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Submitted by: Whitnie Hendricks on Jun 02, 2020
We love your dogs and we will be making a trip to Texas when the time comes!
Submitted by: John Anderson on Jun 02, 2020
Spent 15 years with one of your progeny...and enjoyed ever moment of it!
Submitted by: Mary Johnston on May 29, 2020
I have a wonderful 2 year old from this kennel. I drove all the way to SD to pick her up! She is the real deal! Odette de Plumb Creek.
Submitted by: Sam Bratton on May 29, 2020
I love your dogs! That's why I got four of them. Wonderful companions, family dogs and great bird dogs. You have done an excellent job keeping true to this line.
Submitted by: Bryan Schanze on May 21, 2020
You definitely made an impact on EB breed. Thank you for Jack. He has accumulated 8 nstra points, 1 trail in the fall and two this spring. Not bad for being new to the game.
Submitted by: Jean John Brewer on May 19, 2020
We have two of your dogs and they have been great! We were just talking about getting a male pup!
Submitted by: Gerry Wood on May 19, 2020
Thank you for all you have done for the breed. It was an honor to have Tetue de Plum Creek as my dog for nearly 15 years.
Submitted by: Stacy Thompson on May 19, 2020
We got our first ever French Brittany from you guys. Her call name was Vamp, she was one of the best dogs we've every had in the field and in our home.
Submitted by: Casi Kimmes on May 19, 2020
My husband and I have 2 of your dogs, Oscar and Bowski. We really enjoy our Brittany's. Thank you for all that you have done for the breed!
Submitted by: Beckey Conway on May 19, 2020
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our Henry. He really is the most handsome and well mannered baby we have ever had. He might be a little spoiled rotten too.
Submitted by: Gerald Giordano on May 19, 2020
Thank you for EVERYTHING you have done for the Epagneual Breton here in the US & abroad.
Submitted by: Rebecca Grumdahl on May 19, 2020
Thank you for all you have done! My parents are proud owners of Odie , who will be 2 years old this month!
Submitted by: Patricia Lucasey on May 19, 2020
Thank you for the wonderful contribution to the breed!
Submitted by: matthew on Apr 17, 2020
We purchased our puppy from you in February and just wanted to let you know he is doing so well and we love him so much! He has been the perfect addition to our lives. He has an awesome personality and keeps us very entertained. He likes to chase the robins when we're out walking and the geese when we're at the lake. We're thinking he'll be a great little hunter.
Submitted by: Todd on Apr 09, 2020
Both the dogs are living the tough life lol. Pip had two awesome trips to North Dakota. They both go to the vet clinic with me and think that every animal who comes into the clinic are there to entertain them. My clients love them.
Submitted by: Tim on Mar 23, 2020
Cricket finished his North America Quail slam with a mountain quail in California this past December. Thanks
Submitted by: Skyler on Feb 28, 2020
I thought it would be nice to give you an update on Oliver. At 5 months he was swimming in our creek and loves the water, he's good to the .22 and knows what dead bird means. He comes and sits on command. He is a great companion and buddy.
Submitted by: Ron on Feb 08, 2020
Skyler is amazing … especially for being only 1 year old. Just a thank you for the efforts you've put into raising true bird dogs. Thanks Ron & Bonnie
Submitted by: Deb on Feb 08, 2020
Bruno passed away today, he was such a great dog. Well trained, grew up with our children who loved him dearly. He was very loved, loved his personality and his tricolor. We are saddened by the loss of such an important part of our family and would like to get another from you guys.
Submitted by: Tony on Feb 08, 2020
Ellie is 10, Kitt is 5 and I think we're ready for our 5th puppy from Plum
Submitted by: Lee on Feb 08, 2020
Olive loves to take my chair when I get up! I'm sending you a few pictures. She loves her throw toy that's wrapped in pheasant feathers and she grew so fast last summer. We love her so much.
Submitted by: Btramm on Feb 08, 2020
Thanks for such a wonderful dog, it's amazing how talented he is right out of the gate. He works the woods unbelievable. He retrieved everything. Two days of back to back limits!
Submitted by: Melo on Feb 08, 2020
Hi, Milo is doing great. He has a great nose and is a great companion. I have a lot of fun with him and think I'm ready for a second pup from you guys!
Submitted by: Mike on Feb 08, 2020
Maverick is doing great, first two hunts with him at 8 1/2 months. Love his drive and enthusiasm, you picked us a great puppy!
Submitted by: Dale on Feb 08, 2020
Jett continues to do well and is progressing with his training. I am following the steps outlined in your French britt book.
We went on a camping trip to northern Minnesota for a week and he was easy to have along and travels extremely well. Even took us out in the boat with us. He had a ball so things are going well!
Submitted by: David on Dec 31, 2019
Sally is now 2 1/2 and has turned out to be a brilliant hunter with endless drive. She is very steady and can be trusted to run while we come to her and stays staunch. She honors and retrieves. She is also very affectionate. She shows professional kennel dogs how it's done but then sleeps like a little angel in the house.
I couldn't be happier and thank you so much for keeping this breed such great hunters.
Submitted by: Shawna on Dec 31, 2019
Today is Max's first birthday, he has quite the personality and keeps us very entertained. We are so blessed to have such a cool dog!
Submitted by: Brian on Oct 25, 2019
Just wanted to let you know Jack is doing really well. I signed up to NSTRA and took Jack last weekend, 2 fields and 15 braces each. Field A Jack took 3rd in Open and 1st in Amateur. Field B jack took 4th in Open and again 1st in Amateur. Had some people shaking their heads that some guy and his dog could come in and place in the first runs they'd ever done, not once but twice. If I hadn't missed a bird on both runs he would have done even better.
Submitted by: Branson on Oct 25, 2019
Thanks for such a wonderful dog! it's amazing how talented he is right out of the gate. He works the woods unbelievable. He retrieved everything. Two limits back to back days!
Submitted by: Tom on Oct 06, 2019
Music is fabulous. Ruffed grouse hunting this weekend. Could go on and on. No finer dog!!!!!!
Submitted by: Patty on Apr 02, 2019
Even though we didn't get Maverick directly from you, parents are both Plum Creek dogs so you guys are the ones responsible for what I got - the greatest dog ever to me! He has been in 5 UKC Gun dog trials and completed his Gun title this weekend, when he received 1st in Gun Solo. His litter mate owned by my brother received 2nd. I know it is the breeding as my brother has 2 litter mates and I see so many of the same traits.
The judge told me he runs as hard at the finish of his run as he does at the beginning and was excited about him. I just hope I can email you next year and say we placed in Open!
Submitted by: Brandon on Mar 20, 2019
My family and I would like to thank you guys for such a wonderful puppy! Can't believe how fast he is catching on! Does well on the leash with whoa and heel. He has been fetching/retrieving great since the first try! He moves great in the woods and uses his nose a lot. I can't wait to plant a few birds for him.
Submitted by: Frank B on Mar 08, 2019
Went on a Kansas bird hunt - what a great nose Maggie has and bird drive unstoppable! We sure have enjoyed her these two years!!
Submitted by: Blair on Mar 07, 2019
Bill did a great job training gracie. She's a lot of fun to hunt with, she's the total package of companion and hunting dog. You picked the perfect pup for us! Hated to see the season end.
Submitted by: Shawna on Mar 07, 2019
We have had a great week with our little man. Kennel training is going well and he's not crying. He's full of energy and intelligence! Sending you some pictures. Thanks
Submitted by: Frank on Feb 12, 2019
Dakota turned 1 last week. Simply said he is a fantastic dog and a great hunter! Thanks
Submitted by: Bill on Feb 12, 2019
Woody hit a steep cut out of a Mearns canyon like a joyful athlete, "on his game big time" my friend said! All the best to you!
Submitted by: Joe T on Dec 27, 2018
I wanted to send you a report on Gracee de Plum Creek. She has become a bit of a star hunting dog around these parts over the 7 years of her life. In early December she was the hunting dog for a 4 day quail hunt that was a fund raiser for St Jude's Children's hospital. Two gentlemen from Seattle had the winning bid in the hunt auction and flew here for the hunt.
Gracie was flawless. Since this was a preserve hunt there were no bag limits. Gracie pointed and retrieved 70 quail. The two guest hunters made a very generous donation to the children's hospital and took home a cooler of frozen quail.
Because she is a very spirited hunter with a great nose and great bird sense, who is steady to wing and shot and retrieves to hand, the guests called her "Gracie the Wonder Dog" - and I am thankful I can use her talents to raise lots of money for the kids at St Jude's hospital. This was her third charity hunt for St Jude's.
In a year or two it will be puppy time again. In the past I have thought of 9 years old as the time to start tapering down an older dog so that they can still enjoy hunting a little bit at 11 or 12 and have a bit of a semi-retirement in those older years. So it won't be long until we are in tough about reserving a new puppy. All the best!
Submitted by: Brice on Dec 19, 2018
Time sure has flown by! Roxi is now 2 1/2 years old and is doing very well. She is extremely birdy and is constantly on the watch for birds. She even watches tv when I have pbs nature shows on. I trained with a pointer group last sumer but she would never lock up when she hit scent and wanted to encroach on the birds. Boy how that changed on wild birds!
She is very driven and determined in everything she does. She is an amazing dog and my best buddy. She runs like the wind and loves horseback riding, cross country skiing, hiking etc. Many people have asked where she came from and I can't say enough about her. If I ever decide to have another I'll be coming your way!
Submitted by: Lee on Dec 19, 2018
Lori and I wanted to let you know Livie is doing very well and will be 9 months this Friday. We have been having a good time watching her grow and progress with obedience and field training.
She's such a pretty dog and we love her very much. She pointed her first rooster last week and to me she is a natural and casts back and forth searching for scent from the time I started her. Your book has been very helpful.
Best wishes
Submitted by: Blair on Nov 29, 2018
Gracie is doing great. Had her out, 4 birds pointed, locked up on them like a vault. Thanks for taking such good care of her this summer!
Submitted by: Jay on Nov 29, 2018
I wanted to say hi, stay in touch and thank you for your help and assistance in everything from my purchase of Kaina de Plum Creek to being there for me with the questions I have had after the purchase. Kaina is a truly special dog. Very smart, great with people and other pets and has matured into a trustworthy house dog. Her field ability is coming along really well also. Thanks again.
Submitted by: Dennis on Nov 25, 2018
Dear Kathy and Bill

Nibs is a great hunter with outstanding nose. He will find wounded birds that other good dogs give up on.
I shot a dozen pheasant and sharptail and only killed two. He found all the other wounded birds! Happy Thanksgiving, Dennis
Submitted by: Jim on Nov 15, 2018
This will be Bob's last season hunting grouse and woodcock. We just returned from Virginia, we didn't hunt hard. Bob is 14 now and at 76 I too feel a bit worn down. We have not lost our enthusiasm for the hunt. We will still go afield together but we'll leave the hunting to the younger and more capable.
Bob will be impossible to replace but all my bird dog friends tell me that I should prepare for that eventually.
Submitted by: Steve on Nov 12, 2018
Wanted to let you know how wonderful Mac is doing. He stays close and has an awesome nose and drive. He can go all day.
Submitted by: Paula on Nov 09, 2018
Just wanted to give you an update on Justice, he absolutely loves hunting pheasants and woodcock. Hope all is good with you guys.
Submitted by: Lee on Nov 02, 2018
Wanted to let you know our Gigi has this hunting thing dialed in! Lots of points and retrieves!! Thanks, Lee
Submitted by: Pat and Gary on Nov 02, 2018
Our baby is 18 months old now, retrieving to hand as you can see by the picture. Love her!!
Submitted by: Kevin on Nov 02, 2018
Check it out - Maggie is in the Pheasants Forever pub as "Dog of the Day"!!
Submitted by: Tim on Oct 24, 2018
This is Maggie's 2nd hunting season and she's doing great. We've been to Montana and Minnesota on hunts this season. Thanks for a great dog
Submitted by: Patty on Jul 24, 2018
I am so proud of Maverick and he has changed my life. He's out of Hollee de Plum creek x Freedom de Plum Creek and I called you a few months ago to thank you for your breeding. Mav is 20 months old and has passed all 4 legs in the AKC junior hunt tests. Gonna do senior tests this fall. He has been in 3 UKC gun dog trials and last month he was RCAG. The judge said he is one smart, hard running dg and is looking forward to seeing him mature. When he got his Pass the judge said he covered the field the best he had seen that day in Gun. He has his TAN and WRT too.
Mav was a natural retrieve and is backing in braces naturally too. Absolutely loves water.
Once again thank you for your breeding and dedication to the breed. If you had told me years ago I'd be running in dog trials and shooting birds over my dog I would have laughed.l Patty
Submitted by: Jack on Jul 23, 2018
Thank you for making it possible for this beautiful pup to be in my arms. He is beautiful inside and out, that is Indy coming out. I am very happy with him. You have the best dogs in the country!
Submitted by: John on May 12, 2018
I got Jake from you 15 years ago. What a great dog. He passed a short while ago. Your breeding program is 5 star. Jake never had a sick day in his long dog life. When I decide to adopt another Brittany, Plum Creek is the only place I will consider.

John Rowley
Submitted by: Mark on Jan 12, 2018
Hi Kathy & Bill, having a lot of great days chuckar hunting with Madeline. She is a great hunter and family pet...couldn’t be happier with her.
Submitted by: Scott on Jan 12, 2018
Hi Kathy ^ Bill,
I thought I would give you an update on the female pup that I bought from
you last summer and you shipped to Spokane. She is doing great. We are
hunting her with an older French Brittany male that we have hunted for 5
years. We mostly hunt chukars here in Eastern Washington and they are a real
challenge for a young dog. She has handled it well. She ranges fairly close,
which is a must for hunting chukars in the rocks and hillsides. She has a
great nose and is a joy to have around.
Submitted by: Phillip on Jan 12, 2018
Hello Kathy,

This is Phillip Elder. My wife and I came up from Texas a few years ago and bought Kate from you.

Kate has turned out to be a fine wild bird dog. She has pointed and retrieved 100’s of bird in her first two years. She is the best dog I have right now as a two year old and better than many of the well seasoned dogs on my 19,000 acre lease here in Texas. She may be the finest bird dog I’ve ever owned. I plan on running her in the NSTRA this year and putting some titles on her.

Kate took training well and there is nothing soft about her. She can run all day and get up and do it again the next. She has been finding bird every day this week despite the heat and dry conditions.

Kate is a wonderful well mannered family companion and conformationally a perfect tri-colored example of the breed. Thank you and Bill for breeding such a wonderful bird dog and companion.
She also likes to sleep in the house and is a great fishing companion as well as a covey finding machine.
Submitted by: Jake on Dec 11, 2017
Izzy, what a dog! Incredible nose, incredible retriever to hand, steady to wing and just a joy to be around. She has tremendous drive and I would hunt her with anyone.

Thank you for a great dog.

Submitted by: Jake K on Dec 11, 2017
I wanted to take the opportunity to let you guys know that king lebowski 'bowski' is doing great and has been a fantastic addition to the family.
Submitted by: blair on Dec 02, 2017
we have two dogs from plum creek....awesome
Asti is 13 now and a pro and Tiger is two and its unbelievable how fast they learn. You don't teach these dogs to hunt and I taught tiger to heal in 5 minutes, crazy!! They are natural retrievers and I recommend doing the force fetch.
all the best to you Bill & my daughter is graduating university and will be ordering a new pup for her home soon!!
Submitted by: Mel on Nov 25, 2017
Neva is a very sweet pup and has tremendous drive in the field. She flushed 3 pheasants this am and stopped and honored all three flushes. I am very impressed with her. Thanks, Mel
Submitted by: David on Nov 25, 2017
Narcisse (Sally) is now 7 months and has been on about 25 hunts.

