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Submitted by: Bill on Jun 23, 2021
I got my Brittany Mike from Harold in the winter of 2021 and he is the best dog a hunter and family could ask for and the best dog I have ever owned out of many. Devil in the field and angel in the house. He is super affectionate to all people and animals (except birds, rabbits, squirrels, etc.) and has one and one thing only on his mind when he is outdoors outside of my house....HUNT. In the house he is in your lap until you stop petting him, then he is curled up in the corner. We trained him to like cats in a week and he had 1 potty accident in our house upon arrival on day 1 hour 1 and that was it 6 mos ago. One or two reminders of bad behavior and he is fine, he knows which sofas he is allowed to sit on and which ones he is not. If he had opposable thumbs, I could teach him to brush his teeth. Mike goes for morning runs with me off leash for 30 miles a week (Mike will easily do 70) and in a good week he will freeze up like a statue 50-60 times on anything that flies, mostly robins. He won't move until I flush said bird and give him the ok command to keep hunting. He learns very quickly and listens well in the field with minimal use of the e-collar. He can easily be handled with hand and voice commands with pretty minimal training. I trained him to whoa, heel, come, come around, ok, in 3 months ....and the rest is all genetics. Mike has what Harold calls "auto retrieve" in his lines and will swim through a lake or the densest thorn bush from hell for his birds. He pays no attention to nasty thorn cuts in the field yet is very submissive with people and other dogs. Harold and I hunted together in OH, he and his brittany lines are a real treasure for anyone looking for an active family dog. Just need to convince the wife to let me get another brittany from Harold. There are nearly 700 reviews of Harold for a reason, do not die before you have a BB in your life!
Submitted by: Martin Rice on Dec 13, 2020
I found Harold about 15 years ago. We have a 6 year old dog that I get lots and lots of questions about and it just happened again today. Dixie is just so perfect and we've had lots and lots of Brittany's going back 50 years from when I was a kid growing up with them. I think the thing that separates Dix is two-fold...Outstanding genetics; it all starts there and Harold absolutely has it. Secondly is solid training and we used for the first time Ronnie & Suzanna Smith thanks to our friend Tim who pushed us so hard that direction. Any future Brittany we get will come from Harold, and then go to RSK for training. We've found the magic combo!
Finest regards,
Martin Rice
Tennessee & Indiana
Submitted by: Harold Biebel on Dec 07, 2020
Hi Lou and thanks for the testimonial. So very glad you “pair of bears" have bonded!! Harold.

Dear Harold,

Thought you might like to have an update on Bear. What a dog he has turned out to be! Of my five Brittanys, none have matched his drive or his range. And he is a great family dog. We just love him.

These pictures were taken last week in Nebraska, where he did great work on pheasants. I just got back today from southeastern New Mexico, hunting Scaled quail, and he really got to show off his range in those wide open spaces. Some spectacular points, and several downed birds that we would never have found without him.

Did you get to Montana this year, or did COVID keep you at home?

I promised last year that I’d let you know when we had a really good year on Scaled Quail, and get you out here for a late-season hunt. Well, this isn’t the year yet. It’s OK, but cover is sparse, and the birds are scattered and wild. Hopefully, we’ll get some moisture next spring, and it will be a better year. I haven’t forgotten my promise.

We can’t thank you enough for bringing Bear into our lives. He’s just been wonderful.

Lou and Bambi Sturbois
Submitted by: Harold Biebel - BiebelBrittanys on Dec 07, 2020
Afternoon Harold,
My name is Michael Harned, I am Jeff Harned’s brother (don’t hold that against me). I am looking to enter into the world of hunting dogs and have been quite impressed with Jeff’s dog he got from you. I believe I’m most interested in a started dog given the frustrations of a new puppy would not fit with my life right now. My time frame is flexible, a dog right now to try and finish the season with sounds great but not sure how realistic that is, or I could get an arrangement for a started dog in the future. I’d appreciate talking to you about what’s available or upcoming litters and details.
On Nov 23, 2020, at 8:19 AM, Jeff Harned wrote:

Submitted by: Harold Biebel on Dec 07, 2020
Hay Harold,

Its been about 5 year since I got Tucker from you, we are in Kansas hunting quail, Pheasant and hoping to see a prairie chicken but not yet. Anyways I am ready for another hunter and my wife is getting excited about a puppy. I really like the orange and white but my wife says she gets to pick this one and she wants a liver and white female but really does not care for the roan. Any chance of getting one between now and spring?

Damon Rosenbarker
Submitted by: Harold Biebel on Dec 07, 2020
Hey Harold!
Just wanted to let you know that we had Katie..(the little black female lab
I bought from you when I got Rosie aka Monroe)...bred 3 1/2 months ago. The stud dog
is a smaller lab that we had hunted with in SD. She had a beautiful
litter of pups. One blonde and the rest blacks 8 in all. There were only 2 females in
the whole litter. I am planning on getting one of them who I have named Sadie!

You may remember that Rosie died suddenly this past winter. I'm still in mourning over that.
Hoping this little black turns out to be a great gun dog. She is showing early signs of such.
I will be going to SD to get her the weekend of December 5-6. She will be just over 8 weeks.
All 8 of the pups are doing extremely well and are all spoken for at this time!

Pastor Mark Nielson
Submitted by: Harold Biebel on Dec 07, 2020
Hi Harold,

How has your hunting season been? Had a great time in South Central Iowa last week with Beau on roosters and quail. Bird numbers seem to be up!

Submitted by: Greg in TX on Apr 21, 2020
Good morning Greg and thanks for your email. Yes Old Glory is wonderful. I intend to send it out to all new folks asking about our Brittanys! And good to hear of the progress with Winnie. She will continue to develop. Harold.

Thanks for sending that OLD GLORY clip. It was inspirational at a time when we really need that. Who would have thought that 6+ months ago when we picked up Winnie that our world would be going thru a Pandemic now. Winnie is a high energy , strong willed dog. She had a sweet side to her as well. We are making good progress on training. I need to get some live birds in front of her now. It turned out to be a good time to get a new pup for a few reasons. She’d been a good distraction w all that’s happening, also amusing. Hope you are well. Just wanted to check in.
Submitted by: Gary in Ohio on Feb 27, 2020
Gary this is the first I have seen of your email. We have had server problems. And thank you for all your kind words regarding Hershey. I did see the Western Outdoor news story. I kinda brag on him.

Gary can I bring you a pup or a young started love of your life? Harold.

Dear Harold don't know if you received my other e-mail so am writing again . It is with broken heart that we had to lay our beloved Hershey to rest a week ago .I got him from you in Jan. 2011 . He was a very special dog ,fantastic afield and the best family dog ever .I sent you a paper ( Western Outdoor news with us in it ) . Just finished watching video of Him from you Hershey takes a bath . Thankyou for breeding the best Brits around and thankyou for making this old mans dream come true he is and will be missed .
Submitted by: Brett on Feb 03, 2020
Hi Harold,
I have been missing your emails and was in hopes that all was well with you. My Dad passed in June so this was my first year not hunting with him out west. I did not stop, but took new friends and family. Made three trips to western KS and hunted 17 days with my two Biebel Brittanie’s. My some says I need one more dog. I attached the bill of sale from Beauregard, my three year old Male. He is small as you forecasted at only 30 pounds. He is the friendliest loving of the Brittanie’s I’ve had over the last 30 years. I am in the market for an orange and white female puppy. I only hunt on foot and I may want to breed Beau to the female in a year or two so please consider the lineage. thanks, Brett.
Submitted by: Rich M. on Jan 29, 2020
Harold, good to hear from you. JJ is one hell of a dog, would buy him again in a second. If you find another one like him let me know. Is that the same lab or a pup?
Rich M.
Submitted by: Bill in Texas on Jan 29, 2020
Boomer has become quite the dog for John Michael!
Check out last month’s Pointing Dog Journal for Dale Spartas article on South Texas Quail for Boomer in photos.
Bill in Texas
Submitted by: harold Biebel on Jan 09, 2020
Hi Harold!
I just wanted to show you how much Drake has grown since we got him from you in August 2018. We absolutely love his outgoing and loving personality.

Thanks again!
Maura R. in Kentucky
Submitted by: Harry in Maine on Jul 29, 2019
Hi Harry and thanks for the good news on Rocky. I bet he loves it up in Maine! Who wouldn’t!
Yes they do tend to remember my voice. Please send me hunting photos this fall. Thanks, Harold.

Watched your video and "Rocky" was sitting right next to me. As soon as he heard your voice, his head perked up and you had his full attention.Just to make sure he wasn't playing a little game, I played the video back and he did the same thing. It's been just over a year since we got him Harold, but he still remembered your voice.

He'll be 2 on Thursday and you absolutely couldn't ask for a better dog. He's a wonderful pet and a killer in the field.

Warm here in Maine today. All in all it has been a pretty nice summer. Maybe we'll catch you coming through sometime.

All the best,
Harry W.
Submitted by: Brady on Jun 18, 2019
Hi Harold,

I wanted to share a picture of Dolly with you. She is from High Hopes Dark Nite and your Penny. She is six months old now, and it is clear that she is VERY smart. I’m excited about her potential to be a bird finder! She is also super sweet : )

When I came to pick her up at your house I mentioned to you that I had two of my dogs qualified to run in the Kentucky Regional this year. You had asked me to let you know how that went. I had some luck, and one of my dogs actually took first place. He is a Brittany named Boogie, and he was only 20 months old when he won. I’m also very excited about him and have future plans of breeding him with Dolly!

Thanks for this great pup!

Submitted by: John on Jun 18, 2019
Hey Harold—

Happy Thanksgiving!! We are thankful for many things, but Rocky is near top of list. He is already an integral part of our family and simply a joy to be with. What a hugger!!

Had him out in the field last weekend and he did it all— working close, finding lots of birds, holding point and retrieving like a champ. I used the tone on the collar and mostly voice commands, think you told me he hasn’t been trained to the whistle. Would love to hear any further hints from you on how to best work him!!

Thanks again & all the best,
Submitted by: jim on Jun 18, 2019

April is a joy! She is adjusting well and has found her favorite spot on the sofa. Made a couple of nice points and retrieves yesterday.

Submitted by: Jared in CA on Jun 18, 2019
Hey Harold,

We are doing great! I decided to change his name to Guinness (in part because he's the color of a stout and in part because he's pint sized compared to my last Brittany, Scotch) haha. He wasn't responding too well to Rex or RJ when he arrived though it may have been since he didn't know me well yet and because he was a little overwhelmed by the change at first but he's learning his new name slowly now.

So far, he's having a blast! our daily walks add up to about 8 or 9 miles and each walk is generally 1-2 hours in length. On top of that, we've been doing the nice dog park in the area every day and so he's gotten to spend about 2 hours a day running non stop and playing with dogs. People tell me that he's about the sweetest dog they've seen and that he seems to bring out the best in all the dogs he meets. He's played with everything from tiny mini golden doodles to Great Danes and every dog gravitates towards him. It's been such a joy for me and he's been having an amazing amount of fun as well.

He's been attached to me since the minute we met at the airport but it took a little while for him to adjust to being here since he's around a lot more cars, people and dogs everywhere but the change from 6 weeks ago to today is remarkable and the things that scared him or he was unsure about are no longer issues at all. He's still a little unsure about the ocean but I've been introducing him to that slowly. His first trip there he was terrified of the sound of the ocean so we stayed far back and i just let him get adjusted to the sound, the 2nd time there he was a little more curious and the 3rd time to the ocean i used my 30ft lead and he ran all over the beach smiling and having a fantastic time. I think we're close to doing off leash at the ocean and then if he does well, we will go to the famous dog beach which is about a half hour away.

My father came to visit us 2 weeks ago primarily to meet him and they had a great time together and he thought the little fella was perfect. My mom visited last weekend and felt the same way. He has SO many dog friends now both in our neighborhood and at the parks and it's so wonderful to see him having so much fun here. He also seems to love my king sized bed and doesn't want to even use his dog bed I gave him. He uses that basically to put his toys, treats and bones on and once he''s on the bed, he doesn't want to move. He's taken my bed over and I love it. Overall, I'm just so happy with him and feel so lucky to have found you and him back in April. Soon he and I will start to go on some adventures and likely first up with be a 2 hour drive to Lake Arrowhead where we can rent a cabin and he can swim and run through the woods with me. We spent about 5 hours at the dog park on his birthday and i got some great photos of him playing with his friends and hopefully when i have some time to edit them, i can send you all a bunch of them.

He's truly having a ton of fun and I love him so much. He makes me very very happy and I wasn't sure I could be so happy after Scotch passed away and so the last 6+ weeks have been the best time I've had since Scotch passed in December of 2017. He's also incredibly smart and learned "sit" in about 30 seconds and now sits at every curb on our walks without me even asking. Up next will be "down", then "shake"...and in the interim, we will be working on his love of digging holes haha. But I can assure you and your wife that he's being loved a ton, being treated like a family member and is having an amazingly fun time out here. I think about 6x a day someone comes up to ask me if he's a German Shorthaired Pointer puppy i (partly his color/markings) and partly because his hair was so short) which is funny to me. His short hair has grown on me a lot but I've been growing it out to see how it looks though I may end up keeping it short going forward.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know he's doing extremely well and we are heading to his favorite dog park in a few minutes where he will play until he's tired. We've literally gone to this park everyday for about a month now and he never wants to leave even though we stay longer than anyone else. He clearly got a ton of love back with you and your family in Kentucky and a lot of dog socialization because he's literally the friendliest dog I've been around and ALL dogs love him.

I'll hopefully have some new photos of him soon to send to you.

Hope your knee is improving and all is well!

Submitted by: Lisa Edgehouse on Jun 09, 2019
Tomorrow is Tripper`s 9th birthday and I wanted to thank you and Renee for such a wonderful dog. I wish we had gotten her as a pup but I am so glad for the 6 1/2 years we have had her so far and we are looking forward to many many more. Besides being an awesome hunter (stays far enough ahead, squarters a field beautifully, freezes on point, follows direction excellently) she is a great house dog and has added another talent; she is an excellent running companion for my husband. We are so blessed we decided to get a Beibel brittany! We miss you and Renee and look forward to seeing you soon!

All the best,
Lisa, Brian and Kate Edgehouse
Submitted by: Jared in CA on May 20, 2019
Hey Harold,

I appreciate it and am looking forward to getting all that stuff in the mail and am so sorry your knee is still bothering you. I’m going to take him today or tomorrow to the vet to get set up and do the rabies shot. Did you say he needs his 1 year booster shot as well? Anything else he may need at the vet now or soon? My printer is low on ink but I’ll print all this out when I get more ink this week as well.

I was also for the AKC papers, what is the purpose of that? I’m not too familiar with the process since I didn’t do it for scotch. Is it a database of sorts or is it mostly for people who do field tests/breeding? I have no problem do the paperwork, just wasn’t sure what exactly it does.

Anyway, as I mentioned, I’ll probably take him to the vet early this week so if there’s anything else you’d recommend or that he will need in the near future, please let me know. I wanna make sure I keep this fella as healthy as possible.

Hope your knee is feeling better!!


By the way, we did the dog park again and after the first minute of shyness where he wasn’t sure he wanted to go in, he proceeded to again have a blast and play with tons of dogs and chase balls and frisbees for 2.5 hours until dark. He was wearing out all the other dogs and was just so happy! I have an ecollar now and we had originally gone there to work on his off leash recall but he had so much fun, i postponed that training. Once we are a little more familiar with each other and I’m more confident off leash, we will start going to the beach all the time. He’s been just an amazing joy so far!
Submitted by: Jared in CA on May 05, 2019
Hey Harold!

*He's doing SO well! I just gave him a bath and now he's asleep. I will have my brother take some photos of us tonight or in the morning and i'll get those emailed to you. My dad's girlfriend is in town visiting some of her friends and is coming over to meet him in a little bit.

*He's a very curious, very fun and funny fella who seems so far to love chewing on my slippers ha.

*He's absolutely beautiful and has slept cuddled up next to me or on top of me every night so far and I love it. Scotch wasn't the most affectionate and did like some space when he was sleeping so Rex has been the opposite so far and it's wonderful! He's been a little shy with people and other dogs but he will be fine, i think he's still just adjusting to his new environment. Overall, I can't be happier. I was starting to think after Scotch passed and looking for the right guy for me for a year that it wasn't meant to be and this guy has made me so thankful! I'm so fortunately to have found you and him! We are quickly becoming best friends and having a blast together so far! He's doing great on our long walks and is pointing at people which I thought was pretty funny. I cannot believe how muscular he is...he doesn't look like he should be 35lbs but it does seem to be all muscle.

*I was curious, is he a lot smaller than Hershey or is Hershey just older? I couldn't remember if they were litter-mates or just "brothers". Just trying to get an idea if he will be growing much bigger or if this is his full size.
Rex and Hershey are same litter brothers. they were born 6-14-18. Your Rex weighed 35 pounds when shipped. Hershey weighs 33 pounds now.

Little Rex seems to almost be teething (he loves to find anything he can to chew and nibble on haha) and has such a bouncy puppy quality to him. He LOVES chewing on Bully Sticks (seems to be his favorite along with the Pupperoni) which is good since I'd rather him chew on those than my shoes. What was his birthday again? I keep forgetting his exact age. He does remind me a lot of my Scotch at about 6 months old (though scotch was a big boy and didn't have a haircut), after his nervous first few puppy months went away and he started to get very comfortable and turn into the dog he became as an adult. I will be ordering his training collar early this week and once he's a little more comfortable here, we will drive to the less populated beach down the road and work on some things together.

*I also was wondering when i should expect his paperwork and vet records so I can introduce him to my vet out here and make sure they let me know when any of his next shots should be. Just want to keep him as healthy as possible since he's going to be my best friend for a very very long time.
I will get this info to you by tomorrow Monday. Thanks for all the good info. We are very happy that you love the boy and that you are very happy too.

Eternally grateful,
Submitted by: Karen in Michigan on May 05, 2019
Thanks for your help! Jack is being such a good dog for us. We love him to pieces!
Submitted by: Jared in CA on May 05, 2019
Ah ok haha. it's funny, in my head, i see Rex as like a 6 month old because he reminds me so much of Scotch at that age --even though that was almost 15 years ago-- and I couldn't remember if i was confusing that with a very early conversation we had or was just confused.

But yeah, he's absolutely wonderful and we are getting along so well. He's got that puppy bounciness but is also so gentle and sweet and just loves being as close to me as possible which i love obviously. I never met hershey but I think you nailed it with Rex. He's exactly a fit for me. He's still passed out on my bed with all is legs sticking straight up. I will try to at least get you a photo of us together later tonight or tomorrow.

And once i have all his papers/vet stuff, I will take him to my vet to meet them and get on his new schedule. I think you mentioned he just had his rabies shot and a booster though I did see on the travel kennel that it was marked as having his rabies certificate with him and didn't see it so I just wanted to make sure that's included with what your sending me.

Thank you again. I'm sure you could tell through some of our conversations that I was a little nervous about the fact that I couldn't meet you or Rex prior and you really did such a great job of putting me at ease and explaining everything to me (also because i picked up my last Britt at 8 weeks old and had never dealt with shipping a dog via plane ride). You were so wonderful, patient and helpful to me and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated it.
Submitted by: Benton in KY on Mar 28, 2019
Took Buddy out early this morning, he worked very well
Checks in great. Didn’t find quail but I was on spot on farm where not many I just wanted to work him
He has taken to me 100%
Always watching me
Setting planter after running him and he was a pest, laying in trench I was checking depth and spacing and just being a clown. Very sweet dog, we are going to get along great
Hope to hunt in a good place tomorrow
Submitted by: Douglas Sarver on Mar 08, 2019
I wanted to write and tell you how good my Tri-colored Biebel Brittany Parker is doing. He has really settled into our home and gets along with everyone! He and our Cavalier are best friends.
I have had him out hunting Chuckars and he holds a strong point and retrieves wonderfully!
He spent 4 weeks at the trainer, Gene Showers and here is a quote direct from the trainer..."I will tell you what, he is the best overall dog I have ever trained. His temperament and bird drive are second to none. That combination is difficult to come by."
Thanks for another great dog!
Submitted by: Robin on Feb 06, 2019
Hi Harold,
After I sent my previous message, I found the AKC application form you emailed me and completed it online. Ryker's full AKC name is "Biebel's Ryker on the Rock." The Rock is a nickname for Newfoundland.

Ryker is quite the handsome little fellow. He receives many compliments when we are out walking in the park. He is a barrel of fun and joy. A very loving puppy! We are very happy to have him in our lives and as part of our family.
Robin in Newfoundland Canada (almost closer to England than USA!
Submitted by: Robin S. on Feb 05, 2019
Hi Harold, How are you? We're fine here. Ryker's doing great! Loves playing with his toys and resting in the oddest of places. I attached a few recent pics of him.
Submitted by: Pat K. on Feb 05, 2019
Harold - Sounds like a good "Plan B". I am really trying to make Montana a part of my fall adventures. Hope the bird numbers rebound and you can make it. We are also watching ND and are in touch with a couple ranchers.
Here's wishing you a very good April. Have them install a grease fitting to facilitate those "long walks".
Dog training has been tough the last month - outings limited to 5-10 minutes, dogs moved into the garage and bird cover mostly snow covered. Tobey is making progress. We are shooting blanks over him during retrieving work and he retrieves to hand - most of the time. We have moved his fetch work from the bench to the barn and now to outdoors. He is steady to flush and working the field with good casts. He is pretty much over his fear of pointing but I am not ready for collar conditioning until his confidence level gets higher. Aren't hunting dogs fun to work with?
Stay warm my friend and stay in touch. Pat K
Submitted by: John Michael on Jan 09, 2019

Good morning and happy new year. I hope you are well. I have been meaning to send you a note regarding Boomer. If you recall, Boomer arrived in my care as a shy pup, reserved and could be skittish at times. He found comfort and shelter in his kennel where he would spend most of his day with the door open. However, he had good confidence once feet were on the ground in the field.

With that said, Boomer quickly began to come out of his shell literally and figuratively. He is a completely different dog these days. He is very social now, loves to be loved by most, and his confidence and abilities in the field have only amplified to soaring heights. I made the early assessment that he was very methodical and that he certainly is. He is a little bird finder! His name holds true. Boomer is light footed, aware of his surroundings, regal, proper, and respects the methods of upland hunting. Boomer's points are staunch for a Brittany, quarters naturally, and he whoas and honors like a pro. He has likely had 175-200 quail shot over him at this point. I am pleased with the little guy and love to watch him work in the field. He has assimilated with flying colors into our family and way of life.

I look forward to many more years with Boomer as a great asset to my dog team. Thanks for the opportunity to have a special little dog.


John Michael
River Marsh & Co. LLC
Submitted by: Jeff and Renee on Jan 06, 2019
Hi Jeff and thanks for all the kind words. Yes we can help with flushing. Do you have an e-collar? Like the Garmin Delta I recommend? Harold.

