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Submitted by: Rena Tibbits on Oct 22, 2021
If someone is looking for a prey driven, loving family companion, easily trainable, then Prairie Prime Kennels can provide the EB pup. I acquired Suzette Isabella in May, 2021, and she has already completed formal training in a positive, productive manner. She’s easy to hunt over, and eager to please. Our family has had other EB’s over the years, and I found Todd to be knowledgeable about the care, breeding and training of EB’s. His breeding stock is loving, healthy hunters, with a prey drive and a "can do" attitude. Todd was easy to work with, keeping me informed of my pup’s impending birth, her development during her first eight weeks, and has been easily accessible for any follow-up assistance and suggestions. Furthermore, he is honest and fair in his dealings with his pups and people. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another pup from Prairie Prime Kennels again. The whole family, (grandchildren included) love this pup!
Submitted by: Alan Teeters on Oct 12, 2021
We got a pup from the S2 litter from Prairie Prime LLC and enjoyed the process and love the pup. I peppered Todd with emails and phone calls trying to decide if the breed was right for me and he was patient and knowledgeable and an enthusiastic supporter of the Epagneul Breton. We want to be able to breed this pup so insuring first choice in the litter meant we were customers to service for over a year and Todd was always great. Once Odette had her pups, we received videos to update progress and dream of our pup. The pup is everything we hoped for, and we can't wait to see what kind of bird dog she turns into! Todd was a pleasure to deal with, I trust his word and would do it again.
Submitted by: Justin Coffelt on Oct 05, 2021
We could not be more happy with Prairie Prime and especially our new puppy, Shooter. Todd was awesome to work with, having only owned labs until now, we had lots of questions, and he answered, and is still, answering all of our questions. Shooter is everything Todd said she would be: smart, athletic, driven, and a great family pet. We could not ask for a better experience.
Submitted by: Paul Kuehne on Oct 05, 2021
I am impressed with and grateful for the experience of obtaining a puppy from Todd and Prairie Prime. From the initial phone call to the present, Todd has been helpful in every way.

Prairie Prime is not a puppy mill. Todd is selective in placing each puppy in a new home. He understands the importance of exercise and an environment where the puppy can achieve its full potential. The breeding stock is carefully selected and the resulting puppies are wonderful companions and future hunting partners. These puppies are well adjusted at 9 weeks not only to human interaction but also to noises. They adapt easily to their new owners and surroundings, bringing much joy.

I have purchased hunting dogs from many breeders, but Prairie Prime is at the top of my list. I look forward to purchasing another puppy in the future.
Submitted by: George Gutierrez on Jan 01, 2021
I appreciate all Todd Farris has done for us. Our dog was heaven sent for myself and my wife. I needed a hunting dog and she needed a lapdog and she fills both billets. The entire experience dealing with Prairie Prime LLC was a great one. I appreciate Todd's professionalism with a personal touch in getting our new family member to New Jersey. I highly recommend Prairie Prime LLC.
Submitted by: Zach Turner on Nov 29, 2020
Todd is awesome to work with and very trustworthy. keeps you updated weekly on your puppy. him and his dogs are top notch and just as would would hope to expect. 10 out of 10!
Submitted by: Mike Webb on Nov 26, 2020
Extremely impressed with my EB pup from Prairie Prime....Todd answers all my questions, I never feel rushed talking to him. I plan on using my “Remi” to point, retrieve, and track. She has tons of drive, personality and athleticism...and when its time to relax she loves being held and pampered, what an awesome addition to our family. Thank u Todd for doing what u do, as well as u do!
Submitted by: Paul Richard on Sep 11, 2020
Todd made the puppy purchase effortless. I couldn't be happier with my puppy or the service I received from prairie prime. I will definitely be contacting them again when I'm in the market for another puppy and would strongly recommend Prairie Prime LLC to anyone interested in an Epagneul Breton.
Submitted by: Matt Francis on Sep 08, 2020
We are extremely happy with our pup from Prairie Prime LLC. She is a beautiful, smart pup that is already exhibiting the traits you would hope to see that come naturally to this breed. You can only expect the highest care and strongest bloodlines from Prairie Prime LLC.
Submitted by: Ken Teppel on Aug 08, 2020
As a former breeder of the Epagneul Breton, I highly recommend Prairie Prime LLC and Todd Farris. He is dedicated, knowledgeable, AND honest. The greatest compliment I can give is that I would absolutely get my next Epagneul Breton from him when the time comes!
