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Submitted by: Gerry and Debby kelly on Dec 26, 2021
AMAZING pups, We got one in 2018 and just had to have another. Both are happy, smart and healthy. We are so pleased with the breed. Ours have strong instinct's, great swimmers and companions. No aggression in either. Might just have to do a third one! (AMARILLO TEXAS)
Submitted by: BILL MCCaskill on Mar 15, 2017
Hey Kevin, I would imagine in your dog business folks don't give you enough positive feedback. You have bred us a fantastic hunting Brit!

Our (Margie's puppy) Millie, is now 7 months old and doing SUPER with her training! I just wanted you to know how pleased we are with her, great drive, pounds the brush tirelessly, has a great nose on her AND strong retrieving instinct. She always wants to please, I couldn't be happier. She is off the check cord and conditioned to the e-collar, so she is enjoying her increased range for sure. I will get her working on birds in the spring and introduce the gun, though she seems pretty unconcerned with loud noises so far.

Next fall we will be after the grouse up north! See what she can do.

Great dog and a good family pet too.


Dr. Bill McCaskill
Submitted by: Joe Gryte on Mar 13, 2017
We bought our dog, Charlie, from you in late July of 2015. He was a little young for me to take him hunting last year so this past weekend was his first time out. He exceeded all of my expectations for his first trip. He had many rock solid points. And most important to me, if the birds would move he would slowly trail them. During one of our first walks, he trailed a big, smart rooster in the ultra thick cattails and stayed on him till he flushed. This was all by scent, I don't think he ever saw the bird. Any other year and I'm sure I would have walked right by that one. He retrieved the first dead bird he found, pictured above, he was a little tentative at that but progressed as the trip went on. Main thing was that he understood he was supposed to pick them up and come back to me.

He found a bunch of cripples for us too. My favorite moment of the trip was while we were looking for a cripple I was watching Charlie trot toward me on the other side of a fence. When he was about ten feet from me he locked up in mid-stride and held point for about a minute before someone else got there to kick the bird out of its hiding spot. As soon as it moved, he pounced on it.

There were two other dogs on the trip, one other rookie and one gun-shy, and they were no distraction to Charlie at all. Everyone commented many times on how good he was doing and how driven he was to hunt.

In short, he's exactly what I'd hoped for when I decided to buy a Brittany.
Thank you.
Submitted by: Monika Buol on Mar 11, 2017
We bought Bella from you this past December 2015. She is not only a great gun dog but she is also a wonderful family dog. After 2-3 months of having her she was already fetching birds and trying to drag them back even though they were defiantly bigger than her. She loves to hunt! I have never seen a dog so eager to hunt and run. She not only loves it she is so good at it. Since she could drag a pheasant she was bringing them right to me from 20-30 yards away and putting them right in my hand. What more could an owner ask for in their dog? You can really tell it is in her blood. Bella is the best dog we have ever had. Her temperament is one everyone wishes they had in their dog. Bella has been involved in many things in her first year of life. She has been hunting, she is enrolled in obedience training, and we are actually just starting Agility with her. Bella loves to run and be busy but she also makes a great cuddle bug at the end of the day. If you are looking for a dog that will be an all-around awesome dog, I highly recommend Kevin and his puppies. He really knows how to breed a great dog who will do anything you ask it to. Bella will turn a Year old on the 27th of October and we look forward to doing more business with Kevin in the future as we would like to grow our hunting pack. Thank You so much Kevin for letting us purchase Bella from you. We can't wait to add another to our pack!

Thank You for everything,
Monika & Cody
Submitted by: Brooks Mcmahon on Mar 10, 2017
Hey Kevin,
Brooks McMahon from Oregon. We have an almost 11 month old female Britt from you named Kimber. Just wanted to touch base and let you know she is doing awesome! She has been a great house dog and a week into pheasant season and she's already a great bird dog! Attached are a few pictures, all public birds, hunting her as a flusher and she is a great close worker, 30lbs. Feel free to use her pictures on your website/ as testimonial.

Submitted by: William McCaskilll on Mar 10, 2017
Hey Kevin, Bill McCaskill here, just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the pup I purchased from you this summer.

She is showing great drive and really loves to work the brush with a busy nose.

She is also a very well put together dog with her build. Get lots of complements!

She is still a lot puppy at 5 months of age, and I am keeping things fun for her, but is a smart dog and a quick learner and definitely wants to please me.

