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Submitted by: Patrick Rist on Mar 29, 2023
Our French Brittany, Cassie, had her 7th birthday this month. I just wanted to say
she is a great hunter and a great family member. Thank you Dan Parler for raising such wonderful dogs.
Submitted by: Dobbin Callahan on Jan 10, 2016
My beloved Skye is approaching ten. Took her into the field Friday (or did she take me)? If she is slowing down, I am not seeing any signs of it. It was a release hunt. Of the birds put out, one came up wild and she had no opportunity to point. I missed one and the rest were dinner that night.

What a very special dog she is! She is 100% pet and 100% hunting buddy. No compromise in either category.

Dan Parler raises the finest dogs imaginable. When the time comes, I wouldn't even consider going anywhere else!
Submitted by: Jake Bartells on Oct 16, 2015
Kim and I are excited to report that Gage passed his NAVHDA Utility Test in Sept 2015 with a Prize 1, 204 max score. The NAVHDA UT tests include a 30 minute field sequence requiring full steadiness and clean retrieves; a 100 yard track of a dead duck that is to be retrieved to hand; a 'Remain by Blind" sequence that requires heeling, steadiness to multiple shots, and a clean retrieve of a dead duck; and finally, a 10 minute duck search. He should be heading out to the NAVHDA Invitational in 2016. Maybe he will join Ellie and become one of four EB's to ever pass! This continues his streak of max scores within the NAVHDA testing system. He also has a max score, 112 pt. Natural Ability title. In addition to NAVHDA, Gage has also received a 2nd place finish at 2015 CEB-US Nationals on wild birds and multiple pass with honors and passes. He's one placement away from his TRAILER title within the UKC system. To compliment those is one leg towards his AKC Master Hunter title. Gage is a dog that learns fast and has been very consistent for us. He has had a ton of natural retrieve and drive from the time he was 8 weeks old. Always stylish on point and cooperative. In the house, he is a wife's dream dog! Lays around, helps clean up crumbs and loves to snuggle. We just got back from Montana where both dogs performed well. An abundance of sharp tails for them both, and for the second time, Gage was able to provide me with a double on huns. You've given us two amazing dogs and we cannot thank you enough! Congratulations on a well bred dog!
Submitted by: Wayne Woods on Oct 16, 2015
I can hardly express just how proud I am of these two guys. At 14 months old, I brought them with me to West Texas this year for the Texas Dove Season (1 Sept thru 25 Oct) and they have been working absolutely great. (They just turned 16 months old) Someone once told me that Brittanys would not retrieve doves as they won't tolerate the loose feathers. Well that guy must have been a "politician" as he didn't know what he was talking about on this subject either. The one by the windmill water tank is Browning, the one on the truck tailgate is Parker (named them after American shotguns). Although Browning picked it up a little quicker than Parker, both of these great guys took to retrieving doves like they were born and bred to do it. Dan, I recall you telling me that given enough exposure to birds, these guys would basically train themselves. Being born and raised in the "Show Me State" of Missouri, I had to be "Shown", Well, I've been shown. I've got to give 99% of the credit to Browning and Parker. My involvement was 99% praise when they did things right! And they really took to it. When I change into my camp clothes, they know what's up and are 'rearing to go'. So far, I've been taking only one out at a time, so you can imagine the ruckus the one left behind raises. To both these guys, this is REALLY FUN stuff! Just thought you'd like some feedback on the wonderful success and fun I'm having with the French Brittanys we got from your kennels. Now I'm looking forward to the pheasant and gross seasons back home!
Submitted by: Diana Helms on Oct 21, 2014

Tanner is doing great. He gets along great with my other dogs, loves water and is the apple of my eye. He is the best looking pup I've had yet and I take him everywhere. Finished my training table and looking forward to using it. Thanks so much for a great pup!

Diana Helms
Submitted by: Sue Doty on Aug 31, 2014
Roux spends his days completely spoiled and even got a new
collar in TX this summer. He loves squirrel chasing and peanut butter. He even had a birthday party at the dog park in June. He
has gone in the boat but is not fond of water even with his life
jacket on. He is a great pup.
Submitted by: Jake Bartells on Aug 26, 2014
We had the opportunity to run Ellie and Gage at the 2014
CEB-US Nationals event in Georgia this past January. We are happy to report that both dogs did very well. Ellie, also our NAVHDA
Versatile Champion, ran in the wild bird, open class. After 4 runs
she received a 1st place finish, a pass with honor, and a pass.
This qualified her for a UKC Trialer title after only 4 runs at a
UKC Field Trial event. She has been an impressive dog to train,
hunt and have grow with our family. Gage also did well. He ran
in the liberated trial, open class and after 4 runs he received a pass
with honor and 3 additional passes. Gage is also a NAVHDA NA Pr.
1 112/112 max score, and he has his first leg of his AKC Master
Hunter title (58/60 points.
Thanks for 2 great dogs.
Submitted by: Krista Lansdale on Aug 25, 2014
Rackley is doing great.She is a muscular 38 pounds and a picture
of perfect health. We just bought a house on the river so she is
very happy flushing the birds and swimming on a daily basis. We
are amazed that her coat seems to change colors with the seasons.
She is mostly brown but she will have a black lining show up
every once in awhile. I'll attach a few pictures. As for now she is
spoiled rotten and our little "princess".
Submitted by: Lawrence Williams on Aug 24, 2014
Hey Dan
IKE is doing great-we had a blast last hunting season and
looking forward to the upcoming season. I'm kicking around
the idea of trying him out in a Georgia competition in October.
Still need to work on a few things-- will have to see how he does.
I am really enjoying him.
Take care
Submitted by: Tara Clark on Aug 24, 2014
She is doing great. We named her Lizzy and she is a very smart
puppy. We love her! Thanks for a nice pup.
Submitted by: Brittany Higgins on Aug 23, 2014
Just wanted to send you a couple new pictures of the puppy. She's doing really well...she loves loves loves to dive in the water after her duck decoy. We are ready for bird season and can't wait to take her up to northern Maine to hunt in a couple months. Just wanted to let you she is doing great!
Submitted by: Allan Wiggins on Aug 23, 2014
Scout is doing really good. He just got back from a month at the trainer. We couldn't ask for a better dog. He is an excellent hunter and a great loving dog in the house. This pup will definitely sell some dogs for you. I have 2 people now that are ready for you to breed him, as well as myself. "Bud" sure does put out some nice ones.
Submitted by: John Jordan on Aug 21, 2014
Dan, The pup is doing quite well. He is very high energy and has a lot of drive. The one picture is at some property I have in West Virginia; the other is at the house he gets to share the indoors as well. He will find birds and point....I'm just now getting into training him; so far I have just let him be a pup but with hunting season approaching its time to start field training him. I picked up 6 pheasants this past Saturday and moved him from just finding wings. He is a very smart dog and seems to be working out.
Submitted by: Tim Elliott on Aug 20, 2014
Pup is doing great, gets along well with our other dog and is well behaved and he learns quickly.
Submitted by: Steve West on Aug 20, 2014
She is doing well and her obedience training is going fine.
Just started her on birds.
Submitted by: Heather Pedigo on Aug 20, 2014
She has been the best addition to our family!! We love her so much! She loves the water.... is fast as lightning and loves to
snuggle. We tell people all the time how lucky we were to get her.
Submitted by: Craig McCrumb on Aug 19, 2014
Gus is quite the hunter. Even loves to hunt fish in our lake. He
swims a ton. He's not very cuddly and would rather sit on the
floor than on couch. He is super easy with kids and they can do anything with him.
Submitted by: Andrew Krenz on Aug 19, 2014
Keegan is doing great. In September he is going back to Jake's
for training.I am taking him every weekend to Partridge Run WMA
and in the last week he pointed 2 grouse and they flew away.
Yesterday he went jetting off the trail about 150 yards and held a point until Susan and I could get there. The grouse was in ferns
and it drummed and ran. Keegan held his point for about 45

