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Submitted by: Grace Bandini on Jan 04, 2023
Back in October of 2022, my finance and I went and picked up our Boykin, Dewey, from Tommy Reeves down in NC. We could not of had a better experience. We had called multiple breeders in search of a Boykin and Tommy was by far the most knowledgeable about the breed and seemed to really care for his dogs. He kept us updated on how our puppy was up until October when we went and got him. Tommy’s facility is extremely impressive. It is very clean and you could tell the dogs are very well kept.
The bloodline and genetics of the puppy are exactly what we wanted in our Boykin Spaniel. Not only is he beautiful but extremely intelligent. Tommy has truly bred this bloodline to perfection.
We were provided with vet records and a bag of dog food when we arrived. Tommy took the time to answer all our questions and show us around the kennel. We could not be happier with our Boykin Spaniel and we highly recommend Tommy Reeves with MaxR Boykins.
Submitted by: Allen Maxwell on Oct 08, 2022
Almost 3 years ago to the day, our family dog was born. It started with a recommendation from a work associate who has one of Tommy’s dogs. After speaking with Tommy for a couple of months we decided a Boykin pup from his kennel was the best choice for us.

Since this decision and the confirmation that a litter was on the way in January 2020, Tommy has been available anytime a question arose. I have enjoyed trading communication with Tommy over the years from the picture after a good hunt to a quick training question.

Fast forward a few years, Banks is the perfect mixture of a family, upland and waterfowl dog I have seen. He has successfully passed multiple upland and retriever hunt test with mostly natural ability and instinct. I would recommend Tommy and MaxRBoykin to anyone that is looking to get a Boykin.
Submitted by: Fred Hermann on May 23, 2022
On Jan 23rd, 2022, my wife and I became the proud owner of a Boykin Spaniel, Cheyenne, acquired from Tommy Reeves of MaxR Boykins of Nakina, NC. I had decided on getting a new gun dog for duck and dove hunting, and my wife was not very keen on another Lab, so I started to look for smaller breed. Once I decided on that the Boykin would fit the bill, I found MaxR on the website. I called Tommy and left him a message which he returned the same day. After a detailed conversation, I decided he was the breeder I wanted to do business with. We decided on a female puppy from a spring 2022 liter. Then in mid-January 2022, Tommy called to inform me that if I was ready, he would have a female available on around the weekend of the 22nd. The wife and I made the 1 1/2-hour drive from Hope Mills, NC the 23rd. Tommy met us as we pulled into his driveway. After a brief conversation about hunting and dogs, he showed us around his kennel area. The wife and I were impressed on how clean it was, and the great condition of his Boykins. He then introduced us to our puppy, needless to say it was love at first sight. After some more conversation about what to expect from an eight-week-old Boykin and duck hunting, Tommy provided us with her worming record and a bag of the dog food that she was eating. Today will mark four months since we welcomed Cheyenne into our family, and we couldn't be more pleased. Cheyenne has responded to her training, whether it be housebreaking or basic obedience smoothly. She has taken off on preliminary retriever training such as water work or fetching with ease. I am looking forward to sending her for professional training, and many years of shared hunting trips. If you are looking for a top-notch hunting companion with great bloodlines. then MaxR is where you want to look. I would highly recommend Tommy Reese and MaxR Boykins to all of my hunting friends. One more item is that Tommy takes great pride in his dogs, and will keep up with they're progress.
Submitted by: Carl Meiss on Apr 18, 2021
Tommy Reeves has an absolutely wonderful set up with MaxR Boykins. My wife ordered a pup last June and kept in touch with Tommy to find out when our pup was going to be born. Her litter came on February 19 and he left us know immediately. He also sent us a picture of her when she was a week old. We arrived at his home last Saturday, the day after our Piper turned 7 weeks. Tommy and his wife were both very hospitable and knowledgeable about Boykins. I believe we spent nearly an hour and a half talking to them on their porch after getting Piper. He and I spent a long time talking gun dogs, hunting and guns. I even got an invite to hunt ducks this coming November. Their kennels were very clean and the dogs all appeared to be in excellent condition. He had advised us on the kind of food he was feeding so we already had some along for our two-day trip back to Pennsylvania. Piper was a gem for the entire trip. She is now in her new home and we absolutely love her. I would highly recommend MaxR Boykins and Mr. Tommy to anyone who is looking for a top grade Boykin.
Submitted by: Carol Neil on Apr 13, 2021
We have had many dogs during my lifetime, pets and hunting dogs. We have had labs, Goldens, Brittany's, schnauzer and a cairn terrier. By far the Boykin puppy we just got from Mr. Reeves is the best! She is smart, calm and overall just amazing! Mr. Reeves was patient with us. We asked weekly for updates and pictures. He was understanding when we arrived early on adoption day. If you need a pet or hunting companion you NEED one of his dogs!
Submitted by: Tommy Fletcher on Oct 25, 2020
Our journey looking for a Boykin Spaniel began May 2019
We had a Boykin for 14 years before he passed. A long time went by and we decided to look for another one. My husband is a commercial fisherman and wanted to have a dog to go fishing and ride in the truck. These dogs are perfect for that. We were waiting for another Breeder when he got impatient and found out about Tommy Reeves and MaxRBoykins. He called and Tommy said he had one more litter this year and we could get a male. So excited.
10 years ago my husband was diagnosed with NASH. This is liver disease and it was getting progressively worse, none the less, he wanted this pup no matter what.
Finally the day came, went to meet Tommy and pick up out bundle of joy who came to be called Trigger. We were both so in love with this pup at first sight!
This was the first part of November, we went home and my husband and Trigger went to the coast. They had the best two weeks together, so happy, Trigger was learning a lot.
My husband turned for the worst Thanksgiving Sunday and was hospitalized for a week with ammonia out of control. Meanwhile Trigger was left alone while I went to work, came home and went to hospital. Our lives were turning upside down. And very little time for our bundle of joy. He was in and out of the hospital, a 4 week stay mid-December thru New Years...then to rehab...Trigger stayed in our kitchen, started nipping at my hands, getting unruly because I didn’t have the time to spend with him, our hearts were broken. I didn’t know where to turn, I texted Tommy and told him a shorter version of this. Without hesitation he said for us to bring Trigger back to him. We were so happy for some help. Our prayers were answered.
Early February we took him back,3 hours away, and Tommy said he’d keep him as long as it took, not to worry. No one will ever know the relief this was to us because we did not want to give our Trigger up, but we knew we couldn’t handle him at that point.
