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About K BAR K Kennels

K BAR K Kennels is a family owned Kennel. We are a small kennel that prides itself

on quality not quanity. Our French Brittany's & Blackmouth Curs & Treeing Rat Terriers  are not only proven hunters.

 They are proven reproduces. The foundation of our French Brittanys are Sire: Salt Creek Tugboat

and Dam: TK's Little Black Coal.

Tugboat & Coal: Have produced 8 litters so far. Their pups are proving their worth in the

field, in the home, and in the whelping box. Bringing forth a whole new generation, of

hunting compainons and family pets.

The Foundation of our Blackmouth Curs are Sire: Shelby's Hunter II and our Dams: Knierim's

Precious Dollar & Knierim's Tiger Lilly. At K-Bar-K Kennels we believe in proven crosses.

Hunter & Dollar have been mated  5 times. Hunter & Lilly have been mated 4 times.

These pups are proving their worth as coon-squirrel dogs. As well as working both wild & 

domesticated stock (Hogs/Cattle). We have had pups go on to make Bear--Bobcat--Mountain

lion--decoy coyote--wounded blood trailing dogs. We personally feel the BMC is adaptable

and trainable to meet all your hunting needs. 

   The foundation of our Treeing Rat Terriers started 4 generations ago. Today those same great bloodlines are going strong through Bill's Tiny Spanky(Male) And his Daughter Knierim's Little Rascal (Female).

These guys are not your normal lap-dogs. These guys have been bred for the close hunting squirrel hunter.

That wants a small dog, with a lot of heart. We use them on our farm for everything. Working livestock-family pet--coon & squirrel hunting--rodient control.

  We try to make purchasing a puppy from us as simple as possible. Our French Brittanys sell

for $500.00. Our Blackmouth Cur puppies sell for $500.00.  And our Treeing Rat Terriers for $250.00 We suggest a simple $100.00

(NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT) to hold your puppy for you. As God has really blessed us over the years. We use the date of your deposit as the picking order for the litter.

      I am a Pastor so please no calls on Sundays. Lets keep Sundays for the Lord. 

 Thank you for your interest in our dogs. May God wonderfully and bountifully bless you

and your family.

Kevin R. Knierim

Hunting Dog Breeds Raised
Blackmouth Cur, French Brittany Spaniel, Treeing Rat Terrier
Breeder Contact Info
Kevin R. Knierim
7404 E. 825th. Ave.
Altamont, Illinois 62411
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 15 years.
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Submitted by: stephen crabtree on Jan 14, 2019
My puppy Oliver, born October 29, 2018, has been a complete joy. She's too young to know for sure how well of a squirrel dog she will turn out to be, but from what I've seen so far she should be a terror in the woods. She has proven to be a great family pet so far and good to take on long walks or runs already.

Bro Kevin was easy to work with. Very personable, and very knowledgeable. He showed me how to self care for my puppy, including deworming and vaccinating. He answers any questions I have very quickly through Facebook messenger. Transaction was seem less.

We could not be any happier, and more than likely I'll be going back to Kevin in the future for another pup. Highly recommend.
Submitted by: Sam Prater on Sep 05, 2017
I've already commented on k bar kennels when I first got my dog from Kevin, but now a year later I thought I would update my review.

I pretty much said it all the first time I posted a review, a year later I couldn't be happier about my dog. A black mouth cur is certainly not the right fit for everyone, they aren't house pets. But Kevin certainly knows what he's talking about, and if you're looking for the worlds best herding, hunting, homestead dog, I just don't see how you can do any better. I don't see how I could possibly be any happier about the dog I received from them.
Submitted by: Susan Satterlee on Feb 07, 2017
Got my main squeeze almost 3 years ago. He is best friend, guardian, and alarm system on earth. This kennel is top notch and I will definitely get a dog here again!! Brother Kevin keeps in touch and makes himself available for anything you may need for the life of your dog. Once you get one you are family!!
Submitted by: Al Winstead on Jan 02, 2017
I own one of Kevin's female curs. My dog Storm was the runt, and a brindle. My dog is almost two years of age, and a hunting machine. I thought I wanted a tree hugging barking fool for squirrels, but my dog has proved to me that I am a meat hunter, and she is a combo dog. I have more rabbits and squirrels in the freezer than I ever had. My dog is a pleasing family dog, and loves her kids and family a great deal. Best all round breed in my opinion. My little dog has tracked deer, fought and removed raccoons from a barn for an officer I work with, and when I was putting treestands up near angry cattle, my dog kept them at bay. Great dogs, with great dispositions.
Submitted by: Ben Ross on Aug 20, 2016
We are very please with this fine pup. Kevin was more than accommodating and answered several text and messages. Top notch people and very caring about there dogs.
Thank you
Submitted by: Sam Prater on Jul 27, 2016
I picked up my new pup from Kevin about a week and a half ago. I don't have a single thing to say about the whole experience that isn't positive. Kevin was extremely accommodating in working around my unusual schedule. He was always very fast to get back to me and was very friendly and informative about his dogs. His dogs are every bit of what he says, they are wonderful animals. Walking around in his back yard surrounded by hunting dogs there was not the slightest bit of aggression shown towards any of the people there, even the ones they had never met before. Just fantastic animals. Friends of mine have consistently though that my pup was six months old instead of nine weeks, because of how well behaved she is. I've trained many breeds before but no other pup I've ever worked with has learned as fast as this one. Black Mouth Curs may not be the right dog for everyone, they are a lot of dog, but if you are looking for a great hunting, herding, general homestead dog you really can't go wrong getting one from K Bar K Kennels. Simply fantastic dogs, from a great breeder.
Submitted by: Audrey Garris on May 23, 2016
I got a BMC puppy from Big Jake and Knierim's Last Precious Penny's litter from Kevin this past week and have nothing but good things to say! Kevin was so wonderful! I had many questions and texted him often and he always responded quickly and thoroughly answering any question I had. He really takes his time to make sure you and your pup will be a good fit. He also goes above and beyond to make sure he maintains the relationship with you and your new dog even after you bring them home. My new pup, Banjo, has also been fantastic. He hasn't had an accident in the house, he doesn't jump on people, and he loves attention! If you are wanting a breeder that really care about his dogs you are at the right place!
Submitted by: Cortney Ritter on Feb 27, 2016
Picked up our BMC a year and a half ago. He was all he was promised to be. Smart. Loyal. Eager to please. Bro. Kevin was ever gracious and generous with his time. He was honest from the start about the good, the challenging, and the quirky. No games. No gimmicks. Just straight talk and honesty. Can't beat that combination. A pleasure to meet and will go back to KBarK for round two when the time is right. Great bloodlines. Great people!!!
Submitted by: Greg Coffey on Nov 26, 2015
I recently got a bmc pup from Kevin. I just wish everyone was so nice to deal with. We swapped stories and visited for over an hour and I truly enjoyed our visit. He is honest and straight forward, traits that are great to find in today's world.BMC is a breed of its own and can't be beat in my opinion. If you are interested in one you can't beat Kevin and k bar k kennels. My pup is 12 weeks old now and very much a member of our family. Thanks again Kevin for a great pup.
Submitted by: Kevin on Oct 14, 2015
I purchased a BMC from Kevin in January 2015. Kevin takes a lot of pride in his BMC's and they are some fine dogs and there are plenty of testimonials out there to back it up. I can tell you though that is not the only thing to consider when choosing which breeder to get your dog from. Kevin has the kind of integrity that is rare in this world today. He is truly a man of his word and when he tells you something you can bank on it. It was a pleasure doing business with you sir.
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