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Submitted by: John sorrell on Nov 30, 2021
I purchased Maggie 5 years old she didn't breed the 4th time so Jackie wanted to sell her to someone to keep her inside as a pet and hunt her. She is a great hunter trained well did great in Wisconsin for grouse and woodcock she is a great dog very friendly smart and is a great companion as well as a great hunter
Submitted by: Mike Weible on Aug 04, 2019
My wife and I picked up our male, Warren (Lakota x Newt), at jackie's farm. We were able to meet the parents as Jackie let them out to run for us. Warren is now 17 weeks old and is a confident and gentle companion at home with us and the cat's. In the field, he is very bold and is already working ahead and quartering. He loves to explore a variety of cover and is also swimming. He is recalling well, walking on a lead, and going to the place board. He has great prey drive and shows no fear of loud noise. I expect that Warren will become a wonderful hunting companion as well as a field trial dog. I have received dozens of compliments from people saying he is the most beautiful pup they have seen. Jackie is available to answer questions and be supportive as needed. He really cares about his pups and maintaining a great breed here in the U.S. i would strongly recommend a Breton from Hannahatchee Kennel!
Submitted by: Charles on Jun 05, 2018
Niko- We have had him for 15 months, since he was 8 weeks old. Born Feb 9 2017 from Fergus & Coca breeding. He has been more then promised! An unbelievable dog. Kind,smart, fast as lightening and loving! Took to hunting naturally. Basic training at home and 4 weeks of training with Jackie he's got it! I couldn't be happier-with the dog, his training and Jackie has been great to work with from the start. I highly recommend his breeding and training. FB are great!
Submitted by: Mike on Jul 18, 2017
Thanks for the pics. They were cuties for sure. By the way I forgot to inform you that your dogs are really fast runners. One day my wife and grandkids were in the mountains getting ready for a hike with Tana.

Tana wanders into the woods while they were getting ready and all of a sudden Tana is running down the mountain with a sow black bear at her heels. She manages to lose the bear and then walks back to the truck. Fast dogs!!

Thanks again Jackie

Submitted by: Mike on Jul 18, 2017
I just wanted to give you some sad news on our 8 year old FB. You called her Duchess of Hannahatchee. To us she became Tana and we loved her at first sight. I don't know how it all worked but she was a LADY. Acting and conducting herself in lady like fashion. But more than that she became a beloved family member, companion and great hunting dog. It was so great to watch her find birds, freeze on point and track birds as they moved on her. She was also the hit at elk camp every year.

Tana was just a great dog and we loved her so much. We lost Tana this week to a car. She went where she never had before and I don't think she understood cars as she never chased or barked at cars and living where we do there aren't many cars. You just never know how much you missed something until you don't have any longer. She will truly be missed by all who was around her.
You did proud by the Duchess de Hannahatchee

Best Dog I Ever Had

Thanks again for a great life experience

Submitted by: Chad Eich on Jun 26, 2017
My family recently welcomed home a tri-colored male out of Atos and Harriett's litter and couldn't be more happy with him! He is a go-getter and I can't wait to get him in the field this fall! Jackie was extremely helpful throughout the whole process. I highly recommend Hannahatchee Kennels to anyone.

Submitted by: Ann B on Jun 23, 2017
It's been a month of adjusting for Bea and Bud. Bud thought he had already made toy. Bea is so sweet and quite leggy. She has started to fill out a little. She is calmer than Bud and cuddles :) with me each morning without destruction. Bud tore everything up at her age.

They are buddies ! They seem to enjoy digging holes and cooling off together near grape arbor. Great dogs, we love them.
Submitted by: Randy L on Jun 12, 2017
I'm learning quite a bit about this pup. Your 2 year-old analogy helped. She gets yappy & snappy when she's getting run down. When she starts licking she's about ready to sleep. I take her on a walk/run in the morning which she really likes. She can really motor. Right now she's snoozing on my lap.

I also built something similar to a dog park in the backyard which she can romp around in. It's made out of goat panels so she's confined. She likes it tremendously.

I received the AKC papers and will file them soon. Thanks for sending them.

Her bright eyes and alert ears really appeal to me. We love her look. As you can see, we are enjoying the pup.