Submitted by: Stephen Altizer on Dec 25, 2019
I got my first-ever bird dog from Prairie Prime Kennels out of the P2 litter. I had contacted Todd about a year before and he explained everything about the breed and we discussed whether the EB would be a good fit for my family and me as as a hunter. He introduced me to another of his clients that lived close to me so I got a chance to meet one of the pups from a prior litter. He helped so much right from the start; before I even decided to purchase a pup. At 5 months old, my pup is showing tremendous instinct and natural ability. Trainers I've worked with and fellow hunters who have years more of experience with gun dogs than I do are praising my pup and asking where I got her. It all starts with the great blood line Todd has developed. I highly recommend Prairie Prime.
Submitted by: James Williams on Dec 06, 2019
As adult onset upland hunters my wife and I researched extensively the perfect “for us” breed of dog, deciding on the EB. We looked everywhere in the US at kennels and found Prairie Prime not to far from home. There isn’t enough to say about the operation, how well the puppies are cared for as well as the puppy parents. We were kept informed of everything during the pregnancy and after. We got a male out of the P2 litter, Pistol, oh and he is a pistol at 16 weeks he was 22lbs and has taken to our family extremely well, it seems like he likes to learn and wants to please. When we decide it’s time to get another puppy it will be from Todd at Prairie Prime. If you decide you want a puppy, get in early because the picks go quickly. We just can’t wait for his first point and retrieve.
Submitted by: Brian Nichols on Oct 28, 2019
Great experience dealing with Prairie Prime! Todd is very knowledgeable about the EB and takes a lot of pride in his dogs. He also puts a lot of effort into keeping the breeding clean and placing the puppies in the best environment that he can when rehoming. If you are lucky enough to own one of these dogs you will find a good hard working dog that can be a loving family member when not working. As a trainer I always appreciate dogs that are intelligent and have a great work ethic. This breed has shown a lot of intelligence while being resilient and determined in the field. On top of all that they seem to have better than average noses and desire to please. I have not encountered any negative issues during training with any of them and they progress quickly through the training process. In my opinion this is a great option for someone looking for the ultimate versatile hunting dog, companion and family member. I personally own one of Todd’s puppies and am training several others. They are such happy dogs and so full of life that they bring me a lot of enjoyment! Great dogs from a great kennel!
Submitted by: Blake Smith on Sep 16, 2019
I'm an upland guide that starts in MT and works my way down to KS, OK, NM, and AZ with corporate clients. I was referred to Prairie Prime by a client from Austin, Texas that has one of their dogs. I was looking for a solid young prospect for my business to replace an aging dog in two years. I wanted a breed that will work closer than my American Brittany and give me solid retrieves. I have never dealt with a breeder as attentive to a buyer's needs than Todd Farris and I'm on my 10 gun dog. I am so happy with my Prairie Prime Epagneul Breton. I have worked with her the latter part of this summer after Todd met me in Kansas to pick her up. I am so impressed with her natural ability, drive, and retrieving instincts at such a young age and am confident she will contribute to my guiding needs this season let alone in the future. I am sold on this breed and you can't go wrong with Prairie Prime and all they offer their customers.
Submitted by: Thomas King on Sep 02, 2019
Dealing with Todd Farris and his Prairie Prime Kennel has been a pleasure. Todd has been in contact with us before and after we picked up our puppy, He kept us informed of their progress via video links and info about vet visits. Since we picked up our puppy we have contacted him several times about training and his and his family’s love of their dogs and training is quite evident. Very satisfied!
Submitted by: Carly McDavid on Aug 20, 2019
Prairie Prime is one of a kind. They take incredible care of their puppies and you can tell they love each and every one. Todd went out of his way to message us each time we had a question or concern. Our 2 year old and puppy Paxton are best buds already. Thank you Prairie Prime!!
Submitted by: Nate Haney on Aug 20, 2019
I couldn't be happier with my Prairie Prime dog. He is high energy and curious. He loves water. And he loves sniffing out quail. Todd and his family are also very helpful and easy to work with. They take great care of the dogs before they go home. Couldn't be happier.
Submitted by: Christy Crocker on Aug 19, 2019
Our experience with Prairie Prime has been nothing but wonderful. Todd has been so incredibly helpful throughout the whole process. This is our first EB and so far we have not been disappointed. He’s highly intelligent , athletic and full of personality. It’s just been such a great experience!