We spent three days at Highland Hills Ranch in Oregon and the wild birds really transformed her.

She now holds point even when a flushing dog crashes in, and retrieves if she gets there first. She honors and stopped bumping birds. In Oregon we couldn't find her a few times, she would not come, but we could hear her collar. Sure enough that pup was locked up on chukar or Huns, dutifully waiting for us.

Thank you so much, we are really having fun training her!

And, we love our friend's the Helmer's new FB pup, too!

Submitted by: Blair on Oct 27, 2017
Gracie is doing GREAT!!! When she's not sleeping she's keeping two Golden Retrievers in line. Our female, Ava, immediately adopted Gracie as her own, and the male, Duggan, became the protective father, but he wasn't quite sure what to do with that little "thing." Gracie just kept pestering and pestering him and now she has a more gentle playmate than Ava is to her. Gracie steals toys out of their mouths and makes them chase her, plays tug of war as the third party (sometimes they let her win), and knows to run and shelter under a piece of lawn furniture so she doesn't get run over when the two big dogs have a high speed game of keep away. But, her favorite thing to do with them is try to pull their lips off, LOL. They are very tolerant to say the least.

She's pretty obedient already. She mostly comes the first time when called, doesn't pull at the leash, and kennels on command. She's catching on to stay. She's willing able to retrieve a frozen solid pheasant, (natural retriever). She's a very confident dog, and loves everybody she meets.

There are little things about her that remind us of the ancestors whose pictures you have on your website. To us she has Tattoo's eyes, holds her ears like Ree, has a coat like Doc's, and sits on her left hip like Sissi to name a few. (We had another FB that did that and he too had Sissi in his ancestry.) She likes water. She's as affectionate as Katie was (Thalassa de Plum Creek), and that's the main thing we were looking for. I think we hit the jackpot with her. This is just a well balanced dog with a great personality.

Blair and Kathy Minning
Submitted by: David on Oct 18, 2017
Submitted by: Elaine on Oct 18, 2017
Larry and I have been enjoying our puppy, hard to believe he is now past 6 months old! He is full of spunk and keeps us on our toes!

Larry has taken him Grouse hunting twice. He sleeps most nights in his metal crate but often he lands up giving us his puppy dog eyes and lands up in our bed, hogging the darn thing at that!

Memphis is now over 22 pounds and is updated with his shots, been to Kindergartner, Super Puppy School at the moment (3 classes left to go) and is now registered for Agility in November (6 classes).

Everyone who has met him can't get over what a handsome boy he is smart too. Before he was 5 months old I had taught him to shake a paw (he does both paws too), he knows the name of his toys.
Thank you again for entrusting us with one of your beautiful pups he is truly adorable, we love him to pieces!

We will keep you updated from time to time so you can see how he is doing.

Submitted by: Tim on Oct 18, 2017
Little Nitro tore up the field last weekend. He can cover the ground and the birds are bigger then him almost
Submitted by: Mark on Sep 27, 2017
We lost Tessa today to congestive heart failure after 15 1/2 great years. Thats when we picked Tessa up from you. She was my best hunter and our best family companion. Thank you for providing a great dog.

Mark and Pat Leagjeld
Submitted by: Dave on Sep 11, 2017
Hello Kathy and Bill,

Ivory is such a sweet, sweet dog. Plenty of energy. She enjoys hiking three times a week, 52 weeks a year. I work from home most of the time so it really is ideal for her.

I hope you and Bill are doing well.
Submitted by: Dave G. on Sep 11, 2017
Sally is 5 1/5 months old and I thought you might enjoy an update.

Her personality is curious, merry and playful. She has a very good nose, and has a totally natural instinct to quarter, check in, and stay within shotgun range.

She pointed a chukar yesterday, didn't flinch when we shot it and retrieved it to hand like she had been doing it forever. Her first one!

She has a natural hunting instinct that amazes me and people who have seen her.

And, she has become an adorable member of the family. I am a doctor and she comes to the office with me once a week. My pediatric patients love her.

So, thank you! I have some hunting trips this fall and we are going to let her come and keep learning.

Submitted by: Don on Sep 06, 2017
Submitted by: Wendy on Aug 28, 2017
My husband, Anthony, and I wanted to thank you for the most incredible dog ever. We bought Scout from you in August of 2007. We met him at the airport in Baltimore and fell in love with him right then and there. These last 10 years have brought us so much happiness. He was an athlete, a companion, a cuddler and anything that we ever wanted in a dog.
Unfortunately, we lost him on Friday. He was truly one of a kind and we were not prepared to lose him on Friday.
We are so very heart broken and also grateful for those 10 years. He brought us unbelievable joy.

Thank you so much for Scout. No dog can ever fill those paw prints.

Wendy and Anthony Gallo
Submitted by: Skip on Aug 22, 2017
Hello Bill and Kathy,
We thought we would drop you a pic of our babies Buddy and Birdie! Do you remember them? Birdie was from Tattoo's first litter and Buddy's mom was Rene. They have been the best dogs and have aclamated well with all the moves we've made. They are 11 years old this year. Hope all is well with both of you!

Best Regards

Skip and Lee Neyhart
Submitted by: Tim on Aug 04, 2017
Nitro is living up to his name - at 13 weeks he is already pointing quail, as well as any other bird or butterfly! We love him to death, thanks so much.
Submitted by: Betsy on Jul 21, 2017
I have been wanting to say thank you to you and Bill, we LOVE our puppy Josie so much. Smart, cute, fun and fits into our life so well. Her markings are beautiful. Our other animals love her too!
Submitted by: Mike on Jun 24, 2017
Hello Bill and Kathy. Hope this finds you both doing well. Thought that I would touch base re: Maggie. She turned 1 on 6/14/17. Out of Harlow and Indy.
We are so pleased with her development. Wonderful companion and house/lap dog, and an Olympic athlete in the field. I have hunted primarily pheasants my entire life, and she is the hardest working dog that I have owned. Bill, I have brought her along slowly, per your advice, and let her be a pup. Thanks for our little girl, we love her to pieces. Mike
Submitted by: Bob on Jun 23, 2017
Hi, just a quick note to say thank you for a perfect, perfect pup! Best friends with my shorthair who's starting to act like a frenchy thanks to the pup! It's like a Disney movie. Thanks again.
Submitted by: Dennis on Jun 22, 2017
Nibbs is doing great, he knows his name and comes to it. He will retrieve a rope to hand and is almost completely house trained already. He has a great nose. He seems very smart and brave. Thanks Dennis
Submitted by: Richard on Dec 31, 2016
Bill and Kathy,

Doc got his first wild bird in Townsend Montana at ten months old.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful pup. Incredible nose and so much desire to hunt.

Submitted by: Brandon on Dec 28, 2016
Hi Bill and Kathy,

Just thought you might want an update on Traveller now that he's done with training. He's had a good year on pheasants in South Dakota, and even better got his first covey of wild quail back home on my family's farm in Missouri this week. I couldn't be more pleased with him as a great hunting dog and a great house dog-he steals my pillow every night when we go to bed!
Submitted by: Brad on Dec 17, 2016
Just wanted to let you know Aeb is doing wonderful. Our granddaughter loves him more than she loves us. Everybody that sees him thinks he is adorable.
Submitted by: Blair M on Nov 23, 2016
This is Thalassa de Plum Creek (Katie) a week after her 14th birthday. It has been a great 14 years with her and hoping for more healthy years.
Submitted by: Ian on Nov 16, 2016
Dear Bill & Kathy,
Just a note to say hi and catch you up on Buster. Buster was produced by Tatoo and Roxi. He is a good dog and I have enjoyed him very much. I'm sending you a copy of the recent edition of Upland Almanac so you can read the article about him.
At present Buster has had over 1,000 ruffed grouse killed over his points. There are very few dogs of any breed that have experienced what Buster has in the ruffed grouse coverts. As you know, the grouse is very challenging for most people to kill because it seldom presents a clear shot. That is one reason why for generations of upland bird hunters the ruffed grouse is the "king of the upland gamebirds". The King still sits on his throne, however Buster is way more than a match for the king.
Buster is extremely healthy at 10 years old. I am very aware that one's health can change quickly but no one takes better care of their dog than I do. I will try and kill 500 more grouse over his points.
Buster has no official titles, no ribbons and no trophies. He is just the "Grouse Commander" and I am very fond of him. Ian
Submitted by: Jim on Nov 16, 2016
Just wanted to tell you that Frontier (Maverick) won first prize in the NAVHDA utility test.

Submitted by: Greg on Nov 16, 2016
Bill and Kathy

Extremely pleased with our family addition Maiya. She is learning lots from wild pheasants and grouse. This photo was taken last week in North Dakota. We got into some Huns too.

Great personality and crazy on birds!! That's my girl Maiya.
Submitted by: Tim on Nov 07, 2016
Kricket is doing great!
Submitted by: Steve on Sep 30, 2016
Cooper got his TAN and Deep Water Retrieve! He's doing so great - I'm very happy!
Submitted by: Paul on Sep 28, 2016
Kathy and Bill,

Winnie has been doing great with her training. She holds staunch on her points and she doesn't break on the flush.
I had told her she had big shoes to fill as Maggie is a great hunter and it seems she is up to the task. I am pretty impressed with her.

You are breeding great hunting dogs.
Submitted by: Greg on Aug 13, 2016
I hope you kept a breeding dog from this litter because I think I have a superstar in Maiya!!

Not sure I could be more pleased with her progress !!
Submitted by: Carmelo on Jul 02, 2016
Hello Kathy,
Been two months and I am having a ball with Milo.
He's a great dog. He is smart and Learns quickly. He runs around my property unleashed and never disappears and comes When I call him. Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with him, he has been a fun companion and I enjoy teaching him things .
You did a good job
Submitted by: Paul on Jul 02, 2016
Just thought you might like an update on Winnie. She is a happy and healthy puppy and in very good physical condition. She plays constantly with the Fox Terrier and is now about the same size. It is a good exercise plan.

She goes to work with me every day along with Maggie who she wants to be just like. I wasn't sure if Maggie would like having a puppy around but she seems to like Winnie a lot. They snuggle together a lot. Winnie pointed a blue jay a couple weeks ago and today she was trying to catch a sparrow. She works well on a leash and obedience is good. Thanks for the great companion.
Submitted by: Carmelo on Jun 08, 2016
It has been about a month and Milo is doing great. He wants to be the boss ( we are working on that ) otherwise he is everything I expected and more. He stays close off lease when we walk thru the fields and he is very smart.
Submitted by: Saloma on Mar 21, 2016
Hi to you two!

I got your book for Bob - he never put it down until he read the whole thing. I'm next.

We adore Bijou -- she's beautiful, smart, so willing to please -- and she loves to hunt. Bob says she's great and is going to be one of his greatest bird dogs. We could not love her more.

Best to you and yours,
Submitted by: Joe on Mar 14, 2016
We wanted to thank you for this amazingly smart pointing dog! He is an amazing Hunter and house pet. He understands every word and is very obedient. He got 5 pheasant one day when just under one year old! Here he is learning to point, ready to go hunting and relaxing by the wood stove. He could do all his "tricks" by 3 months!
Warmly, Alice and Joe Giunta
Submitted by: Sam on Jan 21, 2016
I took Kamo to Texas and we shot 95 birds in 3 days. By the last day he was pointing and holding birds plus hunting dead and retrieving. It was amazing to see the progression. He is very smart and picks up things fast. What an enjoyable pup! He is going to be a crackerjack bird dog. Thank you so much!
Submitted by: Bob on Jan 19, 2016
I'm sending you a picture of Bullet with a nice bunch of birds. She is ten years old and still is unreal in hunting the pheasants.
Submitted by: Will on Jan 19, 2016
Scout continues to develop nicely at 8.5 months. Got our first point and retrieve on wild birds this weekend .
Submitted by: Jean on Dec 22, 2015
Hi, Bill and Kathy:

Here is Pearl at six months. Responding extremely well, as you can see she's on point. Hope all is well with you. Merry Christmas!
Submitted by: Kelly on Dec 19, 2015
Shot my first bird over him today! He pointed, I flushed and.... He retrieved it to me!!!! So exciting!!!! Kelly
Submitted by: Jay on Dec 09, 2015
My little one passed a birthday last month somewhere around the thanksgiving week. Thought you might like to see how she turned out. A very pretty animal, and as most all of my hunting companions claim the most Beautiful dog I have owned so far. Did a bangup job on her virgin voyage to North Dakota in Oct. Longest point held was over a minute. out of six downed birds /runners that we went back to look for over 1/2 hour later she came up with five , YEA, and did fair on retrieves. Working with an older frenchie you could really see the light getting turned on in her. She is such a joy!!
Submitted by: James on Dec 08, 2015
Bob is nine years old now and is a seasoned hunter. He has regularly hunted Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock in Minnesota, Wisconsin and northern Michigan. He has hunted quail and pheasants in Georgia and Virginia. He has hunted snipe in the Florida Everglades. Although we have both slowed a bit we have not missed a season in eight years.

Our second favorite thing to do is to fish for Brown Trout in our home Waters on the Manistee River near Grayling, Michigan.

Bob is a treasure and the best bird dog I have hunted with in my 73 years, and just behind my wife of fifty years, the best companion that an old guy like me could have.

Neither Bob nor l have any plan to retire.
Submitted by: Dennis on Dec 01, 2015
Opening day upland season in Kansas. Daisy is doing good and Kizzy is learning and catching on quickly. She is pointing and hunting well. Seeing lots of quail. You all provide great dogs for the foot bird hunter.
Submitted by: Bruce on Nov 29, 2015

Another awesome day of hunting with Gus. Where we hunt in ND each bird is earned - and Gus just never tires when it comes to pheasants. I can't believe he is only 10 months old - the last two birds were solid points and we didn't think there was any possibility of a bird but both were roosters and we now trust his nose anywhere at anytime. I have enjoyed all of our dogs but this little guy is special - thanks to both of you for producing such exceptional hunting dogs.
Submitted by: Jim on Nov 28, 2015
Hi Bill and Kathy. Here is a pic of Beau (Hercules de Plum Creek). He turned 3 and has become a wonderful hunter. What a great dog he is, in all ways!
Submitted by: Bruce on Nov 19, 2015

Thought you would enjoy seeing a picture of Gus with a limit of wild ND pheasants. He has quickly transitioned to wild birds and is very strong at tracking down wing broke birds, you would never know he is a January puppy, he is really maturing into a fantastic hunting dog and is a great companion. He has quite the Facebook following since we are always posting photos - everyone finds him adorable and he is full of mischief.

