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VIZSLA PUPPIES FOR SALE!! OUTDOORSMAN Vizslas is taking deposits to reserve Vizsla puppies from our upcoming litter. We excited about this combination because it has produced awesome vizsla puppies in the past. These pups will be AKC registrable (limited) purebred Hungarian Vizsla. These puppies will have had their tails docked, dew claws removed. All puppies will be 100% healthy and are awesome looking Vizslas that are going to make amazing family pets as well as skilled pointers and hunting dogs. They come with a 2 year Health and Hip Guarantee. We are currently taking deposits of $200** to reserve a puppy. These puppies come from excellent field-trial and hunting bloodlines with over 60 championed dogs in their pedigrees. Both parents are on site. Both parents are great dogs with no health problems, fun loving personalities, and have an intense drive to hunt hard and please their hunting companions. Hardie is The Sire: Hardie is a beautiful male Vizsla that is the stud of this litter. He is a 55lbs hunting machine. He has excellent bloodlines with no history of hip, eye, or any kind of health problems. He is a very talented dog that has an exceptional drive, nose, energy level and confirmation. OFA Good hips and OFA Normal elbows. He is very friendly around everyone and plays great with our kids. He is very driven hunting dog that finds a lot of birds. He hunts with a really high head allowing him to get his nose in the wind to help him find birds. He has a great looking blocky head and a broad chest with tons of muscle mass and a solid backend that covers ground. He has great style while on point with a 12'oclock tail set and staunch set. Rebel The Dam: She is about 50lbs with solid muscle and a good set of wheels. She is a great looking Vizsla with a beautiful build and blocky head. She is great at covering ground and busting through heavy cover. She is a dog that can really hunt from dawn til dusk and still have more to give. She has a very sweet temperament and will play all day. She is a great family pet with a very affectionate personality. She is 100% healthy and has no history of hip, eye, or any kind of health problems. OFA Good hips and OFA Normal Elbows. I do have pedigrees available upon request. Please call or email with any questions you might have about our world class Hungarian Vizsla Puppies for sale. **All deposits are non-refundable as long as we can provide the desired puppy out of the desired litter. If for some reason we don't have enough of a certain gender or have unforeseen problems with the litter, we will offer to refund your deposit or transfer it to the next litter while holding your place in line.

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Submitted by: Josh Ware on Apr 13, 2017
Cheyenne is doing great. She's awesome. Such a sweet girl. She's a great family dog. We just moved to a couple acre property and she's loving the extra space and exploring. Everyone comments how good she looks. She's close to 50 pounds. She's a big girl! Like a small horse! Everything is good over here and things have been easy. She loves other dogs and is doing good with obedience training. Potty training was a breeze and we have never had an accident in the house.
Submitted by: Richard Smith on Apr 12, 2017
I have been working "Hank" on live birds for about 3 weeks. He is not off the check cord and we worked him again on live birds this past weekend. He is pointing birds by scent. We also have been shooting them over him and he has been great. He has had no fear of the gun at all. I also have him for the most part retrieving the birds we are working him with.
Submitted by: Jessica Rupp on Dec 13, 2016
Asta (purple gir) is doing great! She only cried for a few minutes on the way home. 6.5 hours! She learned her name and was basically house broken in one day! She is a perfect model of a vizsla puppy! High energy, playful, and cuddles all the time! The vet says she is strong and healthy! She said no way to the crate, but has been a perfect pup sleeping in the bed! Her new nickname is "Sharky" because she's all teeth! She has an incredible point/stalk! It's so fun to watch! She sleeps like a rubber chicken! She's doing great. She has been through two rounds of training and knows about 15 commands. She is so well behaved in public, either at stores or just hanging out on Main Street Bozeman that people comment "that is the littlest vizsla I have ever seen!" I love correcting them that she is little because she is still a puppy! She likes to run and sleep under the covers! Next up for her will be off-leash training.
Submitted by: Ann Zumo on Dec 08, 2016
Chris named our little girl Penny and she is wonderful doing well and very loving. Thank you again for the wonderful dog. She is doing wonderful and is a fabulous addition to our family. Very loving and a fun personality. Very sweet!!
Submitted by: Mark Hurst on Dec 08, 2016
It has taken some time to potty train but she is getting the hang of it. She is also making progress on not biting and not jumping up on people. She is so loving and warm and we are having a ball working with her. She sleeps in a kennel in the garage and goes down without even a whimper. Very smart, very loving and kind. Mornings are wild. She has so much energy it wears us out until about noon. Loving it. She is the most loving little thing and she has been a pure joy.
Submitted by: Kristi Torsak on May 25, 2016
Holly is doing really really well! We love her so much, we can't imagine life without her. She's such a quick learner, very smart girl! She's snuggly, affectionate, playful and very obedient for such a young girl. We've worked with her a lot, and have had help from a great trainer at different times (Astrid Smith). Most people, including our vet, can't believe she's only 7 months old because she's so well-behaved and calm. She definitely has a lot of energy, but understands when she needs to be calm. She knows lots of commands and tricks, and also plays fetch with us everyday. She's getting pretty consistent about bringing the ball back! She loves to tease our kids by taking their outside-toys and letting them chase her, it's truly hilarious!
Submitted by: Aaron Robinson on May 05, 2016
We are very excited about Koda's puppies. This will be our third vizsla. Currently we have Lucy who will be turning three this summer and is Nash's daughter and your Pennie's sister. Thanks again for producing such wonderful dogs. We have loved Lucy and she has become one of our family.
Submitted by: Dilip Naif on Apr 28, 2016
Ria turns 3 in a few months. She is a 60lb bundle of joy and energy. We and our kids love her!
Submitted by: Tammy Halstead on Apr 25, 2016
Jed is adjusting well and growing up fast. He likes the snow and is doing great. He has taken to search work and is very smart.
Submitted by: Phil James on Apr 19, 2016
Just wanted to let you know that we're in love with this pup (Bentley!) and couldn't be happier. He's fearless, fast and very smart.
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