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Submitted by: Larry Melego on Aug 22, 2018
We got Ruger in November of 20016. I had several Labradors that were great upland bird hunters but none of them hold a candle to this dog. He has a great nose and once on a scent trail, he is relentless. At home he is loving and protective. He thinks he is a lap dog. Dave made the whole process so easy. I would definitely get another Chessie from Dave.
Submitted by: Tori English on Feb 16, 2018
We got our Chessie girl from David in November 2016. She is amazing in the field. So focused when she is training and hunting. Listens to every command. And at home she is a snuggly goofball who loves kisses. We couldn't be more happy with her!
Submitted by: Sarah Lafon on Jan 08, 2017
I purchased my chessie from Dave in March of 2011. He was friendly and allowed us to come to his property to check out our puppy prior to purchase. Perfect land for raising Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Lake on site and appears to be good old fashioned breeder. We love our dog tori renamed Daphne and have been ever so pleased since. She is intelligent friendly affectionate and easily trainable. This dog was practically house trained when we brought her home. Aside from that Dave is a breeder that I trust though we moved out of state I could see us coming back to Pennsylvania in the future to continue business with him. Thank you Dave we love are Chesapeake Bay Retriever!
Submitted by: B White on Aug 17, 2016
I got my little girl about 3 months ago the buying part was a very easy because David made it that way. As for our pup she is now 5 months old and what a joy she is. She is completely housebroken, and retrieving 40 to 50 yards on land and 30to40 yards in shallow water. I am very pleased with everything from the buying to working with my pup and would do it all over again even then 6.5 hour ride each way.,
Submitted by: Cody Salmon on Jan 03, 2016
We picked up Zeke almost two years ago from Kinkade Hill Chesapeakes and he has grown into a fine hunting companion, whether in the swamp hunting ducks, in the field hunting geese, or in the upland hunting pheasants. He has a keen nose, amazing me many times in the field, retrieving blind on ducks and geese and tracking and retrieving a winged rooster for over 200 yards in thick cover to return with the bird in his mouth. He hunts well with other dogs as I have a German Shorthair Pointer that I hunt with Zeke for Pheasants. I keep Zeke close by and when the GSP is on point, I send in Zeke to flush, it has been a great combo.

Zeke, our Chesapeake, has been a wonderful family dog. He plays in the yard with our daughter and loves to snuggle up at our feet in the evening. He loves his family, and is protective of the household. This was our first experience with a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. We have enjoyed him so much as a family dog, and a hunting companion, that we have contacted Kinkade Hill Chesapeakes to purchase another pup from an upcoming litter. We are willing to wait for one from this breeder due to the temperament and amazing abilities of our dog.
Submitted by: Joshua on Oct 27, 2015
I picked up my pup about a year ago, he was 80 pounds lighter. As he grew he went to work with me every day. I not only have a pet but a friend that I don't worry about taking places he has a great temper and loves everyone. There are also a lot of kids that live around me, it's nice to know he is just another one of there friends he has the best temper and Will not hurt anyone.. Thanks Dave
Submitted by: Chad Hough on Oct 18, 2015
Got my first Chesapeake from Dave (Kinkade Hill) 9/26/15. I have owned and Hunted Labs for 18 years. Our was a Light Dead Grass pup named (Decker), the whole experience from meeting Dave and his dogs to picking my pup was great. Dave gave me tons of time to select my pup and didn't mind that I brought a live quail to see which puppies liked birds, along with throwing bumpers to see which puppies wanted to retrieve. My Pup Decker is already swimming and retrieving dead Quail in Heavy Cover at 9 1/2 weeks. Great Dog, I think I got a winning Hunting Dog! Thanks Dave!

Chad Hough
Ford City, PA.
Submitted by: Andrew ost on Sep 28, 2015
Well I'm back again, I just picked up my second pup from David and couldn't be happier with the quality of his dogs. Again, he kept me super informed and up to date with the puppies, very kind, and smooth throughout the process. David has my business and will continue to have it. He and his pups are great! I look forward to my next trip back to get my third puppy form him! Great experience! email me at if you have questions I am happy to help with any questions you have.

- Drew Yost
Submitted by: Rachel Vastyan on Apr 30, 2015
We purchased a a medium brown male pup, who we have named, "Hatch" - or "Kinkade's Flying Hatchet" from David the last week in January.

