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Submitted by: Jody Stonestreet on Feb 24, 2017
Bought a female pup from Brad. She has a great temperament and is great with the kids. She is a quick learner and very athletic for a 10 wk. old pup. I think she will make a good bird dog. I don't think you can go wrong with these bloodlines. Brad & his family drove out of their way to meet us when we picked up our puppy. They made the transition easy. Brad was very helpful all the way thru the process.
Submitted by: Kevin Singleton on Jan 24, 2017
I purchased a female Brittany pup from Brad last winter. She is a fantastic companion & a natural hunter. I couldn't be happier. Brad is professional and great to work with. Even though it was a long distance purchase, Brad gave it a personal touch by keeping me updated throughout the process and sending photos of the puppy until she was ready to be picked up. He is very knowledgeable and is always quick to answer my questions. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great hunting companion.
Submitted by: Rick Camp on Dec 01, 2015
Bought a live wire female pup from Brad in July.Flambeau is the best prospect I've seen in many years.Brad eventually sold us four year old Bertie Lou when we ended up without an adult dog to go on a Wisconsin grouse hunt in October. Bertie Lou performed to perfection. I am a fan of both Brad and his dogs. I now consider him a friend as well as my go-to guy for bird dogs
Submitted by: Drew Robinson on Oct 18, 2015
My wife and I got a male and female from Brad this summer. Both pups are exactly what we wanted beautiful color and great temperament. Brad was really easy to work with and getting the dogs 2500 miles away was an easy process. My family and I are serious bird hunter's and have owned many brittany's and wanted a good bird dog and that's what smileys bird dogs have we couldn't be happier thanks Brad.
Submitted by: chris jones on Sep 23, 2015
Fantastic quality animals, got first dog from Brad and could not be happier. Was great on transition from breeder home to our home.
Submitted by: Jeremy on Jul 16, 2015
Brought home our Lou a couple of days ago and he's be so great. Super smart and tons of energy. Shocked at how well he's taking to house training. Brad was a pleasure to work with as well, very accomodating. Great experience all around.
Submitted by: Mike Reed on Feb 16, 2014
Hey Brad

Maci is a year old now and we just finished our first Southwest Virginia grouse season. She has been a joy to train ( very intelligent ) and a great hunting partner with good natural instincts. We flushed at least 31 grouse that I saw and Maci probably saw more than I. Maci did really well pointing the pen raised quail during training but, wild grouse are tougher and more cautious. At first we were mainly just flushing the birds but, I did manage to shoot several and Maci did very well at retrieving and learning what I expected from her. On the last day of the grouse season she had a beautiful/intense point on a pair of SWVA grouse. I walked in the birds flushed and I shot one and Maci retrieved it. A perfect end to our SWVA season. Maci still has more to learn and experience to gain but , she is a credit to the Brittany breed and her heritage. She is everything I wanted in a hunting companion.

Thank you Brad for your efforts with the Brittany breed.

Mike Reed
Submitted by: steve martinez on Feb 16, 2014
Just received my puppy Brad Smiley. Brad was extremely helpful, very knowledgeable and accommodating. The puppy is very smart and I look forward to many years of hunting together. I would recommend Brad to anyone considering a new puppy.
Submitted by: Jeremy Pruitt on Oct 15, 2013
I received my pup about 3 weeks ago. He had just turned 6 weeks old. He is very smart and intelligent. Already knows to sit,stay, and shake!!! Lol. Since I first got him he has been a joy to have. He is very loyal and eager to please everyone. Brad made the transaction of getting my pup very easy. We talked thru text for about a week giving me updates and telling all about the pups and how they were bred. He is a real stand-up guy and I would diffanetly purchase another pup from him. He has good bloodlines and is trying his best to have outstanding liters. If anyone looking to buy a Brittany I would highly recommend him. If anyone is looking to buy and would like to ask me questions about my pup from him feel free to ask. Thank you brad for the puppy. Thanks Jeremy Pruitt!!!
