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Plum Creek Kennels - Breeding gun dogs for the foot hunter, companions for the home.

Important news about Plum Creek Kennels - After 30+ years in the breed the Dillons have decided to retire and as of May 1, 2020 ownership of Plum Creek transferred to the new owners Art & Mary Heitzler. Many years were spent by the Dillons traveling to France and establishing personal friendships, giving them the unique opportunity to select and import the best French Brittany blood lines in Europe and establishing the superior lineage and talent Plum Creek dogs have become known for. We are adamant about continuing their efforts. Plum Creek dogs include imported lines from France and Ireland. Our dogs have been hunted professionally, competed and won in field trials internationally. Tatoo, Ultra, and Doc all got their Trialer titles in France and Ultra received a French Champion title while Tatoo became the first and only French Recommended Stud in America.

Our kennel was one of the first kennels to begin importing the Epagneul Bretons (French Brittanys) from Europe decades ago.

Selective breeding with proven French Brittanys of extreme skill and natural ability has resulted in the best French Brittany program in the country.

Hunting is a way of life for Plum Creek French Brittanys. Our dogs were hunted professionally with clients for three decades so the bar of expectation in the field for our French Brittanys has been necessarily quite high because clients expected perfection in the dogs. Please check our website to explore all of our French Brittany and Plum Creek info at

We also offer individual training seminar package.

Bill and Kathleen have written a book on French Brittanys and it is now published and available for purchase. This is the first book that's been written in this country specifically for French Brittanys. The book includes general information on the French Brittany, L' Epagneul Breton, some history of the breed, an indepth study of the breed standard, puppy advice and training, starting your pup, building passion, field and whoa training, hunting and full color pictures of wonderful Epagneul Bretons. You can visit our website to order a copy.

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Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel
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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 35 years.
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Submitted by: Eric from Idaho on Mar 29, 2023
Tucker has had over 100 birds shot over him his first year. He's figuring out Chukars, ranges out 200 yards. Tucker's one of those dog's that will find birds, is bold and runs big!
Submitted by: Bill from Kansas on Mar 27, 2023
Art & Mary;

I just wanted to drop a line and update you on Ol Roxie.

Home Life:

Rox spends a ton of time indoors and when outdoors, she has a large yard with a privacy fence. She is a joy in the house; she is a snuggler and sleeps on the bed with us...we are a little Redneck :-)

She is great friends with Koda, the Lab. They play all day. I don't know who is happier, Koda or Roxie, but they are an inseparable pair. She sneaks up on the cat and when he turns around, runs like she robbed a bank.


Now that she is very settled, I will really begin working with her in the field. A couple of days ago, we did a 35 minute hunt for wild quail on a ranch not far from here. Unfortunately, we failed to find a covey, however, she did work a running rooster, which flushed a good way ahead of her. She saw it and was very excited.

Today, I took her on a planted quail adventure on some of my hunting grounds just outside of town. I used two launchers and planted one bird per launcher. It was a 30 minute affair; the birds were about 200 yards apart and we covered a bit of ground before the first one.

Just like on the wild quail hunt, she hunted VERY well. She is very responsive and uses the wind well...and we have a lot of wind here in KS! She handled both birds well, showing birdiness and caution. On both points, she was low to the ground, intense, and showed off a little by holding her right front paw in the air.

I was using my old training gun - a turn of the century Iver Johnson 2.5" chambered 410. She was steady to wing, shot, and fall. When I then walked to her and patted her on the head to release her for the "fetch", she looked like a little pro. The first bird was in 8" grass and weeds, son there was a bid of hunting "dead"; once she found it, I called her, and she brought it back straight as a string. Naturally, we enjoyed the moment before I took the bird and then we congratulated each other for a couple of minutes.

The second bird was much like the first: A great point, steadiness until released, and culminated with another nice retrieve - though this one was easily seen and didn't require hunting "dead".

I cannot overstate how impressed I am with her both in the home and in the field. Y'all did a great job with her in the house and Art did an extraordinary job with her in the field.

I'll continue this regimen through March and keep it "fun" for her.

OK, I've wasted enough of your time, but I wanted y'all to know just how impressed we are with Roxie.

Submitted by: Liberty Dogs, San Antonio, TX on Mar 27, 2023
We picked up PJ out of Pepper and Jackson last December. He's exceeded my expectations.
Submitted by: Adriene Daniels on Dec 03, 2020
We couldn't be happier with our girls! Thank you for such wonderful service and wonderful dogs!!
Submitted by: Allen Braun on Dec 03, 2020
Parker was a great dog hunting and in the house, we thank you for breeding great dogs!
Submitted by: Amanda Elders on Dec 03, 2020
Y’all are the best!!!! Our dog, Kate is an incredible example of this breed!!!! She is a fine plum creek girl!!!
Submitted by: Reza Kafi on Dec 03, 2020
Cody has been the best of hunting and family dog to us for the past 11 years.
Submitted by: Gayland Scott on Dec 03, 2020
Love the breed. Best hunting dog I have ever owned.
Submitted by: Raymond McVeigh on Dec 03, 2020
I had the pleasure of hunting over Crocket and the privilege of having a Plum Creek hunting partner for 12 years (“Lucy” - here with a Nebraska Sharptail double). You have both been the best of ambassadors for the breed and produced some fantastic gun dogs. While my Lucy passed a few years ago, I still get to experience the excellence of Plum Creek periodically through “Music” and “Poet” who are hunting partners of my friend here in MI.
Submitted by: Tarah V on Dec 03, 2020
We adore our girl! She's the perfect companion for both my husband and I!
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