He is our first Chesapeake and he is hands-down the smartest, most well-behaved and loving dog I've ever had. He only cried the first five nights in his crate - after that, he slept the whole night through. He's been completely potty trained for over a month now, he already retrieves, knows all kinds of commands, both vocal and hand-signal and he gets along beautifully with any other dog he meets.

We take him to classes at a local trainer, which we'll keep doing once he "graduates" from each class - and the trainer cannot stop saying how wonderful a Chessie he is, how handsome and well-behaved. He's the youngest puppy in the class (He's not even 4 months old and the trainers are already using Hatch as a group example and has the class watch how he and I work together.) The trainer also says, "I tip my hat to that breeder, he sure did produce a fantastic pup!"

Before we got a puppy, people - who obviously don't know what they're talking about - told us they've heard that chessie's are stubborn and can be aggressive - that couldn't be farther from the truth with Hatch. Hatch is focused and extremely driven when we're working on retrieves (which will soon morph into duck hunting) and training practices - but when we're just at home relaxing, he's the most loving dog - and that mix is EXACTLY what we were looking for. We've already been asked by several people to stud him out when he's of age, because everyone who comes in contact with him wants a Hatch puppy of their own.

While this is a long review, I wanted to really commend what David Bray is doing with his chessie's. Beautiful, even tempered, all around great dogs. We couldn't be happier with our puppy.
Submitted by: Dee Brandt on Mar 17, 2015
This man is one person that I will contact in the future because of his down to earth statement and breeding practices. Finally, someone who does not mince words and states it like it is. Someone I trust and will not no matter what hold anything back when he sells a puppy ever!!! I do appreciate this in the utmost and finally someone that feels the way I do. My God Be at Your Back and Take You Along By His Side Dave Bray.
Submitted by: Chris Glover on Mar 02, 2015
Hi, my name is Chris. My wife and I just purchased our first CBR off of Kinkade Hill yesterday. The sedge male we got is beautiful and a very sweet dog, everyone loves him and he seems to be very intelligent for being so young. We are working on crate and potty training right now. In my opinion the most frustrating part of the entire basic obedience. As far as the business relationship with Dave and Kinkade Hill Chesapeakes, I have to say it could not have went any better. Like so many before me have said about this breeder, he is EXCELLENT to deal with. He is down to earth, honest, and is just an all around good guy... did I mention a good guy!?

Looking forward to training our sedge pup REED into a great duck/hunt test dog.

