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Submitted by: Amanda Fischer on Jan 08, 2016
Arlette and Steve are so much fun to work with. We purchased a puppy with the intent of making him a companion dog while backpacking. We loved that one so much that we had to buy a second. Due to Arlette and Steve's enthusiasm, we have been training our dogs and entering them in trials. It has been a joy to work with them, and they breed beautiful puppies.
Submitted by: Tres Garcia on Jun 20, 2015
I bought a 2 1/2 year old male Brittany from Arlette in November of 2014. I already have my name on the waiting list for a female. Arlette and Steve are nothing but helpful and are always there to answer any questions regarding the breed, the dog itself and training. I strongly recommend Arlette and her dogs to anyone looking for a great bird dog. Not only are they great on the field but have great temperaments in the house. K Nine's BOHICA (Hic) is excellent with my kids, we couldn't ask for a better hunting companion. We are excited to add another one of K Nine's pups to our family. Thank you to Steve and Arlette.

Tres Garcia
Submitted by: Sara Combs on Feb 05, 2015
Our Dixie is 2 years old, and we couldn't be more pleased with her. She has great stamina, and her temperament is amazing! Arlette has always been eager to help any time we've had a question, and is obviously very eager to make sure her dogs are well cared for! We'll never buy a Brittany from anyone else!
Submitted by: Todd Edwards on Jun 25, 2012
So far so good. Arlette has been great at following up and has shown true concern for our new family member.

Todd Edwards
Submitted by: Ed on Jan 19, 2011
I've only known Arlette for a short time, but that's all you need to realize what a Brittany lover she is, and what a wealth of knowledge she has as a breeder and trainer. I feel that she tries to help anyone with a question or problem they might have about a Britt. Thanks for your help!
Submitted by: Gene Hudspeth on Oct 04, 2010
We've had Xena now for six months, She is a quick learner, third time after introduction to birds and she is steady at point (I sure hope this is a trend). Lot of work to do, but this is a excellent start.

Arlette went over all the shots and other info, had it all neatly organized in a folder with the pedigree, and no question went unanswered.

Very happy with the pup and how the transfer went, it's obvious the breeder cares about the new pups home and that it's a good fit.

Gene Hudspeth
Submitted by: Wes Barr on Jun 23, 2010
Arlette is the most willing, helpful, and capable friend I Know. She is always there and has helped me out in some extremely important situations. I have had the pleasure of handling a dog of hers and fell in love with Yotie. Her dogs have the drive, biddability, and style to compete in all venues. I can with confidence recommend any of my customers that is looking for a Brittany to Arlette.
Submitted by: AZ Pointer Ranch on Jun 21, 2010
I have known Arlette for a long time now and she is an outstanding breeder. Top quality Brittany's are produced from her kennel. I have had a chance to run with several of Arlette's dogs and they are a real joy to watch on birds. If I were ever to own a Brittany I would buy one from Arlette for sure.

Submitted by: jim garrett on Jun 13, 2010
I have known and trained with Arlette for the past 2 years. She saved my 1 year old German Shorthair with her training. I was so impressed that I will not get a dog anywhere else. My puppy is doing great and is so far ahead of my shorthair at this point it is amazing. I know many of the people that train with us and I am sure they will say the same thing.
Submitted by: Jack and Mary Meiner on Jun 11, 2010
We would like to say that we love our puppy very much. When we picked her up she was already leash trained and already had some travel time. When we picked her up we had a good 7 hour trip back home Sara never cried when we put her into her kennel she laid down and was very content. Sara sleeps through the night and when left at home alone she does not cry when we put her into her kennel. She plays with her toys or sleeps until we get home. She has a very good temperment and has already started to respond to a few commands. We would to thank Arlette of K Nine Birdog Brittany's for giving us such a wonderful puppy.

