann Taylor on Aug 03, 2011
I picked up my two little girls, Emma and Rosie, from David on January 17, 2011. They are positively delightful and never meet a stranger! They love their daily runs -- probably because they turn so many heads -- they are truly beautiful dogs, just as David promised. I purchased them as pets, and they are extremely affectionate and always entertaining. It has been a pleasure meeting and working with David. He really does love all of his dogs and is so thoughtful to send me regular e-mails checking up on my girls' progress.
Submitted by: Blake Terry on Jul 25, 2011
This is my first time doing business with David at Spin Top Kennel and believe me it will not be my last. David is a super nice guy who is very knowledgeable and will shoot you straight!! I bought a GSP from them and couldn't be happier. The kennels are nice and clean. And all the dogs appeared to be very well taken care of. If you are looking for a great dog and a great breeder, Spintop will be well worth it. I was 100 percent happy with everything.
Submitted by: Jack and Emily on Jul 17, 2011
We have intentionally held off adding a review until our dog turned at least three months old. Our dog has just reached four months and this is by far the best puppy/dog we have ever come across. This dog has never met a stranger or dog that does not become his best friend in a matter of moments! We have exposed this dog to everything we can think of to try and find some sort of shyness or weakness in the genetic make up. Nothing seems to phase this guy. He has been around small children, in and out of elevators, around the elderly, on long car trips, and to strange places. Nothing has been too much for him to handle.

David's passion for dog breeding and bird hunting is evident in everything he does. He treated my wife, who has absolutely no experience with gun dogs or hunting, like she was the most important person on the planet both days we visited the kennel. We were very lucky to have found Spin Top Kennels. If you live in Alabama, or are even within driving distance of this kennel, go there if you want to get a great GSP puppy.
Submitted by: ethan whitney on Jun 27, 2011
Dealing with David and Spin Top kennels has been an amazing experience. He was super knowledgeable, and answered any question I had. and there were a lot of them. meeting him and picking up the dog was also a great experience. we brought the whole family and he was so nice he treated my kids like they were his grandchildren. I will be going back to spin top kennels in the future for sure. If you are looking for a great dog and buying experience go to spin top kennels. It is worth the drive believe me I know I came from Louisiana
Submitted by: Kim Moates on Apr 20, 2011
We began talking to David over email about a GSP around Christmas. We were searching for an active breed to keep up with our lab. David answered every question we had. He let us know that he would be breeding two of his dogs (Hank & Heidi) and should have a litter around March. He kept us updated about Heidi's progress and the birth of the puppies. He was quick to send pictures. Even when I asked for "extra" pics, he sent them right away. David was very knowledgeable and quite fun to deal with. An email from him was always a pleasure! He let us come and visit our puppy when he was two weeks old. We got to see the kennels and meet Hank & Heidi. We knew then we had made the right decision! We picked up our puppy (Coop) on April 13. He has been a TOTAL joy! He is such a smart puppy and very full of energy. He gives our lab (Jack) a run for his money. Coop is very bold and not afraid of anything. He is sweet and lovable, and into everything at the same time. At six weeks of age, he is already pointing. It is adorable! We can't wait to watch him grow.

We would recommend David and Spin Top Kennel to anyone who is looking for a quality German Shorthaired Pointer puppy! It was the BEST experience ever!

Submitted by: Don and Amy Clayton on Mar 07, 2011
We started looking at breeders for English Setters and American Brittanys early in 2010. After talking to a few breeders, we decided to go with Spin top. David Holt is not only experienced with breeding and raising his dogs, he truly cares about the dogs and people. David went out of his way to make sure we got the puppy that was perfect for us. We picked up our American Brittany pup on new years day 2011. Her name is Lily and she is doing great. She is absolutely beautiful, eager to please and loves being trained. She is still a little young to start feild training, but we have been working with her on basic commands and a little training with a whistle. She is responding wonderfully to the whistle and is consistently obedient. We know she is going to do great in the field. Finally, and most importantly, she is an absolutely adorable loving new part of our family and we are so happy we waited to get her from Spin Top. After seeing David's facility and all the dogs, I would recommend it whole heartedly to anyone who is looking for a gun dog that he breeds. The fecility is clean and the dogs were all beautiful. When we are ready for our next pup, we will definitely use Spin Top.
Submitted by: Darlene & Cameron Moore on Feb 20, 2011
My husband and I purchased two GHP four weeks ago from David Holt. They are litter mates (both male), and we are extremely happy with them. We have had no problems with the puppies (vet check was great). They are very friendly and gentle with everyone they meet. People continually stop us at the park and around the neighborhood wanting to know what kind of dogs they are because they are so cute - not too many hunting dogs in Metro Atlanta. We purchased them to be pets and couldn't be more happy with our decision. David has stayed in contact with us and has truly been a joy to get to know. I would recommend his kennel to anyone looking for a GSP!
Submitted by: Destin Gilpatrick on Feb 17, 2011
We just purchased our GSP from David on Feb. 5 and she has already been such a blessing to our family. She is beautifully marked and has a great personality!! She is the perfect addition to our family. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!!
Submitted by: Daniel Dauphin on Feb 14, 2011
Just wanted to drop an update on my ES male pup out of Buffy and Sarge now that he's a year old and has been through his first hunting season. I could not be more pleased with our pup. This hunting season he had a few dozen doves, around 30 woodcock (our limit is only 3), well over 50 snipe, one cottontail, and a couple of limits of ducks shot over him. I know that most setters aren't intended to be used as a versatile breed, but this dog darn sure can do it all. Sleeping at the foot of my 4 year old son's bed each night is icing on the cake. Folks, you'd be hard pressed to find better pups at any price. Thanks again Mr. David!
Submitted by: Jim,Jinny Jordan and Emma and Gertie on Feb 14, 2011
My family and I picked up our GSP pup "Gertie Athens Hale" from David on the 22nd of Jan 2011 and no one would believe how incredibly awesome this dog is, she is everything and far more than David said she would be. I read almost everyone's comment on this site and everything you read about the dogs and David Holt are correct, he invited my family into his home on our first meeting and charmed my wife and daughters beyond belief. You don't have to be around David very long before you know he is honest, forthright and really cares about his dogs. I could go on and on but in a nutshell we are completely happy with Gertie, Spin Top Kennels and the entire experience. Thank you David P.S. Thanx for helping us find Emmas coat!
Submitted by: Destin Gilpatrick on Feb 10, 2011
David was a pleasure to work with!! We picked up our Lucy, a GSP this past Saturday 2/5/2011. David was kind enough to hold her for us for two additional weeks until we could pick her up. Lucy is a beautiful GSP with a great personality and temperament. She fits in perfectly with our family. I can't express how great our experience with David was. Thank you so much for providing us with the newest member of our family!!
Submitted by: Somer Vanderford on Feb 06, 2011
I got a GSP from David Holt for Christmas. She is absolutely beautiful and smart! David Holt does a GREAT job breeding these animals! He was such a kind man willing to work with me to give me the exact dog I wanted!! This is my first GSP, and I will always own one! Piper, my GSP, is a great family pet! Also, She is already a natural pointer too!!
Thank you David Holt for all you do!!
Submitted by: Terrie Brogna on Jan 27, 2011
I would like to thank David from the bottom of my heart for the tremendous support and "grief therapy" he provided after the untimely passing of my beloved and incomprable GSP mix, Ike. Though my heart still bleeds for my beautiful boy, I'm definitely regaining my bearings since I collected Ozzie from Spin Top last Saturday. Ozzie is joy personified. He's loving, handsome, sturdy, curious, and possibly the Einstein of the dog world since I was able to housebreak him in about a day and a half. Ozzie is everything a new puppy should be. And why? Because he's out of Spin Top; an environment as healthy and positive as it gets, created by a gentleman as superior and kindly as David Holt.
Submitted by: Chad Smith on Jan 26, 2011
I just picked my GSP up from Athens, AL 3 days ago, and she is a great pup. She shows the intelligence of her breed and is pretty high strung. I communicated with the breeder since a few days after she was born in December. I told him that I had a GSP for 14 years and that she had passed a couple of years ago. I explained to him what I was looking for in my new pup and told him that I trusted him to pick a healthy girl for me. He did just that. He introduced me to her mom and dad, and had all of her paperwork ready to go for me. I am very pleased with her, and I would recommend this breeder to anyone. 5 stars all around!
Submitted by: Charlie and Mary Ethel Gross on Jan 17, 2011
We just bought our female German Shorthair puppy from David yesterday, and she has already become a very important member of our family. She has a wonderfully sweet temperment and has been great with our one year old grandson. WE could tell how much David loves his dogs and also how much he wants to give well adjusted and great puppies to the new owners. We so enjoyed the brief time we had with him and his family. They are a wonderful family who have great Christian values, and that shows up in his whole kennel operation. What a privilge it was to have met them and to have a dog from Spintop Kennels!
Submitted by: John David and Mallory Gardner on Jan 16, 2011
My wife and I just purchased a great looking male GSP from Mr. Holt. We could not be more happy with our pup. We met Mr. Holt about 6 months ago and have been waiting on the perfect pup for us. He bent over backwards to make that happen. We have exactly what we set out to find... a family dog that loves to get out in the field and find us some birds. After dealing with him and getting to know both him and his family over the last few months...we know we got our dog from the right breeder. Not only did we come away from this experience with a great dog but we also feel like we made a life long friend along the way. I don't think there is enough room on here to fully explain how my wife and I feel about Mr. Holt. He is a great man. If there is anybody contemplating a GSP or any other breed of pup that Mr. Holt has, you can not go wrong with a pup from Spin Top Kennel. Thanks for everything Mr. Holt, we really appreciate it. By the way, our new pups name is "Holt" for anybody who was wondering.
Submitted by: Mary Beth Cobb on Jan 10, 2011
My husband & myself purchased a GSP from Mr. Holt this past weekend. Although we've only had our little "Izzy" for a couple of days she has brought us nothing but joy. I've never dealt with
anyone so helpful and eager to please than that of Mr. Holt. He went above and beyond our expectations. Words cannot describe the warm feeling we have for him. He is a man of true character and wants nothing more than to bring joy to others. We will definitely visit him soon. If not to get a male GSP, but maybe just to stop by and pay him a visit. Even if it is a 6 hour trip. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience David.
Submitted by: Spencer and Waid Ryan on Jan 09, 2011
It gives me real pleasure to let this forum know what a great man David Holt is, and what a honor it is to count him as my special friend. I met David about 4-5 years ago when I was looking for a replacement for my longtime hunting companions "Mitsy" and "Dixie", two of the hardest hunting little Brittanies the Good Lord ever created. After talking with David for months, I decided to go up and meet him personally. Well, as anyone on here knows, I met a very special person who immediately became a true friend to my son Waid and I. We did come home with a setter puppy that hunts HARD, is biddable, and to say the least "does it all". Puddle is now a 3 year old and today hunts with a new arrival at the Ryan home, an 11 month old tri-colored setter pup that was a gift from David to my son Waid and goes by the name "Trouble" (named by Waid, but appropriately so). After a life with bird dogs, Trouble has the makings to be the BEST that I have ever had. She is a bird finding machine, steady, fast,works to the whistle retreiving and backing, all by the age of 10 months. She is out of David's Buffy and Sarge, lineage Resa's Trouble Mace. The blood runs DEEP!