Thank you for getting my friend and co-worker Brandon and Jessica Milhous set up with a Brittany from one of your associates! Biebel's Babbling Brook Moore has been such as great dog for us I share with everyone that will listen. So if I don't scoop up the recently finished dog you better believe I will be telling plenty more people about him. But back to my dog.

Brook retrieves well in the back yard but is having a hard time transitioning that to new places. I imagine I just need to take it slow and keep working at it. If you have any other advice I would appreciate it. I worked in some whistle training getting her to come on whistle command without much trouble. I recently took the next step and had her out a pheasant/quail/chukar preserve with quail and pheasant. For her first day out she did really well; she had no reaction to the shotgun over her. Another big step was her backing / honoring a more seasoned pointer later in the day. I attribute most of that to your superior blood line with the remaining bit to your advice on slow gun training.
Left to Brook's own she flushes every bird in the field without a chance for me to ever see them. She continues to lay chase to the bird until it is well off the property. If you have any advice on promoting pointing that would be another big step in her training. The preserve owner recommended letting her go at her age (May 5th 2017 litter) and continuing exposure to birds. I do plan to take her back to the preserve to get her on more live birds soon. What a great dog. I have attached a couple pictures of Brook's 1st hunt successes.

Thank you for raising such great dogs,
Jeff and Renee
Submitted by: Brian on Dec 23, 2018
Incredible! I have two Biebel Brittany’s and they are both absolutely incredible! Margo the youngest out of Huckleberry and Dixie (my first) is holding point and retrieving birds at only 5 months. Harold has been fantastic to work with and has become a very good friend.
Submitted by: Larry Reynolds on Dec 02, 2018
Remington is doing great first year on pheasants pointing honor points doing great
Submitted by: Elizabeth in Atlanta on Sep 20, 2018
Hi Harold. This photo is the dog we got from you for young Gerry. The pup is 5 now. Goes with Gerry to work in an office downtown , and points quail and retrieves dove , duck , quail and pheasant ! Another brilliant Biebel Brittany! He does it all. Thanks again. Elizabeth.
Submitted by: Todd in Illinois on Sep 11, 2018

He has settled in nicely. He has picked up place training and all his house skills. He is a great running buddy ever morning. He and our lab are best friends. I had him out in the field yesterday doing some bird work and he did good.

We are getting the first round of cool weather, so all my dogs are full of energy and ready to chase birds.

Todd in Illinois
Submitted by: George T. on Sep 02, 2018
He has never messed up in the house the only thing he does is pull something of mine down lay on it till I get home! What a wonderful dog. Thanks. George.
Submitted by: John C. on Jul 28, 2018
John just how many pheasants did you kill? Or how meany of your friends helped you shoot all of them?! Harold.

Harold. Hope all is well. Funny story. I was on you tube watching some videos... and you were one of them!!!
Bane is doing great. Took him pheasant hunting for the first time this year. He Was amazing!!! He had a great season waterfowl and brought him out to pheasant just to get a run in. Found out he’s a pointing lab. Lol. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Ill take it!!!!
Here are some pictures for you. Sorry i didn’t send them earlier but thank god for you tube!! Lol.
Again hope all is well. Talk to you soon. John in America.
Submitted by: Browning in TN on Jul 17, 2018
Browning thanks for sending greetings and photos. Love Scout and the kids! Great summer family fun. Harold.

Hi Harold and Renee,

I hope y’all are doing well!

We are really enjoying Scout! The boys adore her and we all have fun watching her run and play. She’s a great swimmer and loves to jump in the lake to escape some of this Alabama summer heat. She really is a fantastic family dog. She plays non stop with the boys and often sleeps in the bed with all of them. Thanks for such a great addition to the family.

I’ve attached a few pictures of the Scout enjoying some lake time with the boys.

Warmest regards,
Browning in TN
Submitted by: Gail on Jul 05, 2018
Harold, Thank you so much for the photo and the beautiful puppy (Lilly). She seems to be doing fine, although I think she has her days and nights reversed right now. Thank goodness the trip home was uneventful. She rode in her crate most of the way with no accidents, car sickness, or barking. Most of her time in the crate was spent napping, as you can see by the picture. Gail.
Submitted by: Charlie on Jul 04, 2018
Hi Charlie. I look forward to photos of Timber. Thanks, Harold.

The pups are beautiful.. I'll send updated pics of Timber soon. He's really coming along as a hunter.
Submitted by: Johnny in KY on Jun 28, 2018

Haven't gotten an email or announcements from you since I got the pup. Are you doing ok?

The pup is growing like a weed and showing a lot of promise.

Hope to hear from you.

Elizabethtown KY
Submitted by: Tom in Cleveland on Jun 28, 2018
Hello Harold,

I don't know if you remember me, but I got Bailey from you in December 2016 I met you at the Brian and Lisa's.

I was reading the latest issue of Pointing Dog Journal which is all about puppies and I realized that I didn't send you any update on Bailey.

He is a great dog and I am a terrible shot. He is very Birdy and FAST. We hunted Michigan with my son about 6 times with many points and flushes.

Tom in Cleveland
Submitted by: Jeff in TN on Jun 27, 2018
I look forward to hearing from you more often so great news with you back on the grid. We are not quite ready for another pup yet, but I would like some advice on progressing Biebal’s Babbling Brook Moore’s training. Brook(call name)has been doing well with obedience, walking at heal, come at command and retrieving in the back yard. Her drive to chase and seek birds is insatiable. However with no real hunting or Pheasants she is not pointing as often and I feel needs some real hunting and pointing training. If you recall I live in Clarksville TN just about 1.5 hrs away. How do I promote proper pointing birds? Currently she is naturally seeking and flushing every tweety bird from the yard. She is a great 1 yr old dog, but how do I progress to the next step with no Pheasants in Middle TN? I am open to coming up back up to your house or being referred to somewhere else’s local. Bottom line how do I progress from obedience to hunting dog with no local birds?
Thank you for any advice, Jeff

Good morning Jeff and thank you for the positive update on Brook. Good news is that Brook’s prey drive, her desire to hunt birds, is genetically based. That is, her pedigree, that was chosen and built/added to by us, produces pups to dogs that will hunt, point, hunt dead and retrieve to you. And smart enough to learn any additional skills that you will take the time to teach her. This fall we can meet with training quail and introduce Brook to the real thing. You will be so proud of her genetically based performance. If I don’t see you in Clarksville you could make a calendar note to call or email me in September. We will be in Iowa in November if you can join us.

Note: I am in Clarksville most Fridays. Maybe I could stop in with a couple of new tricks for Brook? Harold.
Submitted by: Gail in CA on Jun 27, 2018
Good evening Harold,

Our daughter, Kelsey Duckworth, purchased her loving Brittany (Penny) from you a few years back. At the time she was attending the Air Force Institute of Technology in Dayton, OH. She obtained her Masters from the Air Force Institute and moved back to Oceanside, CA where she was reassigned to Camp Pendleton. She is still in the Marines, with the rank of Major, and is currently deployed to Iraq. When she deploys Penny flies cross country and lives with us in Pennsylvania while "Mom" is away. She stays with us for 8-7 months at a time during Kelsey's deployments. We love having her around but it isn't the same as having our own Brittany.

In the past we have had two beautiful Brittanys (Mitzi who was followed by Callie). We have been without a Brittany of our own since 2016 when we had to face the difficult decision to put Callie down. We miss having a Brittany of our own and was wondering if the Liver Roan female is still available? If so, could you send us additional information on her?


Gail mom of a Marine.
Submitted by: Wendy in Minnesota on Jun 27, 2018
Wendy thank you for the photo. He is a beautiful dog. Just like his mother Deena. Harold.


Thanks for the note, have missed your emails.

Thought you would like to see a photo of Max, almost a year old! He is a pure joy to have around, so smart!


Submitted by: Jeffrey in TN on Jun 26, 2018
Harold - They are gorgeous. I made the mistake of showing this to Christina and the girls! She almost fell over when she saw the tricolor roan.

Tuck is doing great. He is super sweet and continues to be “bold” as you had described him to us. Sending pics of him. He hunts the backyard very effectively with plenty of chipmunk and squirrel presents from him to us. He is a big strong boy like his father. He is about 53 lbs of muscle.

Hope you are doing well. We do talk about when would be a good time to get another dog.

Submitted by: Harry in Maine on Jun 07, 2018
Hi Harold,

Arrived in Maine early evening this past Sunday. Uneventful trip.

Rocky"s doing well. What a personality !! I like the way he runs and responds to the e-collar.

I'll keep you posted on his progress.

Thanks again for such a nice dog..

Submitted by: Carla in NC on Feb 14, 2018
Hi Mr. Harold!!
Just a couple photos of my boy Hershey I got from you a couple years ago in May. He's such a beauty. We sure do thank you for breeding such wonderful pups.
Carla in Washington NC
Submitted by: Carla in NC on Feb 14, 2018
Hi Mr. Harold!!
Just a couple photos of my boy Hershey I got from you a couple years ago in May. He's such a beauty. We sure do thank you for breeding such wonderful pups.
Carla in Washington NC
Submitted by: George in VT on Jan 25, 2018
Got all the paperwork in the mail today Jake is doing great thank you could not have asked for a better dog. George in VT.
Submitted by: Laura in KY on Jan 12, 2018
Four years ago today this handsome boy was born: Biebel’s Big “Lucky” E, out of Peaches and Huck! He is still the sweetest, most handsome (continue to get compliments all the time on him) and loving dog, I’ve ever had! Thank you Harold for the love and expertise you put into this breed to make your pups so special! Happy Birthday, Lucky and to all your brothers and sisters!!
Laura in KY
Submitted by: Carla in Washington DC on Jan 09, 2018
Hi Mr. Harold!!
Just a couple photos of my boy Hershey I got from you a couple years ago in May. He's such a beauty. We sure do thank you for breeding such wonderful pups.

Carla in Washington NC
Submitted by: Brady in MI on Jan 09, 2018
Hi Harold,

I wanted to let you know that the puppy made it home just fine yesterday! I’m really impressed with her disposition so far… she calmed down in the car and didn’t even get sick—as most puppies do.

Also, I wanted to tell you that I re-told your story this morning about handling Buddy in the final round of the Quail Invitational. That is a hell of a story!!

Submitted by: Matt in Michigan on Jan 04, 2018
Hello Harold, I hope you and yours had a nice Christmas and a happy new year. Just wondering if the lab puppy was still available for adoption. If so, let me know. Thank you. Also, I will get you an email to send out on Slim if you want. He ran in the National All Age Championship in November and had a great race with two broke finds. Unfortunately he had a second “unproductive” point at the 56 minute mark and had to be picked up. There were birds there no doubt in my mind, I saw him turn his head to the right as he stood there watching them fly off on the far side of a creek, but the judges were behind and didn’t see. That’s the breaks of the game. I was told by many that saw all the dogs run that if he could have finished the last 4 minutes he would have placed. I am looking forward to the spring trial season with him now that he has a little more experience. Thanks again for a great dog.
Submitted by: David Clore on Dec 15, 2017
These dogs are naturally bred to hunt but make fantastic family dogs. We pick up our second pup from Harold in January. I looked at other breeders but came back to Harold. evans’s his dogs are the best. He is meticulous in his breeding.standards and will not breed a dog that does not conform in every way. There is something special about hunting behind a brace of Biebel Brittany’s.
Submitted by: Shaun in MT on Nov 15, 2017
Great looking pups and mom and dad.
Heading back out this weekend to chase birds.
I cant tell you how good Copper iz this year. He holds a great point and works perfect for the long tails. Jackson is still great abd fast he will always find every cripple or dead bird.
Submitted by: Douglas R. Sarver on Nov 10, 2017
I just got back from a 4 day hunt with friends and fellow Biebel Brittany owners. What a great time with great friends! And these dogs are the best!! My dog rode in the back seat of my truck for 11 hours, very calmly sleeping during the trip. Once we got there he was ready to go and he and the other Biebel Brittanies performed fantastic in the field. See the photo of 4 Biebel Brittanies on point!

Doug Sarver
Submitted by: Wendy in Minnesota on Oct 20, 2017

Max is a joy, arrived safely and early! He has taken command of the yard already, running and catching. Thanks so much for trekking to the airport and making the arrangements to get him here!
Hope to see you soon!

Submitted by: David in Montana on Sep 23, 2017
Hi Shaun--

We were going to come by tomorrow, but just found out you are in Livingston. It seems you are a Biebel Brittany fan, along with kazillions of other folks. I like what Harold is doing with his Britts. Takes great field trial lines, puts them together with tried and true bird dogs, and he puts the pups, lots of pups, in the hands of hunters. I like that a lot.

The field trialers while producing some amazing dogs, at times forget the bottom line--can that dog hunt for the gun?

Harold has a wow litter coming up out of 2x NGDC Joe. We just put down our 13 year old Gamblers Ace in the Hole girl. She was A Biebel type Britt.

Hope to meet you sometime.

Best Regards,
Submitted by: Craig in Indiana on Aug 29, 2017
Harold, regarding BiebelBrittany Ginger, she is exceeding our expectations in every way. I think she looks pretty happy too. Craig in IN
Submitted by: Todd in NC on Aug 28, 2017
Hi Harold, Had a great weekend with BiebelBrittany Parker (puppy.) Spent few days around Blowing Rock & Linville NC before traveling home to Durham on Saturday. We spent today at a local spot hiking an upland swamp adjacent the Cape Fear River. The attached photo is his first looks & introduction to the Wood Duck. I think he made a good connection! We are doing fantastic and he has settled into the house as if he's lived here for a long time! Todd in NC.
Submitted by: Craig in Indiana on Aug 27, 2017
Harold, BiebelBrittany Ginger's first night went perfectly. She never made a peep. This morning she's being babied by our other daughter and exploring her new house. Life is good. Craig in Indiana.
Submitted by: John Michael in San Antonio TX on Aug 07, 2017

Good afternoon. I hope you are doing well? Below is a little write up on sweet Boomer.

Boomer came to my wife and I by way of the efforts of Harold and a good friend of mine. Boomer was quickly up rooted from the comfortable surroundings of his birth home. By no choice of his own he feel victim to my selfish desire to add another dog to my sporting dog team. He made the journey through 4 states, 1000+ miles, and a straight shot car ride. He unfortunately had to witness the I-35 corridor nightmare at night. After all the anticipation sweet Boomer arrived in San Antonio, Texas at roughly 1:30 am July 27, 2017.

The expectation was that he was going to be a little timid at first with all the new sights, sounds, and smells. That he was. Although Boomer quickly began to overcome the apprehension of his new life and break out of his shell little by little. He now willingly exits his kennel and is eager for a new experience. Boomer is a quick study who seems to evaluate each and every move. I firmly believe that his methodical process will be one of his greatest attributes in the field. Birds be ware! As he has adapted and adjusted, he has quickly come into his own.

Boomer has made vast friends with his new canine brothers Marsh, a seven year old yellow lab with a gentle giant nature. And Reed who is an unbridled 1.5 year old German wirehaired pointer who loves to play but does not necessarily care to share. However the two, already have grown an affinity for one another. Perhaps his biggest friend and most recent is a 5 year old boy named Cash who clung to Boomer from the word go this weekend out at his family's ranch. Cash and Boomer seemed to find a balance with one another. Maybe their small size? The two enjoyed each others company thoroughly playing in the ranch house yard. Cash wept for 10 minutes when my wife and I left the ranch with Boomer yesterday afternoon. I would venture a guess that Boomer's heart was a little heavy as well. We are arranging a play date for the two to be reunited very soon.

Boomer is a lovable gentle pup who has nothing but himself to give, and he gives with his whole heart. He has made incredible strides from that scared pup who was yanked form everything he knew to be comfortable. He is falling into place with flying colors here in Texas. I am excited about his progression and look forward to watching him develop as a superb sporting dog. Kristen, Marsh, Reed and I have welcomed him with open arms and enjoy having him sit on the couch with us as we watch evening TV. He is truly a pleasure to have as an addition to our family. Thank you for the opportunity to raise Boomer.


John Michael in Texas

P.S. I think giving him a bath is when he made the biggest turning point. Afterwards Boomer and I sat on the couch and watched Jim Shockey's Uncharted which he was focused on the entire time. I wet from overspray and he nestled in my arms swaddled in the towel. He enjoyed all the attention!

Submitted by: Laura in KY on Aug 03, 2017
Hello Harold, I just left the office of Dr. Richard in Paris, KY, he is one of the doctors I call on. I met Dixie, his new Biebel Brittany and was so excited to find out that she came from your Kennel and I think is related to my Lucky! Dr. Richard said that she was from the Peaches line too! Very Cool!! BTW, Lucky is doing great, still so smart, handsome, loving and spoiled. Take care, Laura
Submitted by: Kevin in Montana on Jul 26, 2017
Hi Harold. Here are a couple of photos of BiebelBrittany Jake and BiebelBrittany Molly working pheasant wings. Jake is doing great and is really calmed down a lot and has one heck of a nose as does Molly. They both are going to be great hunters! Kevin in Montana.
Submitted by: Darold in Saskatchewan Canada on Jul 25, 2017 Harold. All is great everyone is eating and settled in very well. BiebelBrittany Boots can literally climb a fence which is quite funny to watch as long as she never gets out. Lol
BiebelBrittany Trixe 2 loves all the birds here . Her heart just about comes right out of her chest when she is near the bird pens.
The boys are all sweet on her around here.

Thanks again for the smooth transaction
US/Canada Border was just fine for xing

Darold in Canada.
Submitted by: Rob Roy on Jul 10, 2017
After 30 years away from shooting and bird dogs some life changes allowed me the time to get back doing the things I love. After countless months on the internet researching dogs and breeders I was fortunate to find Harold Beibel and his great Biebel Brittany's in Kentucky. I didn't have the confidence to start out with a puppy so Harold had the perfect dog for me in a 2 yr 4 month old liver and white female Brittany by the name of JackE. I travelled to Kentucky from eastern Canada to work with Harold and JackE and couldn't have been more impressed with Harold's setup and hospitality. JackE worked and handled great just as Harold described . JackE has been in Eastern Canada for a month now and she has joined the family like she has been here forever, she works hard in the fields every morning and enjoys the cooler weather and adjusted to the thicker covers with ease.
Thanks to Harold Biebel for such a wonderful dog and a great dog buying experience .
It's a great day when you can make a new friend like Harold !!!
Rob Roy
Submitted by: Chelsea on May 29, 2017
Hello Harold, Just wanted to share Monte's photo with you. He's nearly a year old. I love him to death! He points at everything with wings! Chelsea.
Submitted by: Connie on May 29, 2017
Just wanted to give you a little update. Mavis is settling in wonderfully. She stands outside all day just waiting to get chance at a squirrel or bird. Every time I let her in she turn around and wants back out instantly.
She found a turtle today and just barked and barked trying to figure out what it was. Lol!
The only time I can get her in for any length of time is at night she will finally come to the door at dusk to let us know!
Oh the many baths in our future.
We love her so much!
Will send pic when I can.
Have blessed day, Connie
Submitted by: Connie in LA on May 14, 2017
Hi Harold. (did you like the photos I sent and who did she sleep with last nightHB) Yes we loved the photos! Mavin actually slept with our other dog Dexter. They actually snuggled. She is loving all the birds and squirrels! She is so precious!!!! And thank you so much for making our family complete. Connie in LA.
Submitted by: Connie in LA on May 13, 2017
Harold. The girls are loving BiebelBrittany Mavin (Liver Roan female) so much! I think Mavin and my daughter are already getting attached. Thank you so much for blessing our family with this jewel. Safe travels home again. Connie from Jonesboro LA.
Submitted by: Pat in Michigan on May 11, 2017
Harold, We all hope the knee is progressing. (full knee replacement)
After two weeks of 'socialization' I took BiebelBrittany Buddy to a local dog trainer (Fred Saber in Goodrich, MI) He has worked with Rusty so he is familiar with your Brits. He planted a quail and we turned Buddy loose. To see the results go to our Facebook page (Pat-Cathy Kelly). Buddy shows no signs of being timid in the field and he loves to run. Fred is working hard to keep me from screwing him up!!!! Best regards, Pat in Michigan.
Submitted by: Pastor Mark on May 11, 2017
Harold, Rosie aka "Monroe" is an incredible dog! She is very smart, high energy, super athletic, but very easy to train. I think she is going to develop into a pheasant
finding and retrieving beast! Thinking about getting a liter of pups out of her...maybe 2 or 3 years down the road. Hope all is well down your way! Katie (Puppy, Puppy) is doing great as well... she resides in MN with my brother in law who did the training with Rosie. She
has some of the same great characteristics of her sister! Very happy with both dogs!!
Pastor Mark Nielson
Submitted by: Kathy in MN on Apr 27, 2017
So how are you feeling? Better each day? We hope so. In the card I was going to make a crack about you running around the yard and peeing (cause it was dog themed). But I figured you might be hopped up on the pain killers and think that was a good idea. Then we'd have to answer to Mrs. B. So I decided not to.

Our sweet boy is improving day by day. He is such a character. He loves, loves, LOVES all fruits and vegetables, which makes my heart happy - Bucker was the same way. He is also a world class snuggler and faces into me rather than away - same as Tuffie used to do. The craziest thing is this dog watches TV - for VERY long periods of time. His facial expressions change like he actually "gets it". It is more fun to watch him watch TV than watch the TV.

He is doing much better with Brett, though not "there" yet. He does not growl at him anymore. He does bark when Brett comes home, but the tail is going 100 miles an hour - I "think" it has turned into a happy you're home bark? He is barking less each day at noises, people, dogs. Haven't had any accidents in the house in quite a while - stopped the day the urine and stool deodorizer arrived from Amazon - go figure. Might need to get some bitter cider as he likes to chew on fabric too much. No major damage, just a dog bed. For awhile I was positive that this was Ed's sock eating dog. For real.

Vet went well. He thought he is a beautiful, well behaved dog. Only issue to treat was whipworm, which vet said us very common down South. So I'm sure you know about that. It's been treated and we should be good. Need to go back in a couple weeks for his Lymes series and a couple other things. I was worried he'd freak out but he did just fine.

Well, you take care and do what the doc says. We want you around happy and healthy for many, many more years.

We'd love to have you stay with us in October, if you'd like. You can have the lower level to yourself - unless Bull gets brave enough to venture down there by then. Or at the very least, come for dinner and the evening. Will Renee be coming also? I hope so, I sure do like her. You are both very easy and comfortable to be around. Sooner than convention would be wonderful.

Submitted by: John at Ft. Campbell KY on Apr 15, 2017
Harold. BiebelBrittany Josie had a big time at the Ronnie Smith Clinic last weekend. She got a bunch of compliments about her bird work. She was a machine. Maybe the best Brittany there! David at Ft. Campbell, KY.
Submitted by: John and Kathy Bacigalupo on Apr 12, 2017
Stopped by Biebel Brittanys in Bowling Green Kentucky. We purchased our JoJo from Harold 4 years ago. Whated to show him what a magnificent looking gun dog he grew up to be. Natural instincts and just a loving personality. Will be back in a couple of years for another. Great breeder who genuinely cares about his dogs and pups. Thank you Harold for this wonderful gun dog and family pet. 👍

Submitted by: Cory in MO on Apr 06, 2017
Hi Cory and thanks for the Red update. Your pictures are great. Love to see BiebelBrittanys on dead points. Harold.