Submitted by: Isaac Edmonds on Sep 09, 2013
Update on Hank. He is now right at 13 months old. We are thoroughly impressed. He just came back from Iowa where a trainer ran him on wild pheasant for a week. The trainer gave him high praise saying "he was the star for the week without a doubt." The trainer also mentioned how he was such an easy handling dog especially for his age and also commented on his incredible drive to hunt and how quick of a learner he was. Though wild pheasants can be a tough bird for a bird dog, Hank figured it out rather quickly which was no surprised to us. My dad and I have been bird hunting for years now and have had multiple brittany's and believe Hank is going to be the best one yet. I cant wait to see how he does when I take him grouse hunting this fall up north. If you want a good bird dog with great instincts and a lot of drive but also a great companion, Brad is your guy.
Submitted by: Isaac Edmonds on Dec 20, 2012
We recently got Hank, a roane and white male, from Brad at 8 weeks old. Now he's about 4 1/2 mos old and already very interested in birds. He was pointing a wing in the driveway at about 12 weeks old. Took him to South Dakota over Thanksgiving at only 3 1/2 months old and even though he didn't point quite yet he was very birdy and made some pretty unreal retrieves. He's extremely smart and quick to learn, and also has strong desire to please. I keep him as an indoor dog and he is very well tempered even at such a young age. Overall I'm very impressed with the dog and the bloodlines that Brad uses. He has some great dogs. I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking a good bird dog.
Submitted by: Jerry crawford on Dec 15, 2012
First, I'd like to say what a wonderful person Brad is to work with. I purchased a pup this fall, while I was overseas on a aircraft carrier. Brad did anything and everything he could to make it a wonderful experience. Since getting my pup a little over a month ago, she has proven herself wonderfully. She is a very birdy pup with a natural ability to find the birds and she also has a wonderful point. This pup not only is working hard, but she's my seven year olds best friend. Brad is a wonderful breeder and will be the only person I ever deal with if I was to ever get another Brittany.
Submitted by: David Adams on May 25, 2012
I picked up my second puppy form Brad on Feb. 11. Both puppies are above average, in my opinion. The last one, Callee, is a real sweetheart. She is very eager to please and a quick study. If I do my part, I believe she is going to be a great one. I can't wait to see how she handles birds this season.
Submitted by: Morris Swafford on Apr 20, 2012
I got my puppy on Feb. 10th, 2012. We saw the full litter of pups, and they were beautiful. Very healthy and well taken care of.
My pup, BILL, has been so much fun to play with and to start training. He is smart and picks up on things very fast.
I would recommend these dogs to anyone looking for a Brittney. Good bloodline and genetics. Brad has the right formula. I will be a return customer. Morris Swafford
Submitted by: Jason Brady on Jul 29, 2011
I got an orange and white female Brittany from Brad on July 8, 2011. Her bloodline includes both of Brad's current studs, Sam and Bert. Besides being absolutely gorgeous, she's very bright and extremely attentive. She's just over 9 weeks old now, and is already consistently following some basic commands. She's confident, energetic, and friendly, and she charms everyone she meets. She's absolutely at home out in the woods, from her very first trip. Brad was extremely accommodating and easy to work with, and his dogs are obviously quite happy. It's already very clear that our little girl (named Bonnie) is going to grow up into a fantastic dog. I just can't say enough about Brad, his family, and his dogs. Highly recommended! Thank you Brad. When it's time to get another Brittany, I'll check with you first.
Submitted by: Jim Poss on Jul 08, 2011
Submitted by: Joe Plote on Nov 25, 2010
Just wanted to give an update on the pup i mentioned in my previous post she has been out hunting 5 times this year by the second trip she was pointing and retrieving her own (wild) birds she has only been taught her name and the here command this is the kinda dog brad breeds for the kind that will pretty be born knowing what to do in the field, if you want a hard hunting wild bird dog or a field trial prospect give brad a call he is always more than happy to help.
Submitted by: Joe Plote on Jul 16, 2010
I recently bought my second Brittany from brad out of his Diamond hill Dan/ noble rocket litter she is great smart energetic and just a Joy to have around i look forward to what she will bring to my kennel, i would and always will recommend anyone to brad.
Submitted by: Kenny Sharp on Jun 23, 2010
My wife and I had been wanting to add another Brittany for a couple of years. We had made some contacts and sent in deposits only to have them returned due to failed breedings. I'd seen Brad's info on this site and sent him an email asking if had a female from the May 5th, 2010 litter. He did so we made arrangements. Brad meet us in Wythyeville Va. saving us about 5 hours, one way, on our trip and delivered us a very smart, beautiful and energetic puppy! I knew of Diamond Hill Dan, and was comfortable with getting a granddaughter of a great dog. After making the arrangements, I began to research Nobel Rocket, WOW! I then understood the type of dogs Brad was trying to produce. I will keep you informed of Macy's progress of becoming a grouse hunter, I'm looking forward to her training!
