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Submitted by: Phil on May 04, 2020
I have a 3 y/o female from John. We hunt hard seven months a year on waterfowl, pheasants, quail, sharptail grouse, ruffed grouse, woodcock, huns, sage grouse, huns, chukar, and prairie chickens! From the start I have been impressed with her natural ability, athleticism, heat tolerance, and nose. She can switch it on in the field, and off when she is in the home. I cannot say enough good things about Larson Field Labs.
Submitted by: Laura Barton on Apr 26, 2019
Hi John and Tiffany,
I got Gracie who is now almost 5 years old and she is and has been fabulous! (Mom and dad are Nellie and Zeus)
She knows everyone in the neighborhood and greets each one individually.
She is in training to become A certified “therapy dog” and we will
be assigned to a center to visit regularly.
If you ever need someone to share training tips or visit to see the breed let me know.
Will send her graduation pictures
Submitted by: Kimberly Wingert on Aug 16, 2018
It has now been about a year since my last post and I wanted to provide another review now that Chloe is over a year old. Chloe is a black Labrador Retriever I took home from John and Tiffany’s family. As before, I cannot say enough good things about the Labradors that come from this family. I have worked with dogs my whole life and from the time Chloe was a puppy and still to this day she continues to amaze me with the growth and intellect she is capable of. She understands things I could never have expected her to, and it’s so much fun watching her solve problems she is trying to understand. She is loyal and loving, and I couldn’t ask for a better family member. I recently moved to California, and multiple people have been messaging me “tell Chloe I miss her”. She is an amazing dog, and I am still grateful for her every day. She has bonded so deeply with me and I can’t imagine a life without her.
Submitted by: Tanyia seay on Nov 20, 2017
Submitted by: Mitzi and Mike on Oct 13, 2017
Barkley is the third Labrador to join our family and our first experience with John at LarsonFieldLabs. We could not be happier. He has an amazing temperament, is incredibly athletic, and is so intelligent. His coat is unlike any other lab we have had - so shiny and smooth, like a seal, with little to no shedding. We get compliments from everyone who sees him, "What a handsome dog!" John has been wonderful from the beginning. He is very willing to talk anytime and gives us excellent advice. Our previous labs have passed, and we have always been a 2 dog family. If we are fortunate to have the opportunity, we would love to welcome another LarsonFieldLab into our home.
Submitted by: Kimberly Wingert on Oct 12, 2017
I have always loved Labrador Retrievers and over the summer I decided to start looking for a new furry member of the family. In searching, I came across the Larsons' information about a puppy they had available. I contacted John Larson to ask about the puppy, and he was extremely patient as I asked a million questions, and he also asked me questions in turn to ensure the puppy would be going to a good home. I am very wary about paying people online prior to meeting them, and because I was unable to see the puppy until I picked her up I talked about that concern with John. He provided me with the link to this website, which put my mind at ease, and also added me to a group page where people who have gotten puppies from them continue to post updates about the puppies/dogs and how amazing they are. All of these experiences eased my mind, and I immediately knew that I wanted that puppy! We named the puppy Chloe, and I can't imagine our home without her in it. She is a little over 6 months old now, and when I weighed her yesterday (10/11/2017) she was 49.6 lbs (examining a Labrador body condition chart indicates her weight is ideal; that is, she is also not overweight).

From the moment I brought Chloe home, it was obvious that she was special. She was playing fetch and bringing the toy back the same day she came home with us, and learned how to heel over the next few days (at between 8 and 9 weeks old!). She has been extremely easy to train- when I teach her something new I can almost see the mental gears turning and she picks up on what I want from her within 5 minutes. Within a couple of days of consistent reinforcement, she never fails to do what I'm asking. She is always eager to please, and always amazes me with her ability to reason in novel situations. After spending 4 months with her (she was 2 months old when we brought her home and is 6 months now), my only concern with her is that she thinks every single person she sees is her best friend and because she is so happy and outgoing she has fortunately never had to learn that not everyone she sees is a dog person. However, even that is not a real negative thing because she will still listen if I tell her no and to stay close. I have had a fantastic experience with the Larsons, and anyone who interacts with puppies from one of their litters will see that they provide a great environment for the puppies' emotional and intellectual growth until they are ready to go to their new families.

