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** I DO NOT have birds for sale and I do not do training for the public**

****PUPPIES*** If you would like to reserve a puppy PLEASE send an email directily to spintopkennel@gmail.com or call 256-431-6584 IF you have already reserved a puppy I will get that puppy for you ASAP** 

German Shorthaired Pointers and English Setters.  I occasionally have pups or possibly some on the way...and occasionally I will have started dogs. Multiple references with names and numbers are available....pics in the field!

**My dogs are bred to hunt but also make GREAT family pets and great pal-around companions. References are available**

** Most of my dogs are pictured on this site with the PEDIGREES! **


GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTERS:(10-3-2019) Peggy and Lord have got four pups..two males and two females. The pups can leave around Nov. 23, 2019. Goose and Jubal have got eleven babies. There are SEVEN females and FOUR males. They are colored black/white, black/roan, liver/white and liver/roan. Goose pups should be ready to leave around Dec.13 till Christmas! ENGLISH SETTERS: (Shadow Oak's Bo Breeding) As of 10-3-2019 I have got a NICE available tri-colored (white/black/tan) male pup from my female Harper and my male Cash.

 If you are interested please E-MAIL directly to: call or text  256-431-6584...(Athens, AL) If no answer please leave a message...I WILL return your call or email.

 ***All of my dogs/pups come with either AKC or FDSB registration paper,(except Chaka...she is CKC registered...a great dog..I simply did not want to jump through the hoops to get her AKC registered.) micro-chip, tails and dew-claws docked, vaccinated and dewormed regularly.  The PEDIGREES are listed on this site.***

 The deposit: The picks are determined in the order that the names and DEPOSITS are received. I always send pictures of the pups for the buyer to view. Most buyers pick from the pictures, but it is just fine when it is time for you to pick to come for a SCHEDULED visit to pick a puppy. 256-431-6584

 If there is a need I will work with the buyer with getting the puppy to his or her home. I occasionally have someone that can deliver a puppy, it just depends on the date. 

** STUD SERVICES: $600. Check out the STUD DOG Pedigrees on this site...

German Shorthaired Pointers: Zeke, Jubal, and Lord are colored liver/roan/patched/ticked, Cody is colored Black/Roan.

Setter: (Cash--Tri-colored black/white/tan)


I think my puppy prices are very affordable for the caliber of puppy that you will be getting. You can find them cheaper....but cheaper is NOT ALWAYS better. And you WILL find them priced MUCH HIGHER that came from my stock! That will be your choice. Many kennels that I read about were started with FOUNDATION DOGS from my kennel...and still have my bloodlines!!! The GSPs and setters are priced at $700 each. (What a deal!) I KNOW I could get MORE...but my prices are what I believe to be fair.   Please let me know if I can help in ANY way with a puppy.

 The Spin Top Kennel is AKC inspected.  (And is ALWAYS opened and ready for an UNANNOUNCED AKC inspection.) My dogs are checked and scanned and the facilities and records are checked at detailed level. The inspection record may be viewed at the kennel upon request by ANY buyer or potential buyer. The facilities are all "home-made" with labor and love. There is not one thing fancy here...EXCEPT the dogs!  And YES my dogs live in the kennels with access to the run-yards.   My females and pups live in the whelping-building. We just strive to run the kennel with integrity. Remember, please call ahead BEFORE you come to pick your puppy...with a smile! 256-431-6584

I SINCERELY THANK YOU for visiting this website and reading about my dogs. And MANY thanks to the HOST for this avenue of exposure.  REMEMBER: send E-MAILS directly to spintopkennel@gmail.com If you are a LOW-LIFE worthless SCAMMER..please do not waste my time. 

May GOD Bless...Keep... and Protect ...and May God CONTINUE TO BLESS AMERICA!






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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 40 years.
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Submitted by: Jeff Garland on Jul 16, 2018
We just got a little liver and white Brittany from David and couldn't be happier. David was really nice, good to work with and excellent with my boys when we came to pick up the pup. The pup has only been with us a few days but is already settled in and gets along great with our cats. We didn't have to house train him cause he just seemed to know what was right and when to ask to go outside. Very quiet, very calm and very smart. This speaks well of how David raises his dogs. I grew up hunting with German Shorthairs but always wanted a Brittany. I don't really have a place to hunt him now but I hope to start training for field work very soon, that is if I can get him away from my kids and my wife. He has really bonded with them all and my 3 boys and the pup run until they are all exhausted and happy. When they are done, he usually walks right in the house and lays down by, or on, my wife's feet. I don't think we could have had a better experience than with David and our new Brittany.
Submitted by: Jaime H on Jan 09, 2018
My partner & I have had the best experience working with David and his dogs. David was personable & helpful, especially for new puppy owners. We got our puppy in October from his Peggy & Zeke litter and could not be happier with our girl.

She is so smart and sweet. She turned 12 weeks old this past weekend & is already (basically) housebroken, can sit, lay down, and stay, on command. She comes when called & walks on a leash perfectly. Even at 8 weeks, she knew “crate” and “go outside”. At 8 weeks she was also sleeping in her crate at night 6-7 hours without crying or fussing. Our girl loves to play and is very affectionate but not overly excitable. She loves to go on walks and run around outside.

Our girl loves people and loves to play with other dogs. We started taking her places right away and make sure to make her walks exciting and to new places.