If you would like to see pics of Trouble's first season and her training during the Summer and early Fall, I would be happy to send pictures bny email. If you want to meet a wonderful man who truly is a special person that loves bird dogs and the people that "go with 'em), take the time to contact my friend David. There is not another like him. A great friend, honest bird dog man, but most importantly, the kind of person that knows what is most important in life. Yep, that is my special buddy and friend David Holt. Take time to visit Spin Top. You will find top notch bird dogs, but a top notch person as well. Contact me at
Submitted by: Bobby Brigman on Jan 09, 2011
I recently returned from a wonderful visit with David and purchased a Brittany pup to accompany my two year old GSP I purchased from Spintop two years ago. At six weeks of age this young Brittany was delivering a small stuffed toy to hand and staunchly pointing a wing on a string. My GSP, a progeny of Spintop Hank, is as solid a bird dog as can be found. He also serves as the family watch dog, guardian and protector; as well as, playmate for my granddaughters. I highly recommend David's kennel and bloodlines. He is truly as reputable and honorable a breeder as can be found.
Submitted by: Byron Vines on Jan 01, 2011
We bought a little GSP gyp from Mr. Holt this summer. She is a dream pup:very birdy and quick to catch on. She is very eager to please. Our experience with Spin Top kennels has been nothing short of excellent. I would highly recommend David Holt and his fine bird dog kennel to anyone who needs a fine, well socialized bird dog puppy.
Submitted by: AJ Milwee on Dec 29, 2010
I have just recently purchased a GSP from Mr. Holt. Although we have just had our puppy for just over week it is easy to see he is going to be a great fit for us. We named him Bear. He is a just full of personality. I am really looking forward to training and working with the little guy. As far as Mr. Holt, I have never met someone so willing to satisfy other people. I contacted him sometime in September looking for a GSP puppy and from that moment he was nothing but helpful in helping me get a pup from his kennel. We sent countless emails back and forth, and he was always making sure everything was going ok with myself and making sure he was updating me on how the puppy was doing. I can not say enough about Mr. Holt, he is simply a great man who wants nothing more to bring joy to others. I must say he has succeed over and again with his emails and now with this bundle of joy he has brought into our life.
Thank you Mr. Holt for everything it has been a true blessing!!
Submitted by: Webster Family on Dec 28, 2010
David Holt is a genuinely kind and thoughtful man. He runs a well disciplined, clean kennel. His dogs are healthy with beautiful coats. He deeply cares how his dogs adapt to their new homes. Our family recently bought a puppy from the Becca/Rex litter and she is full of curiosity and life. She has already been a true joy for our family. The dog is extremely intelligent at 6 weeks. She understands when she has to go potty and lets us know, she immediately knew how to play fetch, and she gets along well with the other animals in the house.The quality about this dog we are most pleased with is that she will sleep through the night! All in all this family will keep Mr. Holt as their primary breeder.
Submitted by: Lindy Lee on Dec 17, 2010
We purchased a female German Shorthair Pointer last year..she is an absolute joy! She is a great hunter, she is super with my kids (she sleeps in the bed with my 13 year old son), and is so smart...everyday she surprises us with some new personality filled adventure...You have to breed great personalities like this into a dog..she is definitely part of our family...Thanks Mr. Holt!
Submitted by: Lisa Vaught on Dec 02, 2010
After losing our English Setter at 5 years old, we thought it would hard to get a dog that we loved as much as we did her. I called a couple of breeders and they seemed to be more interested in the money than adopting their dogs. That was until I found David. You could tell by talking to David that he loved his dogs first and foremost and took extremely good care of them. We picked up our Abby on October 9, from a litter born on August 28, and couldn't be happier. Abby is intelligent, healthy, active and has been a great addition to the family. I couldn't imagine getting a dog from anyone else other than David. He is friendly, honest, and I couldn't have asked for better communication during the months prior to picking up our little girl. We love Abby just as much as our previous puppy and our house is now a home again. Thank you David!
Submitted by: Sue and Rich Grumbir on Dec 02, 2010
We tried to submit our testimonial several times over the past few months and for some reason it never we will try again.

We had the great pleasure of meeting David Holt last November when we attempted to breed our Brittany, Maggie, with David's Ramblin Rock. Unfortunately, she did not get pregnant and we were so sad to learn just recently of Rock's passing. David was always a true gentleman and it was always very obvious that he truly loved his furry family as much as we love our furry family. David was a pleasure to deal with and we are hoping that now that Maggie is in heat again that we will have the opportunity or Maggie to meet another one of David's studs to attempt a litter yet again. One cannot ask for a more honest, Christian, good natured man than David.

May Ramblin Rock rest in peace. He was a wonderful dog.
Submitted by: Dana Mungenast on Dec 01, 2010
David Holt is a man of character and a true blessing to our family. Our GSP is now 6 months old and is a delight. Trooper just returned from his first weekend at the hunting club and loved it! He is extremely smart and easy to train. He is our first family dog and a great addition to our family. Thank you, David!!!
Submitted by: Matt & Amy on Nov 15, 2010
Sorry it's taken me so long to write you a review David. You blessed us with an absolutely stunning, healthy, and beautiful GSP! We named her Trigger, and she is extremely smart, playful, and full of energy. She has a wonderful temperament and is always so happy :]

David Holt is one of the good ones. Sincere and earnest. I could tell he was a good family man from the first handshake. His facilities were well kept and all his dogs were properly cared for so we knew this was the right place to find our wild child (Trigger)I told him what kind of GSP I was looking for and it just so happened that Trigger came up at the perfect time for us and he gave us an immediate call. Sent pictures and was very articulate and friendly with all details. SpinTopKennels is A+++ by my book,

