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Spring 2020 puppie have arrived. Mossy Oak / massive hunting bloodline. If you are interested in owning one of our beautiful puppies please contact me by phone or by this site.  We have a waiting list so please call and just talk with me if interested. I am more than happy to answer your questions. We are a small Boykin breeder with AKC National Champion, Master Hunter, and standard bloodlines. We produce a few litters a year, catering mostly to avid hunters and it also pleases us to place our pups in good homes just looking for a family friend. Our pups are BSS registered and we breed according to BSS guidelines. Please contact me if you are interested in one of our pups. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Mossy Oake bloodlines.
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Tommy Reeves
1725 Chair Factory Road
Nakina, North Carolina 28455
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 16 years.
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Submitted by: Carol Neil on Apr 13, 2021
We have had many dogs during my lifetime, pets and hunting dogs. We have had labs, Goldens, Brittany's, schnauzer and a cairn terrier. By far the Boykin puppy we just got from Mr. Reeves is the best! She is smart, calm and overall just amazing! Mr. Reeves was patient with us. We asked weekly for updates and pictures. He was understanding when we arrived early on adoption day. If you need a pet or hunting companion you NEED one of his dogs!
Submitted by: Tommy Fletcher on Oct 25, 2020
Our journey looking for a Boykin Spaniel began May 2019
We had a Boykin for 14 years before he passed. A long time went by and we decided to look for another one. My husband is a commercial fisherman and wanted to have a dog to go fishing and ride in the truck. These dogs are perfect for that. We were waiting for another Breeder when he got impatient and found out about Tommy Reeves and MaxRBoykins. He called and Tommy said he had one more litter this year and we could get a male. So excited.
10 years ago my husband was diagnosed with NASH. This is liver disease and it was getting progressively worse, none the less, he wanted this pup no matter what.
Finally the day came, went to meet Tommy and pick up out bundle of joy who came to be called Trigger. We were both so in love with this pup at first sight!
This was the first part of November, we went home and my husband and Trigger went to the coast. They had the best two weeks together, so happy, Trigger was learning a lot.
My husband turned for the worst Thanksgiving Sunday and was hospitalized for a week with ammonia out of control. Meanwhile Trigger was left alone while I went to work, came home and went to hospital. Our lives were turning upside down. And very little time for our bundle of joy. He was in and out of the hospital, a 4 week stay mid-December thru New Years...then to rehab...Trigger stayed in our kitchen, started nipping at my hands, getting unruly because I didn’t have the time to spend with him, our hearts were broken. I didn’t know where to turn, I texted Tommy and told him a shorter version of this. Without hesitation he said for us to bring Trigger back to him. We were so happy for some help. Our prayers were answered.
Early February we took him back,3 hours away, and Tommy said he’d keep him as long as it took, not to worry. No one will ever know the relief this was to us because we did not want to give our Trigger up, but we knew we couldn’t handle him at that point.
My husband was getting worse, in and out of the hospital during the Covid epidemic where hospitals were allowing no visitors. The only thing world help him was a liver transplant. April 22 after many prayers, dr visits, classes and numerous other qualifications he was “on the list”!! Finally! So now we wait for a call that they have a liver for him. Many many more long sleepless nights went by, more hospital visits/stays. Late June we got a call, be at Duke ER by midnight Saturday Possible liver...turned out no go...came home. Bad day Monday, paramedics took him back to Duke. Wednesday July 8 got the call there was a liver!!!! He got a new liver 2AM and came through surgery and doing well. So thankful, couple days after surgery he said, I’m going to get my dog! Dr encouraged him to wait a bit.
We picked Trigger up early October. Wow had he grown, 40 lbs of him! He is adjusting well to us and we to him. Tommy Reeves has been there whenever we need him. So encouraging and ready to help. He is really an answer to prayer.
So if you are looking to get a Boykin please contact MaxRBoykins. Tommy has developed his own bloodline and these dogs are so smart and needless to say so beautiful!!
Our Trigger is so pretty and we love him very much.
Tommy Reeves is a true friend, so glad we found him.
Tommy and Debbie Fletcher
Davis NC
Submitted by: Keith Lichtman on Oct 19, 2020
The entire experience with Tommy has been superb. He kept us informed and was patient with all our questions (this was our first dog and we had many!). We could not be more impressed with Tommy’s devotion to his dogs. Our little Lucy has fallen right in line with our family after only two weeks with us and is making the transition from country girl to queen sporting dog of the Atlanta suburbs! We are so impressed with our puppy’s kind demeanor to people mixed with her keen interest in pheasant wings and her overall surroundings. Could not be happier with Tommy and our little Lucy. Also impressed with Tommy’s follow ups after pick-up. He truly loves his dogs and wants to be sure they are in good homes!
Submitted by: Sharon Koon on Oct 14, 2020
After our last lab passed away, we settled in on a Boykin Spaniel for our next dog. Boykins have a reputation of being very smart and great hunters, while also being great companions. However, we also found that you have to be very careful when you choose a Boykin breeder because Boykins can have several different health conditions. We found Tommy through another breeder who attested to his honesty and to the quality of the Boykins he raises. We took this on faith after talking to him since we had never met Tommy in person or been to his kennel. Once we picked up our new puppy, Grady, we knew this was so true. Our Grady is so beautiful and smart - and we feel so blessed to have her. She really is perfect - and we also have the peace of mind knowing that she is clear of the potentially harmful inheritable diseases. We've only had her for less than two weeks but we know she's exactly the puppy we were hoping for.
Submitted by: Matt Harrelson on Jul 29, 2020
Picked up a Male off of Mr. Tommy recently, and everything is just right. Tommy Reeves is a good guy to work with, and keeps up with your puppy after purchase.
Submitted by: Jesse Pridgen on Jul 09, 2020
Tommy has the best bloodline! These pups are wonderful and extremely intelligent. My dog Banks is an 8 month old male Boykin spaniel. He has not only become my best friend, but my favorite companion. So thankful for these dogs!
Submitted by: RICK JOHNSON on May 06, 2020
OMG! Tommy is fantastic ! I was Looking for a little older Dog. And By Jove he had one. The Pup fell into the family like it had been there the whole time. I was told that these Dogs are smart. Tommy sold me Einstein. I LOVE IT!! Thank you. MAXR has An Amazing Breeding Program . I will always get my family Dogs from him. When people ask me where did I get him and What is he. I have one word for them. MAXRBOYKINS ! !
Submitted by: Madison Ward on Mar 29, 2020
Just picked up my Boykin puppy last week from Tommy Reeves at MaxR Boykins. Excellent experience with the breeder, my boy Sledge is now 8 weeks old and he’s already swimming and starting to respond to commands. Beautiful dogs there, his dad is a stud and a good looking mom too. I would definitely recommend getting a Boykin from here if you want a great companion and hunting dog. I have high hopes for Sledge this coming waterfowl season.
Submitted by: Tyler Godbold on Mar 15, 2020
I got my Boykin beau from Mr Tommy this past Friday, He is already a super smart dog Mr Tommy is a awesome guy and i would suggest anyone buying one of his boykins. He is gonna be a great gun dog. Good service and a great place!
Submitted by: Chad Broome on Feb 14, 2020
Got my new puppy Sadie one week ago from Mr. Reeves, and what a joy it’s been. Mr. Reeves is a true gentleman, kind, caring and thoughtful and very professional at what he does. Just after one week Sadie is showing to be very intelligent and have well temperament. Anyone looking for a Boykin spaniel, don’t look past mr. Reeves at MaxR kennels
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