Submitted by: Steve Simms on Aug 19, 2014
He is great.I call him Dash. He is very calm and everybody that has
seen, now wants a French Brittany. He plays with a 2 yr old
bluetick hound everyday.
Submitted by: Scott Rambo on Aug 18, 2014
I don't think we could have done better for a fit for our family.
Everybody loves her and she has made herself right at home.
She knows sit, retrieving, release and working on stay.
Slightly spoiled.
Submitted by: Julia Dottererjw on Aug 18, 2014
He is good. Had his first check up and all is well. His color is starting to fill in more. Looks like he will eventually be spectacled
all over(Roan). He is attracting lots of attention and everyone loves him.
Submitted by: Matt Warren on Aug 18, 2014
The pup is doing great. We decided to name him Riggs. He received his second round of shots last week and he is a
healthy pup. He has also been getting plenty of exercise in the woods with me and keeping me lots of company.I receive lots of compliments on him.
Thanks again for the pup.
Submitted by: John Gibbs on Aug 17, 2014
Slough is doing well. He is lad back and gentle nature. j Can't wait to see him develop his hunt instincts; for sure a good dog. Hope he is mature enough for Montana in late September.
Submitted by: Tony Krenz on Aug 17, 2014
Sorry it has taken so long to send a picture of our puppy. We named her Josie. She has completed 5 weeks of puppy bird dog training and is doing well. She just absolutely loves training, birds, and yesterday was her beginning of introduction to guns.
This is a picture of my kids and Josie taking a break after training and a walk up the hill for water. She has been a great dog. She comes home from training in 3 weeks.
Submitted by: Michael Padovano on Aug 17, 2014
Our pup is 1 year old. He has been a joy to our family. It's taken a little longer than I like for come/call, but overall obedience is not a problem. I've just gone into a lease on some property in Georgia, so I'm working toward putting him down on some birds. A little later than I had planned, but better late than never.
Here are some pictures of our Hawkins. Our two Brittanys, Sadie and Hawkins, get along well together.
Submitted by: Doug Barrickman on Aug 16, 2014
Hi, Dan,
Just wanted to let you know Josey is doing well. She is a very mild tempered pup and seems to be having fun. Still working on getting outside for the bathroom but it seems to be getting better. My other Brittany has finally accepted that the pup isn't leaving and they seem to be getting on well now. Hope to get you some pictures from the field in a month or so. Thanks again.
Submitted by: Jennifer Bagley on Aug 16, 2014
Gary and I wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying Sam. He survived the trip to and from Ft. Myers and the week at St. George Island with the grandkids with flying colors! He is quite a trooper, loaded with gusto and tempered with a gentle spirit. We are thinking that your grand daughters must have been quite a socializing influence on him as he takes to people and other dogs easily....Not to mention housebreaking....almost there. :-)
Just wanted to let you know he is being well cared for and loved much!
Jennifer and Gary Bagley
Submitted by: Heather Hanna on Aug 16, 2014
Good morning. I trust all is well with you and your family. Brie is doing very well. She is happy, friendly, curious and very bright. She is also very striking. She is an unfamiliar breed to most in our area, but all agree she has the most beautiful, symmetrical markings they have ever seen. She loves living in the woods and along the creek, and frequently sneaks treasures...such as
giant grasshoppers and fallen eggs inside to play with and consume.
Submitted by: Brad Dixon on Aug 16, 2014
Dan, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know what a treat Jolee has been. She is not a big fan of the crate, but she will sleep the night through in the bed. She and Coco have become fast friends. I will keep in touch.
Submitted by: Lawrence Williams on Feb 13, 2014
I wanted to give you an update on IKE. I've been working with him around the house on quail and training. Very smart and eager to please. Big change in him from when we picked him up from you last May..I took him on his first real hunt today and did we have a great time. What a great nose and holds point like a champ.
Submitted by: Krista Lansdale on Feb 13, 2014
I just wanted to let you know that we are sooo happy that you have given us the best pup I could ask for! Not only is she beautiful but she is the smartest and most well mannered puppy I've ever had! She loves the snow and is adapting well to our lifestyle and snow plowing! I also wanted to let you know that due to my obsessive posting of photos of her on instagram we are now friends with her brother Finley who lives in Florida. Don't be surprised if we ask to be part of the list for a new pup sooner rather than later!
Submitted by: Jonathan Watkins on Dec 08, 2013
Just wanted to update you a little on the progress of Dakota "Inka" Du Parler.

Yesterday I was able to do a "mock" test for the natural ability part of NAVHDA. We started off at the water which is proving to be her only questionable area. She has no problem getting into the water chest deep but she seems to not want to swim. I paddled out in a kayak to try and coerce her into swimming for that portion of the test. Once I got out there and called her she was happily swimming circles around me. Now the challenge is to get her to swim without me in the water. Let's hope she gets it soon.

We then moved on to the field search and pheasant track. It was extremely hot outside so I was nervous about her working as she hasn't been worked in those temperatures yet. Well, her ability did not fail due to the heat. The judge said to me during these two phases of the "mock" test, " you've got yourself a heck of a dog". Needless to say she was flawless on both of those runs.

At the end of the day, the judge got everyone in a circle and gave us feedback. I'm proud to say that when he got to "Dakota", he said, "I would take that little Brittany home with me right now. That is going to be a great dog." A little background on him is that he has been doing this for countless years and is soon moving to his 320 acre farm in Kansas to train bird dogs full time. He had six dogs in his truck and would have loved to make room more, namely "Dakota "Inka" Du Parler.

Just thought you would like to hear about her progress. I have to get her swimming by test date. This is really the area she has struggled in since I began training with her. What a great first hunting companion. And the kids and family LOVE HER. We couldn't be happier Thanks again, and we look forward to another companion from the Parlers soon.