Submitted by: Jim on Nov 18, 2015
I wanted to check quickly to let you know Claude is doing so well and has become a wonderful partner afield and a much loved family member at home!
He is just starting his third hunting season and we had a terrific first hunt. His nose is top notch, he's steady and his retrieving has been excellent. We just love him. He's is the sweetest dog I have ever owned and my three young kids and all their friends just love him to death.
I hope you are well and having a tremendous autumn!
Jim and Claude
Submitted by: Bruce on Nov 07, 2015
Kathy and Bill,

Here are some pictures of "Gus" - the puppy we picked up from you in March that was from a litter in January. He did really well in training and now we are working him on wild birds in North Dakota. Opening weekend was just to hot to hunt much but we were back this weekend - rainout on Friday but ended up with some birds today. He's still finding his way with the wild birds and they've been running on us some but he is getting the retrieving down just fine - attached are this first three retrieves and he did a great job finding the first one. We have a whole week in November so he'll get plenty of time to figure out how to corner those running birds. He's been a great addition to the family.

Submitted by: Jake on Nov 04, 2015
I wanted to send an update! After a long summer of training and hard work opening weekend in Iowa was finally upon us this past weekend! Lebowski born Jan 12 of this year, not even 10 months of age yet, was up to the challenge. Light rain fell on us as we pursued our first pheasants of the year. Lebowski wasted no time and held steady points from over 40+ yards, honored other dogs points, and found down birds we had been searching for for nearly 25 minutes. Bowski was the highlight of the outing both Saturday and Sunday. He out worked and out performed a 5 year old and 2 year old Brittany, and a 10 year old springer! He received much praise from all hunters in the group, and nearly brought me, (dad), to tears!!
What a prefect dog for a first time owner!

Submitted by: Will on Aug 27, 2015
Kathy and Bill,
Wanted to let you know Scout is doing great. Exposed her to planted pigeons this past weekend which she demonstrated a great deal of drive and determination. Have been doing retrieving drills since we brought her home. She will retrieve for as long as I will throw the dummies. Not to hand yet but showing tons of natural ability. Below is a brief video of a retrieve from yesterday.

We couldn't be happier. Will keep you posted on our progress.

Submitted by: Jake on Jul 28, 2015
Hi Bill & Kathy,

Thought I would reach out to you guys and let you know that lebowski is doing great! Been doing a lot of work on deep water retrieval, and he is doing fantastic at 7 months!!

Submitted by: Melissa on Jul 28, 2015
Hi Kathy and Bill!! Just checking in with an update on Kooper. He is doing great!! He has been pointing various animals in our yard, everything from butterflies to Robins to rabbits!! Potty training is going well!! We had him to the vet today for shots and he weighs 10.2 pounds. Our kids absolutely love him and so do we of course! He has been having lots of socialization with people and dogs of all sizes and breeds. Hope you can view the pictures along with this email!! Take care!! Melissa
Submitted by: Alice on May 23, 2015
Hi Kathy,
Just finally got a pic of Zeb, now 4 months old and on point. He is doing very well, is very smart. At 2 months he learned "sit, stay, come, fetch and can give you his paw, and other paw." He is very energetic and we are on our toes but love him and are so glad we got him from your kennel.
Submitted by: Stephen on May 23, 2015
This is Cooper pointing a bird at the trainers this morning. Good report, said he has more bird drive than his pointers or shorthairs. Thanks for picking him for me. The blue quail are on a rebound this year, have quail lease full of blues. So Cooper will get lots of hunting his first year.
Submitted by: Saloma on May 08, 2015
Hi Kathy and Bill,

We wanted to let you know what a happy puppy Bijou is. She loves us, other people, other doggies; she eats well; she sleeps well. Our veterinary clinic looks forward to seeing her because of her exuberance in all things; she doesn't even mind her shots. We could not be happier. Also, she is a beautiful, strong gal. Bob takes her out for some training every day (sometimes social, and sometimes oriented toward the later bird training), although she considers it just another form of fun, I'm sure.

Thank for your work effort with French Brittany litters. It shows great results.

Submitted by: Sherry on Mar 18, 2015
The love of my Ranger and Roxy's son. Raider just turned 11 years old and can out run and out smart any dog, human, etc. I am forever grateful for the chance to have one of Rangers sons, although he looks just like his mom.
Submitted by: Martin on Mar 06, 2015
My husband and I purchased one of your French Brittanys (Harlequin) in 1999. She was a wonderful member of our family which included an American Brittany and later a daughter. With great sadness before this past Thanksgiving we had to put Harley down. We want to thank you for placing an amazing dog into our lives.
Submitted by: Eugene Timmer on Mar 01, 2015
Well all I can say is wow we picked up Justice from you in Jan of this year he is exactly what we hoped for so smart and intelligent hes getting along very well with the other dogs showing who's boss for a little guy to be so outgoing and also a big lover wants to sit in my lap and give kisses all night. You guys do have the best brittanys and I would recommend you to everyone that is interested in a bird dog Plum creek is number one in our book.
Submitted by: Tara on Jan 21, 2015
Thought I would send y'all a update on how Jade is doing in TN. She is a nice pup, we get compliments from everyone on her color ! It is 60 degrees here today so we were enjoying some time outside working on her recall. We have let her find a few birds with our other pup and she seems very birdy already.

Thanks for the nice pup,
Tara & Dustin
Submitted by: Dennis on Jan 21, 2015
Got Daisy from you all in 2008 and will be getting another pup in March. Daisy is a great little bird dog. Have shot many birds over her as is evident in the attached photos. These were wild pheasants shot with a 28 ga over Daisy in 2014 in Kansas. Have lost count how many quail and pheasants we have shot over Daisy, but she is having a great season.

Submitted by: Doug on Jan 09, 2015
I bought a pup from you about 14 years ago (patouche/sadie) She is a great dog. A good hunter on quail and pheasant and very loving and totally tuned in to you. In fact, she meets the description of sadie on your site to a T. a natural hunter, good nose with lots of love in her.
Submitted by: Tina on Jan 09, 2015
Just wanted to say hello and let you know how Jolie is doing!! I have attached some pictures so you will be able to see her. She is a wonderful dog and we can't imagine not having her with us. She loves to go out and explore looking for birds. She has no fear of cover and can smell animals and find them very easily. When she sees us she bows down with her little tail in the air and wags so hard. Its the cutest greeting! We have been reading up on how to train her. We wish we were closer because it would be so nice to come and train with you. It does seem like she knows what to do naturally. Jolie is so quick, like a rador when we are out on walks. She never stops hunting,She also has plunged into the water unexpectedly without hesitation when we were walking at Pitt Lake. She likes to come in the bath and sticks her head under to find things on the bottom of the tub. Its quite funny to watch. She is quite the water dog. I think she runs three times as fast as our Labrador.

Anyways we are so happy we have her. Its so much fun!!
Submitted by: Sue on Jan 09, 2015
I want you to know that Jax is doing well. He is a great puppy and a beloved family member. Tom has him hunting and he is exceptional in the field!
Submitted by: Debbie on Jan 09, 2015
Didier is a great pup who gets good comments from his trainers. Other than he hogs the bed if we allow him to sleep with one of us, no complaints at all. He was destined for our family!
Submitted by: Paula on Jan 09, 2015
Its been two years since we got our dog from you we named him HandLer he has grown into a fine specimen. Very smart and excellent hunter I might say the joy of our life .
Submitted by: Rob on Jan 09, 2015
I purchased Moses a number of years ago. I hunted behind Tatoo and put down a deposit. Moses will hold a point without failure and retrieve waterfowl in the worst conditions. Great dog!
Submitted by: Robert on Jan 09, 2015
Juno has adapted nicely to our house. She does well spending a few hours in her crate, travels in the car nicely, and does her business outside more than not.

This was a big week...she has put on a few pounds, went on her first leash walks, toured the dog park, and went for a romp in some pastures. She comes when called most of the time, knows to sit on command already, and has lots of toys. Tonight she started retrieving toys in succession. Yes!

The entire family loves her very much. You couldn't have picked a better dog for us.
Submitted by: Ron on Jan 09, 2015
I retired Ike and Quinn at 14 years, Ike just recently passed, Quinn still gets around pretty good but nearing his Time. If my math is right Quinn is 16 years.

Mia is proving to be more than I could have expected, she should have a stellar year this season at 2 yrs and 8 months.

Hope all is well, best to you and Bill
Submitted by: Steve on Jan 09, 2015
Bill, Kathy I think Cooper has settled in in Texas. He is everything you said he was. Thanks for letting me have such a pup as he is.
Submitted by: Peter on Dec 16, 2014
Indiana is turning out to be an excellent bird dog! So far he promises to be the best I ever had. He just loves to train and there's nothing he'd he rather do then hunt! Even on those days when I've not put out birds in the field, he's hunting for something, anything. He gets particularly jacked up when I've solicited my wife's assistance and we release birds. He whines all the way to the field, naturally associating my wife's presence to an upcoming bird hunting opportunity. He courses well, checks back with me, takes commands well and never lets down.
Submitted by: Rob on Nov 17, 2014
Great breeding. He never stops hunting. My friend has French Britney's from a different breeder. The male is decent but the female is more if a pet. You guys put out a great dog. Thanks again!
Submitted by: Bob on Jun 02, 2014
Hi Kathy,
He's a good one!!!!!!!!!!! Our trip went beautifully. Dakota, "Kota", slept most of the time except when he was out of his carrier. In the motel room, he found Bob's fleece lined leather slippers and had a ball climbing in and out and chewing on the leather strings. When he was ready to sleep, he let us know by standing up by the side of the big bed and crying that he wanted to get back in his puppy carrier. Made himself right at home yesterday, very active and exploring his yard and started following Bob and myself yesterday! TODAY: One tuckered puppy. Loves his new little bed because he can snuggle up to the side and has been going back to it all day long after little spurts of play and outside potty trips. Both nights has slept through until about 4am.

Thank you, Kathy, for your hospitality Saturday. I was so happy to finally get to meet you and see your beautiful place.

Thank you too, for showing us your kennels and your dogs. By the way, he stopped and pointed this morning, left leg up and tail straight out when a leaf blew across the yard a short distance in front of him as he was earnestly sniffing the grass busily pursuing a trail of whatever. The genes are coming through!
Bob & Twila
Submitted by: Peter on May 06, 2014
Kathy, Bill

Its been 3 1/2 months since we received Indy (Indiana de Plum Creek) from your kennel. You may remember he was the result of a breeding you had with "Doc" and "Gigi" late last year. I'm beside myself with his progress and thought I give you an update just so I could brag about him.

I can't imagine a more perfect dog!!! I thought my last French Brittany from your kennel was great, but she (Tess) was not the dog Indy promises to be. He's a beautiful Tricolor male just as you had promised. From day one he's been a delight to live with and easy to train. He has total run of our house (supervised of course) and after a few corrections he has been a perfect gentleman. His field training is also going well. He seems to be a natural retriever but is sometimes a little possessive with the fetching dummies. We'll be working on that as he matures.

When he was about 4 1/2 months old I began introducing him slowly to both gun conditioning and to birds. Some people might think that it a little bit early but he thrived on the new experience. The last few weeks I've been working him in the field on planted birds and I'm finding that experience almost unreal!!! Upon scenting the birds he locks up and remains in place even after I flush the bird!!! He only breaks for the bird after I discharge the gun. It was my initial intent to work him on developing his natural pointing instincts only, not on steadying him to wing also!!! I may start shooting a few birds for him and see how that goes. Most of our evening walks are now confined to the city parks as he now expects to find birds every time we go outside of town to where we train.

Thank you both

Submitted by: Ron on Mar 06, 2014
Mia's the best, phenomenal.

Submitted by: Donna on Mar 06, 2014
I thought I'd send some pictures of our beautiful Plum Creek puppy. She's doing really well & growing fast. We are calling her Dakota (her name on paper is Ivana). She's very sweet, friendly & extremely playful. She runs around, growls & chews like crazy on her toys. We absolutely love her!! She is such a nice looking pup. Today is her 3 month birthday.

Happy spring,
Submitted by: David on Dec 01, 2013
Hello, Bill and Kathy,
While paging through the new Pointing Dog Journal, I came across the picture of Tatoo. I recognized him immediately and sensed the loss even before I read your very moving tribute. I am fortunate to have one of your dogs whose mother, Aimee, was sired by Tatoo. Your name for her is Ginny de Plum Creek, born 3/7/11, sired by Ranger; we call her Reagan. She has been a great dog, all we could have hoped for and more. She was pointing birds at three months and quickly showed her breeding in early training. As the attached picture shows, Reagan looks amazingly like her parents--a true beauty! Perhaps not one of the most important characteristics to inherit but beauty is always a good thing!
My sympathy to both of you on this great loss. As well as the memories you have, be comforted by the many dogs like Reagan who have Tatoo's genes and are hunting wild birds wherever they may be found. I am sure I speak for all of us who are proud to say "my dog is a direct descendent of the great Tatoo".
David Ritchie
Submitted by: William on Nov 29, 2013
After reading your article in PDJ, my heart nearly broke. I got my first FB in September and simply cannot believe the absolute brilliance. After a life of bird dogs, I can honestly say that I have never beheld such an ingenious puppy. Yes, Plum Creek is in his pedigree. At six months old, he was born broke and has let me kill four pheasants over him so far with much innate class--the best nose I have ever personally seen with an personality I trust implicitly. I would hunt him anywhere. Sleeps in our bed and hunts like an old dog.

Being new to the breed, I have ascertained through careful study that you are the man. THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR THESE NOBLE ANIMALS. Through your efforts, I have been blessed beyond my worth. Thank you also for putting feelings in words that will shape my evolving perception.

Bill McKinney
Submitted by: Eric on Oct 21, 2013
Ivan Hoe pointed 8 woodcock today...........shot a 3 bird limit over him

Yea! Eric
Submitted by: Bill on Apr 29, 2013
Bill and Kathy, happy spring time! Woody's terrific. He is a handful but such such fun. Smart, super eager to please, sensitive, tough. HIs nose is awesome, pointing instinct fine, and his retrieving is unbelievable.

Thanks for making the breed the best it can be.

Submitted by: Richard on Apr 28, 2013
Just wanted to update you on a pup I purchased last year. Did some work with her before season on pigeons, I did not want to push her to hard but hunted her with older dog in Wisconsin. On the last day of hunt she pointed her first bird , a woodcock. I then went to Montana and it was like the lighjt bulb went off, She was pointing and working birds like an older dog, this continued when I moved on to oregon for chukars and huns.

Needless to say I am well pleased with her. I did not want to push her too hard but I have never seen a pup come on like she did.

When I need another pup I will contact you.
Submitted by: Steve on Apr 10, 2013
Just wanted you to know that my French Brittney Jasper has qualified for the west texas regional dog trial and he also is in the running for derby dog of the year for west texas.
Submitted by: Jim on Mar 22, 2013
Just a note to let you know that Maverick achieved his AKC Master Hunter title. We are so proud of Maverick and is truly loved.
Jim and Jeanne
Submitted by: Paul on Mar 05, 2013
Dear Bill and Kathy,

Just thought I’d drop you a line with an update on Holt. He is doing very well. He is basically finished on all his obedience work and his exceptionally responsive to all his commands. He has a firm grasp on here, stay, whoa, lay down, and his name. He knows kennel real well and has never been a problem barker/whiner. I am working a lot on his retrieve on the training table and have him holding several different dummy types and walking up and down the table holding the dummies. As far as field work, I have had him out as much as the weather allows in Buffalo NY and he really enjoys being in the field. No problems with the primer pistol. I am starting to see his natural quartering pattern develop.
I am really enjoying this little guy.

