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About Hope Springs Farm

Our backyard at Hope Springs Farm 

Located in Fauquier County, Virginia, our farm is nestled in the rolling foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our 30 acres of pasture, woods and 3 ponds is the perfect setting to raise and train Chesapeake Bay retriever puppies. Started retrievers occasionally available. Owner Julie Reardon has had Chesapeakes since 1981 and currently serves as an American Chesapeake Club Regional Director and is an active member of 4 local retriever clubs: Blue Ridge, Mid Atlantic HRC, RRRC and Tidewater RC.

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*~*~*Contact us for our upcoming breeding plans; due to high demand our last 2 litters were not advertised. We have puppies now (March 2019) and may have a female available.*~*~*

The only retriever made in the USA

(Above) JezNo photo description available.ebel of the Hollow at the Chesapeake Bay with a blue crab, circa 1993. Below, our latest additions.

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The Chesapeake is one of few breeds and the only retriever developed entirely in the U.S., by and for Americans, to retrieve our birds in our country. Chesapeakes originated on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay to bring in the day's haul and guard the watermen's crab shacks. It was the first breed recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1887. All Chesapeakes are descended from two dogs shipwrecked off the coast of Maryland in 1802.

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Puppies are sold with 30 month soundness/genetic guarantee. Parents have hips/elbows xrayed/evaluated by OFA, annual eye tests and all available genetic testing for preventable hereditary diseases including DM (Degenerative Myelopathy--a devastating disease similar to human MS) and PRA (progressive retinal atrophy; causes dog to go blind). We believe cruciate ligament injuries requiring expensive surgery and lengthy rehab are genetic, so we don't use dogs that have had them in our breeding program. We don't want our own, nor dogs we sell to need expensive surgery/lengthy rehab that such injuries require. We do not believe in the practice of overbreeding popular sires and feel that dogs siring hundreds of puppies is the path to mediocrity and detrimental to our breed (and besides--who wants a puppy with 1,000 siblings?) Our breedings are unique and focus on outstanding dispositions, trainability and good looks/longevity. Ten generations of our dogs belong to satisfied customers and include those with hunt test and field trial accomplishments, show champions and obedience titles as well as family and hunting companions. We also host regular training sessions for our puppy buyers as well as an annual American Chesapeake Club field day and picnic (for all Chesapeake owners) at our farm. Watch this space for information on the 2017 spring event--you don't have to be an ACC member to attend, and beginners/puppies are welcome.

Introducing Hope Springs Silas MH, our young male available at stud to select females. Very handsome light deadgrass male, show pointed, age 3, OFA Excellent hips/normal eyes and elbows, clear for DM, PRA & EIC.

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Follow us on Facebook or check our classifieds here for up to date info. on breeding plans, training days and started dogs. Occasionally we hold back one or two pups from each litter that we like enough to keep for ourselves, but sometimes we can be talked into selling those to the right homes. These are pups that show exceptional promise: extra special, fanatic about birds at a young age, and fancy enough to show.

If we do not have puppies or don't have what you want, we're happy to refer you to litters we like. Occasionally we help broker dogs of other retrieving breeds, and because we enjoy a solid reputation in the retriever community, we are happy to recommend other breeders that we know from competing our dogs in AKC hunt tests and field trials.  We do not badmouth other breeders because we don't need to. Our reputation and our dogs speak for themselves.

Interested in one of our dogs? Please feel free to call anytime; if you get the voicemail leave a message with your name and number,  as we are tethered to our landline--we have no cell service here. Most of our litters are reserved before birth.


Our target market is the serious waterfowler, but Hope Springs dogs that have competed have earned placings in field trials and at the highest hunt test levels of AKC and HRC,  the breed ring, obedience trials and other venues; and we believe a suitable dog for any athletic pursuit begins with sound, athletic and trainable parents. Some of our dogs currently running include youngsters Hope Springs Silas MH and Hope Springs Little Ponzi MH WDQ; her daughter Hope Springs Ivory Madonna**; agility star Hope Springs Miss Kayla and more. Standouts of the past include Hope Springs Double Puff**MH, her litter brother King Simba of Hope Springs SH*** (qualified all age field trial dog in Del.), HR Hope Springs Storm Surge MH, and their sire HR Hope Springs Hush Hush MH  and his full sister HRCH Hope Springs Dowry MH***, Sterling. Usher and Sterling were both whelped and started/trained here and are out of our retired matron/outstanding producer CH Puffin II JH CD WDX.  We lost Puffin last fall at age 15, but her legacy lives on through her granddaughters and great granddaughters.  Even Lab owners who rarely look twice at Chesapeakes comment on our dogs' excellent work ethics, style and great dispositions. Usher is a proven sire; he has titled offspring from every litter he's sired including: Hope Springs King Simba SH*** (one of a very small number of owner trained & handled qualified all age CBRs on the east coast) and,  his litter sister Hope Springs Double Puff**MH WCX; Hope Springs Storm Surge MH, and (we didn't breed him but Usher is also the sire) of Cavalier Mosby of Parker Creek MH**; and more in training that should title soon. Homebreds we bought back from bad situations include Ceilie Mae aka Hope Springs Silver Lining WD and, Hope Springs Tanganyika JH. Tanzy was doing solid senior work before a devastating spinal injury and subsequent expensive surgery forced her retirement. Tanzy and Ceilie Mae are excellent producers and our official puppy nannies. Tanzy is sired by the late Tugboat Woods Colt MH WDQ (bred here in 2000 and owned/campaigned by Tugboat Kennels and Bill LaMar of Red Clay Kennels) out of the late Hope Springs Rufsail**JH WDX.