Jonathan Watkins
Submitted by: Allan Wiggins on Dec 08, 2013
Just thought I'd send a quick shot. Scout is doing great, already had a few birds killed over him. I didn't know a pup could be this bird crazy but he is! Thanks so much! I'll send more pics around Christmas as we have plans to hunt a couple days.
Submitted by: Krista Lansdale on Dec 08, 2013
Just wanted to give you an update on little Ms. Rackley (aka Ivy)!
The vet said she is the most unique looking French Brittany he has seen (although he has only seen 3 in his life)! Both Rob and I are super impressed with her cuddly, loving and highly intellectual ways! She is definitely a Momma's girl (I'm not bragging or anything ha ha)! At 3 months she is fully housebroken (and will even ask to go out in the middle of thunderstorms if she has to) and knows several commands! Thank you again for giving us the best little girl I have ever known!!
Submitted by: Tracy Baird on Aug 28, 2013
Hello, I just wanted to let you know how thankful we are to have Ruby in our lives! She is a joy! She is very playful and loves to run around. Ruby transitioned into our home very well. She is learning and growing everyday. Brian can't wait to begin training her to hunt. She is getting along very well with our other dog and our cat. I just wanted to send you a thank you for raising such a sweet girl! I included a few photos and a video of her first time in the water before we take her to the lake!
Brian, Tracy, and Ruby
Submitted by: Heather Pedigo on Aug 28, 2013
I just wanted to send you a quick note telling you how much we love Sixx - that is what we named her since that was her "number" when we were picking her out of the litter! She has the best personality and has fit in perfectly. She and our 8 year old English lab have become the best of friends! She is so sweet and we couldn't be happier with her!
Submitted by: Jonathan Watkins on Aug 28, 2013
This is "Dakota Inka Du Parler's first bird. She had a blast and is doing well!!!
Submitted by: Ralston Smith on Jun 09, 2013
Sailor has been great. He is going to the vet today to get his
puppy shots. He has bonded with the entire family and has
a spot in our family.
Submitted by: Mitch Thurman on May 09, 2013
How are things? Riley had a great year until 2 months of heavy snow cut the season really short. People can't believe the temperament in Riley. In the house, he wants to sit and lay with you, full of kisses. Out with other dogs it's all play, not a mean bone in his body. Hunting is all business nonstop for 2 hours. And what a nose! Seeing him lock up on a a bird and the way he points is picture perfect. I been meaning to send you more pictures but its tuff when hunting. In the fall I'll bring a buddy to shoot some shots and send them to you. Hope all is well with you and the family. Talk to you soon. Mitch
Submitted by: John Hayes on May 09, 2013
I have been meaning to send you a note sooner but now is later. I attached some pictures of Teddy's real first wild pheasant hunt in Nebraska my two sons and I went on last year.Teddy is turning out to be a remarkable bird dog. He was a little stubborn at first but when he realized that obey meant more birds and all around fun he now works well with me and we enjoy our times together. I have had a lot of bird dogs thru the years and Teddy is turning out to be one of the several top dogs.
Submitted by: Tripp Ritchie on Mar 02, 2013
I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Pete. He is an amazing dog, intelligent and feisty. We have hunted Pete since he was 6 months old. Even at that early age, he handled well in the field. He found and pointed 63 quail over 4 days hunting. I do not even have to use my whistle; Pete checks in and I just give him a hand signal to change directions. Pete was about 18 months old on this hunt. These are great dogs that bond strongly as members of the family. Thank you and be well, Tripp.
Submitted by: Heidi Hundley on May 16, 2012
Hi, Dan, I wanted to send you a picture of our handsome boy. We love him so much and he has made each day so special. I was just looking at pictures of his daddy Cody and he looks so much like him. He has a combination of a loving disposition and he is often quite the comedian. We can not imagine life without him. We went to the North Carolina mountains today and had a great time with him. We hope you and your family are well and thank you so much for our special boy.
Heidi and David
I will look for a few more pictures to send your way.
Submitted by: George Simmerman on May 16, 2012
Pup is doing fine. He is crate broke and about 99% house broke. Goes with me everywhere. Rides very well. Very alert. Everybody I meet wants to take him home. Can't wait til he is a little older to introduce him to birds. He sight points robins in the yard and is learning he can't catch them.
Submitted by: Matt Keller on May 14, 2012
Dan, I wanted to update you on Camy, our 6 month old female out of Dotty and Cody. She is an incredible hunter. She is solid on points, backing and at 6 months steady to flush and shoot. My friend I train with has been training pointing dogs for 25 years, is pushing me to trial her. Camy just may push me into the trialing arena. I can't thank you enough for such an awesome dog, and for shareing your wealth of knowledge of this great dog, French Brittany!!! Also the 4 month old pup Hazey I got from you is incredible, all natural instincts. I'm looking forward to some great hunting this fall with your pups and mine! Thanks again Dan, You are a great asset to the French Brittany community! Matt Keller, Kellers French Brittanys.
Submitted by: Ilario Circosta on Mar 17, 2012
Hi Dan, Lucy is doing great. She turned out to be a true bird dog. She is truly loved by our family
and she is very sweet and obedient. I can tell
she comes from great breeding. I will send you a
picture soon.
Submitted by: Tim Travis on Mar 13, 2012
Scooter did great on the camping trip. She stayed right with us off leash and had a good respect for the campfire. She did have a swim in one of the ponds, that seemed new to her, but she really did well. We even did a little wing training. You are right. She will point it. We are now working on whoa. Hold will soon follow. She's really smart and catches on very quick. I don't know if you ever worked her with a whistle, but she responds to it like a pro. My son Garrett adores her. I think we all do. He has asked to call her Maggie because it sounds more like a girl.
Thanks for a great dog.
Submitted by: Robert Sanders on Mar 13, 2012
I have been remiss in that I have not kept you up to date with the adventures of Gunther. He is doing great. Great companion, wonderful dog all around and a fantastic hunter/pointer. Gunther has a wonderful personality. Bright, strong, friendly, alert and loyal. He does well with retrieving, has a great nose, and doesn't miss any birds. I could not be more pleased. I thank you so much for a fine French Brittany Spaniel.
Will send pictures.
Submitted by: Stephen Ferro on Feb 20, 2012
You are not only a dog breeder but also a friend. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everything you have done for my family and me since the unfortuante accident with our first dog, Juliet. About six months after we got her, she was hit by a car and passed away. Of course, we were terribly upset and could not believe the action you took after hearing the news which was not what a breeder would do but what a friend would do. Not only did you talk to our son who had witnessed the tragic accident with his own eyes but you also made a promise to him that he could have a female from those same parents. Our new dog, Lucky, is great and we are very happy with her. She is my little pal and never leaves my side. Lucky has a great demeanor and is turning out to be an excellent hunting dog.

Thank you for referring me to Jake Bartells for training (whose dog Ellie won the Navda International). Lucky is now one great hunter. My family and I started hunting with her and found that the more we hunt her, the more she wants to hunt! She is steady to wing and shot and covers so much ground that she never misses any birds.

To you, are a good man. Thank you for all the happiness your pups have given us.

Stephen Ferro and Family
Submitted by: Mitch Thurman on Feb 20, 2012
Dan, how is everything? Riley is doing great. You should see him working the fields. And want a nose! He dials right in at 6' then withing 2' of the birds. His points are prettier than the last shots I sent. The front foot raised, tail shaking like a rattle snake, mouth quivering, nose a foot off the ground and the body at a perfect 30 degree angle. We hunt in Connecticut a lot and the state requires you to have a guide. So in 2 weeks I'll bring the camera and let him take some new shots. Hope all is well with the family. Talk to you soon.
Submitted by: Craig Rambo on Feb 12, 2012
Thought I would send you some pics of Huck and my other dog Pete to show you how well he is doing. Huck is as good a house dog and family dog as he is a hunting partner. Want to thank you for such a great companion!!!
Craig and Pat
Submitted by: Jeff Houseman on Jan 23, 2012
Attached are a few shots of Gus and the big dog,Roxie. The two have become great friends. The
pup can sometimes be a little rough, but Roxie puts him in his place. Gus is bold, independent, smart, and somewhat headstrong. We are pretty much letting him be a puppy while exposing him to as much as possible. Everyone he meets loves his markings and says what a handsome dog he is. I have to agree. I think he's going to be a great dog. I'll keep you posted on his progress.
Submitted by: Don Buckner on Jan 13, 2012
We have a very excited home with the new puppy. My daughter who is home from college cried tears or joy and everyone is elated to have the new puppy. My 11 year old son Joe told me this morning he can not wait to get home from school because he has someone that will be excited to see him everyday besides his mother. My Boykin Spaniel is getting along with her also. I have attached a few pictures. She is a very smart dog and only has had a couple accidents in the house since we brought her home. She already goes to the door and scratches to go outside. My son and his friends along with my daughter took him to our local skeet shooting range and she just played and sat in my dauthters lap and seemed very calm while the range was very busy after Christmas.