Submitted by: Chuck Moore on Jun 09, 2017
Hey gun dog lover's , I grew up in Michigan when pheasant hunting there was outstanding. We hunted behind a lot of good dogs including Brittany's, but I have never hunted with a dog like Maddie, what an amazing dog. Only 10 months old now and she is awesome . We've been in Kansas doing the pheasant thing when she was 16 weeks old , she found and retrieved her first one. The rest of last winter we hunted Texas quail , again she did awesome. She never seizes to amaze me . water and ducks are not a problem neither. A fearless little girl !
As far as a family dog , she just cannot get enough attention. Very vocal not annoying just likes to talk in her own way .
Jackie and Hannahatchee kennels is a place you really need to go for a good experience in quality hunting French Brittany hunting dogs.
I have got another deposit on a another excellent hunter. Maddie was not a pick by the way , she was the only pup left in the litter , don't think it matters you're going to get a quality pup . Also when questions do come up with your pup ., Jackie will always get back to you , sooner than later!
Thanks Jackie , can't wait to get my next pup.
Submitted by: Caitlin Farris on Jun 06, 2017
I highly recommend Hannahatchee Kennels. I was fortunate enough to get a beautiful female tricolor puppy out of Atos and Harriett this Spring and she is more than I could've hoped for! She's prey-driven and athletic in the field (and loves water) and sweet and calm in the home. Jackie was great about communicating with me through the whole process, he often sent pictures of her and her litter mates and answered any questions I had. Jackie made sure the transportation of Native (my puppy) from Georgia to Oklahoma via airplane went smooth and he checked in with me several times to make sure she arrived okay. I would buy another puppy in a heartbeat from Hannahatchee Kennels. Thank you for such a great companion. I could not be happier!

Submitted by: Craig Nordstrom on Jun 05, 2017
I have to recommend Hannahatchee as a great breeder. We could not be happier with our choice. Our experience with our new puppy is beyond our expectations and we would do it all over again and wouldn't change a thing.

Thank you

Submitted by: Tom Sprague on Jun 05, 2017
I highly recommend Jackie and Hannahatchee kennels if you are looking for an Epagneul Breton (French Brittany). I just purchased a tri colored female from the Atos X Harriett litter. She is now 12 weeks old. Very birdie and showed no fear on a tethered chuckar almost as big as she is. Looking forward to many years of hunting over her.
Submitted by: Todd Farris on Oct 02, 2016
I recommend Hannahatchee Kennels to anyone searching for the perfect combination of upland dog and family companion. Careful consideration is given by Jackie Hutwagner to produce outstanding Epagneul Bretons. He has great breeding stock successful in the field and in confirmation. I am so pleased with the development of "Liberty" into a solid field dog with great instincts and as far as a family companion I've never had a better dog. You absolutely get what you pay for and Jackie will be available to you anytime to answer questions or just talk dogs. He's become a good friend and mentor to me as a relatively new hunter and you can rest assured he will help you get on a path to successful trialing and/or upland hunting.
Submitted by: Ben Robinson on Oct 02, 2016
I highly recommend Hannahatchee Kennels for your Epagneul Breton purchase. Jackie Hutwagner is a quality breeder. Eclipse has been a great dog out of his kennel highly successful in field trials. She has brought great enjoyment to me in the field and I have shot a lot of birds over this amazing dog. She is a valued member of the household and I can't say enough about the amazing versatility of the Epagneul Breton. Give Jackie a call and you will learn quickly he cares about making sure you get a quality dog in the field and in the home.
Submitted by: Ann Brannen on Sep 29, 2016

Good Morning! We're doing great with Bud(not Bert ... Sounds too much like bird) . I am a worn out mama and at the same time happy about our new addition to the family. Our golden retriever is 10 yrs old, she is tolerant but completely ignores him :( doesn't phase Bud. He is playful but doesn't persistently bug her. He loves running in our backyard , playing with his toys , and boy does he have a nose for what ever is in our grass. Very entertaining and quite the digger.

