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Submitted by: Billy Cannon on May 05, 2015
If you are a serious fowler looking for a CBR pup a call to Julie would be a great first step in the process. Julie did not have a litter planned when I was searching but she was happy to refer me to a terrific breeding out of a Hope Springs female. Julie is honest, loves the breed and stays on top of all the goings on in the CBR world. I would highly recommend her.
Submitted by: Eric on Jan 06, 2015
I think you have beautiful dogs, they look highly trained & alert. You also seem like a really great person & I can't wait to get tucker down this spring for some training. Eric

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Submitted by: Martha on Jan 06, 2015
I've never met your dogs in person Julie but I love seeing them on Facebook. They are so beautiful, especially Puffin!
Submitted by: Annie Kay on Jan 06, 2015
You have given me the most valuable gift Trac is my hunt buddy,my best friend through good or bad pillow at night and my family!!only better he does what I ask spot on!!!!
Submitted by: Josh Carr on Aug 20, 2014
Julie, thank you so much for doing a great good at raising my puppy Sadie for her first 8 weeks. I have only had her for 4 days and she is already the best behaved dog I have had. She is already responding to her name, come, fetch it and we are working on sit(she is a bit to hyper for the sit but we are working on it.) I took her down to the pond today she loves splashing in it but still a little scared to fully swim for more then 5 seconds but loves the water. Also to add that she is I would say 50% potty trained already. I think in another few weeks she will be perfect on that. I will say the smartest puppy I have ever worked with. We have bonded so much it's crazy. She won't go more then 10 feet from me. I attached a video of her retrieving I thought you might like. Agin thank you so much and I look forward to giving you further updates:)

Submitted by: Scott Willard on Jan 02, 2014
We'd really wanted a Hope Springs puppy but there weren't any litters during our time frame, so Julie told us about several other good breedings she knew of, and suggested a great litter within easy driving distance - matched for color, conformation, temperament and drive - very important for our family with four children all of whom cherish their time in the duck blind.

She knew the parents and the bloodline and was very helpful. It was exceptionally nice to deal with someone who so passionately promotes the breed before her own dogs.
Submitted by: Tony Harding on Dec 26, 2013
Skully (Panda x Rogue)
That's one handsome boy... never owned one more photogenic than him. I may have had a crew of rookies, but they handled themselves like pros!
If I'd know how well he'd be doing a year later... well, you could have gotten a few extra bucks from me:)