It was nice meeting you and we look forward to our puppy growing and becoming part of our family. We have tried numerous names from Betsy, Bailey, Marsh, Sumter, Lily, Pawley, Cocoa and Ginger among others. We settled on Covey. I will stay in touch and if I have any questions that come up, I will let you know. Thanks again and have a great new year. I had trouble attaching the pictures so I will just forward a few.
Submitted by: Charles Maxfield on Jan 13, 2012
I was taking pictures of our pup yesterday and was thinking of you. I will send some of them to you. She is doing terrific. I have to keep Zeke and her apart most of the time since she really loves to play with Zeke and she is not big enough yet to handle him. As soon as she grows a little they will have a wonderful time together. They love to be with one another. I have just started her on some feathers; she is going to be a great addition to the family.
Submitted by: Jo and Bill on Jan 13, 2012
True grit with his woodcock! Grit is a natural and loves to hunt. He has already pointed and retrieved 15 chukar, a covey of quail, and 2 pheasants at our club. He is so handsome and a fun dog. He loves the beach and retrieves his dummy in the surf. We just love him.
Love to all,
Jo and Bill
Submitted by: Mitch Thurman on Jan 13, 2012
Hi, Dan,
Sorry for not responding sooner. It has been just real crazy the past 7 months. Riley is doing well. He started off a little slow almost like he was not interested in the birds at all. But has improved 100% the past few months. He had a good hour workout today by himself. He was on point and flushing plus we shot over him for the first time with no problem. Then he went an hour with the North East Jr. Field Chanp. (another French Britt Orvis) who taught him a few things. It's a beautiful sight seeing them both on point and Riley holding it. It's times like this you wish you had a camera. How's the granddaughter doing with her horse? Hope everyone is healthy and have a good new year. I'll call you in a few weeks after Riley's first hunt under his collar.
Submitted by: Mike Bragg on Jan 13, 2012
We couldn't be happier with our pup. She has adjusted well with our other dog and is training well.
Submitted by: Jake Bartells on Nov 06, 2011
Here are a few pictures from the Invitational. Ellie did real well. We started in the field where we ran an hour brace with a female short hair who wasn't exactly runnng clean. The short hair almost knocked Ellie over when she was breaking on a bird and Ellie was backing. Ellie backed real nice three times and found six or seven of her own birds. All her retieves were spot on; she really gave the judges something to talk about. Next we had our blind retrieve, where she had to cross about 100 yard channel of water, search the far shore for a scent trail, track the dead duck and retrieve it to hand. Ellie really nailed this. She took a great line across, hit shore directly at the scent trail, tracked beautifully, and made a real nice retrieve to hand. When we were leaving the event, the senior judge came over to me and said it was the nicest one he'd seen that day. From there we went to the Honor By Retrieve, which is an event where they set your dog at the water's edge, then throw a duck right in front of your dog, shoot, and then send another dog for the retrieve. Ellie sat through it all just fine. Finally we went to the Double Marked Retrieve. We had to heel off lead as we did for all the events, down to the water's edge. They threw two ducks. I fired a blank shot at each and then sent Ellie for the second bird first. Once she got to the duck and turned back they fired a distraction shot. These were the biggest ducks I've ever seen, and I was worried about the grip Ellie had on it. Twice on the swin back in I could see her trying to get a better grip, but each time she tried the duck would just move with her mouth and she couldn't, so when she got to shore where she could force her mouth around it better, she did. She then delivered the duck to hand, presenting it to me nicely. I then sent her for the memory bird and she made a clean retrieve. She did everything happily. I love that she is so happy to work for me. It's not just her doing as I ask, but loving each second as much as I do. It was a pleasure to train her, and I'm so looking forward to the memories we will make in the coming hunting season. I'm already looking at running a few other events, more for fun than anything. She is currently the only breedable female French Brit, and the third ever to pass. She received a 200 points Max score.
In NAVHDA she was tested NA 8 month old receiving a 106/112 Prize ll, at 2 years 10 months she was tested Utility level and received 204/204 for a max score prize and became a Versatile Champion on 9/15/2011 with a 200 point max score at 3 years 11 months.
Thanks again for the great dog.
Submitted by: Tripp Richie on Nov 06, 2011
It was nice meeting Beth. Our puppy is wonderful; he is extremely smart with a great nose. We have had a few quick points and he is adjusting to his collar. We couldn't be happier with Pete.
Submitted by: Charles Maxfield on Nov 06, 2011
Zeke is doing terrific. I have had him out training on quail dummies, etc, and he loves to hunt. He does a wonderful job finding and staying on point. He sits, comes and is loving the run of the house with Judie making a little baby of him. Gus, my older FB, passed away a month ago with a blood problem that could not be corrected. I miss him a lot, but am pleased that Zeke is here to help. I was really hoping to have the two of them hunt this year, but that was not to be.
I will take some pictures of Zeke in the field and send them to you so you can see how much he has grown.
Over the next year or so I am hoping to buy another FB. I do like having two in the house and in the field with me.
Hope all is well with you, your family and your dogs.
As ever,
Submitted by: Joy Penka on Feb 06, 2011
Dan:This is Brandy at 8 months.She is a beauty,
very athletic,loving and fun spoiled.She gives us joy and companionship and is a great watch dog.
Her fine breeding as a bird dog is no doubt wasted
on us but I am sure she could be the best.
Be Well
Submitted by: caleb on Feb 04, 2011
I have been very satisfied with Jett. He's great in the field and at home for the most part (he, like most dogs, does like to chew on things he shouldn't). Last Saturday, he found his first wil covey of quail and we both couldn't have been happier even though we didn't knock any birds down. Jett has proven to be a great companion and family dog as well as an eager hunter in the field.

Thanks for breeding such a fine dog.
Submitted by: Britt on Jan 13, 2011
"Eddie" is now 14 months old and we couldn't be happier with him. Over the last year, we focused on obedience training and a minimal amount of bird work. This past October, I started working him with live quail quite a bit. On his first day out, he was a bit tentative and until we got him working with an older Frenchy. After he observed how she was working the field, he began to increase his range and working for birds. It was extremely rewarding to come over the hill and find him pointing his first live bird! He continuously improves.

One of my training partners is an AKC hunt test judge here in Georgia. He encouraged me to enter Eddie into his first hunt test this past weekend. On Saturday, he had one find, but it was a NQ because it had been previously pointed by his bracemate. Sunday, Eddie was at it again with drastically different results. He had four finds in his brace! He received the highest score and the most finds of any dog at the hunt test! The judges were raving about his ability and I couldn't have been any prouder of him.

I plan on working with Eddie to achieve his JH title over the next few months. If all goes well, we will progress to SH and MH levels over the coming years. Also, he has become a fantastic hunting dog as well, which is what we are really striving for.

We really appreciate everything you and your kennel have done for us. I hope to be calling on you very soon for another Frenchy!
Submitted by: Tom Harper on Jan 13, 2011
We went out this morning to a no-frills hunting place that offers pre-released birds where you bring your dogs and just walk without a guide. It's the same place I met Dr. Churck who bought a pup. Well, Rhett did real well. We had my 8 month old and a 2 year old English setter who is to be trained. We started them both on 30 ft. check cords but soon took Rhett's off because he stayed so close anyway. As the other guy called the setter in, Rhett seemed to listen and never strayed too far. I almost wish he'd have gotten further out and run wider, but it was his first time. Rhett did point the 1st bird and amazingly honored the other dog's point. The setter would track the downed bird but would always drop it and run off. Rhett picked them up and brought them in with great pride. We found 4 coveys and 3 sets of birds, filling in our 3 1/2 hours with chasing singles. We booked every Thursday in December to spend time bringing these dogs along. Rhett never really got fatigued but after a good drink out of the water bottle and some strong loving he caught a second wind and finished strong. We killed 9 birds so you see we were watching the dogs more than the quail. Every time I tell you the same thing. I never thought it would be this much fun and I never thought it would be this simple. Thanks for a great special friend!
Submitted by: Charles Hrosik on Nov 27, 2010
Hey Dan,
Just wanted to give you an update on the pup I got from you. She is doing great and hunting hard. Love her to death.
Submitted by: Nina on Oct 20, 2010
Scout is doing well. We are all excited to have her! Her appetite is good. She has been taking a nap after she eats. We are carrying her outside every two hours or so to eliminate, being careful to pick her up when other dogs are around. We have a crate in the kitchen for her use during the day and a crate in our bedroom for her to sleep in at night. She slept well last night (although was up at 3:30am to go outside) and generally has cried very little. She is very curious about her new environment and wants to chew on everything. We have several soft and hard toys for her. We have an appointment with her vet on Saturday. I will keep you posted on her progress!
Submitted by: Lisa on Oct 20, 2010
The trip home was just fine-"Jake" did great-not carsick at all that we could tell. He played with chew toys, slept and "pottied" at every rest stop. He already seems to know that when the leash goes on and he goes outside he's supposed to "take care of business" before playing. He seems to be adjusting well-runs around the back yard like a maniac and already brings his ball to you to play. Charlie - our older dog - mostly just ignores him right now - lets Jake sleep "by" him - but gets up and moves if Jake tries to sleep "on" him. I think that will work out just fine - especially as Jake gets a little older. I'll try to take some pictures next week - have to get batteries for the camera and I'll send you some photos as soon as I have them.
Thanks for helping me get a wonderful addition to our family!
Submitted by: Nicole on Oct 19, 2010
We have named the puppy "Mako" and he is doing
great.He had a bath when we got home and slept with Chase last night.He will have his first beach
trip this weekend. He misses Chase while he is in
school and gets so excited when he gets home. Will
send pictures soon.
Submitted by: Jake Bartells on Oct 11, 2010
On 9-11-2010 Canelle Du Parler scored a perfect 204 on her NAVHDA Utility test at just under three years old. The NAVHDA UT test consists of four events. These events are designed to emulate the versatility of a dog in both upland and waterfowl hunting situations. In order to succeed in this test a dog must be both proficient and confident in its abilities, locate and handle game properly both before and after the shot. This score qualifies her to run a test where only about 100 dogs a year qualify internationally. This dog was bred by Parler's French Brittanys.