Bud has learned to sit , stay and come this week.... At least at home anyway. I took him to the vet ( my brother) yesterday in Tallahassee . Bud didn't sit at all when asked. Typical child :)

George , my brother, mentioned papers should be placed inside the folder given . We saw vac recordings written on outside designated area of folder . Folder has pockets for papers but no papers from vet . Do you have those ? Also, what is Bud's birthdate? Hal says he it was end of July or first of August... He can't remember exact date. Last question, do you send "registration" papers to us at a later date? I don't know what you call them .. This is all new to me.

Thank you for allowing me to bombard you with questions. Hal said you were sending papers later.. I didn't know exactly , what those were .. As you can tell I prefer more details . Have a great day and thank you for our adorable pup!

Ann Brannen
Submitted by: Victor on Sep 29, 2016
Yes, I will find you on facebook. Those are good looking dogs. Looking forward to having one. I believe my dad originally told you we wanted a female, we are now leaning towards a male. Hope that is ok. Caleb Horton will be helping us with training.

Victor Sullivan
Submitted by: Vix on Sep 29, 2016
Eugene attacking the waves for his ball

That video is impressive! Amazing how he pops up over those waves!
He was loving the lake outside of Albany yesterday but with no waves like that. He's adjusting very well to his new "brother," a Boykin Spaniel about the same age. Great to see these two enjoying times together.
Eugene was at my farm with me Monday afternoon. He was carrying around and retrieving bumpers while there; clearly something he knew all about. He also would run down to the pond with my lab swimming and having fun. Not a bad way to live, I think he has decided.....
Submitted by: Vix on Sep 29, 2016
Hey Jackie, My kids like the red ones like Atos...can you send a pic of the orange/white males? We are really excited about your litter our of Atos and Harriett.
Submitted by: John Greenwood on Aug 31, 2016

Good morning. Well today marks Logan's 1 yr. anniversary. I don't know if you stay in touch with all your pups but I thought it would be nice to give you an update. Logan is turning into a great dog and friend. Last spring he went through Clint Lafary's puppy training. Clint did a great Job with him!! We are fortunate enough to be in a great position that allows me to bring Logan along to work everyday, so he is never kenneled. He spend most of his days at my office playing with 2 other Brits, which is great. We also have a small field and woods behind our factory where he can get in trouble several times a day ( which is amazing considering we are located across the street from O'hare airport). Logan has an intense prey drive and a hell of a nose. The prey drive usually gets us in some kind of trouble :). Well I will attach a few pics and I will send one more e mail with a few pics attached. Well I hope all is well with you and your family and thank you for a great dog and friend!

Warmest Regards,

John A Greenwood
Submitted by: Brandon Ward on Jun 26, 2016
Can't tell you how pleased I am with the two dogs I've got from hannahatche kennels. Jackie Hutwagner has some of the best dogs hands-down and breeding program is the best in the business. If you're looking for some great hunting dogs you need to contact Jackie Hutwagner or Clint William LaFary
Submitted by: Theodora W Simons on Jun 20, 2016
Louis is a wonderful fellow in everyway a French Brittany might be. This is our third Brit and everyone in our family from eight to 80 is crazy about him. He is not a year old but his instincts are amazing. Jackie has been lovely to us all, and, clearly, to his pups as well. Were we to have more outdoor space!
Submitted by: Charles Cooley on Jun 12, 2016
Hey Jackie
This is Charles again from Canton Ga. Thanks again for meeting with me. I was very impressed after seeing Thor and Harriett. Here is the contract for Harriett and Atos breeding or for Rip and Lakota if that breeding does not have enough puppies. We are very excited and look forward to news when the pups arrive.
Submitted by: Amy on Jun 12, 2016
Hi Jackie, we are doing great. Levi has quite the personality! He is a beautiful puppy and fitting in great with the kids.

Submitted by: Bob on May 24, 2016
Hello Jackie,

I just wanted to drop a note and let you know that we are very pleased with London. She is exactly what we are looking for. She is very birdy and is starting to steady up for us. We have been doing some yard work and using the remote launcher which is helping greatly on steadiness as you told us. She has been great with the family also.

Submitted by: Chris Peck on May 24, 2016
Hello Jackie,

I wanted to thank you again for speaking with your friend and fellow French Brittany breeder and seeing if he would part with a female from his new litter. You have no idea how much it means to our family and I know if will help my mom. I have called and left a message with Clint and also found his web site and sent him and email giving him your name as a reference. I am looking forward to hearing back from him tomorrow.