My husband was getting worse, in and out of the hospital during the Covid epidemic where hospitals were allowing no visitors. The only thing world help him was a liver transplant. April 22 after many prayers, dr visits, classes and numerous other qualifications he was “on the list”!! Finally! So now we wait for a call that they have a liver for him. Many many more long sleepless nights went by, more hospital visits/stays. Late June we got a call, be at Duke ER by midnight Saturday Possible liver...turned out no go...came home. Bad day Monday, paramedics took him back to Duke. Wednesday July 8 got the call there was a liver!!!! He got a new liver 2AM and came through surgery and doing well. So thankful, couple days after surgery he said, I’m going to get my dog! Dr encouraged him to wait a bit.
We picked Trigger up early October. Wow had he grown, 40 lbs of him! He is adjusting well to us and we to him. Tommy Reeves has been there whenever we need him. So encouraging and ready to help. He is really an answer to prayer.
So if you are looking to get a Boykin please contact MaxRBoykins. Tommy has developed his own bloodline and these dogs are so smart and needless to say so beautiful!!
Our Trigger is so pretty and we love him very much.
Tommy Reeves is a true friend, so glad we found him.
Tommy and Debbie Fletcher
Davis NC
Submitted by: Keith Lichtman on Oct 19, 2020
The entire experience with Tommy has been superb. He kept us informed and was patient with all our questions (this was our first dog and we had many!). We could not be more impressed with Tommy’s devotion to his dogs. Our little Lucy has fallen right in line with our family after only two weeks with us and is making the transition from country girl to queen sporting dog of the Atlanta suburbs! We are so impressed with our puppy’s kind demeanor to people mixed with her keen interest in pheasant wings and her overall surroundings. Could not be happier with Tommy and our little Lucy. Also impressed with Tommy’s follow ups after pick-up. He truly loves his dogs and wants to be sure they are in good homes!
Submitted by: Sharon Koon on Oct 14, 2020
After our last lab passed away, we settled in on a Boykin Spaniel for our next dog. Boykins have a reputation of being very smart and great hunters, while also being great companions. However, we also found that you have to be very careful when you choose a Boykin breeder because Boykins can have several different health conditions. We found Tommy through another breeder who attested to his honesty and to the quality of the Boykins he raises. We took this on faith after talking to him since we had never met Tommy in person or been to his kennel. Once we picked up our new puppy, Grady, we knew this was so true. Our Grady is so beautiful and smart - and we feel so blessed to have her. She really is perfect - and we also have the peace of mind knowing that she is clear of the potentially harmful inheritable diseases. We've only had her for less than two weeks but we know she's exactly the puppy we were hoping for.
Submitted by: Matt Harrelson on Jul 29, 2020
Picked up a Male off of Mr. Tommy recently, and everything is just right. Tommy Reeves is a good guy to work with, and keeps up with your puppy after purchase.
Submitted by: Jesse Pridgen on Jul 09, 2020
Tommy has the best bloodline! These pups are wonderful and extremely intelligent. My dog Banks is an 8 month old male Boykin spaniel. He has not only become my best friend, but my favorite companion. So thankful for these dogs!
Submitted by: RICK JOHNSON on May 06, 2020
OMG! Tommy is fantastic ! I was Looking for a little older Dog. And By Jove he had one. The Pup fell into the family like it had been there the whole time. I was told that these Dogs are smart. Tommy sold me Einstein. I LOVE IT!! Thank you. MAXR has An Amazing Breeding Program . I will always get my family Dogs from him. When people ask me where did I get him and What is he. I have one word for them. MAXRBOYKINS ! !
Submitted by: Madison Ward on Mar 29, 2020
Just picked up my Boykin puppy last week from Tommy Reeves at MaxR Boykins. Excellent experience with the breeder, my boy Sledge is now 8 weeks old and he’s already swimming and starting to respond to commands. Beautiful dogs there, his dad is a stud and a good looking mom too. I would definitely recommend getting a Boykin from here if you want a great companion and hunting dog. I have high hopes for Sledge this coming waterfowl season.
Submitted by: Tyler Godbold on Mar 15, 2020
I got my Boykin beau from Mr Tommy this past Friday, He is already a super smart dog Mr Tommy is a awesome guy and i would suggest anyone buying one of his boykins. He is gonna be a great gun dog. Good service and a great place!
Submitted by: Chad Broome on Feb 14, 2020
Got my new puppy Sadie one week ago from Mr. Reeves, and what a joy it’s been. Mr. Reeves is a true gentleman, kind, caring and thoughtful and very professional at what he does. Just after one week Sadie is showing to be very intelligent and have well temperament. Anyone looking for a Boykin spaniel, don’t look past mr. Reeves at MaxR kennels
Submitted by: William Cromwell on Dec 04, 2019
Tommy Reeves is an exceptional breeder and a true gentleman. He's one of the most genuine men I've ever met, immediately responds to your inquiries, and above all else, is passionate and devoted to the Boykin Spaniel breed. His dogs are beautiful, healthy and friendly. My dad got a Boykin from Tommy for the first time in 20 years in 2015. Eldin is fiercely intelligent, has limitless energy in the field and is loyal to a fault. I knew if I were to ever get a Boykin of my own, it would be from Mr. Reeves. I picked up Holiday December 3, 2019. Holiday has already shown his smarts, and is as playful as any pup could be! Thank you Tommy so much. You haven't given me a dog; you've given me a companion for life!
Submitted by: Yvonne Brookshire on Nov 30, 2019
I am in love with our newest family member, Grits (aka Wavy Gravy.) Mr. Tommy Reeves is kind and professional. If you are looking to add a Boykin Spaniel to your family or hunting pack, contact Mr. Reeves. Grits is now 8 weeks old and every bit of perfect. Our hearts are full.
Submitted by: Jeffrey Myers on Nov 19, 2019
Tommy was 5 star to my Family & I - - - ! ! !
A true man of his word,
A very well respected breeder and his Boykins are second to none!
Exceptionally knowledgeable, kind, insightful and as promised Tommy delivered us the pup of our dreams!
I highly suggest Tommy and MaxRBoykins for anyone considering this phenomenal breed!
We Thank You Tommy and will certainly refer our Family & Friends your way my good sir!