Mary Meiner
Las Vegas, NV
Submitted by: Fred on Mar 31, 2010
Arlette was fantastic in helping me find Spirit and keeping her trained and healthy, she has always been there to answer questions even if she was emailing me from a tree stand, can't recommend enough!
Submitted by: terry maxwell on Mar 31, 2010
I've been involved in Brittany's for over 45 years and Arlette Hennessey is with out question one of the most talented and concerned breeders I know. Arlette puts a tremendous amount of time into researching the best breeding's for her clients. Arlette loves dogs and you can see it in her puppies. Her puppies receive a lot of hands on exposure before they even leave the whelping box. Arlette believes that dog development starts at day one. Breeding quality dogs to Arlette isn't a hobby it's an obsession.
It is well worth the wait to get a K Nine Bird dog puppy.
Submitted by: Keny Glasscock on Mar 31, 2010
Arlette Hennessey is a true professional. Her passion and insight into her breed of choice, the Brittany, is unsurpassed. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the Brittany and the way they are trained. Her training and breeding program are both sought after and admired by many of her peers, myself included. I am proud to call Arlette a friend and mentor.
Submitted by: Alicia Flores on Jan 01, 2010
In our search looking for a brittany pup we came across Arletes website. It took us over a year to finally getting our pup as at first we wanted a female but with the waiting list on the second go around we went a head and opted for a male and we have No regrets. Jack has been the greatest addition to our family ever. We have had him now for 4 months and he has been great.. Loves to play retrieve games with his stuffed duck. Curls up with the kids.
Thank You very much for our new family member and also Arlette is very caring as when we went to pick up Jack she spent over an hour with us showing us things to do and not to do and I have called her on numerous occasions to ask questions.
Submitted by: Caleb on Aug 03, 2009
Just wanted to say I just picked a older pup from Arlette that didn't meet her program for breeding and what a nice dog she is. can't wait for hunting season to begin.
Been meeting up with the training program they offer which has helped me a lot.
Submitted by: Bill and Rebekah McKernan on Jun 03, 2009
We are very pleased with our Brittany and breeder. There was always great communication from the breeder. Our pup is more than we could have hoped for. She is very smart and impresses us daily. She is very fast and coordinated for how young she is. She's been on point already and it is beautiful. Can't wait to see her abilities develop. Great breeders breed great dogs! Thanks!
Submitted by: Terry Baker on May 28, 2009
We purchased a eight week Brittany named Duke from Arlette Hennessey. The dog is eager, alert, and ready to please. Working with Arlette and Bob, they helped me understand what I needed to do to properly train a bird dog. Even though I had owned and trained a Brittany in the past, (the distant past) they brought new insight and a wealth of knowledge about hunting and the breed. They always checked in with me to update me on the progress of the dog. They were always happy and willing to have me come out and see and work with the dog before it was weaned. Even now that I have brought the puppy home, I can still bring out the dog to Arlette and Bob to have him recieve additional training. They are always just a phone call away with advice. They genuinely want the dog to be a good hunting dog and a good family member. As far as I'm concerned, Brittanys are the best hunting dogs, and she is one of the best breeders in Arizona.
Submitted by: Scott Montoya on May 13, 2009
If your needing help with your dog Arlette is really there to help I learned this the hard way I wish I had listened to her warning about trainers who have fast training programs when I first contacted her a few years ago. Regretfully, I didn't and my dog Chase paid the price for it. but Even after I fell for this other trainers 6 week bird dog training program which proved to be like what she said it is to hard on a dogs Arlette didn't turn her back on me when I called her back about a year later for help with Chase's issues over that other program. She has helped Chase and I where he is excited about birds again. It sure has taken Chase a while but with the time and patience, I was able to end last season hunting with my dog.
Another thing which I had fun with and learned alot more about dogs is she had/let me handle some of her pups during the puppy training sessions. One so that I would not over work my dog but as she said it also helped me to learn different things in dogs which will help me more with my dog. It was fun to help her in the process of shaping a puppy to grow up in to a bird dog.
Sorry if this was long winded but though Arlette isn't a famous trainer. She sure is down to heart and cares a lot and she will be honest with you.
Submitted by: Lacy & Mark on Apr 23, 2009
We purchased a Brittany from Arlette over 8 years ago and began to look for a new addition to the family and we are ecstatic to find Arlette still with her Britts. Looks Like we maybe on a list for a while but we are very happy with our first boy cadin. Cadin has been a great companion hunter that lasts all day in the field and curls up on the couch in the evenings.
Submitted by: Melissa on Apr 12, 2009
I just got back from a session with Arlette was great to meet her and finally see her in action with what she has been trying to help me with over the forums for some months now.
Arlette has an eye for what dogs are doing for sure.

My next pup will be coming from Arlette's Breeding program.
Submitted by: Crystal on Apr 11, 2009
just wanted to say Arlette was super to deal with she helped me find a replacement companion she actually helped me look at some of the rescue links and we found a precious young dog Taylor who has filled my house with joy and happiness.

Thumbs up

Thank you
Submitted by: Karen Sondrol on Apr 10, 2009
If you are looking for a Brittany puppy, contact Arlette. We needed one ASAP to help heal our breaking hearts after the death of our 9 year old Brittany. She didn't have one, but put me in touch with a friend and within 3 days our puppy was reserved. That is what I call great service!
Submitted by: Bill Cooke on Apr 05, 2009
Arlette has been extremely helpful for my setter Kippy and I. Spent sometime with her and listened to what she had to say and in a very short time things between Kippy and I started to come around we both still have a ways to go but it sure is nice to have a dog working with me know hunting is becoming more fun.

I like how Arlette takes her time with the dogs and pups I have observed her with. She sure makes it fun for the dogs and those of us that watch her

Submitted by: Bill Cox on Apr 03, 2009
Arlette is one of the most knowledgable Britt breeders around. Her dogs are all top-notch and as she has demonstrated with her superb capabilities as a trainer and handler, are always ahead of the pack whether at NSTRA or chasing wild birds in the field.
Submitted by: Don K on Mar 23, 2009
Having been a client at Desert Pheasant Recreation for many years, my friends and I have had the pleasure of hunting over Arlettes dogs. This year she brought out a new pup from her program named Yotie for Yoties first time out she did a great job. Looking forward to hunting over her some more in the future she looks like she learn it as quick as her daddy did when we got to hunt over him the first time.
Submitted by: Tom Bashna on Mar 11, 2009
When I was looking for a brittany I wanted one that could cover some chukar country. I called some people in the AZ NV areas and after speaking with some breeders I found Arlette and after finding out more about her and her dogs I really liked what I saw. Basically I wanted a dog that would stretch out and I sure got that. Jake was a little bit of a handful when he was a pup but has turned into a great companion and over the years he has helped put plenty of chukar dinners on my families plate.
Submitted by: Patricia Rosas on Mar 02, 2009
Arlette Hennessey coached me yesterday to better work with my 3 Brittanys when hiking on local trails. The experience was enlightening and at the same time, she repeated a lot of advice that I've gotten doing clicker training and through reading. With her friend Todd assisting her, I saw one dog miraculously transformed in a space of about 1/4 hour. I've come home feeling clear, confident, and hopeful that I can live up to the example Arlette set.
Submitted by: Chad Johnson on Feb 28, 2009
Just wanted to say what a great string if friends Arlette had recommended Stevix brittanies when i was looking for a pup. She was right about them we bought our Joey from him and what a great family companion and die hard little hunter Joey is

