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Submitted by: Kate C on Feb 01, 2019
I’m pleased to be able to share my experience with Bro. Kevin while getting the newest addition to our posse... Jack. AKA Fat Jack, Handsome Jack, but mostly Jack Jack. Kevin was very easy to reach when I was looking for my pup, and very quick to respond to any questions I had. As soon as I decided he was mine, Kevin started calling him Jack, and sent me pictures and text updates on his progress every few days until we picked him up. They have a true love for their dogs and the litters they bring into the world, and it shows. Beautiful property, all of the puppies were healthy, clean, and tended to very well. Their living areas were also very clean and spacious, the complete opposite of a puppy mill. Kevin had all the appropriate paperwork ready for us when we arrived, and made himself available to us as a resource if we had any questions once we left. We’ve stayed in touch since Jack joined the crew. Jack Jack is the kind of dog that makes people fall in love with dogs. So smart, playful, loooooooves to cuddle, fetch, and play with our other doggos. He’s beautiful. Text book rat terrier. I couldn’t have asked for a better dog, and the next time we get another puppy (roughly 15-18 years from now, given their longevity 😂) I will not look anywhere but K BAR K Kennels. Thanks for everything, Brother Kevin! God bless you!
Submitted by: Ryan and Staci Groves on Jan 19, 2019
Eleven years ago this upcoming September, my husband and I got our first BMC pup from Bro. Kevin and his family. I was hesitant at first because I had grown up with Golden Retrievers, Labs, Blue Heelers, etc. I have to say though, I'll never go back to anything else. Our dog Wrigley will be 11 this year and he's been nothing short of fantastic. He's everything you could want in a dog: loyal, protective, on guard, was easy to train, a fast learner, and well-behaved. We are a military family and anyone who meets him immediately falls in love with him. If you are a welcomed guest at our house, he'll make you feel at home. People are amazed at how high his energy level and ability to get around is considering his age. Most people think he's only 5 or 6 years old.

This past Christmas, we got a puppy from Bro. Kevin and his family for our son. Once again, this puppy, Rookie, has proven to be a fast learner. He has started learning basic commands from my son and has started to learn quickly from our other dog. For example, the dogs can't come into the house until after the adults go first. He figured out really fast that he has to sit and wait. He's definitely a people pleaser.

Bro. Kevin and his wife Tanya and their family are not your normal breeders. They know and care for these dogs and ensure that these are good quality working dogs and family dogs. Bro. Kevin has a Facebook page where individuals post pics of their dogs/pups. If you want to know how invested this family is, I'd suggest joining the group. An individual posted a pic of their BMC. It was his birthday and he was 5 years old. Bro. Kevin immediately commented that the dog looked just like his mother and that that litter had 9 in it. To be able to recall information about these dogs from the day they were born means something, it means you enjoy what you are doing and you give 100%.

My husband and I can't thank their family enough for the hard work they put in for good quality pups. They are easy to work with and very accommodating. I know we will be doing business with them on down the road because my 3 year old daughter says she needs a girl puppy. Thank you Bro. Kevin and Tanya for all that you do! It is appreciated!
Submitted by: stephen crabtree on Jan 14, 2019
My puppy Oliver, born October 29, 2018, has been a complete joy. She's too young to know for sure how well of a squirrel dog she will turn out to be, but from what I've seen so far she should be a terror in the woods. She has proven to be a great family pet so far and good to take on long walks or runs already.

Bro Kevin was easy to work with. Very personable, and very knowledgeable. He showed me how to self care for my puppy, including deworming and vaccinating. He answers any questions I have very quickly through Facebook messenger. Transaction was seem less.

We could not be any happier, and more than likely I'll be going back to Kevin in the future for another pup. Highly recommend.
Submitted by: Sam Prater on Sep 05, 2017
I've already commented on k bar kennels when I first got my dog from Kevin, but now a year later I thought I would update my review.

I pretty much said it all the first time I posted a review, a year later I couldn't be happier about my dog. A black mouth cur is certainly not the right fit for everyone, they aren't house pets. But Kevin certainly knows what he's talking about, and if you're looking for the worlds best herding, hunting, homestead dog, I just don't see how you can do any better. I don't see how I could possibly be any happier about the dog I received from them.
Submitted by: Susan Satterlee on Feb 07, 2017
Got my main squeeze almost 3 years ago. He is best friend, guardian, and alarm system on earth. This kennel is top notch and I will definitely get a dog here again!! Brother Kevin keeps in touch and makes himself available for anything you may need for the life of your dog. Once you get one you are family!!
Submitted by: Al Winstead on Jan 02, 2017
I own one of Kevin's female curs. My dog Storm was the runt, and a brindle. My dog is almost two years of age, and a hunting machine. I thought I wanted a tree hugging barking fool for squirrels, but my dog has proved to me that I am a meat hunter, and she is a combo dog. I have more rabbits and squirrels in the freezer than I ever had. My dog is a pleasing family dog, and loves her kids and family a great deal. Best all round breed in my opinion. My little dog has tracked deer, fought and removed raccoons from a barn for an officer I work with, and when I was putting treestands up near angry cattle, my dog kept them at bay. Great dogs, with great dispositions.
Submitted by: Ben Ross on Aug 20, 2016
We are very please with this fine pup. Kevin was more than accommodating and answered several text and messages. Top notch people and very caring about there dogs.
Thank you
Submitted by: Sam Prater on Jul 27, 2016
I picked up my new pup from Kevin about a week and a half ago. I don't have a single thing to say about the whole experience that isn't positive. Kevin was extremely accommodating in working around my unusual schedule. He was always very fast to get back to me and was very friendly and informative about his dogs. His dogs are every bit of what he says, they are wonderful animals. Walking around in his back yard surrounded by hunting dogs there was not the slightest bit of aggression shown towards any of the people there, even the ones they had never met before. Just fantastic animals. Friends of mine have consistently though that my pup was six months old instead of nine weeks, because of how well behaved she is. I've trained many breeds before but no other pup I've ever worked with has learned as fast as this one. Black Mouth Curs may not be the right dog for everyone, they are a lot of dog, but if you are looking for a great hunting, herding, general homestead dog you really can't go wrong getting one from K Bar K Kennels. Simply fantastic dogs, from a great breeder.
Submitted by: Audrey Garris on May 23, 2016
I got a BMC puppy from Big Jake and Knierim's Last Precious Penny's litter from Kevin this past week and have nothing but good things to say! Kevin was so wonderful! I had many questions and texted him often and he always responded quickly and thoroughly answering any question I had. He really takes his time to make sure you and your pup will be a good fit. He also goes above and beyond to make sure he maintains the relationship with you and your new dog even after you bring them home. My new pup, Banjo, has also been fantastic. He hasn't had an accident in the house, he doesn't jump on people, and he loves attention! If you are wanting a breeder that really care about his dogs you are at the right place!
Submitted by: Cortney Ritter on Feb 27, 2016
Picked up our BMC a year and a half ago. He was all he was promised to be. Smart. Loyal. Eager to please. Bro. Kevin was ever gracious and generous with his time. He was honest from the start about the good, the challenging, and the quirky. No games. No gimmicks. Just straight talk and honesty. Can't beat that combination. A pleasure to meet and will go back to KBarK for round two when the time is right. Great bloodlines. Great people!!!
Submitted by: Greg Coffey on Nov 26, 2015
I recently got a bmc pup from Kevin. I just wish everyone was so nice to deal with. We swapped stories and visited for over an hour and I truly enjoyed our visit. He is honest and straight forward, traits that are great to find in today's world.BMC is a breed of its own and can't be beat in my opinion. If you are interested in one you can't beat Kevin and k bar k kennels. My pup is 12 weeks old now and very much a member of our family. Thanks again Kevin for a great pup.
Submitted by: Kevin on Oct 14, 2015
I purchased a BMC from Kevin in January 2015. Kevin takes a lot of pride in his BMC's and they are some fine dogs and there are plenty of testimonials out there to back it up. I can tell you though that is not the only thing to consider when choosing which breeder to get your dog from. Kevin has the kind of integrity that is rare in this world today. He is truly a man of his word and when he tells you something you can bank on it. It was a pleasure doing business with you sir.
Submitted by: Ron Beggs on Jul 20, 2015
We picked up Remington in October 2014 (he'll be in 1 yr old in in late July, 2015). When our family decided to get a dog after several years without one we came up with a list of very specific traits that we wanted in a dog. After a lot of research we decided on a BMC (a breed we never heard of previously). Most importantly, it had to be great with kids, protective without being overly aggressive, and good in the woods. K Bar K Kennel's BMC delivered everything we wanted and more. Kevin was great to work with, always available for questions before and after getting our dog. Remington was incredibly easy to house and crate train, he's well mannered and delivers everything that a good BMC should. Most importantly, we feel very confident that all is well under his watchful eye as we sleep or not at home. Not only is he far more intelligent than the Lab and Wirehair we used to have his nose is better than any of the Shepherds or Malinois' I've seen used in law enforcement. After having one of Kevin's BMCs for nearly a year I can say, without hesitation, that you won't be disappointed in a BMC from K Bar K.
Submitted by: Steve on Jul 08, 2015
Kevin made me feel right at home, when I went to pick up my pup. I met his kids, saw my pups parents. Kevin is a knowledgeable dogman. He knows the bloodlines, and the breed. My BMC pup is showing promise already, and very healthy, and active. The business part was done professionally. I have my papers, and Kevin filled me in on shots, dog food, and health tips. If you're looking for a quality BMC pup, papered, and with good hunting background, then K Bar K Kennels is the place to go.
Submitted by: Don Grice on Mar 08, 2015
I have to share what a pleasure it has been to work with Kevin Knierim at K BAR K Kennels. This is my first experience with a BMC, so I had a lot of questions and Kevin has been great. He welcomes and treats you like a longtime friend and spends a lot of time explaining the history of the BMC and the bloodline of your puppy. Bane has been a great dog. Our first experience with him was an eight hour ride home with not so much as a whimper. At this point he is only 5 months old and is already tracking and treeing squirrels, we just bagged three last week. And as others have mentioned, he is already a great watch dog, warning us anytime someone comes around. In addition to great dogs, Kevin provides outstanding follow up support. No matter what question I have, Kevin responds quickly with great advice. Kevin, thanks for a beautiful dog and outstanding assistance. We think we will be talking about a second BMC soon!
Submitted by: J Beggs on Feb 12, 2015
I'm not one to place an opinion quickly. That is evident as we have had our bmc Boone for 2 yrs and I am now posting this. He is a fantastic dog. I have had my trials and tribulations with him but I believe that was my fault for slacking on my end. He has found nearly a dozen deer at this point and it is a true pleasure to watch him work a blood trail. I honestly believe these dogs can achieve anything you want them to be. Dealing with K bar K was easier than I could have ever imagined.
Submitted by: Christina Sedlmaier on Dec 30, 2014
Bro. Kevin has been excellent to work with. He is forthcoming,knowledgeable and truly passionate about his dogs. We bought a BMC from him and couldn't be happier with the dog and with the advice that came along with it. Thank you,Bro. Kevin, we would heartily recommend you to anybody looking to buy a working/sporting dog.
Submitted by: Jessica & Joe Thierrin on Dec 11, 2014
We had a wonderful experience working with Kevin at K Bar K Kennels. We picked up our 6 week old BMC in September 2014 and couldn't be happier. Kevin and his family were great to deal with. He answered all of our questions during several phone calls, kept us up to date on his liter, worked with us to pick a time to come get our pup and even gave us tips on where to stay and eat in the area since we were driving 8 hours to get our BMC. Kevin also made sure a Black Mouth Cur would be a good fit for us and our lifestyle. We like that Kevin keeps a K Bar K Kennel Facebook page were we all post pictures of our BMCs, experiences and questions to each other. Kevin is very active with his BMC line and is always offering advice as needed and commenting on pictures and experiences we have with our dog. He has a fantastic line of BMCs. Remington was tracking scents the day we brought him home. He is now 5 months old and my husband has been working to train him to shed hunt, squirrel hunt and blood trail. He is a great protector of our home and will let us know the minute he hears or sees something unusual. He is extremely smart and always striving to please us. He was potty trained / bell trained within 3 weeks of bringing him home. We are hooked for life and love our BMC from K Bar K. We look forward to adding another one to our family from Kevin hopefully in the near future. Remington can teach the new pup the rules of the house and help with training. We highly recommend K Bar K Kennels and Kevin's Black Mouth Curs.
Submitted by: Kevin and Tanya Pelzer on Oct 06, 2014
First off we would like to say Thank you very much for taking the time to answer all our questions and concerns about the breed(Black Mouth Cur).We picked Sako up on Sept 29 2014 leaving British Columbia Canada to pick him up in Illinois. He was the most adorable and relaxed puppy we had ever seen. We spent a couple hours getting to know Bro Kevin and his son Kaleb, also developing a bond with Sako. On our flight back home Sako did amazing, he was very relaxed and only let out one little whimper when our plane landed. Since getting home Sako has boned well with our family. He's already sitting, staying and coming on command. We have been working on tracking with him and he's proving to be quite the tracker following a track up to 65 feet with great concentration and drive at only 9 weeks old. He is very playful and silly when playing with our children, not once showing any aggression to them or their friends.
Thank you again Bro Kevin for the wonderful puppy. We look forward to keeping in touch.
Kevin, Tanya, Aaron, Devin and Natasha Pelzer
Submitted by: Robinson's Pioneer Kennel on Aug 19, 2014
I will soon be purchasing my third K bar K Black Mouth Cur pup. They are exceptional and contain true multipurpose traits: Hunting treeing game and baying game on the ground, companion family dogs, guarding without over aggression, hog and cattle dogs and more.
You will be treated with openness and honesty at K Bar K kennel.
Submitted by: Carly Holcomb on Aug 19, 2014
Bro. Kevin is a wonderful person with great dogs! We purchased our BMC at the end of May 2014, and his communication prior to picking up Rocky, the day we picked him up, and even after have been incredible. He is upront and honest about the joys and struggles of the breed, and wants you to know exactly the dog you are signing up for! The follow-up phone calls are great, and he really provides care and compassion for not only his dogs, but the new owners too!