Submitted by: Todd Radabaugh on Aug 30, 2019
Tommy Reeves is doing some great things with these puppies. If you are serious about getting a Boykin Spaniel, quit looking and get on his waiting list. I have had the privilege of owning some very nice dogs over the years, but the first one I got from Tommy was the best dog I had ever had. She was wide open in the field, but just as happy sitting in my chair at night. Extremely focused on pleasing her people. She was a great friend. When cancer took her away from us I knew if I was going to stick with Boykins there was only one place to go and when the time was right I asked Tommy to put me on his waiting list.
We picked Rhett up in June. Tommy and his son were great to work with. By the time we finished our hour car ride home, Rhett and my wife were best friends. It took her five minutes to learn how to sit. She was retrieving everything we threw for her and bringing it back to us from the first day we got her home. I am not talking in a hallway either. This was in a very large backyard. She also is very people oriented and works hard to please. She is three months old now and although she won't be ready for the dove fields this Saturday I am confident she will be ready to go by the second dove season. Her obedience is coming along very well. This puppy has some real natural ability.
If I ever need another Boykin I will be calling Tommy back.
Leanne and I thank you very much Tommy.
Submitted by: Drew on Aug 07, 2019
I can’t say enough great things about Mr. Tommy Reeves at Max-R-Boykins. But to begin, I would like to praise Mr. Reeves on his professionalism, enthusiasm, and dedication to the Boykin Spaniel breed. He has over two decades of experience and knowledge that is impeccable. But not only that, Mr. Reeves is a good-hearted, genuine man and has since become a great friend of mine. When I arrived to Max-R-Boykins to pick up Jack, I was amazed how well kept every one of his dogs were. They were groomed, healthy, and very happy. I was also impressed at how well kept his whole facility was. As we walked down the lot he began calling out the names of each dog and describing their personalities, which truly showed me his passion for them. It’s been a little over a month since I got Jack from Mr. Reeves and I can tell you that he is the best dog I could have ever asked for. I’m not, by any means, a professional trainer and as a matter of fact Jack will be the first bird dog I have ever tried training, but I can attest that these dogs are extremely intelligent and highly trainable. Within the short time period of having Jack, he has learned to sit, heal, retrieve, and is completely house trained now. These little dogs have loyalty and drive like you have never seen. If you’re reading this review, you must have some interest in getting a Boykin Spaniel so wait no longer, contact Mr. Reeves and he’ll get you squared away. I promise you won’t regret it!
Submitted by: Bryce Parnell on Aug 03, 2019
All I can say about these dogs is “WOW”. Mr. Tommy is an excellent breeder and knows his dogs well. My Boykin has shown so much drive and willingness to learn and I know that the other litters have had the same energy. To anyone that is questioning buying a Boykin or just trying to find the right breeder I highly recommend talking with Mr. Tommy and looking into these pups at Max R Boykins!
Submitted by: Joe Phillippi on Aug 02, 2019
We lost our Boykin Maggie 2 years ago at 14 and Mrs. P, the CEO, needed time to mourn. Come May, she decided it was time for a new team mate for the house and field. Now there aren't too many Boykin breeders in New Jersey, none in fact. So after firing up the PC she almost immediately landed on the MaxR site. It was almost providential. A text to Mr. Tommy came back with news that a litter was due at the end of the month. Not a minute later, a deposit was on its way for a female lil' brown dog. Tommy was great keeping us up to date on progress.

So, on July 5th we clocked 635 miles for a Saturday AM pick out and pick up. When we got to Tommy's place, I wasn't sure whether we were at a kennel or duck camp, what with decoys, etc looking all ready for the season. The complex was neat and well organized.

There were 3 of the little girls left and Maureen zeroed right on this 4.5 lb shiny coated pup, Missy Jo. So, back in the truck for a trip home where 5 of our grands were waiting. Needless to say the spoiling began immediately.

Missy has been a dream. Sleeps through the night from day one and is adjusting to her crate very well. She's got the potty training regimen down very well, heading straight to a specific spot, quite often without a leash. We've got sit/stay pretty well wired, and working on down. The past week has been AM and PM tennis ball retrieving sessions.

We couldn't be happier. Thanks Tommy.
Maureen and Joe

Submitted by: Brandon on Sep 28, 2018
Where do I start. Mr. Tommy, is the best, in my opinion, at what he does. He is very thorough at explaining the breed and exactly what it takes to be a Boykin owner. His facility is very well kept, and you can tell he puts his heart into caring for each of his dogs, whether they be older or just born. If I've ever had any questions, Mr. Tommy has always been right there to help. I could go on and on about Mr. Tommy and MaxR Boykins. I hope our Belle out lives me but in the event she doesn't, I will be looking to Mr. Tommy for another great puppy.
Submitted by: Christian Lowe on Aug 16, 2018
This note is a long time coming, but was prompted by a close friend of mine who now wants a Boykin. Why does he want a Boykin? Well, because my dog Scooter from MaxR kennels is the most amazing dog he's ever seen. Scooter is my first Boykin and I'd done a ton of research on breeds — from Wire-haired Pointing Griffons to Nova Scotia DTRs to Chesapeakes...even put a deposit on an American Water Spaniel that didn't come through. So I dove in on the Boykin, found MaxR which was within driving distance of my home in MD and told them what I wanted and the budget I had. It's a crap shoot with this kind of thing for sure and I just had to go a little bit on faith (Scooter is 3 now so this was back in 2015). Brought the kids down to help pick and found the love of our lives within just a few minutes. Three years later, Scooter is by far the best dog I have ever had, and I've had A LOT of different breeds over my 46 years. He is at once perfectly happy lounging on the couch in front of the TV as he is getting up at 4am and hopping around excitedly as I pull the shotgun out of the safe. He is the first dog I have ever trained for hunting and gosh darn it, he's incredible. The retrieves this guy does are insane and his nose can't be beat. He absolutely is totally devoted to me and my family and loves newcomers and kids (though he's a tad territorial with other dogs). And he's so handsome he could be on a stamp! In fact, Scooter is such a great dog, my wife got us now we have two LBDs on the couch and in the blind! All I can say is I took a leap of faith with MaxR and I am SO SO glad I did. You can't go wrong with these dogs...
