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Submitted by: Josh Ware on Apr 13, 2017
Cheyenne is doing great. She's awesome. Such a sweet girl. She's a great family dog. We just moved to a couple acre property and she's loving the extra space and exploring. Everyone comments how good she looks. She's close to 50 pounds. She's a big girl! Like a small horse! Everything is good over here and things have been easy. She loves other dogs and is doing good with obedience training. Potty training was a breeze and we have never had an accident in the house.
Submitted by: Richard Smith on Apr 12, 2017
I have been working "Hank" on live birds for about 3 weeks. He is not off the check cord and we worked him again on live birds this past weekend. He is pointing birds by scent. We also have been shooting them over him and he has been great. He has had no fear of the gun at all. I also have him for the most part retrieving the birds we are working him with.
Submitted by: Jessica Rupp on Dec 13, 2016
Asta (purple gir) is doing great! She only cried for a few minutes on the way home. 6.5 hours! She learned her name and was basically house broken in one day! She is a perfect model of a vizsla puppy! High energy, playful, and cuddles all the time! The vet says she is strong and healthy! She said no way to the crate, but has been a perfect pup sleeping in the bed! Her new nickname is "Sharky" because she's all teeth! She has an incredible point/stalk! It's so fun to watch! She sleeps like a rubber chicken! She's doing great. She has been through two rounds of training and knows about 15 commands. She is so well behaved in public, either at stores or just hanging out on Main Street Bozeman that people comment "that is the littlest vizsla I have ever seen!" I love correcting them that she is little because she is still a puppy! She likes to run and sleep under the covers! Next up for her will be off-leash training.
Submitted by: Ann Zumo on Dec 08, 2016
Chris named our little girl Penny and she is wonderful doing well and very loving. Thank you again for the wonderful dog. She is doing wonderful and is a fabulous addition to our family. Very loving and a fun personality. Very sweet!!
Submitted by: Mark Hurst on Dec 08, 2016
It has taken some time to potty train but she is getting the hang of it. She is also making progress on not biting and not jumping up on people. She is so loving and warm and we are having a ball working with her. She sleeps in a kennel in the garage and goes down without even a whimper. Very smart, very loving and kind. Mornings are wild. She has so much energy it wears us out until about noon. Loving it. She is the most loving little thing and she has been a pure joy.
Submitted by: Kristi Torsak on May 25, 2016
Holly is doing really really well! We love her so much, we can't imagine life without her. She's such a quick learner, very smart girl! She's snuggly, affectionate, playful and very obedient for such a young girl. We've worked with her a lot, and have had help from a great trainer at different times (Astrid Smith). Most people, including our vet, can't believe she's only 7 months old because she's so well-behaved and calm. She definitely has a lot of energy, but understands when she needs to be calm. She knows lots of commands and tricks, and also plays fetch with us everyday. She's getting pretty consistent about bringing the ball back! She loves to tease our kids by taking their outside-toys and letting them chase her, it's truly hilarious!
Submitted by: Aaron Robinson on May 05, 2016
We are very excited about Koda's puppies. This will be our third vizsla. Currently we have Lucy who will be turning three this summer and is Nash's daughter and your Pennie's sister. Thanks again for producing such wonderful dogs. We have loved Lucy and she has become one of our family.
Submitted by: Dilip Naif on Apr 28, 2016
Ria turns 3 in a few months. She is a 60lb bundle of joy and energy. We and our kids love her!
Submitted by: Tammy Halstead on Apr 25, 2016
Jed is adjusting well and growing up fast. He likes the snow and is doing great. He has taken to search work and is very smart.
Submitted by: Phil James on Apr 19, 2016
Just wanted to let you know that we're in love with this pup (Bentley!) and couldn't be happier. He's fearless, fast and very smart.
Submitted by: Lauren Carter on Feb 09, 2016
Molly, our Vizsla pup we adopted from you, is doing GREAT! She is an amazing mix of high energy plan and LOVE! She enjoys our 2 acres and spends sun up to sun down outside. We have taught her to fetch, swim and she loves to play frisbee. She is agile and does great with other dogs and people of all ages. She has been a WONDERFUL addition to our family. We all adore her and cant remember what life was like without her. Everyone that meets Molly loves her. If you need a reference we are more than happy to provide one. Please stay in touch.
Submitted by: Ada Asuao on Jan 04, 2016
Our boy is doing really well. We have a dog park at our neighborhood park here in Provo and he loves to go and see all the other dogs. He seems to love playing with the other vizslas, german pointers, great danes and pitbulls the most. They play long and hard like he does and have tons of matching energy. His favorite thing to do is grab something and entice all the dogs to chase after him for it. He seems a little weary of german shepherds for some reason. Everyone who meets him says how handsome he is and what a lover. We are still working on not jumping up on people. He has gotten much better about it though. Every other vizsla we meet is a good head smaller than him. He is just about a year and a half now and he is almost 70 pounds! You sold us a mutant Vizsla! LOL. Out kids love to tackle him and run around the couches playing chase. He is a patient boy and although he plays rough with the older boys, he tip toes around the baby. He and our baby were sharing dog food the other day. Yuck! He has loads of energy which can be a handful sometimes but luckily he was very easy to crate train and that saves us (and him lol) some days. He really has become a part of the family. I have 4 sons including the dog, and they are all balls of energy and love. Thanks for checking in!!!
Submitted by: Aaron Jonke on Dec 29, 2015
Our pup is doing fine. He is a very loving and affectionate dog. As a matter of fact, I don't believe i have ever had a more affectionate dog. He has been a great family dog and shows a lot of progress as a pointer. Currently we are working on steadying him to the gun and some live bird training is right around the corner.
Submitted by: Holly Palser on Dec 17, 2015
Ella is just wonderful. Her temperament is ideal. She is kind, tender, sweet and very silly. She's charming, funny, and SO SMART. She points on birds and loves to chase rabbits and she runs through the dessert like the happiest dog in the world. She's just beautiful and we get compliments on her everywhere we go. Thanks so much for choosing this amazing girl to be part of our family.
Submitted by: Megan & Ryan Holm on Nov 20, 2015