I only realized later you share the name Jackie as my mom Jacqueline its interesting as you have been able to find a good Brittany to bring to our family and help her and us. Many thanks.. J

Submitted by: Lisa Jenson on May 23, 2016
Thanks for the update on the breed with Atos and Harriett! We are very excited and love both of these guys. We can't wait to see what Harriett has.

When the puppy gets here I will need your advice on training and when to do what. Keep us up to date.
Submitted by: Leslie Creel on May 23, 2016
Great! Thanks for the update on Harriett and Atos!

I just read a book about training over the weekend. Any recommendations would be welcome.

Submitted by: Judy on May 23, 2016
We got our pup, Libby from Hannahatchee Kennels over a year ago and could not be happier. It is hard to believe what a great dog she is. She is wonderful in the house and stays in my lap when I watch TV. She is kennel broke and goes in each night at bed time. Libby is a natural in the water and loves to dock jump and retrieve the dummy as many times as I will throw it for her. And, she is a great upland game dog on pheasants hunting as long as my son wants to hunt with her.

If you are looking for a great hunting companion and a great dog in the house I highly recommend Hannahatchee Kennels.
Submitted by: Matt on May 23, 2016
Hey Jackie,

That is great news! I can't wait to get our pup from Atos and Harriett. Keep me informed with any updates. The whole family is very excited.

Submitted by: Hal on May 23, 2016
Thank you for the update Jackie. We are very excited to be getting a puppy from Hannahatchee Kennel. I love your website and am very impressed with your breeding program. I appreciate you sharing your health screening with hip X-Rays, Sable Coat screening, and conformation ratings. Also, we like that you post the titles on your dogs. We never know if we can trust folks and really appreciate you sharing everything with us. We are so excited to get a pup out of Atos. I love that dog and hope his pup will be just like him. Please keep us posted.

Thank you!
Submitted by: Grayson Guyer on May 13, 2016
I have Legende from Hannahatchee Kennels. He is great example of what an Epagneul Breton should be. He is one of the nicest bird dogs I've had my hands on, rides in the cab of the truck, and is a pleasure in the house. I would certainly recomemend Hannahatchee Kennels to anyone looking for a well bred French Brittany.
Submitted by: Gregg Alger on May 12, 2016

I really appreciate your help this past weekend training our older GSP Merl. It was very helpful and I think this will help with his steadiness. I am really excited about getting a French Brittany from you as a new hunting addition and family pet. I did go out to your website and am very excited about your upcoming breedings this summer and fall. My wife and I are trying to figure out timing and which breeding would be best for us. I will give you a shout in a couple of weeks to finalize our selection.

Submitted by: Ginger Lane on May 12, 2016
Elsie is the best! She has been a great hunting dog with my husband and son. They are very excited with her energy, prey drive and nose. In the house she is an excellent family dog and has a gentle temperament. Her color is simply beautiful and she loves to retrieve especially in the water.

We are looking at doing an addition as she is 7 years old now. I am following your website and thinking of something this fall out of Callie or Coca. We really like your match ups you have with them. Also, we would love to have a dog with Gatsby in the pedigree.

Submitted by: Ben on May 11, 2016
Hey Jackie,

I just wanted to drop a note and give you an update on Eclipse. She has been a wonderful dog for us. The grandkids love her in the house and she is always a top performer if not the top performer in the field. This past season was a bumper year here in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas. She had a great season on pheasants and wild quail.