I can tell you have devoted a great deal of effort into breeding good hunting Britts!

Thanks again,

Bill and Kathy McCaskill
Submitted by: Kristine Herbert on Mar 10, 2017
Hi, just though I'd send you a note.
Juneau got her first pheasant yesterday! She did great in the field. She is so perfect for our family. We went out west to Wyoming this summer on a backpacking trip and she loved it. She basically trained at high altitude and now it's even harder to keep up with her haha. She loves swimming and fishing. She stays home alone free to roam the house and does great. Thanks again for suck a great dog!
Kristine herbert
Submitted by: Jeff Leverenz on Mar 08, 2017
We picked up Goose a few weeks back and, just wanted to let you know how happy we are with him. He is a great companion to our 3.5 year Brittney we purchased from you. He has quickly became part of family. A couple weeks back we planted 6 birds for him... He flushed the first 2 and held point on the next 4! I attached a photo - if you look close you can see the bird in the grass. Our 3.5 year old is nothing but amazing in the field. Your puppies come out of the box ready to hunt! Thanks, Jeff
Submitted by: Sara Salmela on Mar 07, 2017
Hi there. Mally is doing well. She is a great swimmer. Mally like to run to the pond near our house and swims with the geese and cranes.

She has a sweet temperament.
Thank you for the great dog, she keeps us exercising daily with walks and swimming at the lake. Mally is loving addition to our family.
Thank you again.
Sara Salmela
Submitted by: Nonna Frazwa on Mar 07, 2017
Molly is wonderful. I took her to obedience training and she did great. She earned her good citizens award and is such a nice dog. Our old dog, Annie, who is 14 gets along with her and showed her the "ropes". Molly has a great instinct with hunting and pointing birds came easily to her. I can's say enough about what a smart sweetie she turned out to be. My five year old grandson loves to play fetch with her. And, she loves to retrieve the balls. I have to laugh because when I'm in the garden, she'll bring the ball to me and keep pestering me until I throw ball for her.

I appreciate you are a very good breeder, Molly's temperament is fabulous and she fits right into our family.

Compared to Annie, she is a little smaller, but that's ok. It's been 14 years since we brought home Annie so maybe she was the same size and as she aged her face and body just got broader. It's hard to recall.

Say hello to your family and thank you again for our beautiful and talented Molly:)

Thank you
Nonna Franzwa
Submitted by: Whitney Smith on Mar 07, 2017
Hi Kevin!!

My name is Whitney Smith; my husband, Chris, and I purchased a L/W Brit pup from you on 9-6-13. I decided to email so that I could send you a bunch of pictures and tell you what a wonderful dog we got from you. 😊

We named her Tika and she is a huge part of our family! She has an older Brittany sister who is 7.5 years old. Tika is a spunky little girl. She has been through so much with us! We purchased her when I was early into chiropractic school at Palmer in Iowa. During my time in school, we took her pheasant hunting a few times in Iowa and she did great......she's definitely a natural around birds. 😉 She also made many road trips with us to Michigan, which is where we are from. We currently live in southern Michigan and have 2 acres that Tika & Dutchess (our other Brit) love to roam around. We also spend a lot of time at my parents' 100+ acre farm walking around the woods and swimming in the pond. Tika loves to swim.

Tika is absolutely wonderful around babies, which surprised us as first because she is a very high-energy girl and gets so excited around people and likes to jump up (our fault for not breaking her of this....), but the very first time she was around our friend's baby, she just licked it a lot and never once jumped or put a paw up. She's extremely social and loves people and other animals all the same, especially other dogs - cats are a play toy in her mind. 😉

Anyways, I hope you enjoy all of these photos so you can get a glimpse into Tika's awesome life with us! If I had to describe Tika simply, I would say these things about her: huge snuggler, bed hog, loyal, rambunctious, beautiful, very smart, funny, attention hog!!!!, and the list goes on.....
She really is an amazing dog and we are so happy that we added her to our lives. My husband and I do not have human babies yet, so our fur babies are ridiculously spoiled and we love that.

Thanks Whitney Smith
Submitted by: DJ Murray on Mar 06, 2017
Hey Kevin, I'm sure you don't remember me but I bought a Britt pup from you almost 6 years ago now, and called him Hunter. I can't believe how unbelievably smart he is and what a a great hunter he is! He picked everything up like he did it is whole life. Below is a picture of him. I also emailed you to ask you if you still breed and sell Britt pups? I'm actually thinking about possibly buying another one. Let me know.

