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Championship bloodline puppies ready to go. 4 girls/2 boys. Taking deposits for Fall/Winter 2018 litters. If you are interested in owning one of our beautiful puppies please contact me by phone or by this site.  We have a waiting list so please call and just talk with me if interested. I am more than happy to answer your questions. We are a small Boykin breeder with AKC National Champion, Master Hunter, and standard bloodlines. We produce a few litters a year, catering mostly to avid hunters and it also pleases us to place our pups in good homes just looking for a family friend. Our pups are BSS registered and we breed according to BSS guidelines. Please contact me if you are interested in one of our pups. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Mossy Oake bloodlines.
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Tommy Reeves
1725 Chair Factory Road
Nakina, North Carolina 28455
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 14 years.
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Submitted by: Todd Radabaugh on Aug 30, 2019
Tommy Reeves is doing some great things with these puppies. If you are serious about getting a Boykin Spaniel, quit looking and get on his waiting list. I have had the privilege of owning some very nice dogs over the years, but the first one I got from Tommy was the best dog I had ever had. She was wide open in the field, but just as happy sitting in my chair at night. Extremely focused on pleasing her people. She was a great friend. When cancer took her away from us I knew if I was going to stick with Boykins there was only one place to go and when the time was right I asked Tommy to put me on his waiting list.
We picked Rhett up in June. Tommy and his son were great to work with. By the time we finished our hour car ride home, Rhett and my wife were best friends. It took her five minutes to learn how to sit. She was retrieving everything we threw for her and bringing it back to us from the first day we got her home. I am not talking in a hallway either. This was in a very large backyard. She also is very people oriented and works hard to please. She is three months old now and although she won't be ready for the dove fields this Saturday I am confident she will be ready to go by the second dove season. Her obedience is coming along very well. This puppy has some real natural ability.
If I ever need another Boykin I will be calling Tommy back.
Leanne and I thank you very much Tommy.
Submitted by: Drew on Aug 07, 2019
I can’t say enough great things about Mr. Tommy Reeves at Max-R-Boykins. But to begin, I would like to praise Mr. Reeves on his professionalism, enthusiasm, and dedication to the Boykin Spaniel breed. He has over two decades of experience and knowledge that is impeccable. But not only that, Mr. Reeves is a good-hearted, genuine man and has since become a great friend of mine. When I arrived to Max-R-Boykins to pick up Jack, I was amazed how well kept every one of his dogs were. They were groomed, healthy, and very happy. I was also impressed at how well kept his whole facility was. As we walked down the lot he began calling out the names of each dog and describing their personalities, which truly showed me his passion for them. It’s been a little over a month since I got Jack from Mr. Reeves and I can tell you that he is the best dog I could have ever asked for. I’m not, by any means, a professional trainer and as a matter of fact Jack will be the first bird dog I have ever tried training, but I can attest that these dogs are extremely intelligent and highly trainable. Within the short time period of having Jack, he has learned to sit, heal, retrieve, and is completely house trained now. These little dogs have loyalty and drive like you have never seen. If you’re reading this review, you must have some interest in getting a Boykin Spaniel so wait no longer, contact Mr. Reeves and he’ll get you squared away. I promise you won’t regret it!
Submitted by: Bryce Parnell on Aug 03, 2019
All I can say about these dogs is “WOW”. Mr. Tommy is an excellent breeder and knows his dogs well. My Boykin has shown so much drive and willingness to learn and I know that the other litters have had the same energy. To anyone that is questioning buying a Boykin or just trying to find the right breeder I highly recommend talking with Mr. Tommy and looking into these pups at Max R Boykins!
Submitted by: Joe Phillippi on Aug 02, 2019
We lost our Boykin Maggie 2 years ago at 14 and Mrs. P, the CEO, needed time to mourn. Come May, she decided it was time for a new team mate for the house and field. Now there aren't too many Boykin breeders in New Jersey, none in fact. So after firing up the PC she almost immediately landed on the MaxR site. It was almost providential. A text to Mr. Tommy came back with news that a litter was due at the end of the month. Not a minute later, a deposit was on its way for a female lil' brown dog. Tommy was great keeping us up to date on progress.

So, on July 5th we clocked 635 miles for a Saturday AM pick out and pick up. When we got to Tommy's place, I wasn't sure whether we were at a kennel or duck camp, what with decoys, etc looking all ready for the season. The complex was neat and well organized.

There were 3 of the little girls left and Maureen zeroed right on this 4.5 lb shiny coated pup, Missy Jo. So, back in the truck for a trip home where 5 of our grands were waiting. Needless to say the spoiling began immediately.

Missy has been a dream. Sleeps through the night from day one and is adjusting to her crate very well. She's got the potty training regimen down very well, heading straight to a specific spot, quite often without a leash. We've got sit/stay pretty well wired, and working on down. The past week has been AM and PM tennis ball retrieving sessions.

