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Submitted by: Jennifer Rojko on Oct 20, 2013
We have two dogs from Nyastar and have been so very happy with both of the boys as well as with Kellyn and her breeding program. When we picked up each of the dogs, we spent two days at Nyastar each time, so we were exposed to Kellyn, her dog philosophy (temperament, longevity, conformation and above all CARE for what is best for the dogs), her breeding program,her care and love for all her dogs, and her careful attention to all aspects of dog breeding and raising. We remain in frequent contact with Kellyn and recommend her and her breeding program highly. These are wonderful dogs and you will be as happy as we are.
Submitted by: Antonieta & Guillermo Vasquez de Velasco on Oct 16, 2013
We are very happy that we decided to get our Ringo, now 5 months old, from NyaStar. Kellyn provided us with constant updates before he was born and during the weeks before delivery. It was clear that she took great care in coming to know us so she could find the perfect match among the puppies. Ringo’s easy going and loving temperament is exactly what we had hoped for, and Kellyn was able to identify that at a very early age. He is adorable, very sociable and affectionate. We look forward to get a second puppy from her.
Submitted by: Christina Ross on Oct 08, 2013
We have had a great experience with Kellyn. She has always been very thorough and available for any questions or concerns. She genuinely cares about her dogs and that is her first priority.
Submitted by: David Emsellem on Oct 08, 2013
We got Reilly from Kellyn in September of 2012. We had decided to get another Irish Red & White Setter after our first one passed away, when he was 12 years old, a few months before. We were impressed with Kellyn's knowledge and straightforwardness on the phone but when we went to her home we were even more impressed with the wonderful atmosphere that she had created at her kennel. It was obvious she had provided each puppy the balanced nutrition, love and attention so vital in the first weeks of life that make a well adjusted and happy dog as they mature. Each beautiful puppy loved to be picked up, played with, and cuddled. When we got home Reilly instantly became a important part of our family.
Thanks to Kellyn he represents the best qualities of the Irish Red and White Setter.
Helene and David Emsellem
Submitted by: Annessa on Aug 17, 2013
We purchased our Irish Red and White Setter from Kellyn at Nyastar about a year ago. He is healthy, happy, and smart. The instructors of his obedience and agility classes have all commented how well he does for a dog his age, especially for one who is attending the classes with a child. He has been an absolutely wonderful addition to our family and Kellyn was and continues to be fantastic to work with. There is no doubt that she loves each and every one of the dogs and is very knowledgeable about the breed. If we are ever in the market for another puppy, she'll be my first call.
Submitted by: Anne O'Callaghan on Aug 15, 2013
When I was searching for our pup and came across Nya Star I knew it was the kennel to get our little boy from. Everything is right on the site for you to see, it is a wealth of information, and I know if I have any questions I can just call. Needless to say our Bandit is healthy and happy, super smart and a joy to have around. Very affectionate, a real cuddle bug, follows my husband and I every where. Always get compliments on his good looks when out walking. If you are looking for a red and white this is the place to go.
Submitted by: Christy Edwards on Jul 25, 2013
NyaStar has been wonderful to deal with, wether it was in delivering the puppy to my son or being flexible about life changes. Our boy from NyaStar is not only a wonderful companion he is a fantastic hunting dog! My son’s first pointing dog, and Bahloo has done great! The support and education that Kellyn has provided to us has been wonderful, she is always just a phone call away!!! Thank you for our wonderful healthy IRWS. He has been a great addition for my son starting his adult life on his own.
Submitted by: Diane Sieker on Jul 22, 2013
Kellyn is one of the most responsible breeders I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her dogs are in perfect health, happy, well-adjusted and socialized as part of her family. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone!
Submitted by: Shannon Fosness on Jul 19, 2013
I have been working with Kellyn in making informed choices on my next dog. She is a wealth of information and easy to talk to. She is upfront and honest from the get go. Someone this forthright is uncommon among breeders.I appreciate the time she has taken to answer my questions and would recommend her to anyone.