Thumbs up with the help
Submitted by: Stew Rogers on Feb 26, 2009
Your dogs are incredibly awesome Our Max is great
Submitted by: Debbie Boonlager on Feb 26, 2009
your bullet dogs are just great! They sure find birds, don't run much but have good noses
Submitted by: beth collins on Feb 25, 2009
I was looking to fill a void in our home when our old girl sadie had to be put down. Arlette helped us find our new girl winnie.. a great little girl fit right into the family

if anyone needs help finding a good quality brittany if arlette doesn't have one she will put you in line with one

took a few months but better to wait then end up with some questionable breeding practices
Submitted by: J J Bullard on Feb 22, 2009
I bought a brittany from Arlette and boy, let me tell you he's some kind of huntin dog. I'm just a hunter and not interested in all the trials and show stuff. I talked to a lot of breeders beore I decided to get mine from Arlette. I could tell when she talked, she was speaking from experience, and that she knew a lot about her dogs and what they could do. She wasn't one of those backyard dog breeders. She hunts and competes with her dogs and I could tell it the first time I talked to her. Thanks again for giving me exactly what I was looking for. JJ
Submitted by: Willy L. on Feb 22, 2009
I'm writing to say that Arlette is a complete sportsman. She not only guides on upland game hunts in AZ but also guides for big game and turkey hunting in Texas. My buddy and I hunted with Arlette for Turkeys and Whitetail bucks last year and had a blast. We each got our bucks and also filled our bag with turkeys. Treat yourself to a great trip and book a hunt with Arlette and Bob.
Submitted by: Rusty N on Feb 21, 2009
I have been looking for a well bred field Brittany for some time. It's unbelieveable how difficult it is to find that kind of bird dog. Oh yeah, there's plenty of show type wannabe's out there but I sure didn't want one of those!!! I'm so happy I found Arlette's Kennel and bought one of her Bullet dogs. My little "Spud" is such a great huntin' dog. He was pointing right off the start and boy is he crazy for birds. He retrieved the first quail I shot for him. Thanks again Arlette.
Submitted by: Bill Jackson on Feb 20, 2009
I've seen Arlette's dogs run at NSTRA trials in the west, and even run against her a time or two, and I have to say that she is sure good, honest competition. She has great dogs that are ready to run anywhere and anytime. Keep up the good work Arlette. Bill
Submitted by: Terry on Feb 04, 2009
just wanted to say when I planned on breeding mt female ...I looked up stud dogs in my area...Arlette not only helped get me on the right track to producing a nice litter she was very helpful with information and stuff to get to be prepared for the whelping
She stuck with me through the whelping though her online chat room and on the phone...when we ran into a problem with one pup we got the pup through and he has grown up to being a very nice dogs hunts like a dream.
Submitted by: Dale Shores on Feb 02, 2009
Arlette has great dogs!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted by: Trace on Jan 24, 2009
I have been a client of Desert Pheasant recreation and have had the pleasure of hunting over Arlette's dogs. They are always a pleasure to hunt over and fun to watch.
Submitted by: TJ on Jan 24, 2009
My dad brought me out to desert pheasant and the very first dog i got to hunt over was Mikey..I missed most my shots but when i finally did get one he looked happy to get it for us. Hopefully when i get my own place I will get a chance to get a dog...i will for sure be calling Arlette to get one from her
Submitted by: Wes Hill on Jan 16, 2009
When I started looking for a Brittany pup in the Phoenix area I made contact with Arlette and she gave me very useful information. It took me a couple months and even tho' she was traveling back east she was always available for my questions. She finally made me aware of a litter, I made contact and now have a handsome male which I'm looking forward to hunting. In the meantime I have met Arlette and have made arrangements for training and boarding the pup. We have been extremely pleased with the meeting and the advice she has given. In our book, she is a winner.
Submitted by: Dan M. on Jan 13, 2009
Arlette has her finger on the pulse of the brittany bird dog world. I called her out of the blue to get the phone number of a breeder in California and she not only knew the breeder but his phone number also. She is on top of it. Thanks, Arlette
Submitted by: Bobby Buff Jr on Jan 12, 2009
Arlette passed a buyers info along to me after receiving an inquiry about a female Britt pup.

I was able to to help the buyer with a puppy and Arlette helped us both out by taking the puppy back to Tuscon with her from here in TX.

She's a class act and knows her Britts.
Submitted by: Courtney on Jan 09, 2009
Thank you for all your help with Dubs it is sure nice to have a dog with some manners it has even helped out in the field. Will have to check out the Rick Smith seminar you spoke of

Thumbs up gal
Submitted by: Lindy Sheehey on Jan 07, 2009
I recently contacted Arlette in effort to acquire a Brittany pup. Although Arlette did not have a pup immediately available, she referred me to a breeder in another state who had the perfect pup. Coincidently, Arlette was able to transport my pup from TX to AZ saving me expense & traumma for my pup. If that wasnt enough, Arlette was able to assess my pups characteristics & gave me excellent advice upon delivery. The pup is fabulous, the breeder (Bobby) was wonderful & Arlette brought it all together. Thank you Arlette and Bobby!
Submitted by: Jana on Oct 29, 2008
Thank you for getting me hooked up with my new pup Resa. she has been turning into a super bird dog and the season has only just begun...
Also Thank you for the tidbits of info in helping us get a great start with her
Submitted by: Chris Schmitt on Oct 28, 2008
Arlette has trained my therapy dog, Lilly, in amazing fashion. Lilly was reticent to heal, sit, stay, etc., on command. She knew what I wanted, but was reluctant to do the commands.
Within 30 minutes after introduction to Lilly, she managed to hone all of the needed commands and manerisms in my dog. I was truly impressed with this display of professional knowledge and the care with which she attained our goals of training.
I have frequently referred people to her for her abilities to train and observe what is needed in a dog which will bring out their best.
Submitted by: Marie on Oct 19, 2008
We accidentally called Arlette for some help with our pit cross Tank...We never knew of hunting dogs before but we were in need of some obedience work with Tank ...She brought out a small rope leash and in a course of minutes had tank walking and being very well mannered. How she is with animals hunting dog or not is great and how she helps us owners is even better

Thank you arlette

Submitted by: Jim on Oct 19, 2008
I can attest that K Nine's Brittanies are some of the best bloodlines out there. I have had the opportunity to see her dogs in action and I am thoroughly impressed with the bidability and staunchness on point that would make any owner proud. I noticed she has a new litter coming up and I definitely want to get on the waiting list for one of her pups.