Submitted by: Joseph Malters on Jul 11, 2019
I recently purchased my first French Brittany through Todd Farris /Prairie Prime in OKC. I have previously owned English Setters and Wire Haired Pointing Griffons. Wanting to “down size” my next hunting dog, I researched this breed and contacted Todd to obtain more information. Through the whole process he has been extremely helpful. He is very enthusias about this breed of hunting dog and was a pleasure to work with. After confirming a successful breeding he sent out frequent email updates and after whelping of the pups the emails with photos and videos kept pouring in. When the decision for picking out a puppy came he was again very helpful with the process.
After getting the puppy home he continues to send out useful information and reminders about vaccinations, feeding, etc. I highly recommend his kennel if you are interested in this smallest of the pointing breeds but high energy dog. I can’t wait to get started with field training when my pup gets a little older.
Submitted by: Tyler Farmer on Jun 06, 2019
I have waited for over 16 months to provide this recommendation to ensure my Prairie Prime EB was proven. I'm so happy with the result of my Epagneul Breton from Prairie Prime. It is obvious our dog had the breeding genetics to become an excellent gun dog. With consistent effort on my part in training him he has become the best gun dog I have ever owned IN 30 years of hunting. Todd Farris is an excellent resource in assisting me in bringing the most out of my dog. It came down to a GSP or the EB and I'm so glad I chose the EB and it was mainly due to Todd's effort in educating me on this great breed. You can't go wrong with a Prairie Prime Epagneul Breton and I certainly can endorse Prairie Prime for your future gun dog purchase.
Submitted by: Mitch Hale on Feb 27, 2019
My wife and I could not be happier with our puppy, she is a wonderful companion, sweet, smart and for me she is a non-stop go hard hunting machine. At 13 weeks she was blood trailing deer and elk at the hunting ranch. She has already paid for herself in recovered animals. And that is a bonus, because all I wanted was a bird dog. Again she is wonderful and amazing we have no regrets choosing a Prairie Prime EB and that's coming from a lifetime Chesapeake and Lab guy.
Submitted by: Charles Zambori on Dec 03, 2018
Prairie Prime is a superlative example of a small, hands-on breeder. Todd does a great job from initial contact to that joyous day when your new pup comes home - and beyond. It's easy to tell he's building Prairie Prime out of love for breed and not just for the money. The pictures and updates Todd shared from breeding to whelping to homecoming were eagerly awaited and informative, and he'll warmly welcome you into his home to hang out with the pups before choosing yours. When Oskie came home he was bold, happy, healthy, and very well socialized - he's always excited to meet new people and ready to go exploring. Oskie is already showing the desirable traits you want in a bird dog (and the ones that drive you a little crazy, of course) so the genetics are just as great as the environment from which he came. Thanks so much for everything and I couldn't be happier to count myself as part of the Prairie Prime extended family.
Submitted by: Mike Willis on Dec 03, 2018
We brought Ozzy home in October and he has been a great addition to the family and fit right in with our other dogs. Todd has been excellent to work with from day one and took the time to discuss the breed, training and any other questions I had. I strongly recommend Prairie Prime Kennels.
Submitted by: Jordan Saylor on Dec 02, 2018
Working with Todd on our first Epagneul Breton puppy has been a great
experience. We were familiar with the American Brittany breed going into
the process, but the French Brittany was new to us. Todd did a great job
guiding us through the selection process, and his wealth of knowledge on
the dogs was refreshing. Todd kept us up to date throughout the entire
process from deposit to whelping to ultimately handoff, we were in
constant contact. I can fully recommend Prairie Prime and Todd to anyone
looking to explore the EB breed.
Submitted by: Steve and Sherry Thompson on Dec 02, 2018
We had already been in contact with several breeders before we found Prairie Prime. Todd provided the exact experience we were looking for once we had decided it was time to welcome a new puppy into our home. Previously, we owned an American Brittany & our search started with that breed in mind. Breeder after breeder, we never felt right about the people we talked to that were planning for future litters. When we came across Prairie Prime, we had never heard of an Epagneul Breton. We just though “Wow, they have some beautiful dogs”. Once we made contact, we knew this was the path we wanted to go down. Todd was very informative about the breed characteristics & how they compared to our experience with the American Brittany. His knowledge and passion about the breed were evident & we knew this wasn’t just buying a dog, but were becoming part of a community of people who shared our values. There were constant updates during the pregnancy, whelping, and early week of the puppies. He gave us all the time we needed during the selection process & continues to show interest in our EB’s health and wellbeing. We have no doubt that Todd will continue to be there for us if anything is needed in the future. Todd understands that this journey should enrich people’s lives & we believe he tries to do everything he can to make that happen.