Hi Harold. BiebelBrittany Red is 11 months old and is doing great. He works a field at a dead run and pulls up solid on point. He has an excellent nose and uses it well. Most of the time he will retrieve to hand but sometimes gets too excited. Has had several dozen birds shot over him. We love him and are thrilled to have him. Thanks a bunch. Cory in Missouri.
Submitted by: Jeff in Illinois on Apr 02, 2017
Harold this is BiebelBrittany Bucket. I got him from you this past January 2-17. He is in boot camp doing great. We took him out for a little test and this is one of his good points. All natural points. Thank you Harold. Jeff in Illinois

Jeff. Bucket boy looks good. His genetics and your training, winning combination! He will be your southern Illinois quail dog come this November! Harold.
Submitted by: Ed in CA on Feb 22, 2017
Hi Harold. I thought I would send a few pictures of my little girl, TAZZ. She is a spit of a dog, barely breaking 18 inches tall at her shoulder, but with an energy level I haven't seen in any of my previous brittanys. She is Biebel Brittany from a litter born 7-13-17 from Molly and Huck. We had her out a few months ago in the high desert in California hunting Chukar. The first picture is her on point, downwind about 100 feet from a covey of 3 Chukar behind a Greasewood bush (second picture). Different type of hunting from what her parents are used to. The dogs can put on 10 plus miles in a day. Thank God for quads. The next day she is so sore she walks stiff legged, that is until we fire up the quads. Then she is off to the races again. Razzmatazz is a good name for her, but Tasmanian Devil fits her energy level better. The last picture is from last weekend. Tazz received two qualifying scores for her Junior Hunter title. The second trial she received a perfect score of 10s. She is a great hunter and family dog. Hope to make it up to Baker MT to hunt with you next year.
Ed in Mission Viejo, CA
Submitted by: Creed in KY on Feb 15, 2017
Griff has been great, we took him hunting 6 or 7 times this season, he is very energetic, hunts almost like a Pointer. I still have to keep him on the check cord because of how fast he is. He has had probably 10-15 points already, flushed up a few but he's learning very quickly. I have a buddy here in Bowling Green who has a 300 acre farm with multiple coveys, I'm not sure if they are wild or pen raised but either way it has been great practice for Griff and I.
Submitted by: Tom in Ohio on Feb 08, 2017
Hi Harold, How are you. Baily is doing great. Lovable dog.
He has fit into the family like an old friend. he has a great nose and lots of spunk. I have been taking him out to places to pick up some sent today he was on the slack line at a local golf course and saw a couple of mallards in the water. He chased those birds right into the lake. I think he did not realize that the ground ran out and next thing you know he was swimming at them. He did not get spooked swam back to me and shook it off like a pro. Luckily it was 60 degrees but it did not phase him one bit.I have been trying to take him out a lot and introducing him to all kinds of different environments. He is not timid at all and has a strong game drive. I am just letting him explore and have fun.
Couple of things. I did not receive the paperwork for the AKC registration. I don't know if it was lost in the mail or if it got delivered to the wrong place. Can you resend it to me
Would you have some time to talk on the phone to give me some training advice? i want to start now making some goals probibily starting with obediance.
Also, i am constructing a pigeon coup. I plan on getting some homing pigeons to eventually get him on some birds. Thanks, Tom in Ohio.
Submitted by: Dan Sorenson on Feb 02, 2017
Harold - just letting you know Jackson (Jack) is doing well and healthy as ever. He makes me smile every day with his energy, intelligence and loyalty. Thanks again. Ojvcs
Submitted by: Kathy S. on Jan 24, 2017
For those of you who have recently lost your beloved dog and trying to figure out how to find another bundle of fur to love, this entry is for you.

Entry 1:
I am going to start with my first contact with Harold Biebel. It was back in 2003. We had just lost our first Brittany, Buckshot Bandit, and we were devastated. We did not get him from Harold, but coincidentally, he was purchased from the same breeder Harold purchased his first Brittany from.

Somehow we needed to find a dog as good are our first, which I thought it would be impossible. Then I found Biebel Brittanys on the internet. I talked with Harold many, many, many, many times. He assured me he had the perfect dog for us - I was skeptical, I did not think it possible to fill such big shoes that Bucker left behind. Not only did we talk, we met at our airport as Harold happened to be in our town on business. I'm not sure if we interviewed him or he interviewed us, I think it was a little of both. At any rate, we all passed. Harold continued to talk with me until I was comfortable and certain we were on the right path. He never made me feel like I was bothering him or taking up too much of his time.

We proceeded forward with bringing 2 Tuff 2 Handle AKA Tuffie into our home. I was a bit nervous about bringing a two year old dog into the family, but in hindsight I didn't need to be.

Watch for future entries - I will share our entire history with Harold and Renee. The truly were and continue to be a blessing for us.
Submitted by: Brad in GA on Jan 19, 2017
Hey Harold. His first time out Dec 27 just under 7 months old. BiebelBrittany JJ ran a lot of piss and vinegar out that day but in the end had two solid points! What a wonderful addition to the family. Thanks, Brad in GA.
Submitted by: Mark in Indiana on Jan 19, 2017
Harold, finally got ahold of the go pro video of Rosie pointing a pheasant...
but it is not a very good video...can't really see her as she is pretty much the same
color as the cover. I can try to send it sometime.
Rosie is a joy to have...and Katie "Puppie Puppie" is in MN
and is going to be a great hunter...just like her Mom and Sis!
pastor mark in Indiana
Submitted by: Blake in Abilene Texas on Jan 16, 2017
Hi Harold. I have been having a blast with LuLu down here in West Texas. She has been doing great! Learning to honor other points very quickly. Hope all is well in Bowling Green. Blake in TX.
Submitted by: Jeff in KY on Jan 03, 2017
Merry Christmas to everyone! My BiebelBrittany (Remi) in her second season! Wow what a dog! I have worked in my golden this year too! What a team they make! Thanks a bunch for Remi. Jeff in KY.
Submitted by: Wayne in KY on Jan 02, 2017
Harold. Peaches first hunt at elk ridge game farm in ohio...7 months old and just hammered them!! What a great pup. Thanks, Wayne.
Submitted by: J. Andre in Ohio on Jan 02, 2017
Hi Harold! We hope you're doing well!
We just wanted to say hello and let you know how much we love our BiebelBrittany; Lucy "Goose"! What a GREAT dog she is!!! Here's a video of her running around on a farm today.

...and a few pics as well. She's From your summer breading of Dixie and Huck.

We wish you a Happy New Year!


--J.Andre. and Liesl (and Goose)
Submitted by: Beth in Bowling Green KY on Jan 02, 2017
Harold, wanted to share this picture from my first run with Beau, taken yesterday when it was a warm 72 degrees in BG! He is growing so tall, and is so loved. Merry Christmas to all the BiebelBrittany families!
Submitted by: Seth I. in KY on Dec 25, 2016
Harold, this is Seth I. from Nortonville, Ky. I purchased "Buck" a little more than a year ago from you. My awesome wife got Buck photographed for a surprise present to me this year. I wanted to share a few of them with you. He's been an excellent dog. He lives to show unconditional love and hunts like I wish I could. Seth.
Submitted by: Brooke P. on Dec 23, 2016
Harold. Here is a photo of BiebelBrittany Beauty with her first pointed and retrieved bird! She's doing great! We love her! Merry Christmas Harold! Brooke.
Submitted by: Brent in Indiana on Dec 17, 2016
Harold, Here Is the pup (Nellie) that I got from you last year working some birds here in Indiana. She is coming around just needs more birds.She has been a wonderful addition to the family.
Thanks Harold! Brent
Submitted by: Janet on Dec 08, 2016
Hi Harold,

Hope all is well. I enjoy your emails. Mark would like you to add him to your email list. His email address is Lefty is doing great and is such a sweet boy.

Submitted by: Mark in Indiana on Dec 03, 2016
Hey Harold! "Rosie" aka "Monroe" is doing phenomenal. Her temperament and hunting ability
are both outstanding. Yesterday a friend and I did a clean up hunt on an Indiana
"put and take" property about 25 miles from where I live. Rosie had a very solid point
on a rooster. She also pointed a wild rooster in SD a few weeks ago!
She found and flushed 3 of the 4 birds we shot....and of course eagerly
retrieved all 4 to my hand! Loving that dog!!
Pastor Mark in Indiana.
Submitted by: Mark in Indiana on Dec 03, 2016
Hey Harold! "Rosie" aka "Monroe" is doing phenomenal. Her temperament and hunting ability
are both outstanding. Yesterday a friend and I did a clean up hunt on an Indiana
"put and take" property about 25 miles from where I live. Rosie had a very solid point
on a rooster. She also pointed a wild rooster in SD a few weeks ago!
She found and flushed 3 of the 4 birds we shot....and of course eagerly
retrieved all 4 to my hand! Loving that dog!!
Pastor Mark in Indiana.
Submitted by: Doug Sarver on Nov 21, 2016
Back from trips to Montana and Iowa on pheasant hunts with my FANTASTIC Biebel Brittany Bear. What a great dog! He is both a great companion and as I said a fantastic hunting dog that does it all...Thank You! Doug
Submitted by: Pat in Micigan on Sep 22, 2016
Harold - Good hunting and be safe. Just returned from 10 days in North Dakota with BiebelBrittany Rusty and his kennel buddy Jake (10 yr old English Setter). Found more birds (sharptails) than last year but the farmers are taking more and more open land and turning it into cropland - dancing grounds disappearing, smaller coveys and more singles - better for the dogs but more ground to cover. All in all a great trip. Good weather, good friends, good food and drink and an uneventful trip home. Thought a lot about you and how fortunate I was to end up with my boy Rusty. He is just an awesome bird dog! I accused him of "showing off" every time he hits the field. Made some amazing finds, points (rock solid during covey flushes) and retrieves. Will send some pictures later. Was planning to swing west after our ND trip and join you in MT but wife needs to get back and have hip issues resolved. Dr appoints next week.Leave some brood stock for later!!! Best wishes, Pat in Michigan.
Submitted by: Kristi H. on Sep 16, 2016
Hello, Harold!! Hope all is well. It was great to receive pictures of
Deena. It reminded me that I wanted to email you and ask about our lab,
Ivy. She was from Deena, born in Feb. We're getting ready to have her
spayed and her labwork looks great! It's funny, because she's only 30 lbs
at 7 months old!! I knew she'd be smaller, but she's a total mini lab- and
completely adorable. Do you remember- was she the runt or is the whole lot
of them that small? She's been an amazing addition to the family, so just
wanted to update you on her. She's spent her first summer on Earth
swimming, playing fetch, basking in the sun, learning tons of tricks, and
getting to know her brother, Clark. We're so grateful for her!!
Thanks again,
Kristi Horn
Submitted by: Lisa in Ohio on Sep 16, 2016
Three years ago our daughter Katelynn picked this laid back puppy (or so we thought). Livvy what a special pup you've been!!! Thanks Harold Biebel for once again supplying a FANTASTIC Britt. Thank you Jim Johnson for bringing out her best! Lisa in Ohio.
Submitted by: Brad on Sep 06, 2016
Hey Harold check out the pigeon at distance. Pic 1, JJ was locked up tight, when I got to him and he was quivering. It was awesome! It gave ME a rush!
Larry and I are researching quail hunting in Kty. Do you know anything about Peabody WMA? Any other info on other areas would be great.
LuLu and JJ are doing great as seen in 2nd pic. 2 dogs living the life! He definately thinks she's his mama and she looks after him like he's hers
JJ has been working hard at home also (pic 3) working trails with dad and lulu. Obiedience drills and retrieving.No worries with this Biebel boy!!!
Thanks Harold
Submitted by: Dan in TX (again) on Aug 31, 2016
Another update on our Maggie. Maggie is doing well. She has doubled her weight from 6 to 12 pounds in the 30 days she has been here. She is very long and lean, and looks like she is walking on stilts. The adjustment to being part of the family was made very quickly. Smart pup with a lot of energy. Thanks again, Dan in TX.
Submitted by: Erika in NY on Aug 30, 2016
Hi Harold Quick Nash update. He is a strong little personality. Our trainer says "Yup... You picked the alpha". After just one day with our new trainer today Nash was pack walking like a champ on the leash. No pulling. Slack leash. My only complaint about Nash is that is he is so cute and such a beautiful pup that it is impossible to walk without having to stop for admirers. He's quite the intelligent pup also. We are working to stay one step ahead of him and use his intelligence for training. His sit and stay is improving daily. We just started Place. He did 3 minutes no problem on his first try! This picture is from our morning snuggle today. He pretends to be shy but don't believe him! He loves the camera. Erika.
Submitted by: Kyle & Jodie in Jamestown ND on Aug 30, 2016
Harold. Gracie was whelped from Boots on June 12th. She has strong personality and been a very good puppy. Spends every night in a porta kennel in our bedroom. Sleeps thru the night just fine. Has adjusted well to lake life and our home in town. She is very active and curious of everything. She has stolen our hearts. We will stay in touch. Kyle & Jodie in ND.
Submitted by: Pam in Ohio. on Aug 25, 2016
Harold. We are home and the new pup is sleeping soundly. Let me know how much food you have been feeding her and how often. Those pictures you sent of us with the pup are so great. We appreciate all the work you do for all your puppies and dogs. One is prettier than the other but ours is the best. No doubt she will be loved. Pam in Ohio.
Submitted by: Brett in TN on Aug 22, 2016
Harold he slept in a crate in my room from 9 to 12;30. Then he slept soundly on a towel in the bed with me till 4. We rode the four wheeler for an hour spraying a food plot this morning, fetched a deer antler for a while then got introduced to the hard cold reality of the kennel. Wife and Daughter both like him and it appears to be mutual. So far so good. Thanks again for the Peaches & Joe breeding. Brett in TN.
Submitted by: Brett in IN on Aug 22, 2016
Harold, Attached is a pic of Boogs and Nellie. Both are Biebel Brits. Boogs is 10 (she is the one who got away from you in SD 9 years ago) and Nellie is 1.
Boogs is on a check cord since she would try to go two counties over before even slowing down.
Nellie is doing great and I think she will turn in to a real good bird dog.
Both are great dogs and I would not take million bucks for them!
In a few years I will ready for another for sure! Thanks Harold, Brent in Indiana
Submitted by: Dan in TX on Aug 19, 2016
Hi Harold, Our new pup, we are calling her Maggie, is doing well. She was 6.5 lbs at the vet two days after arrival and shortly thereafter went to 6.9. This week she weighed in at 10 lbs and today was 10.4 lbs. Approaching double her weight. Looks about twice the size also. She is getting plenty of exercise, sleep, good puppy food, and making a good adjustment. House training is going surprisingly well. She is very bright and appears to be very healthy. Thanks so much for the new love in our life. Dan in Houston TX
Submitted by: Erika in NY on Aug 08, 2016
We love him to death. He is spunky and very mouthy. We are at a point where it is almost impossible to pet him as he just wants to nip. It does not seem like typical puppy mouthing because when you try to move away he goes for you and lunges. He got my lip today, and my poor sons ear... when we ignore him or try to move away he goes for our ankles. He is doing it somewhat less with me because I think he is bonding better with me bc I am the primary caregiver (keeper of food, sleep next to him in his crate). When he first wakes up, I am able to touch his mouth and ears and tail and paws. He loves belly rubs. I love him in this mode because I know he is trusting me. I do notice his crazy puppy mode happens right before he passes out, so I try to put him in the safe room (my bedroom which is puppy proof and I ignore him while I work). ignoring seems to really work. He eventually settles down then falls asleep. He is literally like a baby- he will chew his paw gently to fall asleep or his bed. Its like he wants to suck his thumb to self soothe.
Submitted by: Mary Beth in SC on Aug 08, 2016
Hi Harold, Absolutely love this dog.
We were wondering when you are headed out for hunting in October? We casually mentioned Bullet going with you as we are to be out of the country for two weeks in October. We don't want to take him to a boarding place or leave him home that long with someone just coming in a few times a day. Would you be interested or able to take him with you?
Also, do you change his food for hunting season? I see the food brand has several different types. I think we have over fed him. He has put on a few pounds, plus it's been just too hot to really run him. Been in the high 90's - 100 for most of the summer
Let me know. Thanks
Mary Beth & Michael in SC
Submitted by: Erika and Tim on Jul 22, 2016
Hi Harold. I know you're on vacation but we just wanted you to know that BiebelBrittany Nash is just about the best thing since sliced bread. We just adore him and cannot believe how smart he is. He has a strong soul but we love that about him!! Thank you so much for helping us bring this guy into our lives! Erika and Tim
Submitted by: Mary & Rodger in Illinois on Jul 18, 2016
Harold, Thanks for the pictures. Our little guy is doing well and started putting on weight once we got him home and he didn't have to compete for food. He is now as chubby as the biggest of his litter mates. Rodger is still working on his name and we will let you know for sure what he decides but I think we are calling him Cody.
So glad for the towel you gave me. He did throw up once on the way home. It was a long drive. Our son's springer spaniel that we have had all week has been a great companion for the pup. She is used to little girls and babies and having a smaller dog around so it was great to have her to help him transition.
We enjoyed our visit with you. Thanks again, Mary
Submitted by: Skip in PA. on Jun 22, 2016
Good afternoon Harold!

Just checking in with you. Lefty continues to be a great addition to the family. We are very pleased with how he has adjusted. Ruth and I spend approximately 2-3 hours per day spoiling him rotten! Lefty appears to be catching on very quick with the commands. Do you have any training suggestions other than to continue with the yard work and reinforcing the commands? Have you shot any birds over Lefty, or does he need to be introduced to the gun?

Hope all is well with you (especially the knee)?

Submitted by: Michael in TX on Jun 21, 2016
Harold, thanks for BiebelBrittany Chase! He has turned out to be such a loving family dog. So much that I was worried whether he would "man up" and do well with birds. The trainer says he is doing great -super high enthusiasm for bird finding. I'll have to send some better 'action shots' later. Take care and pray for our Country. Michael in TX.
Submitted by: Skip in PA on Jun 09, 2016
Harold: Just checking in with you. I wanted to say hello and that I have not forgot about you. I did promise you some pictures.
Lefty has fit in with the family and is doing very well! We are extremely happy to have him! We are spending as much time each day with him as possible. I think he has adjusted to his new home very well. Looking forward to Montana in October. Skip in PA
Submitted by: Pastor Mark in INdiana on Jun 02, 2016
Harold. Oh man October November December can't get here fast enough. My brother-in-law who is training Rosie says she is a quick learner and has a great attitude and temperament. Pastor Mark in IN.
Submitted by: Kelsey USMC on Jun 01, 2016
Kelsey, we breed BiebelBrittany bird dogs, we breed BiebelBrittany duck dogs and now we breed BiebelBrittany lizard dog!! Thanks for the photo. Harold.

Harold, Out in southern California, we don't have the normal prey you are sending pictures out of, but we do have plenty of lizards. Penny loves to chase them and can spend all afternoon stalking them in the backyard. She usually isn't too successful at catching them though. I've attached her with one she caught this weekend and then was playing with. She is a great dog, thanks! Kelsey USMC.
Submitted by: John in NJ on May 31, 2016
Harold How are you. It's John from NJ. Picked up bane the black lab from you back in April. Just touching base with you. He is amazing. Had him in the water today for the very first time. If you don't mind I will send you updates of his progress. He is a handful. Hope all is well with you. Again from the bottom of my heart thank you for him. He's amazing. Talk to you soon. Here's the video. Video credit my 4 yr old son. Lol All the best John in NJ
Submitted by: Shaun in MT on May 30, 2016
Harold. Don't feel bad. I caught Ed calling a Blue grouse a Sharptail. That he had in his yard this year. Lots of birds out there and I spend a lot of time behind the scope watching birds. My great grandmother got me into it when I was very young.
The dogs are great. I have 42 quail eggs in the incubator and 18 in the pen. Lots of training around here. Keeping the dogs close to the house as the antelope just had the fawns. We have twins fawns just on the other side of the fence to the east. This happens every year, we have had them in the yard in the past.
Shaun in MT
Submitted by: Bill in NC on May 25, 2016
4-25-15 Harold. Annie is the easiest puppy I have ever started.She rode all the way home to NC on my lap,we stopped every couple hours to walk her and she peed every time.She has NOT had an accident in the house (knock on wood I don't jinx myself here) yet,and each time I let her out of her kennel she goes straight to the door.I take her out and she pees and poops in about the same spot,and then she comes in and sits on my lap and watches TV.

The only commands that I use on a new puppy are 'her name' and 'here' over and over ,and I think she's beginning to get it.