In a repeat breeding a 5 month old pup received a max score prize 1 in a Natural ability test. This is an extremely young dog to run perfectly clean.

Both dogs are consistently hunted on both upland and waterfowl birds and perform phenomenally.

Submitted by: Doug Odonnell on Oct 11, 2010
The pup is doing fine. We named him Cody, could not decide on a name at first. Samantha decided at the vet when we had to fill out the papers. He is getting along well with the cats, they don't run from him. The little one just swats him, the two Maine Coons are more docile and just tolerate him wanting to play. He is almost half as big as they are, last weight for him at the vet 9-25-10 was 15.3 lbs. Everyone is really impressed with him, he is starting to muscle up and grow into his legs. He kind of stumbles around like a fawn now. His marking and color are great. I will probably have to get him a vest so I can see him in the field. I will try to take some pictures and forward them.
Submitted by: Michelle on Oct 03, 2010
Hi, Dan!
I have attached a few pictures of Bailey and Jake that Kim took on Sunday when Bailey took the NAVHDA natural ability test. She got the highest score and is young to be taking the test. With Jake handling her, she was tested on tracking, willingnesss to enter the water, cooperation, obedience, and had to have 2 successful points.There may be more but Jake can explain it to you the next time you talk to him. It really is a feather in both your cap for breeding and Jake's for handling. According to Jake, it is an important test to pass. It's like acing kindergarten. Baily just loves being with the younger dogs. She and the puppy they have named Gage wrestle and play constantly. They are so much fun to watch. We hope all is well with both of you. Until next time,
Submitted by: Kristi on Oct 03, 2010
Just a quick note to let you know Dee and Journey are doing great! Dee is finally going to need a leash on her when I take her out front...we don't need to scoot her outside to have her at least go potty now. With letting her out back, she only goes down the deck steps after she sees I am going down also. She gets along great with Dakota and Ice...she loves Ice especially, gives him continuous kesses! I think she gets aggravated with Dakota, because when it comes to fetching the ball...she's got competition. It's about 50/50 on who ends up with it. It's amazing to me to see just how much Dakota and Dee are alike!! It has been so nice for me to take walks now. Dee is PERFECT for a fast paced walk.

It feels like Journey has been part of our family for like a month! She thinks of herself as one of the dogs...not a pup. She does her best to keep right up with them, and already goes up our flight of deck steps on her own. She tried going down them today on her own, but couldn't quite do it with how tiny she still is...I wish I had a video camera...she is a pup with no fear! And, she lets you know if she's not happy with being held...she is FULL of personality.

I cannot thank you enough for Dee and Journey. I haven't been this full of joy in a long time! I feel like I am having to leave 2 newborn babies on the days I have to go to work.

Take care, Kristi
Submitted by: Alex on Oct 03, 2010
This photo is of Charlie at almost 6 months. He is a fine dog that thinks he owns everything that he can carry.
Submitted by: Kirk on Oct 03, 2010
Woody is doing great. He's growing like a weed. He and Tess have a strong bond and play together all the time. She's so much bigger that he gets beat up pretty good, but I think it's toughening him up. He gives her hell and really stands up to her. He's feisty as can be and growls and barks at her when he picks on him. Otherwise he's just a laid back little dude, very lovable and affectionate. A great pet. I'm very happy with him. Take care.
Submitted by: Kerry on Oct 03, 2010
Hi Dan,
I wanted to send you some pictures. Our dog is doing great. We call him Dude...not sure why, but it suits him and he seems to like it! He is very active and happy, loves to play with his new brother Scout. He just went to the vet today for another round of shots and they said he's in great shape (16 lbs. already...he's all legs)!! We will start puppy training classes next month and I'm sure he will do well because he's really smart. We couldn't be happier with hiim!!!!
Submitted by: Russ Mitchell on Sep 30, 2010
Here's a link to a video of Rocky's training at
Big Country Kennel in Albany, TX. They were pretty impressed with how easy he was to train. He's been a great pet, and looks like he'll be a fine bird dog. Keep up the good work, I might be looking for another like him next year.
Submitted by: Todd Stout on Sep 30, 2010
I hope all is well with you. Toby is doing great. We were at the beach this weekend and he was in the water constantly, pool and ocean. Are they all fond of the water? Next time we are down at Litchfield I would like to bring him down so you can see him and he can see his Mom and Dad. I know I owe you some pictures and I will get those to you soon. Thanks again for a great companion.
Submitted by: Robert Gettleman on Sep 30, 2010
Dear Dan,
Today is Elvis' eighth birthday. It is hard for me to believe it has been so long. He still has the energy of a pup and runs like the wind. He is a wonderful dog and a great companion. I can never thank you enough for all the joy he has brought.
Submitted by: Brad Full on Aug 09, 2010
Just wanted to send you a note about Jake. He is a wonderful dog! He loves the water and loves to point birds in the yard. I can't wait to see him at his full potential. He's also good with the children and other animals. Looks like he's going to be a great bird dog!
Submitted by: Kristi on Aug 09, 2010
The puppy is doing wonderful. She slept in the crate last night and woke up at 5:00 am to go outside. No accident in the crate. She ate early this morning and just whenever...but at 4:00 this afternoon, she knew it was time to eat. Dakota and Ice love her so much. Journey was already playing with them last night. She has adjusted great! Thank you so much for our precious puppy. Dan, I will email pictures soon.
Submitted by: Rob on Aug 01, 2010
"The Boy", Gunther, just came home from college and the trainer really liked him a lot. Said he was easy to work with, learns quickly and is all business in the field. Loves birds and has great instincts. Great disposition and gets along with people and all other dogs. Shares Jacques' stamina, which means he is indefatigable. That brought the warning, "he will work hard and won't quit or rest as long as you are afield. So think and don't forget to water and rest him, he's the one doing all the work. Jacques was one of the best I have trained and Gunther is clearly his equal and could be better."

