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Submitted by: Chris B on Dec 02, 2021
We picked up Kimber, a Roscoe and Luca pup from Shiloh and she is a natural bird finding machine. Pointing wild coveys of pheasants, sharptail, and huns early in her first season of hunting. She hunts hard all day and doesn’t quit. Kimber naturally has a lot of point, and it didn’t take many reps in training to get her to hold steady. Although Rob isn’t easy to get ahold of, he has spent nearly an hour on the phone with me in the past talking dogs and he is the most passionate bird dog fanatic I have ever met.
Submitted by: Ryan Martin on May 27, 2021
Can not go wrong with Rob training your gundog whether be it field trialling or bird hunting. He has the God Given talent to get the best out of a dog. He has been training my dog for the past 3 years for field trialing (Shilohs Roscoe). Rob is one of the top vizsla pro's in the country and it shows. Roscoe has 15 placements in his young career and back to back gundog wins (May 2021). He understands dogs and there tendencies better than anyone, a true Professional. You won't be disappointed.
Submitted by: John Hagan on Jan 10, 2020
Its been just over two years since I picked up my vizsla pup from Robert at Shiloh Kennels. From that day forward, she has had no health issues worth mentioning. She has grown into a fine looking girl. She displays great instincts when covering ground and she is relentless when on scent. She holds her points, and it is not uncommon for her to find birds still holding after a flush. Overall, she does her best work on chukar and partridge hunts. Very pleased with Shiloh Kennels. Robert has an excellent line of vizsla hunting dogs. I found, Penny, to be a perfect example of that.

Submitted by: Kevin Pecharich on Feb 20, 2017
I picked up my female Vizsla from Shiloh kennels in May 2016 and I couldn't be happier with my pup, she's my second Vizsla from Shiloh and her natural hunting and pointing instinct is incredible, she's by far one of the most high energy dogs I've ever had, it's almost impossible to tire her out. Anybody looking for a high quality hunting dog with champion bloodlines, Shiloh kennels is the place to go.
Submitted by: on Jan 31, 2016
We picked up Otis and have been super pleases. He has a natural nose for grouse hunting and he doesn't range with minimal training. He wants to hunt with you not on his own. Very pleased all around
Submitted by: Brad on Dec 30, 2014
I got my first Vizsla when I was 14 (now 38) and have never been without one (Mazy is my 4th). I picked up Mazy on Sept 18 when she was 7 wks old. Prior to pick up, Robert with Shiloh Kennels was very helpful and patient in answering my questions about his experience with the Breed and his bloodlines.

Mazy has exceeded all my expectations - she is VERY smart and willing to learn. It wasn't very long and she would sit/stay/come to command. She was house/potty trained in less than 4 weeks (have her trained to a bell). She is great with our four kids (8, 6, 3, and 1), and tolerates a lot from them.

Now for the word...NATURAL. By 12 weeks she was retrieving dummies and frozen quail to hand. Did great a few weeks ago with some quail I bought. Then over Christmas I thought I would try her on some wild pheasants. Didn't expect much at 5 mos old, but she had three hard points and several soft points (not a lot of birds in our area) She obeyed commands in the field, only had to use a whistle and not a single correction with the collar. I am very impressed. Only disappointment is that the season will be over in a few weeks.