She's beautiful,and playful,and appears to be very smart .So glad I picked your kennel.

ps,good tip about the cottage cheese,she eats her food aggressively,and I checked it out online,and found good things.I had never heard about that before,but I'll always do it from now on. Bill.
Submitted by: Bill in NC on May 25, 2016
Harold, Thanks for plugging Annie's picture in PDJ .Sorry to hear about Trixie. I'm so glad I got one of her last pups,we are so proud of Annie! We started her obedience training last summer,and she picked up everything so quickly; she ranges well,points and retrieves. Bill.
Submitted by: Kristi on May 17, 2016
Hello, Harold. Just wanted to give you another Ivy update. She's been doing great. Our other dog, Clark, has responded really well to her, and she's becoming more playful every day. Oh- and bonus- she sleeps through the night. That's so rare!! We couldn't be happier. Thank you so much!!
Kristi PS- I took her to work with me today, and she weighs 18 lbs! What a little butterball!!
Submitted by: Pastor Mark in Indiana on May 15, 2016
Got the pics! Thanks a lot for both Monroe and Puppy Puppy!
I'm preaching on spiritual warfare tomorrow from Ephesians 6:10-18
and it is going to be hard not to be smiling the whole time (thinking about the 2 pups waiting for me at home)!
The good part is Jesus has already won the victory over Satan and that is something to smile about!
Happy! Happy! Happy!
Puppy! Puppy! Puppy!
Pastor Mark.
Submitted by: Frank on May 15, 2016
Hey hi Frank. Thanks for the email. Harold. - Harold, happy sixth birthday to our pups! BiebelBrittany Maggie sends greetings. She's definitely in her hunting prime. I shot approx 150 quail over her this year. Will try for more next year. Frank
Submitted by: Curt in MT on May 14, 2016
Harold, The pictures are great, Thank you. And I don't know how you captured that flushing Rooster like you did. BiebelBrittany Earl is starting to settle in. He has decided he does not like drip systems and is trying to wipe them off the face of the earth. He is starting to recognize my son Cody as the boss and respond to his commands. We're still not brave enough to let him off the lead yet. I'm thinking another week might do it. Earl likes his new home and is always very happy here. We look forward to seeing you in the field this fall, Curt
Submitted by: Jeff in KY on May 06, 2016
Hi Harold, This is Ollie at 13 months. He's a good looking boy! Distinguished, wouldn't you say? He is out of the 2015 breeding of BiebelBrittany SugarBraska and sired by our BiebelBrittany Huck. Jeff in KY.
Note to reader: We have breed Huck to Braska again this spring and expect similar beautiful pups. Harold.
Submitted by: Bill in NC on Apr 30, 2016
Hi Harold. I just wanted to give you a heads up that my BiebelBrittany Annie Girl is featured in two photos in May's "Pointing Dog Journal." My friend Charlie Jurney writes a monthly training article for that magazine and he asked me to bring Annie over to get some pictures to accompany the article he wrote. Annie's famous now! Bill in Charlotte NC.
Submitted by: Mike in NC on Apr 29, 2016
Harold, We couldn't be happier with Bullet!!!!! Mike
Submitted by: John from NJ on Apr 12, 2016
Harold. Thanks again for everything. He's a great dog already. My next trip to Tennessee I will definitely contact you. I will send you some pictures as he grows. My son loves him already. He asked me if we can get another one. Thanks again and it was a pleasure meeting you. John from NJ.
Submitted by: Mary W. in Indiana on Apr 05, 2016
Harold. Just wanted to let you know Blake loved playing with Puppy puppy puppy! Was so cute hearing him call him that! Mark & Mary fell in love with him! They thought he was beautiful!! Mary W. in Indiana.
Submitted by: Marvin in AL on Mar 24, 2016
Harold. When I pass from the wonderful world, I want to come back a BiebelBrittany, and I am sober and serious. Marvin in AL.
Submitted by: Shaun in MT on Mar 21, 2016
Hi Harold, Saturdays hunt at the game farm went very well. The attached photo is BiebelBrittany Copper and his first pheasant retrieve. He chased down this cripple, after his first bird he was in the mix with the other dogs and running up to the next bird we shot. He isn't a bit gun shy. Copper is going to be another good one. Biebel Brittany Jackson like always was rock solid. We had 3 other puppies with use a Poodle pointer and a English setter. All the same age and Copper showed them how pheasant hunting is done here in MT!! Keep doing what you're doing with that line of dogs. Shaun in MT.
Submitted by: Kathy in Minnesota on Mar 17, 2016
Hey Harold - Hope all is well with you, Renee and the dogs. We think of you all often.
We passed through Kentucky the end of February. We rented a house on Cape San Blas, FL so drove through your neck of the woods coming and going. Being a noted Pet Friendly community, Tuffie was able to join us. He has decided he enjoys vacations VERY MUCH. We were right on the ocean - he spent hours out on the decks enjoying the weather, smelling the salty smells and enjoying the view. He also discovered that the ocean is a VERY fun place to play. He was fearless!! While other dogs wouldn't go in the water (waves were really big!!), our Tuffster would bound in and standing full face into the wave. It would toss and tumble him up to shore and he run back in for another go. You'd swear he was at Disneyland. It was very fun to have him with us - it made vacation that much more enjoyable.
I have a question for you on the lab puppies. My Mom's close friend just had to put their beloved yellow lab down. They are heartbroken. Would love to get another yellow lab but not sure they can afford one. They are a young couple with young children, which always means a lot of expenses. I have not said anything about your pups, as I wanted to check with you on availability and cost to see if it is feasible. I'm not sure if they'd want a male or female, but if it might be an option, I will get more information.
Hope you have a great Spring in Kentucky. When you headed back to Minnesota next? Maybe we can connect up? Kathy
Submitted by: Melissa in Ohio on Mar 14, 2016
Good morning Harold! This is Melissa in Columbus, Ohio! My girls wanted to let Freckles know that her son Sammy is happy, healthy and growing into a fine young man😀. We are so happy we have Sammy. I included some pictures over the last several months there's a lot he is part of our family. He loves to play in the sandbox, he swims in the pool and the pond. He is finally growing out of his shoe fettish the pile of shoes is what I collected outside in one morning. He has a doggie door and uses it very well. Sammy on point was just taken the day before his birthday. We love him. Thank you so much. The girls continue to say he needs a sister Sadie. To be continued.....
Thank you again Harold! Melissa
Submitted by: Larry in NC on Mar 13, 2016
Hey Harold, Hope all is well. We are really enjoying buddy. Couple of questions -
1. We are looking for a female, one with a different family tree than buddy. What are you expecting this year
and what do you need for a deposit to hold her?
2. I think you said that you do an Iowa hinting trip each year - if so when?
Best Regards... Larry in NC.
Submitted by: Rich in Chicago on Mar 05, 2016
Harold, been Snow Goose hunting, it was ok, but not great in Salem IL. Been going to the hunt club and JJ is as terrific as he has always been. He quarters and has a 50 yard range. He never pushes the birds, so they are in range if they flush. He is the nicest dog and I get many compliments when I walk him. Rich in Chicago.
Submitted by: Nate in Nashville on Jan 02, 2016
Harold, Check out these photos. I took BiebelBrittany Walter out hunting in KS for 3 days. 56 quail and 7 roosters. His light switch came on. He has some range to him, but his points are beautiful to watch. He wore himself out. Got a good picture of him on the bed with his brother Norm. Just wanted to share. Thanks and Happy New Year. Nate K. in Nashville, TN
Submitted by: Molly G. on Dec 31, 2015
Harold. We got Chase (out of a Cocoa litter) back in August 2009. He has been an outstanding family dog and with my husband active duty Army- never had the time to train him on birds. We are home in Western PA for the holidays and decided to take him on a hunt. With no prior training he did awesome! Instinct took over and it was amazing to watch him in action. I've attached a few pictures of his take home. Hope you have a great New Years and look forward to seeing more stories in the future. Molly G.
Submitted by: Nate in Nashville on Dec 31, 2015
Harold, Check out these photos. I took Walter out hunting in KS for 3 days. 56 quail and 7 roosters. His light switch came on. He has some range to him, but his points are beautiful. He wore himself out. Got a good picture of him on the bed with his brother Norm. Just wanted to share. Thanks and Happy New Year. Nate.
Submitted by: Daniel in SD on Dec 17, 2015
Harold, I have attached a few photos of our trip to South Dakota, Brock did really well and impressed me with his drive. He had a really impressive point on a hen and then followed it up by pointing a lone rooster in a field. When flushed the rooster proceeded to run (because its wing was shot up) Brock chased the bird down and delivered it to me. Couldn't be happier with my Biebel Brittany. Daniel in South Dakota
Submitted by: Dan in Fairbanks on Dec 10, 2015
Harold, Bocephus is doing well. Probably the most athletic Biebel Britney we have had yet. He weighs in at 48 lbs and 24 inches high at the shoulders. His long legs do well in the snow. Here is a picture I thought you might enjoy from a hunt with my grandson Martin this past August here in Alaska. Rokon is my ride. Dan in Fairbanks.
Submitted by: Brian & Lisa on Dec 07, 2015
Hi Harold,

We hope you and Renee had a nice Thanksgiving. Attached please find a picture of us with Tripper from today. Not quite Iowa but the best we could do here in Ohio. Hard,thick cover, Tripper is beat up but I swear the pain is worth the reward to her. Right now she is curled up in her chair smiling in her sleep as she dreams of the next hunt. What a wonderful dog.

Your friends

Brian and Lisa
Submitted by: Dave in WV on Dec 03, 2015

Attached is a photo of me and Rowdy with his first wild SD pheasant. We only got to hunt 5 days but he got got better every day. We still have a few things to work on but all-in-all I'm very pleased with my little guy's performance.

Submitted by: Lisa Edgehouse on Nov 29, 2015
This weekend we took our 5 yr old female Tripper hunting. After thoroughly quartering the fields for pheasants the human hunters were tired and ready to to take shot birds to the cars. Tripper was having none of that. She had already ran about 5 miles, but she walked up to the gate to the creek and started whining as if to say "I'm not done yet. There are more birds to get!" Sure enough, she pointed 2 more birds.
These Biebel Brittanys do not give up. They hunt with style, they hunt smart and they have HEART!
We love our Brittanys!

Brian and 'Cookie'
Submitted by: Katy in MN on Nov 20, 2015
Harold and Renee, regarding the passing of SugarBear.

It is with great sadness and tears flowing that I respond. I am so, so sorry for your loss. Sugar was such a wonderful mama and sweet, gentle girl. It is times such as this that cause me to wonder why we welcome dogs into our lives and hearts. Because the very heart that is filled with love, happiness and memories is the same one that breaks at their passing. One needs only to reflect on those years to know why we welcome dogs into our lives and hearts. Because we would be less than what we are meant to be without them. A very wise man comforted me in my time of great sadness at the passing of my sweet Buckshot, and he was right. It does get easier with time and the tears do stop. One day there will only be a smile when you think of sweet Sugarbear. And that day will come because another dog will willingly and expertly take up where Sugar left off. That, I believe, is the circle of life when dogs accept you as their human.

May the smiles come quickly and the memories never fade. But for today I stand beside you, my friends, and weep along with you.
Submitted by: Brian and Lisa Edgehouse on Nov 15, 2015
We have purchased 2 Beibel Brittanies and we couldn't be more pleased. Last weekend we were in Iowa with Harold and 3 other of his clients hunting pheasants. The cover was really thick but these Britts have a TON of heart and drive. They quarter a field beautifully and what noses! When you buy a dog you don't just purchase a dog but doors are open for great adventures and long lasting friendships.
This weekend we took Tripper and Livvy to a chukar shoot at the PA Brittany Club. These Britts are smart! They figure out the best way to quarter the field and go about it methodically with tons of style. We just love our Biebel Brittanies!

Brian and "Cookie"
Submitted by: Ed in CA on Nov 12, 2015
FYI, Tazz, our liver and white female, whelped 7-13-2014, is a great dog. She is loving the quail hunts out here in CA and we will be trying her hand (paw) on some pheasants this weekend. She has non-stop energy when it comes to hunting.
Ed in CA
Submitted by: Frank Ballou on Nov 11, 2015
Harold invited me to Iowa to pick up the pup I purchased from him and to hunt a couple days. All I can say is what a great guy and breeder and had a blast for 3 days. On the way home I thought boy am I glad to find this breeder and why would anyone buy a Brit from anyone else. READ THE TESTIMONALS AND YOU WILL SEE HOW EASY IT IS TO DO THE MATH FROM THERE PERIOD.
Submitted by: Doug Sarver on Nov 10, 2015
Just got back from another hunt with my Biebel Brittany "Bear"! He did another incredible job in the field and in the cabin with all of the hunters! What a fantastic dog!

Good time and made new friends!
Submitted by: Scott in Illinois on Nov 03, 2015
First time out for Ty, my son Owen and I! Had a great time! With minimal training (2-3 weeks mostly focused on obedience and being a good boy in the house in his first year) he did great. Pointed, held, even tracked down a few in some really thick stuff. He was fearless jumping through some really thick grass and brush, creeks you name it. He hunted till he dropped (about 4 hours). Of course he busted some birds, couldn't find some others, all part of the curve while we are learning together. Most important: both the boys can't wait to go again!

In the first pic Ty is laying on a rooster we "couldn't find"
Submitted by: Gary in CA on Oct 28, 2015
Harold, we are very excited about receiving Gunner tomorrow. I can't say this enough, your BiebelBrittanys are the best in every aspect, temperament, family oriented, and the best hunters I have ever had the honor of owning. I was offered 5000.00 for BiebelBrittany Hershey last year and i told him he didn't have enough money for him or BiebelBrittany Poncho. Thankyou again, Gary.
Submitted by: Brent in Indiana on Oct 27, 2015

Took the other Biebel Brits to preserve yesterday, they did great but it allowed me to introduce Nellie to her first birds.
Here are a couple pictures of her smelling her very first Rooster.. I also introduced her to a dead Quail and she thought was the greatest thing going.

Submitted by: Brent in IN on Oct 20, 2015
I mailed out this morning another $200 for Nellie, please let me know when you get it.
She is doing great! What a pleasure she is. She has spent the whole time in her kennel with very little whining after the first two days.
I have been taking her out with me when I run the other dogs and she is doing fine, still staying close to me but each time she moves out a little farther.
She got into a big bird this past weekend when she got to about 40 feet of a turkey before it flushed out of some real heavy cover, she just froze as she was wondering what the heck that big thing was.
Have a good day Harold, next check mid-November.

Submitted by: Dale on Oct 17, 2015
Just got back from Montana with the Biebel hunting group what a bunch of great hunting people. About 5 years ago I purchased Biebel brittany Amos and Biebel brittany Doty. Doty was a pup Amos 4 these turned out to be great hunting dogs that do it all hunt, point, retrieve etc. Amos is the best pheasant tracking dog I have ever hunted behind. Had pups 3years ago and retained one. With no formal training this year she became a great bird dog also does it all. She learn it running with mom and dad and got the best from both. Last shot of the hunt Naty the pup tracked a running rooster that got up and went down.
Can not say enough about Biebel Brittanys they are the best great hunting dogs and family dogs
Thanks Harold and God bless
Submitted by: Anthony F. on Oct 17, 2015
I've been meaning to write you for sometime (well, since we got back from our hunt)! I took Wyatt and family on our first ruffed grouse hunt in the U.P. for the opening week. I must say, he blew me away!!! We hunt waterfowl together, but my lord! He was a beast out there, and wouldn't quit! It was a tough hunt and we really had to get into some thick brush to find them. We flushed 6 and ended up with one. My proudest moment was when we flushed one and no one saw where it went and there was Wyatt locked on point. Sad to say, when we flushed it, it went right into my buddy and his dog and had no shot, and they didn't see it in time. We didn't get our first bird, but man, was it fun! My buddy that we stayed with up there was very impressed, and you may be hearing from him. He's trained a labra-doodle to bird hunt, we get some odd looks. Haha! Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for providing such amazing and talented genetics, it really is an art watching this dog work.

Anthony "Bear" and Wyatt
Submitted by: Don C. on Oct 15, 2015
Harold, Thanks for putting up with the guys from Chicago. He had a great time. Attached is two pictures. One of my caved in windshield (hit an Owl at 4:30am) the other of Piper with some birds. Thanks again for showing us around. Safe travels. Don
Submitted by: Tom in MN on Oct 15, 2015
I wish I could hunt and shoot in MT for three weeks. You are definitely my hero Harold. When I grow up I want to be just like you.
BTW, I really hope to "grow up" by next year!!

Maybe I can stay a whole week in '16?!?!
Have fun out there. I miss you guys already. Sorry we didn't get to hang out more. I was banished to the concrete slab most of the time.

Say Hi to Martin when you see him!!!
Be safe.
Submitted by: Gary in CA on Oct 15, 2015
My name is Gary Clendenen and I have 2 biebel brits Hershey and Poncho. They are both the most amazing dogs ever. We hunt wild pheasant and quail but mostly guide at a club here near Sacramento.In the last 2 years my boys have pointed and retrieved over 800 pheasants and chuckers for our clients.Most of the time they request us and some wont hunt with any other dogs. Both dogs are great family dogs also. I have 2 special needs children I adopted years ago, now 13 and 11, and both dogs are fantastic with them. Whave been talking about a third Biebel Brit and am wondering if Katie is still available. Please let me know when you get a chance.
Thanks Gary
Submitted by: David in FL on Aug 26, 2015
Harold, sorry about not including photos in prior email!! Here are a few but I promise to send better ones from the Nikon as well. BiebelBrittany Dash is going great, so far no issues. Going for our puppy checkup with vet Friday. He seems healthy and happy though .... He Is a fireball!! We love him totally. David in Florida.

Glad you're home and doing well, that was a heck of a trip.
Submitted by: Cade & Madison in Utah on Aug 03, 2015
Hi Harold. Just wanted to send some pictures of Dusty to keep you updated and let you know he is alive and well. Last week we went to the vet for shots and he weighed 28 lbs! Our fully grown two year old is only 42 lbs! Dusty is only 4 months old, so lots more to grow. We are excited to see how he turns out. He is doing great with birds and as far as we can tell with all the fireworks he has been around lately he won't be gun shy. He is very spoiled and loves his big brother Bo. He says hello from Utah! Thanks Harold. - Cade & Madison.
Submitted by: Marc & Allison in OH on Aug 03, 2015
BiebelBrittany Ginger has grown up to be a fantastic puppy, and the perfect addition to our family. Thank you again: Marc and Allison in Ohio.
Submitted by: Christina in Memphis on Jul 30, 2015
Hi Harold. These photo are how Tuck said good morning yesterday. He is the BEST puppy and we love him so. He's growing fast. We hope you are doing well. Happy rest of the summer! Christina, Jeffrey, Josie, Amelia and Tuck
Submitted by: Shaun in MT on Jul 30, 2015
Harold. Every time we drive on a dirt road BiebelBrittany Jackson thinks we are going hunting!! Check him out in the photo with front feet on the dash on the look out for birds on the road. My older dog might have congenital heart failure. We are just starting to run tests. What do you have for up and coming pups? Are you still coming out this summer? Shaun in MT.
Submitted by: Cade & Madison in Utah on Jul 27, 2015
Hi Harold. Just wanted to send some pictures of Dusty to keep you updated and let you know he is alive and well. Last week we went to the vet for shots and he weighed 28 lbs! Our fully grown two year old is only 42 lbs! Dusty is only 4 months old, so lots more to grow. We are excited to see how he turns out. He is doing great with birds and as far as we can tell with all the fireworks he has been around lately he won't be gun shy. He is very spoiled and loves his big brother Bo. He says hello from Utah! Thanks Harold. - Cade and Madison
Submitted by: Ethan on Jul 07, 2015
Harold. BiebelBrittany Gunner is an excellent family and bird dog.. He is a really good bird dog too. Great nose. I have been working him on pigeons. Still get a little too close to the birds. I think he will stop doing that when quail start to flush. He should self-correct on that. Ethan.
Submitted by: Don C. on Jun 23, 2015
Harold, I was hoping you were going to repeat the breeding of Huck vs Wren. I think I told you I spent this past fall and winter helping Jerry U. from Valo Indiana train his dog Piper. Although there was not much to train. The dog searched hard, pointed hard and retrieved to hand naturally. And all in its first year of hunting. That is why I would like to give you a deposit on a female pup when I see you in Montana. If you are not going to breed Wren I might be interested in the below litter. Thanks, Don C.
Submitted by: Dan in KY on Jun 22, 2015
Harold. Not even home yet and she's already spoiled rotten!!! The connection BiebelBrittany Sky and my wife already have is unbelievable, so much for "my" dog. You have an awesome setup for your dog's, it was a pleasure to do business with you and I look foward to doing business with you again in the future. Dan in KY.
Submitted by: Brad in AZ on Jun 21, 2015
Harold, BiebelBrittany Piper is growing and learning with each passing week. She was able to spend an extended period in the mountains late May and early June. She travels well in her kennel. One time she has lasted the entire 3.5 hr trip without a pee stop. This past week she has been learning to adjust to the heat. Borderline record highs this past week in Tucson. 110ish this weekend.

Piper is a complete bundle of fun. She loves her free runs in the forest pointing the butterfly's and hoppers. Lacewings & moths at night are the game of choice here in Tucson. She loves to harass her sister Tia. Tia has been very patient and good with her. Things are going great! She loves the wing when I break it out and plays fetch really well when her mood soots her.

Piper got to experience her first live game bird flush last weekend. We were walking in the forest and out of the corner of my eye I saw Tia wheel around. As I turned a hen turkey busted from her nest into flight. Piper, Karen and I were 20 ft away. All was good and other than each of us being surprised it didnt phase her at all.

She got her last shots yesterday and the vet says all is good. She was 8 lbs when you shipped her, 12 at her 12 week vet visit and 14 yesterday. The vet forecast her adult weight to be 30 lbs ish. Hmmm just looked at her records and looks like the vet gave her the rabies at the 14 week mark not 16. I will have to call her.

She is a great dog and it is obvious she has some great breeding behind her. I cant wait to see her in the field with real birds. Planning to make contact with Wally this weekend. Looks like we will be able to go to the mountains the next 3 weekends.

Piper really keeps us busy. I have not tied a fly since she arrived and I look at my email once or twice a week now. I started this response yesterday but ran out time before she woke from her nap.

Hope all is well and Happy Fathers Day! Brad
Submitted by: Greg in NM on Jun 18, 2015
Hey Harold, Puppy is doing great! He may be one of the smartest pups I've ever had. He is spoiled rotten. He sleeps in my bed every night. The shed retrieval will definitely by more time but he does love his antlers. The boys in the photo with pup are Aaron, Clay, and Quinn. Thanks again for such a great dog! Greg in NM.
Submitted by: Kelsey USMC on Jun 13, 2015
Harold, Sorry for taking so long to send you some pictures. BiebelBrittany Penny and I have been getting out and doing some hiking. She doesn't even mind her backpack, so she gets her to carry her food and bowls. The first picture is from hiking near Mammoth Lakes, CA. The last picture is on top of the highest point in Southern California. She never slows down on the trail. She is a great dog. We love her so much. Thanks! Kelsey, USMC.
Submitted by: Christina in Memphis on Jun 11, 2015
Harold. We have been loving BiebelBrittany Tuck. I think we all love him more than we knew we could...already. He is such a smart, sweet, gentle and playful boy. Tuck is already feeling comfortable napping with his sisters. Thanks again- Christina in Memphis.
Submitted by: Greg in NM on Jun 10, 2015
Hey Harold, Puppy is doing great! He may be one of the smartest pups I've ever had. He is spoiled rotten. He sleeps in my bed every night. The shed retrieval will definitely by more time but he does love his antlers. The boys in the photo are Aaron, Clay, and Quinn. Left to Right.
Thanks again for such a great dog! Greg in NM.
Submitted by: Brent in Indiana on Jun 10, 2015
Harold, As I told you here is what you sent out 2007 about your trip along the Oregon Trail. The new pup Remi (our 5th dog from you) is doing great! She is so good it is not funny. Jennifer and her boyfriend are very happy with her. He already has her retrieving a toy duck! Thanks again Harold! Brent in Indiana.
Submitted by: Brent in Indiana on Jun 08, 2015
Harold, It was great seeing you and your wife again. Little Remi seems to be adjusting well in her new home with my daughter.
She is such a good little dog. Had to pull over twice on the way very quickly so she could go potty, but she managed to keep her breakfast down until we got home. My daughter is so happy with her it is not funny! Will send pictures once I get them down loaded.
Thanks again Harold for providing my family with such a great puppy!!! Our 5th puppy from you. Brent in Indiana.
Submitted by: Ronnie in MN on Jun 08, 2015
Mr. B, please thank again Mrs. B for being so nice to us. I have not written a word on my blog since Auggie got sick and passed. I did not even post my Gobbler award for 2014 but have it pretty much done. Now that Bode has joined the selection committee I am charge up again. Once I get caught up with it I will send you the link to the blog you may find I am not as "radical" as you may think but I look forward again to having another Wal Mart talk when I have not spent so much time in the jeep. I want to thank you for your wiliness to trust us with your furry friends from God. Bode will chase birds and jump in lakes I promise. I am looking into a trainer to help us train her the right way. I included a sample of the Gobbler Award and the first Twins letter I sent the ball club hope you enjoy. Ronnie in MN
Submitted by: Brad in Tucson AZ on May 27, 2015
Harold, Sorry this took so long. Here are some photos of BiebelBrittany Piper in Tucson and at her mountain home over the Memorial Day weekend 2015. We had a great time introducing her to car rides, the forest and she even posed with some wild irises. She keeps us very busy. Thanks for all your help, Piper is Perfect! Brad in Tucson AZ
Submitted by: Carla in North Carolina on May 24, 2015
Harold. After a weekend of celebrating the arrival of our BiebelBrittany we finally slowed down enough to get some pics! We absolutely adore him! Still haven't committed to a name yet..... maybe Bodie or River. He's not letting our older Brittany Josie take advantage of him even though she towers over him right now.Thank you ever so much. Carla.
Submitted by: Brad in Tucson AZ on May 21, 2015
I have had my hands full since Piper arrived and haven't even got to my emails since Sunday. Everyone is learning in many ways. Having a blast though!
I got home Monday and Karen said Piper had her first live bird point (3 months old!) We have an apricot tree that is feeding many birds right now. Apparently a house finch landed a few feet in front of Piper and she locked up. Unfortunately there was no camera handy. She does like to play the wing game. Sounds like someone is calling me. Time to play, train and exercise. Have a great holiday weekend! Brad from Tucson AZ
Submitted by: Damon Rosenbarker on May 16, 2015
Harold has a very clean, well kept operation. It is clear not only through the pups and their socialazation, but through his relationship with the adult dogs, that he cares for and loves the dogs. I am very happy with my pup (tucker). He is very smart and is taking to training well. Seems like a natural retriever and has a great nose. He is very interested in birds. The first time I got a quail wing in front of him and took it away, I thought he was going to suck the grass off the ground before the day was over.