Talk to you soon.
Submitted by: Victor Sullivan on May 11, 2016
I recently adopted a 6 year old EB named Eugene. He is from Hannahatchee Kennels, but was a hunting dog on a South GA plantation for a few years prior to it selling. Eugene needed a new home and it could not have worked out better for the both of us. He is now part of my family. He transitioned very well into being a full time pet and part time bird dog. He and my Boykin get along great. Eugene has a wonderful demeanor and an incredible nose. Looking forward to quail season! Thanks for a great dog, Jackie!
Submitted by: Mark Collins on May 11, 2016
I have an eight month old female Epagneul Breton from Hannahatchee Kennels, this is my first EB and I must say I am impressed. My pup was a gift to me from my daughter so I did not have any contact with Jackie prior to receiving her but since that time he has been very helpful and responsive to my questions and providing guidance on this EB journey, my daughter also shared how Jackie went to great lengths to get her what she wanted. I did send my EB to a professional trainer for a two month session, he was impressed with her abilities to the point that he now has a deposit on one for himself and this from a GSP/GWP guy. The time and effort Jackie puts into his breeding program ensures you are getting a top notch dog, just a glance at their pedigrees proves they are at the top of the performance world. Now my pup is ready for her NAVHDA NA test next month, I really enjoy working with her and watching her grow and mature. Thank you Jackie for providing this neat little addition to our family and for your support.
Submitted by: Mark on May 10, 2016
Bree is doing great and a neat addition to our family.
I'm sure Don has brought you up to speed on her training and his thoughts about her.
She has her first NA NAVHDA test next month and we will share those results with you.
Thank you much for this little bundle of energy!!
Submitted by: Julie on May 09, 2016
Hi Jackie,
Lewis is really settling in. We absolutely love him.
We have enjoyed the magazines that you gave us.
Thank you,
Submitted by: Walter on May 09, 2016
Little Rush had some great points today. I took him out on our place with some liberated quail and he did great. We are very happy with him. I planning to send him up to Caleb's for training before leaving for summer camp.
Submitted by: Jolene on May 09, 2016
Hi Jackie, just checking to see if we could get a new picture of the puppy. We loved the magazines you sent and we are getting really excited. Counting down to get our new baby🐾. Thanks, Jolene
Submitted by: Will on May 09, 2016
Eugene has been a great pet and hunting dog. He has had a lot of success hunting and trailing. He has his trailer title now and is one win away from a champion in the field. He is a great dog in the house too and we love him dearly. He is a very strong hard charging dog.
Submitted by: Judy on May 08, 2016
We have a deposit in on Jackie's next litter from Harriett and Atos this summer. We are so excited. I love these two dogs and can't wait to get our new puppy.
Submitted by: Grayson Guyer on May 07, 2016
I got Legenede de Leon Source d'Hannahatchee earlier this year and could not ask for a better companion or bird dog. He is bold in the field and calm in the house. I highly recommend Hannahatchee Kennels to anyone looking for the quintessential Epagneul Breton.
Submitted by: Mike Small - Feliciana Gun Dogs on May 07, 2016
I had the good fortune of meeting Jackie in January of 2015. We woodcock hunted together and a valued friendship was formed. I got a puppy from Jackie this past year and I can't wait for him to come back and shoot woodcock over her. No one I know has done more for the French Brittany in the U.S. He has worked tirelessly for the French Brittany Club and has produced only top quality Bretons. If you are looking for a puppy or a started dog that can hunt in any terrain in the country, I highly recommend that you give Jackie a call at Hannahatchee Kennels.
Submitted by: Don on May 06, 2016
Gunther pointing the bird with Piper to the left of the screen 8month old Bree in the middle and Penny to the far right honoring! Bree is the best breton I have seen.
Submitted by: Alexander on May 06, 2016
Ember is a wonderful hunting dog and does well in trials also. In additional to being an exceptional hunting dog, she has been a great part of the family. I highly recommend Hannahatchee Kennels.
Submitted by: Joe Eisaguirre on May 06, 2016
I got Luken de la Source d'Hannahatchee (Luke) from Jackie in October. Jackie has been exceptional to deal with and always helpful, and Luke a dream to train and have in my life. Luke has taken to interior Alaska, chasing grouse and ptarmigan, like a champ. Even at only 6 months in deep snow and cold he had seemingly endless energy and was pointing birds. I am a falconer and hope to be hawking grouse with a goshawk over Luke this fall.
Submitted by: Caleb Horton on May 06, 2016
Over the past years I have dealt with Jackie from taking his puppies up north from tuning up his trial dogs.I will say that he produces some of the best dogs in the breed. The results speak alone. No doubt he puts his heart and soul into this breed. If you are a looking for a great companion and world class hunting dog visit Hannahatchee kennels.
Submitted by: Catherine Cavitt on May 06, 2016
Getting a dog from Hannahatchee Kennels was the best decision ever! We've had Ginger for almost 5 years and we couldn't be happier with her disposition; she is such a nice family dog. Will definitely be getting our next dog from Hannahatchee Kennels.
Submitted by: Brandon Ward on Jun 19, 2015
Jackie Hutwagner is a top of the line breeder for producing the highest quality French Brittany Spaniels. I have been hunting French Brittany's for over 10 years. The natural instincts and range in character they posses is second to none. The selective breeding process at Hannahatche kennels allows them to produce top quality dogs year in and year out. I would not hesitate to put them up against other kennels in France or the U.S. I highly recommend Hannahatche Kennels and his amazing blood lines to choose from.
Submitted by: Don on Jun 18, 2015
Jackie, here's a shot of Josie pointing and retrieving a shot bird at 14 months. She's also doing a pretty good job of backing other dogs so almost ready for her first Master Hunter test!
Submitted by: Todd Farris on Jun 15, 2015
I could not be happier with my puppy from Hannahatchee Kennels. My puppy displays strong prey drive and exhibits all the positive breed characteristics that led me to the Epagneul Breton. Jackie Hutwagner is as knowledgeable a person on this amazing breed as you will find. Hannahatchee Kennels produces great litters and you can rest assured you are getting what you pay for. Jackie is patient in answering questions and ensuring you are satisfied with your hunting companion.
Submitted by: Jeanette Lepore on Jun 12, 2015
I purchased the best dog I've ever owned from Jackie! My female has a very gentle temperament and makes an excellent family dog around children. She has exquisite markings and is simply beautiful! She's light on her feet and a fast runner (Likes to show off!) We're starting to field train her now and her natural instincts take over right away.She socializes well with other dogs...and she loves the water! She's everything I was looking for! I can't express how much I love her!
Submitted by: Jim Massmann on Jun 10, 2015
I got a pup from Hannahatchee Kennels about a year and a half ago and I have to say that I could not be happier with the little female that Jackie picked out for me. She was absolutely bird crazy at a very young age so I ran her in a puppy trial at about 7 months of age,where even the judges wrote on there score cards "BIRD CRAZY" In short I would just like to say that I have had great bird dogs my entire life , but none with more potential than her. She is extremely loving in the house is of good conformation and sound mind always looking to please. I recommend hannahatchee kennels to anyone looking for an outstanding bird dog.
Submitted by: Amy Lucas on Jun 10, 2015
It was by chance that we found Jackie, and boy, were we blessed! We have had Jaguar (Jag) for a little over a year, and I can honestly say I have NEVER had a better dog. He is not only a great companion/pet for our family, but is already proving himself beyond expectations in the field. Everywhere we take him we get compliments on both his looks and personality.