Thank you David for providing us our wonderful pup!
Submitted by: Laurie on Nov 04, 2010
David Holt is a true treasure. On September 1, 2010, I lost my beautiful English Setter mix Kelly to renal failure. Putting him down was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, he was the son I never had. Knowing I could never replace Kelly, I didn't think I would be ready for another dog any time soon. However, the hole in my family grew only larger as the weeks passed. I have a Border Collie that is still grieving for him and I still find myself reaching out my toes to find him at the foot of the bed at night. After prayer and discussion with my "other-half", we decided to find an English Setter puppy. I looked and looked for rescues or breeders and FINALLY came upon Spintop Kennels. I knew before we arrived that we would either purchase a puppy that night or put down a deposit for the next litter. David was so nice and so accommodating. I felt like I knew him and was going to visi an old friend. Luckily, he is only a little over an hour away from us. we were so eager to meet with him, we arranged to go on a Sunday night. Not many folks would do that!
We had 2 beautiful puppies to choose from. Fortunately for me - i didn't have to choose, our puppy chose me! He ran strait to me and I was hooked! His brother was perfectly marked and so sweet, but Oliver stole my heart immediately.
He is in perfect health, well acclimated to sounds and different settings. Very well socialized and an extremely well-cared-for pup. He sat on my lap for the hour+ drive home and fit right in with all the family. He is a true joy.
If you are looking for a working dog or simply a pet, I highly recommend Spintop Kennels. Honesty and integrity are invaluable assets in any business, but somehow I think Spintop is much more than a business to David Holt. I will definitely purchase from David again and I have already recommended him to several friends. I am glad I met David.
God Bless;
Laurie, Steve, Carey, Robin, Richard, Pepper, Bailey, Cody and OLIVER! (Simba & Cat too)
Submitted by: Jessica and Steven Thomas on Nov 03, 2010
We got a German Shorthair Pointer from David Holt on Setp. 6 named Bodhi. We couldn't have asked for a better experience. David's facility are top notch and ALL his dogs were so sweet, playful, and well taken care of. Bodhi is the best dog either of us has ever owned and that is due to the fact that David takes such great care of his dogs. Bodhi has been very easy to train, he took up to walking on his leash so easily and was very easy to kennel train. David is an honest breeder and is one of the kindest gentlemen I've ever met.
Submitted by: Deborah Hogeland on Oct 15, 2010
We want to thank David for our beautiful English Setter puppy. Miss Scarlett is intelligent, loving and most of all has already captured our hearts. It was a pleasure visiting with you and touring your kennel. I highly recommend anyone looking for a puppy go visit David and his kennel. His kennel was clean and all of his dogs were so friendly and absolutely beautiful. David is truly a Southern gentlemen. Thank you again David for Miss Scarlett.
Submitted by: JD Dixon on Oct 03, 2010
Just visited Coach Holt. He has a GORGEOUS litter of setters that are ready to go. These are full brothers and sisters of Boomer. And, I can tell you folks that YOU WILL NOT FIND BETTER BIRD DOGS. Coach Holt's operation is clean as a whistle. He is such a great fellow.
He also has a lovely litter of shorthairs that will be ready in a few weeks. Call him up. You will be so happy you did.
Submitted by: Jack and Edie Dasinger on Sep 16, 2010
We just picked up our puppy from the Sadie/Ace litter of English Pointers. This is our 3rd dog from David. All I can say is that if you want a really good English pointer you better get to David to get one from this litter. "Sister" has made herself right at home in our kennel. She is healthy, friendly, smart and full of herself!! Oh and did I say she was pretty! I know that English pointers are pretty much considered hunting dogs and this is what she will be but I truly believe she would also make a great companion dog. We have a lot more experience in the horse industry than we do dogs but bloodlines and breeding do count and this line of dogs has natural ability that even an amateur can see.
Thanks David for another wonderful dog.
Jack and Edie Dasinger
Submitted by: Mike Sims on Sep 09, 2010
I recently acquired my second puppy from David as before am extremely pleased.The dogs are bright,healthy,and easy to work with.They are everything David said they would be.The whole experience has been great! Not only do I have 2 happy,eager pups I also feel that I have a good friend and resource I can rely on for support should I need it.Thanks David! I'm sure we'll do business again!
Submitted by: Norris & Amy Watson on Sep 03, 2010
We have been fortunate enough to have not 1 or 2 but 3 dogs that we have purchased through Spin Top Kennels and David Holt. From day one David asked the right questions and understood what my husband wanted in a bird dog and what I wanted in a companion. Sadie, Maddie, and our newest addition Jill have been such a blessing to our lives and have done a fantastic job in the field with my husband. They want to please him in every way and do there best to make him proud during the hunt. David Holt runs an extremely clean kennel and affords his customers plenty of time with the pups to pick out just the right one for their family. Our experience with David and Spin Top Kennels has been positive in each and every way and we are so fortunate to have 3 healthy, loving, hard working, and loyal companions. Thank you David for doing it the right way, and for giving us 3 special girls! Norris & Amy Watson
Submitted by: Robert hough on Aug 28, 2010
I should have written sooner. We were so lucky to find Spin Top Kennel and Mr. Holt. My husband Robert had been looking for a good bird dog and found this Kennel on line. We sent in a deposit and had first pick of a boy English Setter. The most beautiful puppy was a chestnut.  Mr Holt said they were every rare and would love to keep him but honored his word of first pick.  We drove 4 hours to pick up this little guy. The kennel was very clean and impressive. All of the dogs looked great and healthy. We have had Winchester for about 4 months and he is not only the prettiest puppy but he is so smart, personable and has a point that would amaze you!  We are so happy that we have reserved ME a puppy. I can't wait!! 
Submitted by: Brian Rhett on Aug 15, 2010
We received a gorgeous liver and roan GSP from this breeder, and I simply cannot say enough good things about my dealings with Mr. Holt. The puppy has a great personality and is already showing signs of a good hunting dog now. This breeder was professional and courteous and we look forward to the new addition to our family.
Submitted by: Amy Bell on Aug 10, 2010
If you are looking for a honest breeder with quality dogs then look no further. David Holt is one of the kindest gentlemen I've ever met. I called David during the frenzy of Christmas (when everyone and their grandmother were looking for puppies). I fell in love with the online pictures of one particular female GSP puppy due to her unusual markings, but I could not make the 6 hour drive until the weekend, and even though he did not have to, he held her for me without even seeing me in person (even though he had 3 other offers for her). I don't know of any other breeder that would do that, or be so trusting that I would commit to purchasing her once I met her in person. I trusted right then and there that he was a man of his word and I knew the 12+ hour drive(round trip)would be worth it. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. David and his wife invited us in from the cold and allowed my husband, son and I to play and bond with the puppy in their home. We took our little girl home and named her Duchess. She is spoiled rotten and thinks she is the Queen of the house. We have 4 kids ranging from 2 months old to 11 years old and Duchess is kind, gentle and nurturing to all of them. She goes on family trips, stays in hotels or condos with us when we travel, and loves a car ride. She is also full of endless energy and requires regular runs with my husband. Every time he takes her running people want to know where we got her. Even the vet commented on how beautiful she is and said that out of all of the years she's been in practice she has not seen a more beautiful representation of the breed. Duchess is now 9 1/2 months old and still quite a puppy. We are looking forward to the many, many years to come with her as our 4 legged family member. We are so grateful to David for the quality of dogs he breeds and for his kindness to our family. He will forever hold a place in our hearts and when we are ready for a second dog we will no doubt be contacting David.
Thank you so much David!!
Amy & Robert, Ava, Sophie, Jace, Colton & DUCHESS :O)
Submitted by: Ryan Deetman on Aug 10, 2010
Mr David Holt was my history teacher in 12th grade. Mr Holt or as i call him Coach Holt, was simply the only breeder in my book that i would consider for hunting pups. He is an outstanding man and true to his word.
I recently bought a little German Shorthair Pointer puppy from Coach Holt. I love my little girl to death. She was absolutly in the best shape possible and had most of her shots already.
When i got her she was 8 weeks old and she is working on her 3 month mark now, and she hasnt had a once of trouble in health. She was very clean when i picked her up and well fed.
As i previously stated Coach Holt is a man of true integrity, and a man of his word. I would recomend him to anyone anyday of the week. and I already have given his number to a friend.
Thank you Coach Holt for EVERYTHING! :)
Submitted by: Rod Poe on Aug 06, 2010
David, thank you for a fine American Brittany..."Rusty Little Big Dog." At 8 weeks, no sign of being gun shy, or fear of live birds..even Pheasant! He learned how to kennel in 10 minutes, and is very near house broken. Will start with basic commands soon. Cannot wait until this fall! This dogs nose is like advanced radar...still cannot believe it! Thank you for everything David, we will send pics of this bragging dog this fall with Pheasant, Chukar, Grouse, Dove, and Quail. By the way, he has formed a very close relationship with our English Pointer....they interact perfectly. Cannot wait to get both of them out in the field actually hunting! God bless you and your family David.
Rod and Philana Poe
Boise Idaho 8/03/2010
P.S. Thank you for your patience in getting "Rusty" to the Northwest! Maybe one day, we can meet in person.....
Submitted by: Betsy Waldo on Aug 02, 2010
I had the privilege of meeting David and his dogs this summer and was able to take home one of his beautiful Brittany Spaniel puppies. The short time I spent at Spin Top Kennel I saw how devoted David is to his dogs; everything was so clean and the dogs were looked after with love.

I would recommend Spin Top Kennel to anyone and if I had the chance again, would definitely do business with David and his dogs!!
Submitted by: Kristen Peek on Aug 02, 2010
David is absolutely one of the best men I have ever met. I called him on a Saturday and I explained to him that we wouldn't be able to get a puppy until the next pay check due to the first of the month bills. He told me we could come get the puppy and pay him on the next pay check. Not very many people trust others like that and it meant so much. We wanted a puppy ASAP and he made that possible when other people would not have cared. David's kennels were so clean and well kept. You could tell all of his dogs were very well taken care of and loved. I drove 3 hours to come get a puppy from him and it was the best thing I have ever done. We named our GSP Goose. He is so cute and has the best personality. He is a very smart dog and things just come natural to him. I am very happy I met David and greatful for his help and I will definately buy more puppies from him! He is great and so are his dogs!
Submitted by: Randy Manning on Jul 24, 2010
I can't say enough about "Coach" Holt at Spintop Kennels. First and foremost, David is a fine Christian man and true southern gentleman that does exactly what he says he's going to do. My new GSP puppy "Hank" Jr. is everything he said he was and so much more. He was retrieving and pointing at 7 weeks old, not to mention has the looks that are exactly what I was looking for. My experience with David was one of pure pleasure and I consider myself lucky in obtaining a first class GSP puppy as well as a new friend.
Submitted by: Josh DeWild on Jul 22, 2010
The only way to get 90+ positive reviews, is by being a man of integrity running a kennel with integrity. That is David Holt and Spin Top Kennel.

David cares about his dogs and he went out of his way to make sure I would be happy with the dog I chose before I made the long trip. When I got there I was greeted like an old friend and most importantly found a quality run kennel with quality dogs.

THANK YOU David, for "Bear" my great GSP.

Josh DeWild
Submitted by: Michael Henry on Jul 20, 2010
There are not enough great things that I can say about our experience with David and Spin Top Kennel. From my initial contact with Coach to the day we took our Cooper home to weeks after on several "consult" emails, we have felt like a part of the family.

David runs a truly first-rate kennel. Between the GSPs, the Brittanys, and the English Pointers, I have not seen a prettier group of dogs. Given David's attention and the environment we were in, it was easy to choose our new GSP.

I highly recommend David Holt and Spin Top Kennels. Not only do we have a new puppy, but we have a new friend as well.
Submitted by: The Ericksons on Jul 19, 2010
On July 4th we started for AL! I found STK on this site months earlier and after a few e-mails we decided to submit a deposit. Since that date I had been in contact with David via e-mail to find a GSP. He was so prompt in sending updates on the pups. Upon our arrival we could see the kennels were well kept & clean. On that day we were able to see the Dam and Sire and see him interact with his litter mates. We just LOVE our new GSP "Scout". He is no doubt part of the family now and is a healthy & happy 9 wk. old pup. We agree David has a FINE thing going on there in AL and are so proud to have one of his pups.
Submitted by: the Gurley Family on Jul 16, 2010
My husband has been looking for a german shorthaired pointer for a while now and I came across Mr. David Holt's Spintop Kennel via I was so excited to find out that he lived in Alabama too. I called Mr. Holt and we chatted - he is the nicest man who took time to answer all my questions. We headed out the next weekend to pick out our pup. My twin daughters loved visiting SpinTop Kennels and seeing all the precious puppies. We found our puppy with no problem. Rosco, our puppy, is adorable. Mr. Holt has been an excellent breeder to work with, he cares about his puppies, and his customers. Thank you Mr. Holt for our precious little Rosco.
Submitted by: Patty Hofer on Jul 13, 2010
From Day 1, contact with Dave Holt and Spin Top Kennel, everything went smooth as silk. We had to be put on a waiting list as the demands for the Spin Top puppies is so high. It was well worth the wait! Dave sent pictures of the litter right after they were born. Since we wanted a female, Dave put the females in a box and sent more pictures. Dave documented the choices as the picks came in and 6 weeks later, we made a 3 hr trip to see the kennel and pick up our pup.

The kennel is clean and neat. The dogs are beautiful, healthy and you just know how much hard work must go into keeping this good sized kennel in that condition. It has to be a passion and a love that Dave Holt has for these remarkable dogs.