Submitted by: Dave W on Oct 01, 2008
Thank you for helping me with my first dog. Hope your ready for me and the new pup carter :-).

Seriously though, I do appreciate how you help people work with their dogs.

Submitted by: Mike Cross on Sep 17, 2008

I thought that you’d enjoy an update on Ki Ki. We went up to the White Mountains and bagged a bunch of blue grouse last weekend. We hunted hard for three days. She did great, especially in a burned area covered with a dense stand of second growth aspen where the cover was so thick that we would never have located birds without the “pocket rocket”. The only problem was trying to locate her in the thickets when the bell stopped! We also ran into some Mearn’s quail which she pointed. She did some great work recovering a cripple as well, delivering it to hand.

I have renewed my guide license and plan on taking quail hunters (esp. Mearn’s) out from time to time. Would it be OK for me to use you as a reference for Tequila’s ability?

Submitted by: Alex on Aug 13, 2008
Arlette helped us alot when we got our pup...Not much I can add to what hasn't already been said about her in previous testimonials Accept to add and give her another thumbs up.
Submitted by: John L on Jul 31, 2008
Being a client of Arlette's and Bob. They have always been a great help to me I was surprised when she suggested for me to try the Rick Smith Foundation Seminar they host and wow am I glad I did. It brought much to light for me and then with Arlette's continued help Cody my young setter and I are much better.

I also get to see some of her brittanys quite a bit as my neighbor and hunting buddy who has already left a testimonial here has a few of them and they are all birdy and nice looking and a pleasure to hunt with.
Submitted by: Desert Pheasant Recreation on Jul 31, 2008
Arlette has been with Desert Pheasant recreation now for over 10 years. It has been a pleasure watching her grow in to the world of bird dogs and many of our clients request Arlette and her brittanys for their guide.

She puts her heart into what she sure can't ask for more when it comes to honest working dogs and an owner.
Submitted by: Noah H on Jul 30, 2008
Arlette helped me get my lab through one of her clients at their pheasant preserve he has been a joy and through Bob and Arlettes help he has turned in to a great dog.

I have had the pleasure to watch Arlette with her dogs and her pups and the way her dogs are they make it hard not to want to add a brittany to my family.
Submitted by: Wesley on Jul 26, 2008
As one of Arlettes clients I have enjoyed hunting over her dogs through out the years at Desert Pheasant Recreation in Coolidge. if i could alk the wife in to having a dog there would be no question where I would ge a pup or started dog from. Arlette is on the top of that list
Submitted by: Gregg Morgan on Jul 23, 2008
I bought a dog from Arlette. He has a great nose, is very stylish, and is very eager to please. He is a very good citizen & easy to train. If he knows what you want he will deliver. When pointing he is high on both ends.
Submitted by: Ray and Linda R on Jul 22, 2008
We had a dog which we had purchased from Arlette as a puppy. Lucy Grew up into a super hunters and great companion dog ..Well Lucy was taken from us to early in a freak accident which the vet missed costed her her life. After a little time we contacted Arlette and told her and she stepped up to filling the void in our lives with a new girl molly has been an absolute joy has been a blessing to help us in our healing over Lucy.

Thank you so much Arlette Paws hugs and kisses from Molly and US
Submitted by: John Whitman on Jul 18, 2008
Just wanted to say Arlette helped us get the pup we were looking for. We wanted a companion for the house we are hikers and campers. She suggested Brittany rescue..took a little bit but we found the perfect match. Arlette was right that a rescue brittany would fit the bill.

Thank you she's A1 in my book

John and Karen
Submitted by: Val P. on Jul 18, 2008
I have been trying to come up with the best way to describe my experience with Arlette and her Brittanys. We Met her years ago as a client of Desert Pheasant Recreation. After many hunts with Arlette as our guide I decided to get a pup from her. After much disscussion with the wife I finally put a deposit down and Now My boy is over year old I can't wait to get him out. He did great on mearns the end of the season. Chance has been a super dog for as young as he is...I can't wait for the season to start to get him out again
Thanks Arlette