We couldn't be happier. Thanks Tommy.
Maureen and Joe

Submitted by: Brandon on Sep 28, 2018
Where do I start. Mr. Tommy, is the best, in my opinion, at what he does. He is very thorough at explaining the breed and exactly what it takes to be a Boykin owner. His facility is very well kept, and you can tell he puts his heart into caring for each of his dogs, whether they be older or just born. If I've ever had any questions, Mr. Tommy has always been right there to help. I could go on and on about Mr. Tommy and MaxR Boykins. I hope our Belle out lives me but in the event she doesn't, I will be looking to Mr. Tommy for another great puppy.
Submitted by: Christian Lowe on Aug 16, 2018
This note is a long time coming, but was prompted by a close friend of mine who now wants a Boykin. Why does he want a Boykin? Well, because my dog Scooter from MaxR kennels is the most amazing dog he's ever seen. Scooter is my first Boykin and I'd done a ton of research on breeds — from Wire-haired Pointing Griffons to Nova Scotia DTRs to Chesapeakes...even put a deposit on an American Water Spaniel that didn't come through. So I dove in on the Boykin, found MaxR which was within driving distance of my home in MD and told them what I wanted and the budget I had. It's a crap shoot with this kind of thing for sure and I just had to go a little bit on faith (Scooter is 3 now so this was back in 2015). Brought the kids down to help pick and found the love of our lives within just a few minutes. Three years later, Scooter is by far the best dog I have ever had, and I've had A LOT of different breeds over my 46 years. He is at once perfectly happy lounging on the couch in front of the TV as he is getting up at 4am and hopping around excitedly as I pull the shotgun out of the safe. He is the first dog I have ever trained for hunting and gosh darn it, he's incredible. The retrieves this guy does are insane and his nose can't be beat. He absolutely is totally devoted to me and my family and loves newcomers and kids (though he's a tad territorial with other dogs). And he's so handsome he could be on a stamp! In fact, Scooter is such a great dog, my wife got us now we have two LBDs on the couch and in the blind! All I can say is I took a leap of faith with MaxR and I am SO SO glad I did. You can't go wrong with these dogs...
Submitted by: Olivia Higgs & Jon Stallings on Aug 08, 2018
We got Dowdy the Boykin from Mr. Tommy in May of 2017 and Dowdy is now a year and four months old. I am absolutely amazed at what this dog has accomplished in one year. By 10 weeks he was already far beyond house broke, retrieving balls from short distances, and had mastered his basic hand signals. By 6 months he was gun trained, sniffing out birds and even retrieved his first dove. At 8 months he braved his first waterfowl season and brought GEESE and many ducks back with ease due to his passion for hunting birds. Currently, Dowdy has completed his NADD Novice Dock Diving Title (AKC recognized) and is one 10' jump away from his NADD Junior Title. Dowdy also loves going to work everyday with his momma at the horse barns and vet office and is the best little farm/office dog ever. He is a gorgeous pup (he's the left dog in the ribbon picture), he's too smart, extremely loyal, and our absolute best friend for life. I can't speak highly enough about Mr. Tommy and the way he handles his operation. His dogs are his children and he follows up with his babies. Truthfully- he drove a few hours in the pouring rain to come watch a couple of his pups dock dive!! If you're looking for a Boykin, look no further.
Submitted by: Alex on Aug 07, 2018
We got our sweet girl from mr. Tommy last September and we couldn’t be more happier with what we got. Our friend had gotten a Boykin from him about a year before we became interested in the breed and told us about mr. Tommy. She’s now a year old and is full of energy and was definitely a great addition to our spaniel family!! I would highly recommend him.
Submitted by: Kris Bissette on Jul 18, 2018
I started looking for another Boykin puppy when my 15 yo Boykin passed in January. I reached out to Tommy in March and he was great to talk to and he told me it would be late summer before he’d be able to get me a puppy. He kept in touch with me through the entire process and when the day came to pick up my pup, I went to his place and saw and played with pups until I found my perfect girl, Ruby. I have been so pleased working with Tommy and I would highly recommend Tommy and MaxR Kennels. I am in love with my Ruby. She knew her name after 3 days! Thank you Tommy.
Submitted by: Susan & Tom Morgan on Feb 24, 2018
Gunner, our second Boykin, was born May 31, 2016--so he is 21 months old at this writing. He was purchased from MaxR Kennels in Nakina, NC--Tommy Reeves, breeder. Gunner was an absolutely beautiful puppy and has grown into an outstanding young dog with a sweet social disposition, a great nose, an instinct for hunting, and the body and endurance of an athlete. We live near a large pond and he loves to swim and retrieve. We have maintained contact with Tommy Reeves, who continues to be interested in "his" puppies and their new homes and owners. We would recommend Tommy Reeves and MaxR Kennels to anyone interested in a Boykin.
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