That is high praise from an honest man who has had all four of my dogs. Gunther is shaping up as a champion. He may go back for a bit of a refresher in cooler weather in September. This fall is going to be fun. Gunther is an all-around pleasure to have around. Thanks for a great dog.
Submitted by: Mickey and Don Bartells on Jul 26, 2010
Hi! Dan,
I thought it was about time for me to send you more pictures of Bailey. I'm also attaching a video. I hope you will be able to see it. The video is of her in a small creek near our house. As you can see she loves the water. Jake is very pleased with her progress in training. Her latest antic is dragging small rugs from the kitchen and bathroom into the living room. She does it so quickly that sometimes we don't even see it until she has abandoned it. She goes on walks with me in a field behind our house where Don has mowed paths for me to walk for exercise. Ellie has been accepting her more and has played with her when she is here or Bailey is at their house. Ellie does let her know she's the boss though. Don takes her wherever he goes. She loves the truck rides.
Until next time---
Submitted by: Alex on Jul 25, 2010
Flash is doing great. He has finished all of his shots including rabies. He likes a lot of attention and wants to do things when he wants to. He loves to fetch and comes when called. Will stay in touch.
Submitted by: Carter on Jul 25, 2010
Daisy has to be the best puppy we've ever had. She is helping Sherry vacuum this morning!
Submitted by: Jeanne on Jul 20, 2010
Dixie Belle is doing great! She is a lovable, mischievous sweetheart. She has been very easy to train. Dixie adores our older dog, Dash, and we get much enjoyment out of watching the two interact. Mostly, it is Dixie pestering Dash until he gets off his bed and plays with her. She is persistent! My husband has not started training her for hunting. He has been very busy with work but hopes to start soon. Hope all is well with you.
Submitted by: Elaine on Jul 20, 2010
Riley is doing great. He is a non-stop bundle of energy. Don't think I've ever seen a dog that runs and runs as much as he does. He started venturing out and about on his own, hunting chipmunks especially, but voles and moles will do nicely also. He's gotten very good at catching them and stalks everything that moves or that he thinks is moving. His nose is fantastic and he knows how to use it. Tom will start working with him before long and I'm sure he'll turn into a good bird dog. He loves the water and goes down to the pond by himself to get wet and cool down when he needs to and retrieves well in and out of the water. Swimming came to him pretty quickly. I will get some pictures to you soon.
Submitted by: Mickey and Don Bartells on Jul 07, 2010
Hi Dan,
I took a few pictures of Bailey tonight and I thought you might like to see them. She has been swimming with Jake and Don and loves it.Her first meeting with our barn cat was a surprise experience for her. She loves riding with Don in his truck. He takes her everywhere he goes. She is doing really well. She's been a joy! I'll keep in touch with pictures.
Submitted by: Rod Canterbury on Jul 06, 2010
Mick is doing great. We had a terrible hunting season last year due to all the snow and bad weather here.
Except for our trip to Michigan we didn't get very many birds for him this year. As you know he started very early and is still doing well.
Submitted by: David on Jul 04, 2010
Esme is doing just fine. Rosemary takes her twice a day to the park and she likes to run around and sniff out different things. She is still after the squirrels and chipmunks. A few weeks back, I walked into the den and she was laying on the couch with something in her mouth. I went and looked to see what she was chewing on and it was a chipmunk she had managed to catch. She has been a pleasure for us and no regrets getting her.
Submitted by: Carl on Jul 04, 2010
Dan, Angus is a fine pup. He and Fergie are best buddies. I would have never thought that he would like the water more than she does, but he does. We took him and Fergie to the coast in June and he loved kayaking and behaved well on the dock. We bought a small plastic pool and he will jump in and lie on his back and put his head under the water and blow bubbles (cheap entertainment). We can't put more than a couple inches of water in the bowl for him to drink because he will splash it all out once he has had a drink. He is very attentive to any bugs or birds that he sees and I can't wait till fall to introduce him to quail!!
Submitted by: Matt and Scarlett on Jul 04, 2010
We took some pictures of Chance to send to you around his birthday but as you know, had not sent them. As you said, he does indeed love the pond. On the weekends when we are all outside, he spends hours chasing frogs and wading. He stays pretty close and checks in often. And in the house he has become quite the lap dog. Looking forward to some good hunting with him in the fall. Can't tell you how pleased we are with him. He really is a good dog for our family. Hope you enjoy with pictures. The one with the children is on his birthday, 4/29.
Submitted by: Ines on Jul 02, 2010
Dan: only to give you and your wife an update on "Buddy", he is doing fine, now he weighs 17.5 pounds and he is 3 months and a half. Very active, we are exhausted, we forgot what it was to raise a pup...and he is really spoiled! as an only child he takes advantage of us, he is very happy and he knows he is loved. I forgot to tell you he is very "handsome" with his ears like painted with a black border and those loooooong and black eyelashes, and those eyes that look at you always smiling, as you can see I am in love with him. Thanks for giving us this joy.
Love Ines
Submitted by: Rob on Jul 02, 2010
Ivey is doing great! Fantastic dog, great temperament. She is a great trail dog and runs with me on the trail when I mountain bike. Also she loves to swim and hangout in the water. Finally, she retrieves perfectly as we throw the ball everyday.
Overall outstanding dog.
Thank you.
Submitted by: Pat and Michelle on Jul 02, 2010
Hey Dan,
Dakota is doing great. I hope to get to hunt her more this winter than last. For the summer she is trying to stay cool and swimming in our pool. She likes to chase my son off the diving board when he has her toy. We are planning on moving to the family farm in a few more years if things go well. We plan on having a yard full of them when we move.
Submitted by: Brenda on Jul 01, 2010
Hi, Dan,
The pup is doing great. We have him in the house about half the time and half the time in a kennel outside. We are trying to socialize him and get him familiar with all of our dogs. He is very smart and quick to learn new things. I am walking him on a leash. I find that helps to keep the dog close to you, and Jim is hoping the pup will hunt close to him. Too, when he and Hank met for the first time, Hank acted like he knew him. Must have been a familiar smell. I will try and get some pictures of him and email to you. He will have a happy life, with many brothers and sisters to keep him company.
Take care, Brenda
Submitted by: Chris on Jul 01, 2010
I have updated a few more pictures in Bingley's photo album. I thought you might be interested in seeing them. Everything is going along just fine and EVERYONE l-o-v-e-s him.
Submitted by: Mickey and Don Bartells on Jul 01, 2010
Hi, Dan,
Bailey has adjusted to being our puppy very well. She is very much at home here. Last night she had me laughing so hard. We have a basket of several dog toys in our laundry room. Bailey was taking them one at a time and running through the kitchen, dining room and into the living room with them. She would play with one and then take off on a run to get the next. She was going so fast that she would slide around corners on the tile and wood floors She even dragged her bed into the living room. She kept at it until she had every toy scattered on the living room floor carpet. So...she has fetching down really well...with no commands!! ha! ha!. Then just as quickly, she lay down in her bed and fell asleep. She also loves to carry her food and water dishes everywhere. We learned the hard way...we would put food and water in the dishes, walk away, and she would immediately pick them to carry them somewhere, spilling the contents as she went. She always went back and ate all the pieces she dropped. The spilled water was a little harder for her to notice and clean up. When Don gets home from work he picks her up and holds her in his lap. There is a picture of the two of them sleeping together in a chair. Bailey is getting much better at going in her crate at night and sleeping without crying. Last night was the first time we didn't hear a peep out of her when we put her in it. She didn't wake us real early as she had been either. She loves running around outside. Keeping her out of the newly planted flowers has been a chore though. She is so fast! Before I know it, she has a plant pulled from the soil. Being a "new mother"
at my age is a real challenge, but we are loving it!!
So...that brings you up to date.
Submitted by: Alex on Jun 27, 2010
Dan, The pup is doing great. He is a hand full ,
he has taken over the house.He is very smart,he is doing well on the house breaking.He will fetch a ball and bring it back and we are working on sit and stay. It is all fun and games to him.
I am very pleased with him.
Submitted by: Carter on Jun 27, 2010
Dan,This pup has turned out to be a real "flower"
so were now calling her Daisy.Tsai loves her
already and plays with her constantly,we couldn't
be happier and neither could the pups. Thanks again. Carter
Submitted by: Tom Harper on Jun 26, 2010
Sometimes things turn out better than you could ever imagine. I have never tried to train and raise a puppy but my friends have bird hunting dogs and I got the "bug". I found Dan and Dogs through Gun Dog Breeders and on my first trip to St. Stephen I saw Bud. To me that is what a dog should look like! Now, I have Bud's 3 month old boy, Rhett. The books state 95% of a dog's learning is in his genes and 5% is the trainer. I concur. Rhett is easy and eager to train. Just this week he learned to get the newspaper. I let him out, he saw the paper, I motioned for him to go and then dropped to one knee, told him how happy I was and there he came dragging the bagged paper. Now every morning I just open the door and motion, he does the rest. We're 6 days straight. Rhett waits for me to release him from sitting for his food or for treats. He stops with a hand sign at curbs on paved streets. The hardest lesson was the leash which he hated the first week. I think he saw no reason for it since he minds so well but other walkers do expect to see it. He crate trained and pen trained in 4 days. Could go on but will close by saying that had I known it would be this rewarding I would hve gone to PARLER's MUCH SOONER! MAYBE I NEED ANOTHER?
Submitted by: Cinda and John on Jun 26, 2010
At four months old Flo could find a planted quail in the back yard within a minute. When she was five months old we took her to a 2 acre field and planted quail. She found her first bird within a couple of minutes. The bird was not a flyer and she picked the bird up and when she dropped the bird it fluttered off. Guess this is what they mean by a soft mouth. It is amazing to watch her work. We did no training. She has taught us so much about hunting. She heels, sits, comes and will whoa on command 25 yards away from us. When walking she stays within 50 feet in front of us. If we say "find the bird" she changes into a different girl putting her head in the air and begins the search. She is a very friendly dog, loves everyone and other dogs. You really did give us the best dog!!! Will keep you posted during hunting season.
Submitted by: Mickey and Don Bartells on May 10, 2010
Hi Dan,
We thought you might like to know how our puppy is doing. We named her Bailey. She is even cuter than the pictures showed. Bailey loves to run and play in our back yard and with her toys when she is inside. When she is ready for a nap, she wants to have her head on our shoe, be held, or be right up against us. She is definitely a people puppy. She has been following us around like a shadow. We are really happy with her and she seems to be happy with us. We will keep in touch. Thanks again for everything.
Mickey and Don
Submitted by: Joy Penka on May 10, 2010
Hi, Dan
Our newest member to our family, Brandi, is beautiful. She was so happy to be tumbling around on the floor with boys last night she barked once and growled. Her markings and color are beautiful and she has a great disposition. She will be loved! Today she will meet Charlotte, our Chocolate Lab of 19 months. They will grow up to be best of friends I am sure. I will send a picture soon and thank you again for everything.
Submitted by: Jeanne Heeb on May 04, 2010
Our family wants to thank you for all the time and attention you gave us in helping us get our wonderful new puppy home. She is a doll! We have named her Dixie to honor her birth state. She has a great personality...cuddly, curious, active and a little stubborn! She fits right in the Heeb household. She did great on the 12 hour ride home. She got a little sick in the mountains, but other than that was fine. We took her to the vet yesterday and she got a clean bill of health. The vet was impressed with how healthy and sturdy she is. She said she could tell Dixie was very well taken care of as a puppy.
Our 4 year old Brittany, Dash, is getting used to her. Mostly, he ignores her, which is probably best for now. I sent a picture of her first nap with Dash.
Thank you for again for everything (especially meeting Gracie and me in Manning on a blistery cold winter morning!) We are quite thrilled with the new addition to our pack!
Jeanne, Tim and family
Submitted by: Jimmy Dyar on May 02, 2010
Love the pup. He is doing just fine. My grandson has nick-named him Parker. He will already point a wing and hold until he starts to shake. I'll be sending you some pictures soon.
Submitted by: Todd Stout on May 02, 2010
Just wanted to let you know that Toby is doing great. He is very close to being house broken and is walking well on a leash. I will send you a picture soon. He is not conventional looking but he is a beauty.
Thank you,
Submitted by: Bill Cummings on Jan 06, 2010
Dear Dan and Beth:
Our Sophie is now 5 1/2 years old. She has been
the love of our life from day one. I have had bird
dogs since I was a kid and some of them were very
good, but Sophie is the best. She basically trained herself, she has a fantastic nose, she
points and retrieves everything, and she goes with
us everywhere year round. She is always happy and
enthusiastic, full of energy, loves everyone, and
to my wife's delight, she is a cuddler.
The only problem is that we realize that we could
not be without a French Brittany in our life, so
you will be hearing from us in the next couple of
Submitted by: Jake Bartells on Nov 03, 2009
I just figured I would shoot you a quick e-mail about Ellie. We have found time to do a little duck hunting, and also some grouse and woodcock hunting. Ellie is really in her element grouse hunting; she really hunts hard. We only ended up with a few woodcock in the bag but saw quite a few grouse. There was still a lot of foliage left on the trees making it tough to shoot. I was hunting her with another fellow's GSP. Ellie went on point and the other dog came around and backed beautifully. Both dogs were completely steady and Ellie retrieved the shot woodcock to hand. It was very rewarding to see a lot of our training pay off while hunting. We only got a couple of wood ducks in the early season. Ellie hesitated a little on grabbing the duck but ended up making a nice retrieve.