I would recommend Dave at Kinkade to anyone anywhere, breeders like him are becoming a thing of the past. His prices are excellent, he is AKC registered, he truly is a chessie genius.
Submitted by: Rebekah McShane on Dec 29, 2014
Hi my name is Rebekah and I got Dolly from Kinkade Hill and it was such a pleasant experience and from day one everything went very smoothly. Dolly is a year and a half old female Chesapeake Bay retriever and she is such a sweet and loving girl!! She has a great temperament, she loves children, and get along great with other dogs! kinkade Hill should definitely be looked into for your next Chesssie!
Submitted by: C. Scott Clark on Aug 30, 2014
Recently we purchased the first pick female from Kinkade Hill's summer 2014 litter. My wife and I planned a vacation in Amish country to coincide with picking up our deadgrass Female from David's kennel. David kept us informed once the breeding was confirmed and after the pups were born, providing photos to make our decision process a little easier. We put the pressure on David as we had to have health certifications before flying home to GA. We arrived Friday to pick Ellie out and take her to the local Vet recommended by David. We picked Ellie up and David allowed us to take her to the vet without money even changing hands. We picked Ellie up Saturday morning, swapped funds and papers and headed to Pittsburgh for our flight home. All of which Ellie handled like a champ, no spooks or accidents. Ellie is a very affectionate, loving and trainable pup. She is
exhibiting all the instincts you want to see in a young retriever pup and is well on her way to completing her house training. we have begun to develop her natural retrieving instincts as well as started her early obedience training, all of which she is handling well. Acclimation to the extreme heat down south will take a while, though she is getting better. David thank you very much for providing us this wonderful girl and for making the entire process easy. I would definitely recommend Kinkade Hill Chesapeake's and David Bray to anyone looking for the next hunting companion or family pet. It would be nice if all breeders were as accommodating. Well done David!!! Scott Clark, TIfton, GA
Submitted by: Chrissy Wright on Mar 13, 2014
We have had our puppy for almost 3 weeks now. She is very easy to train and very loving we couldn't ask for a better puppy. Mr. Bray kept us updated through email and phone calls about our baby he also sent pictures so we could see there progress. I would recommend Mr. Bray to anyone looking for a Chessie because he has amazing puppies.
Submitted by: Jim & Karen Dunn on Mar 13, 2014
We fell in love with the Chesapeake breed over 13 yrs ago when introduced by a friend to his male Chessie.. we googled Chesapeake Breeders and were so fortunate to find David Bray. We brought home a beautiful little girl Sheraton who exceeded everything we thought she would be.. she was absolutely an amazing and very intellegent Chessie. Sadly we lost her last June at 13yrs of age.. We were heartbroken and decided to contact David Bray of Kinkade Hill Kennels and to our delight he told us our timing was perfect and that he just had a litter 3 weeks prior to my call.. We instantly mailed a deposit and couldn't wait to get another female Chessie. David kept us informed with their growth via phone calls and pictures.. He was absolutely the best.. We drove over 2 hours on July 27, 2013 so very excited to pick up our little girl. We named her Nellie (they named her Big Bertha since she was a very large puppy) weighed 12(lbs) the day she came home with us.. She nows weighs 9 months later 80lbs and is perfect!!! Her deadgrass coat is very very curly and has the best temperament especially with our grandchildren.. We are beyond thrilled to have purchased another Chesapeake from David Bray and would highly recommend him to anyone!!! He definately makes sure his puppies are going to good homes.. We would never consider going anywhere other then with David if we wanted to extend our family.. Additionally, she loves loves loves our other dog a rescue husky/shepherd mix.. They are best friends!!!
Submitted by: Heather Hunter on Mar 03, 2014
I was very pleased with my experience with Mr. Bray at Kinkade Hill kennels. We drove over 5 hrs to see his pups and their parents after speaking with the breeder on the phone. He is very knowledgeable and straightforward. We purchased one of his deadgrass chesapeakes and are very, very pleased. She is the most affectionate dog and very easy to train. We have only had her for a few days and she is almost housebroken and listening to sit and stay commands. I would highly recommend Mr. Bray at Kinkade Hill Kennels to anyone looking to purchase a great Chesapeake from an experienced and down- to-earth breeder. Thanks again Mr. Bray!!!
Submitted by: David Campsey on Feb 25, 2014
