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Home of GRCHF CH Gallant Thor Sur le Delavan, CH GRCHF Harriett es Deux Pierres Bleues, GRCHF GRCH Atos TAN,  CHF Callie de Manchabarri, TR Coca Cola de Manchabarri, GUN Nike de la Source d'Hannahatchee and Lakota de la Source d'Hannahatchee TAN. We have great dogs who prove themselves here in the U.S., and our dogs are out of some great dogs such at Atos, Coca and Callie's father Gatsby du mas d'Eyraud who was the 2015 World champion, 2015 European Champion and 4 time French Cup winners and Harriett's father Djazz de la Plume Picarde who was the 2015 French Champion of the Race. See our website for more information at www.epagneulbretons.com. We are committed to producing the best Epagneul Breton (French Brittany) hunting dogs and companions possible. Our breeding stock comes from some of the best Epagneul Bretons from the United States and Europe. We strives to improve the breed based on temperament, intelligence, prey drive, scenting ability and other physical attributes and conformation. We like to compete our dogs in the US and in Europe. The photo above is from a trip to France in April 2016 running Atos in Spring trials. I took him back in March 2017 and ran him in 4 trials receiving two excellent classifications. We have our dogs confirmed to ensure they rate excellent per the standards of the Epagneul Breton before breeding them. We have our dogs' hips evaluated using OFA or PennHip criteria to ensure the hips are free of degenerative joint disease, and we garantee our puppies are free of hip dysplasia. Further, we have our dog's tested for the sable A Locus - Ay gene and guarantee that our puppies are not carriers to ensure we do not produce nor pass these traits on to our clients. We try to be as transparent as we can with our clients about all qualities of our dogs. We love to train and handle our dogs ourselves when we hunt or field trial, and we partner with our clients to provide guidance as their puppies grow and develop. We are a family kennel and our dogs spend a lot of time with my wife and our boys as they grow. We believe in socializing the puppies with their mom, litter mates, other dogs and different people any opportunity we have.
Hunting Dog Breeds Raised
Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel
Breeder Contact Info
"Jackie" John Hutwagner
122 Cherry Street
Lumpkin, Georgia 31815
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 22 years.
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Submitted by: John sorrell on Nov 30, 2021
I purchased Maggie 5 years old she didn't breed the 4th time so Jackie wanted to sell her to someone to keep her inside as a pet and hunt her. She is a great hunter trained well did great in Wisconsin for grouse and woodcock she is a great dog very friendly smart and is a great companion as well as a great hunter
Submitted by: Mike Weible on Aug 04, 2019
My wife and I picked up our male, Warren (Lakota x Newt), at jackie's farm. We were able to meet the parents as Jackie let them out to run for us. Warren is now 17 weeks old and is a confident and gentle companion at home with us and the cat's. In the field, he is very bold and is already working ahead and quartering. He loves to explore a variety of cover and is also swimming. He is recalling well, walking on a lead, and going to the place board. He has great prey drive and shows no fear of loud noise. I expect that Warren will become a wonderful hunting companion as well as a field trial dog. I have received dozens of compliments from people saying he is the most beautiful pup they have seen. Jackie is available to answer questions and be supportive as needed. He really cares about his pups and maintaining a great breed here in the U.S. i would strongly recommend a Breton from Hannahatchee Kennel!
Submitted by: Charles on Jun 05, 2018
Niko- We have had him for 15 months, since he was 8 weeks old. Born Feb 9 2017 from Fergus & Coca breeding. He has been more then promised! An unbelievable dog. Kind,smart, fast as lightening and loving! Took to hunting naturally. Basic training at home and 4 weeks of training with Jackie he's got it! I couldn't be happier-with the dog, his training and Jackie has been great to work with from the start. I highly recommend his breeding and training. FB are great!
Submitted by: Mike on Jul 18, 2017
Thanks for the pics. They were cuties for sure. By the way I forgot to inform you that your dogs are really fast runners. One day my wife and grandkids were in the mountains getting ready for a hike with Tana.