Submitted by: bjb2525 on Jul 11, 2008
Arlette has by far been the most helpful breeder I've ever delt with. I'm new to the Brittnay world so I'm sure I've asked more questions than the average joe and Arlette has gone above and beyond to answer every one of them. I'm real excited about getting out there and hunting with Buck. I've been a wild bird hunter for years and when I got him at 10 weeks of age he's already showing very promising signs of a great bird dog. I may even venture into the world of field trailing with this little guy. Thanks for all your help Arlette, you've got a customer for life!
Submitted by: Eric and Lindsay on Jun 07, 2008
Arlette is an amazing person and breeder! From day one when we contacted her about getting a pup from her litter she answered all of our questions really quickly. When we met her pups, even at 6 weeks old, the pups were extremely obedient to her, came when summoned, would respond to commands on the leash and were simply a joy! We could not believe how developed mentally and physically the pups were at such a young age. We feel that it is such an honor to have a pup from her litter and we love our pup who we named Dakota. Breeders should not just be about creating new pups, but creating a quality of dog with the best characteristics that they can have for that breed. It is all about improving the breed and Arlette works hard to do this with each new litter. Arlette has an intense passion for her dogs. She understands an incredible amount about the Brittany breed and she really enjoys sharing this knowledge and passion with others. She makes sure that her dogs are in the best of health before breeding and provides care and respect for her dogs. There is no one that we would recommend more than her. Thank you Arlette for being an incredible person and responsible breeder! We just love Dakota!
Submitted by: rick v. on Jun 03, 2008
we picked up a young started dog which we were having fits with. thankfully we found Arlette and her website...through her help and some time and effort we now have a hunting dog we always wanted. When we plan to get our next dog we will be going to arlette.
Submitted by: Casey on May 29, 2008
I just met up with arlette and her pups and we are looking forward to her next litter since all the girls were spoken for from the litter. Her pups were very well socialized and great prey drive. plus she helped us with some minor obedience issues we were having with our other brittany. someone you can trust as she even told us about a couple of other litters where females are available from also nice breeding but we decided we are going to wait.
Submitted by: James W Garrison on May 20, 2008
Have known Arlette for many years and have admired her determination to be the best at what she love and the is producing the ultimate in the Brittany breed! Arlette is continually studying asking question and consulting with those that have proven themselves as some of the best Bird dog people anywhere! Arlette loves all of the animals she has produced and worked with! She is in my opinion a wonderful person and have always been happy and satisfied with any pup I have bought from her!

She is a direct person that does not compromise those things that allow for her pups to have and become the best they can be!
Submitted by: Jodi Mayerson on Mar 20, 2008
i won a morning session that Arlete had donated for our local antelope banquet. we have a lab who though we don't hunt was getting unruely. After the morning with her, she helped us see where we needed to be the leader with our dog and since then with a few ups and downs jade is turning into great companion dog.
Submitted by: Vern Smith on Mar 17, 2008
Cash has turned into a great dog and a companion. thank you.
Submitted by: Ron Lawver on Mar 17, 2008
I've spend a fair amount of time with Arlette and have had the pleasure of hunting behind at least one of her dogs. One of these days I hope to have my dog working as well as her's do.
She definitely breeds quality dogs that anyone would be proud to own, and takes the time to match the owner to the right pup/dog. She's always straight forward and her word is her bond.

She's helped me, as a new GSP owner (don't hold that against her please :>) ) train the dog, and more importantly, the owner. I didn't know her prior to picking my pup. If I had, we'd have bought a pup from her.

Good people!
Submitted by: Ken Ruell on Feb 28, 2008
We are not breeders per say but we wanted to have one litter with our gigi. We were lucky when we called Arlette and she took the time with us on how to do the best we could for the litter we wanted. She got us hooked up with a very nice stud dog who was closer to us and a better match up on the pedigrees and also sent a couple referrals for our pups. Thank you for caring for a great breed.
Submitted by: Kathern Overson on Feb 27, 2008
The time Arlette spent with us helped turned our drahtX in to a great hunting dog and more important a better companion with manners. I also got to watch her with her pups. Makes me want to get a pup from her also. Wish we had the room.
Submitted by: Randy V. on Feb 27, 2008
Just wanted to thank you Arlette for leading us to the seminars you host with Rick Smith. Between the foundation and getting to work with you and seeing your dogs i really feel like I got a super start for the future. looking forward to working with you over the summer.
Submitted by: David Hallman on Jan 28, 2008
Arlette has been a great help. I am not much for words but just a couple of sessions with her made a hugh difference in how my reesie and I are getting along. Looking forward to getting a new pup from Arlette also in 09. Thank you
Submitted by: James Hernandez on Jan 02, 2008
Thank you for your help with Sasha. She is turning into the hunting dog I wanted and my wife is learning how to use the command lead now and is able to take her for walks.
See you at the preserve :-)
Submitted by: Mike Cross on Dec 28, 2007
Ki Ki. What a great dog! My friends call her "pocket rocket". We hunt hard at least twice a week with short afternoon outings as time allows. Her first quail hunt with me took place over thanksgiving weekend on San Carlos. Our first day out she pointed several coveys and numerous post covey flush singles. Although we didn't limit out, we bagged Gambels, Mearns, AND scalies along the same canyon. An Arizona hat-trick on her first trip! She's a joy to hunt over. She burns up a field, adjusting her range to suit the cover, naturally close in the trees and brush and farther out in the open. She is obedient and I don't even bother with the e-collar anymore. She has proven to be particularly proficient at locating singles after the initial flush. As you know, this can be challenging for a dog as the birds scent is ?air-washed? and faint. She recently dazzled a hunting partner by methodically trailing and locating a recently flushed Mearn's in thick cover. You could tell that the bird was moving. Ki Ki was working the scent as intently as I?ve ever seen. At one point my hunting partner said "what's that sound"? It was Ki Ki snuffling! After a good ten minutes of false/re-adjusting points she locked up. The bird was flushed and?. WE BOTH MISSED. Oops!