Submitted by: Olivia Higgs & Jon Stallings on Aug 08, 2018
We got Dowdy the Boykin from Mr. Tommy in May of 2017 and Dowdy is now a year and four months old. I am absolutely amazed at what this dog has accomplished in one year. By 10 weeks he was already far beyond house broke, retrieving balls from short distances, and had mastered his basic hand signals. By 6 months he was gun trained, sniffing out birds and even retrieved his first dove. At 8 months he braved his first waterfowl season and brought GEESE and many ducks back with ease due to his passion for hunting birds. Currently, Dowdy has completed his NADD Novice Dock Diving Title (AKC recognized) and is one 10' jump away from his NADD Junior Title. Dowdy also loves going to work everyday with his momma at the horse barns and vet office and is the best little farm/office dog ever. He is a gorgeous pup (he's the left dog in the ribbon picture), he's too smart, extremely loyal, and our absolute best friend for life. I can't speak highly enough about Mr. Tommy and the way he handles his operation. His dogs are his children and he follows up with his babies. Truthfully- he drove a few hours in the pouring rain to come watch a couple of his pups dock dive!! If you're looking for a Boykin, look no further.
Submitted by: Alex on Aug 07, 2018
We got our sweet girl from mr. Tommy last September and we couldn’t be more happier with what we got. Our friend had gotten a Boykin from him about a year before we became interested in the breed and told us about mr. Tommy. She’s now a year old and is full of energy and was definitely a great addition to our spaniel family!! I would highly recommend him.
Submitted by: Kris Bissette on Jul 18, 2018
I started looking for another Boykin puppy when my 15 yo Boykin passed in January. I reached out to Tommy in March and he was great to talk to and he told me it would be late summer before he’d be able to get me a puppy. He kept in touch with me through the entire process and when the day came to pick up my pup, I went to his place and saw and played with pups until I found my perfect girl, Ruby. I have been so pleased working with Tommy and I would highly recommend Tommy and MaxR Kennels. I am in love with my Ruby. She knew her name after 3 days! Thank you Tommy.
Submitted by: Susan & Tom Morgan on Feb 24, 2018
Gunner, our second Boykin, was born May 31, 2016--so he is 21 months old at this writing. He was purchased from MaxR Kennels in Nakina, NC--Tommy Reeves, breeder. Gunner was an absolutely beautiful puppy and has grown into an outstanding young dog with a sweet social disposition, a great nose, an instinct for hunting, and the body and endurance of an athlete. We live near a large pond and he loves to swim and retrieve. We have maintained contact with Tommy Reeves, who continues to be interested in "his" puppies and their new homes and owners. We would recommend Tommy Reeves and MaxR Kennels to anyone interested in a Boykin.
Submitted by: Richard on Feb 18, 2018
I purchased Riggs from Mr Tommy in September of 2017. Mr Tommy is without a doubt the best and most informed breeder I have every met. Riggs was house broke in 3 weeks and he was retrieving at 9 weeks. He is an awesome addition to our family and Mr Tommy goes above and beyond to make sure your all set up with your new pup. I promise you will not be disappointed with his Spaniels or services.
Submitted by: Tammy Simmons on Jan 28, 2018
I have purchased 2 Boykins from MaxR Boykins. My first one Hollie was hit by a car and killed. Tommy is such a caring man. He knew my family was devasted. He got right on the job and hooked us up with Callie. She is now 7 years old. She is a beautiful well behaved girl. I have visited MaxR Boykin kennels several times. I have always found it to be clean and well maintained. Tommy puts the care and health of his puppies first. I would recommend MaxR Boykins to anyone interested in a Boykin. You can be rest assured that you are not only getting a great puppy but it is coming from a breeder that cares.
Submitted by: Kevin Powell on Jan 14, 2018
My wife and I decided to buy a pup from Mr. Tommy at maxRboykins for our child who is less than a year old. We wanted a dog he could grow up with and hunt with when he gets older and we are in love with him. He loves the baby and never gets rough with him. He’s very playful and very smart. Mr. Tommy is the best in the business no doubt about it. He knows what he’s doing and he’s very helpful and will work with you anyway he can. I would give him and maxRboykins a 10 out of 10 for sure. If your looking for a boykin then look no further than maxRboykins and Mr. Tommy Reeves
Submitted by: kemp livingston on Jan 01, 2018
hello all..i been looking at getting me boykin for awhile now.. i heard about mr tommy and his boykins and gave him a call n we talked for awhile and i decided to go with maxrboykins mr tommy helped me out and so many ways he is a very nice guy and knows his stuff about his pups..i have had mine for about 6 months and he is smartest thing ever he loves to hunt and loves the water..he is on go at all times..if your looking for a good hunting parnter or gun dog and a family pup look no further call mr. tommy reeves at maxrboykins he will get u right
Submitted by: Jeff Martin on Oct 05, 2017
Got my pup right before Christmas 2016. Always been a lab guy but wanted a breed that would make a good house dog. Can't be more pleased with our "little feller". He loves water and has really been easy to work with. Always been told how hyper Boykins can be but while he has plenty of energy he does have an off switch. Also Tommy was easy to work with and has been great in answering any questions.
Submitted by: Chris Cornwell on Sep 01, 2017
My daughter picked both the breed and the puppy. I've always been a lab guy but kept a open mind. (We still have one lab.) After doing breed and breeder research we signed up with Maxr Kennels. Kahlua is our female boykin, now 15 months. Can't say enough good things about Tommy and boykins in general.
Submitted by: Jay thompson on Jul 31, 2017
I am beyond pleased with my choice with maxR boykins. He's been nothing but informational about the breed and helped with any questions. My boykin Raleigh is 7 months and is steady as they come and running T patterns and shaping in to an awesome retriever. He loves the water as well and does great in the house.
Submitted by: Olivia Higgs & Jon Stallings on Jul 11, 2017
We received our puppy, Dowdy, from Tommy in early May and could not have been more pleased through the whole experience! Tommy was awesome to work with and very well educated on the breed. Dowdy began retrieving toys naturally within the first week (6 Wks old) that we had him. Currently, at almost 4 months old, he has mastered hand signals without verbal cues for sit, lay down, crate, and stay. He is such an intelligent and obedient dog in the house or in the field when retrieving. He also LOVES the water and retrieves his bumpers while at the beaches or ponds. He has been the easiest puppy to train and live with. We get compliments everywhere we go on how gorgeous and smart our dog is--I truly think we hit gold with this pup. He travels on vacations to the beach, comes to the vet office to work, and hangs in the barn quietly waiting for mom to finish riding--He has quite the routine of a little human. If you are looking for a pet or hunting buddy (like our Dowdy) Mr. Tommy raises extremely well bred Boykins who will not disappoint.