Submitted by: Elaine Nahman on Oct 27, 2009
Hi Dan,
Riley traveled perfectly in his crate and on my lap. He has been an absolute joy to have and is extremely athletic, fearless and curious. He's very responsive to us and is a lot of fun. Flint, our 6 year old dog, is not quite sure what to make of him, but things are fine outdoors. When Riley stops jumping on him when he's sleeping and running doughnuts around Flint's bed, things will be as fine indoors. Our 16 year old cat who is still larger than the puppy has accepted him, lets him lick his ears and puts him in his place when he's too wild. Everyone who seems him loves him and thinks he's adorable, and indeed he is. He's quiet through the night, which is pretty great for such a young guy.

Our daughters came for the weekend to meet him, bringing 3 of the grandkids and they enjoyed him thoroughly and vice versa.

I will be sending pictures later.

Submitted by: Jeff and Pat Taylor on Oct 27, 2009
Sweet Ollie has lived up to her name. She has certainly become part of the Taylor family. She lives with Otis, a 5 year old 110 lb. puppy, a 3 1/2 year old boy and 4 adults. We weighed her yesterday and she is 16 lbs. She runs like the wind and David, the three year old, says she can fly when she jumps on our couch or chair. As of this week-end she is 99% potty trained. Her biggest problem is to stop playing in time to tell us she needs to go out. She is a cuddler on the couch and still takes several naps during the day. We are all very pleased with her sweet personality. Even though she is still a puppy, she has been great meeting new dogs and other people. We'll send more pictures when she gets a little bigger.

Jeff and Pat Taylor
Submitted by: Robert Sanders on Oct 27, 2009
Ensclosed are a few pictures of Gunther. He's all boy. Smart. Headstrong but he minds and picks things up fast. Still loves to be held or sit in my lap and he's getting big for that. The vet was very impressed with his legs, feet, bone structure and general well-being. "He's going to be a powerful boy."

Will stay in touch!
Submitted by: Carl Carroll on Jul 19, 2009
Thought I would send you some pictures of Fergie at 4 months. She is such a smart pup. We've trained her to ring a bell to let us know when she needs to go outside. She behaves well in the house and she sleeps all night in her crate without a sound.

Although it's been hot here in the afternoon, we take her out and walk about an hour every evening and about a half hour in the morning. She has jumped several rabbits and flushed a couple of wild quail. She loves for me to get out the quail wing. She really likes the water and retrieves whatever I throw in the pond. She also dove out of the canoe the first time I took her for a ride. She doesn't meet a stranger and attracts attention wherever we go. We haven't had her around very many other dogs yet, but she gets her last puppy shots on Monday and Nan is taking her to obedience school starting Monday afternoon. She should get to meet a lot of other dogs there. Also, she loves to chase lightning bugs and bees and has been stung once.

