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I DO NOT have quail for sale, and I do not have FREE QUAIL EGGS. I no longer do training NOR BOARDING for the public. PUPPIES: If you would like to reserve a puppy PLEASE send an email directily to spintopkennel@gmail.com or call or TEXT 256-431-6584 This site DOES NOT take messages from outside!! IF you have already reserved a puppy I will get that puppy for you ASAP or PLEASE contact me** German Shorthaired Pointers, and Wirehaired Pointing Griffons: You will NEVER see me post or send pictures of ANOTHER BREEDER'S DOGS in order for mine to be placed in new homes. BELIEVE ME...it happens!!!! I occasionally have pups or possibly some on the way...and occasionally I will have started dogs. Multiple references with names and numbers are available....pics in the field! My dogs are bred to hunt but also make GREAT family pets and great pal-around family companions. References are available** Call for pictures and PEDIGREE information. GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTERS: (Updated Feb.1,2024) The breeding between Smokey and Bretta was not successful. I will be breeding a couple of GSP females when they cycle. WIREHAIRED POINTING GRIFFON'S: (Updated Feb.1, 2024) Reba has been bred to Reggie.This is an awesome repeat breeding!! These will be the REAL DEAL both on water and upland hunting. If all goes well the pups can leave around May 6, 2024. ALL of my pups come with UNLIMITED AKC registration, tails and dew-claws docked and healed, lifetime microchips, no annual fees after the initial chip registration-- vaccination, dewormed multiple times, weaned and eating solid food. **To reserve a puppy give me a call or text: 256-431-6584. I'm taking reservations for ALL pups now. I am excited about these litters!!! If no answer please leave a message...I WILL return your call, text or email. This site DOES NOT function properly when someone sends a message to the Ad! ***The PEDIGREES are available upon request.*** The picks are determined in the order that the names are received. I always send pictures of the pups for the potential new owner to view. Most new owners pick from the pictures, but it is just fine for one to come for a SCHEDULED visit to pick a puppy. If there is a need, if at all possible I will work with the new owner with getting the puppy to his or her home. I occasionally have someone that can deliver a puppy, it just depends on the date. I do not AIR-SHIP puppies. PLEASE PLEASE check with and get APPROVAL from all of the "bosses" about getting a puppy BEFORE BEFORE BEFORE I am asked to send a thousand pictures and videos. ****************************************************************Many kennels that I hear about, read about, and KNOW about were started with FOUNDATION DOGS from my kennel...and still have my bloodlines!! Again...some even use MY PICTURES OF MY DOGS and have copied the information -word-for-word- that I use for my site!! My buildings are all "home-made" with labor and love. There is not one thing fancy here...EXCEPT the dogs! And YES my dogs live in the kennels with access to the run-yards. My females and pups live in the whelping-building. We just strive to run the kennel with integrity. Remember, please call ahead BEFORE you come to pick your puppy...with a smile! 256-431-6584 REMEMBER: send E-MAILS directly spintopkennel@gmail.com If you are a LOW-LIFE worthless SCAMMER..please do not waste my time. May GOD Bless...Keep... and Protect ...and May God CONTINUE TO BLESS AMERICA!
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Boykin Spaniel, German Shorthaired Pointer, Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
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David Holt
23724 Reunion Rd.
Athens, Alabama 35613
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 40 years.
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Submitted by: ADAM ASBILL on Jul 11, 2021
I had searched high and low locally for a GSP puppy. When I discovered Spin Top Kennel and Mr.David Holt 1 call was all it took for me to know where my puppy was coming from. He required nothing more than my word to add me to his list no deposit no crazy contracts. He told me when I took ownership of my puppy it was 100% mine to do as I pleased. I waited on a litter and when they arrived I got pics that day. 3 weeks later we picked our fella. I got regular updates on the puppy and pics. I called often to just check in. When the time arrived for pickup I scheduled a time drove 6-1/2 hours to Spin Top to be greeted by David holding my puppy in his hand and welcoming me and my children like family. He didn't rush us at all answer every question I had and the 100 my kids had. He went over all the paperwork and details with us and then turned it all over to us we stopped twice on the way home and our little guy used the restroom and was ready to go again. Once we arrived home he quickly adapted and fit right in after the long ride he still slept all night long and came from the factory potty trained by some grace of the lord. He hasn't had one single accident in the house and continues to exceed our expectations. I promise getting a puppy from Spin Top isn't a decision to buy a dog its a investment into a wonder family addition. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.
Submitted by: Baylee Saint on Feb 25, 2021
My boyfriend and I were in search of a German Short-Haired Pointer and came across David’s website. After discussing with him, we were able to visit the puppies and put our name down on a wait list. I kept in touch with David almost everyday, hoping we would find a perfect match for us. David helped us so much along this journey. He knew how much I wanted my puppy and was able to get me my sweet Beau earlier than expected. My GSP is a great family dog, a great listener, knows basic commands, and has natural hunting instincts and he is only 13 weeks old. David is definitely great at what he does and I will forever recommend him as a breeder to anyone looking for a wonderful dog.
Submitted by: Meg Spires on Feb 17, 2021
This post is very overdue but extremely heartfelt. We have met so many “angels” during the last 15 ½ years of being parents to a special needs son. So many people we have met are truly servants --they are the hands and feet of Jesus!

Mr. Holt with Spin Top Kennels is no exception. He certainly is one of Jesus’ servants and he touched one young man’s life and made a huge difference. Our son, Copeland received a GSP from Mr. Holt on Sept 4, 2020. Copeland and Sadie have bonded.