Our Vizsla, Remington is doing great! She has been the happiest addition to our family. We just adore her. She is our first Vizsla and have fallen in love with the breed. We cannot thank you enough for enriching our family. My brother met Remington when we first brought her home and he loved her so much he adopted a male Vizsla named Wrigley. It turns out that Remington and Wrigley have the same Father, Nash. So our Vizslas are half brother and sister. They are a hoot when we get them together. They both play hard and love hard. Thank you again! We adore our Vizsla!
Submitted by: Patty Phillip on Nov 16, 2015
Emma is very healthy and energetic. She is trained to stay sit shake down fetch drop leave it. She can catch frisbee s in the air. She is trained to close the door after going out to potty and coming back in. She fetches my husbands socks for him. She loves to laze in the sun. And when we play games as a family she sits on a chair and watches. She loves going camping. Playing in the water. She is a natural at bird hunting. We love our Vizsla.
Submitted by: Tiffani Robinson on Nov 16, 2015
"Our Penny is doing well. She is a happy little house dog. She thinks she is one of the kids. She is getting a little chubby, as the kids keep feeding her treats and snacks. She attended doggy school and knows over a dozen commands. My favorite is "heel." The kids like a command that we made up, called "check by." This means she has to stay by that kid and keep him company. This is good for when they are scared or lonely, or just want her company. She is a good little hiking and walking companion and a great watch dog. To say the least, we love her."
Submitted by: Janet Anderson on Nov 12, 2015
We are sure enjoying our dog Riley. He is over a year-old now (from the June 2014 Litter). Riley loves being around other dogs.
Submitted by: Kevin Hooker on Nov 10, 2015
Our vizsla is doing great, we named her Daisy and she is a fabulous, and loving little girl. She is doing a good job of keeping the old males in shape by constantly insisting they play with her and get some exercise.
Submitted by: Chris Harr on Nov 10, 2015
Kadee is doing wonderfully. She is a treasure. However, she is spoiled rotten (must be bad breeding!). Everyone that sees her says she is beautiful.
Submitted by: LaDean May on Nov 03, 2015
Our Vizsla is doing great, We absolutely love her! She has a good drive with nose to the ground.
Submitted by: Jennifer Jones on Jan 20, 2015
Hello Andrew, I hope all is well for you! Oh man we love our little boy but he sure is a turd! Not a moments rest at the Jones household. And though we have just completed our first round of puppy training at calling all dogs, we will require more. We have sure spoiled Kodi and he sleeps between Brian and I. We are fools- but we adore him! Thank you for taking such good care of him. Tell your cute little girl hello!
Submitted by: Stephanie Francelj on Nov 13, 2014
I thought I would give you and update on Ellie! She is doing great, house training is going very well. Or only issue right now is trying to curb her cravings on biting our fingers and toes. Hopefully with time she will grow out of this phase. 😁 Thank you again! We absolutely love her to pieces. She is also sleeping in our bed at night--- spoiled I guess. Sincerely Stephanie
Submitted by: Kelsey Bigelow on Oct 29, 2014
Just wanted to send and update on our milee we got from you!!! What a joy she is to have in our lives! She loves to swim, hunt birds, play catch and go for four wheeler rides!! She is so much fun :)
Submitted by: Steve Call on Oct 20, 2014
We sure love our Ruby and feel like we are pretty darn lucky. Having never raised a puppy before, we had some tough weeks but never gave up on her and now she is a delight most of the time. :) She has such a great temperament and we love her energy level! Thank you for such a great dog!
Submitted by: Rod Maxfield on Oct 09, 2014
Our dog Pete came from you, and turned 3 this September. He has been far more eager to please and thus, much easier to train than our last Vizsla, which did not come from your blood lines. Last fall my youngest son took his first pheasant over Pete's point, It was a first for both dog and boy and I'm not sure who was more hooked on hunting with that particular bird - the boy or the dog. That one truly lit this dogs fire and he has become a hunt'n fool ever since. This dogs interest, drive and ability to cover ground are something to behold all that and he has turned out to have a wonderful temperament as well. I'm sending along a pic of him as a 2 yr old doing what he does a good part of the day - locked up on point on some poor hapless tweety bird or robin that happens along into our back yard. (he spends a lot of time on point) The rest of his day is spent hoping to be a lap dog and doing what I assume most other Vizslas do best - RUNNING! In a couple of weeks we'll see how he does with chuckers in Nevada, those little bandits tend to make bird dogs tired and crazy.
Submitted by: Matt - Seattle WA on Sep 30, 2014
Floyd is doing great! He's got a very sweet personality. My vet said he has the best personality of all of the puppy Vizslas she has seen. She said most of them that she sees are 'nervous', but he is more Lab like. Floyd didn't like being compared to a Lab :-) He is afraid of nothing! Sirens, guns, kids, cars, loud construction equipment. Nothing scares him - they're all just new things to learn about. I think this is mostly due to socialization, as he has been everywhere and is in new situations daily, but have to believe at least some of it is the breeding. On our trip from Benson, he found the crate and crawled in before we made it to Bear Lake. So, crate training was 'free', and housebreaking was nearly painless. It made the 4000 miles that he spent in a car the first two weeks we had him enjoyable. Of course, keeping him out of the car now is a little difficult :-) Thanks again, couldn't be happier. He's going to need a little brother in a year of so, so keep me up to date on litters.
Submitted by: Jeff Nordeen on Sep 26, 2014
Hello Andrew and DeAnna. I wanted to spend a moment or two updating you on Jordan (Nordeen)! Jordan fits right in with our family and has been a constant source of laughter. She is thriving at almost 20 lbs already and long/lanky! She is a quick learner and watches EVERYTHING. She has no fear and we are even more convinced we may try agility with her as she has taken to the play equipment at the park, complete with slides. She loves being a complete lap dog:). Thank you for allowing Jordan to be in our lives. We look forward to each and every moment....
Submitted by: Stacy Betts on Sep 25, 2014
Our vizsla (Juno) is doing very well. Growing fast and socializing well with our lab. She has proven to have a good nose and is very adventurous. Not much makes her nervous...every morning she wanders into our pasture and says good morning to our cows. I get far more worried than she does. Every evening we play a game where I hide a pheasant wing and then bring her into the yard to find it. She seems to have a good desire to hunt for it and always ends up finding the wing. She is just starting to take several mile hikes with me in the mountains and is constantly vearing off the beaten path with her nose to the ground looking for "wings".