Tana wanders into the woods while they were getting ready and all of a sudden Tana is running down the mountain with a sow black bear at her heels. She manages to lose the bear and then walks back to the truck. Fast dogs!!

Thanks again Jackie

Submitted by: Mike on Jul 18, 2017
I just wanted to give you some sad news on our 8 year old FB. You called her Duchess of Hannahatchee. To us she became Tana and we loved her at first sight. I don't know how it all worked but she was a LADY. Acting and conducting herself in lady like fashion. But more than that she became a beloved family member, companion and great hunting dog. It was so great to watch her find birds, freeze on point and track birds as they moved on her. She was also the hit at elk camp every year.

Tana was just a great dog and we loved her so much. We lost Tana this week to a car. She went where she never had before and I don't think she understood cars as she never chased or barked at cars and living where we do there aren't many cars. You just never know how much you missed something until you don't have any longer. She will truly be missed by all who was around her.
You did proud by the Duchess de Hannahatchee

Best Dog I Ever Had

Thanks again for a great life experience

Submitted by: Chad Eich on Jun 26, 2017
My family recently welcomed home a tri-colored male out of Atos and Harriett's litter and couldn't be more happy with him! He is a go-getter and I can't wait to get him in the field this fall! Jackie was extremely helpful throughout the whole process. I highly recommend Hannahatchee Kennels to anyone.

Submitted by: Ann B on Jun 23, 2017
It's been a month of adjusting for Bea and Bud. Bud thought he had already made toy. Bea is so sweet and quite leggy. She has started to fill out a little. She is calmer than Bud and cuddles :) with me each morning without destruction. Bud tore everything up at her age.

They are buddies ! They seem to enjoy digging holes and cooling off together near grape arbor. Great dogs, we love them.
Submitted by: Randy L on Jun 12, 2017
I'm learning quite a bit about this pup. Your 2 year-old analogy helped. She gets yappy & snappy when she's getting run down. When she starts licking she's about ready to sleep. I take her on a walk/run in the morning which she really likes. She can really motor. Right now she's snoozing on my lap.

I also built something similar to a dog park in the backyard which she can romp around in. It's made out of goat panels so she's confined. She likes it tremendously.

I received the AKC papers and will file them soon. Thanks for sending them.

Her bright eyes and alert ears really appeal to me. We love her look. As you can see, we are enjoying the pup.

Submitted by: Chuck Moore on Jun 09, 2017
Hey gun dog lover's , I grew up in Michigan when pheasant hunting there was outstanding. We hunted behind a lot of good dogs including Brittany's, but I have never hunted with a dog like Maddie, what an amazing dog. Only 10 months old now and she is awesome . We've been in Kansas doing the pheasant thing when she was 16 weeks old , she found and retrieved her first one. The rest of last winter we hunted Texas quail , again she did awesome. She never seizes to amaze me . water and ducks are not a problem neither. A fearless little girl !
As far as a family dog , she just cannot get enough attention. Very vocal not annoying just likes to talk in her own way .
Jackie and Hannahatchee kennels is a place you really need to go for a good experience in quality hunting French Brittany hunting dogs.
I have got another deposit on a another excellent hunter. Maddie was not a pick by the way , she was the only pup left in the litter , don't think it matters you're going to get a quality pup . Also when questions do come up with your pup ., Jackie will always get back to you , sooner than later!
Thanks Jackie , can't wait to get my next pup.
Submitted by: Caitlin Farris on Jun 06, 2017
I highly recommend Hannahatchee Kennels. I was fortunate enough to get a beautiful female tricolor puppy out of Atos and Harriett this Spring and she is more than I could've hoped for! She's prey-driven and athletic in the field (and loves water) and sweet and calm in the home. Jackie was great about communicating with me through the whole process, he often sent pictures of her and her litter mates and answered any questions I had. Jackie made sure the transportation of Native (my puppy) from Georgia to Oklahoma via airplane went smooth and he checked in with me several times to make sure she arrived okay. I would buy another puppy in a heartbeat from Hannahatchee Kennels. Thank you for such a great companion. I could not be happier!

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