Submitted by: Adrenna Hall on Jul 01, 2017
I was looking for another boykin female and was told about Tommy. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. I told him what I was wanting especially wanted a top not and sure enough he picked the perfect baby! I highly recommend MaxRBoykins!
Submitted by: Sandra Rush on Apr 21, 2017
Boykins have been part of our family for over 25 years. We had been looking for a pup as companion for our youngest Boykin, Burgess, as our older Boykin, Bailey was slowing down and we have made it a practice to bring in a new pup to learn from the older dog. What a stroke of luck to find Tommy's site. After speaking with him and feeling his genuine devotion to the breed, we decided to make the trip from Virginia to MaxRBokins...a 15 hour round trip. We were not disappointed. Tommy was not only gracious but also knowledgeable of the breed and before we knew it we were looking at 8 pups! Knowing that Tommy planned to keep two pups, I asked which were his. His reply was, "I'll take the ones that are left because they're all going to be good dogs". Our little boy is now four months old and is a total joy. House trained in 4 days, entertains himself like no pup before, and loves to chase and play with his two Boykin "brothers". Did I mention that he is a beautiful pup, retrieves without prompt, and loves water!! If i had my way, I would go see Tommy for another pup, but three is enough for now. Bottom line, if you are looking for a Boykin - call Tommy.
Submitted by: Joe Furr on Mar 26, 2017
Called Tommy in mid Feburary just to talk and get some info on the Boykin breed. We had lost our Lab almost two years ago and after a lot of talk I finally got my wife to talk puppy again. Tommy was very helpful and after hearing of our loss and my wife having trouble with it Tommy just suddenly said he might just sell me a puppy he had but was saving for his personal use. After thinking about it overnight he sent us a text the next day and said if we wanted him he would sell him to us. So after driving to Nakina we headed back home with a beautiful little Boykin we named Hunter.
If you're looking for a Boykin do yourself a favor and give Tommy a call. He's very knowledgable and doesn't mind sharing it with you. He loves his Boykins and only wants the best for his pups making sure they go to good homes.
Hunter is now almost 3 months and showing good signs of being the duck dog we wanted.
Submitted by: Luke Martin on Feb 09, 2017
Got a pup from Tommy back in April of 16 and he had a great first year hunting. From ducks to geese he could handle em all! Great bloodline, very smart dogs he picked up very quickly and is still rolling like no tomorrow. Little pup bringing in geese that are bigger then he is. If you want a smart and great hunting dog Tommy is the man! Very good to work with and he cares about you and the dog more then anybody! The Picture on the front page here is from a quick little hunt with my main man earlier this season.
Submitted by: Doug Hawkins on Nov 28, 2016
We got our Boykin spring of 2016, looking for a pal for our Brittany who is aging up and seem lonely after losing our other only dog. Named him River which fits him so perfect for he loves the water. He fetches like no dog ever had without any training it seemed. He is so special, and just never had any dog quite like this one. He has changed our lives, and just cannot say enough about our new family member. I think it must be two factor, one Boykins are amazing dogs in nature, and Tommy is an extra good breeder with a special line of boykins that he is breeding. I have not been around other boykins but cannot imagine them having more heart than this one. Myself and everyone in family loves River. If I can, want more than one now, and hope with Tommy's help to have at least one more, if not even try to breed one litter. We could not ever expected a better dog, only worry if can have another as special, but think it is best chance if we stay with Tommy. Thanks Tommy.
Submitted by: Larry Semones on Nov 16, 2016
I have Belle for 6 1/2 years.. I think she was one of Tommy's early litters. She is absolutely my best pal. Always ready to go in car, boat, canoe, tractor, snowmobile or walking. I don't hunt anymore but she gets to flush turkey and grouse as we work the farm. She is my second Boykin and I think they are absolutely super friends. I live in Vermont now and she took right to the snow.
Submitted by: on Jun 03, 2016
I got my female Boykin, Bailey, from Tommy on Apri 29, 2016 and I couldn't be more pleased. I've always wanted a Boykin, and after my Brittany passed away in August 2015, I started looking for the perfect breeder. After talking to several other Boykin breeders, Tommy's knowledge and passion for the breed stood out to me.
Tommy remained in contact with me from our first conversation until I got Bailey, and continues to check in on her. If I ever had a question, Tommy was quick to respond.
After getting Bailey, I took her to my vet to get her checked out. They were amazed at how perfect she is. In fact, they wanted Tommy's information on file in case anyone ever contacts them looking for a reputable Boykin breeder.
Everyday Bailey does something that amazes me. I got her at 6 weeks old, and she already knew how to retrieve a ball, and come to me on command. I've never seen a puppy as smart as her.
Today Bailey turned 11 weeks old, and will come to me on command, sit on command, retrieve whatever I throw for her, and is walking on a leash.
When I was looking for my Boykin, I wanted a dog that I could take bird hunting with me, but more importantly, I wanted a great pet. I can already tell that Bailey is going to be both. She has the natural instincts to be a great bird dog, and the sweetest personality to be a great family pet. Thank you Tommy for getting me the perfect dog!
Submitted by: Kurt Gerald on May 23, 2016
If you're looking for an amazing Boykin, look no further. I have now my second Boykin from Tommy and once again he has delivered one of the most intelligent puppies I have ever seen. His dogs are great, they have an off and on switch as far as being a great house dog as well as a great hunting dog. I have my 9 week old Boykin making long retrieves, he knows commands such as sit, stay, and here all in just weeks of taking ownership. As far as a breeder you could not ask for a better person or a more knowledgable man about his dogs. His passion about his puppies and providing the best experience for you and your puppy is unmatchable. He is passionate about making sure you're happy and that he is providing you with the highest quality dog. I hold Tommy as well as his dogs in the highest regards. You will not find any better man or dogs. Two thumbs up all the way around. Great man, great dogs, and just an overall pleasant experience because you can tell he loves his dogs and what he does.
Submitted by: Karen Andrews/Brent Perkins on May 15, 2016
We just got our Boykin "Copper" from Tommy and couldn't be more pleaed. He is exactly what we were looking for in a pup. Thanks to Tommy for making it possible to have this wonderful little boy.
Submitted by: Kristen Wall on May 13, 2016
Tommy was friendly and knowledgable and clearly has a passion for maintaining the breed. His facilities are top notch, and his dogs are good looking and well cared for. I could not be happier with my choice to get a Boykin from MaxR Boykins!