We just love our beautiful little SpinTop Gun Powder baby. She is bright, intelligent and has a remarkable color. Dave has a vet and health program for his dogs and puppies that is top notch. You are getting a lot for the dollar. We loved building a friendship with Dave and just whole-heartedly love this man and his kennel.
If you are looking for a BREEDER of quality dogs, please start with Spin Top Kennel. We found it a remarkable place owned by a remarkable man.
Patty and Dick Hofer
Submitted by: Beth Horn on Jul 11, 2010
I have been on the hunt for Brittany puppies for quite some time when I came across Spin Top Kennel while visiting family in Alabama. From the moment I contacted David about the puppies, I felt very much like part of the family. David went our of his way to make sure I was happy with my Brittany puppies. He allowed all the time I needed to choose puppies from the litter.I left that day with not one, but two puppies from the litter. The pups are happy, healthy, and very smart. I cannot wait to start my adventures with my new boys! It was a blessing to find David and Spin Top Kennels!
Submitted by: Preston Jones on Jul 06, 2010
It's hard to believe today is Gunner's 2nd birthday. Gunner is my GHP that I purchased in Aug. of 2008 from Mr. David at Spin Top Kennel. WOW, has he turned out to the best all around hunting machine! This dog will retrieve anything from quail to geese. He was pointing quail wings at 10weeks, but I had bigger plans. I am no dog trainer, but after reading books I decided to take a stab at it myself. Quail hunting comes natural, so I trained him as if he's a lab and getting ready for the duck blind. Simple commands like heel, hold, back and stay were no problem.
At 3 months old I had him on the dove fields of central Alabama, picking up birds while on the leash. This year was unbelievable! At a year and 3 months, Gunner retrieved every dove I shot down, roughly 150 to 200 birds! Not having to leave the dove bucket is NICE! He responds to hand signals and marks perfect! No barking or screaming commands makes for an enjoyable afternoon of watching him work.
Gunner loves the duck blind; he could be an Olympic swimmer. His excitement keeps him warm on mornings that we are breaking ice and he's sitting in water that's below freezing. Gunner is a true gentleman in the field, not just a tool; he is part of the crew.
Spending just a little time with Mr. David's GSP's and you truly can have a dog that will do it all, and do it well!
I would seriously recommend these GSP's to anyone who is a wing shooter of any type, in fact my brother is picking up a female from Mr.David this Friday!
Submitted by: Kimberly Trawick on Jun 29, 2010
David was absolutely great! We came up last weekend to pay a deposit for a GSP puppy out of his August 2010 litter, but he told us he had some puppies left from his May litter if we wanted to go ahead and get one. After allowing a couple of the puppies to run around outside, we fell in love with Drake. We have now had him for 4 days, and he has been a blessing. Everyone who has met him thinks he is the most beautiful dog they have ever seen. We are now hoping to get another dog from David in a few years.
Submitted by: Shanna Gerstman on Jun 28, 2010
What a great experience we had with Spin Top Kennel and David Holt! Honestly one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. During the entire process Mr Holt stayed in constant contact with me, answering every e-mail, usually within hours. He e-mailed me the pics of the new litter of GSP's. When the colors of the pups set in and none of the males were the color I was looking for, he told me not to worry, that he had another litter from Hank & Jazzy that will sure bring the color I was looking for..and he was RIGHT! We chose our beautiful male GSP this past Saturday and I have to say "Brody" is doing great! He only whined the first night and after that he has been so playful with my 2 young children and is so well behaved.I actually received a phone call from Mr. Holt this morning just to check in and see how Brody is doing and adjusting to his new home. I highly recommend Spin Top Kennel if you are looking for a GSP with an outstanding bloodline and personality. Not only that, but these dogs are so well taken care of and in a super clean and well maintained environment. I just can't say enough good things about my experience with Mr sum it up: you can't go wrong with Spin Top Kennel!!!
Submitted by: Ron LaGrone on Jun 28, 2010
David is a wonderful man who genuinely cares for his dogs, and for the people he does business with. He helped me pick the right breed to fit my family, and kept me up to date as puppies were born. My family is thrilled with our new German Shorthaired Pointer (Lilly). Well, everyone is thrilled except our current Redbone Coonhound Buttercup, she is still hoping this is temporary.

Anyway, David was a wonderful host when we came to visit, and very understanding and helpful.

Submitted by: Lloyd Johnson on Jun 28, 2010
We contacted Mr. Holt back in March about an English Setter. I am so happy we were able to get one before they were all claimed. Thai is a fantastic dog, and is as healthy and smart as you could hope for a hunting dog. Mr. Holt's prompt responses and honest answers to my stupid questions made this process very easy. I would recommend Mr. Holt to anyone looking for a gun dog, and in fact I already have. Thanks again Mr. Holt for giving me my new buddy. I hope we can drop by sometime when he's ready to work a covey or two.

Lloyd Johnson
Submitted by: Daniel Wilson on Jun 23, 2010
What can I say about Spin Top Kennel? The facilities were outstanding, the owner was helpful and extremely nice. Mr. Holt has a beautiful selection of dogs. The dog that I bought last July is absolutely great. I have never seen a puppy allow a baby to crawl around, over, and pull on and never bite, growl, or nip at. His pups are great.
Submitted by: Daryl Hatfield on Jun 10, 2010
I first talked to Mr. Holt about buying one of his setter pups back in early Feb. 2010, I had no idea when I contacted him, but he had a few left from a litter. I was getting ready to get married in March so I was not ready to get a puppy that soon. I told him I would like to wait, and he mentioned that he would be breeding Sarge and Queen, and that he would like me to have one of their pups. Well the wedding came and went, I contacted David about the upcoming litter. Somehow we had a mix up and communication and I had gotten overlooked, it looked like all of the pups were spoken for. David, said he would do his best to get me a pup, somehow it worked out and I was able to get one. We drove up to Athens about two weeks ago and picked up Bouncer. So far he has been great, and no health problems at all. He even pointed at something in the yard the night we brought him home. I would definitely do business with David again, he is honest and that is what matters most.
Submitted by: Alice Cleveland on Jun 06, 2010
One Sunday morning back in March. I was sitting in front of the computer with my coffee, feeling a little blue. I had lost my English Setter Mollie back in Oct. and I still missed her. I started looking at kennels and dogs- puppies. I have always liked English setters. When I came across spin top kennels for some reason I decided to give them a call. Mr. David Holt returned my call that very evening I found out that he had one female pup from a litter born in Jan. 2010. He e-mailed me pictures and we visited several times. I bought the pup but couldn't pick her up immediately. I haven't met David Holt in person but I feel like I know him, feel like he and his family are old freinds. Amazing what pictures phones and e-mail can do. I couldn't get away to pick up the pup, so after 2 or 3 weeks my cousin flew to Alabama and got her for me. Mr.Holt took her to the airport, he was very helpful in every way. Wouldn't cash my check until he found out for sure if I was happy with the dog said if I didn't like her I owed him nothing, just give her to a neighbor or something. If you are looking for a puppy look no more, if I ever have occasion to buy another pup you can bet I will be calling on David Holt. Lucy Lee is a classy little dog, and she loves people almost as much as she loves to chase and point the little birds around my yard. In my work I deal with several area farmers and it's amazing the way she puts a smile on their face when they see her run and do her thing here around my house. If you are in the market for a dog give Spintop a try, your first thought might be that a pup for $300.00 can't be much, but you would be wrong. I had a customer here the other day, an old birdhunter himself, he was watching Lucy run in the field chasing and pointing yard doves etc. he said that is going to be one classy little bird dog. I don't even want to think about how much you must have paid for her.
Thank you David for my new friend.