Submitted by: Tom Sexton on Jul 16, 2013
I have two Red and White Irish Setters from Kellyn and Nyastar Kennels. Kellyn is very easy to work with. She makes sure you get a very healthy pup and backs that up. I use my dogs to both hunt and use them in the show ring. I am impressed with how easy the dogs were to train. They are very loving and make great family pets. I would recommend Kellyn and Nyastar Kennels to anyone.
Submitted by: Beth Sublinsky on Jul 14, 2013
My husband and I are the proud owner of Trixie, from the Talk litter. Trixie is a well-mannered, spirited, fun-loving, beautiful girl with all who could hope for in an IRWS. Kellyn and her team are available at any time to their buyers, for any and all questions. When we chose Trixie, we were invited to Kellyn's home to meet her pack, learn more about the breed, and learn more about Kellyn herself. She is knowledgable and the amount of care and attention she puts into every dog is remarkable. We look forward to getting another dog from this breeder in the near future.
Submitted by: Dr. Kathie Gossett on Jul 13, 2013
I fell in love with the IRWS breed when I adopted a sweet, three-legged girl from a setter rescue three years ago. When I decided to get a companion for Maeve I researched and contacted several breeders and decided Kellyn and NyaStar were the best there was. From the beginning Kellyn was helpful and answered all of my questions and concerns. I was very impressed with the thorough screening process and the personal attention Kellyn gave me when she was helping me choose the best dog for me. And that personal attention didn’t end when I brought Conall home. Kellyn has always been available and helpful when I’ve had questions (Conall is the first puppy I’ve ever raised), and she has made it clear that Conall is always welcome to “go home” for a visit when I need to be out of town for long periods. (She has made it clear that Maeve is welcome as well even though she is not Meave’s breeder.) Conall is a wonderful, loving, well-adjusted dog, with a huge bird drive. He loves to curl up and cuddle with me and even though he is on the large side for the breed, he is gentle and is a great playmate for Maeve. I highly recommend Kellyn and NyaStar.
Submitted by: Frances Brown on Jul 13, 2013
I have 2 Irish Red and White setters bred by Kellyn Miller of Nyastar. I cannot speak highly enough about my 3 year old bitch and 2 year old male. They have wonderful temperaments, love to run, but are great family dogs as well. Kellyn is very committed to breeding the best dogs possible balancing temperament, confirmation and health. I recommend Nyastar very highly.
Submitted by: Jennifer T on Jul 13, 2013
We got our puppy Ellie from Nya Star just a couple of weeks ago. We were very happy with Kellyn as a breeder. She provides great care for the pups, and great support to the new owners. Our puppy is a healthy happy little girl. We would recommend Nya Star again and again, because we know they do everything they can for their dogs.
Submitted by: Mary Perrier on Jul 12, 2013
Nay star has one of the top breeders in north america She is an excellent breeder and takes excellent care of her dogs. Kellyn is amazing with her knowledge of the breed..
Submitted by: Virginia Dunn on Jul 12, 2013
I have known and had the priviledge of working with Kellyn Miller in both breeding and showing since she was 16 years old. Her knowledge of various breeds is quite vast and she prides herself on her ability to understand many different types of dogs, ranging from hunting and field dogs to mastiffs and family guardians, and everything in between. Kellyn is always there to lend a helping hand, no matter what the breed. She is an excellent handler and has shown several of our Cane Corsos to championship. She is also very active in rescue. Kellyn's commitment to quality breeding has been proven many times over, and she has helped other breeders improve their programs as well. When looking for a high quality dog, for show, work, or family, I would highly recommend Ms. Miller and her program.
Submitted by: RebeccaSimplot on Jul 06, 2013
We are so pleased that we found Nyastar. The process of choosing an Irish Red and White Setter puppy and bringing him home could not have been better. We were updated regularly about the litter with photos and emails, and a visit to their wonderful home. All the Nyastar dogs live and play in a beautiful place and are members of the family. Kellyn helped us choose a pup that would be a good fit for us. Her knowledge of this breed is tremendous and we look forward to the support and information she has offered. Both Kellyn and Shawn are committed to giving these dogs the best start in life.
We think Nyastar was a great choice.