Submitted by: Julie on May 01, 2016
Tommy is a walking boykin encyclopedia and has massive passion for the breed. We were not only impressed by his knowledge but he keeps a clean and very well maintained facility. Our dog Avery is sweet as she could be and is a retrieving machine. We left Avery (our baby) with Tommy for 18 days to spend some "quality time" with his boykin. As hard as it was leaving her Tommy gave an update everyday and always assured us that she was in good hands. We are excited to continue a great friendship and love for the boykin breed. Not only is he great to work with but his dogs are top of the line hunters. Avery was having so much fun being there we were unsure if she was ready to come home.
Submitted by: Luke Martin on Apr 27, 2016
I was in search of a Boykin puppy and was in contact with a few different breeders all over and Tommy Reeves with MaxR Boykins was the one in particular who impressed me from the first phone call I had made. Tommy was very nice and very helpful when I called looking for a puppy. He filled me in with any information about the dogs and the wonderful bloodline they have been bred into. Very nice set up he has at his house and he is the most down to earth person you will come across! Very good guy to deal with and very smart dogs. If you want a great dog then he is the man!
Submitted by: Tony Mannuccka on Dec 15, 2015
Our Boykin is now 18 months old, his name is Copper and my daughter Brianna who is the dog's "mom" and owner wrote a review when he was 5 months old.. Copper though is part of our family of 4 adults and also an almost 6 year old English Setter. Copper though won everyone's heart and is not only a gifted athletic dog, but has a great personality and demeanor. Copper goes to work with his "grandmom and pop pop, as well as his 2 footed uncle, and has become a darling in my wife's small property management office with all the residents. He is amazingly well behaved. Brianna takes him on 5 mile plus runs, and he is ready to frolic with Eli the setter when they return. He also has learned to ride the waves of the Jersey Shore with Brianna's guidance. I met Tommy when we picked up the little guy in May, 2014, and he is a great breeder and has great care for his dogs and where they end up. If you are in the market for a 40 to 50 pound fantastic pet and or hunter, this is the breed for you.
Submitted by: Lee Donaldson on Oct 07, 2015
Excellent breeder. Tommy Reeves takes good care of the customer and loves the breed. His Boykins are hunters. Got my dog Gracie from him and what a nose! What a retriever! What fun. Max R is professional and can't recommend them enough!
Submitted by: Laura Godwin on Sep 15, 2015
Bella is almost 5 months old and I had numerous conversations with Tommy before I got her. He is really great to work with and breeds some great dogs. Bella loves the water and loves to retrieve a ball or stick, she is a natural. Thanks Tommy!!!
Submitted by: Louis and Jennifer Wright on Aug 26, 2015
Our Lilah is now 14 weeks old, and has been retrieving since two days after we
brought her home (6 weeks old!). We had been waiting for our little girl to be
born since we first visited Tommy's kennel about a year ago Aug. 2014. My wife
Jennifer is a 25+ year Vet. Technician and was very impressed with the kennel
set-up and the care he gave each dog. I was amazed at the water misting system
he had developed to keep the dogs cool in the summers heat. Lilah now at 14
weeks knows the names of all her toys (6), housebroken at 9 weeks, and has been
retrieving dummies in the river today! She walks through Colonial Williamsburg
with us several nights a week and everyone stops us to pet her because she is
just too cute, and she just loves the attention. Jennifer works at a Vet.
Hospital where each doctor has seen her and has positively remarked about her
health and breeding, she is just about done with her shots and in perfect health
with no adverse reactions to the LEPTO vaccines. Tommy was great throughout the
wait, and helped us to get the best Boykin puppy for us!
Submitted by: Jack on Jul 27, 2015
Got Garcie, now 14 weeks old from Tommie an excellent dog. Very smart loves to retrieve at 14 weeks.
Submitted by: Sydney Hickman on Jun 14, 2015
I recently just bought my first Boykin Spaniel, Avery, from Tommy Reeves. She is about 8 weeks old and I could not have asked for a better pup. I had been waiting on Avery to be born for a while and Tommy sure kept me updated on when she was born, how she was doing, and made sure to send me plenty of pictures of her weeks before I was able to get her. Tommy was kind enough to meet me at the airport because I had flown in from Alabama and had no way of transportation to come get her from his house. He was extremely nice and helpful. He made sure I had everything she needed and offered to help with any problems I would come across in the future. Whenever I get my next Boykin in the future, I will definitely go to Tommy. Thanks so much Tommy for the best dog I could ask for. I couldn't be more pleased.
Submitted by: teresa teresa on Feb 09, 2015
My wife and I purchased Drake about 5 years ago and we have loved every minute of it. We've worked with on behavior and retrieving and he's awesome. He is great with our little boy and is super as a house dog. thanks Tommy!!!
Submitted by: Brett Cherry on Dec 29, 2014
After speaking to quite a few breeders Tommy was without a doubt the one that struck me as the one that is most dedicated to the Boykins he breeds and the homes they go to. Tommy will not over breed his dogs so it took a while before our puppy was whelped because he LISTENED to what I was wanting in a Boykin ie: size, coat, hunting, demeanor,ect. Then bred a perfect match. After we picked up our puppy Tommy called to check on our little girl several times.Now that "River" is 10 months old we could not be happier. She is everything we could have asked for and MORE.( remember she is a Boykin). Thank you Tommy you are the best!

Submitted by: Alvin Foster on Dec 29, 2014
Hope is now 8 months old. For starters Tommy is super to work with. He does not just raise puppies, he cares about the quality as they come from hunting stock. But is also concerned with the home they go to.
Hope was retrieving dummies in water at 10 weeks. She is as smart as any person I know. Full of energy, eager to please, super nose and mischievous. 34 pounds at not quite 8 months.

Christmas morning she made her first 3 solo retrieves on an open lake. One marked at 30 yards, two blinds at 60 and 70 yards. Handled well on the blinds. Not polished yet but she has more than the idea. She is a joy to train.

Thanks Tommy for allowing me to have one of your Boykins. Super dog, hunting companion and my girl.
Submitted by: Rita Davis on Oct 01, 2014
Tommy was great to work with. Our puppy is now 6 months old and gets rave reviews every time we go to the vet. Barkley is a smart and very quick learner. He responds to voice and clicker commands and he rings a bell to let us know he needs to go out. He is also a real love bug and enjoys long walks, cuddling before bed, and playing with toys and our other little brown dog. We don't live near water so he hasn't been swimming yet, unfortunately, but we get him out in the puddles (plenty of those recently) and thunderstorms and he is calm and ready to play.