Submitted by: Tex on Mar 05, 2013
I got my Brittany from you guys two years ago .. She is fantastic ... A little quail hunting machine ... Taking her to North Dakota this October. Thanks ,,, she is my buddy.

Submitted by: Joe on Feb 15, 2013
Kathy and Bill, thought you would enjoy hearing about Beau's first (non-training) actual bird hunt. I was hunting for chukar at a local preserve. As you may recall, Beau had his first bird exposure last fall in Wyoming on Sage Grouse, which we hunted on a private ranch and which he chased and wondered at their size and numbers. Then he was given some 'whoa' training and some pigeon training by my son for about a month. The result of all this was that my 14 month old French Brittany pointed and held his first ever hunted bird. He held point for about 2 minutes and then I flushed the bird and shot it.
Beau then pointed and held a second bird and my hunting partner missed the bird. Beau watched it and marked its landing and immediately went to the spot and again held point on that bird. He quartered close and healed when asked and came when I whistled.
I didn't need a leash or a check-cord at all. I was very proud of my pup on his first actual hunt.
Your breeding program really showed its value and effectiveness.
Submitted by: Joe on Jan 26, 2013
Well Beau has made it to a year old and he has some personality. He still watches TV. I've never owned a dog that continued to do this for so long. He has been started in his hunt training by my son, who is a professional trainer. Beau will Whoa, and he has pointed a few birds, but i don't like to rush my pups. He is going hunting again in a few weeks. I don't mind if he chases and has a great time at this point in his life. Churchill, the English Setter that died and resulted in my getting Beau, didn't point and hold until his second hunting season. I'm afraid I have spoiled Beau to some extent. Shame on me!!! It must come with age!
Submitted by: Jim on Jan 24, 2013
It's been some time since I reported on Bob. He is about to turn eight and just completed his best season ever in the field. Northern Michigan had a good crop of Grouse and Woodcock this year and Bob and I took full advantage of the opportunity. We hunted several times each week from early September through mid-November. Bob did a wonderful job. He has earned his place as "head dog" amongst our group of old time bird hunters. (all of us are well past seventy) Bob is the first dog out in every new covert.

Bob is not only a great bird hunter. In the off-season he and I fly fish the Manistee in our old Ausable guide boat. He's done this since he was a kid. He knows the river well enough now to stand on the prow and guide me through the narrows. He is as excited when we strike a big Brown as he is when we down a flighty grouse.

This year Bob was honored by the river guides up here by naming a wet fly in his honor. The "Black Bob" has proved to be quite productive on our river, so it's not just a novelty.

Thanks again. Jim and Bob
Submitted by: Hershal Ferguson on Jan 16, 2013
Kathy: I bought my female puppy from you about two years ago and I wanted to give you an up-date. We named her "Molly McGee". She is certainly the best all-around hunting dog I have ever owned and does it all: retrieves ducks and doves, and is a great up-land bird dog. Probably the best quail dog I have ever been around. Just thought you and Bill would like to hear about her. She is the world's happiest dog. Thanks.
Hershal Ferguson, Texas.
Submitted by: KasT on Nov 21, 2012
Hi Kathy,
Wanted you to know that we love Koda & he immediately became an integral part of our family. Koda has so much personality & is such a love! He loves his beach birds even the Great Blue Heron. We just returned from Alabama & he really liked that. He had many areas to explore & enjoyed every scent! We just let him have fun & explore! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. We are having turkey & all the trimmings with family & friends.
All the Best,
Submitted by: Nigel on Nov 19, 2012
Hi Bill & Kathy,

Halyee is way more then I expected!! I haven't done much of any training with her yet, just letting her be a puppy.. She checks back awesome & always working, even when we're in the back yard. She's been playing with some toys that i've had wrapped in pheasant wings, so I took her to my buddy's place last Friday where I know there is wild pheasants... They didn't hold very tight but she had a ball! We got two. Her first pheasants.
Thank you for the amazing pup!!!!! Nigel
Submitted by: Jm on Oct 17, 2012

Attached photo is of Jean, Maverick and I at October 14 2012 AKC Hunt Test. He has 3 passes towards the 6 passes he needs for his Master Hunter title. The other attachment is from the September 2012 issue of the National North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA). Maverick got prize one 112 points, highest possible.
Submitted by: Joe on Aug 19, 2012
Just a quick note to let you know how happy we are with Gracie. She is so smart and biddable, and she loves learning. During the upcoming quail season she will become the primary hunter, and our 9 year old can become semi-retired.

Gracie is smart, fun, fearless, and athletic. She loves to point and fetch, and all she needs is in-the-field experience. She will probably point 150 to 200 quail this season so the experience part is just a matter of time. Between household commands and hunting commands, she is now solid on over a dozen commands -- and she likes to show off.

She is also a very lovable companion dog and an important part of our household. She is by far the best socialized and stable pup I have ever had.

I don't know how you managed to pick such a perfect pup for me, but you did.

I'll stay in touch as the season here opens and progresses.

Thank you a thousand times over for my outstanding little hunter.

Joe Tilford
Submitted by: Bob on Aug 12, 2012
Roxi is gigi's grandma .. Gigi will enter her first NA -NAVHDA test next month - and I have to say this - she by far and away is the best dog I have ever had!
Submitted by: Steve on Aug 06, 2012
I had to drop a line to let you know how amazed we are with Holly and Hannah!!!

Just under six months old, and my son took them out today on 10 bob whites and 5 chukar for gun introduction with live rounds for the first time. Hannah had rock solid points that would not break until I kicked the birds up, Holly got into the action later but by the last five birds she was working like an allstar as well. All birds were retrieved to hand, all birds were found. No noise sensitivity at all. These are the most gifted natural dogs I have ever seen work. You are breeding the right kind of dogs!!!
Submitted by: Jon on Jul 14, 2012
It's amazing how quickly how time has passed, but Hemlock (pup that we bought from you in April) is doing well. He's eager to please and we're working on fundamentals like "come" and "sit" as well as retrieving. I also just introduced him to retrieving a frozen quail (in a completely fun environment). I'm enjoying the heck out of him.
Submitted by: shane on May 24, 2012
Kathy & Bill,

Quick update on this pup. We couldn't be any happier. He has been so much fun. My family is smitten with him. Such a cute personality at home and a lots of drive in the field. First swim - like a little duck following it's mom. I love it! Thanks again.

Submitted by: Steve on May 24, 2012
Simply amazing pups... Can't say it enough. We put them on live quail today, and I was blown away, natural pointers, retrieving live birds, we can't thank you enough.

Took some photos if you are on facebook.
Submitted by: Steve on May 21, 2012
I am sure you already know how great your pups are, but we could not be happier. My Son already has them pointing a wing on a pole, and today they pointed a baby robin that fell out of the nest. They are retrieving to hand, and even hunted down and caught a garter snake today, we are going to have to work on that one since we have rattlesnakes here as well.

I have to tell you I can't thank you enough for the joy you have brought to my sons life, he was nearly killed in an ATV accident a month and half ago and this has him filled with hope and life again. I love his pups so much I have almost talked myself into a pair from you as well so I can resume my once upon a time addiction with upland bird hunting.

Thank you again!
Submitted by: Mitch on May 18, 2012
Kathy and Bill
Just wanted you to know we love our new pup. We have renamed him Taz, because he is a 'Wild Child' and we are thrilled. He is retrieving socks multiple times without error and seems "brilliant"! He is afraid of nothing and I see huge potential in him. Thanks for letting us get him!
Submitted by: Ron on Mar 09, 2012
Hi Kathy, Bill
Thanks for everything, Hanna Mia has adjusted very well, the wife loves her. Mia is so smart and eager to she's already matured. We are keeping her a puppy for as long as we can.

Submitted by: Joe on Mar 06, 2012
What a wonderful puppy. I have trained several dozen pups and this one stands out. Even at eight weeks, he is clever, collected, attentive and a fast learner. He is fast becoming a part of the pack here. One of my English Cocker females has adopted him, and the other, a three year old female out of the one that has adopted Outlaw is his playmate and wears him out. He slept through the night in his crate on his third night with us. I have not seen a smarter more settled pup in all my years. Again thank you for the attention you have given to your line. If you would like, I'll keep you posted on his progress. Best, Joe DeGross
Submitted by: Dave on Feb 17, 2012
Hi Kathy,

Hope all is well with you and Bill. Had a wonderful fall and hunting season with Mia. ZShe is going to be a wonderful dog. She retrieved her first Pheasant on the last day of season and it was across an irrigation canal! We just love her to death. She is an extremely affectionate and playful dog. The attached picture is from a hunt in late December. She found two covey of quail.
Thanks again for the wonderful pup.

Submitted by: Kim on Feb 13, 2012
I thought you might want to see a picture of our Lucy, previously known as Vixen, one of your French Brittanys, who won the Youth division at a Bird Dog Circuit Super Major tournament in upstate New York with our nephew, Austin, handling her. Lucy and Austin had a clean 3-bird (chukars) run with a time of 3 minutes and 7 seconds, an awesome time. The team beat any flusher that was entered which is impressive, since flushers can trap birds whereas there is a 10 point penalty for trapping in the pointing division.

Hope all is well out in South Dakota with you, your family and pups!

Submitted by: Richard on Feb 11, 2012
I just wanted to let you know that the dog we got from you 3 years ago is the best dog I've ever owned in my whole life! I took him to work with me every day as a pup and everybody always loved him. In fact, people are always asking me where I got such a wonderful dog. He has the best personality I've ever seen, is always happy and is an excellent hunting dog. Thanks so much. Richard
Submitted by: John on Feb 05, 2012
Just to let you know,we are thrilled with Quin, she is just over 10 months and you would be proud. Her definition is spectacular! her muscles are very well defined and her agility in the woods is 2nd to none! She gets fed well with the best food I can get and is exercised thoroughly every day. This Pup has found a wonderful home in Michigan's North Woods!
Submitted by: Jean on Dec 17, 2011
Kathy & Bill, this is a picture of Hana at 16 months pointing quail. She's a natural. Unbelievable nose, is staunch, and will honor. No professional training. Smart ( sometimes too smart) and a joy to have in our life. Many thanks, Jean
Submitted by: Deric on Dec 14, 2011
Blitz is an unbelievable hunter! I went out last Friday and followed 4 guys with six dogs of all different breeds and they got nothing and Blitz pointed two nice roosters right behind them!!! haha love it when that happens in fact I intentionally will follow someone just to see what Blitz can find that they missed!! its lots of fun!! I will keep in touch!
Submitted by: John M on Dec 12, 2011
As one can see Rex has almost completed his training of John & Mary

Rex has done very well to date. Rex locks & holds points. Rex marks & locates down birds even those that have run 40 yards or more from where they landed. Rex swims out and retrieves dummys out of water.

I see by your web site that you had a very successful field trial season Congratulations
Submitted by: Dave E. on Dec 12, 2011
Hi Bill & Kathy,

I had the most wonderful weekend of hunting I’ve ever had! Little Mia is an absolutely delightful little dog. The light bulb really went on this weekend! We had a supplier come out for the weekend to hunt. My friends German Shorthair was hurt and couldn’t hunt so we went with Mia without much expectations from an inexperienced not even nine month old puppy. Boy did she ever surprise us! She flushed the very first covey we found and then pointed two singles and retrieved 3 of the 4 birds we got. She got rapidly better after that. She pointed four other coveys and at least 15 singles and was relentless on retrieves and finding wounded birds. She got birds out of places that we never would have gotten them and a bigger dog wouldn’t have either. She is small, at 23 lbs, but she is absolutely relentless on Quail. She also cornered and pointed one pheasant. I could not possibly be happier with this lovely little girl. She is a wonderfully affectionate and devoted pet and has overnite turned into a wonderful hunting partner.

Thanks for your great job of breeding and producing such great dogs!
Happy Holidays,

Submitted by: Paul on Dec 07, 2011
Here is a photo of Ranger at 6 mos with a limit of chukar. He has been out 3 times and is doing well. He pointed a covey one day which flushed wild. Last weekend he pointed a single which I got. He's good on Whoa and he is honoring the old dogs points. He is a great dog and doing well.
Submitted by: Anthony on Dec 04, 2011
Hi Kathy:

I wanted to write you to tell me how thankful I am for the puppy you helped me pick out. His registered name is Eli, but he goes by Buster. He came out of your late 2009 breeding between Ranger and Annie, born on December 29. He is a wonderful dog, and I look forward to many years with my good friend. My wife, who was definitely not a dog person, is now madly in love with him.

I took him to a trainer here in R, David Marshall, who works with American Brittanys, and he said he has never seen a french dog with as many good qualities as Buster. Buster and I have been hunting quite a bit this fall and last year, and he continues to develop into a wonderful dog.

Again, thanks so, so much to you and Bill for all of your help, and for putting up with all my questions during the process. All the very best to both of you, and all the best to both of you and your family during the upcoming holidays.

Anthony Lucci
Submitted by: Scott on Dec 01, 2011
I can't tell you how much joy our dog has brought me. I just hunted for three days at a friends near redfield and we were licky enough to get 60 wild birds per day for three days in a row. Gus was like a puppy again and made some remarkable retrieves among 9 other dogs we were with. His points are unbelievable as well.

I could go on but I am sure you have heard it all before. Thanks much. Scott
Submitted by: John on Nov 30, 2011
Kathy & Bill,
We adopted Tobey de Plum Creek back in 2002. Tobey is nine years old now, and is the smartest dog we have ever owned.
Submitted by: Tony on Nov 28, 2011
Hope all is well out your way .

This is the photo I sent out this year as an invitation to my buddies to be ready for bird season....It said : Are you ready for bird season? I'm talkin to you !

You can see from the expression on Ellie's face she means business.....

Pherbie is now going to be 13 on 1/19...and still hunts hard...cant believe it...we did 150 birds in one day, with the three dogs and Pherbie had the last point and retrieve.....she walks the fields with the old guys and wait for someone to go on point........but if there is a bird around she will point......she is still the best retriever of the bunch....kind of a bird hog....

We almost lost her to a lime disease issue but she came back strong.

Tee is nine and is taking over the lead.....But Ellie is putting on a show each time we go out....learning by leaps and bounds....she is a really sweet dog.

Have a great holiday and I will send some action photos soon.

Thanks Tony and Deb
Submitted by: Joe T on Nov 22, 2011
Bill and Kathy,
I thought it was about time I sent you a progress report on our puppy Gracie. Her training is coming along very well. She is bold, inquisitive, and very athletic. In her yard work she is a very good student and she is now solid on a dozen commands. I have been working her on quail once or twice a week for the past month. Her points are solid and intense and we are now working on getting steady to wing. I think we can start shooting over her in a month or two. Here is a photo of her pointing a North Carolina quail two weeks ago in a training session. She is a sweet girl that gets a lot of love at our house. She is right at 25 pounds now and continues to grow. I'll send another report after Christmas.
Wishing you and yours a wonderful Holiday Season.
Joe T.
Submitted by: Nance on Nov 01, 2011
Just a quick note to tell you Gabby is doing very well. She was great on the drive home. She is settling in nicely. Thank you for her. Also, thank you for meeting with us.
Tim looks forward to seeing Bill on his next show. :)Please tell your 'Puppy Social Director', your granddaughter, she did a great job with Gabby.
Submitted by: jOE on Oct 25, 2011
Bill and Kathy,

Thank you both for such a great dog!!!! This also was my oldest daughters first day in the field with me. One of MANY memories to come.
Submitted by: Mark on Oct 25, 2011
Hi Kathy & Bill!