Submitted by: Leigh O'Dea on Jul 05, 2013
We are the proud owners of Jamey, a 1 year old male from Kellyn and Nystar. He is an incredibly smart dog, and very kind. Kellyn is a caring, concerned, and responsible breeder. She loves her dogs, and is appropriately choosey with whom she allows the privilege of owning her puppies. I whole-heartedly endorse Kellyn and Shawn, and Nystar.
Submitted by: John S. on Jul 05, 2013
From the start, we could tell Kellyn was a careful breeder who cared for her pups. We just got a girl pup and could not be happier with her personality! Highly recommend.
Submitted by: Carla Albright on Jul 05, 2013
While I do not have a IRWS puppy bred by Nya Star, I have had experience with Kellyn when we were adopting a 4.5 year old IRWS, Tess. Nya Star was not the breeder of this particular dog, but Kellyn facilitated the adoption and was professional and caring in every aspect of the process. In my several phone conversations with Kellyn during the adoption, I could tell her philosophy is "its all about the dogs." I still feel I can call her with any issues we may have, although there have been none.
In short, I would recommend this breeder to anyone!
Submitted by: James Swanson on Jul 04, 2013
We have been given a genuine gift with the addition of Brie to our family. Kellyn has been so very helpful and shows a caring for the dogs she places with families. She has been very patient and kind in answering any questions that come along and I truly appreciate the help she has provided. Our dog is absolutely fabulous in every way, healthy, happy, and the best family dog we have had. I would highly recommend Kellyn and Nya Star to anyone who is looking to add a pup to their family.
Submitted by: Donna Bartels on Jul 04, 2013
Kellyn and Shawn are currently looking after my clumber spaniel puppy Allie before she can come to Australia (due to quarantine requirements). Allie is by Kellyn's parent's stud CH Flyaway Creswick's Corsair. Its a big responsibility for someone to look after a puppy for so long. I am over the moon with how Allie is looked after and raised in their home. She is a well adjusted and happy puppy and I couldnt be happier with her. Cant thank Kellyn and Shawn enough - they are brilliant, trustworthy and responsible breeders. I would highly recommend them to anyone :)
Submitted by: Dr. Katia Ramirez on Aug 21, 2010
I strongly recommend Kellyn and Shawn of Nya Star as reputable breeders who are committed to the well fare of their dogs and the future of the Irish Red and White Setter. They are ethical, conscientious breeders who take almost extreme measures to ensure in as much as is possible healthy wholesome puppies. Be prepared that they will also carefully screen out potential new owners to ensure their puppies go to good homes. Kellyn generously mentored our daughter Marina teaching her the art of dog handling, and allowing her to show her own dogs, and participate in junior handling. Eventually Marina wanted to be able to have her own show puppy, and was allowed to pick out her boy from their first litter…..or rather he picked us. We feel very fortunate to have received a beautiful boy, Gambit who is now about five months old. He is sweet, very loving, intelligent, determined and confident. IRWS are wonderful with children and tireless companions; Luis, my son loves to play fetch with him. Last week, Gambit completed basic obedience and won the class record for the longest ‘down/stay’. Much to the delight of our family, this month he won best in show puppy at the Rarities show. He is a valued member of our family who due to his friendly nature loves everyone else too. It can take forever to complete a walk, as he wants to greet all he meets, with wagging tail and puppy kisses. He is perfectly suited for therapy work, which he does once a week providing unconditional love to all. Knowing Shawn and Kellyn and their dogs has enriched our lives.
Submitted by: Teresa Sebert on Aug 14, 2010
Beautiful healthy male pup who is well socialized. Breeder very quick to answer questions and provide any information we may request. Truly cares about the animals they are placing in families.
Submitted by: Eibhlin Glennon on Aug 13, 2010
My Scully is the sire of the latest Nyastar Irish Red and White Setter litter. It was great working with Kellyn and Shawn. Both love dogs and have a sincere dedication to producing healthy, happy pups that can do what the breed was created to do- hunt. They are honest with great dog experience and great enthusiasm. Working with kellyn and Shawn has been a pleasure.

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