Would highly recommend the breed to anyone needing a loyal companion, and overall outdoors dog!
Submitted by: Ed Peterson on Aug 18, 2014
Couldn't be more pleased with my dogs. They are hard hunting, good looking dogs! Kevin has helped me purchase 3 puppy's and every time he was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again Bro Kevin!
Submitted by: Chad Moore on Aug 18, 2014
I can't imagine life without my BMC's. They are amazing family dogs, great hunting dogs and are extremely athletic. Brother Kevin is very interested in every pup that leaves his kennel. Even after almost four years Bro. Kevin can see a picture of my dog and tell me her bitch and sire. You cannot go wrong with a K Bar K BMC, Keep up the great work Bro. Kevin!
Submitted by: Curtis & Rose Schmitz on May 12, 2014
We picked up our puppy on 4/30/2014. She is everything we hoped for and more. We have been talking with Kevin since the first of the year.He is a wonderful person to do business with. Thank you bro. Kevin
Submitted by: Bryon Riley on Feb 26, 2014
I picked up maximus up a little over a year ago from brother Kevin and he has been great. Maximus has a bit of separation anxiety but is sweet dog. He loves the woods and water and i just want to thank brother Kevin for such a great hunting partner.
Bryon Riley
Submitted by: Robert Cook on Feb 21, 2014
I had been in contact with Kevin for about a year talking and asking questions about His French Brittany's. We finally went with one of his older dogs and could not be happier with our new addition to the family. Poncho now (trigger) took to my son and daughter right away and we could not be happier that we decided to go with K Bar K Kennels. I highly recommend Kevin as he is not only a man of his word he is a man of GOD. Thanks again and we highly recommend getting a dog from K Bar K Kennels if you are looking for a life long member of your family.
Submitted by: Greg Coffey on Feb 19, 2014
I picked up my pup from Kevin last Saturday. Could not have been happier with my experience. Kevin was very knowledgeable about the dogs and answered all our questions. I am glad there are still people that are honest and trustworthy. I saw the parents of my pup and a few other bmc's in the line. My pup is doing great and already a part of our family. I am sure I will be back to k bar k kennels in the future. If you want to deal with a man that a handshake and your word means something then give Kevin a call. I promise you won't be disappointed.
Submitted by: Ryan Hart on Jan 31, 2014
I am so Thrilled with my 15 Week BMC pup I got from Kevin. I Have had her for almost 2 months now and Such an awesome pup. I did a lot of research for this pup as I was not as pleased with my pup from another breeder (Southern Heritage Kennel). I Felt very confident after speaking with Kevin. Full of information and eager to help in any way. This has been a great experience getting my BMC pup from K Bar K and talking with Kevin. Thanks again -Ryan Hart
Submitted by: Jeff and Liz on Dec 04, 2013
My husband and I bought a Black Mouth Cur from Kevin two weeks ago! We found out about him through this website because of all the positive reviews and gave him a call to find out more information. Kevin stayed on the phone with is for an hour! He answered all of our questions and was so patient. We actually drove out to the kennels and got to meet several of his dogs. He truly bent over backwards for us. We picked up our puppy from him two weeks ago and our dog has honestly never had an accident!!! We both work and he stays in his cage for 6 hours and holds it!!! He also knows how to sit, stay, come, shake, and stay (for 10 seconds). We have owned several other types of breeds and never had a puppy learn this quickly. It's quite unreal. We are so happy with him. Warning: this is an active breed. They need a lot of mental stimulation and brisk exercise. They are not a dog that lays around the house all day. My husband and I are very active so it works well for us. Overall, this is the smartest dog we have had. He is amazing and not scared of anything. Kevin was more than enjoyable to work with also. I cannot say enough good things about Kevin and the breed!!!
Submitted by: Hadassah Ugalde on Nov 29, 2013
We recently purchased a puppy from Kevin at K Bar K Kennals. Our experience was amazing. Not only is Kevin a great person to work with, he is honest and caring and has great follow through and follow-up. We have enjoyed our puppy very much and look forward to many years with her.
Submitted by: Rick on Nov 12, 2013
Bro. Kevan just a note to Lacey just had her first birthday and she is doing great. She is the most loving dog I have ever owned. She needs to be close to her people all the time. She on more then ones informed us that one of the kids had gone out side with out an adult. The wife informs me that she gos crazy if I leave the house and will bark at evry little noise. I have not taken her out for squirrels but I have to she evry obsessed with them. I would say that if she is a good example of the bmc bread I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great dog but they have to understand that they are a very loving bread but very very strong willed so you have to be very strong your self. It Iis so worth all the work to see her snuggled up with one of the kids or with me or the wife
Submitted by: david brueggeman on Oct 23, 2013
Hi kevin thought i would give you an update on Dusty my 16month old french brit this is his first wi hunting season he is doing great first day out pointed 5 woodcock got 2 he retrieved both next outing he pointed 1 woodcock 5 hen pheasant 1 rooster wild birds not released got the rooster what a sight seeing a 32 pound pup fetching a rooster ranges out about 50 yards quaters great any body looking for a great brit look no farther than k bar k ps dusty is great with the grandkids and havent found another dog he doesnt get along with may you get a gold star in heaven for bringing so much joy into my life
Submitted by: Colt craig on Aug 27, 2013
This past saturday i drove up from southeastern arkansas a nine hour drive and it was worth every minute. Tripp has been a great addition to the family to only be ten weeks old he is very smart there has not been any accidents at all even on the way home he wined a little letting me know he needed to go and since being home he has done the same. Keven and his daughter were wonderful and very helpfull with information on the bmc's. Anyone looking for a bmc to give keven a call
Submitted by: April Burgett on Aug 09, 2013
We are the Burgett family of Rural Astoria, Illinois and we picked up our BMC brindle puppy from Kevin one week ago today, when she was just 8 weeks old. Our little Jessie Bea has been a wonderful addition to our family! She is extremely smart and attentive, and eager to learn. We have been working with her and she is taking to housebreaking, crate training, and beginning to learn voice commands. Kevin was wonderful to work with, and very accommodating to meet up with us to pick her up and provide us with a lot of information on how to care for her. I would highly recommend K Bar K Kennels to anyone looking for one of his sporting breeds!!!
Submitted by: Dave Coburn on Aug 07, 2013
I see that I have a difficult task at hand, that is to give Bro. Kevin the highest accolades possible
when he deserves higher. The puppies that K Bar K kennels
produce can be achieved only by someone who is knowledgeable, thoughtful, honest, loving, and happy in their work. Brother Kevin is truly a man of God. We picked up our French Brittany Spaniel
puppy (Boone) four weeks ago. He is everything Kevin said he would be, great hunting instincts, fast learner(sit,come,fetch,lead.) wants only to please us, is warm, loving, part of the family and loves to cuddle. I might also add he is, of course 100% puppy. He loves to run, chase,jump, tug, and chew on everything except the 30 or so chew toys we bought just for that purpose, in short we could
not be more pleased with our selection of Bro. Knierims K Bar K kennels and our puppy, Can't wait for hunting season. This kennel and our new friends at K Bar K have our highest recommendation.
Submitted by: Jennifer Franklin on Jul 17, 2013
We picked up out BMC puppy the end of June. He is beautiful, has a wonderful personality and is a quick learner. Clyde immediately became a beloved member of the family. He is excellent with our kids and loves to snuggle. Kevin Knierim was great to work with and accommodated our schedule for pickup and honestly portrayed the BMC's. He called to check on Clyde shortly after we arrived home. I have since had a couple questions and Kevin happily/quickly answered for me. Overall a great experience and we are loving our BMC!!! Thank You
Submitted by: Shane Everitt on Jul 12, 2013
Very pleased with our new BMC pups.I did a lot of reasurch and I found Brother Kevin, and K Bar K Kennals. We drove all the way from WY. Kevin was very accomadating to us, and the dogs are top knotch. He let us see the parents and was very informative on how we needed to care for them and so on. I would recommend Kevin and his dogs as highly as I can.