Alice Cleveland
Submitted by: Sara-Linda Puckett on Jun 02, 2010
I had a GREAT experience, got a great dog, and met a new friend in David Holt. I had searched for months for a honest, sincere, and great GSP breeder. I saw a lot of different websites and talked to a lot of different breeders, but never felt like I had found the right one until I talked to David Holt. He was patient and great at answering all of my questions concerning GSP. My brother and I went to his kennel and got my wonderful GSP Scarlett. He showed us around his entire kennel and answered all of our questions. His kennels are very clean and nice. My brother left wanting one of his English Setters and I am sure will be back in the future to get one from Spintopkennels. I have referred a lot of people to David and spintopkennel because of his HONESTY, KNOWLEDGE, and COMPASSION towards his work with dogs. My dog is beautiful, smart, hard working, quick learner, and the perfect pet for me. I am so pleased and happy that I met David and his wife and that I also got a wonderful puppy from them.
Submitted by: Josh Hawkins on Apr 01, 2010
I recently purchased a German Shorthaired Pointer named “Jax” from Spin Top Kennels and David Holt . Jax is three months old and doing wonderful, I had him house broke three weeks after I picked him up from Spin Top, he is absolutely wonderful and I look forward to the upcoming hunting years with my new bud. I have to say that David Holt is a wonderful person who takes great pride in the care of his dogs and the overall satisfaction for the people who purchase a puppy from Spin Top. David provides a high quality dog that will be an amazing hunting companion and a wonderful family pet. David was an amazing person to work with; he was very helpful, and always willing to go above and beyond to help me out. If anyone who is reading this comment is looking for an American Brittany, English Pointer, English Setter, or a German Shorthaired Pointer, David Holt is the person to see.
Submitted by: Lena Perger on Mar 20, 2010
I visited David to choose a breed and color for a puppy I was buying as a gift for my boyfriend. He was of great help and knew everything about his dogs. We picked the parents for a German Shothaired Pointer and the entire experience and communication were great from before puppies were born until I picked my puppy up at 7 weeks. She's the most adorable and smartest puppy I've seen and by 8 weeks she was pretty much house trained, walked at my feet all the time, retrieved toys while playing, pointed at things she saw in the backyard, and came when I called her. In her new home, she continues to impress and is learning so fast and easy, it's a pleasure to see her develop. She shows a lot of interest in birds and we know she will be an awesome dog all-around.
Submitted by: Mike and Sally Sims on Mar 15, 2010
Impressed in every way....we enjoyed our visit with Mr. David Holt and also seeing his well kept facility. The place was clean and well maintained as were all the animals. We feel as if we have made a very kind and honest new friend and best of all are pleased as we can be with our new German shorthair female,"Sugar". Additionally, David was very helpful throughout the entire process, answering all e-mails and phone calls promptly and directly. Already looking forward to the next puppy we are planning to get from this reputable breeder.
Submitted by: Todd Walker on Mar 09, 2010
Mr David and I had communicated quiet a bit via email and calls about a male GSP. My impression each time we had contact was that he genuinely cared about his dogs and wanted to be sure his customers got what they were looking for and more.
It was an absolute pleasure to get to meet him on 3/6/10 when my wife and picked up Max. we not only gained a new member of our family but we also have a new friend being Mr David.
Submitted by: Daniel Dauphin on Mar 09, 2010
Mr. Holt and his dogs get my very highest recommendation. He has communicated and sent pictures throughout the process, also handled the transaction in a very professional manner and sent us away with a nice packet of info. to boot. Mr. Holt was even kind enough to take my son, and consequently the new pup, around the back to see his quail in the flight pen, and we got to see the pup's first point, at just 7 1/2 weeks!!!! I believe Mr. Holt is as honorable and kind an individual as one is ever likely to meet, and his dogs follow his example. Our "Jelly Bean" is a male pup from the 2nd Buffy X Sarge litter, and I couldn't be happier. This pup is very smart and friendly, and the boldest I think I've ever had. Mr. Holt and Spin Top Kennels are certainly worth a look, and I would not hesitate to send anyone I knew to him for a pup.
Submitted by: Brandi on Mar 09, 2010
We got our sweet baby girl scarlett from David about a week ago! She is the best GSP there is! We adore her, she is extremely smart and loving and is going to point with such style, she is already showing us a little of her point when she hears something unusal or and when she is concentrating on something she will point her nose out and lift up that front leg and point her tail out its amazing! She has been so wonderful with my 2 children and I believe she has almost forgotten what her legs are for they hardly ever put her down! She has been such a wonderful blessing to our family and we could not have asked for a better GSP. David was extremely wonderful and such a pleasure to work with! I cannot thank him enough for how wonderful he has been to me and my family and in this whole process of finding the right GSP puppy for us and you will not find anyone better to buy a puppy from then him! He is very passionate about his dogs and his business and we have found a wonderful friend in him that will hopefully continue for a lifetime! Thank you for everything David! We adore little scarlett!
Submitted by: Dustin Ball on Mar 05, 2010
First let me say Mr. David Holt is one of the nicest, honest, and most sincere people I have ever met. David did everything possible to help me find the perfect puppy. I went into the puppy process looking for a unique puppy and that is exactly what I got! Even at 6-8 weeks of age I can already see what makes Mr Holt's dogs so special! My puppy is very intelligent and willing to please, he has been EXTREMELY EASY to train with the few things I have attempted like house breaking and general obedience. I admit I dont know very much at all about training dogs but it seems easy with this pup because he is so smart, I cannot wait for him to grow a little so that I can see what he can really do. Thank you David! I will be back to Spin Top for future pups and to spend time with new friends.
Submitted by: Rachel Draper on Mar 05, 2010
I've known Coach (David) Holt for about 8 years. Two summers ago, I was working with his wife when he stopped by to say "Hello." He told me about his new Brittany puppies and that I should come by and pick one out. At the time, I wasn't able to get one, but a few months later, our family Cocker Spaniel, Millie, passed away, so my dad surprised me with a Brittany from that summer's litter. We got a hyper liver and white male who I named Raleigh, which means Field of Birds. Raleigh is now about 21 months old and he is still hyper, but he follows directions and is the most fun dog I've ever had. He loves being outside and chasing birds and squirrels. He has also enjoyed the recent snow. Every morning, my mom takes him on a run, and he still has energy after 2 miles of jogging. She has told me that Raleigh is afraid of turtles, but he loves jumping in puddles. We haven't taken him swimming, but I'm sure he would love that, too. Overall, I've had a great experience with Coach Holt's kennell, and the puppy we got from him is the most energetic pet I've ever had.
Submitted by: Tim and Miranda Shope on Feb 27, 2010
We contacted David around Christmas for an English Setter puppy. He said he had a litter due in January. From that moment on we remained in touch. We shared personal stories, kid stories, and of course puppy stories. I cannot say enough about David's character, communication, and just being a straight up good man. Our little setter came home last night and we already love her! Thank you David and Spin Top Kennel for a perfect experience. David will be a friend and this will definitely not be our last Spin Top puppy.
Submitted by: Sara Shields on Feb 08, 2010
This is my second attempt to write a testimonial for David Holt and Spintop. I was desperate for a puppy, it was Christmas time and after the death of our dog to cancer and the death of my mother last November we were in need of new life more than I can say. As luck would have it I found Mr. Holt on the Gun Dog Breeders website. He was so helpful even though he did not have a pup for us. He told us of another breeder he knew and gave us his number. Larry Mize did have an English Setter pup for us and Mr. Holt again helped us with the transport options. I don't know how to express our graditude for this unselfish kindness to strangers, except to say that this man is a credit to all Gun Dog Breeders. We have been given an opportunity to have a fine dog and Mr. Holt is in many ways the reason. He saved our Chistmas and helped bring joy to our home. If I could have a thousand dogs I'd get help from David Holt and consider myself very lucky indeed.
Submitted by: sam felts on Feb 03, 2010
My 2 year old GSP Doc came from Spin Top Kennel and David Holt. Doc was my first GSP but definetely not my last. Previously owning and hunting English Pointers I was looking for something different. After looking at several breeders and kennels,my wife and I were extremely fortunate enough to stummble upon David and his kennel. From the very first conversation I was impressed with Mr. Holt. I have yet to encounter a more knowledgeable and genuine man.My pup in my opinion has become a bird finding and retrieving machine, with little to no help from me. Whether in the field or the house my wife and I could not be happier.Thank You David, look forward to seeing you again soon.
Submitted by: John D Dixon on Jan 31, 2010
Just wanted to update you on Boomer. This dog is great. He is 8 months old now (English Setter), and is the best dog I have ever partnered-up with. Thank you David by honoring us by putting his picture on your newest post about your puppies. If my wife would let me, you can bet I would get that last male from you.

Folks, if you want to contact me, please do. I will vouch all day for the fantastic character of David Holt, for the excellence of the breeding, and for the working spirit of his setters. I have hunted quail, been around, and owned bird dogs all my life, and I have NEVER seen an 8 month old dog do what Boomer is doing.

He is serious, strong, and willing. He can run for hours. He has a great nose. He has a loving spirit. He LOVES to hunt.

This dog goes to work with me, lives in the house, greets all guests and customers, loves playing with other dogs, and is a great friend. It is amazing to me that he is quickly climbing to the top of the bird dogs that my father and I have ever owned at the same time. I did not expect that.

My father and I have had mostly "dedicated" bird dogs that lived in a pen behind the house. This dog has more spirit, more will, and more energy than any we have had, and is my best friend.

This new litter is the real deal. Do yourself a favor and get one.

Submitted by: Troy Potts on Jan 27, 2010
Got one english setter pup from david holt she 9 months old doing great. bought another setter pup male he 4 month old we went hunting that little pup pointed and held the birds the older pup back him up i flush the birds shot two of them the older pup retrieve one and little pup retrieve the other. AMAZING BLOOD LINE THANKS DAVID
Submitted by: L.Lee on Jan 22, 2010
Ellie, our female german short hair, is still a pup yet she is already pointing and showing great promise. She is very smart and well behaved. She is great with kids and is a great asset to our family!
Submitted by: Doug Powell on Jan 11, 2010
I've owned hunting dogs all my life, and have been fortunate to have had a few good ones, but Sam beats anything I've ever even been around.

I got Sam (he's a Brittany) from David about 1-1/2 years ago (he'll be 2 in June). I worked with him for 6 months and then sent him to a trainer in North Alabama for "finishing". I've never had a dog as eager to please as Sam so training and "finishing" was a snap. I hunted him on quail for a couple hours right after I picked him up form the trainer and he didn't miss a bird (more than I can say for myself). The next day, my son and I left for South Dakota to hunt pheasant for 4 days and of course, Sam came along. We hunted alongside 4 German Shorthairs that belonged to the guide (they were outstanding dogs) and Sam was picking up birds that they missed. We hunted 6 hours a day for 4 days and Sam never tired.

Long story short, Sam's the best bird dog I ever had. One last thing ---- Sam's also one of the best friends I've ever had. He sleeps at the foot of our bed, loves my 9 year old daughter and goes pretty much every where with me.

There's no doubt in my mind that David's dogs are far and away better than anything else in Alabama -- if not the southeast. Truth be known, he's probably not charging enough for them. By the way, you won't find a more honest, ethical or gracious gentleman than David Holt; his word is his bond and he'll make you feel like you're part of his family.
Submitted by: Jeff Brown on Dec 30, 2009
I would recommend Spin Top Kennels to anyone looking for a great dog. We got our setter over a year ago and he has turned out to be a great dog. It was worth the drive to get him. (over 500 miles roundtrip). He has great natural abilities that i have just had to learn to trust and he is a joy to hunt with. Mr Holt is a honest breeder doing it for the love of the dogs and breeds, he's not just in in for money.. DON'T buy a puppy mill dog, Give Spin top a chance, you won't regret it. Best Wishes to All.
Submitted by: Suzanne Evans on Dec 22, 2009
My family was blessed to purchase one of the puppies from the previous breeding of Buffy and Sarge. (See my previous post below) Though my family does not hunt, I can honestly say that our Macready Belle is the best natured most wonderful house dog that my family has ever had the pleasure of owning. We have had her for nearly five months and every second of every day with her is an absolute joy. She is brilliant and has been an absolute breeze to train. If you are looking for a loving companion, you will find no better than that which you will find in one of Mr. Holt's English Setters.
Submitted by: Jack & Edith Dasinger on Dec 16, 2009
Ace is the greatest!!!. Yes, we are the folks that bought Ace. Ace is a finished dog and he will put goose bumps on you and tears in your eyes when you see him work. This is the second dog that we have bought from David. If you scroll down the comments we also have a GSP "Moses" that we got as a puppy. Moses is so smart and trainable that he makes an amateur like me look like I know what I am doing. There is not enough good things that we can say about David, his dogs and his kennel. Everything that you read in these testimonies is true. We are hoping to add another GSP puppy to our family soon and it will most definitely be from David Holt!!!
Submitted by: Neal Golden on Dec 07, 2009
Purchased a Brittany, Rip, from David spring of 2008. David was helpful, informative, and honest. I would not hesitate to purchase another dog from David. I have been well pleased with Rip!
Submitted by: M Eaton on Nov 19, 2009
We met Coach Holt at just the right time. My daughter had just had her 3 year old GSP pass away suddenly and also had just moved to a new house. Visiting Spintop Kennel, seeing his dogs, and meeting Coach Holt and his family wasn't just a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. My daughter met and fell in love with a really great GSP puppy and brought Sadie home with her to her new, and now, not so empty home. Sadie was healthy, confident, bold and is a lot of fun. She loves people and playing with you but can entertain herself and isn't afraid of anything. She loves romping through the yard, walks confidently on a leash, and enjoys playing with our 2 year old GSP male. She's been a joy and has brought a lot of joy to my daughter and our entire family. Thanks so much.
Submitted by: Joe Calvert on Nov 15, 2009
After being an avid deer hunter for over thirty years in Alabama, with average success, the excitement of sitting in a tree stand for countless hours and seeing limited "shooters" has slowly dwindled away. My son and I went on a quail hunt a couple of years ago and had the most fun we've had hunting in a long time! After a few hunts of nerve busting coveys, I decided that I needed my own dog.
I started checking with and talking to several gundog breeders and that's when I found David Holt. David is probably the kindest, most sincere and honest man that I have ever met! I told him that I was looking for a dog that was already capable of pointing and backing. David emailed me some pictures of a beautiful three year old English Pointer that was actually on point. He invited me to his kennel and introduced me to Kady.
David told me he wasn't really planning to sell Kady, but he wanted to help me get started with my new passion of quail hunting. That's the kind of man David Holt is!!
I purchased Kady from him, at a great price I might add, and made her my new hunting partner! Kady is full of energy and loves to hunt!! She has not dissapointed me in any way. David invited me back up to go on a hunt with him on his farm so we both could enjoy watching Kady work those birds. David even gave me some tips on being a better bird hunter and dog handler.
I have truly enjoyed my experience with David at Spintop kennels and also found a great friend!! And thanks to David I have an awesome new huntig partner in Kady.
So if your looking to put some excitement back into your hunting, or just looking for a great companion, give David a call at Spintop Kennels. You have nothing to lose, and great friends and companions to gain!!
Thanks again David, I look forward to hunting with you again!!
Joe Calvert
Submitted by: Troy Potts on Nov 05, 2009
I resently bought a English Setter and German Short Hair Pointer. I was amaze at how well dogs responded to my commands. They are very beautiful dogs. They have alot of passion for pleasing me. They work very well together. They are 4 months old and they already point, hold,and retreive. Amazing blood line. I would recommend these two blood lines to anyone with a passion for bird hunting like I do. Fixing to go on their first hunt and I know I won't be disappointed! I would like to say Thank you to David Holt and Good Hunting!!!
Submitted by: JD Dixon on Nov 03, 2009
An update on Boomer, the English Setter that Coach Holt sold us in July. Boomer is now a little more than 5 months old. On Sunday, he had his first encounter with wild quail in a difficult tornado cut hill-side. Boomer struck the birds first, and froze. He could not see these birds, mind you, he did this on smell. Through no fault of his own (he is a pup after all) the birds, a pair, flushed ahead of him about 15 yards.

