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Smiley's Smiling Bird Dogs is nestled in a small valley of the Cumberland Plateau in Sparta, TN. I have been a bird hunter for 20 years and in those 20 years I have had many breeds of dogs, Pointers, Brittanys, Irish and English Setters and Weinmariners. I found good traits in all but my utmost favorite have to be the Brittanys . They are loyal and good natured as a pet and obedient and eager hunting companions. I have 3 children so the dogs are never shorted on love and attention.  I just wanted to give back a little of what they have given me over the years. Come by and check out our little piece of heaven in the hills of Tennessee.

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I try to raise a couple litters of pups a year. I breed for quality not quanity. Check my referals, i have repeat customers and have shipped pups all over the US.  Please check in to see if i have any puppies or sometimes a started dog. I want to thank you for looking and for your interest. Sincerly Brad Smiley

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Submitted by: Jody Stonestreet on Feb 24, 2017
Bought a female pup from Brad. She has a great temperament and is great with the kids. She is a quick learner and very athletic for a 10 wk. old pup. I think she will make a good bird dog. I don't think you can go wrong with these bloodlines. Brad & his family drove out of their way to meet us when we picked up our puppy. They made the transition easy. Brad was very helpful all the way thru the process.
Submitted by: Kevin Singleton on Jan 24, 2017
I purchased a female Brittany pup from Brad last winter. She is a fantastic companion & a natural hunter. I couldn't be happier. Brad is professional and great to work with. Even though it was a long distance purchase, Brad gave it a personal touch by keeping me updated throughout the process and sending photos of the puppy until she was ready to be picked up. He is very knowledgeable and is always quick to answer my questions. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great hunting companion.
Submitted by: Rick Camp on Dec 01, 2015
Bought a live wire female pup from Brad in July.Flambeau is the best prospect I've seen in many years.Brad eventually sold us four year old Bertie Lou when we ended up without an adult dog to go on a Wisconsin grouse hunt in October. Bertie Lou performed to perfection. I am a fan of both Brad and his dogs. I now consider him a friend as well as my go-to guy for bird dogs
Submitted by: Drew Robinson on Oct 18, 2015
My wife and I got a male and female from Brad this summer. Both pups are exactly what we wanted beautiful color and great temperament. Brad was really easy to work with and getting the dogs 2500 miles away was an easy process. My family and I are serious bird hunter's and have owned many brittany's and wanted a good bird dog and that's what smileys bird dogs have we couldn't be happier thanks Brad.
Submitted by: chris jones on Sep 23, 2015
Fantastic quality animals, got first dog from Brad and could not be happier. Was great on transition from breeder home to our home.
Submitted by: Jeremy on Jul 16, 2015
Brought home our Lou a couple of days ago and he's be so great. Super smart and tons of energy. Shocked at how well he's taking to house training. Brad was a pleasure to work with as well, very accomodating. Great experience all around.
Submitted by: Mike Reed on Feb 16, 2014
Hey Brad

Maci is a year old now and we just finished our first Southwest Virginia grouse season. She has been a joy to train ( very intelligent ) and a great hunting partner with good natural instincts. We flushed at least 31 grouse that I saw and Maci probably saw more than I. Maci did really well pointing the pen raised quail during training but, wild grouse are tougher and more cautious. At first we were mainly just flushing the birds but, I did manage to shoot several and Maci did very well at retrieving and learning what I expected from her. On the last day of the grouse season she had a beautiful/intense point on a pair of SWVA grouse. I walked in the birds flushed and I shot one and Maci retrieved it. A perfect end to our SWVA season. Maci still has more to learn and experience to gain but , she is a credit to the Brittany breed and her heritage. She is everything I wanted in a hunting companion.

Thank you Brad for your efforts with the Brittany breed.

Mike Reed
Submitted by: steve martinez on Feb 16, 2014
Just received my puppy Brad Smiley. Brad was extremely helpful, very knowledgeable and accommodating. The puppy is very smart and I look forward to many years of hunting together. I would recommend Brad to anyone considering a new puppy.
Submitted by: Jeremy Pruitt on Oct 15, 2013
I received my pup about 3 weeks ago. He had just turned 6 weeks old. He is very smart and intelligent. Already knows to sit,stay, and shake!!! Lol. Since I first got him he has been a joy to have. He is very loyal and eager to please everyone. Brad made the transaction of getting my pup very easy. We talked thru text for about a week giving me updates and telling all about the pups and how they were bred. He is a real stand-up guy and I would diffanetly purchase another pup from him. He has good bloodlines and is trying his best to have outstanding liters. If anyone looking to buy a Brittany I would highly recommend him. If anyone is looking to buy and would like to ask me questions about my pup from him feel free to ask. Thank you brad for the puppy. Thanks Jeremy Pruitt!!!
Submitted by: Isaac Edmonds on Sep 09, 2013
Update on Hank. He is now right at 13 months old. We are thoroughly impressed. He just came back from Iowa where a trainer ran him on wild pheasant for a week. The trainer gave him high praise saying "he was the star for the week without a doubt." The trainer also mentioned how he was such an easy handling dog especially for his age and also commented on his incredible drive to hunt and how quick of a learner he was. Though wild pheasants can be a tough bird for a bird dog, Hank figured it out rather quickly which was no surprised to us. My dad and I have been bird hunting for years now and have had multiple brittany's and believe Hank is going to be the best one yet. I cant wait to see how he does when I take him grouse hunting this fall up north. If you want a good bird dog with great instincts and a lot of drive but also a great companion, Brad is your guy.
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