I began looking for a Chessie pup last summer. I had seen two dogs owned by Dan Bazzoli retrieving pheasants several years prior and was totally impressed. When I called Dan, he immediately recommended David Bray and a couple of other breeders. After talking to them all, I decided on Mr. Bray and sent him a deposit on a female. Mr. Bray kept me informed from the time he bred his female until the pups were ready for their new home. Never having owned a Chessie, I read everything I could about them. Gracie turned out to be an amazing pup. She is intelligent and loves everyone. She is almost housebroken already and has begun to retrieve. She loves to curl up on someone's lap, but is going to be too big for that real soon. The whole family loves her. I see that David has a couple of females left. If you are even thinking about getting one, do not hesitate; they are the best.
Submitted by: shane mancuso on Feb 25, 2014
I had my puppy now from Mr.Bray for just over 1 week. He kept me well aware of how my puppy was doing from birth till I picked him up through emails and phone calls..also sent me pics! My puppy is just about potty trained, so smart and affectionate. My whole family loves my puppy. I recommend Mr. Bray if you are looking for a Cheasapeake Bay Retriever puppy!
Submitted by: laird snyder on Feb 18, 2014
I just received my puppy from Mr. Bray and I am very pleased with the entire experience. The puppy I received is a very well tempered and easy going dog and so far is very easy to train. Mr. Bray is a great man to work with and keeps you well informed throughout the entire process. I would very highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great dog and dog buying experience.
Submitted by: Randy Black on Sep 08, 2013
David Bray came highly recommended from a friend. As a previous owner of a chessie that lived until the age of 15, I knew we needed to search long and hard to find a breeder that would have similarities to our first purchase 17 years ago. When we found Dave and started doing our due diligence on him and his dogs it didn't take long to find out that our search was over. So we called and got put on the waiting list. The wait has been so so worth it. Kinkade Remington Camo as been everything we expected and beyond, from being a tremendous retriever to a quick learner, to becoming a loving part of our family. One thing I know for sure Dave's dogs adapt to there surroundings and environment quickly and very well. Camo will never replace the memories of our first chessie, but he is creating his own legacy in his own right. I highly recommend anybody that is thinking of a life long companion to highly consider Dave Bray, as he is sure not to disappoint. I also agree with the other testimonials especially how he kept us in formed throughout the process.
Submitted by: Michael Schummer on Aug 15, 2013
I had the pleasure of having a dog produced by Mr. Bray for 11+ years and fully agree with the other testimonials below. Fisher's Glenn Tanker (Tanker) was a well tempered dog that was a pleasure to own. When starting my PhD in Zoology in Ontario I was looking for a moderately priced, quality Chessie and I found that in Kinkade Kennels. Tanker was a working dog and retrieved nearly 200 ducks for me from Lake Ontario December - March 2002-2003 and 2003-2004 as part of my graduate research project. She not only had drive to retrieve but also was great on the road, on hikes on the trout stream, in the canoe, camping, the office/house, and she especially liked long hikes in the Alleghany Mnts. After I completed my PhD Tanker traveled with me to Maine, then Mississippi, then Michigan and final central New York. She traveled well and adapted to every new situation, she even figured out poisonous cottonmouth snakes and how to avoid them; never got bit. ABOVE ALL, I found that she was an incredibly smart dog, probably the smartest dog I've ever know. My wife always said, that if she had thumbs she'd be opening doors herself. Sadly we lost her last week to heart failure, but at that it even seemed that she chose when to go (I will spare you the details but it was peaceful and as if she picked the time of her passing). Tanker was a quality dog, produced by a quality breeder. She will truly be missed. Thank you David. No matter the sadness now, the pleasure of owning such a great dog was worth it.
Submitted by: ryan lincicome on Aug 14, 2013
I got a great, well socialized pup from Dave in late July. I couldn't be more pleased with this dog, he is already very loyal and quick to learn. Dave did an extraordinary job of keeping me updated of the pups progress. Dave Bray is a top notch breeder with real down to earth views, my next chessie will be from Dave. A real pleasurable experience.
Submitted by: D on Aug 12, 2013
Mr. Bray is class all the way. My female Chessie was the belle of the ball in the vet's office for her first check in. It's actually hard to walk her, because everyone one we meet (dogs included) melt over her.