Thought you might enjoy these pictures of Bailey, who we picked up from you in mid-May. It's always a joy to me watching a new puppy learn the ropes. I had hunted with Bailey (and our 9-year-old french brittany) 3 times in MN and she was pretty much just having fun. On day 1 of our SD hunting trip this past weekend the light bulb went off and she was an instant pointing machine. So cute to see her locked up tight. She pointed the 2 roosters in the picture within about 15 minutes of one another and Dad came through for her with the shot. Mark
Submitted by: Ryan on Oct 17, 2011
Bill and Kathy,

I am pleased to report Remi is doing awesome, he's pointing, flushing and finding. He is a phenom. I appreciate your passion for the breed and the dogs, but as a special request, can you give the next dog that I buy from you a mile limiter. We pounded about 10 miles of very tall thick grass hunting grouse today and Remi apparently thought it was a warm up because I had to keep calling him off after I hit my limit and he still had energy when we got home. lol

Anytime I hunt with someone at the end of the day there is an offer to buy him (not for sale) and the next comment is "man I need to get a britt." Of course I tell them plum creek.

Just thought I'd let you know how he's doing. Easily the best dog I've ever hunted, trained, or owned.

Good hunting,
Submitted by: George S on Oct 03, 2011

Just a quick email regarding Max. He is a wonderful companion and hunting partner. We have been making two trips afield each week or more. Max is finding and retrieving birds for me. His first day out, he pointed a small group of Sharptail. I performed my part of the bargain and Max picked the grouse up and brought it most of the way back to me. Every day he gets smarter. This coming weekend is the pheasant opener in Montana. Max and I are going to head up to the HighLine primarily for pheasants, but the country offers a mixed bag. I have two weeks off, so Max & I will be heading afield often. My hope it cools down some. Our forays afield have be shorter due to heat.

Max is a fine dog. Thank you for making him available to me.

Submitted by: Ron on Oct 02, 2011
Ike and Quinn are doing well as we prepare for a new season. Both have been exceptional hunters always showing up my hunt buddies shorthairs, lol.

Ike is now in her 11th year and though beginning to show signs of age, she is bouncing around like a puppy knowing the hunt is less than a month away. How do they know, like they have built in calenders.
Submitted by: Tim on Oct 02, 2011
I've had many dogs over my life time and I'd just wish I'd have found out about this bread sooner. Gunner is the best dog I've ever had the privilege of living with. We will be contacting you sometime soon about getting a second one.
Submitted by: Dave on Sep 06, 2011
Mia had her first hunt Saturday on Sharp Tail Grouse. It was a beautiful day! We have been working all summer on obedience and voice commands and she is very good for a 5 1/2 month old pup. We have been throwing and retrieving anything, including a quail dummy all summer. The last three weeks I have started working in a little bit of fetch with a starter pistol and a .410 shotgun, doesn't bother her a bit. Saturday was a great time. She was hunting with an older dog and outlasted it for endurance. She had little idea what she was doing but she stayed out front for most of it working back and forth and checked back frequently. She went for her first swim in a stock pond which was hilarious to watch. Took her a little while to get her nerve up and then she just dove in and went for a swim. We had one wounded bird which she sparred with and pointed.

She's a great dog. Very attentive, devoted and affectionate. I couldn't be happier.

Best regards,

Submitted by: John on Jul 26, 2011
Update: Quin is becoming a well mannered dog. Loves the lake and the woods. I can tell she will be a tenacious hunter and has become quite
the swimmer and retriever. We get a couple quail next week to put her on. Thanks,
Submitted by: Dave on Jun 21, 2011
Hi Kathy,

Mia is doing really well. We have been taking walks on a leash since the second week we had her. We have been working on voice commands and she pretty well has come, sit and stop down. We're working on stay and heel. I have taken a good portion of several walks on quite streets with her off the leash and just using voice command. She does really well. We have been playing fetch with a tennis ball and golf ball for about 2 1/2 weeks, she loves it. We're working on drop and she will bring it back to you and let you have it 50 - 60% of the time. The rest she has to be coaxed a little. The potty training is progressing well. She's a very affectionate, extremely intelligent dog. We're having a ball.

Submitted by: John on Jun 10, 2011
11 weeks old now and a very strong personality. We love her, all puppy. she rings the bell on the door to go out. sometimes to play. Is learning her manners well. She is a handful, but we try to wear her out. A tired puppy is a good puppy! Points all the Robins in the yard and loves the water. I'm sure being here on the lake that she'll be quite the swimmer. We know all her sweet spots. Time to put her to bed. Good pup. Thanks , John
Submitted by: Dave on May 31, 2011
Mia is doing great! We had a very pleasant drive home Saturday which she slept for a good part of. We've only had a couple small accidents in the house, most of them caught mid act. She get's a little less bothered by the crate each night. She's already running after and bringing back a tennis ball. We have worked a little with a collar and leash and went for a short walk last night rather than her just dragging the leash around the yard.

She's a wonderful little dog. Very intelligent and very energetic! She's going to be a blast!

I'll keep you informed. Best regards,

Submitted by: Jim Cassara on Apr 20, 2011
Thought you might like to see some pics of Maverick. He ran 4/17 in the Grand Canyon Chapter NAVHDA Natural Ability Test. He scored 112 pts. Prize 1.- Jim

Submitted by: Randy and Kathy on Apr 19, 2011
Just dropping you a line to let you know how our little one is doing. She has every bit the attitude you said she has. She is winning over the other dogs one by one. She has really taken a shine to "grampa" Jesse. Our oldest boy lets her do just about anything but when he's had enough he's gives her a gentle push away. She's adjusting really well. Eating well and running with the others. Her first night was a little noisy but nothing unexpected. We really love this little girl. Randy has her with him whenever he's in the yard. He's introduced her to the pheasant wing. She is curious about everything. Will keep you updated, but so far everything is really good. Thank you so much.

Submitted by: Mark on Apr 18, 2011
Hi Bill and Kathy,

It’s been over a year since Fi has been with us. She’s grown up to be a great companion. Here’s a few pics of her when she was a little pup, hiking with us in the Big Horns and out hunting.

We hope you are doing well.

Best regards,

Submitted by: R Pinchart on Apr 18, 2011
Bill and Kathy,
I'm sending you a few pictures of Riley (Fleur de Lis de Plum Creek). She will be one year old this month (Sire: Tatto and Dam: Cherokee). I'm just starting to work with her on live birds and live gun fire. She has the run of the backyard along with the other two Brits. She is constantly in hunt mode whether it be pointing dove, pigeons or running down squirrels. With three dogs in the yard the rabbits have leaned to avoid yours. This past Saturday she spent over 3 hours trying to get the squirrel that was hanging onto the side of the house. These pictures of her where take this past Saturday morning working pigeons over live gun fire - she is still to shot. Our next training sessions will be geared to her retrieving to hand these next few months. I haven't worked her yet with the other dogs so I don't know if she will naturally back their point. What I've seen of her in the backyard, honoring a point shouldn't be a problem. Her sense of smell is very sharp long with her desire to hunt.
Thank you once again on selecting her for us. She fits in just perfect in our home. You are producing the finest French Britts.
The last two pictures are of Dakota that we got from you about 11 years ago. The pictures of her where also taken at this past Saturday training session. Even though her hearing is fading some. She still has that high desire to go out and find birds. All she has to see is the shotgun and she's ready.
I'm really looking forward to this chukar and quail season hunting behind three French Brittany's.
Hope you are both doing well.

Ric and Brenda
Submitted by: Dale Gates on Apr 14, 2011
Bill/Kathy - just an update on Eddy. He's doing very well, has settled into our family perfectly. He's very good with my kids, and they love him. He's extremely easy to train, very eager to please. I ended up shooting good numbers of birds over him the last month of the season, and I've been working him several times a week this spring. He honor the points of my older dog just fabulously, it's fun to watch them work together. Dale
Submitted by: Ray McVeigh on Apr 08, 2011

Just wanted to share with you some of Lucy's recent accomplishments. At my club's Gun Dog Championship on March 20, she won the Top Gun event for pointing dogs, with a 4 bird run in 4 and 1/2 minutes. She took second place in the doubles event with Kim and me with the fastest time of the day. Unfortunately, Kim had to double shoot one of the 6 birds and the lost points from the extra shell cost us first place by a small margin. (The team that we lost to consisted of me, my friend Jason and his GSP, so it wasn't a total loss). She just loves to be running afield and finding birds.

Then, the following weekend (3/25 - 3/27), she took 5th place at the Bird Dog Challenge National Championship near Minneapolis. In doing so, she finished ahead of several National and "World" Champion dogs.

She has really matured nicely and has become a pleasure to hunt and live with. I hope to be able to get out to hunt with you this fall to show her off. I'll think you will like what you see.

Will keep you advised of Lucy's achievements as she seems to be coming into her own now.

Ray McVeigh
Submitted by: J Hulbert on Mar 01, 2011
We're working Hana on some planted birds. Getting her ready for shotgun.

She's put it all together. We have a bird monster on our hands and she's really beautiful.
Thanks, Jean
Submitted by: Mike W. on Feb 22, 2011
Ellee And Faye are both healthy and doing well. Faye is going to a trainer next week. I hunted Ellee on Pheasant and quail this last year. She did very well for as little training she has had. She is headed for a trainer next month also. She gets so excited I have a hard time keeping her from flushing. Once the bird is on the ground she did very well at retrieving. I get lots of compliments on what good looking dogs they are. My hunting friend told me "man Ellee has a set of wheels under her". She can flat cover ground. Mike
Submitted by: Bob Penney on Feb 20, 2011
Bill & Kathy,

Thank you for the excellent training session last month. Bill and B.D. taught Marcia and me a lot.
It was gratifying, but not surprising, to learn that B.D., the dog half of our duo, knew what she was doing all along. I trust, after your training, I will be better able to do my half of the hunting.

B.D. is now much better behaved in the house. She only needed a couple of corrections to keep off the couch which Marcia really likes.

Hope the European trip goes well. Again thanks for the training session.
Submitted by: Kay on Jan 25, 2011

Emma just turned one; she is wonderful and loves to hunt anything and everything.
Thought you would like to hear she is doing well.

Submitted by: Jacques Carrier on Jan 20, 2011
Bill and Kathy,

First off, I’d like to salute you and to wish you a very happy new year, full of little Breton puppies.
Now some news of Eagle Zip;
He’s developing very well. He really likes training and hunting.

He succeeded his TAN at 5 months.

He also succeeded his FDJ.
1st leg at 5 ½ months with an 86%
2nd leg at 6 ½ months with an 96%
3rd leg at 6 ½ months with an 97%

He made his first stop at a woodcock at 8 ½ months.

On a hunting trip in Iowa on November 17th he as made steady to wing stops on 3 pheasants, and 3 more on the 18th, he also manage to bring them back to me. He continued with many chuckar for the rest of November and beginning of December.

He’s a really good dog and many members of the CEB are really happy to see him continuously evolve and progress.
Submitted by: Bob on Jan 10, 2011
Good afternoon Bill & Kathy.

I thought I would send you quick note of thanks for your hard work with Charly. It definitely paid off. When the pheasant season opened I took her out. She coursed the fields always within gun range. All her points were intense with the exception of the first one. It was down an embankment & she had to go down to get it. At that point it flushed. After that one she worked beautifully. We came across one other hunter the second day. His dog, not a Brit, was on point, & the hunter already had his limit. I brought Charly downwind & as soon as she smelled the bird she locked up on point not 4 feet behind the other dog. Unfortunately my camera was where else but in the truck. I walked in & flushed the rooster & Charly picked it up & brought it to me. All in all a very good hunt. If you ever need an endorsement, I know you don't, your reputation is excellent as everybody knows, please use me as one.

I don't believe the season would have been as good as it was without the work & training that you both put into Charly.

Thank you both very much.
Submitted by: Bob & Ruth on Jan 07, 2011
Dear Kathy and Bill,
Just wanted to let you know again how happy we are with Ranger. He is 4 1/2 now and in his prime! Just got done with another hunting season here in Massachusetts and he was outstanding. Just wanted you to see how handsome Ranger is. As Bob say's he is a "chick magnet"! Anyone who see's him can't get over how handsome he is.
Thank you again
Submitted by: Tony on Jan 05, 2011
Kathy & Bill, As amazing as Pherbie and Tee have been ....I think Ellie might have even more ability.....I am way behind in her training due to a very hot summer and fall plus being busy.....had her out last Sat and she had 17 solid points on single birds ....she has been out maybe 4 times....the day before she pointed 6 hard hunted pheasants and had two good retrieves .......also I have been hunting all three at a time and they actually work well for .....

I will keep you posted and hope to get some good action photos........

thanks again Tony B
Submitted by: Steve Lewis on Dec 29, 2010
Dear Bill & Kathy,

Lindy is a smart and beautiful young Brittany. We couldn’t be more pleased with her. She exhibits all the classic traits of the French Brittany and has proven to be a joy to have in our home. At four months she is 100% housebroken and while still very much a pup, is surprisingly well mannered. The whole family pretty much has been won over by her.

In about a month a friend of mine who owns an upland game lodge volunteered to help introduce her to live birds in a controlled environment. She definitely has the French Brittany “disposition” and I seriously doubt that she'll be any challenge to train at all.

Thanks again for the wonderful puppy; she has been everything we could have hoped for and more.

Steve Lewis
Submitted by: Randy and Kathy on Nov 02, 2010
We currently own a dog from your kennel. Jesse was born in 1998. Jesse is without a doubt one of the best dogs we have ever had. He has a wonderful personality and is a spectacular hunter. Since Jesse turns 12 soon, we will be contacting you about getting another puppy. Randy S
Submitted by: Jean on Oct 30, 2010
Took Hana out for her first day on quail (wild). No hesitation, just went to work. Will wait to introduce shooting. She is a natural. We don't have planted birds, so this was truly her initiation. Thanks, Jean
Submitted by: Spike on Oct 21, 2010
I took Ree hunting today. Wow! Ree is one great dog. I shot four pheasant right off her point, and Ree located all the downed birds, and she retrieved all four to hand. One of the birds fell where she couldn’t see it down, but she did a perfectly executed blind retrieve. She can’t do better than that.

What I love about this dog’s hunting skills…

1. She finds birds very quickly, and her point is really solid.

2. She gets very close to the bird when pointing without disturbing the bird. She does not stumble into a bird causing a flush. If the bird moves, she stays with it (without “bumping” the bird) and points again when the bird stops or attempts hiding.

3. Her retrieving is exceptional. She maintains a firm grip but is not “hard-mouthed.” She appears to be directional (I think so because I was able to guide her to the downed bird during her blind retrieve using a whistle blast and hand signals).
I trust the Pheasant opening was good for you.