Submitted by: Jimmy in VA on May 07, 2015
Harold, BiebelBrittany Beckett is doing awesome. He is such a good boy and a great hunter. We will probably get another BiebelBrittany after July. We are so busy traveling, we did not want to get one earlier and not have the time to bond and spend time with him. So are you expecting any litters that would be available after July? Thanks. Jimmy in VA.
Submitted by: Clyde in KY on May 06, 2015
Harold, yes her name is BiebelBrittany Gurdy sorry I haven't been to work to check emails we now have our home phone and internet. Gurdy is doing great we all love her, Please keep me in mind for a white and orange started pup to bring home with us. This new house thing kinda eats at your wallet ha ha . vet check everything good. have a great day stay in touch clyde
Submitted by: Kelsey United States Marine Corp on May 06, 2015
Harold,If you are still planning to come to Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, CA, this summer, please let me know so you can see Penny again if you want to. She is a great dog. She's been vacationing in Pennsylvania for the last couples weeks with my parents. I think they're spoiling her more than I do. I love seeing all your puppies going to new homes. Thank you so much for such a wonderful dog! Kelsey USMC
Submitted by: Carel in St. Louis MO on May 01, 2015
Harold. Thank you for the puppy pictures and for our BiebelBrittany Sammie. We are getting along very well. She only has to go out once during the night. We love her completely.
Have a great day! Carel R
Submitted by: Virginia in KY on Apr 29, 2015
Hi Harold. BiebelBrittany Big Bullet is doing great!! He was fetching the next day we had him home. He is only 9 weeks old and He is great!! Still crating to potty train. We all love him and thank you for putting him in our lives. GG
Submitted by: Bill in NC on Apr 28, 2015
Harold, I apologize for not letting you know-I was going to email you in a couple days.
Annie is the easiest puppy I have ever started.She rode all the way home to NC on my lap,we stopped every couple hours to walk her and she peed every time.She has NOT had an accident in the house (knock on wood I don't jinx myself here) yet,and each time I let her out of her kennel she goes straight to the door.I take her out and she pees and poops in about the same spot,and then she comes in and sits on my lap and watches TV.

The only commands that I use on a new puppy are 'her name' and 'here' over and over ,and I think she's beginning to get it.

She's beautiful,and playful,and appears to be very smart .So glad I picked your kennel.

ps,good tip about the cottage cheese,she eats her food aggressively,and I checked it out online,and found good things.I had never heard about that before,but I'll always do it from now on.

Bill F. in NC
Submitted by: Bill in NC on Apr 24, 2015
Harold what fun picking up BiebelBrittany Annie (pup) today. Your kennels are wonderful. All your pups and dogs are stunning. Attached are Two picture from the return drive home to NC, first photo is Annie asleep on my lap. Second photo is her carrying a training dummy around the yard. She's wonderful.
A million thanks from Bill in NC.
Submitted by: Clark in Beaumont Texas on Apr 22, 2015
HI Harold. Just a quick email to inform you on BiebelBrittany Toppers progress. Topper and I finished our last hunt of the season yesterday. He is a fabulous dog! I love him dearly. Over spring break we rented a beach house which was not dog friendly. So instead of boarding him we went to Joshua Creek Ranch near San Antonio, hunted a couple of days, then boarded him there with other bird dogs. I gave permission to the Guide Manager Eric that he could use Topper in guided hunts with other ranch guests. Topper was there for 10 days and was a big hit with ranch guests. After hunting over Topper Eric's guests would say "bring that Topper dog back out." Eric loves Topper too. Topper worked all the other ranch dogs into the ground. Topper covers ground, is completely broke on pointing birds and retrieves to hand. Since you delivered Topper to me 2 months ago I have hunted him 17 times plus the 10 days at Joshua Creek adds up to 27 days hunting in 2 months! And he never slowed down. Back home again Topper comes to work with me every day. He always wants to be by my side. Again, Harold, thank you very much for BiebelBrittany Topper. Clark W. in Beaumont Texas.
Submitted by: Christy in KY on Apr 22, 2015
Harold. So our boy BiebelBrittany Archie turned one today! He is doing really well! No medical problems and active as can be--all the puppy kidney issues were resolved by a third vet who told us the other two Vets were nuts. We love him! And we Love the pictures of his cousins that you send out to us all. Christy N. in Lexington KY. Go Big Blue!
Submitted by: David in Clarksville TN on Apr 21, 2015
Harold is a pleasure to do business with, you just won't find finer folks. He breeds dogs not just for show quality and hunt ability but also ensures he doesn't breed undesirable traits in his dogs. We purchased "Josie" in January and she has been the easiest bird dog to train that I have ever owned. Brittany's as a breed aim to please and are extremely smart. His dogs have a natural prey drive which I think is due to breeding. You simply can't go wrong with a Biebel Brittany.
Submitted by: Lisa Edgehouse on Apr 18, 2015
We are coming up on Tripper's 5th Birthday and she just keeps wowing us every chance she gets! She and Brian ran their first NSTRA trials and took 3rd place! Not bad for a first time out. Whether we are hunting, trialing or just hanging out she always gives 110%!
Her personality keeps getting bigger more wonderful, comical and loving each day. If she starts talking English I won't be surprised. We just plain love her and she feels the same way about us.
Keep doing what you're doing Harold and Renee. No one can do better than having a Biebel Brittany!
Submitted by: Matt in MI on Apr 06, 2015
Harold. Beside the nice weekend for Slim,(2 field trial wins) I was able to share it with my Uncle Jack Hires. He is the gentleman in the far left of the photo. We stayed at his house last fall if you remember. Jack was a member of the 101st airborne Screaming Eagles during WWII and jumped over Normandy on D day and fought in the battle of the bulge and was one of the bloody bastards of Bastogne. He was interviewed by the Library of Congress years back and his interview is available for all to hear or read. He had 6 confirmed kills and earned two Purple Hearts, one of which was taking a sniper bullet to the head. Sometime when we are hunting together I will give you the recording of his interview, you will appreciate what he and all others did to allow us to live the way we do. Best of luck with the pups.
MTH. Matt in Michigan.
Submitted by: Dave in Clarksville TN on Apr 03, 2015
Hi Harold. We just dropped BiebelBrittany Josie off for training at Ronnie Smith's kennels in Big Cabin, OK. Super nice people. Thank you for recommending him. Dave in Clarksville TN.
Submitted by: Kathy S. on Mar 31, 2015
I want to let you all know how genuinely happy I am to have found Biebel Brittanys. Without them, we would not have our Tuffie. He is an awesome dog, both as an addition to our family and as a hunter. He can snuggle with the best of them or hunt with the best of them and both he will do with 100% of his heart. But something you might also be interested in knowing is this: Harold and Renee are not just "breeders" or "a kennel" - THEY GO SO FAR BEYOND THAT. While we were attending a family reunion not far from Bowling Green, Tuffie was lucky enough to stay with the gang at the Biebel estate. Please note I did not say he stayed at the kennels, because what they have is not what we picture when we think of a kennel. Their facilities are clean, well maintained and comfortable. Their dogs are very obviously happy and well cared for. After all these years, Tuffie still remembers them and gets excited to see them - a testament to the love and care he receives from them. Tuffie had a wonderful time with them. We were able to relax and enjoy our time with family, knowing he was being cared for by people who love him as much as we do. Bottom line, Harold and Renee are all that and more. We are very grateful to call them our kennel, but even more grateful to call them our friends. There is not a shadow of doubt where our next Brittany will come from... and the next... and the next... and the next...
Submitted by: Alix in Florida on Mar 23, 2015
I play the puppy video of Dash's 2013 litter periodically and love seeing these beautiful puppies. Of Course I think Trixie and Huck's are the most beautiful!

We just adore our boy so much.
He is much more leggy than his parents and he is typically airborne with his beautiful stride!
Dash is an appropriate name for him, now I just wish his middle name was, Home, instead of AWAY!
Submitted by: Matt in Michigan on Mar 23, 2015
Hey Harold. BiebelBrittany Slim took second at the Kentucky brittany club trial this weekend. He had two broke finds, which for a derby dog is fantastic. 5 times down and 5 placements so far this spring. Hopefully he can keep it up in Michigan for the next two weeks. He is #4 in the standings as of now for the ABC juvenile dog of the year. Lots of tough competition across the country, so I am more than pleased with where he is at. Someday soon we will be in Booneville, Arkansas watching run for a national championship. Hope all is going well with the pile of puppies you are dealing with.
Matt in MI
Submitted by: Marti & Tony upstate NY on Mar 18, 2015

Submitted by: Laura in KY on Mar 08, 2015
Good Morning, Harold!

I was going through some old emails this morning and found this one. I love this pic, it is so cool how all four of your dogs look so much alike in their appearance and expression! Hope things are all well in BG. I am sooooo tired of this weather. Lexington was pounded again as you know and Lucky and I do not like having our walks interrupted.

Take Care!
Submitted by: Dave & Marsha in WV on Feb 22, 2015
We call him Rowdy; and it fits. He has lots of energy. I have attached a picture; he is 33 lbs ( 7 months) and has long legs. I have been working mostly on the obedience training and he is doing fairly well, although he can be stubborn at times. I took him to Ohio a couple of weeks back on a quail hunt. He got to run with some GSPs and he ranged a little further than I would have liked. We only got one bird up and missed him. Rowdy didn't really get to know the scent or what we were really trying to do. However, He didn't seem bothered by the gunfire and did respond to the electronic collar fairly well; although he's not crazy about the beeper. I need to get him on some game birds; he's crazy about the song birds and doves he sees here. I do have the AKC registration form. It's on my desk, just need to mail it in. He is my buddy! Doesn't like being separated from us. Dave & Marsha in WV
Submitted by: Pat K in MI on Feb 19, 2015
Harold - Greetings from snow/ice bound Michigan.
The dog trainer who worked with Rusty (and was duly impressed by him and his genetics) was excited to hear that you had another litter. He is posting a note together with picture of Rusty on his Facebook page. His name is Fred Saber from Goodrich, mi. He will forward any inquiries to me and I will forward them to you.
Stay warm, Pat k. in MI
Submitted by: Shaun in MT with Jackson on Feb 16, 2015
Hi Ed and Harold,
Here are a few pics from yesterdays pheasant hunt. I took a good friend of mine and his 13 year old son to a preserve that I belong too. The young man shot 6 birds. All the dogs did great and they had many great points and honors. We have from left to right Jackson, Gunner and Hank. These three dogs have hunted a few times together and they really hunt well with each other. Harold you are going to be very impressed with Jackson next fall. I wish I had the time to do field trial stuff with him, I think he would do awesome at it. He is fast and is always has his nose going.
Submitted by: Jimmy in VA on Feb 16, 2015
Harold, Here are some pictures of BiebelBrittany Beckett (9 months old) after quail hunting. It is such a joy to hunt with him. He is ALL WORLD CLASS! Jimmy in VA.
Submitted by: Shaun R in MT on Feb 11, 2015
Hi Ed and Harold, Here is Jackson on point. Steve Coale was up last week and we hunted the 3 Cross ranch. Jackson did very well like always and Steve was very impressed. We had a beautiful day to hunt the temp got up to 53 degrees. I was in a tee shirt after our lunch break. We got 11 birds and the dogs had 22 points.

Harold hope you had a good elk hunt.

Shaun R in MT
Submitted by: Don C. in Illinois on Jan 31, 2015
Hi all. These 2 photos just came in from Illinois. Great looking BiebelBrittany. Harold.

Harold, I told you next time I hunted with Jerry Uitermarkt I would send you some pictures. (Jerry uses his computer about once every 2 months) Anyway we hunted at our club today. Piper did awesome, pointing out 3 Pheasants and made some nice retrieves. At one time my shorthair and Piper were both pointing together. Piper was about 8 foot behind my shorthair. I am not sure if she was pointing the bird or honoring, but it looked great! They both held point for a few minutes before the Pheasant flushed. Jerry might have to put a collar on Piper soon she is starting to push the limits on range and did bump one bird today. But over all she did wonderful for a 9 month old pup. She is a super birdy dog that loves to hunt and will only get better. I attached three pictures 2 points and a retrieve. Enjoy the pictures.
P.S. They are Calling for 10 to 12 inches of snow here in Illinois tomorrow.
See you down the trail. Don C
Submitted by: Alix on Jan 01, 2015
Yes I have to attest to Trixie And Huck!
Our 2013 model, BiebelBrittany Dash is superb.
I haven't decided when to have him professionally trained as he is still a boy, but his temperament is superb as are his BIRDING SKILLS! HE LIVES FOR THE BIRDS! ALIX
Submitted by: Denise in AZ on Dec 28, 2014
Here is our Bean with a limit of Mearns quail. My husband filled his quota a little over an hour. On the way back she pointed three more coveys and
five singles. What a hunter!!!
Submitted by: Ross in CA on Dec 28, 2014
Hi Harold. BiebelBrittany Riley doesn't compete like Livvy, but she makes us very happy out here in Oakland. Full of energy, a little devilish, and a pure sweetheart. Here are a few pics over Christmas from the hills above our place and a close up indoors. Happy holidays! Ross in CA.
Submitted by: Dave in TN on Dec 28, 2014
Harold we really enjoyed meeting you as well. BiebelBrittany Josie had a fabulous ride home with Josie in Bryant and TBs laps in the back seat. She took right to a bath and loves laying on the couch. She's responding well to her name and "no" is not completely foreign to her. We love sweet Josie. I'm going wild quail hunting tomorrow. I can't wait until she can join me. Dave in TN.
Submitted by: Brin in OH. on Dec 27, 2014
Hi Harold, Since all I seem to send is info on Livvy I wanted to send you a few photos of Tripper our original Biebel Brittany. I love hunting behind her she is like the Energizer Bunny.
Along with hunting we plan on trialing her this spring in gun dog stakes. Should be fun. Stay tuned!! Brian in OH.
Submitted by: Doug in MI on Dec 26, 2014

It was nice shooting with you and Dave Scheibel at Gun River a couple of weeks ago. Sorry it's taken me so long to give you the name of my Brittany guy but work sometimes interferes with life.

His name is Harold Biebel in Bowling Green, Kentucky. He is a great guy with a strong hunting/field trial line of Brits. His email address is:

I will also forward you one of his most recent emails showing the success of one of his pups now owned by a family in Ohio. I'll also copy him on this email so he knows you're interested and that I recommended you to him. I consider Harold to be a good friend. You can't go wrong with one of his pups and you'll like him. If you get a pup from him you will become one of his family.
Submitted by: Pat K. in MI on Dec 26, 2014
Harold -Merry Christmas. It was just a year ago that I got a new shoulder and a new Biebel brit, Rusty. Happy to say both are working fine. You sure have some beautiful dogs!
Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2015 filled with friends and feathers.
Pat K. in Michigan.
Submitted by: Duane in FL on Dec 25, 2014
It's Christmas Eve and near the end of a good year. Thanks, Harold for all your contacts throughout 2014. I look forward to opening my email and hope there is a missile from you. Who would have ever thought I would say that about "a guy I bought a dog from"? I feel certain that all of your dog lovers that are able to pet the pup they got from Biebel Brittanies are grateful to you You went out of your way to find the dog I wanted and got toget'her with Andy to get her to me. Becky Thatcher is a big girl. Weighs 40 pounds and not a sign of fat although she eats more Purina than recommended on the bag. I think she is all muscle because she "hunts" most of the day on her 1 acre tract. I highly recommend "invisible fence" for all your dog owners to keep them safe and out of traffic.The underground wire is best -- especially on irregular terrain. Since a training sessin of about 10 minutes, Beck has never gone outside her boundary. "Peace of mind" can be bought.
Stay Well.
Becky Thatcher sends 10 wags and 13 smooches.

Submitted by: Rich in Chicago on Dec 25, 2014
Harold, BiebelBrittany JJ is doing great, loves the house and us. He is hunting really well and has started to get out there a little bit. I have hunted him without a collar with no problem. We have been out at least once a week with this nice weather. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year.
Rich-Phyllis M. in Chicago
Submitted by: Shaun in MT on Dec 09, 2014
Hi Ed & Harold,
Here are a few pictures of BiebelBrittany Jackson. This was last Sat. and Jackson had a
very good afternoon on his own. His dad (me) has a new Shot gun and missed the
first 2 roosters but ended up with these two. Jackson has a great nose and
holds a solid point. He is a very smart dog 3 weeks ago he met is first
Porcupine the hard way, this weekend he found 2 more and only pointed at
them. Jackson had many points this weekend and he works very well thru the
thick Russian Olives and cattails. I'm very happy with his progress for a
young dog that isn't even 1 years old yet. We have 3 more weeks of hunting
birds here in Montana and we will be out every weekend and I'm going to take
the week of between Christmas and New Years to hunt. Then I have 25 pen
raised birds for after the season. Jackson will probably seen over a hundred
birds by the end of the season he is turning out to be a great hunting
partner. This place I started hunting is on the Bighorn River in eastern MT. It has turned out to
be a very good place with lots of Roosters.

Happy Holidays
Shaun and Hank
Submitted by: Ron in KY on Dec 01, 2014

BiebelBrittany Daisy (18 months old) found a small covey of liberated quail today, pointed the covey and then pointed a single, which my buddy killed. Daisy pointed dead and we all celebrated. She connected the dots today and knows that in her a bird-dog heart beats. Thought you'd like to know. A joyous day!


Ron in KY
Submitted by: Brent in IN on Dec 01, 2014

Attached are a couple of pics from a hunt at a game farm in Illinois.
The two pups are Biebel Brits and they are both 3 years old. The white and liver dog is my daughters dog.
It was a pretty good day. 20 Quail and 6 Chukars.

Brent in IN
Submitted by: Alix in Florida on Dec 01, 2014
Dec 1 40 degrees and rainy!
While outside cleaning my horse barn today, my Golden retriever decided to go back inside. He is adept at opening outside doors, but not closing them. When I got back in house,there was a wren flying across kitchen window to window.
I got bird into laundry room hoping to capture him to put him back outside. More difficult than expected. Well after 3 tries about 30 minutes apart to capture this Wren, I enlisted BiebelBrittany Dash's help.
Mr Wren dove from the window to behind a table that I couldn't reach behind. Very quietly I pointed and I told Dash to get the bird. He expertly reached behind and down under table to pick up Mr Wren. First try bird got away but he reached down again gently got bird in his mouth immediately turned to me and gently handed him to me! Wow! How gentle! After a few moments of letting bird calm down, I released him outside. Of course Dash got a treat. I was so impressed with his calm, businesslike demeanor!
You just can't beat with great breeding!
Alix in Florida
Submitted by: Kevin in CO on Nov 04, 2014

I purchased some pigeons today and took Remy out for his first attempt a pointing live birds. He was awesome! Not only did he point them but I guess the whoa and heel practice we have been doing is actually working. The first few time he didn't want to hold when I told him to whoa but after about five runs he started holding his point and letting me walk past him to flush the bird. It's gotta be in his genes, right! Thought you might like to hear how he's coming along.

Kevin in Colorado
Submitted by: Lisa in Cleveland on Nov 04, 2014

We are driving home from a pheasant hunt today. LIV got her first taste of a 'big bird' and she LIKED it! The trouble was her shooters were rusty. Livy pointed 8 birds and we hit one.

Trip was the Energizer Bunny and kept going and going and going. The men we were with loved her. They kept saying what a hard tough hunter she is.

Watching the dogs work is poetry in motion. I don't care if I bring home a bunch of pheasants, I love watching my dogs work - and they work well. You can see how much the dogs love to hunt and how much they love to work for you the hunter.

In all a picture perfect day.

Say hello to Renee and the pack, the Edgehouses send our love,

Submitted by: Ryan in TX on Oct 29, 2014
Harold. Just wanted to update you on Huckleberry Terry. His 1st dove hunt(17 weeks old) Huck picked up 3 of 9 killed birds & brought them back placing them in my hand. 2nd Hunt I killed 6, he retrieved 5. All of which were in a field with standing beans. 3rd hunt(bean field again) killed 6 & he picked all of them up. We have hunted several more times & he gets better every time. I have even had him retrieving my golf balls on the putting green at a local golf course. Ha! We have been getting our duck blinds ready & I’m anxious to see how he fairs. I’ll send you some pics. Hope all is well! Keep in touch… Ryan in Texas.
Submitted by: Ed in CA on Oct 28, 2014
Her is an update on Molly & Huck’s little girl “Lots of Liver”. We did end up naming her TAZ, short for Tazly, a name my daughter came up with.
I have her out on little 2 or 3 mile ‘hunts’ a couple of times a week. She sight points doves in the field or trees, watches & follows every bird that flies over head and points & holds for a couple of seconds at noises she hears in the bush.
The hills I take her has a couple of shallow 2 – 3 inch deep & 10 foot wide river crossings, which she negotiates with no problems. She is getting a bit bolder and on our walks and is ranging out about 20 to 30 yards in front of me.
She knows her name and comes to me when I call her. Retrieves frozen dove to my hand and we are slowly working on getting her used to noise. Funny thing about her, she jumps a little noises, but last week in the yard while I was tuning up a couple of my quads, when they back-fired she didn’t flinch a bit, and just stood looking at me and the noise as if we didn’t exist.
She’s a bit over doubled in size, fills up her shipping crate, and ready to be moved to her full sized crate. She stands about 13 inches at her shoulders and is all legs. She is a good looking dog and is stylish in her stance.
I’ve attached a picture of her out in a field sight pointing birds.
Submitted by: Laura in Lexington KY on Oct 28, 2014
BiebelBrittany Lucky at nine months old! Can't believe he let me get this picture of him! He was watching a flock of birds overhead, turned around and saw me and stood in this pose for about a minute! Love this baby!! Laura in KY.
Submitted by: Jeff Harned on Oct 27, 2014
Montana 2014! A great group of guys. Birds every where. You have truly built a community around your exceptional Brittany's.
Thanks so much for the helping us get lined out. It was a trip we will never forget.. Jeff H.
Submitted by: Keith in GA on Oct 19, 2014
Harold. As you see from the attached photo they have it made… BiebelBrittany Cocoa has found a favorite chair. BiebelBrittany Bodie likes them all. Thanks again, Keith.
Submitted by: Alix in Florida on Oct 18, 2014
Hi Harold, Love these photo updates!