In addition to intelligence, Chloe has not had any concerning attachment issues. She loves interacting with us and with others (including other dogs), but she also plays on her own and does ok when we aren't home with her. She has clearly bonded well with us- I recently had a family member watch her when I left town for a weekend, and while I was told she searched for us every day and gave a couple of brief barks while looking in our room, she still happily played with the family and was in good spirits when we got home. She is great at letting people know when she needs something. She communicates in her own way but she always gets the message across. She has made a great addition to the family and I would recommend the Larsons as a breeder to anyone interested in adding a Labrador Retriever to the family. John and Tiffany Larson have always responded to those who ask questions, making their puppies ideal for even individuals who aren't used to training large breed dogs.
Submitted by: Caitlin Meaney on Oct 10, 2017
I can't say enough good things about John Larson, his family, and his beautiful labradors! We got our female black lab, Jet, from John. She's out of Mia and Zeus. Jet is 6 months old now and has brought nothing but joy to our lives! We went looking for a dog that we could train for hunting, but above all, would be a good house dog. We definitely got what we were looking for and more than we could ever hope for! I have never trained a hunting dog before, but with the help of books, videos and John's unwavering support and advice, Jet is well on her way to being a great hunter. Jet has been easy to train, and she is SO smart!
Jet is the perfect family dog in my opinion. The only things she has chewed (besides her toys) have been a few socks. She's so cuddly and sweet but never "needy." Jet has an incredible "off" switch. When it's time to play or train, she's so fun and "ON", but as soon as work/play time is over, she knows to settle down and will laze around with us. Jet loves people, especially kids. We've taken her on many adventures and vacations with us already, and she travels well! Always laid back and easy.
Jet has a gorgeous, shiny, short black coat that doesn't shed much at all. I get so many compliments wherever she goes. "Wow! What a beautiful dog!" and we could not agree more!
John and his family are amazing, and I would recommend anyone to get a pup from him. What a wonderful experience it has been so far! We hit the jackpot with Larson's Field Labs. Thank you John!
Submitted by: Jason on Oct 10, 2017
John Larson is professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Easy to talk to and genuinely interested in selecting the right pup to fit your needs. We have a female from his most current litter with Zeus and Mia. She's healthy, intelligent, good temperament and has a soft mouth. She's eager to please and very responsive to training.
Submitted by: Dan on Oct 09, 2017
John and his family are the greatest. Our puppy Cooper (blue boy)is six months old. He is a fabulous pup. We bought him for our grandson, now 19 months old. They are great buddies, he can virtually do anything to Cooper. His temperament is fabulous and very smart. Everyone compliments us .
Submitted by: Danial Hannover on Dec 19, 2016
I would like to take a moment to share how amazing our dog, Gus, has been for us. We have had Gus for a little over two years now, and has been a tremendous house dog. He is always friendly to everyone he meets, almost too friendly (if that was possible). But the area that he has really excelled is in the hunting field. This will be Gus' second full hunting season with me. Last year was very fun to see him slowly figure the whole pheasant hunting thing out, when we first went out to North Dakota that year, he kind of had to watch other dogs and emulate what they did. Gus continued to become more independent over the rest of the season with two trips to South Dakota and three to Iowa. Turn the page to this years pheasant hunting season, Gus and I have taken two trips to South Dakota and one to Iowa so far with some very experienced pheasant hunters. From day one this season, we have hunted with 20+ other bird dogs (each very talented in their own right), but Gus has out hunted each and every one of them. I cannot tell you how many times this year, I have been told that he is one of the best dogs they have ever hunted with, coming from hunters with 50+ years of experience; that is quite the compliment. Most recently, we were invited to hunt at a game farm in central Minnesota and Gus impressed the guides at the game farm so much by out hunting their own dogs, that we were offered a job at the game farm. Although I may have trained Gus and have gotten him as much exposure to pheasant hunting as possible, I believe his natural instinct and attitude is true testament to what outstanding dogs John and Larson Field Labs produce. Thank you again for producing such an awesome dog, he has been a great addition to our family and an even better addition in the fields.
Submitted by: Tanner on Jan 23, 2014
We bought blue collar boy (Wesley). Through my years having labs, this puppy is the smartest by far. He learned how to sit and shake by 10 weeks! John was incredible to deal with, he stayed in touch even after we bought our pup. Best experience by far! Thank you so much for blessing us with our new pup wesley, he's getting spoiled day by day.

Submitted by: Jason B. Hagen on Jan 19, 2014
We could not be happier with our experience with John Larson. He was very thoughtful and kept us informed all the way through the process. He still contacts us to see how she is doing. Darla is doing very well and is a very well adjusted dog. She is extremely smart and very trainable. She is just over three months old and has become an important part of our family.
Submitted by: MichelleJessee on Jan 12, 2014
We couldn't be happier with our lab! She is so smart and the perfect family dog. Rearing a puppy in an environment like John's has SUCH a tremendous positive impact on the dog's long term disposition and temperment. We have had other dogs from other breeders as well as rescue dogs, and you just can't imagine the difference it makes to have a pup from John's family! Any questions we have had have been answered promptly and they really do care about their pups and the families they go to.
Submitted by: Marvin Larson on Jan 12, 2014
The male lab we received from Larson's Labs is such an awesome dog! He is three months old and has already learned a handful of basic commands like: sit, stay, lay down, etc. Every training session results in a positive experience. I feel very confident that the intelligence of our lab is the result of exceptional breeding.
Submitted by: Mike on Jan 12, 2014
Beautiful parents and awesome litter! Larson's Labs was a pleasure to deal with from the beginning. Even now, months later, he stays in contact to see how the pups are doing. The pups were obviously well cared for with a great demeanor and temperament when we brought our pup home. This is a testament to the care they received from birth. Thank you Larson's Labs for the newest addition to our family.

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