Boomer then found a single, which he thoroughly ran up. Nevertheless, I am proud of his first shot at wild birds.

Boomer is trained to HERE, SIT, DOWN, STAY, WOAH, and Hee-YOH. He has been a pleasure to work with so far. He requires a gentle hand and a lot of praise. This dog reacts very well to positive reinforcement methods and does not have the "bad citizen" problems that many bird-dog owners struggle against.

All in all, at 5 months, I am very happy with this pup. He has the potential to be a great partner in the field. Thanks again, Coach Holt.

JD Dixon
Submitted by: Holly on Nov 01, 2009
We have recently bought a german short hair from Mr. Holt. I can not say enough nice things about this man or his kennel. He is so patient and very informative. His kennel is very clean and has an awesome set up. We love our dog and if your interested in getting a puppy, this is where you need to go!... Our puppy is almost 9 weeks and we can already tell that he is going to be a great hunting dog!!
Submitted by: Jared Meadows on Oct 24, 2009
I bought a liver and roan female German Shorthair Pointer from David last weekend and couldn't be happier with her. He and I have been corresponding since this past summer when I told him I was interested in a GSP. In the following days he invited me over to his kennel to see his dogs. The kennels were clean, and the dogs were beautiful. I had him put me on his list for a pup from a litter due in early September. After they were born, he had me over when they were about 4 weeks old. I had plenty of time to make my pick, and after I did he said she'd be ready to go home with me in a couple of weeks. David is an honest man with a genuine interest in matching you to the pup you're looking for. If you are looking for a knowledgeable breeder with integrity that you can take at his word, then David is your man.
Submitted by: Jay Carr on Oct 22, 2009
My wife, sister in law, brother in law, and I all drove from Birmingham, AL to Athens, AL to Mr. Dave's house on Saturday, September 26th. It rained on us the entire way there and was still sprinkling when we arrived. Dave was extremely hospitable and courteous to us and allowed us to take the dogs in his shed where it was dry to take a look at them. We went to for sure get one dog and ended up buying two! They are beautiful dogs that we have been enjoying very
much! Thanks Dave for all your patience and help!

Submitted by: Billy on Oct 20, 2009
Mr. Holt & his dogs are a treasure. What started off as a gloomy & rainy day ended up the beginning of some new greatfriendships. Jay, Hols, LH & myself went to Spin Top not sure whether we were ready or not to go forward with puppies. However, after spending a few minutes with Mr. Holt and his furry friends we quickly fell for two of the best pups anyone could ask for. Mogus & Abel are well on their way to becoming best friends & they are well loved. We receive compliments from everyone who meets the boys and the boys are nothing but fun. We look forward to going back to visit Mr. Holt and the rest of his dogs soon. Without a doubt we strongly recommend Spin Top Kennel, not just for getting a great dog but for finding great company too. Thank you Mr. Holt.
Submitted by: Rod Albritton on Oct 06, 2009
I'd been looking for a Brittany puppy locally and when I couldn't find one I asked David if he could ship one from his recent litter. Between the thunderstorms in Alabama and the 100 degree heat in California and the heming and hawing of the airline to ship because of the weather, David went above and beyond the call of duty to get the puppy to me and my family. I can't thank him enough.
Submitted by: Paige on Sep 09, 2009
After months of emailing back and forth with Mr. David, I finally got my Milly in July! She is a German Shorthaired Pointer, and is exactly what I wanted. Mr. David was EXCELLENT at returning emails and sending pictures whenever I asked(even though I'm an AUBURN girl) ;) I can't say enough about Mr. David! He is super sweet, and he loves his dogs and what he does! I'm planning on taking Milly back for a visit this winter. I would recommend Spin Top Kennels to anyone looking for a great hunting dog or just a friend!
Submitted by: H&J Bailey on Sep 01, 2009
We had a wonderful experience dealing with David Holt and choosing our new GSP puppy. He was patient and knowledgeable in answering all of our questions about the breed and even endured three visits and numerous emails from our family during the process. We picked up our puppy in early August and we could not be happier. He is a beautiful dog and seems to be a pleaser. He is very easy to train thusfar. He is fun and playful when you want him to be but will also "mellow out" and even lay in the hammock with you. Thank you David for all of your patience and for such a wonderful dog. We greatly enjoyed getting to know you this summer.
Submitted by: Angelia Laws on Aug 31, 2009
My husband and I got our little german shorthaired girl from Mr. Holt and it was an ABSOLUTE pleasure dealing with him! He has some beautiful dogs and really takes care of them! He will return your calls and e-mails quickly and keeps you informed about the litter. I can't count all of the compliments I have gotten on my little girl and it's all thanks to Mr. Holt and Spin Top Kennel! The puppies are all very well taken care of and are active. It's also great that Mr. Holt knows about these dogs and hunts these dogs instead of just breeding them for the money - to me, that means a lot. If you're looking for one of the breeds that Spin Top Kennel has, I recommend you give Mr. Holt a call!
Submitted by: Suzanne Evans, Rollie & Shirley Stewart on Aug 27, 2009
My family and I will be forever grateful to Mr. Holt for our pecious angel, Macready Belle (English Setter). We contacted him after the passing of our beloved setter, Reese. At that time we were a family with a hole in our heart and a great desire to welcome another English Setter into our family. He met us with warmth and understanding in our time of loss. His close relationship with God was immediately evident in his kind, fair, and honest personality. On August 2nd, we made the trip from our home in Ohio to Spin Top Kennel in Alabama and again experienced the kindness and professionalism of Mr. Holt. Today, Macready Belle has been a part of our family for over three weeks and her love surrounds us daily. She is a wonderful little girl who is content, well-adjusted, healthy and beautiful! We know that our trip to Alabama was one of the best of our lives and will be forever grateful for our Macready. If ever another setter is to come into our lives, it will come from only one place--Spin Top Kennel. We give Mr. Holt our highest reccommendation.
Submitted by: Jon McMillen on Aug 25, 2009
Per the recommendation of another breeder, my family and I began working with David Holt early in 2009, as our female GSP and much-loved family member of 14 years passed away in January. He was sympathetic to our situation, and helped us tremendously.

After visiting his kennel and meeting David and his dogs, we were wholly impressed and put a deposit down right away, in advance of two pending litters. Although we were originally planning on getting another female, we eventually decided on a hearty male pup from Bekka and Rex with great field instincts and show-dog looks. Despite his busy schedule, David took time to keep us informed on our pup’s progress, as well as taking the time to entertain our family for several visits prior to picking up our new dog.

His pups are in peak physical condition, exceptionally well-bred and well-cared for ; he treats his animals with the attention, diligence, and gentle caring that carefully bred gun dogs require. In addition to the animals, David takes care of his clients in a manner that is truly outstanding – genuinely unusual in today’s society.

As an owner of sporting dogs all my life, I will say that working with David Holt has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. I cannot recommend this gentleman enough, and I now consider him to be a friend.

Jon McMillen
Huntsville, AL
Submitted by: Katie on Aug 24, 2009
My boyfriend and I both bought two German Shorthaired pointers from Mr. Holt and we couldn't be happier! We drove down planning to buy just one but when I saw the pups and how adorable they were I had to have one for myself! Mr. Holt was so welcoming and kind to us while we were at the kennel. Since we have had the puppies they have become a big part of our lives and have been showing signs of being good hunting dogs since the day we brought them home.
Submitted by: Dolores A. Diesen on Aug 16, 2009
I've never met David Holt, but spoke several times on the phone. He is truly a gentleman. I'm not really familiar with the internet, so it was daunting to buy a puppy. I tried to follow all the safety procedures, but David said he's a "shake the hand over the fence kind of guy" and he certainly was. All my communications with David have been enjoyable and rewarding-I have my buddy-Copper as a result. I would love to meet David and his family someday, and I know I would never get a puppy from anyone else.
Submitted by: Jay shannon on Aug 04, 2009
Mr. Holt was the most helpful and nicest breeder i talked to. I had been searching and praying that God would help me find the right dog for me. after spending 5 min on the phone with David, i knew he was the one. He was a complete gentleman to my fiance and me. if you want to buy a birddog from a good man that can educate you as well, call Mr. Holt
Submitted by: Joel McCray on Aug 01, 2009
Decided over a month ago that I wanted a GSP. After looking for breeders in all states adjacent to Alabama, we decided on Spin Top Kennels. We called and talked with Mr Holt after seeing he had a liter and told him which puppy we were looking at. That weekend we made the two hour drive to Arhens to check him out. Let me say that we were not disappointed in the puppy or the kennel. The puppies were all well taken care of and you could tell that he truly loved his dogs. We made the decision to get the male and the next 2-3 weeks (as we waited for him to get old enough) seemed to last forever. Mr Golt promptly responded to all questions and even sent pictures of him as he grew. We made the drive today to pick him up and the puppy (as well as all the other puppies) were being well taken care of. Mr. Holt is truely a wonderful man who is a joy to deal with. I will definitely purchase more puppies from him in the future and send my friends who are wanting a dog his way.
Submitted by: JODY HOLDBROOKS on Jul 28, 2009

Submitted by: Joe on Jul 21, 2009
Picked up two English Pointers several weeks ago. They are now 9 weeks old and show a lot of promise.