Submitted by: Kevin Hawkins on Nov 25, 2018
My wife and I have been very pleased with the entire process of getting a puppy from Prairie Prime. We got photos every week with an email update every week until we picked up the puppy. Todd is a great ambassador for the breed giving us plenty of info and getting us registered with the breed club.
Submitted by: Sarah Nichols on Nov 22, 2018
I could not be happier with my EB from the “O” litter and the amazing experience I’ve had with Prairie Prime! I am a first-time EB owner but have already fallen in love with this amazing breed! Todd took the time to educate me about the EB and make sure it was the right fit for me before I put down a deposit. I really appreciated his weekly updates throughout the entire process detailing exactly what was going on with the litter and how they were doing. He is always available to answer questions and cares deeply about placing each puppy in the right home for both puppy and family. Otaktay (we call her Oakley) has been the perfect addition to our home. She is a quick learner, adventurous, playful and fearless. Todd does an incredible job of making sure each puppy is well-socialized, which made my job a lot easier! I would recommend Prairie Prime 100 times over!!
Submitted by: Jeff Troutt on Nov 22, 2018
Absolutely the best. I've bought bird dogs from all over the Midwest. Todd is very professional and knowledgeable. He keeps you informed in the whole process of purchasing the puppy. Not one negative. He even pays your dues. Besides all of this and more he raises great dogs at a price that he could charge much more. If you are lucky enough to purchase a puppy from Todd do it. Bottom line great buying experience and great dogs.
Submitted by: Eric Fischer on Nov 22, 2018
Working with Todd on our Prairie Prime puppy purchase in October could not have been easier. I had a lot of questions since I had never owned a French Brittany. Todd explained the puppies, their attitude and temperament. He inquired on what I wanted in a puppy and what were my plans with the pup. He is definitely interested in getting the Prairie Prime pups into homes that are loving and caring, versus just making a sale. I live in Texas and couldn’t stop by to to see the puppies during my pick. Todd sent numerous photos and videos to help me make what was a tough decision, as all of the puppies were so adorable. Once we received the pup, Todd gave us a lot of information about the breed, puppies in general, and kept up with us as a sounding board for any questions that came up. Like I said, the process couldn’t have been easier and Todd and Praire Prime couldn’t have been nicer. Thank you for such a great experience.
Submitted by: J Francis on Jun 30, 2018
Our family purchased a puppy from Prairie Prime Kennels seven months ago, and she is doing fantastic. I have been around bird dogs my whole life, my Dad had Brittanys before he had me, but this is our first EB. I am very pleased with her. She is extremely biddable and is learning fast. Todd has been a pleasure to deal with from day one, and has been very available after the sale to discuss any breed specific issues. He is knowledgeable about the breed, and has a real passion for the advancement of EB’s. The care he took the first seven weeks of the puppies’ lives is unmatched in any breeder I have seen. Our puppy came home socialized and willing to please. I am looking forward to bird season, and can’t wait to take her for a spin. – J. Francis, Edmond, OK
Submitted by: Phil Bryant on Apr 30, 2018
Working with Todd on our 1st EB was a joy. He kept us fully informed the entire way. He has followed up with us and been available to answer any questions as Nova has gotten adjusted to our home. Our little Nova (we call her Dixie) is a joy...we're another couple months away from much serious training, but she is very smart and has picked up on everything we've done so far very quickly. She has actually slept all night since her first night with added bonus. She's a loving little girl and likes attention which she freely competes with her brother (our our 2.5 year old Wire Fox Terrier) for. The folks at the Kennel we use when we are away say that her and her "brother" are a lot alike...meaning full of energy and very spirited. They are a blast to watch run and play together. She certainly holds her own. We fully recommend Prairie Prime...happy to answer any questions.
Submitted by: Tamela Henington on Apr 24, 2018
We have a beautiful puppy from this Breeder. Todd loves his dogs and this breed. He carefully places his puppies. He gives weekly updates and pictures of your puppy. He is extremely professional and thorough in the transition process from his home to yours. He follows up and checks on your puppy. He fields any question you have even after the puppy comes to live with you. Making a perfect fit is important to him. We feel our puppy has great potential to be a great hunting dog but most of all a wonderful member of our family.
