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Parler's French Brittanys has been raising the popular French Brittany, the ultimate hunting dog and family companion, for over 20 years. We are a family operated kennel dedicated to producing outstanding pups. Our dogs come from excellent bloodlines and our pups are raised with tender, loving care. Their socialization begins at birth and continues until they are delivered to their new homes. All of our dogs are AKC and UKC registered

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French Brittany Spaniel
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Dan Parler
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St. Stephen, South Carolina 29479
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 22 years.
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Submitted by: Patrick Rist on Mar 29, 2023
Our French Brittany, Cassie, had her 7th birthday this month. I just wanted to say
she is a great hunter and a great family member. Thank you Dan Parler for raising such wonderful dogs.
Submitted by: Dobbin Callahan on Jan 10, 2016
My beloved Skye is approaching ten. Took her into the field Friday (or did she take me)? If she is slowing down, I am not seeing any signs of it. It was a release hunt. Of the birds put out, one came up wild and she had no opportunity to point. I missed one and the rest were dinner that night.

What a very special dog she is! She is 100% pet and 100% hunting buddy. No compromise in either category.

Dan Parler raises the finest dogs imaginable. When the time comes, I wouldn't even consider going anywhere else!
Submitted by: Jake Bartells on Oct 16, 2015
Kim and I are excited to report that Gage passed his NAVHDA Utility Test in Sept 2015 with a Prize 1, 204 max score. The NAVHDA UT tests include a 30 minute field sequence requiring full steadiness and clean retrieves; a 100 yard track of a dead duck that is to be retrieved to hand; a 'Remain by Blind" sequence that requires heeling, steadiness to multiple shots, and a clean retrieve of a dead duck; and finally, a 10 minute duck search. He should be heading out to the NAVHDA Invitational in 2016. Maybe he will join Ellie and become one of four EB's to ever pass! This continues his streak of max scores within the NAVHDA testing system. He also has a max score, 112 pt. Natural Ability title. In addition to NAVHDA, Gage has also received a 2nd place finish at 2015 CEB-US Nationals on wild birds and multiple pass with honors and passes. He's one placement away from his TRAILER title within the UKC system. To compliment those is one leg towards his AKC Master Hunter title. Gage is a dog that learns fast and has been very consistent for us. He has had a ton of natural retrieve and drive from the time he was 8 weeks old. Always stylish on point and cooperative. In the house, he is a wife's dream dog! Lays around, helps clean up crumbs and loves to snuggle. We just got back from Montana where both dogs performed well. An abundance of sharp tails for them both, and for the second time, Gage was able to provide me with a double on huns. You've given us two amazing dogs and we cannot thank you enough! Congratulations on a well bred dog!
Submitted by: Wayne Woods on Oct 16, 2015
I can hardly express just how proud I am of these two guys. At 14 months old, I brought them with me to West Texas this year for the Texas Dove Season (1 Sept thru 25 Oct) and they have been working absolutely great. (They just turned 16 months old) Someone once told me that Brittanys would not retrieve doves as they won't tolerate the loose feathers. Well that guy must have been a "politician" as he didn't know what he was talking about on this subject either. The one by the windmill water tank is Browning, the one on the truck tailgate is Parker (named them after American shotguns). Although Browning picked it up a little quicker than Parker, both of these great guys took to retrieving doves like they were born and bred to do it. Dan, I recall you telling me that given enough exposure to birds, these guys would basically train themselves. Being born and raised in the "Show Me State" of Missouri, I had to be "Shown", Well, I've been shown. I've got to give 99% of the credit to Browning and Parker. My involvement was 99% praise when they did things right! And they really took to it. When I change into my camp clothes, they know what's up and are 'rearing to go'. So far, I've been taking only one out at a time, so you can imagine the ruckus the one left behind raises. To both these guys, this is REALLY FUN stuff! Just thought you'd like some feedback on the wonderful success and fun I'm having with the French Brittanys we got from your kennels. Now I'm looking forward to the pheasant and gross seasons back home!
Submitted by: Diana Helms on Oct 21, 2014

Tanner is doing great. He gets along great with my other dogs, loves water and is the apple of my eye. He is the best looking pup I've had yet and I take him everywhere. Finished my training table and looking forward to using it. Thanks so much for a great pup!

Diana Helms
Submitted by: Sue Doty on Aug 31, 2014
Roux spends his days completely spoiled and even got a new
collar in TX this summer. He loves squirrel chasing and peanut butter. He even had a birthday party at the dog park in June. He
has gone in the boat but is not fond of water even with his life
jacket on. He is a great pup.
Submitted by: Jake Bartells on Aug 26, 2014
We had the opportunity to run Ellie and Gage at the 2014
CEB-US Nationals event in Georgia this past January. We are happy to report that both dogs did very well. Ellie, also our NAVHDA
Versatile Champion, ran in the wild bird, open class. After 4 runs
she received a 1st place finish, a pass with honor, and a pass.
This qualified her for a UKC Trialer title after only 4 runs at a
UKC Field Trial event. She has been an impressive dog to train,
hunt and have grow with our family. Gage also did well. He ran
in the liberated trial, open class and after 4 runs he received a pass
with honor and 3 additional passes. Gage is also a NAVHDA NA Pr.
1 112/112 max score, and he has his first leg of his AKC Master
Hunter title (58/60 points.
Thanks for 2 great dogs.
Submitted by: Krista Lansdale on Aug 25, 2014
Rackley is doing great.She is a muscular 38 pounds and a picture
of perfect health. We just bought a house on the river so she is
very happy flushing the birds and swimming on a daily basis. We
are amazed that her coat seems to change colors with the seasons.
She is mostly brown but she will have a black lining show up
every once in awhile. I'll attach a few pictures. As for now she is
spoiled rotten and our little "princess".
Submitted by: Lawrence Williams on Aug 24, 2014
Hey Dan
IKE is doing great-we had a blast last hunting season and
looking forward to the upcoming season. I'm kicking around
the idea of trying him out in a Georgia competition in October.
Still need to work on a few things-- will have to see how he does.
I am really enjoying him.
Take care
Submitted by: Tara Clark on Aug 24, 2014
She is doing great. We named her Lizzy and she is a very smart
puppy. We love her! Thanks for a nice pup.
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