Mike Cross AZ

Submitted by: Michael Villeburn on Dec 21, 2007
My son and I went to K Nine to look over a Brittany named Cruiser. Turns out Cruiser was just the dog for us and we took her home the same day. Cruiser is a wonderful dog that certainly lives up to her name in the field. She races across the grass lands south of Tucson like a ballerina dances across the stage. Her hunting instincts and love for the game is incredible. She has obviously had good training and it was really my effort to figure out how to work with her. She's a beautiful dog for sure and a wonderful companion. She sleeps all night in my son's bedroom and wakes with a happy disposition for life. She is definitely a sweet heart. K-Nine provided me and my family with a great dog and I wouldn't hesitate to be a return customer. I would definitely recommend the kennel to others as they take their commitment to excellence very seriously.
Submitted by: Scott King on Dec 10, 2007
This is a an ethical breeder that will help you for the life of your dog. Knine is there for the brittany breed and is a person who is actively trying to educate others about the breed. I highly recommend them.
Submitted by: Tom Paz on Dec 10, 2007
K-9 had helped me greatly with my bird dog when he was a puppy. Actually, K-9 trained me to be a better dog handler. I think the approach that K-9 uses is very user friendly and great for the dog. I would highly recommend a puppy out of K-9?s champion blood line. At a minimum, every bird dog owner should follow the training methodology K-9 employs.

Tom Paz
Submitted by: Andrea Y on Dec 09, 2007
Arlette Thank you for directing us to NBRAN brittany rescue. As we were loking for a pet we found a great companion through them. I really appreciate the time you took with me.
Submitted by: Bob Hartman on Dec 09, 2007
I bought a hunter from Knines about 7 years ago and couldn't be happier. Hunter was easy to train and has been a super companion. Arlette helped me alot at the beginning which aided us i to being a great hunting team..If you need help or are looking for a pup ..Don't hesitate to contact her.
Submitted by: Donna on Dec 09, 2007
I have had the pleasure of watching Arlette with her dogs. Though I am not in to birddogs myself she does have a good way with working with dogs and even helped me with a few obedience thinsg with my regular house dogs.
I have also watched her with her pups it is fun to watch how she makes a training session fun for them.
Submitted by: Vern Pulver on Dec 09, 2007
I am a client out where Arlette guides and have also had the pleasure of hunting over her dogs. Arlette has always been a pleasure to be around and she is even good at deer hunts not sure if that means anything for this site but my point is she devoted her attention to what she is doing and her dogs are a prime example of that.
Submitted by: Belinda DeLaby on Dec 09, 2007
I have been blown away by the dedication and compassion Arleete has shown to the world of Brittany's and dun dogs in general.

Anyone purchasing a pup from this breeder will not only be highly satified with the quality of the pup, but they will also be very happy with the lifetime support they receive after the purchase.

Submitted by: Bob Bertram on Dec 09, 2007
Arlette is a great breeder and trainer. She breeds with the pupose of bettering the breed and trains great handling bird dogs. I would not hesitate to send my friends and family to her for a pup or for professional training.
Submitted by: Steve Cosgrave on Dec 09, 2007
I have known Arlette for several years and purchased 2 pups from her. She is very knowledgable about Brittanys and running bird dogs. She is dedicated to breeding the best and giving her pups the best start possible.
Submitted by: Nick Johnston on Nov 28, 2007
My quest to find a really good bird dog began almost two months ago. It was more than just a "dog" to us though. We are liflong dog owners and it needed to be a part of our family, not just a field dog. We found a few dogs but not The Dog, until Arlette at K Nine referred me to a wonderful couple that breeds Brittanys in California. Although she didn't have any puppies at the time she still helped us realize our goal of finding an awesome addition to our family. Thanks Arlette!
Nick Johnston
Submitted by: Nathan Charlton on Nov 28, 2007
I am thrilled with Arlette Henessey! When I initially contacted her she didn't have any pups available. She referred me to a friend who had two pups. We didn't know it at the time but Arlette had been instrumental in selecting the sire. I bought one and another hard hunting friend bought the other. The pups are about 14 months old now and so birdy they shake like leaves when they smell quail. Incredible noses, great naural retrieve and eager to please. We love our little brit. Arlette is a great trainer and always available through her forum and chat. It seems like I ask her advice on a daily basis. My wife and I feel like we have been adopted into a family of Brittany owners. It's strange that we have never met in person yet. We are looking forward to meeting her at the Rick Smith seminar she is hosting in Jan.
Submitted by: Richard Wright on Nov 15, 2007
I haven't been able to have dogs for quite some years but through Arlette and the preserve she works on I have been able to hunt over quite a few of her dogs.
My Favorite her old Mike dog is quite the trooper but then her Bullet dog I have had the pleasure of watching this dog start out as a pup and turn into one of her best pheasant dogs.
Her Peekaboo (sp?) is also an pleasure to hunt behind.
I would reccomend Arlette highly she cares a lot about her dogs and if I were to ever be in a position to get a pup I wouldn't look any further then her and her dogs.
Dick, in Sunny Arizona
Submitted by: Curt Heintzman on Nov 09, 2007
Legitimate gun dog breeders are a relatively small community, where word of mouth gets around pretty fast and Arlette?s reputation for honesty and integrity is deservedly a solid one.
I am an avid NSTRA field trial participant and upland hunter. I have a six year old male Brittany, and a new pup out of a Kninebirdog breeding. This pup came to our home healthy and well adjusted. He is bold and confident in the field and birdy as hell. We couldn?t be more satisfied.
Curt Heintzman
Cypress, California
Submitted by: Kevin Houser on Nov 02, 2007
Just wanted to say Thank you Arlette for helping us getting off to a great start with our brittany. Wish Desi would have come from your kennels but with your help she sure has made me a happy hunter.
I Reccomend Arlette Highly ..She is more about helping you be the best you can be with your dog.
Submitted by: John McIlvenna on Oct 28, 2007
Amy is a terrific Brittany and has integrated well with our family. She is also proving to have excellent bird dog instincts. When and if we decide to get another dog - we will go to Arlette and K Nine first.
Submitted by: Allen C. on Oct 28, 2007
When I purchased my first britt 8 years ago from another breeder I ran in to some problems in training our Haddie to be a hunting dog. Through a website it led me to Arlette . Arlette helped me and my family with many things with our Haddie. Haddie was a bit weak on the prey drive but through much help and patience she now makes a good hunting dog. We recently contacted Arlette as we are ready to get another britt to join our family and after Arlette's help and watching her dogs we knew exactly who we would go to for our new addition to the family. thank you Arlette and are very much looking forward our new baby.
Submitted by: Sherrod & Carol Wickwar on Oct 28, 2007
Over the last 6 years we ahve been taking our dogs to Arlette and Bob.. We had bought a little Britt from a breeder back east we wanted to trial, Since I am no longer able to handle my dos due to my age and health I have been able to live my dream through them. My little Mollie dog I was able to enjoy a litter of pups from through Arlettes help , she does a fanstastic job not only with the dogs but how she handles the pups is a joy to watch. I kept a pup from Mollie and Bullets litter Who this is my second pup via Arlette as I also got one from her Picabo a couple years ago. I can't say enough about Arlete and Bob they have let me enjoy a breed which I so dearly love as ith out them it would only be a dream.
Submitted by: Tim M. on Oct 28, 2007
Just wanted to Thank you for getting me set up with my new pup...The Breeder you hooked me up with was everything you said she would be.
Plans are in a couple years to get another and hope you remember to have me on your list...and also looking forward to training with you this summer.
Submitted by: Debra & Tom Clare on Sep 16, 2007
My husband and I have been Brittany lovers and owners for over 20 years. We currently own, hunt and compete in NSTRA with two Brits. We have a six year old and a two year old, with our two-year being a puppy from Arlette.