Kenny and Tia Sharp
Kenna, West Virginia
Submitted by: Clayton Ashby on Jun 01, 2010
Brad, Diamond the female I purchased from you a few months back is everything you said and more. She delivered 6 beautiful puppies on May 22nd from my Toby's Little Man. If the puppies are anything like the dam and sire the South Dakota pheasants are in big trouble.
Thanks for providing such a fine female.
Clayton Ashby
Big Rock Tn.
Submitted by: Gary Hanson on Feb 15, 2010
Ruby will be two this April, she is a pure joy. She loves her two beagals sisters and her two .cats, most of all she loves us. She is easy to train and eager to please and very soft hearted.
Brad said she was rowdy, and she was, but she is maturing nicely. She loves to fetch on land and in the water she never wears out. she has a excellant nose, and points perfectly. In the field she is always aware of were I am.
I would recommend Brads pups to any one looking for a excellent Britt. Gary Hot Springs SD
Submitted by: Karen Skeets on Jan 15, 2010
I purchased 2 pups (1 male and 1 female) from Brad and am amazed how quickly they have learned basic commands. At 7 weeks old, the pups knew the basics, sit, stay, down and speak. Adorable! The male pup is a natural. He enjoys hunting and was pointing the first week we brought him home. The female is very sweet and never leaves my side. I could not ask for better pups, thanks to Brad's breeding efforts, training and raising the pups will be much easier than expected. I took the pups to the vet at 9 weeks and they were given a clean bill of health. Thanks Brad - we love our dogs!
Submitted by: Daniel Beckett on Jan 08, 2010
My "BRITT" died 4 years ago after being with us 17 years...She was the only GIRL We had along with our 4 Sons...and what a time they all had. My wife and I didn't think we would ever get another dog...but in Nov. of 09 we started looking-at several BREEDS...BUT MY HEART ALWAYS CAME BACK TO THE BRITTANY...We searched NC,OH,VA,SC but found our new pup in TN. "PETE" is the very "SMARTEST" of the 3 Britts I've owned and has wonderful physical qualities. Everyone loves him...Pete learns very quickly and is fun to teach !! (Training DOES take TIME and PATIENCE) Brad was a BIG help to us in answering our questions and in BREEDING a TOP NOTCH American Brittany...I hope(?) to locate some GROUSE and create some memories with Pete...long term, we hope to purchase an additional pup every 3 years from Brad & Family...Our THANKS also to Brad's wife and children who ALSO, I'm sure, gave "PETE" a wonderful first HOME !!
Submitted by: Steve Santala on Jan 06, 2010
I received an extremely well bred, a Beans Blaze son out of a Diamond Hill Dan daughter, male Brittany from Brad. He is the most natural hunting dog I have ever trained. No matter what I have started to train him on he knows what I want him to do. He locked on point and held on the first bird I approached with him. When I throw anything out he brings it back to me. He was very well socialized when I picked him up. If you are looking for a quality Brittany, you need to look no farther the to see Brad.
Steve Santala
SW Kansas
Submitted by: Justin Burke on Jun 08, 2009
I picked up "Bella" in May to be my first shot at training a hunting dog. So far she has been very easy to train - pointing a quail wing and retrieving a dummy by 9 weeks. Loves the kids (5 year old and 2 year old). Brad was very helpful and easy to deal with and would definitely get another dog from him and would recommend him to anyone.
Submitted by: Lew Holloway on May 11, 2009
Brad was great to work with and has a wonderful home for the pups early weeks. My wife and I visited his family in Sparta to pick up our beautiful Brittany and we're welcomed by the whole family. Good breeder, good dogs, would go back to him in a second.
Submitted by: Miranda Lewis on Feb 18, 2009
I have a dog that Brad bred and she is my husbands and my pride and joy. She is incredibly smart and strives to learn more everyday! We just love her and we would recommend anyone to him.
Submitted by: Gene Casteel on Jan 02, 2009
I purchased a female pup from Brad last summer, I have waited until now to post comment so I could give a full report on the dog. Brandy is the most energetic pup I have owned in many years of hunting Brittanys, the most eager to please, and probably the smartest. She was pointing birds rock solid at 4 months. Heel and Whoe trained in 2 afternoons. At 8 months she already steady on shot and hunts like she in her 2nd or third season, instead of her 1st. Great dog Brad !! will be looking for another in the future.