Thanks a lot
DJ Murray
Submitted by: Dawn Olson on Mar 06, 2017
Gus is quite a dog!
He is our pet, spending all of his time in the house/or yard when we are home and in a kennel (with his buddy Nick) when we are at work. We have an electric fence which he is very good with and actually very seldom has his collar on. He will wander if we are not watching him when we are on the other side of the fence making wood. If I bring him back, into the yard he will stay there. He goes to sleep with us in our bed but always moves to a chair after awhile. During the day he naps under a quilt rack in the living room (and has since we first brought him home).

Gus is very set in his routine. He sits and watches my husband, Dave eat lunch. As soon as Dave's plate is finished Gus stares & then stares and barks at him until Dave gets the tennis ball from the closet. Gus LOVES tennis balls and jumping in mid-air to catch them. He is a typical Brit when it comes to being a people pleaser. He doesn't like to get scolded. He likes the water but hates baths.

Gus weighs between 40-45 lbs and is a hard charger. He went to hunting boot camp when he was a pup and has a good prey drive. He is smart so I think it is just a matter of working with him.

He is great with children. We walk with Gus and Nick every night/day. He likes to go on walks and stick his head out of the truck window on the way home.
Submitted by: Monika Buol on Mar 03, 2017
Good Afternoon!
Just would like to thank you for the great opportunity of having one of your dogs!! Bella is retrieving pheasants and hunting like no other at almost 7 months! She is the most intense hunter I have ever had!! Would not hesitate to buy another one from you in the future! Thank you so much!!

Monika Buol
Submitted by: DJ Murry on Mar 03, 2017
Hey Kevin, I'm sure you don't remember me but I bought a Britt pup from you almost 6 years ago now, and called him Hunter. I can't believe how unbelievably smart he is and what a a great hunter he is! He picked everything up like he did it is whole life. Below is a picture of him. I also emailed you to ask you if you still breed and sell Britt pups? I'm actually thinking about possibly buying another one. Let me know.

Thanks a lot
DJ Murray
Submitted by: Becky Nolden on Mar 03, 2017
Hi Kevin
I wanted to let you know we are thrilled with our Brittany we purchased last summer. She is a great dog and has a wonderful temperament. Here is a photo of Leinie. We have given her a great home!

Hope you are doing well.

Becky Nolden
Submitted by: Nik Zewers on Mar 01, 2017
purchased my Brit from Gilmore Brittanys in December 2015. He was out of Sugar and Fast Eddie. Kevin easily has the best breeding program I have found. You won't find better bloodlines in the Midwest. I think he has some of the best Brittanys in the Country. I had a nationally renound pointing dog trainer that was very impressed with my dog. I was killing limits of grouse and woodcock over Casey when he was only 10 months old. I can't express how well this dog hunts as a puppy! These dogs are pure hunters. Gilmore Brittanys is the only breeder I would consider for my next pup. Thanks Kevin!
Submitted by: Marcus Holtman on Feb 26, 2017
Hey Kevin,

My dad and I bought a puppy from you on febuary 13th from the Fast Eddie and Marggie litter last year. She is doing great and picking up commands and potty training much quicker then any of us expected. she is a great dog.

Marcus Holtman
Submitted by: Ashly Evans on Feb 26, 2017
Hi Kevin,

I hope this email finds you doing well. Brooks and I picked up our puppy from you in the beginning of January. We wanted you to know that she is doing SO good and we couldn't be more happy with her. We named her Kimber! She has been an "easy" puppy. She was potty trained within days, learned simple commands right away such as "Sit, Stay, Come", and was comfortable in her kennel almost right away. She has been such a joy! We get compliments on her all the time. We are looking forward to start training her soon for pheasant hunting. She already uses her nose all the time, so we can't wait to see how she does in the field. I have attached a few pictures of Kimber. She is growing so fast! Thanks again. Because of Gilmore Brittanys, we have the best dog and a lifetime companion.