Submitted by: Travis Art on Dec 25, 2013
Julie, I don't know if you remember me I bought Waterfowl Xtremes Virginia Sprig from you almost 15 years ago he just made another retrieve for me this morning my heart is heavy it could have been his last based on his age. I will be looking for another my 10 year old son is so attached to Sprig. I moved to Ohio but will definitely come to you for my next Chessie. Let me know when you will have some available. Thanks in advance, Travis Art
Submitted by: Cindy Westmoreland on Dec 14, 2013
I met Julie and the Hope Springs dogs after I lost my Chessie and was looking for a puppy. Although I ended up getting a rescue Lab pup, we stayed in touch and she invited me to come to training sessions and visit/play with her pups when she had litters. Every time I was around them, it made me want to get another Chessie and not just any, I wanted a Hope Springs female. I got my puppy this fall and couldn't be happier with her, and Julie became a friend as well as a resource whenever I have questions. Because of her love and expert knowledge of the breed and because of seeing firsthand how friendly her dogs are, I would highly recommend her as a breeder!!!
Submitted by: Bobby Baldwin on Nov 18, 2013
I've owned, trained, and hunted over Chesapeake Bay Retrievers for many years. I've known Julie Reardon and the dogs she's produced at Hope Springs Farms for many years, also. Hope Springs is dedicated to producing Chesapeakes with a love for birds and an affinity for the work they were bred to perform. It's been a pleasure getting to know the Hope Springs dogs over the years and I was blessed when asked to help train (more like polish up) and handle one of the Hope Springs Chesapeakes in several hunt tests and field trial events this past summer and fall.
I've been so impressed with the style and performance of the dogs that my newest puppy is a Hope Springs Chesapeake (two days shy of 10 weeks old). I love a fast, stylish
retriever, who's smart, trainable, and loves to work and that's what Hope Springs Farm is producing. Thanks, Julie!
Submitted by: David Meteyer on Oct 17, 2013
Julie Reardon and the entire Hope Springs Farm experience was fantastic!!! I was looking for my first Chessie and I had a wide mix of needs. First, I have five kids so I needed a family dog that would behave around babies, toddlers and teenagers. Second, I hunt a lot with my boys so I also needed a dog that would attack the field and water with vigor. Julie let my entire family stop by her farm as much as we wanted to see the dogs, meet her family and simply watch the little pups move around the farm and play in the multiple ponds she has at Hope Springs. While the kids all became attached to their own pup at Hope Springs, Julie was very careful to point out that in the end, it was about studying the pups and properly matching my needs with the pup that best displays those traits. I'm very happy to have met Julie and I'm thankful about getting our Chessie at Hope Springs Farm.
Submitted by: Chris Diaz on Apr 03, 2013
We had been looking for a Chessie puppy when we found Hope Springs
Farm. Not only are they local to us in Virginia but Julie has many
decades experience in the breed and has been very helpful and
courteous. And, we love her dogs!
Submitted by: Tyler on Sep 19, 2012
I met Julie when I had my first Chessie when I was looking for training assistance. I'm now have my 2nd and even though I did not get my current dog from her, she helped me find him and has remained available to answer questions about the breed. Julie, in my opinion, is one of the finest breeders who is a true champion on the breed for all the right reasons. She has a remarkable knowledge of the dogs, bloodlines, training, and what good breeding is all about. I would not hesitate to refer her to anyone looking for a first class waterfowl dog. My dog is 7 and in a couple years I will utilize Julie as a resource to locate another pup....chances are it will be one from Hope Springs
Submitted by: Scott Repass on Sep 18, 2012
I first spoke to Julie in December 2011 when I was looking for a male Chesapeake. I was new to the breed and Julie spent countless hours answering my questions on the telephone and replying to emails. When her planned breeding did not work out as hoped, she immediately referred me to another breeder who she had worked with and owned the sire of a recent litter.
Since getting our male Chesapeake Julie has remained a tremendous resource. She has remained a phone call or email away and has been invaluable in helping me to achieve my goal of having a well trained hunting partner and hunt test competitor. Without her there is absolutely no way that I could have found the right dog and accomplished so much in such a short time with so few mistakes. You will not find a more honest or knowledgeable breeder. Julie is a true advocate for the Chesapeake Bay Retriever and we are all lucky to be the beneficiaries.
Submitted by: Mike Ball on Jan 11, 2012
I got a Hope Springs puppy and feel very lucky to have a quality breeder nearby that actually hunts and competes the dogs. Our puppy had been introduced to birds, guns, and lots of things, and my family got to meet the adult dogs and all the puppies. We were impressed. Julie Reardon'
has an excellent breeding program and does a lot of extra socialization and puppy training. We'd highly recommend anyone who is serious about
hunting, competing or getting a confident, trainable puppy that is also good looking to check out Hope Springs.
Submitted by: D.M. & Schuyler Swift on Dec 10, 2011
A big thumbs up! Very pleasant to deal with and outstanding dogs. Knowledgeable and willing to go the extra step for the puppy buyer. Knows all the dogs in the pedigree for many generations and very honest.
Submitted by: Lee Ken Bora Salmon on Nov 29, 2011
Retrievers from America, bred for Americans.