Best wishes,
Submitted by: Ian M. on Oct 20, 2010
Last year you picked out a male puppy for me from the Tatoo and Roxi breeding. Buster is just over one year old now. I hunted him this year in Wisconsin on ruffed grouse and woodcock and he did a fantastic job. He demonstrated uncanny bird sense as he consistently found grouse and pointed them until I got to him. His breeding has given him tremendous natural ability. As soon as he contacts bird scent he locks up in an intense point - a great attribute in handling a bird such as ruffed grouse.
In twenty-five years of grouse hunting I have seen a lot of dogs but never one so gifted and such a pleasure to hunt. Buster is a great testimony to your skill and commitment in breeding the French Brittany. He pointed over forty grouse, eight in one day, during my hunt in Wisconsin. I had a hard time believing what I was seeing from him every time I put him in the woods. I began to think of him as a grouse hunting machine. He retrieved every grouse and woodcock I shot for him to hand. Buster is the kind of dog who makes every time you hunt with him an incredibly enjoyable experience. Ian M.
Submitted by: Jason on Oct 16, 2010
Everything is going well with the pup...he is very nice, great temperament, confirmation...etc. He is enjoying my three boys and my father - who is very impressed.

Thanks again,
Submitted by: Frank L on Oct 15, 2010
This guy is everything you said he would be! Rusty has pointed, flushed (I'm working on "whoa") and retrieved his first pheasant last week. Chukar season started on Oct. 1 and he pointed, flushed and retrieved 2 chukars. Unfortunately I missed quite a few shots in the process during the hunt or it would have been more! The brittanys hunting with us on the chukar hunt suffered with tender feet on the abrasive lava rock. Not Rusty and his coat protected him from the rough terrain and sagebrush much better than the other dogs and he is only 6 1/2 months old. He's a beauty!

Frank L.
Submitted by: Tony B on Oct 14, 2010
Ellie is doing great and we are starting our hunting season…what a nose she has!

Still being a pup but she can scent anything……thanks Tony B
Submitted by: Tex on Oct 09, 2010
She made it all the way home to Texas without making a noise. People on the plane could not believe I had a puppy in the carrier. we are totally in love. She has gotten very brave. We have about 10 acres and yesterday I had her about 300 yards from the house and one minute she was there and the next minute gone. I was a basket case. then I heard her yelping up at the house. she had run all the way back by herself. Her big brother --- the Vizsla also likes her and they play well together. We are working on potty training, name and come. More updates later.
Submitted by: Sandy on Sep 29, 2010
Well, with your help we got back on track and made
It to Mitchell. We spent the night and started our Day of travel on Monday. Chloe was the best behaved pup.
She slept thru both flights, awaking briefly without any fuss. I did pay for her leisurely day of travel when we got home!
She is curious about all her new experiences without fear. House training is already going well. She is getting used to doing her business on a leash. I will keep you posted on her progress.
Thank you
Submitted by: Joe on Sep 26, 2010
Dione is in "quail school" with one of the top trainers in Texas right now and is doing great. She is scenting the birds well, pointing and retrieving (after prancing around a while) well and is eager to hunt. She could care less about the gun.
Submitted by: J Cassara on Sep 22, 2010
All is well with Maverick. He had his checkup and shots. The Vet sez that he's in great shape at 14 1/2 lbs. He is definitely a bold little guy. He has been introduced to frozen quail, live quail,and a dead pigeon. His introduction to water went well. Our family and friends are really enjoying him, so he isn't lacking attention......that's for sure.

Take care.

J Cassara
Submitted by: Ehren P on Sep 18, 2010
Bea has been such a great addition to our home. I've never witnessed a more intense bird dog in the field and yet when we get home, she settles right in and curls up into a ball next to us on the couch. She just turned 3 this past June and she has lived up to everything you said she would be. Thanks Ehren
Submitted by: Bob Valk on Sep 15, 2010
Saturday I took Charly out for Ruffed Grouse. About 15 min into the hunt she dived in the bush. I could see her on point about 15-20 feet into it but I couldn't see the bird only where she was looking. When I tried to get into the bush the bird took off & I did not see where. I released Charly who was still on point & she ran about 15 feet to the base of another tree where she stopped & looked up. When I got there Mr. Grouse was sitting on a branch looking at her. After a short flight & the shot it tumbled to the ground where Charly picked it up & brought it back to me. Shortly after that the skies opened up & we had to call it a day.

Overall I am extremely pleased with her performance especially since it was in the heavy woods & not the fields. Thank you both very much for all your hard work. Bob
Submitted by: Barbara S on Aug 29, 2010
Hi Bill and Kathy,

We have Sappa who is now 11 years old. We bought her from you when she was a year old. I walk extensively and Sappa is in very good health having gone with me for thousands of miles.


Barbara S
Submitted by: Jim Finta on Aug 28, 2010
I'm the proud owner of Doc, aka Reve de Plum Creek. I hunted with Doc when he was a puppy, and then inherited him from my Uncle, Dick Finta, when he passed away about eight years ago. I understand my Uncle got his last three or four dogs from you. Doc is 11 now, and still going strong. He is the best dog I've ever had. Bar none. No contest. He's a great field dog, and a better companion.

Opening day last year Doc went into an open irrigation canal to get a bird. It was about 10 degrees, I had to take him back to the truck and dry him up and crank the heater for a while, but he never wanted to quit!

Thanks for a great dog!
Submitted by: J Cassara on Aug 25, 2010
We are so pleased on how well Maverick has adjusted to us and just love his "bold" personality. We will keep you posted on his development. Thanks again for everything.

J Cassara
Submitted by: Joe H on Aug 18, 2010
Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know how the puppy is doing. She weights 18 pounds now, is healthy and is just a great dog. She plays all the time, fetches anything you throw, and is doing great with basic training. We will start her on birds next month. She is the kids best buddy, especially Tyler, the 16 month old. He throws her toys and she brings them to him for another round and they play tug with his blanket. When they get tired they both get in Dionee's bed and cuddle up. In all I couldn't wish for a better puppy! Joe H.
Submitted by: Jean & Jim on Aug 17, 2010
Our little girl has fit in perfectly here with us and holds her own with our other dogs. She has no fear and always has her nose to the ground exploring everything. She's absolutely gorgeous - we just love her.
Jean & Jim
Submitted by: Ben Murph on Aug 16, 2010
Wanted to let you know that Nip is a terrific dog. I've had him to Montana for hunting and he's great on sharptails and around here he's great on the quail. We just love him. Thanks. Ben
Submitted by: JD on Aug 16, 2010
Bill - wanted to tell you a story about when I took Ditto hunting when he was six months old. Ditto went into a draw and made a beautiful point, it was steep and rocky so it took me a while to get down there. He held perfectly until I could get there. There were about eight birds in the covey, I managed to get a triple and Ditto made three fantastic retrieves. Just prior to that my friend shot a quail over his two dogs, one vizsula and a short hair. Long story short they didn't find the bird, I took Ditto over there and he came back with the quail, .............. at six months of age. Superb. JD
Submitted by: Jim B on Aug 08, 2010
I thought I'd share an update on a real happy, handsome year-old pup from Vanessa Ann. At 44 pounds, he's a real beaut...a powerful build and boundless energy. He's smart & learns easily...and a great disposition.

This past bird season we went out to quail plantations 3-4 times, and he did very well, especially later in the season. He's got a great nose, and as time went by he quit chasing birds down & was holding point pretty well. A natural hunting dead. We hunted grouse a dozen times in the Appalacian Mountains of western NC...didn't move many birds, but he sure hunted strong....maybe 30 yards out - an ideal mountain range. He's plenty bold and doesn't need any encouragement to get out in the thick cover. Most grouse hunts were in the company of another hunter and 1-2 other dogs, and he works a pack strategy very well, not trailing the older dogs. Jim B.
Submitted by: Eileen on Aug 07, 2010
Boone (4 months) is starting to retrieve really good. He also points the quail, very solid point too. Nothing seems to budge him... Already he is beginning to show some good signs, bless his little ol heart! He is such an affectionate pup.
Joe and Eileen
Submitted by: John on Aug 06, 2010
Dear Bill & Kathy,

We picked up our pup in May 2005. By September 2005 he was steady to point, wing, shot and drop, breaking on command. A two day hunt on wild pheasants, five birds in the bag and a good many more wild flushes fixed this dog as a pheasant hunter after his having earlier proven to be an effective covey and singles quail pointer. He honors other dogs and hunts dead as well. His range is about twice shotgun range on open ground and within shotgun range in closed cover. His check back remains strong. John
Submitted by: J West on Jul 25, 2010
Hi Bill & Kathy; Josie is doing great. I have had a lot of hunting dogs since my teens, and she is the most natural hunter I've seen. We live on a lake and until the water gets real cold she beats my lab almost every time to the retrieve. Besides, she points, back and retrieves with little training other than exposure. J. West
Submitted by: Richard D on Jul 24, 2010
Teak is our pride and joy. He has a mischievous but adorable personality and gets along well with our other dog, Cody. He is certainly a welcomed addition to our household. But, best of all, Teak has turned out to be an exceptional gun dog. He took well to his training and conducted himself admirably in the field this fall. There were days when he had as many productive points as Cody and his points were with such intensity as to make any bird hunter proud. We were also quite pleased with the way he took to honoring Cody's points which allowed us to hunt both dogs together throughout the hunting season, and, to think that he didn't turn a year of age until after the end of the Woodcock season. Richard
Submitted by: John R on Jul 23, 2010
Jake is almost 7 months old now and is doing a great job. I had him out last week and his performance in the field was way beyond my highest expectation. He works with me as a team member. Your description of this breed as a "close foot hunter" could not be more accurate. Jake is always aware of where I am when he hunts. He seems to know how far to range depending on the hunting conditions. Jake is holding staunch points and rarely bumps a bird. The sound of gunfire means just one thing to Jake, time to get a bird. I can't say enough about him. Thanks for your commitment to his breed. Jake is my joy. John R.
Submitted by: Lance on Jul 22, 2010
This little girl has been Great, since we got her from you in Sept. 2008. She is a wonderful house pet / hunting partner! We named her Goldie Sioux (Dyan du Plum Creek), in honor of her being from South Dakota. With a little luck, I hope to have many, many more great hunts in years to come, from this little ball of fire.

Thank you for the great pup, from a great bloodline. Today, all those genes came out through that nose.

Submitted by: Henry R on Jul 21, 2010
Just wanted to give you an update on Koda, who is now almost 18 months old. His training this summer went so well that my trainer was saying he was the best dog he trained this year and wondered where I got him. He handles woodcock and grouse here in Vermont very well. Thanks, Henry R.
Submitted by: M. Daniels on Jul 20, 2010
I wanted to thank you for our dog Kota. Our dog was pointing as soon as I got the pup home, and is already shown that he will be a great bird dog with natural ability. Kota runs well and doesn't get tired. I probably shot over 40 birds over this 9 month old pup , and since I don't always shoot so good he has had to make some 1/3 of a mile retrieves on some cripples that some people in our group with labs where in amazement. I will forward you some pictures at some point. Thanks again. M. Daniels
Submitted by: Duggan on Jul 19, 2010
Bill, every time I look at my dog, I think of Crockett and how he took us through some difficult terrain and weather. What a wonderful dog! Certainly he is and was a testimonial to your kennels and the field training you provide.
Hunting with the Dillons' well trained dogs was an amazing experience! These dogs would find the pheasants, point, retrieve the bird after the shot and put it right into your hand. Several times a wounded bird would hide under heavy cover yet the dog would find it. It was great. Lou
Submitted by: Chuck R on Jul 18, 2010
Chase, out of Ranger/Samba, is everything you claimed your pups to be and more! What a dynamo he is! I'm very proud of him to say the least. Chase has impressed me with his hunting energy, rock solid points and his retrieving skills. the handlers who work at the High Desert Hunt Club couldn't believe Chase was only 6 months.
Chuck R.
Submitted by: P Cronin on Jul 18, 2010
I'm the proud owner of Roxanne de Plum Creek, Maggie...She loves to hunt - woodcock especially. The first bird shot over her, a pheasant, fell live and kickin 20 feet out into a river. She barely broke stride before swimming out and dragging it back. Her second junior hunt test she had 4 finds - one judge asked if she was using GPS, the other thanked me for the performance. She loves every one she meets - every one she meets loves her.
P. Cronin
Submitted by: Sue B on Jul 17, 2010
Dax is now a year old, as of Feb 11. She did a good job hunting last fall, she found 75 birds for Keith and she loves retrieving. She retreived ducks and even managed to pick up and carry a snow goose. (She wasn't going to let a lab out do her.) She's a real character and we know what you mean when you say they're almost too smart! Keith and Sue
Submitted by: Tom G on Jul 17, 2010
Hi Bill & Kathy, Huck is the absolute best dog in the world! He's about 5 1/2 years old now, and has been a wonderful addition to our family. He's a great little hunter, as well as an excellent companion. We picked him up the day after my husband retired, and the two of them have been inseparable ever since! Huck is a favorite with everyone who meets him. Tom G.
Submitted by: Kirk E on Jul 16, 2010
Hi Kathy & Bill,

I'm sorry I haven't done this sooner. Just thought you might like to see some pictures of Tess.
She's a great dog and she's brought me much pleasure. A wonderful companion.

Her training is progressing slowly because I don't give it as much time as I'd like to.
Too many demands on my limited "spare" time. But she shows great potential.
She's fearless, great prey drive and limitless energy and enthusiasm.

Looking forward to Fall.

I hope you're doing well and that Plum Creek is thriving.
Take care, and thanks again for all you did to get Tess to me.

All the best.

Submitted by: Jim O on Jul 05, 2010
Bob has become the perfect pet and an instinctive hunter. Since he is just two years old, he can only get better. I have owned and hunted over many
breeds and skills in my more than fifty years of upland game hunting. I can honestly say that Bob is the finest hunter and companion that I have ever had. He is my constant companion and an eager hunter. I know that I am bragging, but Bob deserves the praise.

Bob loves the deep cover and has proved to be a superb grouse and woodcock hunter. He is fearless, but cautious and will plunge into the tag alder swamps and popal brush with equal enthusiasm. His black roan coloring is perfect camouflage even at ten yards in the tag. He has held points for as long as it has taken me to bust brush and sneak up on his quarry. Truly a remarkable dog!

Jim and Bob
Submitted by: Dale on Jul 04, 2010
I have never had a pup eight months old that has done as well as he has. BJ has great instincts, and handles at his age better than any other dog I've owned. I ran him this morning for about 1/2 hour on wild birds, and the only reason I didn't come home with a limit of pointed birds is because the season has yet to begin. He has a pretty pointing form.

Thanks again for a good pup, and I expect to be calling you in a few years when it's time for another one. I'm sold on Plum Creek Kennels.

Dale Gates
Submitted by: Bill L on Jul 03, 2010
You guys were right, just get a “French” on birds and he will quickly figure out what’s going on and get better with time. He bumped the first few birds and then quickly learned stealth. He found downed birds at times that the Labs couldn’t find which was pleasant to see and he pointed birds that the Labs had already overrun that we would have never gotten up. I think he watched the Labs retrieve and got the hint. We hunted on some friends land where Pheasants abound. On one fence line he pointed 11 birds and it was difficult to get the other hunters to spread out, they all wanted to watch and get in on this action. What a treat as a dog owner.
Thank you for convincing me to purchase a French Brittany, I will not be without one again until my waning years, so you will be hearing from me again, assuming Plum Creek don’t rise!
Submitted by: Bob on Jul 03, 2010
Yearly update on Bullet. She is in her prime. She's doing great on sharptails and pheasants and she's very good on huns.
thanks. Bob
Submitted by: Kirk on Jul 02, 2010
Cody has been a fun dog to have and train, extremely smart and very attached.. We are very happy
Submitted by: Dennis Stowers on Jul 01, 2010
Great job representing the USA !!! ( even if it was a French Brittany ) ( pointer guys always have to say that ! ) . You guys look good standing there with the flag. Congratulations and go get them again!
Dennis Stowers
Submitted by: John Roper on Jul 01, 2010
What you've accomplished with your dogs is so impressive. I knew that when I talked to you on the phone nearly 7 years ago that you were true to your word and deed. We are so happy with Tobey, and we have you two to thank.