Coming up on a year in late November with our beloved Dash!
He is the most loving animal! He tugs our heartstrings. He thrives outdoors, but keeps a sentry's vigil at every window especially since the house has window seats.
Dash has so many wonderful character traits! I believe he is a perfect specimen of the Brittany breed! He is a beauty to watch in the field as he bounds out the door each morning!
He loves to accompany me in the Kawasaki mule, while I patrol the horse pastures for poo.
The only issue is...his athleticism......amazing at all times at all times in the field but most especially ....
when escaping from our rented acreage to the adjacent woodlands.
Now our resident neighbor's Husky taught Dash to dig and push the woven fencing out from the bottom when he first got here last winter.
So I spent days putting rocks around the base fencing then Patching the rusted fencing with new replacement wire fence. This past summer Dash figured out that he can hurdle over any fencing 3ft and I pulled 5 ft fencing against the existing fence.
No problems, "Diesel"the Husky who weighs 90 pounds showed him how to hurl himself on top extension of added fencing it, bending wrinkling it downward!
So every AM, I go out and bend, stretch it back up. A month ago I added horse panels to the mix in his favorite escape spots.
That kept him put til he realized, hey, just scale the darn fence like a ladder.
The good news is Dash beautiful white legs are visible from acres away, because the rest of him is camouflaged against the dark woods and even when you keep your eye on him, he can disappear.
Dash wears the Sporting collar so if he is roaming within the 500 ft or yards Within its range, sometimes I can retrieve him. I say sometimes because if his focus on whatever bird, bunny or deer has disappeared, then I can get him back...if the battery isn't dead.
Honestly we don't know what our lives would be without him!
Yesterday we just folded up his bedtime crate because with the cool weather, he prefers to spoon with Rick in the bed!

True Love!
Submitted by: Brock in ND on Oct 18, 2014
Hi Brock. How are the 2 new pups doing? Harold. They're good! Making themselves at home already as you can see. Jax likes to chew on anything he can find still but he's getting a hang of things. He already knows how to "sit" and "lay down" so I'm happy with him. Still trying to get the old hounds to get used to him....once I can get them to sit next to each other I'll send you a picture of all 4 of our Biebel Brittany's
Submitted by: Dan D. on Oct 15, 2014
Hey Harold,
It's been a while since I spoke to you about dogs. I got Tommy and Sarge from you. Tommy was first. He is out of your stud dog Mike, HB Conky Tonkin and Braska, and I purchased him as a finished dog. I hope you remember him, I attached a few pics. Anyway Tommy is getting older, 8 now, and he has been the greatest bird dog I have ever seen. I have hunted him all across the US, and get nothing but compliments about him. He is the strongest running dog I have ever owned, and he has the most desire I have ever seen. He never quits, ever, doesn't matter how bad the hunting is he's always on the go.
I have been considering breeding him to get my next Tommy going, and I was wondering if you had a female that would match up well with him, to produce more little Tommy's. I would love to have a few more of him.
Let me know your thoughts.
Thanks Dan D
Submitted by: Pat K. on Oct 01, 2014
Things that BiebelBrit Rusty learned in North Dakota:
How to drink water out of a bottle
How to navigate barb wire fences
Sharptail grouse are bigger than quail and harder to get in your mouth
Cows are not afraid of you
You cannot outrun a jack rabbit.
Had a great time and could not be happier with Rusty. He performed so well once he learned that coveys act differently than pen raised quail and chuckers.Will send pictures once I figure how to get from camera to computer to email.
We hunted for 8 days in and around Wing, ND - central ND about 20 mi east and 20 mi north of Bismark.
Birds were down significantly from last year. Number of coveys and size of coveys are all down. Crop harvesting is about 4-6 weeks late this year so that may have had some impact but locals all reported seeing fewer birds this year. Lots of pasture and CRP land planted in grain crops - more soybeans than ever. Temperatures were in the upper 70s and 80s - tough on both hunters and dogs.Did not see many pheasants, but we were not in pheasant cover. Locals said pheasant numbers are up from last year. Ducks are up about 300% - critters are all over the place - lots of water.
Hope your Montana trip is great - be safe.
If you get a minute let me know how you made out in the UP of Mi.
Best regards,
Pat K.
Submitted by: Dr. Nancy on Sep 18, 2014
The puppy is absolutely perfect! Having a great time at the house and slept great last night. Dr. Nancy
Submitted by: Will in Memphis on Sep 09, 2014
Thanks, Harold. Thank you for BiebelBrittany Tucker. He was a hit! The girls love him, and he’s seems to be adjusting just fine so far.
Many thanks, Will in Memphis.
Submitted by: Jimmy in Virginia on Sep 08, 2014
Hi Harold, quick report. BiebelBrittany Beckett is doing very well. Learning commands and chasing quail wings. As I write, he is crashed out with my other Brittany, Finley on the floor. Thanks for the boy! Jimmy in VA.
Submitted by: Reid in IN on Sep 06, 2014
Hi all. So recently, I purchased a longboard/skateboard... And a BiebelBrittany puppy. So last week, I tried something new. I let my 6 month old puppy pull me on my longboard. And it worked great, now I do it 2-3 times a day with her. She has gained a significant amount of muscle, and stamina. I love doing this with her and hope to keep doing it for a long time. Reid in IN.
Submitted by: Carol on Sep 04, 2014
Check this out...this is BeiebleBrittany Greta. She now 15 months old and doing great in the field. Thank you Harold for a wonderful pup!
Another picture of My Greta on backup point! She's coming along in her training tremendously! Greta's trainer Carol Gaver, is doing excellent work in training my bird dog. Thank you Carol!
Submitted by: Brian & Lisa from Ohio on Sep 03, 2014
Hi Harold,

I wanted to send you an email to let you know that we sent Tripper to Jimmy Johnson this summer. We went out to see her and run her for the first time in a few months and what a difference a few months worth of work make. Tripper was already a good hunting companion as you know but I wanted to see if she has what it takes to be a trial dog. All indications are that she should be ready to run next spring. Jimmy is very happy with her at this point. He was able to get her broke(even after all the bad habits we taught her). Jimmy told us tonight she is the type of dog he would have liked to breed because of the many good quality's she has. Unfortunately we had her spayed which is still a good thing but I thought you would like to know that Jimmy thinks she is very capable.

I can not wait until next spring when I will have two competitive dogs to run. Yes Livvy is still progressing great. She did mess with all the boys this weekend up in Michigan because she decided to come into season. We brought her home for a few weeks until it is over and then it is back to work for her and hopefully some derby placements.

I believe quail season starts on November 1 in Indiana this year are you still up to meeting me at Andy's?

Thanks for everything and I hope to talk to you soon.

Brian in Cleveland
Submitted by: Natasha in Phoenix on Sep 03, 2014
Hello Harold, I just wanted to provide another update. Our girl, BiebelBrittany Dillon, is doing very well and she is very sweet. Follows me around everywhere I go. She is a joy.
We feed Purina One at our house so we have been transitioning to that puppy food along with the one you send which I presume is Pedigree puppy.
The photos I have taken are not very good, I am charging the real camera to take some good photos. She is a bullet headed for a target and does not stop moving. Marie says just like me.
I know she will love our home up north. She will have our 2 acres and the neighbors land to roam in and play, plus we backup to the National Forrest. She will have a all with all of and I know she will be taking lots of walks with me. No pheasant hunting that I know of, but we turkeys. Large Turkeys.
We changed the spelling of her name and went to the one it should be after Matt Dillon, we love westerns. Natasha in Phoenix.
Submitted by: Shaun in MT on Sep 01, 2014
Harold. Opening day of Huns in MT, it was a slow day. We covered a lot of country. No huns. We had a cool and wet spring, and a wet late summer. We will find some birds, but is was nice to get out. Gunner and BiebelBrittany Jackson work very well together. Jackson has a good range and checks in. We had 5 dogs and they all had a good time. A day in the field is better than working.
Thanks again, Jackson is a natural. Shaun in MT.
Submitted by: Rick in TN on Aug 27, 2014
Harold. I’m excited. If you can on your trip to the UP of MI with your dogs and my Rider please keep me posted on Rider’s training. I have been watching you, BiebelBrittanys, for a while and it is going to be a privilege to have a dog started by you. Good luck. Safe hunting and travels. My son can’t hardly wait either. Thanks, Rick.

Hi Rick. And thank you for your kind words. We are looking forward to running Rider in the north woods of the UP. I have a Garmin Alpha for him to wear. I will know where he is at all times.

Between now and Sept 27 or 28 when you come to fetch him here is our training plan:
1-come to his name.
2-leash and lead train him.
3-stake out on the chain gang with the big dogs.
4-reinforce prey drive with training quail.
5-introduce him to the starter gun and shotguns so he is not gun shy.
6-take him on the road to the UP so he learns to be a good travel dog.
7-run him in the woods of the UP, let him find some woodcock.
And bring him home safe and sound to you at the end of September 2014
Submitted by: Denise in Tucson AZ on Aug 27, 2014
Harold. Our sweet girl BiebelBrittany Bean is a hunting machine and my husband is have the time of his life working her. Stop in to see us if you are in the neighborhood this winter in Tucson, Az.
Regards, Denise. Murphy's Gun Shop
Submitted by: Pat in MIchigan on Aug 15, 2014
Harold, Real beauties!! Too bad my kennel space is taken up by this beautiful Biebel Brit Rusty.
He is looking sooo fine - steady to flush and shot, retrieves to lap, casts like a veteran at about 20-30 yards and points with tremendous class. We are going on vacation next week and Rusty goes back to the trainer for a week of 'finishing' school. Then it's time to get to the real stuff - grouse, woodcock, pheasants and huns. So many birds so few days. North Dakota Sept 15-28. Will give you a bird report.
Still trying to make Montana work. Will keep you posted.
Pat in MI
Submitted by: Ryan in Lexington KY on Aug 03, 2014
Hi Harold, Wanted to send you a pic I took yesterday morning of Hadley. As per usual, Hadley was investigating under the shed for rabbits. That was until she spotted a bird perched on the fence and went on point. When she spots a birdie, she points it, no matter what! She held that point for as long as her little legs could stand it, about 15 seconds. Then, she transitioned to a laying point, if there is such a thing! It was fun to watch. So fun in fact I was only able to bring myself to snap this one fuzzy pic. Sorry I didn't get a better one. I've also attached a pic of her doing one of her other favorite things, snuggling with her sister. These two have become inseparable!
Take care, Ryan in Lexington, KY
BTW...I bought some Pro Plan food for her after we talked yesterday and did a cold turkey switch. It's barely been two days, but she hasn't had any tummy issues and she LOVES the food! Thanks again for the advice.
Submitted by: Alix in FL on Aug 01, 2014
One happy Brittany! Harold, I just cannot believe how much Dash loves my husband! He bounds up on the bed in the early morning...say 5:45.. And bops him as if to say let's get going, it's another great day! I know it's because of the time and love you spent with these pups at the beginning establishing relationships with them! Alix in FL.
Submitted by: Laura in KY on Jul 22, 2014
Harold Thank you so much for going out of your way to deliver the girls. They are as cute as ever! Very chaotic but so worth it. We named them (Biebel's) Bella Blue and Josie. We took them to the vet today and they got caught up on everything. They were the hit of the office. I can't thank you enough. Also can you recommend a basic book for puppy training?
It was such a pleasure to meet you last night. We will defiantly call you when we get to bowling green. Thanks again Laura.
Submitted by: Ryan from Lexington, KY on Jul 20, 2014
Hi Harold, I wanted to send you a couple of pics of our girl Hadley now that she's 6 months old. She's doing fantastic! The first pic is her patiently waiting for me to throw her frisbee and the second is her after we played fetch with the frisbee. Typical day for Hadley!
Take care, Ryan
Submitted by: Kevin in CO on Jul 20, 2014
Harold. BiebelBrittany Remi is doing just fine. He traveled with us to Dayton for a two night visit with family. We will be home today where he will meet the rest of his permanent family. He is beginning to respond to his name and has had no trouble adapting to the kennel. Thank you for everything. Wish I had taken some pictures of your operation it was very impressive. Kevin in CO.
Submitted by: Jimmy from Virginia on Jul 15, 2014
Hey Harold, here are photos from the drive home from pick up.
BiebelBrittany Beckett out of DotE sired by Black Creek Deacon.
Drive from Knoxville, TN to Charlotte, NC; Beckett sleeping.
Drive from Charlotte, NC to Springfield, Va. Beckett sleeping.
Our neighbors surprised us and Beckett when we arrived.
Beckett sleeping with his new hunting buddy, Finley.
Beckett trying to mirror Finley, passed out on floor.
Thank you Harold for such a wonderful pup!
I cannot wait to get him in the field with my dog Finley.
See you in January with your brace of Biebel Brittany’s.
Jimmy from Virginia.
Submitted by: Laura in KY on Jul 14, 2014
Hi Harold! Thank you for continuing to send all the pics and updates on the BiebelBrittany Family, I really enjoy them. Your pups are beautiful! I, of course feel that I have one of, if not the most handsome BiebleBrittany to ever come from your Kennel, "LUCKY!" Since yesterday was his 6 month old Birthday, I wanted to share some photos and show him off! I continue to receive lots of compliments on his good looks and wonderful disposition, everywhere I take him. Keep those pics coming and take care! Laura in Lexington, KY.
Submitted by: Tim in KY on Jul 14, 2014
Hey Harold. Awesome! BiebelBrittany DotE's pup slept through the night. Its great to have DotE! home. The little guy runs wide open then falls asleep. wakes up and does it all over again. Thank you and Renee for all you have done. Tim in KY.
Submitted by: Jimmy in Virginia on Jul 14, 2014
Harold, thank you so much for BiebelBrittany Beckett. The trip home went extremely well. Beckett was perfect. He slept in my lap the whole ride home. Occasionally, he woke up and wanted to see what was going on. A very good pup! Keep up the great work Harold! Jimmy in Virginia.
Submitted by: Angie & Dave in Canada on Jul 06, 2014
Thanks Harold, We are all home safe and sound. No accidents or travel problems. Our young Ben is an amazing pup! Thank you again. He will live with us in Toronto Canada and hunt ruffed grouse and wood cock in wild Canada. Angie and Dave
Submitted by: Christy and family in KY on Jul 01, 2014
Hi Mr. B. It's going great. The kids say, "Archie is a great dog" (Jack) and "I love him" (Lucy). Catey has him out for a walk right now, which he loves--on a leash and everything, smart puppy. Christy in Lexington KY
Submitted by: Christy and family in KY on Jun 27, 2014
Archie is such a smart little guy. In just two days he has learned to go up and down stairs, can sit for a treat, and is starting to come when we call his name! He seems to like it here, he gets lots of attention. He even tolerates his crate well, just waltzing in there when he gets tired and taking a nap. Amazing. His tail is up and wagging all the time, and he loves toys. Potty training is going pretty well too. The vet said he looks great and was a real sweetheart. Thanks for all the hard work I know went into producing such a great puppy.
Christy and family in KY
Submitted by: Alix in FL on Jun 27, 2014
Harold. We get such a kick out of our year old dog, Dash. He is just so perfect!

His practice for future Pheasant/Quail stalking involving an exercise program we utilize on our 6 acres of pasture.
First specify a 50 ft patch of juicy clover at least 6 inches tall.
Send Dash to clover patch
Dash creeps ever so slowly, tip toeing through the patch.
Then as he spies the prey( yellow sulfur butterfly) he moves into Point position!
I will video because it is truly beautiful!
Every muscle fiber including visual, is focused on that butterfly's every flutter!
And then....they flip to next patch .
Dash has learned not waste energy on chasing them down, he uses the element of surprise! Magnificent!
Alix in FL.
Submitted by: Chris in Chicago on Jun 04, 2014
Hey "buddy"
You sold me my lifetime soulmate.
If you look close she looks just like em.
I shaved Maggie(12 yrs ) yesterday and the Rhona stands out.thank you Harold
Anyone interested in Maggie's record(it's worth a peek)
can google
Hy Steppin Maggie
What's not told here is that she is the finest RUFFED GROUSE
dog that shorttail/ longtails have ever seen. She had an amazing amount of point/ back most have ever seen.She has been a one man dog.I would like to think we perfected the title of "team "
That is all. Chris
Submitted by: John in Illinois on May 21, 2014
Hi John. How is BiebelBrittany Parker doing? Harold.
He's doing great. He's getting so much love it's ridiculous. I took him to my sons baseball game and everyone there couldn't stop commenting on how beautiful he was. Couldn't be happier with him. John.

Submitted by: Tim in KY on May 21, 2014
Hi, Harold. Hope all is well. I wanted to give you an update on BiebelBrittany Dottie. She has fit in very well with my family and is also well loved by all the neighborhood children. I have not been able to hunt her as often as I would like, but then who does. She has been such an easy dog to train as a bird dog and as a family pet. No matter what the situation: hunting, hiking, or taking a walk around the neighborhood, Dottie responds exactly like she should. I am so thankful to Biebel Brittanys for giving us, in my opinion, a perfect Brittany. Tim in KY.
Submitted by: Marley & Valerie in SC. on May 19, 2014
Hello Harold! Here is our testimonial for Chief!
Harold Biebel works miracles. Our one year old Rhodesian Ridgeback was the self appointed king of the household and had little to no manners. We were at our wits end when Harold stepped in. In one months time he completely transformed our dog. A dog that once never even thought about coming when called is now a master of recall. Not only does he know all his manners and boundaries he is a much happier, level headed dog. I would absolutely recommend his services to ANYONE. Aside from his amazing skills with dogs he is a down to earth, extremely likable guy with a great sense of humor. Thank you so much Harold bringing peace to our home.
Thank you so much, again!! Marley & Valerie
Submitted by: Rich Smith; HuntSmith on May 14, 2014
Harold, Thank you for your kind words in Pointing Dog Journal and also making the video of my Hall of Fame speech. It is a great keep sake. Thank you & Keep up the good work with your Brittanys, Rick Smith.
Submitted by: Danette in KY on May 14, 2014
Hi Harold. This is Danette, we adopted one of BiebelBrittany Peach’s pups about a year ago and I wanted to send you a picture of our family with Rosie – she is such a wonderful addition to our crew! We have an English pointer as well, Ruger, but he isn’t still enough to be photogenic. Danette.
Danette. What a wonderful photo and family! Thank you so much for sending the photo. May I have your permission to send it out to my BiebelBrittany email newsletter family? No last names will be included. Harold.
Harold. Absolutely! I will try and send a few more, Rosie and Ruger are such big buddies they run wild in the yard and Ruger has taught Rosie to point at birds which is really cool to watch. We have started running with Rosie and she goes between 7-10 miles once per week. She is such a sweet, loving dog! You did an amazing job picking her for us! Danette.
Submitted by: Kim in KY on May 11, 2014
Harold, I hope your new puppies are doing well. I really appreciate your friendship and wanted to share with others why they should get a Brittany from you.I recently moved to Bowling Green, KY last October from Ohio. I found Harold on and called him. I already had a GSP puppy and explained to him I was looking for help training. He offered me to come out (Sunday night) to see if we were a good fit. Well we've spent many hours together since then walking our dogs doing water work and basic training. I've really come to appreciate the great genetic base he has developed in his Brittany's. What I like is his passion to match the personality and hunting style of the dogs to their new owners. You can be sure that Harold will not place a dog in a home that isn't a good match. He's a great guy who is very knowledgable and compassionate about his Brittany's.
Harold, thanks for the great friend you are!! Kim
Submitted by: Bran, Lisa & Kate in Ohil on May 04, 2014
Hi Harold, What a dog BiebelBrittany Liv is. She did it again. She took home the 1st place blue ribbon again yesterday in the open puppy stake. That's two weeks in a row. I can not believe she will not be a year old until mid June. She is such a hard running dog and loves what she was bred to do. Your friends in Ohio, Brian and Lisa. Kate too!!!
Submitted by: Matt in Michigan. on May 04, 2014
Harold, I just put two and two together and realized that Liv is trained and handled by the same pro that handles my Slim/Ivan dog. It seems she is about the same age so is it possible they are litter mates?? It is good to see that now Slim has won and moved out of the puppy stakes that another BiebelBrittany continues winning. That's 5 out of 6 puppy stakes this year between 2 of your pups. Keep up the good work!! Matt.

Hi Matt. No they are not litter mates. But both have NFC DC AFC Gambler’s Ace In The Hole as grand sires. Remember Gambler is in 2 Halls Of Fame, The American Brittany Club Hall Of Fame and the Brittany Field Trial Hall Of Fame. Gambler is one common ancestor that delivers the potent genetics to run, find and win. Harold.