Submitted by: brianna mannuccia on Sep 01, 2014
My family and I picked up Copper from Tommy on Memorial Day Weekend 2014 & when I saw Copper and met Tommy, his wife, and all his other pups I could not have been happier! I talked to Tommy for months before Copper was born and I was able to tell that he really values his boykin spaniels and the relationship with the people who love them. He respects the breed and that went a long way with me. We kept in contact and he updated me along the way. Copper is my 1st boykin, but I have been in love with sporting dogs. I did so much research to find this breed as I needed a smaller sporting dog for living on my own since I am used to the english setters. I was very thorough in looking for the RIGHT breeder to get my dog from since I care about the health and living environment of the dogs I have. Tommy answered all my questions and gave me all the details I needed. It was great! Anyway- Copper is 5 months old and he is a swimmer already and it is really adorable, I can't wait to go running with him. He is smart and obedient and I always keep him engaged to make him happy as well-- it really matters. I recommend Tommy if you want a boykin spaniel- a fun loving, smart, active, exercise oriented dog. I can't wait for many years with this dog!
Submitted by: Patti Jo Bailey on Aug 10, 2014
My mother and I picked up a puppy from Tommy last August. When we picked out our little Parker from two puppies that were left, I almost walked away with both and to this day I regret that we didn't take both puppies. Parker is a great joy. She gets along well with our other 4 dogs. She is our class clown when it comes to playing with all the other girls. When it comes down to hunting though, she is a different story, she can't please us more than she does. She has a great nose, flushes well, marks the birds when downed and retrieves to hand. The best part, it was all a natural. She started doing this all just by being introduced to the field. She is a pure joy and we love her immensely. She is a fine fit to our home and look forward to acquiring another puppy from Tommy down the road.
Submitted by: Animal Hospital of South Columbus on Jul 22, 2014
Tommy has been a client of ours for the past twelve years and has always taken excellent care of his dogs. His pups have always been very healthy with a great temperament. Tommy makes every effort to raise good quality puppies and insures that all of their medical needs are met.
Submitted by: Amanda Hite on May 28, 2014
We are the very proud owner of one of Tom’s “little brown dogs” and we absolutely love him! We picked up Deuce Barnhill on Jan. 28, 2014. He was 7 weeks old. Many ask us why the name Deuce…he is the 2nd dog for our boys, our boys always use a 2 in their sports numbers and my husband’s fishing boat is named the Double Deuce. It just seemed to fit. The first couple of nights were rough just like any other puppy being taken from his mother, but Deuce quickly fell into our family routine and he became an instant family member. He is the happiest dog ever! When he greets us or anyone else for that matter, his tail goes into this crazy, fast paced wagging that is so adorable it makes your heart melt every time. He took to training instantly! We started main command training at 9 weeks old. He had sit down pat within a day and then stay and come within a couple of days. By 12 weeks old, he had his name, sit, stay, come, lay down, leave it, heal and no down pat! My children have added some fun tricks in too and he can roll over, stand, shake with both paws and give high fives! He’s a smart cookie for sure! He loves his treats, but what he loves most is praise. His retrieving is coming along nicely. He loves to retrieve his bumper and at 5 months old he took to the water like a champ. In 3 visits to the lake he was swimming and retrieving his bumper with no problem. He goes nuts over the birds in our back yard so we can’t wait to get him in the duck blind. He is high energy and gets really excited, but he quickly settles down and then just chills out and will lay down wherever we are. He loves his trips on the fishing boat and to the ball field for our boy’s baseball games. He loves to ride in the car and his daily walks. He is very lovable too with a great temperament. On top of all of this he is the cutest dang dog I’ve ever seen! We get loads of compliments where ever we go. Everyone wants to know what he is and where we got him. Our vet thinks he is the prettiest Boykin he has ever worked with and comments all the time on how well bred he is. We just love him to death! We loved working with Tom too! He couldn’t be any nicer and so knowledgeable. He always calls to check on Deuce and is interested in how he is doing. He was so great to keep us informed of his birth and progress before we picked him up. Tom is a very conscientious breeder. We talked to a few before deciding to work with Tom and we are so happy with the results. We highly recommend Max R Kennels and Tom Reeves.
Submitted by: Angie Thayer on Mar 22, 2014
I bought my first Boykin Spaniel from Tommy in May of 2013. Mable has been everything I could have asked for in a puppy nearing 1 year of age. She has a warm and loving personality, plenty of energy to chase birds all day and is well mannered.
I located Tommy through this website and after speaking with him I made the decision to fly from Wisconsin to buy one of his pups based on his knowledge, friendliness and genuine effort to place his pups in a great home.
I would definitely recommend MaxR Boykins to anyone looking for a great hunting dog and companion!
Submitted by: Scott & Kyla Karriker on Mar 17, 2014
We purchased Misty from Tommy in July 2013 at 6 weeks of age. She instantly became a member of our family and in only 8 months it's hard imagine our daily live without her there. We allowed a professional retriever trainer to work with Misty for a couple of months and he was very complimentary of her progress and drive throughout the training. Tommy Reeves was great to work with from start to finish. We put our name in for a litter of pups and had informed him that we preferred a small frame female. After the birth of this litter Tommy was very forthright in that felt these pups may be slightly larger than what we wanted. He openly offered one from this litter to us but indicated he had another litter on the way he felt may hit the mark better with our desired size. He was right, Misty is turning out to be just the size we'd hope for. Tommy followed up with us numerous times after we took Misty home and was a professional throughout. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Boykin from Tommy. Thank you.
Submitted by: Wendy on Aug 27, 2013
We got Belle March 27, 2011 and we were just amazed with the breed. The breed is a great breed with a great affection and awesome temperament. Belle is an awesome dog and an even better friend and part of our family. We were lucky to find Mr. Reeves, as he answered all of our questions about the breed. Once we were on the waiting list he gave us updates about our new puppy every week. When it came down to choosing our puppy he didn't pick one out for us, he lets us choose which is very different from other breeders. Also, while we were picking our puppy it was more of a relaxed setting (like being with puppies is stressful) he did not limit us on time and lets us interact with the puppies, so we could find the perfect one for us, our Belle. Overall I would give Mr. Reeves a 10 out of 10.