Once again,
thank you,

John, Chris, Sean and Tobey Roper.
Submitted by: Rick on Jun 30, 2010
I brought my GSP Mercy and Buster my EB to run in another NSTRA trial. This was to be Busters last trial. Well I guess he had some thing to say about it. He took first place on Saturday and played as a deffensive spoiler for my GSP to hold on to her Third place on Sunday.

The weather was terential down pours. He found five birds scored on four. One was out of bounds so the judge thought. He had 4,4 and a back. his back was scored a 70 out of 75 possible points His obedience was around 68 out of 75 his points were all in the high 80's out of 100.

His brace mate was an experienced 5year old NSTRA pointer. I know this guy has champion NSTRA dogs.

What do ya know.

Thought you would like to know.
Submitted by: R Roland on Jun 30, 2010
Just to say thanks, again. Daisy (Vendee de Plum Creek) did a fine job qualifying in the AKC Hunt Test. A lot of eyes on her. Especially the AB people.
Great thanks,
Richard Roland
Submitted by: Steve B on Jun 30, 2010
Eden, as I mentioned on the phone she is an extraordinary hunting dog. Steady to wing and shot at 7 months and retrieving on command.
I will keep in touch and many thanks.
Submitted by: Chuck D on Jun 30, 2010
Bill and Kathy - I read your article in the pointing dog journal. Congratulations to you and your fine dogs. My father and I hunted with you in November 2006. I remember tatoo being involved. Dad and i were just talking about how much fun we had and that we should do it again. Britt and Abbey our dogs we got from you, and the folks are doing well, hope you and yours are too.again congrats! Awesome achievement. Chuck
Submitted by: J Fitzgerald on Jun 29, 2010
I can not thank you and Bill for doing what you have done and do for these dogs. It shows!!! I spent 3 years researching breeders, talking to a lot of brittany owners and what was so amazing was that so many of them told me the only place for me to look for a dog was Plum Creek Kennels.

Submitted by: Kay Core on Jun 29, 2010
Emma Ann is doing great. She finished a basic obedience class and we have her on birds once a week. She is a real good hunter. She will be attending a month long training session that will cover the basic hunting commands, more obedience, etc.

I can’t believe she is 6 months old all ready.
Thanks so much. Kay
Submitted by: Pat and Gary on Jun 28, 2010
Gary Roxee to show her to one of our friends. I did not know it, but Greg has quail and he put one out in the field, and at ten weeks and one day she was pointing. Greg couldn't believe
it, and Gary is quite the proud papa. She also left herself in a pen with pigeons when Greg went to get the quail out. Gary said she went on point like 15 times, and did not move at all.
Just wanted to let you know how things were here. She is right now taking a little snooze on the sofa.

Pat and Gary
Submitted by: Bob on Jun 28, 2010
At 6 months Lexy is turning out to be a very beautiful girl. Everywhere we go with her she turns heads, especially at the pet store and our Sport Club. She is fairly good on commands and will whoa in the field long enough for me to throw a bumper and shoot before I send her off to fetch. She has had exposure to shotguns and shows nothing but fascination with the noise. Lexy is pleasant with everyone she meets and doesn't bark at anyone, loves to ride in the car or truck and picks only the ripe Strawberry's out of the garden. Thanks, Bob
Submitted by: Anthony on Jun 28, 2010
Just an update...I went to a friends camp where he was going to release 70 chukars and they needed a bird dog. they had let all 70 out in a small area. After most hunters left and we were down to a small group I let Tee go. Points, retrieves, found dead bird in nasty cover, honored Pherbie's points, Pherbie even honored Tee's points!!! one time both were on point at different birds...made me look good....these hunters thought I had two national champs....I got a lot of questions about French Brits that evening! Watching the two of them Tee might even have a better nose than Pherbie. Tony
Submitted by: Mike Allway on Jun 27, 2010
I wanted to thank you for being instrumental in Indy’s and my education and development in the field and share with you the results of our participation in our first competition. At the American Pointer Club National Field Trial and Hunt Test held in Percy, IL at The Hunt Club this past weekend, Indy ran in the Field Trial Puppy Stakes and placed 1st and on the second day received his first qualifying score toward his Junior Hunter at 8 months of age. He received many compliments from the judges and several spectators / participants. I appreciate the guidance, conversations, advice, support, etc. you contributed. I look forward to seeing you soon and continuing to train for future competitions and hunting.
Thanks again,
Submitted by: Tony D on Jun 27, 2010
Tony here… Duke kind of looks like a young Tattoo!! At 5 months old he was already finding birds like a veteran. Actually, Duke gave my Uncle's American Brit a schooling and she was 8 months old! I was kind of hesitant to let them work together at first but Duke was unbelievable. There were a few times we saw the bird tucked away in the brush and my uncle would say, hey bring Duke over here he has a better nose than mine! My uncle was also impressed at how nice and close Duke worked compared to his free ranging American Brit that he actually had to call back a bunch of times. Duke has already been shot over and has no issues, worked him in slowly with a .22 and then 410 to now 20 gauge. Just have to work with his retrieving now. He retrieves anything I throw, I know he is only a pup and I will put in the work to get him to retrieve to hand. I will be calling you soon for some pointers on what I can do to work with him on that part. I am just amazed at how well he works, I hardly have to say a word to him in the field, it’s like he already knows what to do!!
Submitted by: Sean and Julie on Jun 27, 2010
Ruby is now eight years old. She is very much a family pet who happens to hunt part time.

I am always amazed how well Ruby performs in the field with little training. When we had Ruby flown in to Maryland from Plum Creek eight years ago, I had her professionally trained for a month, and that was her last formal training in eight years. It really is pretty special to see the wonder in your children's eyes when they see their family pet transform into a hunting machine in the field. I asked my son what he thought of Ruby and his reply was.. "Dad, Ruby is amazing!"

My wife and I have recommended Plum Creek Kennels and the French Brittany to all our friends. Ruby has allowed me to spend some real quality time with my family over the years and for that I am grateful to you and Kathy and all the work you have done with this breed.

I think Ruby and my kids may be ready for another French Brittany!

All the best,
Sean and Julie Coyle
Submitted by: Alan Getz on Jun 27, 2010
In July 2000 we purchased a male puppy from you by the name of Rebelle De Plum Creek. He has been a wonderful dog. He is still full of energy and has always been a very loving dog. As far as hunting he has always been very dependable. We also have done a lot of hiking in the mountains of Colorado with him. My parents live right next door so he spends his days over there and comes home to sleep at night. Him and my daughter, who was 4 at the time we got him from you, have become great companions. I have meant to send you a note many times over the years to tell you how pleased we are with Copper. Thanks again for all your efforts in breeding these fine dogs and sorry it took so long to let you know what a good dog we have as a result of your breeding efforts.

Alan Getz
Submitted by: Nathan Judd on Jun 26, 2010
My pup will be 2 years old the end of this month I have been very impressed with her trainability and strong pointing instinct. She has completed her AKC JH title has been hunting wild quail, sage grouse, forest grouse, chukar as well as some late season farm Pheasant and chukar. She has been a great dog in the house as well. Thanks, Nathan
Submitted by: Jim B on Jun 26, 2010
Hope all is going well. Congrats on your, “ First in France”. Echo is still the best hunting dog I ever owned. Not only is he a wonderful hunter but has a personality like no other. Not a mean hair on his body. We have 2 other dogs and he takes care of both of them, literally. I see you still have his picture on your web site. Thanks. When someone asks if I have a picture, I direct them to your site. Hope to make it out there soon. Jim
Submitted by: Jim French on Jun 26, 2010
Hey, Boomer took 1'st place at the Pointing Dog trial! I had to brag a little bit. Heck, tell all your friends.

Jim French
Submitted by: Marty on Jun 26, 2010
We were finally able to get Ricotta De Plum Creek “Jazz” a spot to be evaluated in there Natural Ability Test. Conditions were great and the planted chukar held well. Jazz earned a Prize I evaluation, 110 points of the possible 112. Her only mark down was on the tracking portion were she received a 3 of 4 score. Jazz was the only Brittany, and soon became the crowd favorite, They couldn’t believe a Brittany would jump in the water and enjoy the swim portion. One of the club members came by to congratulate Jazz and I after the test and they had decided Jazz’s name should be “Rocket”. What fun!
Submitted by: Blair M on Jun 26, 2010
I just wanted to update you on Astique one of your pups. My daughter and I picked up Asti at your place 2 years ago.

He is two years old this past Nov. and is progressing well with his hunting skills. He is a fine house dog and loved by his family. My wife now thinks it is her dog.

He does great on ducks and loves the water. He points naturally and required very little training for this. A soft command goes a long way with this dog. Last fall we had a pheasant trip to Iowa. I hunted him by myself and we bagged 9 pheasants and a sharpy over three days. It was an awesome trip.

Everywhere I take Asti I get lots of questions about the breed and his great looks!

Take care and best wishes to you
Blair Marsden
Submitted by: Ric and Brenda on Jun 26, 2010
It will be two weeks tomorrow that we picked up our pup from you. Took her to the vet last Wednesday for her wellness check up.
Everything is just fine with her. The vet said Riley is in very good health. Thank you for matching us up with a great puppy and also your
kindness to us.

Ric and Brenda
Submitted by: Tony B on Jun 25, 2010
Update ,,,, Pherbie and Tee are now quite impressive and a hunting team....I think Pherbie is 7 and Tee is 4 .....Pherbie won a local Chukar Mania hunt competing against 30 other teams of high end dogs and handlers....She located,pointed and retrieved 6 chukars which I had to shoot with only 6 shells in 13 a 20 acre bird field with no extra birds set since we were the second team out. Plus we had never done this before !
Tee has really come on,,,,,,she may have a better nose than Pherbie or Pherbie lets her go first.......she also likes to retrieve when Pherbie will let her ! Since they are with me hunting alone most of the time I never get to see them in competition with other dogs.....but when you do get to see the comparison it is truly dramatic....the teams that I think of as pros, local grouse guides etc. where not even in the running. hope to get out your way in the next 24 months for a hunting tour of the midwest......thanks

Tony B
Submitted by: Jim on Jun 25, 2010
Kathy and Bill,
Congratulations to Bill, Ultra and Tatoo!
Annie is progressing into a very birdy fast moving dog and doesn’t seem to out run her nose. I have clocked her on my ATV at 24 mph and she cruises around 15 mph. She is the only dog that I have had that did not require any water introduction, because she just went into the Big Horn River and started swimming. I’m still working on her retrieving skills and making
Annie is very self confident and appears to be afraid of nothing. A few days ago she pointed a turkey and when the bird flushed she gave chase to
the river, a distance of about 1/4 mile. I know this because she came back wet. I am extremely happy with her range, which varies with cover
and terrain. I’m planning on hunting her from horse back for prairie grouse this fall.
Annie is a beauty at 18.5 inches tall and weighs 25 lbs., most of which is muscle. She is with me 24/7 and one of her traits is to stay with me
while I’m talking with hired hands or doing something stationary and when I start to move she begins to hunt. When called, she always comes with joy in her heart. I have had a lot of dogs and I think that she may be the smartest and quickest learner.
Submitted by: Henry R on Jun 25, 2010
Just wanted to give you an update on our pup Koda, who is now almost 18 months old. His training went so well that my trainer was saying he was the best dog he trained this year and wondered where I got him. Of course, I let him know. He handles the woodcock very well. We don't have many pheasant here but what we've been able to find, he has been find with them and had great points on roosters. This little guy is really winning us over. He is a great addition to our family and it looks like he is going to develop into a super bird dog. Thanks for picking him out for us and I'll keep you updated on his progress.

Henry Rackliff
Submitted by: Blair M on Jun 25, 2010
Bill & Kathy,

I had taken Ty and Kaity out separately, and they had done just fine. Both just love to hunt. I took them out together and WOW. Tag Team. Three for three on pheasants. I wouldn't have recovered two of them without their noses. Rock solid on points, hunted dead, & honored points. Thanks
Submitted by: Mike on Jun 24, 2010
Just wanted you to know that BRIDGER is a great dog. He stands 17 1/2 inches high at 5 1/2 months. Very smart dog !!
He retrieves, comes to whistle and voice, kennels ,and is getting pretty good at WHOA.
He has lots of enthusiasm- will be a great gun dog- already a great pet. Loves the grandkids, especially our granddaughter.
We are Thankful for all the effort you have put into breeding these dogs.
Submitted by: Steve Joyce on Jun 24, 2010
I have been meaning to email you guys for a while to let you know how happy we are with our Plum Creek French Brittany. "Remy" (born 02/20/04 from Roxi & Ranger) has been a wonderful addition to our house and a great hunting companion for me. He's primarily a grouse & woodcock dog with some stocked pheasant as well (sadly not many wild phez left on the east coast). He is a solid 42lbs in the offseason and 39-40lbs during season.

This year in VT during our week long grouse camp he ran with the best of the dogs we had, was the camp joker and cuddle dog. His pointing is stylish and on display when the skittish woodcock and grouse would hold. His nose is wonderful. He hunts dead as well as any dog we hunt with. There isn't one person that has met him that didn't fall in love.

Steve & Nancy Joyce
Submitted by: Bob Kopriva on Jun 23, 2010
Just touching base to let you know how Clay is doing. Clay came along very well this pheasant season with very nice points on roosters. He is very birdy. One of these days I'll take the digital and try to get a pic or two.
Submitted by: John Cook on Jun 23, 2010
Belle is growing like a weed and getting lots of exercise keeping up with Jasper our ES. I have been taking them to an park area behind our house, it is about 5 acres with only about 1 acre mowed and about 2 acres restored to native short grass prairie, the rest is woods and brush. Bill, you were correct about Belle following Jasper into the tall grasses, where ever the "Big Dog" goes, Belle will follow. Belle loves to run with him and has "no quit" in her. They now have an "understanding" around the house, so Belle is learning what is tolerated by the "Big Dog", but Jasper loves having a buddy around. The other day, they had a nice nap in Jasper's bed together.
Belle is going everywhere with us and getting lots of exposure to new situations and socialization. We get lots of comments about how pretty she is. I think her markings are great, with the white neck-collar, legs, and chest, the black face and back make her look like she is wearing a Super-Dog cape, alias Belle The Wonder Pup. Pretty and smart too!!!

Take Care, John
Submitted by: Frank Lay on Jun 23, 2010
Beau absolutely loves to hunt and hunt hard. Like Bill said, "let him have his victories and defeats" and just have fun with him, and I did. He was pointing woodcock but the grouse were still flushing on him. He'll learn he can't crowd them and he learns fast. He slowed way down on the grouse but it will take a few more hunts to figure them out. I'm pleased with how far he'S come.
If his development continues on this fast of a pace he is going to be one hell of a dog.
Submitted by: Allen Braun on Jun 22, 2010
Just a little note to let you know parker is doing just fine loved by everybody, he is starting to know is name and the big word NO, house training is going well better then I thought it would. Will send photos as he gets older and you can tell the change.Thanks again for the fine dog.til later Al
Submitted by: Jeff Wanning on Jun 22, 2010
Dolly is doing really good. Points and holds .......hunts close. Very obedient and a great house dog. I've hunted her with several older, big dogs. The groups were very impressed with her energy and nose. Not bad for her first season! She is very sweet and we are so happy with her. Hope to bring her up later this year or next. She looks just like her mom...........almost 30lbs.