Shane Everitt
Submitted by: kent robinson on May 09, 2013
I choose my dogs carefully. I must say I could not have chosen a better breeder than Kevin Knierim or better BMC dogs than he has. Mr.Knierim is a godly man who loves Jesus. Therefore He is very honest, not wanting to disappoint our Lord Jesus. My dog Molly is truly a good representative of the breed. I encourage you to call Kevin Knierim and purchase one of these great dogs. I also choose my friends carefully. I choose Kevin Knierim.
Submitted by: Donnie Easterling on Apr 11, 2013
Bro. Kevin,
Sage is doing very good in his house training, hasn’t had an accident in house since he was less than 3 Months old, he does good when I leave to run errands and such, no bad habits that I know of other than running varmint's in the yard he caught this rabbit on the third run around my yard back in the winter, I cleaned it and eat it, he has caught two squirrels and bob tailed a couple more that I know of, I had planned to trim the limbs off the bottom of my Spruce trees but he has almost got them all when he trees a squirrel, he trees at least one about every day, sometimes I have seen him tree 8 or 10 in a day, I think they stay out of the yard more than they once did. He needs some work on the tree because he runs around jumping up on other trees and shrubs, I am going to try and take him to the woods and let him tree them where I can work him on the leash at the tree and knock a few out to him, He has never been in the woods, from my experience hunting tree game he is the most natural tree dog that I have ever had, He was 62 pounds last fall when I had him to the vet, everyone that sees him says that he has the prettiest head that they have ever seen on a dog. When I get some pictures of him I will send you a couple, I just realized that I haven’t taken a picture of him in several months, Later On Donnie
Submitted by: Martha Sage on Apr 06, 2013
My husband and I traveled 4 hours to pick up our BMC a couple of weeks ago. I originally had him named Red even before we saw him, but on the way home I decided to change his name to Remmington Bullet. I want to thank Kevin and his family for working with us on such short notice on the purchasing of our new addition. Remmington is 98% potty trained and he is a wonderful addition to our family. The kids love him to pieces. I hope to return in the future to add another BMC to our family.

Thank you again Kevin!

BMC lovers
The Sage Family

Submitted by: Rob Erickson on Feb 12, 2013
We made the trip from Minnesota down to Kevin's farm last Saturday to pick up our first ever coon hunting dog. We ended up purchasing two.

Prior to that I had several conversations with Kevin about training dogs and dog breeds and what sex of dog should I get and prices etc... Kevin was very patient with me and always returned my phone calls and emails.

Our experience at Kevin's farm was fantastic. Every dog there is obviously taken great care of and they are happy and we learned a lot from Kevin and his daughter about our dogs and the dogs on their farm.

I can't say enough good things about our entire experience and my only regret is that I didn't find out about Kevin sooner.

Kevin also caled to make sure we got back ok and directed us to call him whenever we needed advice.

Anyone looking for a great dog from a great breeder would be well served to do business with Kevin.
Submitted by: Corey Seitz on Jan 16, 2013
I went out to get my French Brit copper last Sunday and I couldn't be any happier with him he's doing great he's about 90% pottery trained and he's the best puppy I've ever had.... Another thing I want to mention is that Kevin was the nicest guy I have ever meant he worked around my schedule until I could come pick him up I'm very happy with the puppy and his service I highly recommend his if your looking to buy a dog
Submitted by: James Hazzard on Jan 10, 2013
Last Saturday my daughter and I drove down with a friend who was picking up a BMC puppy from K BAR K Kennels. When we arrived we were greeted by Kevin, his family, and the puppy that my friend was buying. After a few minutes, my three year old daughter started asking which puppy was for her. I just couldn't resist so I asked Kevin if he had others available and he said they did. The only issue was that I only had a few buck on me as I did not plan on getting a puppy. I offered to drive into town to locate an ATM and Kevin said he believes a man is as good as his word and that I could mail him a check. He wouldn't even accept the little bit of cash I had saying that he didn't want me driving back home without cash.
Our BMC, Belle, has been potty trained since we brought her home. She is amazing with kids and gets along great with our other two dogs. Kevin has called me twice already to check on us and offer his advice which I greatly appreciate. Kevin has a big heart and is an absolute pleasure to do business with. I'm thankful I've had the opportunity to meet some great people and I plan to stay in touch with them for years to come!
Submitted by: Bryon Riley on Jan 10, 2013
I went down to get maximus my new black mouth cur puppy with my friend and his daughter. Brother Kevin and his family were great people with very nice dogs. The dogs were so great my friend picked a little puppy out also.If your looking for a black mouth cur I would tell you to go and see Brother Kevin.
Bryon Riley
Submitted by: brian klise on Jan 01, 2013
cash is almost three now and hes turned into a quite the squirrel dog finally figured out to follow them through the trees. Ive also started hunting coon with him this year and hes treed eight coon this year in five nights out, for some reason he has a pure hatred of them shoot a coon out he shake it till you pull him away squirrels just a sniff and away he goes. hes also got a knack for finding wounded deer he has retrieved 4 this year allready and two last year hes really filled out this year a little over 80 pounds now. he also this year started loving the water cant keep him out of the pond he stay down there all day chasing fish and swimming. when im working on the road my parents watch him and its fight getting custody of him for the weekends.
Submitted by: nancy updegraff on Jan 01, 2013
From our house to yours, may you have a Very Blessed, and Very Merry Christmas!

I cannot begin to thank you enough for the gift of Belle. She is such a joy. Her and her sister (Boston Terrier) are never far from each other. She has been a joy to train, she is so eager to please, and the Boston has followed her every move. They are such a joy to come home to at the end of a long day. Belle likes to sit with me, if I am on the computer. She will curl up on my lap with her head on my arm, so she can watch the screen, just in case I watch a video from animal planet, and usually fall asleep. And she has learned to smile. Usually when she has gotten into trouble. She tells on herself. The other day she got into a magazine and tore it apart. I found it and she was smiling so big, her eyes disappeared. How do you get mad at that? And they say animals are dumb? Not these two. They are two of the most intelligent animals I have ever had the pleasure of sharing my life with.

Again, thank you so much, for this little bundle of joy.

May your Christmas be filled with the Love of Our Lord.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Nancy and John Updegraff
Submitted by: Rick McDaniel on Dec 27, 2012
We picked up Lacey a 6 week old BMC about a week ago and sheis every thing we could ask for. She is about 98% house broke and is so loving. Kevin was so good to deel with.

Lacey is going to be a grate addition to the family.

We will post up date as she getts bigger.

Thank You and God bless Kevin

The McDaniel Family
Submitted by: Rick McDaniel on Dec 27, 2012
We picked up Lacey a 6 week old BMC about a week ago and sheis every thing we could ask for. She is about 98% house broke and is so loving. Kevin was so good to deel with.

Lacey is going to be a grate addition to the family.

We will post up date as she getts bigger.

Thank You and God bless Kevin

The McDaniel Family
Submitted by: jake on Oct 30, 2012
hey kevin gunner is doing amazing!!! he listens very well and is gonna make a great coon dog!!! i couldnt be happier with he way you treated me! thanks so much!!
Submitted by: Melinda on Oct 27, 2012
Hi there,
I just wanted to say a few words here about our experience with Kevin and our black mouth cur pup, Japa, that we just picked up from him a week ago. We drove down from Southwest Wisconsin and it was quite the epic trip let me tell you, but Japa was worth all of it and more. I've raised and trained some very smart dogs but this pup takes the prize. He's ALWAYS held out to go to the bathroom outside, and when we go outside he runs off to do his business the moment I say the word. Then when he's done, he turns around and runs up to the front door to be let in. He sits politely for food or attention and has done so since I first brought him home at just over 7 weeks. In all truth, he came to me with better manners than many adult dogs I meet. Japa is very friendly and polite when he meets new people but is otherwise generally reserved and quiet. Japa is also very tough - there are a bunch of bees that hang around a mud puddle nearby and he plays with them and doesn't seem to notice the stings much. I watched a large wasp sting him right on the nose and he didn't fuss. I gave him the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test and he tested very high in both dominance and obedience, a combination which promises superb working potential. And I have to say, it shows. Even at eight weeks I can call him back from playing with other dogs or even from going after the cat. So far, I can say that Japa is showing himself to be everything I had hoped for: wickedly smart, gentle natured with people, bold, confident, protective, tough, controllable and wonderfully LOYAL. Until I found Kevin, I was wondering if I would ever be able to find everything that I wanted in one dog. Well, all I can say is thank you Kevin! This puppy has my family and I so pleased in just one week. I can't wait to see what he'll show us in the years to come! One last thing is that you need only have one conversation with Kevin to know you're going to enjoy dealing with him. A pleasanter man I've yet to meet. It was very enjoyable to visit with him, and though it was a short visit it only takes meeting him once to know that he really is as good as they come. We met his children as well and they all shared his good nature. We are truly grateful to have brought Japa home, but an unexpected gift is to connect with Kevin as well. If you want a fantastic dog that raises the bar, give Kevin a call. You won't be disappointed!
Submitted by: dave brueggeman on Oct 23, 2012
Hi Kevin just wanted to give you an update on Dusty my 5 month old french brit. All I can say is wow! He is every thing you said he would be and more. He was house trained in 2 weeks sleeps all night Just got back from MI hunting He is already pointing birds at 10 feet and holding his point,shooting over him no problem searching dead and retrieving. All my buds call him a cracker jack pup JUST OPEN THE BOX AND OUT COMES THE PRIZE. Only problem I have is I have to keep an eye on him everybody wants to take him home. In ending all I can say is thank you you surly earned a gold star Keep up the good job May you and your family be blessed
Submitted by: JACK MOSS on Aug 24, 2012
I drove out to illinois from ohio to pick 2 male pups from Bro-Kevin. He was dealing with some health problems so his daughters & Grandma(she told me to call her that)took care of me. They showed me their parents;aunts;cousins;an littermates all the dogs were in great shape.The pups did fine on the ride home an are doing great with their trainning.They are very smart create trainning was a snap,slept the hole night thru on the first night an every night so far.House breaking is almost done an their only 8weeks old only had 5 accidents in house an 4 were the first week.Now they just wine at door when they want to go out.The last 3 days they walked the border of a 32acer soybead field;ate drank an slept.Each day they get stronger an learn something new.We have them on blue-buffalo puppy food the bowl is never empty.Last trip to vet they both put on over 3lbs in a week.Doc the red one is 12.4 an Wyatt the blonde is 11.8 at 8weeks.These pups are just what I wanted Bro-Kevin has a great bloodline strong-healthy pups an smart as a whip.Cant wait to see what they do next lots of fun for a newly retired man.
Submitted by: Mike Pritchett on Aug 16, 2012
Pastor Kevin,
We absolutely love our new Treeing Rat Terrier pup (Rocky). We have had him for about a week. I have had several puppies over my life, and I do not believe I have ever had one any smarter than this pup. He is virtually house breaking himself. He is becoming part of the family so fast that I have not been the least bit concerned with taking him out on trails in the wood without a lease. He stays with us and comes when he is called. He is already showing great hunting instinct and I cannot wait to get him out with me when I go squirrel hunting in a week or so. This morning I shot a starting pistol blanks around him and he did not even flinch. Thanks for your dedication to producing great treeing dogs. I appreciate the time you and your father has taken with me giving training tips/advise. I will keep you posted on his progress and hopefully email you pictures of him treeing his first squirrel in the NEAR future. LOL