We have a long history of satisified buyers and are happy to provide references. If you want a Hope Springs puppy we strongly urge you to reserve it now, as most are sold before birth. Call Julie at 540/364-9480; we love to talk dogs.

Nearly all Chesapeakes love birds, and are proficient retrievers on land and water. These heritable characteristics are, sadly, often overlooked by mass-scale and show-only breeders. Hyper, aggressive and neurotic dogs can win in the show ring, but they're incapable of being trained so we stress disposition above all else. We've successfully developed a good looking line of Chesapeakes known for being tractable, intelligent and sound with high prey drive and plenty of "go" which we encourage:

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While we love a good looking dog, ours are capable of much more than mincing around a show ring or earning titles given out for anything on a leash with a pulse. Unlike some who claim their dogs hunt because they chase squirrels, yard dogs, meter men and toddlers, we do hunt our dogs; and they all compete in hunt tests and occasional field trials. BELOW, Panda at 17 months on her first hunt with her first goose, 13 lbs.  The good looking dogs in the bottom photo are three generations of homebreds.            


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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 35 years.
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Submitted by: Billy Cannon on May 05, 2015
If you are a serious fowler looking for a CBR pup a call to Julie would be a great first step in the process. Julie did not have a litter planned when I was searching but she was happy to refer me to a terrific breeding out of a Hope Springs female. Julie is honest, loves the breed and stays on top of all the goings on in the CBR world. I would highly recommend her.
Submitted by: Eric on Jan 06, 2015
I think you have beautiful dogs, they look highly trained & alert. You also seem like a really great person & I can't wait to get tucker down this spring for some training. Eric

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Submitted by: Martha on Jan 06, 2015
I've never met your dogs in person Julie but I love seeing them on Facebook. They are so beautiful, especially Puffin!
Submitted by: Annie Kay on Jan 06, 2015
You have given me the most valuable gift Trac is my hunt buddy,my best friend through good or bad ..my pillow at night and my family!!only better he does what I ask spot on!!!!
Submitted by: Josh Carr on Aug 20, 2014
Julie, thank you so much for doing a great good at raising my puppy Sadie for her first 8 weeks. I have only had her for 4 days and she is already the best behaved dog I have had. She is already responding to her name, come, fetch it and we are working on sit(she is a bit to hyper for the sit but we are working on it.) I took her down to the pond today she loves splashing in it but still a little scared to fully swim for more then 5 seconds but loves the water. Also to add that she is I would say 50% potty trained already. I think in another few weeks she will be perfect on that. I will say the smartest puppy I have ever worked with. We have bonded so much it's crazy. She won't go more then 10 feet from me. I attached a video of her retrieving I thought you might like. Agin thank you so much and I look forward to giving you further updates:)

Submitted by: Scott Willard on Jan 02, 2014
We'd really wanted a Hope Springs puppy but there weren't any litters during our time frame, so Julie told us about several other good breedings she knew of, and suggested a great litter within easy driving distance - matched for color, conformation, temperament and drive - very important for our family with four children all of whom cherish their time in the duck blind.

She knew the parents and the bloodline and was very helpful. It was exceptionally nice to deal with someone who so passionately promotes the breed before her own dogs.
Submitted by: Tony Harding on Dec 26, 2013
Skully (Panda x Rogue)
That's one handsome boy... never owned one more photogenic than him. I may have had a crew of rookies, but they handled themselves like pros!
If I'd know how well he'd be doing a year later... well, you could have gotten a few extra bucks from me:)

Submitted by: Travis Art on Dec 25, 2013
Julie, I don't know if you remember me I bought Waterfowl Xtremes Virginia Sprig from you almost 15 years ago he just made another retrieve for me this morning my heart is heavy it could have been his last based on his age. I will be looking for another my 10 year old son is so attached to Sprig. I moved to Ohio but will definitely come to you for my next Chessie. Let me know when you will have some available. Thanks in advance, Travis Art
Submitted by: Cindy Westmoreland on Dec 14, 2013
I met Julie and the Hope Springs dogs after I lost my Chessie and was looking for a puppy. Although I ended up getting a rescue Lab pup, we stayed in touch and she invited me to come to training sessions and visit/play with her pups when she had litters. Every time I was around them, it made me want to get another Chessie and not just any, I wanted a Hope Springs female. I got my puppy this fall and couldn't be happier with her, and Julie became a friend as well as a resource whenever I have questions. Because of her love and expert knowledge of the breed and because of seeing firsthand how friendly her dogs are, I would highly recommend her as a breeder!!!
Submitted by: Bobby Baldwin on Nov 18, 2013
I've owned, trained, and hunted over Chesapeake Bay Retrievers for many years. I've known Julie Reardon and the dogs she's produced at Hope Springs Farms for many years, also. Hope Springs is dedicated to producing Chesapeakes with a love for birds and an affinity for the work they were bred to perform. It's been a pleasure getting to know the Hope Springs dogs over the years and I was blessed when asked to help train (more like polish up) and handle one of the Hope Springs Chesapeakes in several hunt tests and field trial events this past summer and fall.
I've been so impressed with the style and performance of the dogs that my newest puppy is a Hope Springs Chesapeake (two days shy of 10 weeks old). I love a fast, stylish
retriever, who's smart, trainable, and loves to work and that's what Hope Springs Farm is producing. Thanks, Julie!
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