Very well socialized pup; no problem with cats or small children, in fact its hard to walk her for 50 feet before someone says "What a cute puppy!," and melts all over her.

She's also half-fish; she will enter any body of water and enjoy it thoroughly.

Our Chessie is a joy (though trying, as puppies will be) and a happy, healthy puppy. Kinkade Hill has an excellent breed and in my experience, Mr. Bray will tell you everything you need to know about his dogs and pups.

Highly recommended.
Submitted by: Jim Bobby on Jun 23, 2013
I originally contacted David from a referral of an owner of 2 of his dogs. I've had my female for around 6 weeks now and she is awesome. This being my 2nd Chessie I knew what to expect but got more. She has focus and is smart; sit, stay, shake took 10 minutes. Here's the best part, fearless (but not aggressive), observant, and loyal (no big surprise). She has been splashing in her kiddie pool for about 2 weeks and today I couldn't keep her in the Jon boat! She insisted on jumping in after the fishing bobbers!

David is a "dog" guy cares about where his dogs go.

One last thing, she prefers Droid phones over I Phones and hiking boots over tennis shoe!
Submitted by: Becky on Jun 07, 2013
David Bray was an awesome breeder to go through to get my beautiful female pup. I am from Baltimore, MD so it was a five hour drive to pick her up, and given the opportunity I wouldn't even think twice about doing it again. Dolly, is now 10 weeks and quite the beaut with so much personality and ab awesome temperament. She's great around other people, small children and other dogs. I recommend. Kinkade hill if you're looking for a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, the process was smooth, the pricing was awesome, and David is very good with keeping you updated along the way!
Submitted by: Jennifer Porter on Jul 04, 2012
We had a great experience with David Bray. We are very pleased with our dog named Ruger. David kept us updated all along the way and sent us pictures several times since he was born. He is the best breeder that we have dealt with. Our dog is very friendly and mild mannered....and very intelligent!! He is a real joy to our family. I STRONGLY suggest that if you are looking for a Chesapeake Bay Retriever...David Bray is the one you should strongly consider!!!
Submitted by: Rodney Sponseller on Jul 02, 2012
Dave Bray is a great person to deal with when purchasing a puppy. He kept us informed from the time his Lily came in heat until the puppies were born. He forwarded us pictures of the puppies almost every week until it was time for us to pick up our "Ginny". She is a beautiful, intelligent,and very sociable puppy. She has no fear of water, and now at ten weeks of age, is going into the lake behind our house and loves to swim. We had a very good experience, and highly recommend Dave to anyone who is considering getting a Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy.
Submitted by: Bill Massicci on Jul 02, 2012
My experience with Dave as q breeder was out of this world. I'm from Pittsburgh it was worth the drive 10 fold to have an amazing smart n strong puppy from an even better breeder. Take advice from a long time Chesapeake owner USE KINKADE HILL NO MATTER WHAT!!!!
Submitted by: Todd Pieprzyk on Apr 05, 2012
I bought a Puppy from Dave about 12 years ago. "Ice" was a great dog with allot of drive to hunt and retrieve. She did well in hunt tests UKc and AKC. I would recommend Kinkade Hill Chesapeakes. I had recently contacted Dave when I was in the process of looking for another puppy. Too bad he did not have any.
Submitted by: jennifer s. on Feb 14, 2012
I got Lager about 2 years ago. I drove 5 hours just to get him, and I would drive another 5 hours again.. He is wonderful.. The best dog in the world. When I got him I was last pick and he was the only puppy left. I can say that I would buy another dog from him again.. Last pick or first it doesn't matter he is the best Chessie in the world.
Submitted by: Nora Hempel on Nov 28, 2011
After an extensive search I found Dave's dogs. Willow is just over a year now, she happened to be born on my birthday 2010. She is not only gorgeous, but everything I wanted in my chessie. I come from a long line of chessie owners and my family agrees wholeheartedly. Dave is not only a responsible breeder, he is the kind of guy that his word is his honor. That is rare now days. Thanks Dave for everything.
Submitted by: Travis Ruhl on Sep 07, 2011
Well, Ive waited some time to write this testimonial. My June Bug is now 4 months old and Ive been able to get a very good understanding of what kind of dog she is going to become. As a Chesapeake owner for about ten years now, here's my no B.S. assessment. What a dog! She has everything you look for in a Chesapeake. Shes extremely intellingent, has a wonderful temperment, shows amazing prey drive and has those Chessie "expressions" that will melt you! June is without a doubt going to be an exceptional hunter and an absolute joy to own for many years to come. I like to think I got lucky with her but the truth is my luck isnt that good. I owe my great fortune to Dave. He's the type of breeder I wish they all would be. Not in it for namesake or praise or money, but instead to provide a sound Chessie that Im sure would be capable of doing anything you want it to! Thank you Dave for all you do and keep up the great work. I will highly recommend you to anyone looking for an outstanding breeder of outstanding Chesapeake Bay Retrievers!
Submitted by: Marc Speal on Aug 15, 2011
We have had our puppy for about 5 weeks now. Tilt is a wonderful dog and is very intelligent. Dave kept us updated on the puppies and was very kind. I would definetly recommend Dave as a breeder. He has beautiful dogs.
Submitted by: Robert and Karin leonard on Aug 09, 2011