Mike Pritchett
Submitted by: Tim Falconer on Jul 19, 2012
My wife and I drove down from Michigan to pick up our newest member of the family about four weeks ago and we have just adored her ever since. Lucy (our new puppy) is showing signs of being a great dog for working with birds and rabbits and she really enjoys the water. She definitely attracts a lot of attention whenever people see her and she is walking on a leash very well. She is still chewing everything in sight, but she is only a puppy. She does leave things alone (other than the cat) when we say to leave it, so we are sure she can learn what is allowed and what is not. Brother Kevin and his family were very helpful and friendly and both my wife and I thank them for helping us get this beautiful French Brittany as our first dog.
Submitted by: Donnie Easterling on Jun 17, 2012
My Son and I drove over to Bro. Kevin's place on Super Bowl Saturday, early February and picked up my pup Sage (BMC) at 7 weeks old and Blue for Scott in PA. We had a wonderful experience talking with the family and Bro. Kevin, It was a crappy day after a lot of rain and cool wind but we were very pleased by the reception we had while there, He has called me a number of times as I have called him on several occasions to update him on Sage's development.
Sage was very easy pottie trained, only had a couple accidents before he got the drill, He was born Dec.15,2011 so I am a little late sending this in because I wanted to get a good idea about His development before I sent this in.Sage has been a very good fit for me as a companion and He shows very good hunting instincts when roaming in the yard, He treed his first squirrel in the yard at less than 5 months old, He trees one about every time he is out there, sometimes he will tree more than once, I have an album full of pics. of him treeing squirrels already and he just turned 6 months old, very pleased with his development so far.
Sage has the dominate gene in him, meaning he tries to dominate the Cat any other critters he encounters so I had to exert dominance over him early on and that was a change for the better, no problems as he has gotten older, he has train ability so it wasn't a real problem, also he is a very rough player with other dogs, not aggressive but just rough, I think it is part of his trying to dominate or maybe his competitiveness coming out, He is well balanced and very friendly with people and other dogs, thanks Bro. Kevin for Breeding and maintaining this strain of BMC Thank You Very Much Bro. Kevin
Submitted by: Andrew Bottrell on Mar 25, 2012
Received our BMC pup last fall from K Bar K Kennels. Lucy started treeing squirrels when she was only a few months old and now at only 6 months old is capable of finding her own, getting treed, and staying there. Easiest starting dog I have ever owned. Her confirmation and voice is excellent and she pulls double duty as the family pet. Kevin is excellent to deal with. Knowledgeable and caring he will follow up on his pups. You can tell he is passionate about these dogs and will go out of his way to guide you down the right path to getting the full potential from them.
Submitted by: Scott on Mar 23, 2012
We bought our BMC, Blue, from Brother Kevin in February. Blue's been everything we could've hoped for in a pup. Now at 13wks he's part of the family. Listens well for a pup and a constant companion to our 5yr old son, Brandon. At 9 wks he was exploring brushpiles and briars better than older beagles I've had. Always nosing but not too far from us. Couldn't have asked for a better family pet either. Its good to see my boys and Blue running around the yard instead of on a video game. Even my wife will take breaks from housework to go out and run around with Blue. Its been great.
Can't say enough about Brother Kevin. He's answered all my questions and asked some good ones himself prior to purchase to ensure a good fit for pup and owner. He's also been a good source of info and pleasure to talk to since and really helped out in getting Blue to us. Top notch people with top notch dogs.
Submitted by: Dave Morris on Mar 21, 2012
We just got our second blackmouth pup from pastor Kevin and once again I can't say enough about him. Big beautiful male with a black face. Kevin was so wonderful to deal with and my family is so pleased.These dogs are not common on Long Island and we are constantly asked where we got them and what breed they are. We are happy and proud to talk about them. Thanks Kevin!!!
Submitted by: Denise Atkocaitis on Mar 21, 2012
hi Kevin,

I wanted to let you know that things are excellent with our new puppy here in NH. My husband and I both are so impressed with this dog. We want to raise it with another cur, and we are hoping to travel back to IL to get another cur sometime this fall. What do you think the chances are that there may be a litter of pups available around that time? If you remember, please keep us in mind with litters this. Summer, preferably fall.
Submitted by: Mike Matz on Mar 21, 2012

Today marks Molly's six-month birthday, an appropriate time to send you a quick update and a photo, attached. As you can see, she's growing nicely, looking quite regal in her carriage. She's a smart one, and we've got her trained to sit and lie down on command, and we're getting there on come. She is very playful, but has learned not to bite when playing with the kids, though she needs reminding when they really get going.

We''ve been taking her out either to a state game management area or to a friend's place in the country and working her on the lead, still on pheasant wings or tails that I brought back from South Dakota, no live birds yet. On the lead, of course, she ranges nicely, and is getting the hang of quartering, back and forth, hunting close, not often running too far ahead. Off the lead, she will occasionally get out a bit too far and not quarter as well, but, well, she still is only six months old. She knows what scent she's after, but she's lost that beautiful point she had early on. Now she's more apt to pounce and try to chase the wing when we flip it into the air with the rod and fishing line. If you have any suggestions on how to go about maintaining a point, I'd welcome them.

She's thoroughly gun-trained. Through the holidays I was still using the .22, but last weekend fired off a 12-gauge about 25 yards away, and she didn't flinch, hardly looked my way. The technique of getting her to associate the boom with something pleasurable, her food, with some scraps of meat thrown in, and has worked quite well.

Around the house, she's become part of the family. She sleeps the first part of the night on my son's bed, and then sometimes around five or six in the morning will come upstairs to our bedroom and sleep with us. The kids love her, though we have to curb her rambunctiousness a little when she gets too excitable when frolicking around with them. She's mostly learned to distinguish between her chew toys and our socks or slippers or stuffed animals, but we're still working on that.

She draws comments from other admiring dog owners when we take her on walks through the neighborhood to the park or down to the river trail. People are very curious and complimentary. Some can tell she's a spaniel, but are unsure what kind. We may have the only French Brittany in town, far as I can tell. It's not a breed many are familiar with.

Molly's a pure joy, and we're delighted to have her. Thanks again.

Mike Matz
Submitted by: John & Kim Sheely on Mar 19, 2012
Hi All,
It has been a VERY long time since my last update about our Clyde. I am over the moon to report (since my last post) we added to our family. This time in the 2 legged form. Our family welcomed our 1st daughter a year ago and life has not been the same since her arrival. I feel compelled to write this post about Clyde and his bond with her. When I was pregnant, he drove me absolutely crazy! Why, because he knew something was different. I could not go to the sink to get a drink of water with out him under my feet. He never left my side. In the shower, he stood at attention outside the door waiting for me. He sleep on the floor by me often times in the middle of the night putting his paws up on the bed, smelling me and licking my ears. I could not walk inch an in the house with out him next to me. Towards the end of my pregnancy, he wined all the time when near me. I swear he really knew something was different. When we brought our sweet Jenna home for the hospital he was absolutely terrified of her. If I was holding her, he would keep his distance. I think he knew she was very frail and was little unsure how to handle this new little person. One day after putting her in her bassinet and jumping in the shower, I came out to find him snuggled up next to her bed. He loved her from day one. When she was only a couple of weeks old, I had her in her stroller out in the yard and the 2 labs from across the street ran over for a visit. One of them decided to jump on the stroller where my newborn daughter slept and I saw a side of my dog that I never knew exhausted. He went into defense mode to protect her and the lab, with her tail tucked between her legs headed home very fast. Had he not done that, I think the other dog would have knocked her out of the stroller. From that day, I trusted him to protect her. Jenna is very smitten with her Clyde. In fact, his name was one of her 1st words. He lets her climb all over him and he has NEVER so much as budged at her abuse. Although, I should add, when she eats, it is one bite for her, one bite for him. I would HIGHLY recommend this breed for families with children. They are patient, kind, attentive and protective. I could go in further detail about Clyde's attention to my 4 year old and the way he watches over him while playing in the yard. (that is another post). Anyway, I just wanted to update you a little about my 4 legged kid. He is a snuggle bug, who I trust with my 4 four children. To protect them, play with them and love them. Thanks brother Kevin for our amazing dog!
Submitted by: jeff and kristen lemkemann on Mar 04, 2012
We got our BMC puppy Henry in January from Bro. Kevin, we could not be more happy. GREAT NOSE, responds on command. Great healthy pup. I highly recommend Kevin if you are looking for a great BMC.
Submitted by: Josh on Feb 25, 2012
Our BMC gunner is almost 5 months old now and over 40 pounds already! We could not be happier with him, he is a great dog. Kevin at K bar was such a great guy to work with. He helped us every step of the way and continues to answer questions we have about our puppy. We feel we got a quality dog, with a natural instinct for hunting. I have been training him on bloodlines to track deer, and he is a natural tracker. Also, he is the biggest sweetheart my wife and I have ever seen. All in all, he is the best of both worlds for a hunting/family dog. Thanks Kevin!
Submitted by: Jeff Jobe on Feb 23, 2012
Kevin, we are really enjoying our BMC puppy "Bella". She has really bonded with our family, and we have bonded with her. The characteristics that she presents to us just confirms everything that I have read and heard about this breed. She isn't afraid of anything! And if you want to play hard with her she just keeps coming back for more, but when it's time to stop she backs off with a simple command. Smart dog, and I am sure she will be easy to train for coon hunting, wounded deer retrieval, etc. She is a beautiful dog! Kevin has been really great to work with, and will answer any questions we have had for him. He is a Pastor at his church and I believe that he is the real deal. God Bless you Kevin and your family.
Submitted by: Matthew Ellis on Jan 10, 2012
Kevin I hope all is well with you and your family. Bo is doing great this afternoon he pointed his first covey of wild birds. He held and we walked passed him and flushed the birds. He has been pointing tame birds and retrieving them for several weeks. He is very hard headed and wants to do things his way, but as my father said today you can take that out of him but if doesn't have it you can't put it in him. Much like my ten year old daughter that is going on 15 he is six months going on four years old. Thanks again. Matthew
Submitted by: Steve Sipula on Jan 10, 2012
Thank you for the message. Pheasant hunting is over for the year. I was very pleased with Ramona in her first year. Excellent pointing and eager to please. She is also a wonderful family dog. We will be relocating to Virginia this year. Not much for pheasant hunting, but I hope to get into quail. Let me know if you have any hunting leads or contacts in the state. We will be in the Richmond area. Sincerely, Steve Sipula
Submitted by: jason foster on Jan 10, 2012
Hey Kevin,