We will definitely be going back to Shiloh in a few years to get another one!
Submitted by: Louanne on Jun 14, 2014
Rusty was flown out to us in March and we can't be any happier with him! From the minute we got him, we knew that we received a dog from a reputable breeder. Rusty has been the easiest puppy to train. From the moment we brought him home it was like he knew to do his bussiness outside and he was only 8 weeks old!He is such a love and an amazing addition to our family! I can't say enough about how wonderful our boy is and how great our experience with Shiloh Kennels has been. If you are looking for a wonderful addition to your family I highly recommend Shiloh!
Submitted by: Chris on May 21, 2014
I picked up my puppy in March of this year (2014), and I cannot be more satisfied with my puppy. He's absolutely beautiful, nice to other dogs and people, and is a natural pointer. Taking him to the dog park and watching him point birds as a 4 month old puppy fills me with so much pride I can't describe it. When I get another Vizsla, it will be through Shiloh Kennels.
Submitted by: Kate on Apr 14, 2014
I purchased a vizsla through Shiloh in 2001. He lived to be just over 13 years old. The greatest dog I've ever encountered. He was the sweetest, most loyal companion you could ever wish for. Sadly, he developed arthiritus and more seriously skin cancer. Our poor buddy couldn't endure the chemo so we kept him on pain medications until he let us know it was his time to go. Absolutely the best vizsla producing kennel you could find.
Submitted by: Tammy Matrai on Feb 15, 2014
I actually got a Shiloh dog through a roundabout way... A re-home from a nice young family who decided two big hunting dogs couldn't live in the same house as a young baby. Their loss, my gain.Kobi was a beautiful companion and was very happy to move to the country after being a city dog. Someone missed out on a dual champion because his conformation was superb, and he would love to run big looking for game. But most importantly for us, he was a great pet. We had him put to sleep last year after he had a stroke, I think. He was 13 year old and never had any other health issues. I miss having a vizsla, hopefully my life circumstances will allow me to be back in the vizsla world again... I would love to get a Shiloh puppy and do some shows and hunt tests again....
Submitted by: Travis Webb on Nov 20, 2012
My wife and I bought a female pup from Shiloh Kennels three years ago. Shiloh Kennels was recommended to us by one my fellow hunting partners who also has a female Vizsla from Robert. Having hunted with my friend’s dog and experiencing her disposition around the house I was hoping to get a dog just like his. When our pup arrived, we knew that we had gotten a great dog from Robert. She was already trained to go to the bathroom outside and we never had to deal with any other puppy problems like chewing. I started hunting her when she was 8 months old and she instinctively handled wild pheasants and chukars as well as my dad’s 6 year old pointer. We travel quite frequently for business throughout the summer for long periods of time and our dog Hayden always adapts quickly to wherever it is we call home. As an added bonus, my wife who is an avid runner has gained a great running buddy in Hayden. We would strongly recommend Shiloh Kennels to our closest friends and family. My father who has had Pointers, Setters and Griffons is getting a Vizsla pup in the spring from Robert!
Submitted by: Tom Lochner on Jul 05, 2011
I got my first vizsla from Robert in April 2011. In short, she's been a phenomenal pet these first 2.5 months, and is showing all the hunting ability and potential I could have hoped for. Potty training was a breeze(maybe took a week before accidents became rare) and she took to the basic obedience commands amazingly quickly and is very attentive and accepting of training with very soft methods.

5-6 times per week I take her to a local dog 'park' that's more like a nature preserve with about 30 acres of prairie, woods, mowed fields, and swimming beaches along a river. Every single time I take her there I get compliments on how she works the fields like a veteran, how obedient she is, how well she swims and retrieves in water, how well she blind retrieves, how well socialized she is, and how beautiful she is. All I have to say to her is 'HUNT' and she bolts for the grassy cover and starts working for birds or scented dummies. Keep in mind this was entirely instinctual. Since I'm new to training pointers I largely let her learn on her own, rather than assume I know what is best and try to teach her. I just shut up and let her figure it out. She's 4.5 months old now, and she does blind retrieves and follows scent trails better than any either of the 2 retrievers I've previously/currently have. And holy cow did her pointing instincts come out the first time I introduced her to live birds in a field. She locked up on point the very first time she found a live quail in the field.

On the 'house pet' side, she's been great around people from 5 month old and 2 year old babies who don't have a clue what do do with a puppy, and also 91 year old nursing home residents. At 14 weeks old she watched a marathon with me among crowds of thousands. Solid as a rock. She hasn't chewed or destroyed anything in the house other than her toys, which is unbelievable for a puppy in my opinion. She's been introduced to such a wide variety of environments, people, and dogs I couldn't possibly list them all, but the point is she hasn't flinched at anything. Her temperament is phenomenal.