Mr. Holt was very friendly and seems to keep a kennel full of happy dogs and pups.
Submitted by: Tim and Polly Weaver on Jul 20, 2009
What a wonderful experience! We truly enjoyed meeting David and his wife. After all of the horror stories you hear about "puppy mills" I was a little skeptical. David's kennels are spotless and the dogs well cared for. Our English Setter "Gracie" is an absolute joy!

We now have 4 English Setters and when the time comes to buy another, we will head straight to Spin Top Kennels! If Polly had her way we would have brought home all 5 of the Setter puppies!

Thanks again David - we will keep in touch.
Submitted by: Michael Chandler on Jul 17, 2009
David is an absolute gentleman and a pleasure to deal with. We absolutely love our gsp pup and could not be happier, she comes from great stock and we look forward to another purchase from Spintop in the future, if you are in the market for a hunting dog you will not find better prices, sires or people to deal with. Give David a call you will be happy you did.
Submitted by: John D Dixon on Jul 12, 2009
Picked up Boomer a little over a week ago. He is a great little tri-color setter with good instincts. The dog is already well behaved for a pup of 7 weeks and shows promise.

As a breeder, Coach Holt is great. If you have questions or just want to talk bird-dogs, football, or kids, he will always have time for you. He is a wonderful fellow who really has a deep love for the dogs.

I expect with a little work and a lot of enjoyable time training, Boomer will become the dog that Coach Holt bred him to be. As for now, this little monster is growing like a weed and eating everything in his bowl. He is already a very important part of our Tennessee family.

I want to thank Coach Holt for not only setting me up with a fine setter but offering his friendship as well.

He has many of Boomer's brothers and sisters still available. My friends, there is nothing like a setter on point.

JD Dixon
Submitted by: Lisa Doll on Jul 10, 2009
For a wedding present I gave my husband a GSP puppy and she turned out to be the best dog either of us had ever owned. 15 years later and many wonderful memories, both hunting and not, Grace passed in the Fall. We decided it was time for another, and although that's a lot to live up to, we got a beautful, smart GSP puppy from David in May. We love Dixie and really appreciated all that David has done for us. He really listened to what we were looking for. He sent pictures, kept in touch, and was SO patient. This was a wonderful experience and most of that was because of David's kindness and consideration. I would recommend (and have already) HIGHLY Spin Top to anyone looking for pup. My family is looking forward to hunting with Dixie in the coming seasons and making memories of all kinds! THANK YOU DAVID!
Submitted by: Brad Waddell on Jul 02, 2009
I picked up my English Pointer two days ago and I am absolutely thrilled with her. She has made herself at home and became a part of the family. Mr. Holt was a pleasure to meet and deal with. He takes great care of his dogs and has a fantastic kennel. It is truly a top notch operation and I would recommend Mr. Holt and Spin Top Kennels to anyone. I will definitely get my next dog from Mr. Holt.
Submitted by: Abigail Hyndman on May 03, 2009
I picked up my Brittany (Niles) on April 10th of this year. I was welcomed to Spin Top Kennels and was told to do whatever I needed to do to choose from the male puppies. Mr. Holt offered tidbits about which puppy did what when but he also gave me space and time to make my decision.

Niles has been home for almost a month now and I couldn't be more pleased! He is a little clown and loves to work. He's been pointing wing for quite a while and gets very excited when he sees me grab my bird bag. He is just so great and I am very pleased with him. I would definitely recommend Mr. Holt to anybody looking for a dog with a great working attitude and an eye for fun!

Abigail Hyndman
Certified Master Dog Trainer
Submitted by: Jeff and Tina Woronko on Apr 30, 2009
We have had the most pleasant experience ever! I found David on puppyfind and called he returned my call and well from there only got better. To make a long story short he is very helpful and caring about these animals. It is wonderful to know that there are breeders that care about the animal and not just the money. His place is very clean and beautiful, and you can tell they are all very well taken care of . Hats off to ya/ We got Sadie and she is part of our family now and are enjoying her so much. Thank you David
Submitted by: Ashley Celeste on Apr 12, 2009
We have had our little girl now for about two weeks and she is the greatest! When I first started looking around for a good breeder it was HARD. I dealt with three or four people before I found david, and the people before him just gave me the run around. I was frustrated and ready to give up, I gave it one more try and I'm so glade now I did. I found David and I was so relieved, you will never meet a nicer man. Unfortunately I wasn't able to meet him in person due to the fact that we live in NY. That really didn't matter he sent multiple emails and pictures that it felt like I was there from the day of birth. He was just a sweet and honest man, and any question I had was never dumb to him. He always got back to me in a very timely manor. Our little girl has such a personality and is already pointing at 10 weeks. We couldn't be anymore happy then we are right now and we owe it all to David and his great dogs. We will definitely use him again in the future.
Submitted by: Josh and Lauren Tidwell on Apr 10, 2009
We purchased our GSP Hank from David in March of 2009. We contacted him over the holidays last year expressing our intrest in a puupy. Through hundreds of email and questions answered David quickly became family to us. Very honest and open, we never had any problems. Picking up Hank was a great experience as well as we were able to meet David and tour the kennels. The kennels are in tip-top shape, you couldn't ask for anything more!! We plan to purchase future dogs from him, and would send any one his direction that is looking for a top notch dog. Thanks again for everything David!!!
Submitted by: Janie Lane on Apr 07, 2009
What a pleasure it was to finally meet Mr. Holt when we picked up our little (GSP)girl! We had emailed each other since January and Mr. Holt had sent us pictures of our puppy as she grew. By the time we got to Alabama, I felt as though we were old friends and that is just how we were greeted. Mr. Holt is a genuine, caring man. His kennel extremely clean and orderly. His dogs were beautiful, healthy, well-behaved and loving. I cannot speak more highly of Mr. Holt and his dogs. He had all the information I needed for our new puppy ready and explained all of the care she had received.

I still enjoy corresponding with Mr. Holt and I know where my next puppy will come from; there is no need to search anywhere else! We have a beautiful, smart, healthy pup with an awesome nose.

Thank you Mr. Holt! You are truly a true Southern gentleman.
Submitted by: JACK & EDITH DASINGER on Apr 01, 2009
We picked up Moses GSP from David on March 21st. We had been corresponding by email since around Thanksgiving about this litter of puppies and when they came it was just like family. He sends pictures and information and will answer any question that you may have. He says there are no "stupid" questions. When we arrived at his home he took us on a tour of his kennel and we were introduced to all of his dogs. His kennels are immaculate, the dogs are well cared for and in excellent condition and they obviously love him dearly. Our pup is strong, healthy, friendly and full of personality. We took him to our vet when we got him home and he was pronounced very healthy. We are having so much fun with him that we have ordered a second pup from David to come later this year.
Submitted by: Natalie Caudle on Mar 16, 2009
I just picked up my new baby girl from David two days ago.. I am more than pleased with the whole experience. David Holt is a good man, honest and true to his word. There are so few times that you encounter people like him anymore. I plan on buying one more pup, and there is nothing in the world that would make me go anywhere besides Spin Top Kennel. I have received email after email with pictures and kind words to match. This is my son's first dog and David has helped this to be a wonderful experience. I did alot of research on these dogs (GSP) and had the displeasure of speaking with alot of breeders in the process. David makes you feel like family, you won't find better people or dogs anywhere else!
Submitted by: Doug Shults on Mar 11, 2009
David, I wanted to send you a note to let you know how please we are with the pup we bought in December of 2008. Our Brittany puppy( named Buddy) has been a wonderful pet. He quickly won the hearts of all members of my family. He has basically become a house dog, although he does spend part of each day in the back yard. Buddy was a very easy dog to train. As a hunting dog he has endless amount of energy, and I have yet to see him get to tired to hunt. We started working Buddy over pen raised quail last spring and fall. Even as a six month old puppy, he was finding and retrieving downed birds better than the older veteran dogs. He quickly mastered pointing and holding on quail, and moved on to grouse this winter. Obviously, grouse is a much trickier bird, however, during the last week of the season he pointed and held over two different grouse. I am sure next year, as he enters his terrible twos, we will have to relearn alot of what we learned this grouse season, however, my grouse hunting buddies are very impressed with his progress to date(they want to buy him). In any event, Buddy has been a great pleasure to me and my family.
Doug Shults and family
Submitted by: Gary Thurman on Jan 30, 2009
I drove from NC to Alabama to spin top kennels
and got by far the best english setter I have
seen. When I take her to the hunting club to hunt
I get nothing but complaints about her. Her name
is Queen, it took me 35 years to replace what I
thought was the best dog. But Queen exceeded my
expectations. Around my area she is know as
Queen the machine. She is every thing I was told
she would be and more. Thank you David you sold
a fantastic dog.
Gary Thurman