I hope all is well this holiday season and enjoying it with loved ones. Troy is growing at a very fast rate, mentally and physically. up to about 35 lbs already at 4 1/2 months. But he learning commands quickly and has the mentality of wanting to learn more. He knows sit, down, high five, roll over, stay, and I am in the process of teaching him to ring a bell to go outside. He will start intermediate puppy classes this week so hopefully leash training will become easier since he LOVES to pull lol. Seems to gaining his hunting instincts with his nose into the ground almost at all times and starting to chase rabbits and squirrels. He actually scented cayotoes the other night and I had no idea they were nearby until he started barking and running into their direction. Luckily that scared them off. Other than that, he'll be staying with family friends when I attend my family in Colorado this week and wish I could bring him with. I will be in touch down the road. Have a wonderful holiday season and talk soon!

Best Regards,
Jason Foster
Submitted by: A. Coady on Jan 07, 2012
I want to give an update on our bmc we bought 2 years ago this month. His name is Buck. His dad is Ringo and his mom is Dollar.

He's a top wounded deer track dog at 2 years old. I had him running blood lines at 10 weeks old and he was a natural. I have had him on 4 wounded deer tracks and he's four for four. He knows his job is tracking wounded deer.

Here's the kicker though, i just took him pheasant hunting this morning and he flushed a rooster and a hen. Had his nose to the ground the whole time and stayed close. He'll go afer anything that moves in the yard, especially squirrels and rabbits. But he also knows his boundaries, as he will not leave our yard unless accompanied by one of us.

This dog is the best. We are considering another one.
Submitted by: zachary sisk on Dec 26, 2011
We wanted an all-around good family dog for livestock and hunting. After doing some research, we found K-Bar-K kennels. We also spoke with several people who recommended Kevin very highly. We decided to get one puppy from him this month. We came back with two and couldn't be happier. Lorie, who is about seven weeks old, is settling in great. And Emmylou, who is about five months old, gets along great with our other three dogs and is quickly becoming best buds with our Mountain Cur. They love hitting the trails together. Kevin was wonderful to work with. He knows and loves his dogs. We really couldn't be happier and are very excited about the upcoming months. All in all, a great experience and would definitely recommend K-Bar-K Kennels to anybody wanting a good all-around dog.
Submitted by: Bob and Lisa Tennyson on Oct 01, 2011
We have a small kennel, Log Cabin Family Farm Kennels, and bought Justice with the intentions of putting him in our breeding program. We picked up our BMC puppy, Justice, from Kevin in September. This is the second puppy we have purchased from Kevin and we are well pleased. Justice is a nice, stocky male and holding his own with our other BMCs. Kevin is a pleasure to work with, is glad to answer your questions, and will keep in contact with you. It was a blessing dealing with K-Bar-K Kennels! Bob and Lisa Tennyson, Log Cabin Family Farm Kennels
Submitted by: Megan Meeker on Sep 14, 2011
We picked up Luckey, our BMC, 3 weeks ago from Brother Kevin. It seemed as if she picked us. She fits in so well in our home. She is such a little tracker, always sniffing her way to new discoveries. She is great puppy, and Kevin was so knowledgeable about everything we asked. He had an answer for everything. We love showing her off and bragging about her to everyone who sees her. Thank you very much for all your kindness and answering everything.
Submitted by: Karen & Glen Pooler, Maine on Sep 14, 2011
Hello again Bro. Kevin, We are just so very pleased with our little (10 weeks no) French Brittany, Ella, to all of her abilities so soon!!
She house broke within 10 more accidents....she retrieves, is such a social puppy too. She loves everyone, and almost bosses around MUCH bigger dogs that they do not know how to respond!! She obeys several commands already, stays close and she observes everything with keen interest. Her colors (, white, roan/orange) are becoming very defined with alot of ticking..she is a beauty! We cannot thank you enough for all of the correspndance and coordination with our purchase from you. Anyone would be very lucky to obtain such a wonderful pup!! God Bless, Karen
Submitted by: Karen & Glen Pooler on Sep 07, 2011
Bro. Kevin is such a joy to deal with and his puppies are just simply wonderful. We started our search back in May, and came upon the K Bar K advertisement/informational in the Gun Dog Breeders. We were very excited to learn of an upcoming litter and sent in our deposit...the waiting was so hard, but then we learned that we would be getting our girl, Ella! She is so good natured, very smart as she has learned much already even at her young age! We highly recomment Bro. Kevin and his Kennel!
Submitted by: Micheal & Abbey Mccormack on Sep 07, 2011

Just wanted to take a moment to mention that Bro. Kevin Kneirim is a top-notch breeder and just a great help to us. We drove 4 hours to pick up our BMC and expected a hand shake and goodbye but Bro Kevin chatted with us about all the pups we were interested in and helped us choose. Not only that, but he gave us a huge bag of food, all of the vaccination information, records of 8 generations on both sides and more.

In fact, there was one pup we were interested in but he nicely told us that there was a man in Ohio waiting for one just that color for a year and a half. He stuck to his guns even when we jokingly told him we'd sweeten the deal $100 if we could take that one. Bro Kevin gave us a smile and said that that wouldn't be honorable and apologized again.

The point: you can trust that this man has integrity and takes pride in finding top-quality BMC's a good home.

We chose a female and named her Lily and have had such an easy time training her. Our girl is SMART and very quick to pick up new commands. She even whispers. Yes... whispers.

Her senses are keen too. Her first kill was at 4 months. Poor chipmunk.

Anyway... I know that no one ever reads this far, but if you have, you are taking your decision seriously. Rest assured that you are going to get a QUALITY canine from Kevin at K-Bar.
Submitted by: Kim Suther on Sep 07, 2011
Hi Kevin. It was nice to hear from you the other day. I apologize for not keeping you up-to-date on Rooster. He is an amazing dog. I haven't had any trouble this year with animals eating my garden or trees up. The other night, Rooster trapped a badger under Matt's truck! He was not backing down at all. I eventually had to hold Rooster back while Matt took care of the badger with the SKS ;) Dang dog is too smart. Rooster kept trying to lunge to get the badger but I was able to hold him back so he changed tactics and lunged backwards and pulled me right over. It was quite comical. On Sunday, Matt heard Rooster barking out in the pasture so Matt went out there and Rooster had our bull coralled in open pasture. He wouldn't let that bull go anywhere and when the bull would try to take him, he would nip him on the nose. Of course, he got in big trouble and was chained up for the evening but we were really impressed by his abilities and instinct. He is!
just the perfect dog for us and he's great with the kids. I hope you had a great weekend and are enjoying this cooler weather.


From: ksuther
Submitted by: Alicia Cook on Aug 29, 2011
We picked up our BMC in june and he so great. He is loyal and very protective of the kids. He is a brute and learning that he has to be nice to the family cats and chickens. You can see the temptation in his eyes but he won't go after them at least while we are around. Kevin was very well organize and made getting our pup a breeze. It was well worth the 7 hour trip to get him. Still today kevin makes sure that he is alright and if we have any questions we need answered. Thanks again...he is part of the family..
Submitted by: Rachel Maxwell Pieper on Aug 17, 2011
Duke is our third BMc pup from K-Bar Kennel and he definitely shows quality breeding. He is just two months old now and is tough enough that he feels confident to take on full grown dogs including our BMC female Dixie. He has yet to show that protectiveness I love in BMC, but he is obvious about wanting to be where his family is. His hound quality is strong, showing up on walks where he spends his time with his nose to the ground to follow our trail.
We just love these dogs and are so glad we found K-Bar!
Submitted by: Bryce on Jul 26, 2011
I picked up Charlie April 2011 and he has been one of the best pups I've ever had. He was very stand offish at first but after a week or so i couldn't get him off my hip. Not once have I had him in a pen. I taught him to lead in 2 days and ever since he just runs around our yard in the Country but never leaves the property without one of us with him. Charlie is a great companion and hunting dog. This is definitely a great place to get a good hunting dog. Don't let the place fool you it's not what you think of when you think Kennel but the Dogs they have there are second to none.
Submitted by: dave morris on Jul 18, 2011
We got our female blackmouth cur yesterday from K Bar K kennels and she exceeded all of our expectations! She is a smart,well socialized, and happy puppy.She is also one of the most handsome dogs ive ever seen with strong features and a beautiful color. Kevin from K Bar K kennels was more than a pleasure to deal with. He answered all of my questions and provided me with information I would have never thought of. He spoke with such pride and love of his dogs I felt like I was talking to an old friend. We love our new dog Thank You KEVIN!!!
Submitted by: Thaddeus Stanley on Jul 04, 2011
We picked up "Foxy" a couple days ago from Pastor Kevin. She is a beautiful brown Blackmouth Cur. We are thrilled! Kevin had Foxy's parents and grandparents out to meet us when we got there so we could get an idea of what she would look like when she gets older. Kevin is very helpful and knowledgeable and we were very impressed with how friendly and well behaved Kevin's Blackmouth Curs were. We will recommend Pastor Kevin to everyone who is considering a BMC!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted by: Jason on Jun 28, 2011
I picked up my BMC pup on June 17, so it has only been 11 days, but he is such a great dog. I named him Karl der Grosse (Karl the Great) and at only 8 weeks old, he already comes on command and is very energetic and loyal. He sleeps by my feet when I'm working at my desk and follows me everywhere I go (navigating steps even at 6 weeks old). I don't even need a leash when we walk, as he follows me without hesitation (but we are working on leash training anyway). Kevin was incredibly patient with me over the past 6 months, answering all my questions and giving me great advice. He is truly a class act and has great dogs. If you are looking for a breeder who cares about his dogs and the people they go to, look no further than K BAR K Kennels.
Submitted by: Burt Moreua on Mar 15, 2011

I just arrived in Iowa on Sat. and will be here until the end of the month.