Ashley and Brooks
Submitted by: Greg Vickers on Feb 25, 2017
Kevin I purchased a Brittany from you last fall and I named him Hobie. He will be one year old on September 29. You are told me he would be a hunting machine and you were absolutely right he is a phenomenal dog already! We are leaving this weekend for Sharptailed grouse in North Dakota and I have no reason to believe he will not perform as expected. We've already done a few pheasant hunts at local farms and he is right on the money every time. Not to mention his personality is just so awesome and what a great family companion. Thank you again for such a wonderful animal and I will share photos from our fall hunts soon.
Greg Vickers.
Submitted by: Kristine Herbert on Feb 25, 2017
I just thought I'd send you a note to let you know how Juneau is doing. She's awesome! I don't want to jinx anything but house training seemed pretty easy, can count he number of accidents on just 2 hands. We have had her out with pheasant wings and pointing seems natural to her. She loves the snow, digging and just being outside in general. She has picked up all the basic commands right away. She is very smart, I'm pretty sure she will be opening doors soon haha. She is super sweet, great with little kids who put their hands in her mouth and she LOVES to cuddle. Thanks again.
Kristine Herbert
Submitted by: Dustin Wryenberg on Feb 24, 2017

I am the USAF guy that picked up a pup a few weeks ago, just wanted to say thank you again. We named her Annie Oakley calling her Oakley and she is an amazing pup already. My 4 year old daughter and I took her out on some training ground here in NE this morning and kited a couple of pigeons to see how she would do. It didn't take her but a couple of flushes to realize she needed to hold point. It was like a switch went off after the second flush and she locked up on point for the rest of the morning. I was able to walk up and flush the pigeon with out her moving, something I didn't think was possible the first time out on live birds. I had to shoot one with a pellet gun as it got stuck in a tree and she was all about it from that point forward also! She is going to be a hunting machine this fall. Again thank you. Oh her vet check was all good and she is healthy as a horse! Here are a couple of pics from this morning. I have video of her holding point if you ever needed proof for someone.

Submitted by: Dan Vesper on Feb 23, 2017
Kevin- he is doing Great! He is picking up the sent that I have been working with him on very well. Brings dummy back and drops at feet. Thanks so much for the Great Dog!!! I will recommend you to anyone that is interested in getting a Brittany!

Thanks again and will send pictures!

Dan & Tracy Vesper
Submitted by: Ann .E. Bonana on Feb 23, 2017
Hey Kevin!
Hope you had a great holiday! Mine was perfect! Especially with my new puppy!

Atlas is doing great! He is all legs and we go running everyday. He definitely has made me very happy. Of course he can be naughty, like any puppy can be. Yesterday he chewed up another shoe of mine. It's like having a kid, definitely have to "puppy proof" my house more than what I did originally.

Hope you are staying warm!
-Anna & Atlas =]
Submitted by: Connie Carmichael on Feb 23, 2017
Hi Kevin!
Just wanted to send you an email to let you know how much we love our pup! He adjusted with us fast and is very smart.

With that being said we would love to get another but would love a girl this time. We are wondering when your next liter will be and if we could get a girl.

Thanks for your time and Hope your having a good day.
Submitted by: Clifford Sprung on Feb 23, 2017
Kevin: a picture of the first pheasant Buddy flushed on state land and I actually hit the thing. I raced Buddy to the bird but I am learning to let him get there first. We have been working to keep him in tighter during the hunt and he is getting better. Thanks for your help.

Chris and Cliff Sprung
Submitted by: Chris Herzog on Feb 23, 2017
Hi Kevin,
I wanted to let you know that Avvy has been a wonderful addition to our home. She is so smart and is learning very fast. Thank you for our beautiful girl.

You should be very proud of the amazing dogs you're raising.

Take care, Chris Herzog
Submitted by: Harry Kirkpatick on Feb 22, 2017
Hello Kevin
My wife and I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful pup.
She is Awesome. At eight weeks old she is pointing Quail and a Pheasant wing too.

Harry Kirkpatick
Submitted by: Sara Salmela on Feb 22, 2017
Good morning Kevin
we named our puppy Malley.
She is a good pup and so smart too.
She fetches, goes down the stairs.
She loves to go for walks and play with the neighborhood dogs. I even got her to fetch me the TV remote.
thanks for the great dog.
Submitted by: Jacob Yaroshuk on Feb 22, 2017
Hey Kevin
I named my dog Charlie. He is doing Great.
He is supper Happy and likes to play.
I have him house trained and it has only been a couple of weeks.
He has been to the Vets and they said he is in perfect health . Boy dose he love water.
When I walk him in the dog park he loves to play with the other dogs.
Jacob Yaroshuk
Submitted by: Neil Schultz on Feb 22, 2017
Hello Kevin
Eight months ago I bought a female Brittany pup from you out of Sugar and Fast Eddie.
You told me she would be a hunting machine. You were right. When she stops and points you know there is a bird there.
What a great dog. I'm thinking about getting another one from you. She is a eight month old Marine. We are pheasant hunting and having a great time.
Neil Schultz
Submitted by: Bryan Wichmann on Feb 22, 2017
Thought I'd shoot you a picture of Porter. We got him from you back in June and he's growing up to be an awesome dog for our family.