1 Peter 5:2 Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care, watching over them—not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be; not pursuing dishonest gain, but eager to serve.

We should have a core value of a servants heart, we should be dedicated and committed to serve others selflessly, with humility and loving kindness.

Servant means to serve; Serve means to help, assist, or attend to.

Many people think of the word servant with a negative attitude. They see servants as those who wait on someone hand and foot. They think the job of a servant is demeaning, thankless and a horrible job to have.

Servants are people who help or assist others. There are many jobs within God’s kingdom that require servants. Servants in God’s kingdom do the will of God with a humble attitude and with the desire to not only serve God but help others along their journey. Servants may have a thankless unnoticeable duty but God notices their service and for their service their reward shall be great in heaven. A lot of people do not want to be servants because of the negative connotation that goes with that title, however, if you are a child of God, doing God’s will then you are a servant.

Mr. Holt with Spin Top Kennels is no exception, he certainly is one of Jesus’ servants and he touched one young man’s life and made a huge difference. Our son, Copeland received a GSP from Mr. Holt on Sept 4, 2020. Copeland and Sadie have bonded exceptionally well. Sadie is beautiful and loves people, she is playful, energetic, extremely loving and affection and super smart! We could not be more pleased with Sadie and are forever grateful that we crossed paths with Mr. Holt and Spin Top.
Submitted by: Kristine Parsons on Feb 09, 2021
Can’t say Enough nice things about Spin Top Kennels. David was extremely helpful and communicative when we were picking out our puppy. He knows his stuff and breeds really wonderful, smart and beautiful dogs. Our dog is not used for hunting she is a companion dog. We could not have asked for a better dog. She is sweet, cuddly and super super smart. Not to mention that she is beautiful. I have now found a breed that I love beyond compare and can’t wait until it’s time for us to get our second one.
Submitted by: Beth Brownlee on Jan 07, 2021
I had not had a GSP since childhood, but when my husband and I decided we wanted a dog, I knew a GSP was right for us. After much discussion we decided to get TWO puppies. The next phase of research was to find the right breeder. Let me tell you, David was absolutely amazing. He was so patient with all my questions and quick with his responses. We picked up our babies on 8/28/20. I cannot say enough about them both. Rye, our baby girl, is so smart. She’s affectionate and has such a unique personality. Scotch, our baby boy, is the most loving dog. He is caring, empathetic, and so eager to please. Both dogs could sit, lay and stay by 4 months. They were pointing when we picked them up! We haven’t tested their hunting skills yet, but can’t wait! Scotch is at school currently, and we feel like part of our family is missing. I would choose David and our babies over and over again every single time. Absolutely the right choice for us!!
Submitted by: Joe on Dec 30, 2020
I would like to just say David at Spin Top is just a great breeder to work with. We lost our chocolate lab, Holly, on Memorial Day, she was 13 years old. We decided no new puppies for a bit. That lasted all of 3 months. When we decided to get a puppy, I suggested a GSP. We did our research, felt confident since we have had retrievers in the past. That said, I texted David at 9pm the first time and we texted for 30 minutes or more and he answered all of my preliminary questions. We set up a time to come and visit his kennel and then answer all of my wife’s questions. Needless to say we decided then we wanted a black roan GSP.
We brought Gus home on 10/9 and cannot be more satisfied with our choice and the breed. Gus is just a little over 4 months old and is progressing nicely. He is just beautiful and very smart. He is probably the smartest or most intuitive dogs we have ever owned. I can’t wait to get him in the field and take on hikes with me.
Thanks David for everything
Submitted by: Shayne Campisi on May 31, 2020
Before I tell you about the dog, let me just say that working with David was hands down the best experience working with a breeder, especially while dealing with this COVID mess. He responded to all of my (wife's) questions and was quick to provide pictures (multiple) and videos. Such a patient man to put up with that.
Now about this puppy...SMART and BEAUTIFUL...our Ruger is officially 8 weeks old(brought him home at 6 weeks) he already sits, shakes hands, fetches, drops (still working on this one as he likes to play with it a little bit first), stops what he's doing when you say "no" and will come.
He has had ZERO accidents in his crate, and only a couple in the house. He will go to the door, paw at it and then whine if you are not moving fast enough.
Not gun shy at all, and enjoys our days at the trap field.
SUPER IMPRESSED with just how smart this puppy is and look forward to working with David again in the future.
Submitted by: Nolan miller on May 19, 2020
I picked up my gsp, Fynn, up from 5/18/20. Mr. David Holt could not have possibly been more friendly and helpful! This is my first bird dog puppy and he answered every single one of my questions I had throughout the process and even sent me home with a few wings to start Fynn off on the right foot. His kindness, patience, and care for his dogs really shows. Fynn has been an amazing dog so far that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to Mr. Holt.
Submitted by: Josie Gibbons on Apr 20, 2020
We picked up our GSP January 26th of this year. Already, he has been a great pup. He has shown great intelligence and an eagerness to learn. David at Spin Top Kennel was easy to work with and clearly has quality dogs. Highly recommend.
Submitted by: mark on Apr 01, 2020
i will make this short.Pick my dog up 2/9/2020 today is 4/1/2020.the dogs name is Colt at this time I have Colt retrieving and dropping on command,staying and releasing on command,laying down on command.These are just a few thing that I am working on with him.Colt is less than 4 months old this dog is unbelievably smart I hope if you purchase a dog from David that you are as fortunate as I was.I took him hunting three weeks ago along older dogs just see how he reacted he did just fine actually he back up one of the older dogs.So in closing if you are look for a TOP quality GSP there is no way you can go wrong buying from DAVID.
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