Submitted by: Friends in Ohio on Apr 30, 2014
Hi Harold,
Just wanted to send you a few pictures of Liv. She won her first open puppy stake this weekend. What a thrill it was. She is an incredible dog, she is going to make a fantastic trial, hunting and house dog. She has been gone from home for about 2 1/2 months now, we anticipate bringing her home in late May for a few months. Our other Biebel brittany Tripper will not know what to do once Live gets home they were best of friends when Liv left, I anticipate they will pick up right where they left off when Liv gets home. I am looking forward to running both of them together in the field. I think they both can run and hunt without stopping for hours on end.
Your very good friends in Ohio. Brian and Lisa. Kate too!!!!
Submitted by: Alix & Rick in Franklin, TN on Apr 22, 2014
Harold. I am so amazed how as BiebelBrittany Dash gets older, he is smarter and more obedient. We left him, and all our dogs with a pet sitter, to take care of a grandchildren for over a week, and to check in on my Mom in Atlanta. Dash' s little bitty tail has not stopped since we got home. He actually escaped our 6 acre yard while we were gone. He wears a turkey bell, so our neighbor could hear him combing the wooded lot next door. And so our neighbor pretended to talk to our Golden retriever ...Dash is so sociable that he could not stand attention not being directed at him, he came back!
Alix & Rick in Franklin, TN
Submitted by: Danial in the US Air Force on Apr 22, 2014
Harold, we got BiebelBrittany Brock back from the Vet on Thursday and his paw is healing up just great. It has been an experience just to try and keep him still to let it heal. Thank you again for all of the advice offered. I don't think there is another breeder out there that would offer as much time to those that have purchased a dog from you. Daniel in the US Air Force.
Submitted by: Laura in Lexington KY on Apr 22, 2014
Hi Harold! I wanted to pass along a couple of pics of Lucky at 14 weeks old today. He is growing a lot and is doing great in all things. He was on point today in my back yard but I couldn't get the camera in time, darn! He is so cute and sweet!!! Hope all is well with you and your world! Laura in Lexington, KY. GoUK!
Submitted by: Todd from Washington DC on Apr 22, 2014
Harold. I Just wanted to let you know that after 13.5 great years with BiebelBrittany Gus we had to put him down today. He was a the greatest dog we could have ever hoped for. If I remember correctly he came from the 3rd litter of Libby and Nolan's Last Bullet. It seems like just yesterday I picked him up and drove him back to Virginia Tech with me where he spent a semester and a summer in college. He adjusted very quickly to Fraternity parties, trips to the New River and college life in general. Over the years he made many road trips, did a lot of fishing with me, retrieved a great number of ducks and even a few geese. He also had the highest score of the day in his 3rd leg of the AKC Junior Hunt test. On the fourth and final test he broke after the flush, chased down a flying quail which he caught in his mouth 4 four feet off the ground and brought it back to me still alive. Needless to say the judge was rather impressed. Throughout his 13 years he never had any health problems or genetic issues.
Right up until the end he still loved to chase birds, just last week he went after some Mallards in the National Reflecting Pool and jumped right in after them. I just wanted to thank you again for breeding such a healthy, birdy and well-mannered bird dog that brought us so much joy over the years. For anyone reading this, I hope your BiebelBrittany provides as many great memories for you as Gus did for us. Todd in Washington DC
Submitted by: Kelsey in the US Marines. on Apr 21, 2014
Harold, I have been remiss in sending you some pictures of BiebelBrittany Penny. I have attached 3 from when we were out hiking. The liver and white Brittany is my sister's dog. The first picture was around Christmas, the second in February, and the third in March. Penny is a great dog. I would describe her as petite, but that actually works to my advantage in finding a new apartment. We are moving to California, so hopefully I can teach her to enjoy the ocean. We go out walking and running all the time, and everyone always wants to meet her. I go over to my one friends' house that have kids, and she does really well with the little kids. She has also turned into a great traveler and an all around good companion. Thanks for the great dog!! Kelsey
Submitted by: Ryan in Lexington KY on Apr 21, 2014
Harold, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to send you an update on our girl. She's doing fantastic! She's grown quite a lot; she's up to almost 13 lbs now. Crate and potty training are going great. She's only had a few accidents in the house and she does great when she has to stay in the crate during the day. I've just started some leash training and light obedience training and she's taken to it well. She's a very smart girl and gets the commands quickly. She's making me look really good!!

We are so happy with Hadley. She's become a great member of our family. She fits right in with us.

I'm attaching some pics of her we took over the past few days. She's absolutely beautiful, I think you'll agree.

Many Thanks,
Ryan in Lexington KY
Submitted by: Shaun in Montana on Apr 15, 2014
Hi Harold,
Sorry this took so long to get some pictures to you.BiebelBrittany Jackson has been a great pup and he is doing super well. He is growing like a weed. My other dog Gunner and Jackson play hard together and it is great to watch them. Jackson has brought out the pup again in Gunner. Thanks again for a great dog. Shaun in MT.
Submitted by: Matt in Michigan. on Apr 14, 2014
"Slim" whelped 5-18-13 out of BiebelBrittany Trixie and sired by BiebelBrittany Huck.
Hey Harold. Our little guy Slim found the podium again this weekend. He will have his puppy and derby points before he is 1, which is almost unheard of. There are a few American Field trials in May I am going to run him in against pointers and setters to see if he can run with the big boys. After that he will be going to Nebraska July and August to run his legs off and then he will have nothing to do but have wild birds shot over him all fall. I plan on spending a solid month or more out west with him, then slowly start getting him ready to be broke next summer. Hopefully we can meet up this fall so you can help me drop some birds over him. Thanks again, Matt in Michigan.
Submitted by: Beau B. in northern CA on Apr 09, 2014
Hey Harold, just had to send you a picture of Dusty today. I was out with some friends on their back forty and decided to introduce Dusty to some water and see how he liked it. I threw a stick in the pond and without thinking twice he charged out and dove right into the pond, swam out and retrieved to the hand.
I have had labs that don't take to water that fast !
Later that day I was calling for him and looked over at the pond in the distance.. There he was swimming laps.
Thanks for making such a pleasure of a dog. And he has so much potential I can't wait to get him in the field this year
-Beau B. (northern CA)
Submitted by: Lt. Logan Bradley USA on Apr 02, 2014
Harold, happy birthday. Here is that write up, sorry I didn't get it to you earlier. Let's see if it can find its way to a magazine or some other media source. Let's get your name out there more.
Happy birthday, Logan
Unable to sleep on an early evening flight from Nashville to Billings MT, partially due to excitement, but mostly the screaming child behind me, I took some time to reflect on how I came to be where I was.

Nearly 36 months ago, my then girlfriend found a breeder of American Brittanys in western Kentucky, not far from where I was living. A transplant from the Lowcountry of South Carolina, I found myself stationed at Fort Campbell KY, following my graduation from the United States Military Academy, with a fledgling interest in bird hunting. While at West Point, a passion for all things shotgun had been fostered during my tenure on the Cadet Skeet & Trap Team, and I had known for several years that I wanted to get a bird dog and start hunting. By the time I had become aware of Harold Biebel, there was already a deposit down on a German Shorthair Pointer of my own, but my girlfriend thought it wouldn't hurt to meet him. She couldn't have been more right.

Once I had spoken to Harold on the phone and arranged a meeting, I drove to his dog breeding and training facility and was greeted with near smothering appreciation. As a Lieutenant in the US Army I had become comfortable with expressions of gratitude from strangers, but the owner of Biebel Brittanys was about to set the bar higher than it had ever been.

Over the course of the next several months, Harold spent countless hours working with and teaching me about both hunting and dog work. Under his guidance I was able to learn the behaviors and limits of my German Shorthair, Smoke, and prepare us both for my inaugural upland bird season as a dog owner.

That first season, behind a dog of my own, solidified what I thought to be true; there isn't a better way to hunt than with a dog. Many days spent with Harold in the field, hunting over Smoke and dozens of Biebel Brittanys, I began to realize that this was as much a joy for the teacher as it was the student. Over the course of the 2011 Upland bird season, in Western Kentucky, I had become the dog breeder's vehicle for troop appreciation.

A deployment to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, in late summer 2012, meant that the next season would be one that both my dog and I would miss, but Harold was insistent that it not slow progress for either of us. I was kept informed of Harold's hunting trips, dog training and tips through regular emails, and I did my best to give him semi-regular updates. In May of 2013 I returned to Fort Campbell, where I was greeted by a slough of my friends, and my hunting and dog training mentor. Shortly thereafter, planning for the upcoming upland bird season began to take priority for me, and I was asked to join Harold and ten Brittanys in eastern Montana for the opening weekend of pheasant season.

Fast forward six days, and I am on another flight, en route to Nashville, reflecting back over my experience.

The morning after my late night (early morning) arrival in the small Montana town, I met Harold and what seemed to be fifteen of his closest friends. I was immediately swooned about, and recognized as the subject of many of Harold's emails, as he passed forward my deployment progress and updates to an email group in the hundreds, all of which were somehow tied to Mr. Biebel by dogs. We ate breakfast, in what seemed to be the only cafe in the small town of 1,200; paid our bills and moved off to the hotel to get ready to hunt.

Operating on a limited budget, and analyzing the cost to fly a 70 pound dog, I had thought about leaving my dog, Smoke, behind; but Harold would have none of that. So once we arrived at the hotel, Harold opened a pin in his dog box, and unleashed my hunting companion and best friend, that he carried from Western Kentucky, who seemed to have been certain I had left him for another deployment. Smoke and I bonded briefly before we were both ushered in a truck, and we headed toward the fields.

Along for the ride, with more than a dozen seasoned hunters and sportsmen, a century's worth of hunting knowledge was dropped in my lap between breakfast and when the shells fell into the chambers of my over-under in that first field. Everything from ensuring I kept Smoke away from porcupines to listening for the cackle of the rooster as it flies, I was doing my best to take it all in, amid my excitement and anticipation.

Once everyone had gotten ready we stepped of into a field, and with views that made me feel like I was reading from a Field & Stream, I could not believe I was actually participating in the hunt. I was even more shocked when the group pushed me to the front to investigate the first point.

As the e-collars wailed, and dogs quivered with excitement, I walked to the point where Smoke and one of Harold's Brittanys were pointing, and with a kick in the brush I flushed my first wild pheasant rooster. I carried the weight of that bird in triumph, and proudly let his tail feathers show from the back of my vest, as I had dropped him in just one shot. The pride was not just in my shot, however, more so I had finally been able to do what I had spent years preparing to do; no more than ten minutes into our day, my dog and I had pointed, flushed and shot our first wild pheasant together, and it was all because of Harold Biebel.

That first day was the only one where we hunted in such a large group, and over the next six days I hunted with nearly everyone who was there to participate; limiting out every day. Each of Harold's hunting companions were just as friendly, appreciative and gracious as he was; which even at 25, I recognize as a sign of the man's character.

Now, nearly three months removed from my own personal manifest destiny, I have a better understanding of the bonds bird hunting can make, and the lessons that can be taught in the field. I have a greater appreciation for how a dog works, the smooth shot of a quality shotgun, and the taste of a wild bird. But all told, as I gear up to head to New Mexico later this month, to hunt elk with Harold Biebel, I have a greater appreciation for my friend and mentor who chose to share his hobby and dogs with me.
Submitted by: Matt in MIchigan. on Mar 24, 2014
Another Blue Ribbon! Thanks Harold, my daughter had a blast once she got over the fact she was surrounded by mud and horse poop. I will send you some pics next weekend of him and his ribbons from the spring for your news letter. So far three trials have produced two firsts and and a second. Hopefully he keeps progressing. I have a house and some land lined up in Gackle, North Dakota in the fall. Good sharptail and pheasant numbers, counting on a good hatch. Let me know if you want to meet up.

Matt in MI
Submitted by: Ryan family in KY on Mar 23, 2014
Hi Harold!

Well it's been just over 24 hours since we picked up Hadley and I have to tell you it has been an awesome first day! She has been absolutely great! We are so happy and we are all completely head over heels for our new little girl.

You have done an amazing job Harold! She is a fantastic 10 week old pup and I know that has a lot to do with how much effort and love you and your wife have given. We really cannot thank you enough! The entire process, from our first conversation last November to our picking her up yesterday, was a real pleasure. This is the first time we have adopted a dog from a breeder and our experience with you has set a standard for us that would be hard to match. I think it's fair to say that we are excited, and honored, to a part of the Biebel Brittany family! We can't wait to see what the future brings!

Now, I have to brag a little about our girl. When we arrived home yesterday Hadley made herself right at home. We purchased a bed for her on our way home and placed it in the floor when we got inside; she proceeded to climb into it and fall right asleep! Almost like she had been here all along. After her nap, we went outside to play in the yard. Some friends of ours came over to see her and play with her. While we were in the yard my friend threw a pine cone out in front of Hadley about 5 feet away. When it caught her attention she went into a perfect pointing posture and held it for about 1 or 2 seconds. After that he picked up the pine cone and threw it out about 10 feet. She chased it, picked it up, and when I called to her she brought it to my hand. I was absolutely stunned! Now, I truly see just how important genetics are. Since then, she has brought all sorts of great yard finds to my hand! She is already showing great instincts to
hunt, point, and retrieve. On top of all of that, she hasn't had one single potty accident in the house and has pottied everytime she's gone outside. What a great first day!

We are all trying hard to temper our excitement but this sweet girl just keeps impressing us at every turn. Thank you again for your time, efforts and committment.

All our Best,
Ryan, Casie & Ellie Stevens

P.S. Pics will be forthcoming!
Submitted by: Brad & Amanda in KY on Mar 19, 2014
Hey Harold the pup is great!!! I think we are gonna name him hucks jagged peach with a call name of jagger.He never made a sound on the way home and the more trust he gains with me the hyper he gets. Thanks Brad
Submitted by: Matt in MI on Mar 19, 2014
Harold. Just one week later, Slim took first this weekend. Wow what an exceptional young dog. Exceptional was bred into him by BiebelBrittanys. Thanks again and I will keep you in the loop for more winnings to come!! Matt in MI.
Submitted by: Matt in Michigan. on Mar 14, 2014
Hi Matt. Just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you and Slim. Keep up the good work and please keep me in the loop. Harold Biebel, BiebelBrittanys.

Harold. We are proud of you breeding such a promising performer. Slim's future looks bright as a national caliber all age dog. He will be trying to fill the big shoes his grandpa's Jake and Dandy wore. Matt in MI.
Submitted by: Matt in Michigan. on Mar 13, 2014
Harold FYI, Slim took second at this weekends field trial. He burnt up the course and one small move kept him from winning. He should have all his juvenile points before his first birthday, which is amazing. Thanks again. Matt in MI.
Submitted by: Anthony F. on Mar 04, 2014
Hey Harold! Just checkin in. It's almost been a year, Wyatt has been one if the best dogs I've ever owned. I've been training him to retrieve, flush, shed hunt, and of course be a professional baby. I've been meaning to email you for quite sometime, thank you for providing excellent dogs and excellent genetics! Anthony
Submitted by: Lisa, Brian & Kate in Ohio. on Feb 27, 2014
Hi Harold,

I hope things are going well with you and Renee. I have been meaning to send this email to you for the last few weeks but things have been real hectic and it slipped my mind. Lisa reminded me to send it tonight or we will run out of time.

I wanted to let you know that we will not be bringing Liv down this weekend. Here is the reason why, we have been running her up here in Ohio and what a hard running, big running dog she is becoming. You know that Lisa and I are old retriever field trial people and with Liv's pedigree and what she is showing we thought why not give her the chance and see if she can make it as a trial dog. So we sent her out with Jimmy Johnson about three weeks ago to see if she has what it takes. She has already been to Mississippi and she is currently down at Mingo Sportmans club here in southern OH. It is to early to tell if she will make it, she has only been with Jimmy about three weeks but we are hoping.

I hope you will not miss her to much but I figured you had enough to keep you busy anyhow with all the other dogs. We will miss visiting with you and Renee but would still like to come down sometime in the near future, maybe in May if that works with your schedule.

Again thanks for everything and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Your friends and fellow Brittany lovers in Cleveland OH

Lisa and Brian E.
Kate too!!!
Submitted by: Tom Larson on Feb 25, 2014
Hi Harold,
We met two years ago in the parking lot at Al’s Oasis in Chamberlain S. Dakota on the opening weekend of pheasants. I was with the group who had the lawn chairs in the parking lot and we shared some time and conversation together. Just wanted you to know how much my family and I enjoy your emails and pictures of the dogs and pups. Thanks for continuing to keep in touch.
Tom Larson
Submitted by: Tim in Illinois on Feb 18, 2014
Here is what I would say at this point RE Penny for a testimonial:
Harold was kind enough to deliver "Penny" to our home in WI, on an approval basis. At the age of 6 months, she chased and pointed quail naturally in
the first three days she was at my house. Picked them up with a soft mouthand didn't kill them. Impressive! Harold called after three days to make sure we were happy with the Penny, and if not was willing to pick her up
and take her back, refunding our money. No chance. She is calm and a
delight in and out of the house.
Harold had her crate trained by the time she got here, and in the first ten
days she has learned stay, sit, heel, kennel and "OK". She is amazingly easy to teach (the dog makes the trainer.....) and just wants to please. My wife, who is not a dog person was a little uneasy getting the first dog in her life (58 years!!!!). But she has really taken to Penny, even with the inevitable accident or two in the house. (Those accidents were really learning opportunities for us, more our fault than hers.)
I took Penny to "PheasantFest" yesterday in Milwaukee with 500 dogs and 6,000 people in the convention center. Calm and relaxed, Penny was the best salesperson Harold could have had in the world at that convention. No
issues at all, and a hit with everyone who approached.
Penny has the genes to be an amazing hunting dog. ("Gamblers Ace in the
Hole" and Grand Junction Jake") It is up to me to maximize her potential to
be an awesome hunting companion in addition to a loving house pet. Stay
tuned! Best to you my friend. Tim
Submitted by: Baron in Utah on Feb 18, 2014

Hank is doing well with our family. We have the potty training complete and are working on the heeling. Appreciate your assistance with us helping to add Hank to our family.

All the best,
Submitted by: Matt J. on Feb 01, 2014
Harold, I just wanted to give you a quick update on Hunter. He’s been doing very well. He seems to be quite comfortable with my brother’s family and he loves spending time with my daughter, Lydia, as well. We’ve been tremendously impressed with his switch – he goes from laid back family pet inside to a bundle of energy outside. His obedience has also gotten very sharp as he’s bonded with Nate. Matt.
Submitted by: Tony D. on Jan 28, 2014
Thanks for taking the time to show us around your kennels, for showing us the new puppies, (and the old ones), and for sharing your wisdom about this year’s upcoming Montana Hunt! I was eager to bring my Rex out to show you how he has grown and matured over the past year. Rex is just 19 months old, but has always run like an older and stronger dog. He sure enjoyed running around your property.

We will work to get his derby points this spring in trials, as we look forward to a great future in dog trialing. We have met so many Brittany owners that run trials and all have such wonderful comments about how impressed they are with Rex. It’s been such a fun adventure watching how so many of these exceptional dogs run thru each course, and how they keep such focus on hunting birds over varied terrain. Rex is a true all-age dog but, he is showing some real flexibility in his handling now, he is really “birdy”. I am proud of Rex, and thankful that I found a kennel where I can genuinely find an exceptional bird dog and hunting companion. Tony D.
Submitted by: Brian & Lisa from Ohio on Jan 24, 2014
Thought you might like to see a picture of Liv out training on point today. How she has changed in a short three weeks. We have been working her on birds once a week and her intensity and drive is fantastic. I think she is going to be a big running dog which would be fine, Lisa and I have talked about the possibilities of trialing this one.

On another note today was the first time Tripper was out on live training birds in a while you would have thought she was a kid in a candy store. I have never seen her so intense. I have started to work her some with a trainer here in Ohio and since she is such a big running dog we may see how she takes to some limited trialing this fall.