Jeff, Pat and Stephen.
Submitted by: Jerry Ackeret on Jun 22, 2010
We purchased our dog about 7 years ago. Jack has turned out to a wonderful dog. He is an excellent pointer. He has a great nose and is steady to wing and shot. We never lose a bird, he always finds the dead and wounded birds;
Of course, and most importantly, he is a great pet and companion. I am sure we will be back to purchase another pup from you in a couple of years.
Submitted by: Paul Dean on Jun 22, 2010
Our trip back home was pretty uneventful, he slept 90% of it, which was good. He didn't eat or drink much at all til we got him home, then he became quite the little vacuum. Our other dog and the cats taught him real fast what bowl he"s supposed to eat from. Day after day he learns a little more and becomes more of a challenge to keep up with. He took to his dog crate pretty well, only crying the first couple nights. Now he goes to bed without any fuss and fairly jumps into my arms in the morning when I open the door to let him out.

All in all he's everything I hoped he'd be and I'm glad I chose you and Bill as my breeders.
Submitted by: Clayton DeLorge on Jun 22, 2010
Kathy and Bill,
I thought It was time to up date you on Abbey and Britt.
I am sorry to let you know that our old dog, Britt passed on May 4, 2009. She is greatly missed by me and the family. She was a great friend and a great hunter and retriever.
Abbey, the young dog, had a busy 2009 bird hunting season. She was hunted 26 days fall. We had 58 Ruffed Grouse flushes, 18 Wood Cock flushes, and 32 Pheasant this 2009 season.

Clayton Dale DeLorge
Submitted by: Hugh Holmes on Jun 21, 2010
My dog, Scout, is really doing well this year on the quail. You may remember he was born two years ago in February. We go almost every weekend to the woods. We only have a few wild coveys on the 6,000 acres we lease, so we have to use pen raised birds. Lately they have been flying real well. We usually stay out Friday thru Sunday, so we get quite a bit of time in the field. Scout has so much desire, it is very exciting to watch him. He is holding point very well now, and retrieves the birds almost every time like he is supposed to.
Scout is the first bird dog I have had, and he is just what I was hoping for. He is a house dog, goes to the office with me every day (construction office), and into the woods on weekends during season.
Submitted by: Luke Schomer on Jun 21, 2010
Belle is way more keen than any of the other britts that we have here. She is quick and has a wonderful nose. And she quarters like she has been doing it forever without extensive training.

We extend a huge thank you for letting us purchase
her. We all love her very much and has been a
delightful addition to our family. She is special
indeed and the pride of our kennel.
Thanks again. And thanks for kicking their ass in Europe.
Luke Schomer

Thanks again!
Submitted by: Judi Bowen on Jun 21, 2010
Dear Bill and Kathy,

I met Bobbie and Shannon at the vet's the other day. Shannon is a rescued French brittany and Bobbie is her person. Shannon's personality is true to what you describe on your website. She lives in Julian, a very small mountain town from my town -- which is also small but is the Big City for Julian residents! Anyway, I was impressed at what a wonderful dog Shannon was so I did some research on the breed this morning. Although I am not a bird hunter, I wanted to send my sincere thanks for providing your wonderful website. But more, I wanted to thank you for providing fantastic dogs to the special people they deserve. I know doing all of it is a labor of love. Letting go of the pups has to tug on you sometimes, too. My husband Rod and I have two rescues as our personal dogs -- Millie is a dalmatian and Brittany is a blue heeler. Rod and I have rescued, fostered and placed many dogs over the years. Congratulations on the awards your dogs have won. Bet you think all your dogs deserve awards just because they're so great!

Hugs, Judi Bowen
Submitted by: Marianne Davis on Jun 20, 2010
Dear Dillons,

Five years ago, while we were still living in California, we bought our Rob Roy from you. He was great in the open fields of Northern California. He is now the most reliable upland bird dog in Connecticut. Even in our heavy-cover woods, he slides along gracefully, and never disappears. Now we are moving to Maine, and though Robbie is no ice-breaker, we know he'll continue to impress us in the field, and to be a dear friend at home. We wish you continued best of luck, and will contact you when it's time to add another dog to the household.


Marianne Davis Sanbongi
Submitted by: Sam Tilden on Jun 20, 2010
Just wanted to let you know how Beau is doing. He is a great puppy and shows tremendous promise. Always alert, eager to please and always on the hunt. He never tires of jumping on our red heeler and aussie and when they growl he backs off only to launch the attack once again. He is a strong puppy and at 15 weeks or so old he is pretty much housebroken. Nine out of ten times he comes when called or whistled always at a full run and sits on command.

In short I am very happy with him.

Sam Tilden
Cody, Wyoming
Submitted by: jerry cupal on Jun 20, 2010
I thought i would up-date you on our puppy we got from you, she has been wonderful from the start. we call her Cassy. she is full of life, running here and there and getting into all kinds of things. i have been doing some yard training, and she heels, stays,and comes pretty well. we don't have pheasents around here, but she sure seems to work well around me when we go on our walks. so everything seems good with her, and i will do some field training with pigeons pretty soon. thanks,

jerry cupal
Submitted by: Ian Morrison on Jun 20, 2010
Bill and Kathy -

Buster was whelped on 11/6/06. His sire is Tatoo and his dam is Roxi. He weighs 35 lbs. and his height at the withers is 19". He pointed over 40 grouse when I hunted him in Wisconsin this fall. He has demonstrated uncanny bird sense and incredible ability to find and point grouse.

All the best,

Ian Morrison
Submitted by: Diana Prior on Jun 19, 2010
Sarah was born in June pf 2007. We brought her home in July of 2007. This dog is a very smart dog. She has 5 acres to run in and she does stay in the yard. She is very obedient. She is very sensitive and she also is very much Virgil~s dog. He has had her out pheasant hunting and it comes very natural to her. She was taught not to go out to far and she does a good job with this. We love her very much.
Dianna Prior
Submitted by: Wes Stueber on Jun 19, 2010
Seige has done well for me, hunting doves in Sept., then pheasants in ND in mid-Oct. He was a bit young at the beginning but matured well by the time the season ended in Feb. I also got him to KS and OK besides here in IL for
He's hunted with our other Brittany, plus alone and with other birds dogs, some of which weren't French Brittany's! But he didn't hold that against them, ha, ha!! I did run into one of your regular customers last September dove hunting here in IL and he told me he had two of your pups and loved them both.
Submitted by: James Namenek on Jun 18, 2010
I have a five-year-old male from your kennel named “Aero”. He is an absolutely wonderful dog and a great hunter. We primarily hunt stocked pheasant and Aero must have over 400 points to his credit. I made friends with a local preserve owner who lets me hunt strays a couple days after his continental shoots (tower shoots to corporations/clubs). The fields around the towers are not normally open to hunting. I work the fields for enjoyment and take a couple birds per visit.
By the way, the two crazy people that dropped in on you last summer were my wife and I!

Submitted by: Creg Crones on Jun 18, 2010
I just though I’d drop you a note and let you know how one of your dogs was doing, Buster as we know him (Juger Du Plum Creek) is very well and 11 years old as of Nov 4th 2009. I bought him from you back in ‘98 sight unseen and our little puppy arrived just after News Years. When I bought him I had big plans for hunting him but I guess life got in the way somehow and I never did. He’s really been a wonderful companion and we love him very much (he’s getting a little demanding in his old age but so am I). Rest assured he’s had a great home and will as long as he’s here. Hope everything is good with you and yours,
Thanks for a great dog
Creg and Vee Crones
Submitted by: Kirk Goodnow on Jun 16, 2010
Hope you all are doing well.....
Cody is doing very well, Has a great personality and very attentive (and still a lover), hunted him last season and he hunted very hard and listened, (Caught on very quickly)

His disposition is so good, made a very good team-mate to Libby. Looking forward to this season.

Submitted by: Jim Cunningham on Jun 16, 2010
Bill & Kathy,

I hope this note finds you both doing fine. This last Thanksgiving Bill Jamnick "came on down to Georgia," and we took our Plum Creek gun dogs hunting. We hunted at a "put and take" near the Georgia Tennessee border.

Jessie, Bill's dog, is a couple of years older than Josie and a seasoned master hunter with all of the skills. Josey is about a year and half old now and he proved himself more than competent in the field. He pointed, backed, found dead birds and retrieved.

Although both dogs are family pets, when they get together in the field, they strap on a new personality and they are all hunt.

Jim Cunningham
Submitted by: Matt Fairchild on Jun 15, 2010
Dear Bill and Kathy Dillon,
In August of 2001, we bought one of your pups. Her registered name is Saxe Abbe de Plum Creek. We have since then been busy training and raising her. I wanted to let you know that we have been so pleased and happy with her as an addition to our family and her excellent hunting instincts. I plan on sending you some photos of Abbey and some of our rewards from the field. Thank you and we will contacting you soon for a second pup some time this coming spring. Thank you again and keep up the fine development of this tremendously brilliant and loving breed.

Matt Fairchild
Submitted by: Jacques Carrier on Jun 14, 2010
Hi Kathy and Bill,

Some news from our new ‘’doggy son’’. Im am very happy for the choice you’d make for me.

Eagle Zip is a dog with a lot of energy, very sturdy. Nothing make him afraid, very undertaking, very dominant. And a plus… he is very beautiful. He is already been used to the gunshot.
Jacques carrier, Canada.
Submitted by: Bob McAllister on Jun 12, 2010
I was just looking at some bird hunting sites and came across your ad.
I doubt you remember me but, I picked a pup from you almost 9 years ago and took her back with me to Puerto Rico. Her name is Changa (spoiled in spanish) and has been the best dog I've ever owned.
We have four other dogs as well as a couple of parrots and horses but Changa is by far the queen of the house.
I've taken her stateside and she's done very well on pheasant and quail but, it seems her absolute favorite is to point the local lizards we have here on the island. She'll lock up on point for quite some time before we notice or one of our other dogs jumps in and scares them off.
Anyway, I just thought I'd drop you a note and let you know how we she's doing.

Bob McAllister
Submitted by: Tiffany Dexter on Jun 11, 2010
Hi Kathy and Bill,

Just wanted to give you an update on "Bijoux".

She has stolen our hearts. She is very sweet and just loves to cuddle and be held; I am not sure what she is going to do when she no longer fits on our laps and can't be easily carried.

She is so smart and is almost completely potty trained and knows some basic commands so far. We are working with her every day and she just loves to please us and work with us.

Our Papillion and her just play and seem to really enjoy each other. The vet says she is the picture of health and one of the most beautiful he has ever seen, we couldn't agree more.

Thanks so much for the wonderful addition to our family!

Tiffany Dexter
Submitted by: John Cook on Jun 10, 2010
We are approaching Belle's second hunting season (first year as an adult) and she haa grown up to be a fine addition to our family and a great little bird dog. She is a solid 38 lbs, and I have not measured her to the breed standard yet. Loads of stamina and loves to run. She still has a lot of puppy in her, loving to play, and she loves to find those birds. Our prairie restorations have really blossomed this year, so the birds have a good place to hide and the dogs are sure having fun finding them. We bought another farm next to our first one, so we are planning on expanding our prairie and wetland restorations. Grouse starts Sept 15 here in WI, with Woodcock the following week, but we will probably keep training until the leaves start to drop later in the month. Off to ND at the end of Oct. for some combination hunts, upland/waterfowl. I will give you another update after the season is over, since I expect her to learn a lot about handling birds this year, improve her retreive, and get use to water work. She is whoa solid, hunts up dead birds with passion, and has nice range/contact with me.

Hope you and the family are all doing well. Congratulations on another great year of trialing in France!!! Looks like you continue to add some fine EBs to your kennel.

Submitted by: Bruce Ecklund on Jun 05, 2010
This last Monday I took 5 month old Rocky to a nearby game ranch. They put out 5 chukar partridge in some fairly heavy cover of switch grass and golden rod. He found 4 of the 5 chukars and after the shot he retrieved each one. We also shot one rooster pheasant but it was too large for him to get a hold of. He has an excellent nose and is tracking the few wild pheasants we have on the farm. He is impressive.
Submitted by: Bob Ahern on Jun 04, 2010
Dear Kathy & Bill,

Hello! We just wanted to give you an update on Molly & Tac now that they are 6 months old. We are absolutely thrilled with them! We are in obedience training and that is going real well. They are starting to go jogging with me and it is such a pleasure to have them along. They are growing up very fast. Every day is such a change in them. They still play together all the time and are so good for each other. We're glad we got the 2 of them together. We lost our 12 1/2 year old Brittany. She had terminal kidney disease in addition to her nasal tumor. She got so sick and her body was just shutting down that we finally had to make the dreaded decision. It was so hard but she is not suffering any more and gave us all she had. We will always miss her. But the puppies are really filling our lives. Everyone that sees them ask us what kind they are and that they are so pretty. I'm so glad Bob found your web site.

We'll keep in touch as they grow.

Chris & Bob
Submitted by: Dale Gates on May 26, 2010
Bill and Kathy:

Just wanted to give you an update on "BJ", the male that I purchased from you.

I have never had a pup eight months old that has done as well as he has. BJ has great instincts, and handles at his age better than any other dog I've owned. I ran him for about 1/2 hour on wild birds, and the only reason I didn't come home with a limit of pointed birds is because the season has yet to begin. He has a pretty pointing form.

Thanks again for a good pup, and I expect to be calling you in a few years when it's time for another one. I'm sold on Plum Creek Kennels.

Dale Gates
Submitted by: R Colgan on May 25, 2010
Hello Bill and Kathy,

You sold me Bruno in June of 2004. He has been nothing short of spectacular in the field, as well as home. I always knew French Brits were close workers and to my amazement it is so true. We do a lot of chukar hunting in Nevada,Idaho and Oregon, and it is difficult to keep your dog close while hiking up and down steep mountains. Bruno never gets beyond about 100yards. When he does he stops, looks around and finds me. Additionally, he has uncanny God given hunting skills. His pointing capabilities are equal to a 5 or 6 year old dog. He never breaks point and immediately finds dead or wounded birds (I haven't lost a bird since I began hunting with him). All I can say is Bruno has been a wonderful hunting companion.

In March of 2004 my fiance and I came up to South Dakota from Lincoln, Nebraska. Despite the rain,wind and two lane farm roads, it was one the most satisfying journeys of my life. After meeting the two of you, it was a no brainer figuring out where our next dog was coming from. I recommend you and your facilities to anyone inquiring about excellent hunting dogs. If there is anything I can do for you please let me know. Your friend always,

Rowan Colgan
Submitted by: robyn bindert on Mar 29, 2010
We bought our male french brittney three years ago. He is fantastic and great in the field. He is so loving and good with all the kids. He is the smartest dog we have ever owned. He goes everywhere with us including to all the motocross races. He is everything Bill and Kathy told us about there dogs and we are extremely happy with him. He pointed at a very young pup. He knows his birds and he has helped our hunters get there birds.PLus you could not get a more loving animal he is great with our boys and goes to all family members. We are even thinking about adding another one down the road aways.

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