The genes and instinct in this dog are incredible. This is the first pointer I've ever raised and trained, so for it to be getting compliments from both serious hunters non-hunter dog owners alike is a compliment to the pup, her genes and Robert's breeding.
Submitted by: L Willgohs on Apr 15, 2011
In 2008, we decided to switch from a flushing dog to a pointing breed. We did a lot of research on pointing breeds, but not breeders. We purchased a vizsla – NOT from Shiloh Kennels. That pup started showing lots of aggression nearly immediately. Long story short, after 14 months of spending lots of time and money on training and trying to work thru the dog’s issues, we gave away the dog.
We started looking at other pointing breeds but kept coming back to the vizsla and what kind of dog it should be. Eventually, we were fortunate to find Shiloh Kennels. Rob spent an inordinate amount of time with us, and in early 2010, we brought home a new Shiloh Kennel puppy. Dot is now 16 months old and is a wonderful companion, both in our home and the field. She did a great job hunting this fall with minimal training. The strength of her hunting intuition is amazing. We highly recommend Rob and Shiloh Kennels.
Submitted by: David A. Fini on Mar 02, 2011
I purchased Remington from Robert in May of 2010. This is my third Viszla I have owned in the last 16 years and I cannot say enough about the buying experience and the results I am seeing in the field and in the home at 10 months of age.
Robert took his time over a course of a couple of months talking and more importantly listening to what I was looking for in my next Viszla and we are thankful that we had a perfect match. Remington started pointing at an early age and his temperment and disposition have made training much easier than my first two dogs. I am shocked and so are most of my friends who have the opportunity to hunt over him on how well he performs in the field in under a year. It is definitely in the blood!!! We could,however,use a little more room in our beds at night whether he is sleeping with the kids or mom and dad Remy likes to spread out :)
Submitted by: kirk thomson on Feb 03, 2010
we couldn't be happier with our pup.. he is one year old and is all Vizsla. Loads of energy, easily trained and a natural hunter. We would recommend the Shilo kennel to anyone. The kennel was recommended by the Pacific NW Vizsla Club and Rob sent us a great pup. He arrive via NW airlines and in great shape. We are having a great time together and family loves him. He has a great disposition and loves other dogs that run! Rob is a good breeder and we have a good pup.
Submitted by: Philip Rohs on Aug 02, 2009
I recently purchased a Pup from Shiloh Kennels. I currently own two Vizslas and was looking to add a third. I am an avid hunter and competitor as well as keep my Vizslas in the house. After personally viewing a wide variety of Rob's dogs at Field Trials I was sold on getting my third dog from him. My new pup has been a pleasure around the house and has shown great potential. I would highly recommend Shiloh Kenels.
Submitted by: Mark Tortorelli on Apr 24, 2009
I would enthusiastically recommend a Vizsla from Shiloh Kennels to any serious hunter. My family, friends and I have owned and hunted with several breeds including Vizlas over the past 30 years. When it was time to get a new pup two years ago, we did a lot of research and were referred to Robert Tomczak by his peers as well as his competitors. I think the little female that Robert selected and sent us may turn out to be the best of them all.
I hunt as often as possible in 2 or 3 states per year but only have enough room and time for a maximum of 2 dogs so everyone has to contribute as soon as possible. At six months with virtually no training, my Vizsla from Shiloh Kennels was pointing and retrieving wild pheasants in winter conditions. In her second year, after receiving amateur level training from me, she was covering ground at perfect ranges depending on the terrain. We harvested several species of upland birds over her and the little dog even retrieved a couple of mallards out of the river for me.
Our dog looks great, is eager to please and has an outstanding temperament. She gets along great with kids and other dogs. As a bonus, Rob always gets back to me with answers to my questions and training tips. Recently, a friend asked me if I could help him find a good dog. I only gave him one number, Rob’s.
Mark Tortorelli
Submitted by: Aaron on Apr 21, 2009
I bought a puppy named Nem from Robert in April of 2008. Robert is a outstanding man that breeds wonderful dogs. Mine has been a great addition to the family as well as the field.

I would HIGHLY recomend purchasing a Vizsla from Robert. He has spent alot of time training me as well as Nem, and stands behind his dogs.

I have met people from all over who know of Robert and also speek highly of him and his dogs!
Submitted by: Gwen Dawson on Mar 24, 2008
I purchased my first dog (and my first Vizsla) from Robert in November 2005. Checka doesn't do any field or show work, but she is absolutely the best companion dog anyone could hope for. She is extremely intelligent and knows at least as many words as a toddler. Checka is also very affectionate and sensitive to how everyone around her is feeling. If you're looking for great personality, you can't go wrong with a Shiloh Vizsla. I take Checka running with me, and she regularly runs 9-13 miles without slowing her pace--great endurance and attitude! Oh, and she's georgeous and gets compliments whereever she goes.
Submitted by: Jay Maher on Jan 18, 2008
Tanners first season.

I purchased a pup we named Tanner from Rob in July 2007. Rob took the time to match his pup with our needs and factored in other dogs already living in the home. I took Tanner to a trainer in Glencoe Mn., he trained my other Viszla. He was impressed with how well Tanner was socialized; it didn't take 2-3 days for the Tanner to warm up to him. He stated Tanner was loved and handled by the breeder not just bred for sale. I took Tanner to South Dakota twice in December 2007 at 9 months of age. This pup adjusted to the different forms of cover, working as a pointer in the grass and a flusher in the cattails. His retriever drive is outstanding for a pointer, not just limited to birds like my other one. Tanner knew that birds were down in a cut cornfield, he worked the field on his own and did a 200 yard blind retrieve. All at 9 months! I have a 7 year old, she took 30 months to get to this stage in the game, and only retrieves birds. Had I bought Toms dog first I would have returned her the first season.

Jay Maher
Submitted by: Chris Suick on Sep 04, 2007
I purchased my first vizsla from Robert in 2004. One of the best field dogs I've had the pleasure of being around.

Recently I bought a second dog from Robert, named Freya. Her disposition is excellent, my two year old has ripped McDonalds Cheese burgers out of her mouth several times before I could stop her and the dog just wags her tail. Freya also has an excellent nose.

Robert is an exceptional handler and trainer. He has won numerous titles, has several in house field champions, and has a love of all dogs.

He has a true passion for vizslas and yet will gladly help anyone with their dog and dogs training due to his love for animals.

I would highly recommend Robert and his dogs to anyone wanting to buy a quality vizsla. His boarding facility is also second to none with a 35 acre fenced in training area.

Chris Suick

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