Flash is getting along just fine. He is a great dog! He has excellent manners in the house, and is a dynamo in the field- already showing excellent hunting drive/qualities and even pointing some of the farm cats.

You did a great job socializing him too. He gets along well with other people and animals, and is very inquisitive- almost fearless (and very intelligent too)

I have started doing some basic obedience training with him on a leash, but he can be headstrong at times and wants go "full bore" all the time.

All in all Flash is just a great pup. I couldn't be more pleased!

Thanks again for all your assistance, and breeding a quality dog at a reasonable price.

Sincerly and best regards,
Submitted by: C Dixon on Mar 13, 2011
I talked via telephone with Kevin for about thirty minutes, before I decided to purchase Carla. I wanted Carla to compliment the upland dog I currently have (two year old English Pointer). I wanted the second dog to naturally hunt close, point, back, and above all retrieve. Carla was two months old when I picked her up. Kevin spent over an hour with my wife and I as we talked hunting, dog training, Carla’s parents, and her grandmother (she is line breed, only time in her three-generation pedigree). Both the parents and grandmother are onsite. I was pleased to get to see all of them and discuss their individual attributes.

Three weeks later Carla is staunchly holding a beautiful three-point stance at a tethered pheasant wing, and retrieving a quail dummy to hand. The dummy barely fits in her mouth. The natural instincts are obvious. Carla carries herself with a lot of poise, and looks very classy while running around the yard. She is a very intelligent puppy. It’s apparent to me that Kevin is breeding French Brittany’s focusing on the needs of the foot hunter. I look forward to getting Carla on birds next season.

C. Dixon Millstadt, IL
Submitted by: Rob & Mindy Myers on Feb 23, 2011
Our BMC "Curry" we got from K-Bar-K Kennels about 6 months ago now....she has the personality of her own, and has fit right in with our family of 5. She is so smart and has excelled in all of her classes that she has taken so far, even the vet says she is a real Einstein I am so glad that we decided to take the 7 hour trip to get her and researched the BMC breed. She is wonderful.
K-Bar-K Kevin- was extremely helpful, as we were a new family getting to know the BMC breed, he always was willing to answer any of my many emails timely, and was available for follow up help after I took Curry home if I needed it.
Thank You for the best Cur Ever!
Submitted by: Matt and Amber on Feb 08, 2011
We just recently purchased a black mouth Curr off Kevin. I was in Iraq when i contacted him. He held a puppy of my choice while i was gone. He took payments off me while i was gone. We are very pleased with our Curr dog Remmy. He is a very good with the kids and a fast learner. We would definitely get another dog off Keven!
Submitted by: Chuck & Bridget Parsell on Jan 30, 2011
We bought a tri-colored French Brittany puppy from K Bar K Kennels, and we just love her. Kevin really wants to breed quality bird dogs and he does. Ellie is smart, outgoing, bold, everything that a good bird dog should be. She's also quite the little lover. She loves everyone, from the littlest grandchild to the grouchy grandpa. We've already put in an order for another puppy next year.

I would truly recommend to anyone that wants a good French Brittany, to get ahold of Kevin. He loves to talk about his dogs and hunting. Kevin and Tonia are outstanding human beings and you'll enjoy the visit!
Submitted by: Steve Roncone on Jan 17, 2011
Bullet came as a Christmas present to the family and what a gift he has been. Coordinating the move from Illinois to California was very easy and went smoothly with the help of Kevin from K Bar Kennels. We spoke with or exchanged emails with him almost everyday for about three weeks. Kevin genuinely cares about his dogs their future families and people in general. It feels like we gained two new family members, Bullet our dog and Kevin our brother. What an incredible puppy Bullet has turned out to be. He is extremely smart, and seems to pick things up after being shown one or two times. He's like a baby with an old soul, playful yet calm and obedient and eager to please and learn. We could not have chosen a better family companion and future guardian both at our home and out on the hiking trails. Everyone who comes in contact with Bullet comments on how good looking and well behaved he is. We couldn't have asked for a better experience or a better puppy than we received with K Bar and Bullet. Thanks Kevin. Hopefully we'll get to meet you in person one of these days when we're out in your neck of the woods. God bless.
Submitted by: Bob & Lisa Tennyson on Jan 12, 2011
Hi Kevin,

We bought a female yellow black-mouth Cur from you July 4th, 2009. We named her Liberty.

We think she turned out to be a handsome Cur. We love her color, like an old worn out Carhartt coat! She is a good dog and smart. We took some dog obedience classes with her and that helped us tremendously. She listens much better now. But, she still has a mind of her own. : )

Alec (our oldest son) has worked her a little bit with some coon tails or live catch coons. He hasn't taken her on a real coon hunt. But, she shows promise with the training and she's not gun shy. She's broken the neck of a few coons!

She's very protective, too. The first summer we had her our 2 little boys (3 & 6 at the time) crawled inside a giant cardboard box. Then end of it would flop closed after they crawled in. Well, Lib had a fit!!! She barked and fussed and when they still didn't come out she nudged her way in and started pulling the littlest one out by his shirt tail! She wanted those boys out of that box.

Well, I could go on and on, but we've had a lot of good times with her.
If you want any more information, just let us know.
Have a Great, Happy, Healthy New Year!
The Tennysons
Bob and Lisa and
April, Alec, Austen, Alijah, Anthony

Submitted by: kim suther on Jan 08, 2011
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's. We are all doing great. Rooster is the best dog! We couldn't have found a more perfect dog for us. He loves being around us but when we're not home he's off roaming. Most of the time, he hangs out with the cattle. He just watches over them and if it's really cold, he'll bed down with them too. The cattle are so use to him that they don't chase him anymore. I'm really looking forward to seeing him in action when we need to start rounding them up. He's already helped herd some strays that came from our neighboring pasture. Rooster is getting so big. He's only 6 months old and is HUGE! I can't wait to see him fully grown. Anyway, I hope you and your family are doing well.

Kim Suther
Submitted by: Joe Grlica on Jan 05, 2011
Hey Kevin! Happy new year and belated merry Christmas. Ringo is doing great and is the most jealous dog in the world. Every time I come home and give the girls a hug and kiss he starts whining and getting his nose into the action. Almost whines like a little girl… it’s so funny. I have not put him in any training with regards to hunting and do what I can at home and it seems to be working just fine. We went this season pheasant hunting about 5 times and he did great. I don’t even have to shoot as he chases them down and pins them to the ground … unbelievable. We recently purchases some property in Michigan with a 12 acre wooded heaven and do some hunting up there. Ringo loves it there and just runs until he’s exhausted. He even picked out some rabbits for me. See attached pic of Ringo by the fire in Michigan. Boy I sure wish I could be in Ringo’s shoes as he’s livin the dog dream life I would think. ha ha ha. Anyway, thanks so much again for Ringo.. he’s a big part of our family now.

God Bless,

Joe and Family.

Submitted by: Mike & Debbie Jock on Jan 05, 2011
I just wanted to let you know what a blessing and how loved our sweet Angel is. Mike ADORES this dog and she has grown into the most beautiful dog both inside and out. She has helped Mike in so many ways. He loves playing with her and taking her for walks, he teaches her tricks and brings her with him when he’s outside in the yard. I really can’t tell you how perfect she is and how much she’s added to our lives. There aren’t enough words to tell you what a wonderful dog we have here! And thank you would never cover the appreciation we feel to you!

Much Love and Blessings!


Submitted by: bob & Judy Olsen on Dec 27, 2010
Hi; DEE is such a joy. Very much the lover and seeker of attention as you told us when we came to get her. If we had more game it would have been a better fall, but she has done very well. We have coyotes here which don't bother her she has a lot of speed. We let her run along us (us of course in the truck) anyway she does 25 miles per hour for a good i/2 to 3/4 mile before she slows. I think all this running has her conditioned for lots of speed. She weighs 57# on her last check up. We also have wolves which we saw one nite coon hunting, She stays close enough that they stay way from us and she hunts safely. If there are coon she will find them, just not alot of game here. Squirrels she will tree and follow in the trees so they are never lost. Has tracked and and bayed a wounded turkey that got away from Bob, so she has proven more than just a pet but a true hunting partner. She is very tall. Bob's youngest son has a male cur from Georgia or someplace way down there and she is a good 4 or 5 inches taller, is lankier than him, he is stocky, she also kicks his butt, cause this is her territory. Hope you have a very safe and Happy Christmas. Thanks for the good partner, she's the best. Judy
Submitted by: Kirk Huxhold on Dec 06, 2010
We had lost our family dog and were looking for a smart dog. Did some research and came across K Bar K Kennels. We contacted Kevin and took a road trip to Illinois. We purchased the runt, but he has turned out to be a very intelligent and loving addition to our family. Kevin is a wonderful person and was very caring and helpful. We were very please with our interactions and have stayed in contact with him to keep him updated on Obie's progress. Much thanks to Kevin for helping us. Kirk Huxhold, Bellevue NE
Submitted by: John Sheely on Nov 30, 2010
John SheelyNovember 30, 2010 at 12:24am
Subject: Clyde is a natural on blood
Kevin, Clyde recovered his first deer tonight. We had him out blood trailing and he led us right to the deer. Never got off the blood. Even when we couldnt see it anymore he kept his nose to the ground. We new the deer went down but the cover was so thick we couldnt track it well. He had it found in 10 minutes. He didnt know what to do when he found it but he sniffed and circled it a few times and barked a couple times. I was pretty impressed. I havent worked him on any blood yet. He is also treeing squirles pretty well. Hope your doin well and had a great Thanksgiving. I am sending a couple of friends your way in the spring for a pup. Had a couple strangers call me about your dogs and gave you a thumbs up. Take care.
Submitted by: Cara-Jene Silipena on Nov 14, 2010
We received our Black Mouth Cur(breeder Kevin Knieriem) on Novemeber 2, 2010. Kevin gave us a courtesy call on the 3rd to see how we were adjusting and how Cooper was doing. I appreicated Kevin's call he was sincere and gave me a few pointers on bathing and feeding Cooper.

