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Kevin Gilmore
17855 James Dr
Boscobel, Wisconsin 53805
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 27 years.
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Submitted by: Gerry and Debby kelly on Dec 26, 2021
AMAZING pups, We got one in 2018 and just had to have another. Both are happy, smart and healthy. We are so pleased with the breed. Ours have strong instinct's, great swimmers and companions. No aggression in either. Might just have to do a third one! (AMARILLO TEXAS)
Submitted by: BILL MCCaskill on Mar 15, 2017
Hey Kevin, I would imagine in your dog business folks don't give you enough positive feedback. You have bred us a fantastic hunting Brit!

Our (Margie's puppy) Millie, is now 7 months old and doing SUPER with her training! I just wanted you to know how pleased we are with her, great drive, pounds the brush tirelessly, has a great nose on her AND strong retrieving instinct. She always wants to please, I couldn't be happier. She is off the check cord and conditioned to the e-collar, so she is enjoying her increased range for sure. I will get her working on birds in the spring and introduce the gun, though she seems pretty unconcerned with loud noises so far.

Next fall we will be after the grouse up north! See what she can do.

Great dog and a good family pet too.


Dr. Bill McCaskill
Submitted by: Joe Gryte on Mar 13, 2017
We bought our dog, Charlie, from you in late July of 2015. He was a little young for me to take him hunting last year so this past weekend was his first time out. He exceeded all of my expectations for his first trip. He had many rock solid points. And most important to me, if the birds would move he would slowly trail them. During one of our first walks, he trailed a big, smart rooster in the ultra thick cattails and stayed on him till he flushed. This was all by scent, I don't think he ever saw the bird. Any other year and I'm sure I would have walked right by that one. He retrieved the first dead bird he found, pictured above, he was a little tentative at that but progressed as the trip went on. Main thing was that he understood he was supposed to pick them up and come back to me.

He found a bunch of cripples for us too. My favorite moment of the trip was while we were looking for a cripple I was watching Charlie trot toward me on the other side of a fence. When he was about ten feet from me he locked up in mid-stride and held point for about a minute before someone else got there to kick the bird out of its hiding spot. As soon as it moved, he pounced on it.

There were two other dogs on the trip, one other rookie and one gun-shy, and they were no distraction to Charlie at all. Everyone commented many times on how good he was doing and how driven he was to hunt.

In short, he's exactly what I'd hoped for when I decided to buy a Brittany.
Thank you.
Submitted by: Monika Buol on Mar 11, 2017
We bought Bella from you this past December 2015. She is not only a great gun dog but she is also a wonderful family dog. After 2-3 months of having her she was already fetching birds and trying to drag them back even though they were defiantly bigger than her. She loves to hunt! I have never seen a dog so eager to hunt and run. She not only loves it she is so good at it. Since she could drag a pheasant she was bringing them right to me from 20-30 yards away and putting them right in my hand. What more could an owner ask for in their dog? You can really tell it is in her blood. Bella is the best dog we have ever had. Her temperament is one everyone wishes they had in their dog. Bella has been involved in many things in her first year of life. She has been hunting, she is enrolled in obedience training, and we are actually just starting Agility with her. Bella loves to run and be busy but she also makes a great cuddle bug at the end of the day. If you are looking for a dog that will be an all-around awesome dog, I highly recommend Kevin and his puppies. He really knows how to breed a great dog who will do anything you ask it to. Bella will turn a Year old on the 27th of October and we look forward to doing more business with Kevin in the future as we would like to grow our hunting pack. Thank You so much Kevin for letting us purchase Bella from you. We can't wait to add another to our pack!

Thank You for everything,
Monika & Cody
Submitted by: Brooks Mcmahon on Mar 10, 2017
Hey Kevin,
Brooks McMahon from Oregon. We have an almost 11 month old female Britt from you named Kimber. Just wanted to touch base and let you know she is doing awesome! She has been a great house dog and a week into pheasant season and she's already a great bird dog! Attached are a few pictures, all public birds, hunting her as a flusher and she is a great close worker, 30lbs. Feel free to use her pictures on your website/ as testimonial.

Submitted by: William McCaskilll on Mar 10, 2017
Hey Kevin, Bill McCaskill here, just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the pup I purchased from you this summer.

She is showing great drive and really loves to work the brush with a busy nose.

She is also a very well put together dog with her build. Get lots of complements!

She is still a lot puppy at 5 months of age, and I am keeping things fun for her, but is a smart dog and a quick learner and definitely wants to please me.

I can tell you have devoted a great deal of effort into breeding good hunting Britts!

Thanks again,

Bill and Kathy McCaskill
Submitted by: Kristine Herbert on Mar 10, 2017
Hi, just though I'd send you a note.
Juneau got her first pheasant yesterday! She did great in the field. She is so perfect for our family. We went out west to Wyoming this summer on a backpacking trip and she loved it. She basically trained at high altitude and now it's even harder to keep up with her haha. She loves swimming and fishing. She stays home alone free to roam the house and does great. Thanks again for suck a great dog!
Kristine herbert
Submitted by: Jeff Leverenz on Mar 08, 2017
We picked up Goose a few weeks back and, just wanted to let you know how happy we are with him. He is a great companion to our 3.5 year Brittney we purchased from you. He has quickly became part of family. A couple weeks back we planted 6 birds for him... He flushed the first 2 and held point on the next 4! I attached a photo - if you look close you can see the bird in the grass. Our 3.5 year old is nothing but amazing in the field. Your puppies come out of the box ready to hunt! Thanks, Jeff
Submitted by: Sara Salmela on Mar 07, 2017
Hi there. Mally is doing well. She is a great swimmer. Mally like to run to the pond near our house and swims with the geese and cranes.

She has a sweet temperament.
Thank you for the great dog, she keeps us exercising daily with walks and swimming at the lake. Mally is loving addition to our family.
Thank you again.
Sara Salmela
Submitted by: Nonna Frazwa on Mar 07, 2017
Molly is wonderful. I took her to obedience training and she did great. She earned her good citizens award and is such a nice dog. Our old dog, Annie, who is 14 gets along with her and showed her the "ropes". Molly has a great instinct with hunting and pointing birds came easily to her. I can's say enough about what a smart sweetie she turned out to be. My five year old grandson loves to play fetch with her. And, she loves to retrieve the balls. I have to laugh because when I'm in the garden, she'll bring the ball to me and keep pestering me until I throw ball for her.

I appreciate you are a very good breeder, Molly's temperament is fabulous and she fits right into our family.

Compared to Annie, she is a little smaller, but that's ok. It's been 14 years since we brought home Annie so maybe she was the same size and as she aged her face and body just got broader. It's hard to recall.

Say hello to your family and thank you again for our beautiful and talented Molly:)

Thank you
Nonna Franzwa
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