Arlette is a responsible and incredibly knowledgeable breeder. She truly does ?Breed for the Best?. Arlette also maintains an interest in her pups long after they have gone to their owners. She has always been interested in the dog?s progress and willing to help us with training questions.

We highly recommend her and her dogs. Debra & Tom Clare
Submitted by: Steve Rutkowski on Sep 10, 2007
I have been training my pups with Arlette for about 4 months here in AZ. During this time I have been able to watch her raise (socialize and train)her last litter of Brittany puppies. They are all sold but I wanted to take this opportunity to post a testimonial here to all looking for some fantastic dogs with a great start in life from her for you!!

Once you have decided upon a Brittany as a breed, think about the importance of matching up the right pup to you (and possibly your family) from the litter and how you have to trust a breeder. Think about the importance of having a resource to help you ensure your success in raising your new pup into the gundog you want. Think about the right exposure to everything from benchwork to birds.

Then call Arlette...
Submitted by: Helen Riggle on Sep 09, 2007
Although I have never purchased a Brittany from Arlette, she is very committed to the breed and strives to produce good quality pups. We have had the pleasure of training a pup bred by Arlette these past few months and are very pleased with the progress the dog has made thus far. "Maverick" is destined for a solid career not only as a beloved companion and hunting partner but as a competition gun dog as well.
Submitted by: Penny & Bill Weiermann on Jul 08, 2007
I met Arlette on the internet thru American Brittany Rescue because she helped us with some health problems we were having with a foster.

We then found out she had the father to our Brit and about her training and breeding programs. We took our Brit down to stay at the Pheasant Ranch for training. We were very impressed with her loving, patient manner.

After talking with her in person and on the net and seeing how she socializes and trains her puppies my husband decided he would never get a Brit from any breeder other than Arlette. The differences in our previous pup from a different breeder and Arlette are like night and day. Our pups are from the same father so it has to be the socialization that has made the difference. She wants her puppies and their families to be happy and she takes the time to see that happen. She orients you to your new pup and what to expect, encourages you to call with questions, and wants to hear about their progress. She gives love and takes pride in every single one of her "furbabies".
Submitted by: Ben Facer on Jun 24, 2007
Arlette at Knine is one of the most knowledgeable and caring breeders I have ever met.She takes care to properly socialize each and every pup she has.She takes care to responsibly breed,trying her best to hedge all bets as far as hereditary/degenerative problems in bloodlines.When my wife and I picked up our newest Brittany I fully expected to show up pay sign some paperwork and be sent on our way.Instead we were greeted,socialized and educated by arlette.The time she spent with us,the questions she answered,the food,toys and blankets(to ease the transition on the new pup)she sent with us were all a welcome surprise.She truly is a caring breeder.With the bloodlines she has and her commitment to each and every dog she produces as well as the sport she truly has a world class operation.
Submitted by: Ben and Lacie Facer on Jun 18, 2007
We are very happy and pleased with our Brittany pup from Arlette. Arlette is very knowledgable and caring. Our puppy, Benelli, is just wonderful...we really couldn't ask for a better puppy. We will call Arlette when it comes time for another Britanny.
Submitted by: Guy Shelander on Jun 15, 2007
I wanted to take an opportunity to say a few words about Arlette Hennessey aka Kninebirddog. Anyone who spends time on any gundog bulletin boards probably knows Arlette. Always helpful and never without an opinion. Arlette and I met years ago when I had several of my dogs down to see her significant other, Bob Henson at his hunting preserve, Desert Pheasant Recreation. Bob and Arlette have conducted snake breaking clinics for many years and some friends recommended them. During that visit I learned that Arlette and I shared the common love of Brittany?s. Several years ago after attending a Rick Smith Seminar I called Rick to see if he would be interested in doing a seminar in Arizona and he said yes he would be glad to. Of course I had not figured out where it could be held but thanks to Arlette and Bob they offered their property to hold the event. She is a student of the breed and I have watched her knowledge and passion grow over the years. Arlette is one of the few breeders of our Britts that try?s to do it right. She OFA?s, Microchips, DNA?s and spends countless hours researching bloodlines before she ever plans a breeding. I would never hesitate recommending a Kninebirddog pup to have all of the qualities we look for in a fine American Brittany.