Fine American dogs bred for the finest American hunter. You won't find a better Chesapeake than right here!
Submitted by: Lee Salmon on Nov 29, 2011
Pups from Hope Springs Farm are smart, tractable and a joy to train. They are very birdy and love to be in the field whether its for competition work or hunting with a family member. They are also very good looking dogs that are healthy. I would highly recommend this kennel to anyone seeking a Chessie.
Submitted by: Francois on Jul 06, 2011
We got our Chesapeake puppy Daisy from Julie in May from the Usher x Frosty litter and we are very pleased with her. Julie was great to deal with even though we are too far away to visit her farm and meet the puppies. She kept in touch almost every day sending pictures and updates and was wonderful even when we had shipping problems getting Daisy from Virginia to Quebec. We would recommend her as a breeder to anyone and our puppy is even more beautiful than her pictures.
Submitted by: Amy Adams on Jun 13, 2011
I drove from WI to VA to pick up my pup from Julie's Usher x Frosty breeding. I was looking for a mix of HT and FT in the breeding in hopes of training the pup for either forum. After researching several pairings available during that time frame, I selected Julie's breeding, am extremely happy that I did. My pup is all that I hoped for in body, disposition and potential. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Hope Springs Farm, and am very pleased with the Chessies that Julie Reardon's program produces.
Submitted by: Francois and Karyne on Jun 12, 2011
We got our Chesapeake puppy Daisy from Julie in May from the Usher x Frosty litter and we are very pleased with her. Julie was great to deal with even though we are too far away to visit her farm and meet the puppies. She kept in touch almost every day sending pictures and updates and was wonderful even when we had shipping problems getting Daisy from Virginia to Quebec. We would recommend her as a breeder to anyone and our puppy is even more beautiful than her pictures. She have a big potential to hunt test.
Thank you, Francois and Karyne
Submitted by: Josh and Charlene Masten on Mar 14, 2011
Julie has been a great Breeder to work with. We are getting a pup from Frosty x Usher litter and she has stayed in close contact with us through out Frosty's pregnancy and even during her whelping,informing us with any news. We are so excited to be getting our pup soon and getting him trained and ready for Hunt Tests. Thanks again Julie for everything.
Submitted by: Julie Hilton on Feb 19, 2011
I own Labs but have the highest respect for Hope Springs' breeding program and dogs, as well as the owner's wide network of contacts. Julie is very knowledgeable about and spends a lot of time caring for and socializing puppies, and is very well respected in the retriever community. Julie H., Winchester
Submitted by: Mark Smith on Dec 29, 2010
We were referred to Julie's Hope Springs Farm by the breeders of our last Chesapeake and we're thrilled with our puppy. He's everything represented and more--handsome, smart, trainable and good with our two children. We made several visits before our pup was ready, met her other dogs, plus attended a large Chesapeake field training day at Hope Springs and we'd recommend Hope Springs Farm pups to any serious waterfowler or hunt test competitor who wants prey drive, good disposition and good looks.
Submitted by: Ramon J Flores on Dec 18, 2010
I picked Julie at Hope Springs Farm as the breeder to my retired Master Hunter Stud "CHIEF" for his last breeding because of the quality of her dogs, I wanted to keep a puppy for myself out of his last breeding and I could not be happier with the end result. My pup "Rebel" is sired by my dog "Chief and Julie's outstanding bitch "Puffin" he is more than I could have expected, he exceeds all the expectations I had of him. I traveled from CA to VA to pick out my pup and I was very impressed with Julie's facility and she was very profesional and helpfull while I was there.I would recommend Hope Springs Farm Chessies to anyone that is a serious Waterfowler or hunt test competitor !
Submitted by: Jeff on Sep 11, 2010
We highly recommend Hope Springs Farm puppies! You won't find a better cared for, better socialized puppy anywhere, one visit there and we were hooked as soon as we met all the dogs.
Submitted by: Taylor on Sep 10, 2010
Our Hope Springs puppy is a joy, he's everything we wanted: confident, happy, good looking and he came with some training even though he was just 7 weeks. Julie was wonderful to deal with and we're glad we live close enough to take Ziggy over to swim with his relatives! Hope Springs Farm gets a big thumbs up from us.
Submitted by: Cary & Doug Nunnally on Sep 10, 2010
We got our first puppy from Julie in 1985 and though she's been gone many years, people still remember Pippin. She was a smiler (which melted the heart of many a non-dog-lover), and so eager to please that she was a dream to train. We'd never consider going to any other breeder for a Chessie. Her dogs have won hearts for many generations. Julie was always so helpful and communicative about "her" puppy, we thought this was because she favored Pippin, but she is that way about all "her" dogs. You can't go wrong buying a Hope Springs Farm puppy.