Submitted by: Neal Golden on Oct 13, 2008
Purchased trained dog, Doc, . Well satisified with Doc. He was what Brad said he was. As well, Brad put Doc on birds to verify his claims. Would not hesitate to do business with Brad again. Honest and truthful. Neal Golden
Submitted by: Joe Plote on Aug 28, 2008
I bought a started Female From Brad this month,
and she is everything he said she was she hunts hard has a great nose and i just love her to death brad was relay great in the whole process of picking jill up he was willing to meet me half way it was relay nice to finaly meet him and i would be willing to buy another dog from brad any time.

Joe Plote Malta,ILLINOIS
Submitted by: Ray Harper on Aug 20, 2008
I purchased a male pup from Brad in June of this year and am very happy with the way he is progressing. It was a pleasure to meet Brad and his family and it is obvious Brad knows Brittany's.
Sage has learned basic commands at 3 months old and showing lots of potential. I would not hesitate to get another pup from Brad and would encourage others to contact him for quality pups.
Ray Harper
Fayetteville, Ga
Submitted by: K Walker on Apr 20, 2008
I recently purchased a female from Brad, she is everything he said she was and more! I found that Brad was extremely knowledgeable about the breed, and had a passion for improving already great bloodlines. He was very helpful when I was making arrangements to pick her up, I had to travel a bit to get there. I have called and emailed Brad more that once since I got home and he has always been very helpful.(Talk about service after the sale!) Brad is a great guy as well a responsible breeder and I would highly reccomend him if you are interested in a Brittany!
Submitted by: Tom Ferguson on Feb 25, 2008
I hunted with Brad yesterday and got a chance to shoot quail over two of his fine Brits. Brad is "eat up" with hunting and Brittanys!! He is totally dedicated to improving the breed by matching HUNTING DOGS with great bloodlines. He is a good guy and a fair shot. I intend to breed my female Brit with his dog "Sam", AKA "Hometown Boy" in May this year.
Submitted by: Chad Smith on Feb 24, 2008
We recently purchased a Brittany from Brad Smiley. We couldn't be more pleased with the pup and with the service we got from Brad. Because we had to travel some distance, Brad was very helpful with photographs, references, blood lines and all the things we needed to make the purchase go smooth. I would highly recommend a Brittany from Brad. Our pup has an excellent nose and a tremendous interest in birds. He is a great addition to the family and I'm looking forwarded to a great hunting partner.
Submitted by: PATRICK LEDBETTER on Feb 24, 2008
Submitted by: Michael & Veronica Brawner on Feb 11, 2008
We have reasently bought a dog from smiley's for our kids birthday. And it was well worth it. Because, our kids love him and Firecracker (the dog) he loves to play and he is so smart. He is now learning to become a in door pet. He is wonderful and full of life. We love him. Smiley's was a great place to buy a dog. They were so nice to our family.An they put alot of care into their dogs. Thank you.
Submitted by: David Adams on Feb 11, 2008
The puppy I got from Brad is the most confident, natural hunting dog I've ever had. My Brittany pup is just over 8 months old and has already had over 70 quail killed over her. She found her first grouse at age 4 months. By far the earliest starting pup I've had in over 24 years with Brittanies. I have told all my friend about his dogs.
David Adams
Submitted by: Dan kirkbride on Feb 03, 2008
Top Notch Breeder
Brad is a very knowledgeable and respectful
breeder. He Breeds for quality not quantity which makes him worth the wait on his next breedings.
The pup I got from him is absolutly beautiful,
with a nice high tail set. the pup is bold and fearless and extremly smart which is hard to find
in a 9 wk old pup.My pup was the last pick of the litter and is still that awesome which tells how excellent Brads litters are. All the pups are great picks! I definately recomend Smileys Smiling Bird Dogs
Dan Kirkbride
Submitted by: Chad Slone on Jan 29, 2008
I have received a couple of Brittany pups from Brad and his family. The pups are bold and showing alot of style and natural ability at an early age. The pups are also showing good trainability. I would recomend a pup from Smileys Smiling Bird Dogs to anyone looking for a hunting partner or a companion.

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