So far we have been very pleased with her and look forward to see what she is capable of over the next 12+ months. We'll keep you updated as she continues to grow and progress.
Submitted by: Stran Davis on Jun 04, 2014
Just thought I would send you an update on Red. He is such an awesome dog. His nickname is Albert Einstein because of how smart he is. Thanks so much for such an awesome and fun dog. If you want to go hunt at my family's farm in Idaho just give us a call we have been seeing tons of pheasants.
Thanks so much, Stran.
Submitted by: Kelsey Bigelow on Jan 07, 2013
Milee is a wonderful smart and loving dog. We couldn't have been happier!!!
Submitted by: Dave Ryan on Nov 02, 2012
We are VERY happy with our puppy. He has been so much fun so far. He is learning to be crate trained, and although he has had a few accidents in the house, he hasn't had any in his crate, so I hope I am doing ok and doing the right things. He is also learning some basic obedience things like avoiding chewing, and biting, and jumping up on the kids. He is actually doing A LOT better in those regards. Other than that, the only other things I have been working on is some basic leash training, teaching him to stay and come, and playing fetch with a tennis ball (which he can't quite fit in his mouth yet, but he can snag the furry coating with his teeth and he retrieves it pretty well).

He absolutely LOVES the fields. He is noticeably much more bold about crashing through the tall grass and alfalfa than my previous dog (the shorthair) was at that age. He seems right at home. I ordered some pheasant wings to try to get him used to those smells also, so maybe next year he will be ready to give some hunting a try.

Again, we are very pleased with Satch. Thanks again.

Submitted by: Sandi Hirt on May 05, 2010
We named our puppy Sir Rusty Axel Grease! Haha but we call him Axel for short. He is an amazing dog. I've never had a dog before and it is really great how he has bonded with my husband and me. I can't imagine our home without him. We live in Eagle Mountain and he loves running through all the hills and brush we have. I can't wait to take him to the lake this summer. Axel is a little sneak though... Haha he's so smart. He's always trying to get up on our bed in the middle of the night and squeeze in between my husband and me. Silly dog. Thank you so much for him! I'm glad his parents are doing well. They made one great puppy! :)

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