Submitted by: Gary Mac on Apr 18, 2018
My family and I are completely satisfied with Prairie Prime and would purchase another pup from them in a heartbeat. Todd Farris is passionate about the breed and serious about keeping his customers happy. Our journey started with a pleasant phone conversation with Todd. He told me a great deal about the breed, about his kennel, and answered all of my questions. Todd sent frequent updates and puppy pictures while the pups were growing. Believe me, you and your family will spend a lot of time looking at the photos while waiting for your pup and will appreciate the informative updates and Todd’s dedication as well. We have had our pup for a couple months now and Todd has kept in touch to make sure everything is going OK – and it is. Todd has been very quick to answer any and all questions I have. As for our EB, he is awesome and we couldn’t be any happier with him. He is very attentive and learning commands quickly. He is fun, fearless, eager to please and looks just like an EB should. He is going to be a great hunting dog, fishing trip companion and family dog.
Submitted by: Ben Lawson on Apr 16, 2018
100% happy with our French Brittany pup. Todd takes a lot of pride and gives maximum effort in the furthering of this breed. He has been a great resource from gathering info in the decision on which breed to get, to training and helpful tips after she's joined our family. We fully recommend Prairie Prime if you're considering a French Brittany.
Submitted by: Gary McDonald on Apr 15, 2018
My family and I are completely satisfied with Prairie Prime and would purchase another pup from them in a heartbeat. Todd Farris is passionate about the breed and serious about keeping his customers happy. Our journey started with a pleasant phone conversation with Todd. He told me a great deal about the breed, about his kennel, and answered all of my questions. Todd sent frequent updates and puppy pictures while the pups were growing. Believe me, you and your family will spend a lot of time looking at the photos while waiting for your pup and will appreciate the informative updates and Todd’s dedication as well. We have had our pup for a couple months now and Todd has kept in touch to make sure everything is going OK – and it is. Todd has been very quick to answer any and all questions I have. As for our EB, he is awesome and we couldn’t be any happier with him. He is very attentive and learning commands quickly. He is fun, fearless, eager to please and looks just like an EB should. He is going to be a great hunting dog, fishing trip companion and family dog.
Submitted by: Steve G on Apr 15, 2018
This was my third French Brittany with my third breeder. Todd is easily the best breeder I've worked with. He wanted a good fit for the families and puppies more than he wanted hardcore hunters or money. He is very knowledgeable about; and dedicated to the breed standard. I got an email from Todd with puppy updates almost weekly from the day I made contact with him until several weeks after we had our new puppy. I have tried to get several friends to get puppies with future litters.
Submitted by: Jill Smith on Mar 12, 2018
Todd Farris spent over an hour on the phone with me answering my questions and providing information needed for me to learn about the breed. He is a knowledgeable and positive person that helped to educate me. I found him to be more interested in promoting the positive aspects of the Epagneul Breton and what the breed would bring to my family and my needs as a bird hunter than selling me a dog to make money which I found very refreshing. I whole-heartedly recommend Prairie Prime Epagneul Bretons to anyone interested in an Epagneul Breton puppy.
Submitted by: Scott Archer on Nov 29, 2017
I had the pleasure of hunting behind the Prairie Prime Epagneul Bretons dogs on a guided hunt in northern Missouri with Todd Farris this past October. Jock and Libby were both outstanding pointing dogs and great retrievers. They systematically covered the field for Pheasant and Chukar and were a joy to watch. i was impressed with their steadiness, endurance, and the fact that they retrieved all our birds to hand. As a new upland hunter they made the experience pleasurable and I'm absolutely sold on a Prairie Prime puppy after watching Jock and Libby work the field for two days.
Submitted by: Ben T. Robinson Brig Gen USAF (R) on Nov 28, 2017
I've hunted behind Jock and Libby (Prairie Prime's breeding dogs) for many seasons and I can honestly say I have not ever hunted behind finer gun dogs. Jock and Libby are extremely versatile, great retrievers, and they find birds. They both love the water and complement each other in the field. I have personally shot many birds hunting behind them. Todd Farris has taken great care in creating the Prairie Prime Epagneul Bretons kennel and in doing everything the right way. I am confident the cross with Jock and Libby in producing the Prairie Prime line of EB's will yield amazing offspring for the field and the home. I am equally confident customers of Prairie Prime Epagneul Bretons will be satisfied with the level of service Todd provides. I have witnessed Todd Farris being a great promoter of the Epagneul Breton the last 4 years in all that he does and just don't think you can go wrong purchasing your future gun dog from Prairie Prime Epagneul Bretons.

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