I'd like to plant some pen-raised quail for her soon. I want to wait til it cools off some.
Submitted by: MELODY &JOHN STEELE on Feb 14, 2009

Submitted by: John Koves on Feb 12, 2009
Dan,Since the first day we brought Ukase DU Parler
(Jeff)home he has been everything we could have ever wanted in a family pet/bird dog.The ladies
of the house love him. His desire to please and
natural abilities,make him the ultimate close
working dog.
Submitted by: Howard Revels on Feb 10, 2009
Five years ago, I purchased my first French Brittany from your kennel: Utopie Du Parler "Grace." She is an exceptional companion and hunter. She moves with style and class, and her determination to find birds is endless. Grace has an excellent nose and smells birds at greater distances than my other dogs. She has hunted wild quail in North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Kansas and wild pheasants, Hungarian partridge and sharp tail grouse in South Dakota.
I am pleased with my decision to purchase Grace and would highly recommend Parler's French Brittanys.
Howard Revels
Submitted by: Matt and Scarlett Tosh on Feb 08, 2009
Thank you for the opportunity to share Chance's attributes. Not only is he easily trained, he exhibits natural retrieving instincts. Chance is only 9 months old and has proven a great desire to hunt, a good nose, and willingness to please. He is a terrific companion in the field as well as the house and is wonderful with our children. It was a joy to meet you and Beth. Your commitment to quality is proven in your animals and kennel. We look forward to keeping in contact for years to come and for future dogs.
Matt and Scarlett Tosh
Submitted by: Pack Hindsley on Feb 07, 2009
Tonka Talon du Terre du Parler is a fine hunter, pointing dog, and retriever. He is also an excellent companion, is willingly obedient, and intelligent to a fault. He is responsisble for bringing in the morning newspaper and securing the grandchildren's stuffed toys. He is an accomplished quail, ruffed grouse and pheasant hunter. His temperament, stamina, and intelligence are excellent.
J. Pack Hindsley, Jr.
Submitted by: David and Sally Sorenson on Jan 30, 2009
After 30 years of owning Irish Setters my wife and I decided to look for a smaller dog. We researched many differeent breeds for our new family member and decided on a French Brittany Spaniel because of size, temperament, intelligence and overall characteristics of the breed.

The next challenge was to select a breeder. After searching the internet all over the US we decided on Parler's French Brittanys kennel in St. Stephen, SC. On our first visit to the Parler's, we noted the quality of the Spaniels, well kept kennels and a family that loved their dogs. My wife was smitten by Bud (Vulcan du Hyalite), so we decided to get a black and white male from Bud and Prissy's (Unie De La Savane Rouge Ondulante) litter.

Brandy (Chachou du Parler) has been more than we expected from a French Brittany Spaniel. He was easy to train, very well behaved, enjoys poeple and other dogs and most of all is a lover. Our experience in selecting a new breeder and family pet could not have been better. We strongly recommend the Parler's for your next Brittany.

David and Sally Sorenson
January 30, 2009
Submitted by: Tom Morgan on Jan 27, 2009
I can't tell you how happy I am with Cap's demeanor as a pet and his strong bird drive. I just got him back from Wynfield Plantation in South Ga. where he has been in training for three months. The trainer at Wynfield said that Cap's hunting abilities at nine months old are more like a two year old bird dog. He has a great nose and is already backing, steady to wing and steady to gun. I couldn't be happier.
Warm personal regards,
Tom Morgan
Jan 27, 2009
Submitted by: David Platt on Jan 27, 2009
Hello, Dan,
Batiste Du Parler "Sydney" was born on 04/18/06. The sire is Bud and the dam is Annie. Sydney has exceeded my expections! I knew she would be a great hunting dog. The last day of pheasant season, Jan. 4th, Sydney pointed six birds. She always finds birds. She has a fantastic temperament and is great with children.

Sydney is now pregnant with her first litter due on 02/09/2009. Dan, it has been a pleasure working with you.

Wishing you the very best!
David Platt
Jan 28, 2009
Submitted by: Ashley Boyd on Jan 24, 2009
Here is a picture from a successful day of hunting with Abigail on our family farm. She is a great hunting companion. I have hunted quail, chukar, and woodcock over her and she points and holds like a seasoned veteran. I have even taken her duck hunting and she has retrieved a few wood ducks. I love her so much and I could not have gotten her from better people. Thanks and I look forward to hearing news on your next litter.

Ashley Boyd January 22, 2009
Submitted by: Dan Callahan on Jan 24, 2009
Hi Dan,
I just thought I should write a short note on the puppy. She and her "sister" are doing great. I don't think our household could survive with just one dog. They play from dawn to dark every day. The weather doesn't seem to bother them. I started them both in basic obedience last month. Estee is the one I purchased in Illinois, and Mattee is the puppy I purchased from you. This last week we went to a trainer to have them evaluated. It looks like Mattee is going to the hunter out of the two. After working her, he said "This is the kind of dog that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck, and I cannot wait to get her in the field." He says she has the drive and disposition. She is a joy. I have given several people your website because they have asked me about puppies. I will keep you posted on how she is doing.
Thanks again,
Dan Callahan March 20, 2008
Submitted by: Jake Bartells on Jan 24, 2009
Our experience with Parler's French Brittanys has been nothing short of wonderful. The greatness of Parler's doesn't begin and end with their amazing dogs. Dan and Beth are terrific people who truly love each of the puppies they sell, and it shows. They have shared their knowledge and experience with us to help guide us with our training. With that said, make no mistake these dogs will surpass all of your expections. The natural ability of our pup as a hunter along with her intelligence has shined brightly from day one, and even with all the love we give our pup, she manages to return it tenfold. I never knew such dogs existed, and from here on out I'll never forget. Thanks again Dan and Beth for our wonderful pup and all your help.

Jake, Kim, and Canelle Du Parler (Ellie)
March 17, '08
Submitted by: Dobbins Callahan on Jan 24, 2009
This is Skye at 8 months. I had worked her in the field behind my house but this was her first time with live birds. She ran just past the quail, then locked down and turned in the wind with a beautiful point. She held the point until I flushed the bird. I shot it and she retrieved. Eight months and her first quail and she was almost flawless! I had her on a check cord but didn't have to use it on any of her several points that day. As a bonus, my family loves her and insists that I hunt her regularly. There is no question what my next dog will be and from where. A French Brittany is perfect for me and I won't even consider another breeder.
Thanks again,
Dobbins Callahan
Dec 15, '07
Submitted by: Rod Canterbury on Jan 24, 2009
Just a note to update you on the pup that Ted and I bought from you in June. We worked him on quail in September. We took him to Michigan the middle of October along with Ted's older dog. He was less than 6 months old. By the 3rd day in Michigan we were amazed at how well he was doing and how fast he learned. We moved between 40 and 50 birds all three days (well over 100). About 60 percent woodcock and the rest grouse.

He was finding and holding his own birds independent of the older dog. He was more interested in finding birds than trying to play with the other dog. Amazing!. I told Ted that the only problem was that if we told anyone how well he was doing at less than 6 months no one would believe us. The area we hunted still held a lot of leaves and was very thick so we didn't kill a lot of birds. We killed enough to watch him retrieve both woodcock and grouse. He never saw a bird until we flushed it, he was always pointing scent, just like we worked him on the quail. If he continues to learn at this pace he will be a great DOG!

I can't say enough about how well he has started.

Rod Canterbury
November 10, 2007
Submitted by: Richard Hall on Jan 24, 2009
Hello Dan,
Just wanted to give you an update on Delilah. Here's a picture taken tonight of her in her "day" bed. Her night bed is the same one my wife and I sleep in.

She's an amazing puppy, great temperment, sweet, smart, an absolute pleasure. I've raised a lot of puppies: labs, goldens, pointers, setters, german wirehair, poodles. She is the best dog I have ever been around in my life.

Thanks for letting us have her. I want another, let me know when!

Richard Hall
November 21, 2007
Submitted by: Jody Hyman on Jan 24, 2009
Dear Dan,
Here's a picture of Gramma with Sophie sitting on her lap watching the birds out the window on a snowy day. I call it "Comfort and Joy."

Thanks, Dan, for a GREAT DOG.
Jody Hyman
October 31, '07
Submitted by: Kevin Puskarich on Jan 24, 2009
Hope you are doing well. My name is Kevin Puskarich and I bought a French Brittany from you about two years ago. Attached are some pictures to show you how Trevor is doing. I could not be happier with him.
Jan. 1, 2007

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