I've been working him on some pheasant wings in our yard and he's great at it and loves to do it!

My cousin Jason was looking for a new dog and I recommended he talk to you.

Submitted by: Marissa Ducommun on Feb 22, 2017
Hi Kevin! My wife and I got Duke from you in November of 2014 (his birthday is Sep. 29th, 2014). He is a great dog; he is funny, super energetic, and so smart. He is very obedient and was easy to train. I first took him hunting at 8 months old, and he did great. He has continued to shine and excel at hunting! It's easy to see that it's what he was born to do, and I've already booked a hunting trip to South Dakota for next fall! Duke is going to love it. Also, he is so friendly, loves all dogs at the dog park, and he's the same way with people. We introduced him to swimming this past summer, and he had a blast; we couldn't keep him out of the water! He also loves camping, and anything having to do with the outdoors. Everyone tells us how beautiful he is! He's the perfect dog for us. We loved going through Gilmore Brittanys to get such a great dog, and we know we will be back in the next couple of years for another pup from you! Thanks again!

Kory and Marissa
Submitted by: Matt Nelson on Feb 20, 2017
Hello Kevin
I cant tell you enough how pleased we are with Duke. He has trained into a amazing Dog.
We are both very pleased with him and the Natural hunting ability.
Once my wife will let me I'm going to get another one from you.
I hope your hunting season went as well as mine did.
Submitted by: John Malec on Feb 20, 2017
Hello Kevin
We named our puppy Zelda and she is doing great.
She is as tall as both my springer's and I think she is still growing.
She made her first point all by herself.
All I have done is the obedience training. the point is all her.
we took her hunting and came home with two birds.
For only being five months old she is doing wonderful.
If I could shot better we would have gotton two more.

John Malec
Submitted by: David Hanson on Feb 20, 2017
Emma is doing wonderful. She has pointed the last ten woodcocks perfectly. she has also been pointing pheasants.
She is very good with kids and being in the house.
she is really bird crazy.
I would definitely get another pup from you in the future.
I have managed to shoot one woodcock over her.
Many more missed shots. She is a far better hunter than I am a shooter.
Submitted by: Stephenie Jockman on Feb 20, 2017
Hello Kevin
we named our puppy Porter. He is doing Great.
He is most Definitely an active pup as he is always getting into things and making his presence known.
He has been a great pup this whole time.
We have been using a training collar to help with the commands which has allowed us to really let him free without feeling worried.
He is a wonderful pup.
thank you
Submitted by: Dane Neumann on Aug 31, 2016
Cooper is doing quite well. I've had him out grouse hunting a number of times and he has pointed and flushed his fair share. Quite a few woodcock as well. Unfortunately with as green as it has been and as dense as we've been finding them, he hasn't had much reward. We did go to a gamefarm yesterday and he was smarter than us on a few of the birds. He'll hold point quite a while. He is even finding dead downed birds better than some of the other dogs. The farm we went to actually breeds brittanys as well and they were pretty impresses with him for his age. He retrieved one hen but has been leaving a lot lay too. Any pointers there?

All of us are very pleased with him as we seems to be maturing and developing quite well!

Submitted by: Andrew Heath on Aug 31, 2016
We bought the last pup in the litter from you in August. I just wanted to send you an email with some pictures and an update on Elli.

We have nothing but good things to say about her. Her temperament and personality are exactly what we were looking for. She loves people and other dogs and is always looking to make new friends. I have never owned such an intelligent dog. She quickly learned many trick as well as manners. Hunting skills are very natural and only need fine tuning. She knew exactly what a pheasant wing was and is always excited to get a nose full of bird scent whether its pheasant or a sparrow in the yard. I took her out in the field this past Sunday. We weren't lucky enough to find any birds but I was extremely impressed at the way she worked the cover and how it seemed that she knew exactly what she was supposed to do. Needless to say we are more than happy with our pup and look forward to many more years of great hunts and memories.