Got our Puppies(yes puppies)from Dave 1 month ago.a boy and a girl,they are truely wonderful,loving and very,very smart.almost housebroken and know a handful of commands.Kinkade hill Chesapeakes are great,we've had Chessies for the last 20 years and Daves dogs at Kinkade hill are remarkable.if you live near or far from Southwestern Pa look no further,you found Chesapeake Heaven here !! Thanks again Dave.
Submitted by: Steve on Jul 19, 2011
We just picked up our puppy a few weeks ago and so far, he has been a very good puppy. He is such a smart little dog and has already figured out the potty training thing. Dave was real easy to deal with and kept us in the loop during the entire process. In fact, I had questions even before we picked him up and Dave took the time to give us some great advice on making the transition a bit easier for the puppy and us. Thanks A bunch Dave!!!
Submitted by: KEN on May 30, 2011
I am very satisfied with the overall experience with getting my dog from David and am an avid waterfowl hunter. The dog is fearless, easy to train, loves children and is very loyal. The dog has great instincts for hunting.
Submitted by: Saarah on Mar 31, 2011
I was pleasantly surprised to find Kinkade Hill. Chessies aren't an easy breed to find in Western PA and Dave was just an hour and a half away from my home. He was very friendly and he gave me a great price. We are very happy with our pup. She is healthy, active and intelligent exactly what we were looking for.
Submitted by: Jen Kelley on Dec 27, 2010
We want to thank Dave and his family for such a great addition to our family; This was my first time working with a breeder and I am thankful for such a positive experience; We made the 7 hour drive to western PA from MD to get a dog at a reasonable price with no strings attached. We take Sam to work with us where he melts the hearts of staff and patients in the hospital and nursing homes he visits;
Submitted by: jim tatar on Dec 27, 2010
i bought a pup from Dave and it is the smartest dog i have ever owned. it is retrieving at 8 weeks old. house trained and knows other commands as well.if anybody is looking for a great pup Dave is the one to get it from.
Submitted by: tim buterbaugh on Dec 24, 2010
Our pup Sidney was born 4th of July. we had pick of the litter, the wait was well worth it. Mr Bray is a fine dog breeder. he kept us well informed of our pups progress.from start to finish.he's turning out to be a fine dog has all basic commands down pat. sit,shake,stay, etc. working on retrieving now. picking it up pretty quick. very loving and affectionate puppy. we've had gun dogs all our lives this puppy ranks up at the top. if you are looking for good blood lines. Mr David Bray is the man to call. thinking about another Kincade Hill pup this coming fall.
Submitted by: William Bock on Oct 18, 2010
Our Dog Callie is 3 1/2 months old... learned all of her basic commands by 2 months. She is a natural born retriever and has been doing 50-60 yard land retrieves, and 20 yard water retrieves for the past two weeks... When the gun goes off she is looking for the mark. She has had no problems picking up any of the birds that I've brought home. I have two kids (17mos and 5yrs) she is their new best friend. She is BEAUTIFUL AND SMART!!! If you are looking for a Chessie, Dave Bray is a phenomonal breeder to work with. He is professional, fair, and keeps you informed every step of the way.
Thanks again Dave for a great Dog!!!
Submitted by: Pat & Rick Knight on Sep 19, 2010
We had a great experience dealing with Dave. We picked our little girl Lucy up several weeks ago and she has learned all her basic commands. She has super retrieving instincts and loves the water. If you are looking for a CBR you can't go wrong with Dave at Kinkade Hill Chesapekes!
Submitted by: Rich Elliott on Aug 30, 2010
Just got our new puppy from Kinkade Hill chesapeakes and what a great pup she is turning out to be.This is the first time dealing with Dave Bray and it was a great pleasure all around.He was constantly keeping my family and I up to date on the progress of mom and her pups and was so nice to talk to when we picked Hailey up.If you want a great chessie pup and a great all around experience believe me you will not find any better then Dave at Kinkade Hill.
Submitted by: Fritz Wink on May 11, 2010
We had a great experience in dealing with Dave Bray at Kinkade Hill Chesapeakes. We were kept informed about the pups the whole way through. I just took our pup in for her first vet visit here locally and the vet commented on what a fine looking puppy she is. I recommend this breeder to anyone looking for a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. This is our 2nd (first time dealing with Kinkade Hill).
Submitted by: Jason Butler on Apr 27, 2010
We picked our boy Duke up from Dave this past weekend. The whole experience was great! David kept us updated with regular calls to tell us how the pups were doing and answered any questions we had. We are from Delaware and made the 6 hour drive to get the pup and it was well worth it. Duke is a great pup and is getting along with our other dog and many cats and children. Anyone looking for a Chessie should give Dave a call!
Submitted by: The Strickland's on Apr 05, 2010
We chose our puppy January 2010 we named him “Sailor”, he has handsome markings and features and catches the eye of everyone everywhere that we go with him. His temperament is mild and adores my two boys and has rekindled the life of our aging Black lab. We not only got a family dog but we have a dog that will be our good hunting partner as well.
So if you are looking for a breeder and “Chessie” pup for your family you need not looking any farther than Kinkade Hill Chesapeake’s and David Bray. I know we will be seeing David In the future for our next Chessie.