Guy Shelander
Submitted by: Todd on May 30, 2007
I've been training with Arlette for about a year now with a dog I bought from another breeder. She's been very knowledgable and has helped train me to train my dog. She even let's me work with her dogs so I know what I'm trying to acheive.

Watching her dogs perform is phenominal - they are top notch. I'm picking up my second dog from her tonight.
Submitted by: John Barnes on May 16, 2007
Service and training were excellent. Breeding is also excellent and foremost in this program.
The instinct and bidability of knine's dogs is the best I have seen. K Nine Birddog's program is top notch.
Submitted by: Gene Hudspeth on May 13, 2007
Scooter and I have been training with Arlette since Mid-January of this year. Scooter was 18 months old and when I received her she had little or no training. The transformation from a Pup to a dog that is steady to point and retrieves to hand has been a process that not only trained the dog, but also, more importantly trained the owner. This has made all the difference in Scooter and my bonding. Arlette?s expertise and patience in the use of the Rick Smith method of training brought about a very enjoyable Hunter / Gun dog relationship.
A very sincere thanks to Arlette,

Gene Hudspeth
Submitted by: Art and Sue Queenan on May 06, 2007
We Chose Arlette's stud, K-9 Bullet to breed our bitch for a good hunting litter of pups. We found Artlette to be very knowledgeable on hunting dogs and dedicated to improvment of the Brittany breed. I have had dogs and hunted all my life and still learned a few things from Arlette. I highly recommend her and her dogs. Art Queenan
Submitted by: Jim Garner on May 06, 2007
I was very impressed with Arlette's knowledge on hunting bird dogs, Brittany's in particular. I purchased what she called a started nine month old pup which, with my over 40 years experience in training and hunting pointing dogs, I would call "almost broke". All he needed was a little help retrieving. Everything else I needed in a real hunting dog was there. He has only improved with age. I highly recommend Arlette's operation whenever you need a good dog or good training. Jim W. Garner
Submitted by: Raymond A Jupina on May 05, 2007
Helpful in every aspect of sire/dam choice, hunting/trial dog preferences, care and training, and every other question I have ever had...Knine had the answers for me and my pup!
Submitted by: Margaret Ann Gough on May 05, 2007
You can expect guidance and support from this breeder for the entire lifespan of your puppy or dog. No matter what questions you have, they will find the answers!
Submitted by: Jim LaBarge on May 04, 2007
K Nine`s Brittanys are some of the best breeding out there. She takes a lot of time and investagition into her breedings,only to improve the breed which I think she has. She believes in OFA and as far as I know all of her dogs are min OFA good. She is a very honest person and her word is good as it should be with every one. She is a good trainer and I would trust her to tell the truth about any dog she is training. I would not hesitate to purchase a dog from Arlette at any time and would trust her to tell me the good and bad about the dogs.
Submitted by: Tim Rhoades on May 04, 2007
I have personaly known this breeder for several years now. She is one of the most responsable breeders that I have ever seen.She stands behind her warrenties on health ,hips,and genetics.I have seen her dogs run in NSTRA competition with great success and I know of several of her dogs pups doing very well in other venues of the field trial world.She breeds the best to the best to get the best quality pups for field trial or hunting companion use.
Submitted by: John Kirtz on Apr 14, 2007
We have the great pleasure of owning 2 of K Nines breedings. Couldn't be happier not only with our brits but the help with turning our 2 into the best hunting companions one could have. Thanks Arlete...Maybe I can talk my wife into another one soon hint hint
Submitted by: Don Carver on Apr 08, 2007
When I got my first britt I found Arlette and through the program they offer in AZ, I was able to become a better owner. When I was ready for a second addition to the family I got one from Arlette...Wow what a little pistol my new pup was. Can't believe that was 4 years ago already. Thanks Arlette for all you have helped me with.
Submitted by: Penny Miller on Mar 04, 2007
When my husband and I were on the look out for a new pup we started our search...WOW There are many people breeding brittanies. Thankfully we had spoken to Arlette and she was very helpful in explaining what her program has to offer and also helped us with what questions to ask in our quest for our new addition. Though we didn't get a pup directly from Arlette we did get a pup from a person she reccomended.
Thank you Arlette for your help and guidance and also helping us with getting our Copper started on the right foot with your little puppy games those have been great to start a well mannered little bird dog.
Submitted by: Gerry M. on Jan 19, 2007
when i was looking for my first brittany i happen to come across arlete. She was very helpful in explaining about what the brittany breed was like and answered alot of my questions. I couldn't be any more happier with rosie and arlete has been a great help with our questions as rosie grew up. thank you gerry
Submitted by: Gary on Dec 19, 2006
I got a britt pup from Arlette.she was easy to deal with and penny is great little britt . Arlette also helped us getting her on the right foot...Thank you
Submitted by: Mike Senn on Nov 16, 2006
I have 3 dogs all form K Nine. All three are awesome hunters. I do not participate in trials or show dogs but am an avid hunter. These dogs sure make it easier.
Thanks Arlette
Submitted by: Eddie Pery on Nov 14, 2006
When our old girl passed away Arlette was very helpful in matching us with our new boy Hunter. He has been a great companion and awesome little hunting partner.
Submitted by: Andre Coulombe on Nov 05, 2006
I obtained my newest brittany from Knine Brittanys. I could not be happier with him. He has awesome drive and an even better personality.
The owners have been very helpfull with any questions I have had and have been very supportive in all my endeavers so far with Maverick. To date Maverick has 2 CKC show points, CKC Field Dog Junior and Field Dog titles.
We are not training for the upcoming ABC Futurity both show and trial event this coming spring of 07.
Awesome brittany Arlette!!

Ontario, Canada

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