I'm so impressed with Cooper he is so intelligent, Honestly Cooper learns something new every day. Cooper has stay down pat, he runs up and down stairs and I'm working on teaching him to heel. He gets along with my daughters Kitten meow meow is 6 mos and they love each other. I mention her because her newest thing is to try and get outside, she is an indoor cat. When she runs out I just tell Cooper get Meow Meow and he runs her down, pins her and holds her till I get her.He never hurts her only restrains her they play well together. He is great with my children 18, 17, and 15. Cooper is loving smart and truely a protector.
Thank you Kevin for giving our family a chance to love Cooper and become owners of a Black Mouth Cur what a great breed.
God Bless You and thanks again.
Cara-Jene & family
Submitted by: Marie Fowler on Sep 15, 2010
We picke up our BMC pup from Kevin on 9/3/10 and this was for my 8 year old daughter. Our "Dozer" puppy even thow it has only been 2 weeks it has proved to us we made the right choice on a BMC and Kevin is Keeping them true to the Breed! He cares about placement of his animals and if you are getting along with them. So far from our Dozer I have seen "Brains" and "Want to please you" Just plain Smart! Kevin is doing a great job with his breeding of the BMC. I think every family should own one! Marie Fowler
Submitted by: Shawn Ehrhardt on Sep 14, 2010
Kevin is a class act when it comes to being a breeder and a gentleman. We appreciate the time he took before we bought Sunshine (Blackmouth Cur)and after when we have had any questions. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a Blackmouth Cur or a Brittany. Shawn Ehrhardt
Submitted by: Bart Ballew on Sep 07, 2010
Three years ago after losing my dog to cancer I had made the decision to never have another. The grief was overwhelming. I finally got passed that and started looking for another dog to become part of my family. I came across K Bar K Kennels by accident one evening on the internet. I sent Kevin an email, explained my situation and my concerns. I cannot tell you enough about the man and his love for his dogs and his fellow man. A friend and I drove down today to pick up my pup and he had been talking to Kevin as well and got a litter mate to my pup. The experience was fantastic. Kevin took a considerable amount of time to answer all our questions. He is the real deal. If you've ever considered purchasing a Black Mouth Cur please do yourself a favor and consider K Bar K Kennels. Thank you so much Kevin. You have helped me turn the page and get back to having a dog in my family again. Bodie is going to be a great addition. Sincerely, Bart Ballew, Fayette, MO.
Submitted by: Angela on Sep 06, 2010
We are very pleased with Kevin and our pup "Buck".
Everything was very organized and professional. Kevin was very nice and made sure he was able to help us find exactly what we wanted. It was a great time talking with him and we couldn't be happier with our new BMC!
Submitted by: laura hyser on Sep 05, 2010
we are very happy with our puppy Brandy. we picked her up March 23 and she is now 50lbs and over knee high!! she is very affectionate, but she is definately daddy's girl. we have been doing some tracking training, for maybe search and rescue, but the weather has just been too hot lately. hopefully with the cooler weather we can get back in the groove!! she is a beautiful brindle with very high energy!! thanks Kevin..
Submitted by: Kara Andrews on Sep 01, 2010
I purchased a BEAUTIFUL black & white French Brit puppy for my dad in the spring. She has been an absolute joy and has grown into such a strikingly gorgeous young dog. My dad, who has owned and hunted with a variety of dogs for 60+ years, says she is one of the smartest dogs he's ever had. She is not only intelligent and beautiful, but she is also a sweet, mild tempered, "buddy-dog". K Bar K Kennels definitely knows what they are doing. These are great pups with lots of natural hunting skill and sweet personality. Worth EVERY penny!
Submitted by: Kim and Family on Sep 01, 2010
We feel as if we hit the jackpot for dogs. I spent a little over a year doing research on dogs, hoping to find a breed that would suit our family and we couldn't have found a better puppy or BMC breeder. Kevin was a pleasure to work with and is very caring about how one of his puppies is doing in their new home. We've only had Rooster for about 4 weeks and he is a great puppy. He's very smart, inquisitive, eager to please and just good looking. I'm looking forward to Rooster growing up and watching him work cattle with my husband or play with my children.
Submitted by: Nate Karnes on Jun 07, 2010
We had a great experience getting our pup from K-Bar-K. Kevin is super friendly and helpful, and willing to go the extra mile (in our case quite literally!) to make sure your questions are answered and your experience a delight!
Submitted by: Bob and Judy Oleson on May 31, 2010
When we contacted Mr.Knierim he was very helpful in seeing that we received a female puppy as we asked. This was just before Christmas. She has become one of the family. Just the best tree dog for squirrel and coon. Turned out to be very tall, fast moving,good sharp eyes for game, has the size and aggressiveness to handle large coon. Would recommend this kennel for anyone seeking a Black Mouth Cur dog. Also great watch dog and protector. This our third cur dog, so we know what the breed is able to do.
Submitted by: Meg Van Dyke on May 25, 2010
I recently purchased a brittany puppy from Kevin at K Bar K kennels. Kevin was great to work with and it was great to meet the puppies parents. Kevin cares a lot about his dogs and it shows! He has called to check up on us and is a wonderful source of information. Piper is a very smart, curious and well natured puppy- she loves everyone. She is a great looking puppy too! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kevin to anyone looking for a healthy and happy puppy! Thanks Kevin!

Meg- Oswego IL
Submitted by: brian klice on Apr 10, 2010
Kevin is a pleasure to deal with. He real interested in how the your new dog is doing and readily availble to answer any questions you might have. I'd purchase another dog from him in a second.
Submitted by: John Sheely on Apr 01, 2010
We recently purchased a BMC pup from K Bar K Kennels. We had a great experience with Kevin and purchasing our pup. Kevin is a true professional and he knows these dogs. Kevin was a gentleman and kept to his word and spent hours with us on the phone. He picked out a pup that he thought would serve our needs, and we are very happy with him. Our pup is smart, great looking, and is really starting to progress. Kevin has also called us and followed up to make sure we were happy. If you are in search of a pup we would highly recomend Kevin at K bar K Kennels.

John and Kim Sheely
Alto, MI
Submitted by: marc on Mar 17, 2010
We recently had the pleasure of doing business with Kevin. It was nice to see the parents and grandparents of our new pup. We are extremely happy with the new pups' demeanor. Extremely smart, playful, and looks good to boot. If we ever get another BMC it will definately be from Mr Knierim. Thanks again Kevin for the "house hound".
Submitted by: Doug & Family on Mar 13, 2010
We picked up "Oscar" from Kevin in March of 2010. Kevin was very helpful and friendly. I left knowing I had made the right choice in picking K bar K kennels for my new pup. Oscar is doing great and is showing all of the signs of a good hunting companion. He wakes me up every morning to take him outside. He's very smart and although quite young, is starting to take commands very well.

Thanks Kevin and family for the great addition to our household!

Submitted by: Joe & Kristen on Feb 23, 2010
Our family got our first BMC pup (Forest) from Kevin in February 2010. Kevin was great to work with, answered every call and email. We were very confident that we had chosen the right breeder and pup for us. Forest is a very smart pup, he listens and has been learning commands fast. He was a breeze to house train. Stays near us outside, can't wait to start traing to hunt. Forest minds our 11 year old son as well and doesn't bother our farm animals. He gets along with people and other dogs. Everyone here in Maine loves our BMC and can't beleive what a great pup he is, plus how good he looks! We are very happy with our pup from K-BAR-K. Thanks again Kevin! Joe, Kristen and Family.
Submitted by: The Bob Tennyson Family on Feb 01, 2010
We purchased and picked up Liberty, our black-mouth cur from Kevin on July 4th, 2009. Kevin is very knowledgeable about the dogs and willing to help. His enthusiasm convinced us to go ahead with our purchase and we thank him for that!

She quickly became attached to our family and is especially attentive to our 4 yr. old. If our 4 yr old son is hurt or crying, she immediately goes to him licking his face and snuggling.

We live on a farm and since she was just a little pup she has enjoyed 'herding' our free-range chickens, but she has never killed a chicken.

She's very protective of the family, especially the children. One day, some of our little boys crawled inside a large box and the flap came down over the opening. Liberty commenced to barking and maneuvering until she was able to get inside and nudge the boys out.

Our oldest son, has had her trailing coon tails. She did very well. She is very smart. We have recently begun training her with a professional and she is a fast learner. The kids comments are "She's awesome and ornery!"