Thanks again,

Andrew Heath
Submitted by: Dave & Kim Hughes on Aug 31, 2016
Our dog (Jax) is doing well. He loves to run (quite fast!) around our 1.5 acre rural yard, sometimes chasing a ball. He has a tremendous nose checking out all scents that warrant his attention, sometimes food if left too close to the counter edge! He is pretty much a "velcro" dog, following someone everywhere. He loves to play and gets along well with any dog willing to tolerate his need to play, He's extremely smart and learns quickly. He's quite healthy (lean), weighed about 33 lbs at last vet visit. He appears a little taller since then. When he was younger, I tried crating him at night, but he wimpered for most of the night. After a week of little sleep, I gave in. He now sleeps in our bed between us and is pretty happy about that! He gets lots of love and is very much a part of our family!

Dave & Kim Hughes
Submitted by: Jim Johnson on Aug 29, 2016
My new pup is getting accustom to my dog babes and his new home. We are bonding . We named him Rudi Chief. Took him for a vet check, everything is fine. Want to thank you for the great dog.
Submitted by: Kathleen Brew on Aug 29, 2016
I just thought I would send you an update on my puppy. She has been doing really well. All the vet visits have been going good. She has a lot of energy. We are going to puppy classes to work on this. Although she is leash trained she rarely needs one. She does great socializing with other dogs. She loves to go on runs with me and she stays on my heels the entire time. :)

I attached some pictures of her for you. Feel free to use them on your website! She will be 12 weeks tomorrow.

Kathleen Brew
Submitted by: Tara Barribeau on Aug 29, 2016
I was wondering if you still had some puppies for sale? and what ones are left. Trigger is doing great. We started him on training with a dummy and scent. He points now and is very happy. We love him and he is great with my children and with our cat. He was easy to housebreak. I can send you some pictures of him if you would like. We have spread the word out about your kennel and with how pleased we are with Trigger. He is an excellent dog and fits perfect with our family.

Take care and thank you for a wonderful dog.

Submitted by: Mike ceslok on Jan 13, 2014
I had bought a dog from you about a year and half ago. He is doing awesome more than I could of hoped for. He has an outstanding nose and will hold point forever. Going to start guiding hunts and running him in the bdc competitions. Thanks again for a great dog

Mike and boomer
Submitted by: Beth Geisler on Jan 13, 2014
Jake is a year old today! BY FAR, the best dog either my husband or I have ever had:) Thanks again!!!

Beth Geisler
Submitted by: Jeff leverenz on Nov 23, 2013
It may be a bit early at 14 weeks to tell but, hunting must run deep in her family tree. She has been fun to watch in the field and we have seen to find plenty of birds.

Checkout the attached photos... I have a friend that said he is calling you when his son is a bit older to get a Brit after seeing her!!!

Thanks, Jeff
Submitted by: Don Haufe on Sep 28, 2013
Thanks, Kevin. She's doing really well. I think 2 or 3 accidents in the house. She swam last weekend like a pro once she got used to doing so after a few seconds. I'm sure we'll be very happy with her (I already am!). My wife and daughter are spoiling her, however. I'm not around enough to do so.

Thanks again.

Don Haufe
Submitted by: Paul Webber on Sep 28, 2013
Hi Kevin, I have thought I should let you know how the pup was doing ,so your note was timely. I will start by saying I am very pleased how she, "Molly" has developed. She is 22# at about 4.5 months, healthy, and more energy and active than I imagined, even for her breed. She has strong pointing and retrieving instincts, and I need to find a source of birds soon for her. She also shows no hesitation to enter the water. I am taking it slow on the training' partly, because she has so much puppy play in her, and I don't want to rush or get hard on her. Fast Eddie and Hope was a good pairing in my lay opinion. Paul
Submitted by: Matt Schmidtke on Sep 28, 2013
Hey Kevin,
He is awesome. He has become crazy birdie over the last 2 months and that rocks because I have 25 pheasants that I have been raising to train him with. They will be ready to go about the middle of September. Even though he is hyper he is good with commands. He will retrieve a dead pigeon to hand and absolutely loves gunfire! I am excited to see how he does with a live bird flushing. And he has an incredible nose and serious patience on point. Basically, I couldn't be happier.