Submitted by: Bobby Brigman on Dec 24, 2008
I purchased Jay, my GSP, from David in June. On his sixth month birthday he found and pointed twelve of fourteen flight conditioned pen raised birds. He is not only my gundog, but has excelled as the family pet, watchdog, and my true companion. Jay is more than I ever could have imagined, or expected. I have owned and trained many bird dogs through my fifty-three years, but Jay has without a doubt been the best.
Submitted by: Kim McMath on Sep 09, 2008
My husband & I live in Florida & couldn't find a GSP breeder so I looked on the internet & found David Holt at Spin Top Kennel. He was great at sending emails & pictures for us to see the pups.
We were getting 1 female GSP pup, but when we got to David's kennel he had 2 beautiful female GSP pups-1 white & liver, the other liver roan- we bought them both! The kennels were clean and the dogs were taken very good care of and even had room to run. David & his family are very nice people. David is honest and down to earth a pleasure to talk to. We will be buying another pup from him in the future.
Submitted by: Maggie Waddell on Sep 01, 2008
I recently bought a Brittany from Mr. Holt and it was a great experience! When I went to pick up Jenny (my liver and white Brittany), I was amazed at how clean and orderly the kennels were. Mr. Holt was very gracious and forthcoming and made me feel more like a friend than a costomer. I will definately be buying from him when I get another dog. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Holt to anyone searching for a dog. If you're looking for a hunting companion or just a family pet, he's the one to talk to! (Thanks again! Luke 6:20 - 23)
Submitted by: Amanda and Paul on Aug 06, 2008
Paul and I live a couple hours away from Mr. Holt. He was more then willing to take pictures of all the puppies and let us select thru e-mail. When arriving at Spin Top Kennel's, Mr. Holt was extremely friendly and willing to help us out with any questions we had. The kennels were extremely clean and tidy. Mr. Holt was more friendly then we could have expected.
Submitted by: Stephanie Nobles on Aug 04, 2008
I resently bought my husband a GSP for our anniversary from Mr. Holt. I can't say enough great things about Mr. Holt and his great kennel. Our GSP is a handsome liver and roan male with textbook standards. Mr. Holt has a nice set up for his dog kennels and you can tell each dog is loved on by the Holt family. This was my husband's first bird dog and Mr. Holt was more than willing to help with the ends and outs of training our puppy. We are so glad to finally get our little Mossberg! I would highly recommend Spin Top Kennel to anyone looking for a good hunting dog. Thanks again Mr. Holt!
Submitted by: Johanna on Aug 03, 2008
We recently purchased a GSP, Cale, from David and I have to say it was an incredible experience. David was wonderful in keeping in touch with us and sending us pictures of Cale's progress. I believe that David is one of the most genuine people anyone will ever meet and his dogs are A++! We have truly found a life long friend in David! Fabulous experience all around!
Submitted by: George L. Montgome;ry on Jul 29, 2008
During May 2008, I selected a Brittany Spaniel from David Holt and the puppy was for my son and his lady. They are a military couple and time is at a premium. They picked up little "Harley" and the prideful emotions exhibited were a site to behold. David Holt of Spin Top Kennels has a clean and very organized kennel. His dogs are top notch and it is evident in every dog in his kennel. David treats every propective customer as a friend and upon leaving, whether you chose one of his dogs or not, you leave with a profound feeling that this man is an exceptional human being and truly a friend for life. Thank You
George Montgomery, Athens, Alabama
Submitted by: Patricia Paloumpis on Jul 28, 2008
I just adopted a liver/white female brittany spaniel whom we named "Holly" from Mr. Holt yesterday and I was SO PLEASED with the whole experience. I emailed about 5 breeders that were in AL on and by far got the warmest and speediest response from David Holt. We emailed back and forth throughout my puppy's mommy's pregnancy, and he sent me all sorts of pictures of her once she was born! We drove 5 and 1/2 hours out to Spin Top Kennel and every mile was WELL WORTH IT. All of David's dogs are gorgeous and in great health...even coming from the judgemental eye of a vet tech! Holly was as healthy and clean and sweet as she could be, and both her dam and sire were gorgeous dogs. Ever since we got her home she has been nothing but wonderful.

I cannot possibly say enough good things about Spin Top Kennel and Mr. Holt...if you are wanting a brittany spaniel...HE IS THE MAN TO SEE!!!
-Trish Paloumpis
Submitted by: Greg and Robyn Padgett on May 30, 2008
David, We just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with the English Setter pup we purchased from you. We named him Ruger. He is doing great with his training! He is pointing, retrieving and is very smart. He has blended in well with our family and existing dogs and cat. We so enjoyed meeting with you when we came to pick Ruger up. It was like a visit with an old friend. We appreciate your knowledge, expertise and your honesty and we would not hesitate to send anyone your way.


Greg and Robyn Padgett
Submitted by: Dale Morgan on May 27, 2008
David , we named the setter pup Clyde and I can't tell you how pleased I am with him. He is everything you said he should be and more. He is all ready pointing birds and started retrieving. I can't wait until hunting season gets here to show him off. I wanted to thank you again for taking so much time with me making this decision. David thank you for your honesty and the kindness you extended to us, your friend
Dale Morgan
Submitted by: Danny Everson on Mar 24, 2008
I purchased an English Setter from Mr. Holt and couldn't be happier. He understood what kind of dog I was looking for and made my decision much easier. If you are looking for some good dogs and a great man that you can trust Spin Top Kennel would be a great choice. Thanks Danny
Submitted by: Rafael & Pedro on Feb 25, 2008
I wanted to take a minute and profoundly express the professionalism, dedication & pride Spin Top Kennel?s David Holt not only takes towards his dogs, but also the clientele. We personally took a drive from Florida to Spin Top Kennel in Athens, Alabama to welcome ?Duncan? (English setter) to our lives and home. Once we arrived, the first thing we noticed is how well maintained and clean the kennel appeared?David kept in touch prior, during and post delivery. He took the time to listen to our prior experiences and family stories we shared with our last English setter. After getting acquainted, David disclosed all medical record and history about the pup. My uncle and I, devoted an entire 24 hours on the road, but after the sacrifice?an overwhelming collection of emotions was reached, however; I had the uppermost of them all?the sensation of making a dream reality. Rafael.
Submitted by: Jeremy & Anissa Crow on Jan 24, 2008
David was an absolute pleasure to work with! Our great experience at Spin Top Kennel resulted in the newest addition to our family, Oliver Twist, an orange and white male Brittany. Oliver is a smart and spunky puppy with a wonderful personality and demeanor. The Crow family couldn't be happier!
Submitted by: Kara on Jan 03, 2008
We just purchased "Princess LuLu" (Brittany Spaniel) for Christmas from Mr. David having never seen her and she is GREAT!!! Mr. David was great to work with. He took pictures of every orange and white female (L & R) and emailed us to choose our pup. He even sent me updated pictures of her throughout the holidays! (You can see her on his website-Cute huh?)My 2 girls were so excited that Santa left them a little puppy for Christmas-she is just perfect!!!

Submitted by: Jill Acklin on Dec 28, 2007
My husband and I bought a German Short haired Pointer pup for our daughter for Christmas! She is great! David was WONDERFUL to work with. He let us come pick Sydni up at 11:00pm after our daughter went to sleep! This was the best experience I've ever had with a dog breeder! Thanks again, David!!
Submitted by: Don Lewis on Dec 18, 2007
I just recently purchased a Brittany pup from Mr. Holt (David, I know... that was your dad!) and may I say what an enjoyable experience it was.

Mr. Holt's love for and knowledge of his animals was evident throughout his operation. Extremely professional and courteous.

I would highly recommend this breeder for any activity.

Hopefully, we'll get to shoot a few birds with him during the holidays. It was a definite pleasure to meet Mr. Holt.

Merry Christmas to all!
Submitted by: Tony Hardman on Sep 23, 2007
My family and I had a wonderful experience with Mr. David Holt and his kennels. He is a very nice man who is very knowledgable about the dogs he breeds. We began visiting his kennel in April 2007 and chose a gorgeous female German Shorthair Pointer. We were able to visit her weekly and see her progress as well as to observe Mr. Holt with the other dogs that he breeds. We were very impressed with his professionalism and his gentle Southern manners. Our dog is a family pet but we are training her. The dog learns quickly and adapts to finding birds easily. We will definitely buy from him again.
Submitted by: Captain J.L. Newsome on Sep 21, 2007
I would highly encourage anyone looking to acquire a setter/pointer to go to Spin Top Kennels. Mr. David Holt obviously takes a great deal of pride in his dogs. I picked an English Setter from the June 07, litter and named him Ben. Even as a puppy, Ben is attentive and eager to please. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Mr. Holt, as he ensured that I had the exact type and character dog I was looking for. I feel as if I now have the best dog possible in Ben and a friend for life in David.
Submitted by: Michelle Dupre on Sep 14, 2007
My experience at Spin Top Kennel was wonderful. I have a female German Shorthaired Pointer from June's (one of his female GSP dogs) April 2007 litter. I do not use her to hunt, she is just a family dog, but she is a very high energy dog who is always pointing and shows a great interest in birds. She is such a wonderful, happy, healthy dog! Mr. David Holt was so helpful throughout the whole process. He has become much more than just my dog's breeder, he has become a family friend. I highly recommend Spin Top Kennel if you are interested in getting a bird dog!
Submitted by: Spencer Ryan on Aug 20, 2007
When a buyer and a dog breeder both end up happy and satisfied, as well as considering each other future friends, then something special has happened. I had the pleasure of first meeting David Holt while searching for a replacement for my old brittany, and then had the pleasure of finding a setter pup that caught my eye at Spintop Kennel. After running several of Davids setters and older dogs, he kind of grinned at me and asked if I saw anything that interested me, knowing that the little setter out of Tekoah Mountain Sunrise had caught my attention and we both knew she was something a little special. Needless to say, I took her home and she is making some fine bird dog.

Better yet, David and I have kept in touch and getting to know him has been a true pleasure. Honest to a fault, enjoys what he is doing and realy knows bird dogs and I wouldn't consider searching further than David when I am ready for a new pup. Except I will do one thing differently, and that is take my son with me. I want him to meet David. Hunting is a passion and a way of life, but good folks are what makes this world turn. And David is at the top. I guarantee it. Would welcome any calls or emails regarding Spintop Kennel.
Submitted by: Mike Noland on Aug 14, 2007
I have a GSP,Schmidt,I bought from David and a friend of his Larry Mize(Old Hickory Shooting Preserve & Kennels). This was my first bird dog and I was looking for someone to train him. I started taking him to the field with some hunting buddies and we were blown away. He pointed the first bird he ever encountered at 4 months old and by 6 Months he was Hunting with the BIG dogs. He didn't need a trainer he just needed someone to drive him to the field. I definetly want another puppy from this line. Thanks David and Larry.
Mike Noland
Submitted by: Dan Johnson on Aug 12, 2007
I have a puppy from the 6-2-07 litter, that I actually named Holt after Mr Holt. I couldnt be happier with a puppy or the breeder. Mr Holt is more than a pleasure to work with and knows alot about the breed. Anyone considering getting a new setter should make the trip to Athens and see thses dogs.

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