K BAR K Kennels and Kevin are the people to talk to if you are interested in Black-mouth Curs!
Submitted by: A. Coady on Jan 30, 2010
My family and I are very happy with the bmc pup that we purchased from K BAR K Kennels. The pup(Buck)is very intelligent and easy to train. Kevin is a real pro and would recomend anyone looking for a bmc pup to get in contact with him.
Submitted by: Alex Brownlee on Jan 30, 2010
My girlfriend and I got Rosie our Blackmouth Cur from kevin at K Bar K kennels in January 2010. She is the best thing that happend to us. Rosie shows more and more every day how smart and strong she is. If you are looking to get a BMC I strongly suggest that you contact Kevin, He is very honest and kind. Kevin has stayed in contact with us just to make shure everything is going well. Rosie is 8 weeks old and she has picked up quickly on training and knows a few trixs already.
I am going to start training her to hunt today. I think she will pick up quick on that as well. She is very active, playfull, Friendly, and smart. We are really happy with Kevin and how Rosie is turning out.
Alex Brownlee
Submitted by: Shane Hanson on Jan 11, 2010
My buddy and I both got two black mouth curs from Kevin recently Duke and Tucker they are brothers and they are a joy to have these dogs are very very smart dogs never even had to potty train them they go right to the door when they need to go out they are great dogs we are both very pleased with the dogs and Kevin he was very helpful in letting us know everything we need to know about these dogs and he was a very great guy to deal with. We are from Minnesota and searched for a few months to find black mouth curs and not to many people around here have herd of them we called many dog breeders and were not happy until we spoke with Kevin from the first time we spoke to him we made our decision that we would buy from him we deff. recomend Kevin if your looking for a great great dog thanks again Kevin for all your help I will deff. be getting a female from you in the near future to breed thanks again we cant wait to get these boys in the woods and chase some coons.
Shane Hanson and Kris Klocke!
Submitted by: Ken Wilber on Dec 28, 2009
What a great pup! We got our first Black Mouth Cur about two months ago and couldn't be happier with him. He is a friendly and sociable dog with no bad habits. He gets along well with the other dogs and is minding his manners around our chickens. We were looking for a quality farm dog and I think we found the right breed. Kevin Knierim was a pleasure to work with in choosing the right pup and is turning out some great stock. I highly recommend both the breed and the breeder.
Submitted by: Dave and Kimberly Laskowski & Family on Nov 21, 2009
Little Sadie came to us 2 weeks ago and she has brought such joy to our family! Her personality was quite evident right away...strong willed an intelligent! We have already seen lots of changes in her in this short period of time! We forgot how much work little puppies are, but also what a blessing they are. We will be happy to share more soon.
Dave and Kimberly Laskowski & Family
Submitted by: Rachel Maxwell Pieper on Nov 03, 2009
When our first BMC, Daisy was not even a year old our daughter was born. At first I was worried about this fifty pound dog being too friendly with an infant, but my fears were quickly put to rest when I say how gentle Daisy was with the baby. She would simply lay close to her, sniff and worry over her if she was crying. In fact, she was a better mother than me one day. I had put our daughter down for a nap in her bassinet in the house, switched on the baby monitor and went out to the barn to grind corn for my chickens. Now I had the monitor where I could see it light up if I looked up because it is impossible to hear anything over the noise of the grinder. After I had been out there awhile Daisy ran to the door of the barn barking like someone had pulled in the driveway, so I went to look and saw nothing. I went back to the grinder, but Daisy did it again, but with more insistence. I looked again, but there was nothing out there. As I walked back to the grinder again I happened to look up and all the lights on the baby monitor were flashing. My daughter was screaming her head off so I rushed out the door with Daisy right beside me. She ran right to the window closest to my daughter's bassinet and just keep barking. I, of course, went inside and picked up my very unhappy baby and then promptly went back outside and gave Daisy the love she deserved for being the best baby monitor I have ever had.
Submitted by: Steve Shatto on Aug 21, 2009
Got in contact with Kevin last spring, He was more than helpful in helping me with a purchace of a Britt female. Cant say enough good thing about the experiance. Kevin has followed up a number of time since I got her. If anyone is looking for a new pup, He is the man to go to.
Submitted by: jim jones on Jul 20, 2009
i just want to report that brindy has really "turned the corner " - she treed a couple of squirrels for me before season went out last winter--even though she did not turn a year old until valentines day--because of the ticks i hadden't done much with her recently--that is untill saturday evening when i decided to turn her loose around the house-that was the start of an eventful day in which i woke up to a barking dog-i located her under the manger of our old barn trying to get to a growling coon-as i was not in the notion of rebuilding the manger i lead her away and put her up untill after lunch-shortly after turning her loose again i heard her barking and found her frantically trying to get under an old stove some one had dumped in a ditch at the edge of the timber-i moved the stove and she immediately pulled out two opossums--later on that afternoon she treed twice out in the timber--once on a mulberry that i feel certain held a squirrel and later she treed quite agressively on a old tree with a big split in it-she had treed quite some time and chewed off a couple of small branches and pulled off several chunks of bark-because of her intensity at that tree i feel sure there was a coon in it- she's very gammie and very tree minded--come on november brindy and i are ready!!!! kevin thanks for keeping this treeing strain of black mouth curs going we are all indebted to you for your efforts-jim
Submitted by: brian adams on Jul 09, 2009
So sorry we haven't responded sooner to your emails. We did receive the papers - thank you. Our male pup, Scout, is doing well. I have attached a couple pictures of he and our German Shorthaired Pointer (8 years old), Hershey. Hershey was very excited when we first brought Scout home. Now, we need to get some of their interactions on video. They remind us of a cartoon where the little pup is bouncing up and down next to the adult male bulldog (?) "Wanna play, Butch, wanna play?" Then the adult swipes at the pup and says "AAAHH, shut up!" Hershey will tolerate Scout for a while, but he definately puts Scout in his place.

Scout is supposed to be our "outside" dog. As you can see in the pix, he's not outside yet. Our 5 yr. old daughter LOVES him and carried him everywhere for the first couple days. She still tries to carry him, but he's getting a little to big for her. She even "read" books to him. He loves her, too. You know the Coppertone baby with the pup pulling down her pants? That is Scout and Grace. He,unfortunately, has torn several pants of hers. But, he's a pup and learning. He will go to the door when he wants out - sometimes. We're making progress.

Thank you, Kevin and your family for bringing us together. You have our permission to share our email address with the other litter mates' owners. Thanks again.

Brian and Michele Adams
Submitted by: Clay Caputo on Jul 05, 2009
I bred my female BMC with Kevin's Shelby's Hunter II. He had my female for a few weeks and made me feel very comfortable about her being with him. I have learned a lot from Kevin about the breed and he continues to help me (even as far as sending buyers to me if they were/are closer). These pups from Kevin's Hunter and my female have had very satified buyers. When I went to pick up my female BMC, I bought my BMC male, Trapper, from Kevin. He is a very handsome dog and has been a wonderful addition to our family. Trapper and Juneau (my female) have also had a litter of pups together. These pups are turning into some fine pups and their buyers so far have been pleased.
You can't go wrong when you talk with Kevin in regards to his dogs. He is knowledgable and honest as they come. I feel blessed that he helped me with my first time in breeding my female and continues to care about how we all continue to do.
Submitted by: Marilyn Mick on Jun 30, 2009
I got Keile, my Blackmouth Cur, from my daughter, Sarah, when she had to move. Sarah got her at 4 months and immediately housebroke her in less than a day. Keile was 9 months old when I got her. She bonded to me and is the best homestead dog I could have ever imagined. We live in the country and she keeps all "critters" away. She naturally trees squirrels and raccoons.
She has to be the most gorgeous dog I have ever had too. From reading the standard, she is right on! Kevin is really nice too. Very helpful. I will definitely give him and K Bar K a thumbs up!
Submitted by: Orestes on Jun 30, 2009
If honesty and integrity are what you are looking for in a breeder, Kevin is your man. He also knows a thing or two about Brittanys.

My wife, two kids and my current dog went to visit Kevin earlier this spring and he was very accomodating. I had told him I was wanting a female and he had the parents available as well as the three female dogs. Kevin allowed me to work each dog through a series of temperament tests and was very patient with us as we selected which dog to take home.

Belle came home and gets along great with our kids and 10 year old lab Haley. They live in an outdoor kennel due to my alergies but honestly I think they both enjoy the winter better than the summer heat.

Belle is my first pointer and I've had her out once ealier in the year. She pointed a quail and a pheasant. She's off to school later this fall to get her started off right. I'm looking forward to this hunting season.

I highly recommend that you consider purchasing your next dog from Kevin at K Bar K Kennels.

Submitted by: Ryan & Staci Groves on Jun 16, 2009
I purchased a BMC from Kevin around Nov or Dec, he made the process easy as I was deployed to Iraq, He answered all the questions and emails I sent in a timely manner. Words cannot describe the many talents of the BMC that Kevin raises. We had Wrigley house broke in a week, and learning numerous tricks. I have yet to try him out for hunting but I for see him doing fine. I receive complements on his looks, attitude, friendliness, and how he go from a full rough house play to being totally calm......this is by far the best dog I have ever worked with and I have been around a lot of dogs. Thanks for every thing Kevin feel free to use me for word of mouth.
Submitted by: Jim & Tammy Oskey on Jun 06, 2009
We came from WI to get our black mouth cur, Roscoe, from Kevin in April. We didn't know much about the breed except what we had found on the internet. Kevin was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. He answered all our questions. Our vet said that Kevin had done a wonderful job with Roscoe.
We are having so much fun with Roscoe. We get compliments on him everywhere we go. He is very smart and has caught on to training very quickly. After one week, he stopped waking up in the night and we haven't had a problem since. He is a very energetic dog and is very good with our four kids. He is great addition to our family. We couldn't be happier with Roscoe.
Submitted by: Matt Klein on May 25, 2009
We purchased Bristol our blackmouth cur from Kevin and have been very impressed with the dog and Kevin. He was very helpful answering all of the questions we had about blackmouths I new very little about the breed because they are unheard of in MI. Kevin breeds great working and family dogs Bristol has been a great addition to our family she just loves our two year old son she keeps a very close eye on him. We feel very blessed to have one of Kevin's BMC's and when I am ready for another one I will definitely buy one from Kevin.
Thanks Kleins
Submitted by: Renee and Steve on Jan 23, 2009
We got "Louie" back in December from Kevin at K Bar K Kennels. Kevin was very helpful and answered all our questions and send us pictures the same day we asked for them.
Louie is now approx 14 weeks old and is a great addition to our family. He is very bright and learned to sit and shake in just a matter of weeks. He will be going to hunting school in June and until then is enjoying just being a puppy. He is wonderful with kids and has had no health problems at all.
I would highly recommend Kevpin to anyone that was wanting a brittany spaniel. Thanks so much!
Renee and Steve
Submitted by: Joe Grlica on Jan 06, 2009
After extensive research on French Brittany breeding I found K Bar K. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with Kevin! He sent pictures updated that day of all the pups and gave us a rundown of all ages. We took the drive down and had a look at all the puppies and one stood out... the black and white pup who is now called Ringo.

Ringo was the best thing that happened to our family. He is extremely intelligent and a very very fast learner. He had a few accidents in the house but he was a very young pup... now he waits by the door. My two girls and wife just adore the little guy and he loves his new home.

His hunting skills were AMAZING!! I took him out when he was 5 month or so old and fired a 12 ga. over him and he looked out to see where the bird fell. Kevin did a great job training these pups early on. His scent for bird is also very amazing and he spotted one where no human eye could.

Again, thank you Kevin for your wonderful Britt Ringo. I am sure you will make many more folks as happy as we are. God Bless!

Joe and Family
Submitted by: Bruce on Jan 02, 2009
Kevin at K BAR K Kennels was very good to deal with. After a disapointment with another breeder I found K BAR K Kennels.

Kevin impressed me and was very forthright and honest about the pups he had. After a little debate with the Wife, we chose to buy a little female we now call Dinky. From a 50 year old who has owned various dog breeds from the ol' farm mut to registered beagles, terriers, and other spaniels, I must say Dinky is almost the smartest pup I have owned.

She has yet to have an accident in the house, as she is a house pet as well as my future hunting partner, despite being kennle raised. She is learning quickly and in just one day has caught on to the sit command. She is almost ready to ring the shop keepers bell on her own-we are training her to ring it when nature calls. My daughter, Michayla, has taken to her as well. They are unseperatable and go everywhere. She will begin puppy classes soon and my daughter plans on training her to be a therapy dog as well as a hunter.

Thanks Kevin. She is a great addition to our family and I look forward to training her to be a great hunting partner.


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