The Strickland Family
Submitted by: Mike Waters on Mar 10, 2010
We received our Pup from Kinkade Hill in January 2010. What a great experience dealing with Dave Bray. His knowledge of Chessies is second to none, and he was always available, courteous, and informative. He clearly loves his dogs and this breed. Our Pup has displayed style, grace, and drive at an early age. Its clear he comes from an outstanding breeding program and an attentive momma. We look forward to purchasing our next Puppy from Dave.
Submitted by: Rich Janisin on Mar 02, 2010
Our family recently purchased a male Chesapeake pup (Toby) from Kinkade Hill. Dave kept us informed about the pup’s progress from day one. We had many questions that he was more than willing to answer and offered his help with our pup in the future if needed. Toby is now 13 weeks old, has beautiful features, a pleasant personality and a wonderful addition to our family. I would recommend Kinkade Hill to anyone looking for a Chessie pup. Our experience with Dave has been above and beyond what we expected. We can’t wait to get him out hunting.

Please feel free to email me for a reference at
Submitted by: Kelly Odneal on Jan 27, 2010
Working with Dave Bray was a very positive experience. He is not the powertrip breeder (name/breeding right control and puppy selection)which seems to be commonplace with the Chesapeake breed. Instead he is a very honest and compassionate individual whom loves his dogs and wants to assist others in experiencing the same pleasure of owning a Chessie. Kayne is the third Chessie which we have owned and he is fitting in nicely with our girl, Sage.
Submitted by: Kevin Wilk on Jan 24, 2010
My family and I recently purchased a pup (ROXY)from Dave (Kinkade Hill Chesapeakes). This is the first time we purchased a puppy from a breeder. I must tell you it was a great experience. Dave kept us updated on the pups progress and answered any questions that we had. I'm just glad that when I told my friend Mike that I was thinking of getting a dog he told me I should give Dave a call. I'm the kind of guy that always finds one thing wrong with everything, but theres not one thing I could say that could have been done differently. I would recommend Kinkade Hill Chesapeakes to anyone that wants to have a good experience and a great dog.
Thanks Dave
Submitted by: Andrew Yost on Jan 19, 2010
David was a pleasure to work with. He kept my wife and i updated with information on the pups including pictures. He is exactly what we wanted out of a breeder. He was polite, informative, and caring. He has a super clean enviornment for the puppies. KHC was great experience, I would refer anyone looking for a chessie to David. Our little one "Kimber" is a great pup and we are so happy, I cant wait to get her in the field.

-If anyone would like a reference please feel free to email me at and I would be happy to share more of my experience with KHC.
Submitted by: steven smith on Jan 06, 2010
I purchased a Kinkade Hill female Chesapeake 10 years ago and she’s been the best hunting dog I’ve owned and best hunting buddy you could ask for. Unfortunately, because of her age, I’ve had to retire her from what she loves most. I have been very impressed with her hunting instincts -- no matter if it’s a goose, a duck, a rabbit or a squirrel I could always count on her to retrieve. Based on these qualities, I have decided once again to purchase another pup this spring from Kinkade Hill Chesapeake’s.
Submitted by: Aaron Bonham on Sep 20, 2009
We pick up a new Chessie pup from Kinkade Hill Chesapeakes last week, and it has been a pleasant process. Dave has kept us well informed from the first day we contacted him. He has always welcomed any questions we had about his pups and the breed. Our new pup “Jessie” has already become a great addition to our family. We would highly recommend Kinkade Hill Chesapeakes to anyone who is looking to add a Chessie to their home.
Submitted by: Ben on May 17, 2009
It has been a year now since I first purchased my chessie from dave. She is a great dog all around. Excellent tempermant with kids, dogs, and anyone who comes in contact with her. She is my hunting companion as well as the family pet. I finished up her training by about 8months. Now I continue to brush her up every now an then. I plan to do a lot of water work with her this summer to get her ready for the upcoming waterfowl season. Remi and I entered a puppy challenge(Chukar challenge) in May this year that was hosted by Wings of Challege. She took 1st place in the flushing divison for retrieving dogs. Again, I am very pleased with Remi and the service Dave provides. Hope one day soon to get another one.