Submitted by: Tammie Arnold on Apr 26, 2013
Tommy Reeves was awesome and thorough throughout the entire process! Since we already had a 7 year old Boykin named Megan, we knew we wanted another female. My daughter-in-law looked and spoke to several breeders but kept coming back to Tommy. Since we both wanted a Boykin puppy for Christmas, we had to find a breeder that was having a litter around that time. Luckily enugh Tommy had a female that had just been breeded and would be due in Dec. She delivered two females and a male which was great becasue we both wanted females. They are beautiful puppies and we wouldn't trade Riley and Gabbi for the world! Riley has added such happiness and joy into our household. She is playful and everyone that sees her is in love with her! Tommy had everything done and completed when we picked them up and made sure that we knew what was still needed along with the paperwork. Tommy and his wife treat those dogs like their own children and he was sad to see them go. They are beautiful dogs and well breed. If I ever want another Boykin, I will be sure to go to Tommy!
Submitted by: Cody Dunn on Apr 23, 2013
Mr. Tommy was very professional to work with and super nice. My Boykin ACE is one awesome pup. He is only 4 months old and he is: house broken, knows sit, stay, here, heel, down and we are now starting whistle commands.He absolutely loves to retrieve and loves water. He is one awesome little dog that can go from lap dog to wide open duck dog in the blink of an eye. I couldn't be happier with my pup and would recommend Max R kennels to anyone that is looking a quality Boykin.
Submitted by: Lee Donaldson on Feb 20, 2013
Excellent. My family bought my pup during a recovery from a stroke , a boykin named Gracie. Tommy Reeves did a fabulous job of giving us all the information we needed to get started raisin this Boykin. This dog helped in my recovery . She's intelligent an excellent bird dog and has hunted Dove to pheasants and quail. Now breaking her in on ducks!She has videos on you tube under Gracie the Boykin! Loves to retrieve and do tricks. More than happy with Max R kennels and my dog!
Submitted by: Susan Jancuski on Feb 14, 2013
Lizzy, our Little Brown Dog ~ is just a wonderful hunter and family companion! She's been retrieving since we brought her home. She started with a little sock and graduated to her first goose at 6 months old. Finished her first duck season at 8 months old and her Daddy could be happier with her! They are best friends and she stands at the door every time he leaves the house just hoping that it's time to go on another hunting excursion. Tommy Reeves with MaxRKennels has wonderful puppies and we wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again and again! Thank you Tommy!
Submitted by: Andy & Kathyrn Whitlock on Feb 13, 2013
We brought our sweet Magnolia home in June 2012. Very birdy, loves the water, tireless retriever and at eight months old received her canine good citzen. She made several duck scouting trips with our son this past duck season and will be ready to hunt the 2013 season. Tommy is just the best to work with. Professional, and incredibly knowledgeable of the breed. We have stayed in touch over the past few months. He calls to see how Mag is doing and if we have any questions or concerns. Magnolia has captured our hearts (including winning over our two rescue cats). We highly recomend Tommy and MaxR Kennels.
Submitted by: Doug Smith on Oct 24, 2012
After working with Tommy for nine months in 2011 he finally had a litter of puppys that would bring our COCO into the family. I was looking for a dog that would fit in our small house and yard in Southern California, and be my sons first dog. I thought that it was an experience that every boy should have, which is raising a puppy and having an outdoor companion for life. COCO was born on New Years Day 2012 and I was able to pick her up in early March. She was so smart and birdy I decided to carry her out on a planted quail hunt in Southern California for the last weekend of the 2012 preserve season. At slightly less than five months old she found, flushed, and retreived five of the birds my 14 year old son shot, out of seven planted. This was amazing to see from such a young dog, and shows the great bloodline she comes from. She showed no signs of hesitation at the shot and was crazy over the birds. COCO has now taken over the house and rules the cats and rabbit, and is looking forward to a great 2012-2013 bird season. I can't recommend Tommy's puppys enough, because if I can work with a dog as little as I had time for and get the results I experienced, then Tommy's Boykins should be an easy choice for the person looking for a companion for hunting and the family.
Submitted by: David Adams on Sep 04, 2012
I first read about the Boykin Spaniel in the NC Wildlife Magazine several years ago. I found MaxR Kennels on this website looking for a puppy. Tommy Reeves was a pleasure to work with. He was very professional,knowledgeable and accommendating. I love my Boykin Spaniel! He is a great family dog and very smart. He was 9 months old on opening day of Dove Season this year. I could not have asked for a better retriver. He amazed me and all of my friends.
Submitted by: Meredith on Jun 19, 2012
I wanted to surprise my fiancé with a Boykin. He had been in contact with Tommy Reeves, but he was on the fence if he was ready for a dog. I knew how bad he wanted one, so I took the initiative and contacted Tommy myself. He was amazing to work with! He was very professional, organized, and accommodating. He quickly returned all of my phone calls if he was unable to answer. When I picked up the puppy, you could tell he took great care of all of the dogs. I bought a female, and she is a great puppy! I would recommend Tommy Reeves to anyone.
Submitted by: Kurt Couvillion on May 15, 2012
I could not be any happier or satisfied with the puppy I purchased from Tommy in March 2011. At 9 months old she was retrieving ducks, hunting and retrieving pheasants, and woodcock. She is incredibly smart and well behaved. She is easy and a pleasure to train, and also has an unbelievable hunting instinct, which is a direct reflection of a good bloodline. Not only is she a great hunter and outdoor companion but is also a wonderful family pet. The entire family loves her. I would absolutely endorse purchasing a Boykin puppy from MaxR Kennels. Tommy was great to communicate with and made the experience of purchasing a Boykin puppy enjoyable.
Submitted by: KellyMcCullen on May 14, 2012
We have purchased 3 Boykins, starting in 2007, from Tommy and couldn't be happier. They are very birdy and extremely healthy. I have the peace of mind knowing if I ever have a question or concern, he will always call me back and if he doesn't know the answer, he will do his best to find out. He is a top quality breeder and businessman, with the highest standards, that I look forward to doing business with again in the near future.
Submitted by: Todd Radabaugh on Apr 30, 2012
Tommy took the time to talk to us and pick out a puppy that fit well with us. A great little dog. Thanks Tommy.
Submitted by: Watts on Mar 07, 2012
This breeder gave great service and our pup has been a great addition to the family as well as in the outdoors. I highly recommend Tommy and MaxR Kennels and will give them a call when I need another pup.

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