Submitted by: Tanja Medley on Aug 26, 2010
We had a Hope Springs Farm puppy shipped to us in TX after a lengthy search, and we're so glad we found him via this website. We're thrilled both with our Rigby and with how pleasant and helpful and available Julie's been both during the purchase and after. We're avid hunters and were so happy he'd already been introduced to birds and so well socialized. In addition she's been a great resource when we've had questions during the training process. We'd recommend a Hope Springs Chesapeake to anyone who's a serious waterfowler or wants to run hunt tests."
Submitted by: Chris Kirby on Feb 03, 2010
I'm an avid waterfowler and have always hunted with Chesapeakes, so when my current dog got older, I looked at pedigrees and studied breeders for over a year before deciding on my next dog. Some said I was being too picky, but the pup I just got from Hope Springs is everything I wanted and more and worth the wait. She arrived already whistle trained, crazy about birds, well socialized and confident and I would recommend Hope Springs to anyone who wants the best. Julie is honest, straightforward and really cares about her Chesapeakes and the people they go to.
Submitted by: George Kotsirilos on Apr 15, 2009
I purchasd a Chessie pup from Puffin and Chief's litter six months ago. Sam has been a retrieving machine since I picked him up at the airport. He is a very co-operative dog, easily trainable and with an excellent disposition. I have found Ms. Reardon to be extremely knowledgable and would recommend her without hesitation. Sam is currently at a pro trainer and excelling. Ms. Reardon stands behind her dogs and says it like it is. Thanks again Ms. Reardon for a great pup.
Submitted by: Bruce Piner on Mar 10, 2009
My CBR, "Teach," is simply the most intelligent and quick pup I've seen. At 8 weeks, he's sitting and coming on the whistle, mostly crate trained, and retrieving fun bumpers in the house and back yard. Breeders in three states referred me to Julie and I'm so very happy they did. The litter was impressive. It is obvious she cares dearly for her dogs and is genuinely interested in their progress. I'm looking forward to many years of fun in the marshes. Thanks Julie!
Submitted by: Lisa Porter on Mar 07, 2009
I am thrilled with my ash girl from Sterling's litter! An absolute sweetheart, when I got her at 8 weeks old she was already very well started on birds and basic training, and showing wonderful drive! She is a retrieving maniac! I look forward to getting her in the show, obedience & agility rings as well as out hunting and hunt testing! Julie has been a wonderful resource for information on the breed, pedigrees and health. You can easily see the deep love she has for the breed, and her desire to breed the best Chesapeakes possible in health, mind & body!
Submitted by: Danielle Elrod on Mar 06, 2009
I have known Julie for at least three years now and would recommend her as a breeder to anyone. Hope Springs produces fine Chesapeakes full of natural talent and beauty. I chose her years ago when I was looking for a versatile 'peake that could hunt, run hunt tests, compete in the show ring and eventually use in my own breeding program. I was also quite particular about soundness, checking for health clearances, etc. It was a tall order to fill. I was impressed with her knowledge of the breed. Not only did I find a great dog, I made a few friends for life, Julie and my Hope Springs puppy, Tara. Thanks for everything Julie.
Submitted by: Alan Sandifer on Dec 27, 2008
I have purchased an ASH female from Ms Reardon , whom is very knowledgable of the breed . She went out of her way to help me get Sterling home , and answer any questions i had . She represented Sterling perfectly ,,,although Sterling was a lot nicer than she stated . my next CBR purchase will be a Hope Springs pup period . In 30 years of owning retrievers Ms Reardon was by far the best breeder i have ever dealt with . If anyone has any questions about hope Springs please feel free to email me at .

Julie i still can never thank you enough for Sterling she is my pal .......Alan
Submitted by: Ronald West on Jul 31, 2008
Mrs. Julie Reardon sold me a puppy about 7 months ago it was a great experience dealing with Mrs. Reardon. I got to see my puppys mom Rufsail and his grandmother PuffinII both beautiful with friendly and great dispostions.Mrs.Reardon took me down to her pond where i watched my puppy swim and retrieve a bumper at only 11 weeks.Simba my puppy was already responding to whistle commands,was crate trained , introduced to birds and was started house broken.My puppy has excellant drive and is very easy to train with a great dispostion around kids,adults and other dogs I highly recommend Mrs.Reardon to anyone loooking for a very nice puppy, when i purchase another dog i will defintely buy from Mrs. Reardon if you have a questions please contact me at

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