I highly recommend David & Spin Top Kennel. We feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful puppy!
Submitted by: Nick Sabatino on Dec 19, 2017
We got our Brittany from a litter born to Rose and Jace on July 3, 2014. Ruby is the sweetest dog in the world and a fantastic hunter of upland game out here in Nevada. Our experience with David was exceptional. We hunted high and low for brittany breeders when we were living in Georgia and it just had not worked out. As soon as we found David and started communicating with him, we knew we had found the right place. He made the process so easy. He kept us updated during the 7 weeks we waited to pick up our pup. She has been a healthy dog for the last 3 1/2 years and we could not be happier. Great experience. My only regret is that we now live on the west coast and getting another dog from David will be nearly impossible for us.
Submitted by: Shane on Sep 18, 2017
My son and I took our 11 month old GSP that we got from Mr. Holt to the dove field for the first time without much training due to a hectic spring and summer schedule. Excellent breeding showed out as our Dolly retrieved every bird we shot and brought them straight back to me. She found doves that fell in high weeds, she found doves that fell in woods and she tracked down a few doves for other folks that she didn't see shot. She made my 6 year old boy's day with all the doves she retrieved, he absolutely loved it and walked her proudly back to the truck after shooting our limit. A big thanks to Mr. Holt and his wonderful family for letting us own one of his wonderful dogs, our Dolly has been the perfect mix between a great hunting dog and loyal family pet!
Submitted by: Allie Stedry on Sep 17, 2017
Over the past year or so, we wanted to welcome a GSP puppy into the family, but decided to wait until after we moved into our new home in Huntsville, AL. Roughly 6 months prior to the move, we began the journey of searching for reputable breeders in the area with the hopes of finding the right breeder with available puppies at the right time. After extensive research and receiving a handful of recommendations from others, we decided on Spin Top Kennel.

I can not thank David enough for the GSP puppy we recently brought home from Spin Top a couple of weeks ago! I have been in contact with David since May of this year. He is one of the most honest and genuine people I have even spoken with. He truly wants to make everything work out for the potential owners that contact him and will do everything in his power to do so. We made our first trip to Spin Top to pick out our puppy from the litter. During this visit, we spent over 2 hours playing with each puppy in the litter and carefully narrowing down our decision. Mr. Holt immediately welcomed us when we arrived and was nothing less than extremely patient and kind during our puppy picking process. He never made us feel rushed during this process and happily answered our long list of questions.

A couple weeks later after our first visit, as we were getting more and more excited about bringing our new puppy home, we reached out to David again and asked if it was okay to come visit our puppy again and see how she was doing. His response was, "Of course!" Again, David will do everything he can to make it all work out for his customers and will go out of his way to make sure they are happy.
After the day had come to bring our puppy home she has been the highlight of our days! She is SO smart and is the smartest most attentive puppy I have ever seen. She learned the "sit" command on day 3 and the "stay" command shortly after. The first week she even started crying by the front door to let us know she needs to go out. Her hunting instincts were also immediately noticed, as she intuitively sneaks up and "points" while playing with her toys.
She easily transitioned into her new home with us and we could not be happier. She has met numerous people, dogs and kids in our neighborhood and is great with all of them. We have received so many compliments on her coat, her temperament and her obedience. Upon her first visit to the vet, the vet immediately commented on the paperwork that David had given us and was impressed with the deworming series he had completed. She wanted to check for worms one last time just to make sure, and after looking through the microscope herself she said that this puppy's breeder was the best she had ever seen in terms of deworming and that "her breeder really knew what he was doing." We have continued to keep in touch with David since bringing our puppy home. He is not only our breeder but has also become a friend. We had been planning on getting another puppy down the road and will only be coming back to Spin Top kennel!
Submitted by: Kisha on Aug 08, 2017
I purchased my GSP from Mr. David at Spin Top. Our baby is named River and he is by far the best bred dog I've seen. River attracts attention all over the Tri County area with comments about his stance, color and disciplined behavior. When it came to potty training and retrieving, River was a natural. At 7 weeks River would go to the door when he needed to potty. What a relief that was. We worked on retrieving and it took a few times before he was back and forth. He couldn't wait for the next throw. I have two children, 4 and 10. River is an awesome pet as well. My children love him and he protects more than I thought he would. He is overall the best investment I've ever made. Our experience with Mr. David was like no other. He is the most honest well rounded man. Not only did we end up with an amazing puppy but we gained a wonderful friend too. I would recommend Mr. David at Spin Top over any other breeder in the state. What a fantastic experience!
Submitted by: Abby Ambrose on May 27, 2017
I can not thank you enough Mr. Holt for the puppy I have received from your kennel. My German shorthair Sadie is just beautiful. Mr. Holt truly cares about all of his puppies/dogs and the people who come to get them. Don't expect anything less than the best from Spin Top Kennel!!
Submitted by: Megan on Apr 05, 2017
Our experience in finding the right GSP for our family was made so simple thanks to the help of David! He made sure all of our questions were answered and was always easy to get in touch with throughout the process. He made sure that we had very clear pictures during the time for us to select our puppy so that we could make the most well informed decision. I will forever recommend Spin Top Kennels for anyone looking for a dog, solely because of how wonderful our experience and our puppy has been!
Submitted by: Hannah fabre on Jan 23, 2017
My experience with dealing with David at Spin Top Kennel was the best experience I could have ever hoped for! I was extremely nervous about buying a about 10 hours away and doin it as a surprise for my husband but David was extremely patient and so helpful I would never buy a GSP from anyone else but him! Our Hank is 2 years old and we still keep in touch with David with pictures! Our Hank is not long a great hunting dog but also a great family dog!! I would refer anyone to buying a dog from David!!
Submitted by: Maggie Eason on Jan 07, 2017
My family and I got our beautiful Brittany spaniel, Lily, from David in the fall of 2014. She is such a smart and beautiful dog and is a perfect fit for our family. Mr. Holt was such a pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend him and his dogs to anyone! When/If we are need of another dog in the future we will most definitely be calling Spin Top Kennel.
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