Submitted by: don novicki on Mar 15, 2009
I purchased my pup from Dave in April 1999 and have never looked back since then. He "AKC Gunners Dawn Riley" has never let me down in the field or at home. He is a big blocky Chessie with absolute perfect conformation. I couldnt be happier. Now as the big guy is in the twilight of his life i realize how much he means to me. Thanks for all the memories Dave The big guy still hunts with me all the time but I wont let him in the ice cold water anymore even though his spirit is more than willing. Someday Im going to want another kinkade Chesapeake. I hope you can help me out but I hope that day is still a ways off.
Submitted by: Michael Schroeffel on Feb 24, 2009
About a year and a half ago we found out that our dog Dixie was sick. We got Dixie from Mr. Bray and called him to see if her illness was common in the Chesapeake breed. Dave was very helpful, returned our calls, and even remembered who we were even though we got Dixie from him 8 years earlier. This past January we had to say goodbye to Dixie and called Mr. Bray to tell him the sad news. Being a "Chessie" lover he was saddened to hear this news. He was very personal, pleasant, caring breeder and talked of Dixie's family with great fondness. We recently got another dog from Mr. Bray, we call him Buxton, and we are confident that once again we have another wonderful dog that is extremely loyal, friendly, and a tremendous hunting dog. We would strongly recommend Mr. Bray "Kinkade Chesapeakes" for anyone who wants a dog that anyone would envy!
Submitted by: Dave T. on Feb 12, 2009
It has been just over 2 weeks since I picked up my new chessie. The whole experience with Dave was very professional as well as personable and friendly. My daughter and Mr. Bray conspired to set the pup up as a Christmas present for me after having to put my previous chessie down after 10 years in October 2008 (not a Kinkade dog). I waited this long to comment so I could give you an accurate, less emotional account of the experience. The the sire and dam are beautiful even tempered chessies and it was difficult for my wife and I to select a pup, as they were all very healthy and outgoing. The dam displayed NO aggression as we examined her puppies. I believe Kinkade Chesapeakes are an exceptional value for the money and Dave is a caring and knowledgable breeder. I would recommend Kinkade Chesapeakes to anyone looking for an exceptional chessie. Thanks Dave!
Submitted by: Jason Shaffer on Jan 24, 2009
Throughout the entire puppy buying process Dave was very informative and knowledgeable on Chesapeakes. I am a first time retriever owner, and Dave has been very helpful with training, housebreaking, and socializing tips for the pup, and making sure I was prepared for this full time commitment. He kept me up to date weekly with phone calls and emails, letting me know how 'mama dog' and her litter were progressing. For a first time retriever owner I could not have asked for a better experience, and I am very eager to see this boy in the field after watching his father easily handle retrieves in Dave's backyard! Jason
Submitted by: Chris & Mike on Jan 17, 2009
Our experience with Dave has been "Top Notch"! He was very informative on the breed and overall Dawgie knowledge. He kept us informed on the progress of the litter, and helped with the final decision making on our "1st Pick" female and after having her just a short time, I know we have a winner!!! Her parents temperment is AWSOME and very nice looking dawgs (and it shows in thier litter). If you are looking for a life long companion of a Chessie, then you have to visit Daves kennel and see his dawgs in action. best Wishes Dave and you'll be seeing us in the Hunt Tests! >>>~~~Chris & Mike~~>
Submitted by: Mary McQueen on Jul 14, 2008
We purchased a dead grass male pup from Dave and we have been very pleased with Brigg's temperment as well as conformation. We have raised chessies for 20 years and this big guy seems to be growing into a handsome pup. Our contact with Dave in purchasing Brigg was a good experience. He regularly sent us pictures of our puppy, suggesting the puppy he felt fit our situation. In purchasing our puppy I felt confident, after talking to Dave, that he was quite knowledgable about the Chessie and his breeding. Thanks Dave The McQueens
Submitted by: Ben Campbell on Jul 13, 2008
My experience with Kinkade Chesapeakes has been a good one. I purchased a 8 week old Chesapeake retriever who I named Remi. Right from the beginning he was upfront and answered all my questions and was very helpful. He also kept me informed during the whole process. He sent pics, emails, and telephoned me to keep me updated before and after the pups were born. I couldn't be more pleased with the pup as well as the service I received. I also felt that his prices are very reasonalbe. Training is going pretty good. From day one she went right into water. Training her now to sit, come, and fetch. She does well and as expected for a 8 week old pup. Overall I am pleased with my experience and would recommend him if you should choose to buy a Chessie.

Submitted by: Chris Vargo-McCoy on Mar 21, 2008
I bought a Chesie 8 1/2years ago from David..Even though I did not hunt him and cannot testify to hunting ability, for a wonderful family dog and companion you cant go wrong... Health was perfect, never needed a vet expect for when he swallowing a ball. Great with kids, and protective me.. I would purchase another Chesie before a Lab any day, and currently looking to do just that...

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