Submitted by: Randy Kirk on Sep 23, 2013
My family and I are completely satisfied with our two Brittany's we have from Gilmore Brittany's. We purchased a male approximately two years ago. He has been an excellent family dog, gets along great with kids, and is a skilled hunting partner. With very little training, he points pheasants like a pro. He is a handsome dog we constantly get compliments on. Very recently, we have purchased a female tri-colored Brittany from Gilmore Brittany's. She is beautiful, has a great personality, and we are very pleased. We cannot wait to see how she does hunting.
-Randy K, Hastings MN
Submitted by: Paul Voelkel on Sep 23, 2013
The pup is a pointing machine. He is doing great and almost bigger than my female. Thanks for setting me up with such a great dog. He is all natural ability. We are going to be working with him to run some hunt test. I will keep you posted on his progress. Thanks again.
Submitted by: Hailey Boland on Sep 08, 2013
Izzy is such a great dog. I think you have the right stuff with your breeding program at your kennel. She is already almost house trained now.
Just yesterday she pointed at the birds out in the yard also. My husband cant wait to take her hunting he thinks she will be very good at it, he can see it in her. I would recommend you to any one who want a outstanding Brittany.
Thanks so much for a wonderful dog.
Submitted by: Jill Jackson on Aug 24, 2013
Good morning Kevin,

Rose is doing great. High energy! J She loves to go to Governor Nelson park where we throw the tennis ball into the lake and she swims to fetch it. Sometimes she gets distracted by the ducks and starts to follow them instead! She is all about her ball though! Some neighbors behind us has some chickens in their back yard that she likes to watch. She constantly picks on our cat whose has learned to stay away from her..We always get compliments on her when we take her for walks on how pretty she is. (Although I must say we still need to work on her walking straight instead of all over the place!) I will have to send you an updated picture. I think she looks more like her father. Thanks for checking in and like I said… I will send you an updated photo.

Jill Jackson
Submitted by: Stephen Stacy on Aug 24, 2013

Jackson is doing great! Seems like it only took him a day or two and he'd made himself part of the family. He and my daughter Ella are good together and play nicely. Bird training is coming along. Jackson has a great nose and holds point well, he'll be a fine bird dog. Thanks for everything.
Stephen Stacy
Submitted by: Beth on Aug 23, 2013
Jake is doing really well!! He has surpassed the weight we, you and the vet thought he would be and now weighs in at about 35 pounds of lean muscle. We take him to the dog park (a 4 acre fenced in area) daily so he can run for an hour or so off leash. He listens really well there. He is a REALLY good dog and learns so quickly. We get a lot of compliments on how beautiful he is! I do have one question~ do you ever sell any dogs that are older? Eventually, we would like to get him a friend, but don't necessarily want to go through the puppy stage again.
Thanks again for such a great dog!
Submitted by: Dan & Tracy Vesper on Aug 23, 2013
Kevin- he is doing Great! He is picking up the sent that I have been working with him on very well. Brings dummy back and drops at feet. Thanks so much for the Great Dog!!! I will recommend you to anyone that is interested in getting a Brittany!

Thanks again and will send pictures!

Dan & Tracy Vesper
Submitted by: Kevin Gilmore on Aug 17, 2013
Submitted by J Frisch from WI on Jan. 15, 2013:


We bought Browning from you last year in the spring. We wanted to let you know he has been amazing. I have never trained a dog before for hunting but he figured it out on his own. He points and retrieves perfectly.

Thanks alot i attached a few pictures for you.
Submitted by: J Frisch on Aug 13, 2013
We bought Browning from you last year in the spring. We wanted to let you know he has been amazing. I have never trained a dog before for hunting but he figured it out on his own. He points and retrieves perfectly.
Thanks a lot I attached a few pictures for you.
Submitted by: Nancy McCoy on Aug 13, 2013
Kevin -

We purchased our puppy from you Memorial Day this year. Just wanted you to know how well he has turned out! I am doing agility and obedience in LaCrosse with him and hope to compete next year in agility. Toby took him hunting to SD and killed about 90 birds and everyone there thought he was heads and tail above the other dogs. I am training for a marathon and he runs 20 miles or more a week with me - we just did 12 the other day and he didn't even seem to care. He gets along great with the kids, too and sleeps with our youngest every night. I just told Toby if we ever get another one, we will buy from you.

Take care and Happy Holidays.

Nancy McCoy

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