I have owned/lived with many bird dogs in the past, but never hunted/worked them in the field myself, until this year. With both Jag and I being beginners, I was a little apprehensive, but that was quickly proven to be without merit, as Jag knows exactly what to do when he is in the field. He quarters like a champ and finds and points the bird every time. We plan on running him in some hunt tests in the fall so he can earn his AKC Junior Hunter title.

Jackie is very dedicated to the Epagneul Breton, and is always willing to take a call or email to answer any questions that I may have. Being that I am in the northeast, there are not many UKC events close to me, and he is always willing to guide me when I have questions.

I just cannot say enough about Jackie and the outstanding dogs that he breeds. I would highly recommend Hannahatchee Kennels to anyone looking for a high quality Epagneul Breton. I cannot wait for the next litter!
Submitted by: Lefty Hands on Jun 09, 2015
Jackie is known in these here parts for having the finest bird dogs in the area. I hope to own one of his puppies someday.
Submitted by: Jim thompson on Jun 03, 2015
Jackie knows the breed and bloodlines well , easy to work with and has very driven pups. - hope you enjoy this breed as much as I have !
Submitted by: Clint LaFary on Jun 02, 2015
Jackie does a very nice job with his dogs. Each of his breedings come from proven stock in the field and show ring. He truly understands the breed and works tirelessly to improve on the dogs in the US. I highly recommend Jackie's dogs if you are looking for a started dog or puppy.

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