That's it for now, hope all is well with you and Renee and we look forward to seeing you in March.
Talk to you soon
Submitted by: Pat in Michigan on Jan 13, 2014
Harold - what nice looking pups. I especially like the darker colors.Have fun!!!!!!
BiebelBrittany Rusty is doing great. We take daiiy walks - in the snow! He is a real joy but he got chased from the house and he now lives in the garage u till he grows a mor Michigan suited coat. He is getting bigger and based on the amount of loose skin and size of his feet, I think he will probably be in the 40 lb range.
Good luck with the pups.
Pat in MI Sent from my iPad
Submitted by: Randy in IN on Jan 07, 2014
Harold, I had BiebelBrittany Brock to a trainer this past week and he is holding a strong point on quail. And is a natural backing to a silhouette. and most importantly and all naturally retrieving to hand! I am looking forward to getting him out with my son in law on some wild birds soon. Thanks!! Don’t have any pictures at this point but will send your way once I do. Randy in IN.
Submitted by: Annette & Wade in Houston on Jan 03, 2014
Harold. BiebelBrittany Crockett still has a lot of puppy in him lol. We spent Christmas at our ranch in Woodville Texas and I called him up to the house. I wasn't quite prepared to be nailed by 45 pounds of dog bulleting in at about 20 mph. But I did get my face licked. That boy can run. Looks like a line backer. So much fun. Thanks again from Annette in Houston.
Submitted by: Annette in Houston on Jan 02, 2014
Good morning Harold. Our boy BiebelBrittany Crockett is an amazing dog. Strong, fast, and hearty! Lots of character! Thank you so much from Annette and Wade in Houston.
Submitted by: Brian & Lisa from Ohio on Dec 31, 2013
Hi Harold. Just wanted to let you know I think the bird issue is resolved with Liv. We let her go after live pigeons on Sunday and she perked right up. I think her prey instinct is strong. At first she was skittish but after the first bird she figured it out. I think we released 6 or 7 birds for her and she kept going strong. She even went up to the pigeon coop at the end to check more birds out. She also met some horses whom she seemed to like.
Today she could not get enough of a pheasant wing I gave her. She was running around the house with it as if to say look at me I know what I am doing. Wishing you and Renee a safe and happy new year. Brian and Lisa in Ohio.
Brian. Well that is good news. Liv just needed game birds to flip the pray drive switch. Thanks for the update. Harold.
Submitted by: Alix in FL on Dec 30, 2013
Hi Harold. My grand children were here for a week. I am certain BiebelBrittany Dash has never seen children before? At least never has with us. But 7 month old Dash was amazing with our 2 and 7 yr old girls. He sat for treats, pats and when they said, CRATE, he marched right in for them. Mutual love on both sides. Dash has really started focusing on my directions to him, afield. We have 6 acres so it is very tempting for him to ignore me. Especially with our pastures bordering woodlands full of birds in the brush. Of course, when he does ignore me, I March right out there to "snatch him up"! Only took twice, and now he is, "oh, yes Mam, I am coming!" Dash learns quickly and goes into a serious mode when I leash him up to his 20 ft orange line bring out the dummy with the quail wings. Enjoying our boy. Alix in FL.
Submitted by: Matt in Ohio on Dec 30, 2013
HI Brad and many thanks for the great photos of BiebelBrittany Boomer. It’s not hard to see the family resemblance between him and BiebelBrittany Hunter since they are brothers! He looks like a great family dog and a fine bird dog.
I can’t say how impressed with are with Hunter. He lives at my brother Nate’s house (Beth is his wife), but he’s shared between our families. My wife and kids are very fond of him. My daughter, Lydia, asked me tonight if we could get a bird dog to sleep in her bed, so I think we’ll need to be looking for another BiebelBrittany soon.
Hunter is a great dog around the house – he and Boomer appear to share an affinity for lounging on soft surfaces. But he’s also really wowed us with his love of hunting. Daily exercise walks can be pretty exciting with this guy. It would be fun to get Boomer and Hunter together for some bird hunting, so maybe that will work out in the future. Thanks again, Matt in Ohio.
Submitted by: Pat Kelly on Dec 28, 2013
Harold - Happy New Year! BiebelBrittany Rusty is adapting well. He is now a confirmed Michigan State Spartan and is learning 'go green'. He has learned to kennel, climb stairs, play in the snow and quitely endure a bath. We are working on the whoa command and retrieving and coming when called. He is a very smart dog and learns quickly. He has gotten permission from Mrs Kelly to spend the night in the house and he whines when he has to go out and whines when he wants to come back in. He has gotten acquainted with the other dogs in the kennel and they patiently ignore his puppy antics We are getting along very well and in the spring I will start working him on birds - probably pigeons. Thanks again for Rusty and if your travels take you to Michigan please stop and visit. I will keep in touch. Best regards, Pat Kelly.
Submitted by: Matt in Ohio on Dec 28, 2013
Harold, I think we've got us a fine bird dog! Even though we have only had BiebelBrittany Hunter for a week Nate and I and our boys met out at our game club to walk Hunter this afternoon. The club is pretty deserted late in the day and Hunter had been making great progress with Beth and Nate at home so we decided to try letting him run a little bit to see how he liked being in a new field. He did great and about 10 minutes into our exercise time, he got birdy and then went on point. Next thing we know, up comes a pheasant. With school on break, a lot of the guys at our club were bringing their kids out on morning hunts, so we didn't expect to find any pheasants in the afternoon. I had my 20 gauge, just in case we stumbled on a bird. We were a little startled when he started pointing, but I did manage to fire one barrel and bring the bird down. Hunter went after it like he got paid to do it. I don't know who was having more fun, us or him. Later in the day, Hunter found another pheasant, this one was already dead. We're still three or four weeks from being ready for a real hunt, but Hunter can definitely make an afternoon walk more interesting than most dogs. I can't say enough about how well he is doing. Nate and I need to get him used to staying just a little closer to us because he does seem to want to wander a little further as he's gotten more comfortable, but his ability to work a field, point, and retrieve looks to be well above most of the dogs I've hunted with at our club. Thanks again, more reports to come. Matt
Submitted by: Kevin stahler on Dec 28, 2013
Well serg is my Brittany that I have ever owned and when I met with Harold biebel at his house I was not sure about them at first then Harold got this 5 month liver an white male out and right away he bones to me there were other pups there but Harold knew that this little pups was the right fit Harold know what he is talking about and is very very helpful when I have things to ask and I will be doing buissness again with Biebel Brittany's thanks again and look forward to seeing you in the feild thanks again kevin
Submitted by: Matt in Nashville, TN on Dec 26, 2013
Harold: Thanks again for going the extra mile and meeting us on Christmas morning to hand off BiebelBrittany Rusty to us. The kids were very surprised and had a fun day with Rusty. He is well acclimated and socialized, doing well on the leash, fetching and returning tennis balls, and even did well overnight. We think he will be very easy to house train, even at 10 weeks old!! Matt.
Submitted by: Matt from Ohio. on Dec 23, 2013
Hi Harold, I just finished taking some photos of my kids on the couch with BiebelBrittany Hunter to send to you. Hunter and I arrived home safely early this morning. He has been a real gentlemen getting to know my family – including our boxer/bulldog mix. He definitely enjoys his time on the couch, but he’s also been working well on a lead with me. I’ve attached a photo of our kids with him on the sofa this morning. Everyone is quite fond of him, but he seems to be especially fond of our 4-year daughter, Lydia. Many thanks and have a very Merry Christmas, Your friend Matt in Ohio.
Submitted by: Bear in N. CA on Dec 16, 2013
Hi Harold, We just read your email you sent out about our BiebelBrittany Dusty. Wow is the boy doing a terrific job! And only 5 months old. Wow. I wanted to let you know that yesterday we started our first introduction to guns and he did terrific. By the end of the session we were shooting a 22 over him with a clip winged pigeon and he was paying no attention to the gun. Also he pointed a bird with a stance that was nothing but the best example of this breeds potental, and held point for a good 40 seconds before I flushed it for him, and he retrieved with a soft mouth to the hand!
I was too excited myself to get a picture, but I will try next time!
Thanks again for the great dog!
-Beau B. in northern CA.
Submitted by: Dale & Sally in Riverside CA on Dec 09, 2013
Hi Harold
Hope this finds you and family well. Thought I would drop you a line to say hello. We had something good happen today, BiebelBrittany Nady started retrieving today! That means all four of my BiebelBrittany dogs are steady on point and retrieve to hand. The only way this could happen is thanks to you and the genetics you have breed into your BiebelBrittanys. With this said the grouse and pheasants in Montana better look out next year!!
God bless
Submitted by: Ed in Tuson AZ on Dec 09, 2013
Hi Harold.
A report from the opening day of Mearns quail hunting here in AZ.
There were three Biebel Brittanys in the field yesterday with three different hunters. Pretty neat, huh? And all 3 BiebelBrittanys found, pointed and retrieved quail. Again, that predisposed genetics you are always talking about.
Ed in Tucson.
Submitted by: James; CIV DISA NS (US Army) on Dec 04, 2013

I can see the pedigree genetics in the puppy that we got from you in September 2013. Although I haven't had him on training birds, he points everything, with so much intensity that you think he will explode. He also has to retrieve everything thrown.
James CIV DISA NS (US Army)
Submitted by: Brian in Ohio on Dec 04, 2013
BiebelBrittany puppy Liv is starting to become real birdy. Although we do not have any wild birds here she sure knows what geese and robins etc are. I am going to try and find a few quail to purchase to see how she handles them. She is going to become a very good bird dog. I think she will take to your training well once she comes back. She is becoming bolder as time goes on.
Lisa, Kate and Tripper say hello.
Brian in Ohio.
Submitted by: Robin H on Dec 03, 2013
This is Robin from Eaton, OH. We picked up Greta, Aug. 10 of this year. She is now 6 months old and you sure can see her breeding kicking in.
Her nose will not stop. We take her to the farm to run off steam, and she already works the field back and forth. She is not afraid to go into tall grass to follow a scent.
Per the vet, Greta has strong muscular legs and that is from her hopping and running in that tall grass. She found her first pheasant the other day. It was dead from a Red Tail hawk, but she found the bones and feathers. She also busted a covey of quail. Once they landed on down the water-way, she busted them again. It was a sight to see! She fetches and retrieves on command. Greta, Dan & I will be going to a trainer (Jean Webb) that is South of Columbus beginning in January. Mrs. Webb is about an hour and half from Eaton. We are so excited! Greta is a wonderful pet, companion, and bird dog.
Submitted by: Daundra in KY on Nov 27, 2013
Oh my! Surprised doesn't EVEN touch it! Our son CJ knocked on the front door holding Jac (of course it was getting late)- and my husband Doug first looked puzzled, (why did CJ have a dog) and said, "what the hell?"- then REALIZED it was Jac- and burst into tears- (and my video wouldn't come on :(
First night went very well- He was a bit scared/skittish, had already bonded w/ CJ, and kept hiding behind him- this morning Doug took him for a little walk, and he is now relaxed enough to lean into him, and look at you for a second... He will warm up quickly...
Doug wants to call you in a bit- I told him you would be traveling...
Thanks so much for everything- as we get things, we can mail back the collar and leash- I had told CJ I knew Doug would want to get a name/address collar- so not to spend much $ to just end up replacing it- but it was good he had them. thanks
Submitted by: Doug in KY on Nov 27, 2013
Now I understand why my wife wouldn't really talk to me about Jac. I brought him up several times while on vacation and got little to no response. So I didn't pressure her. We don't have a pressure relationship. She's never been able to surprise me with a gift of any kind. Got me this time. Thank you.
Jac's a scared little man right now. Bonded with our son CJ and they slept together last night. I was up this morning to take him for a walk. Jac's not big on the leash, but I'm not impatient. He was fine after a bit. We walked the big field out back for about 30 minutes and when we came back inside, he finally looked me in the eye! and he relaxed a bit. Still nervous and that's ok, its all new.
I appreciate, more than you know, what you've done. He'll have
a great time being a Clark dog. Trust me, he's found a home.
Doug, husband of Daundra (see the next email below)
Submitted by: Alix and Rick on Nov 17, 2013
Hi Harold and thank you so much for our new BiebelBrittany named Dash. Dash is such a god boy. He Slept whole way home to Franklin Tn.
Peepeed outside, met the rest of the crew, had a snack, practiced his commands for liver treats, had a bath, stayed in crate while I cleaned horse pastures, poopied outside, supervised the kitchen dinner prep and cuddled with Dad. And it's only been 4 hours since we picked him up.

I turned on the YouTube, Trixie and Huxk, from when he was a baby pup...he came right over to the iPad when he heard Dad Harold's voice and stood there for the duration!
We are beyond happy!
Alix and Rick
Submitted by: jack neal on Nov 14, 2013
Unbelievable!!! Hi my name is Jack and I was looking for a Brittany to hunt with as well as a indoor pet. I got on the internet looking for a Brittany breeder close to my home in Bowling green Kentucky. Well come to find out, Biebel Brittanys was a few miles down the road. I stopped by to see some pups and ended up buying a 4.5 month old male named Topper that Harold and I thought would be a good dog for me. Great decision!! That was 2 weeks ago. Yesterday we went out for a training session. The dog had never been on a bird. Well to my great delight he ended up pointing at least six quail. Held his point until you got there no matter how long it took. Didn't flush one bird. Retrieved all his birds plus some extras to hand. And didn't damage one bird. I never saw anything like it. I was awestruck. Like I said Unbelievable!! And not only did I get a great bird dog in Topper. I got a great friend in Harold Biebel as well. Thank you my friend.
Submitted by: Jagger's Mom. on Nov 07, 2013
Bailey. Mr. Harold,
Me and my grandad have loved having Bailey (BiebelBrittany) around. Bailey has been a great dog to us. We took him hunting the other day and he did great pointing two or three coveys of birds. I just wanted to let you know what a great dog Bailey is. Jagger
Submitted by: Ed M. in Montana on Nov 05, 2013
Ed what great fun! Wish I was there with you and Lee (BiebelBrittany.) Maybe next year. Have more fun and please keep telling me about it. Harold.

You always hunt the dogs into the wind. No wasted time hunting downwind or back over the same ground you just hunted.
In the attached pic, guide is calling for ATV to pick us up after the 4 of us hunters walked two parallel windbreaks w/ a dog in each!
I got my 5 roosters again yesterday by lunch time. We don't leave the lodge until 10:00 so lunch was at abt 1:15 in yet another bldg. heated by propane. It was an old wooden granary which has been paneled with lumber made from "bug timber" (trees killed by beetles). The wood is beautiful. The warming hut the first day was on stilts extending out over a pretty lake. Wind was blowing hard yesterday w/ temps in the 30s so warming hut was very welcome! We returned to the lodge at 5:00.
The ranch owners are building other such warming huts on other parts of the ranch.
We only saw 2 Sharpies yesterday. Grouse population is way down. We got into two coveys of Huns. Plenty of pheasants.
Lee did very well again-many points.
Another superb dinner last night. We had pheasant breasts in a Dijon sauce (not fried), wild rice, summer squash, and herb drop biscuits. Bread pudding for dessert.
We had pheasant strips grilled in two different marinades night before last for an appetizer. Both were EXCELLENT! Just use the Grill Mates brand 1) "Chipotle.." and 2) "Garlic, Herb, and wine".
Submitted by: Zack in MN (12 years old) on Nov 05, 2013
Mr. Biebel. our BiebelBrittany shilo is a great dog. once he hears my bus's engine he goes strait to the door to wait for me to come home from school. thank you Harold for bringing me and my family the best dog in the world. p.s. shilo is great at hunting. He does well in any type of grass. He also loves fishing! Zack.
Submitted by: Duane in FL on Nov 05, 2013
Hi Harold:
That ol' Huck is a busy boy, another litter of BiebelBrittanys.
Those pups are good lookin' for sure. The socializing you provide to your puppies is irreplaceable.
Stay Well.
Submitted by: Ed M. in Montana on Nov 04, 2013
Harold. Lee did great again today. Had a number of fine points on pheasants. He sort of bumped one rooster he had relocated on 3 times. Bird was in range so he died for tormenting my dog! I estimate Lee had 7-9 pts in the two hrs I hunted him. He knows how to hunt pheasants. I help him a little by never letting him get more than 100 yds out (usually much less). He and I have learned together. In the two days hunting here, I never hollered at him once!!! I just nick him when he's a little too far out.
Ed from Montana
Submitted by: Ed M. in Montana on Nov 03, 2013
This morning we put 4 dogs (Lee, 2 GSPs, one Eng Setter) on the ground for 4 hunters. W/in the first 1.5 hrs, Lee (BiebelBrittany) had 8 perfect points on roosters! Four of them ran so he would relocate beautifully. All 8 birds were flushed by hunters, none by Lee. Lee's 8 pts accounted for 8 of first 12 roosters killed!
Our group shot 19 roosters, 3 Huns, one Sharpie for the day. I killed the first 5 roosters I shot at. Later, I shot at two more (easy shots) and missed both!!!! Lee had two more pts a little later then I retired him for the day. I cannot tell you how proud of him I was.
Super guides, super hunting, super food, super place. I will be back here next yr. They have close to 100,000 deeded acres much of which they never hunt because it is too far to drive from the Lodge. They try not to drive more than 30 mins to a hunt spot! Not one plow has touched this land for over 12 yrs. They manage it for upland birds. The cattle are pulled off in May so they don't disturb the nesting game birds!
The guides (3) and hunters were all raving abt Lee. He was clearly the best dog in the field. One of the guides is a NSTRA judge and a friend of Nolan Huffman. Of course he knew all abt "Buddy". I told him Lee was a grandson of Buddy. He said Nolan trialed Buddy almost every weekend ,all yr long.
Today was truly a day to remember--
Submitted by: Duane in Orlando, FL on Sep 24, 2013
Hey Harold:
Becky Thatcher is Home Sweet Home. We have become adjusted to each other and Becky loves my wife, Ethna, and my daughter, Shannon. Tell Andy I appreciate his "parentage" and of course I thank you for all you have done. Becky is very well adjusted. Enjoy these pics.
Stay Well
Submitted by: Jagger's Mom. on Sep 23, 2013
Mr. Beibel,
Which Tri-Tronics collar do you recommend for single dog use that is on the website? They will mainly need it when they quail hunt. Bailey is doing well, he loves his new home. He has been going for morning walks and afternoon walks. He is such a good natured, sweet dog. John is waiting to let him go freely without his leash until they cut all the corn that surrounds the house and he gets the collar.
Jagger's mom
Submitted by: Dale Schuetz on Sep 20, 2013
Montana hunting is in 2 weeks and hope to see & meet new Biebel brittany owners and ones from last year will be lots of fun. Any one looking for a great bird dog try a biebel brittany they are great. Find a owner of one and just ask. Not only will you have a good dog but will have lasting friends that own them. Just come to Montana to hunt and will meet them.Harold is a great breeder and takes pride in his brittanys. Will be running 2 this year my boy Amos a pup named lefty with a fantistic nose and all the natural ability there is in a dog
Thanks again
Submitted by: Brian & Lisa from Ohio on Sep 16, 2013
Dear Harold and Renee,
Thank you for a wonderful weekend in Bowling Green. Brian, Tripper (AKA INTENSE) and I had a blast. Not only did this weekend reinforce the decision we made 9 months ago to get a Biebel Brittany, but it showed us what a choice decision it was. Tripper not only met but exceeded our expectations in the field! We loved how thorough she quartered the field and how she froze when she locked on point! The natural ability in your dogs are amazing!
Brian and I also enjoyed watching how you introduce your young dogs to birds and start them on a hunting career. You are kind and gentle and truly show them a lot of patience.
You, Renee and 'the pack' are very gracious hosts welcoming us to stay in your house. We know we have a home away from home in Kentucky.
Thank you as well for the take home gifts as well as introducing us to Andy and Mary and proving that Brittany people are the best people paws down!

Your friends and Biebel Brittany fans,
Lisa, Brian, Kate and Tripper Edgehouse
Submitted by: Kelsy in the Marine Corp. on Sep 08, 2013
Harold, It took a while to get home yesterday, but we finally made it. It was easier going once she threw up everything she had in her stomach. She threw up four times, and I had no idea all that was inside her. She's exploring the house and figuring out the lay of the land. We've already made several loops around the neighborhood. I wasn't brave enough to let her sleep in bed with me. I got her up several times last night to go out and use the bathroom, and she did great. Thanks so much! Kelsey
Submitted by: Gerry in Atlanta on Sep 06, 2013
Harold, Thank you again for all the help and meeting us half way. I decided to name him Z-Bo, after a Memphis Grizzlies basketball player. He is perfect. Hasn't made a mistake in the house yet, is full of playful energy and gets along very well with each of my roommates. I brought a crate over from my moms house but decided to let him sleep in the bed with me the first night and let him out once every few hours and he didn't even get close to making a mistake. He was perfect again last night.
While at work I have been keeping him in the mudroom with a few toys and towels to play with. He does a good job at making me feel terrible for leaving him by crying when I shut the door but he is always so excited to see me right when my roommates or myself come home to let him out. We are finishing off the fence this weekend. Once that is done I will begin training him to use the doggy door. Thank you again for all the help. He is such a great dog already. Hope all is well, Gerry
Submitted by: Ed M. in Montana on Sep 01, 2013
Harold We have been out for the opening day of Hungarian Partridge season in Montana 9-1-13.
How many family groups did you find ? Only two. Where are you hunting? The Shield's River Valley, 45 mins from my house. Near Billings, MT. BiebelBrittany Lee found and pointed a 10 bird covey which BiebelBrittany Lucy Lu and GSP Frida honored. The three dogs had the birds inside a circle. It was a thing of beauty. The birds flushed, I got a double but Gordon did not shoot! He had just killed a bird about 5 mins earlier and forgot to reload!!!!!! Ed.

Submitted by: Cory M. on Aug 31, 2013

Boomer is doing great!!! I have never had a dog so well disciplined.....took a little time to learn the rules but once he gets them it is easy. I have a week of use or loose leave at the end of SEPT and I am trying to find some place to take boomer hunting. Do you have any suggestions?

Cory M
Submitted by: Tim M. in Indiana on Aug 14, 2013
Harold. Awesome! Took Tucker out to the field just now for training ( pigeon in launcher in thick weeds)- nice point , steady to wing and shot ( I don't shoot my training birds). He is a nice handling dog!!!
Tim M. in IN.
Submitted by: Craig in FL on Aug 12, 2013
Hello Harold, It was nice to see many of your pups going home to families with young children. They make the best fam pets. Bea is doing great! Already retrieving, toys, shoes, frisbees and chewing.
Were you able to see picture we sent? Thanks again! Craig
Submitted by: Chandler & Josh in TN on Aug 06, 2013
We went for puppy shots today. Colt did great at the vets office. He was very alert and adventurous. He was loved on by everybody we walked passed. Colt is truly a beautiful Brittany! This picture is from this afternoon after the vet visit. He's learning fast and loves to follow Nallah around! Josh and I are so glad to have chosen a Biebel Brittany to be a part of our family!
Submitted by: Craig & Pam from MD on Aug 05, 2013
We made it back to Maryland without a hitch, Bea was very quiet most of the drive. No car sickness, nothing! Bea is getting along fine with our other dogs (if people will put her down so she can play).
This is my first morning back to work & online. I will send out a few pictures soon, once I make it through 10,000 e-mails.
Thanks for everything.
Submitted by: Trent Chambers on Aug 05, 2013
Start off I would have to say that Harold and his wife Renae are the most passionate dog people. I loaded up the car this last weekend with my wife and two kids, along with my Biebel Brittnay Rusty. We headed out to Kentucky from Iowa to visit the Biebels for the first time since Harold delivered Rusty to us almost 3 years ago. When we arrived man was I shocked at all the puppies and dogs they had. The boys instantly fell in love with the 16 puppies and I of course told them right away we can't take one home. Along with all the dogs outside they also have three very nice dogs inside. They are top notch people when it comes to hospitality. Harold joked with the boys all weekend and Renae was a very nice and sweet lady. Harold even cooked us some very delicious Elk burgers. They told us where some of the places to go to take the kids along with stuff for us to do. When we were at their house all the boys wanted to do was play with the puppies. They even renamed some of them for Harold. Harold was nice enough to let the boys get the puppies out to play and run around with the boys to let them get used to kids. Some of them for being puppies I was very surprised at how tame they were. While there the one thing my wife wanted was a three generations picture of Rusty with his mom Cocoa Bear and her mom Sugar Bear. I will get one of the pictures to you Harold when I get them developed. They have a very nice place with plenty of room for the dogs to run. So if you buy a dog from the Biebels which I would highly recommend, they are well exercised and have a lot of people time. While we were there we helped with chores. There isn't anything that gets by Harold he takes his dogs very seriously and treats everyone the same which is amazing since he has 22 dogs along with the 16 puppies. If you have been thinking about getting a brittnay then don't think to long and contact Harold of Biebel Brittnays.
Submitted by: Timothy Madren on Jul 24, 2013
Tucker is a 2 year old tricolor Biebel Brittany who is developing nicely. He is full of natural drive and very confident but obedient and disciplined as he hunts. Tucker is great around kids and other dogs. His pedigree is packed with high powered bird dogs! He is the son of Grand Junction Jake and Biebel's Cocoa - both maternal and paternal genetics are loaded with Hall of Fame dogs. If you research these dogs and their accomplishments as I have done you can understand why Biebel Brittanys are sought across the nation. Tucker was easy to work with as a pup always bold and confident around birds early on. I had read a book " Training with Mo" and was intrigued by his methods . As a 1 yr old Tucker was trained by Maurice Lindley of Piedmont SC, one of the finest bird dog trainers in the country who told me that Tuck was becoming a " Brag Dog" , ha ha. He showed strong similarity to Microdot, a big time dog in Tucker' s pedigree!
It's cool to see a great dog matched to an awesome trainer who can take all that potent genetics and natural instinct and mold it into a "Brag Dog" that is a joy to hunt with!
Thanks Harold, Tim and Family
Submitted by: Bill in KY on Jul 15, 2013
I knew that would be coming! Thank you Harold, but we are just not ready to give our hearts away again yet. If I ever do get another dog it will be a Beibel Brittany. She was sooo smart! It was fun to watch her breeding and instincts tell her what to do. I took her away from her Mother, I didn't have an old dog for her to hunt with, and I had never trained a dog before. She just knew what to do! God makes some wonderfully incredible things (dogs)! She gave me 11 wonderful years. I'm so blessed to have had her.

Thanks! Harold

Submitted by: Zack in MN (12 years old) on Jul 15, 2013
Shilo is a great dog. I love him thank you for giving us a new best friend. Zack.
Submitted by: Lisa in Ohio on Jul 14, 2013
Dear Harold,

Pay backs are a BI+@#!!!!! Just wanted to let you know that Tripper, on her own, took out a squirrel in our backyard today. She brought it to me......ALIVE! I think that a coyote, or a hawk got it, or it was in a fight, and it was hiding under our pine tree. She let it go when I said drop it. Luckily it didn't bite her, or me. Brian (of course) was at a golf outing. He thought it was hysterical! There's one less squirrel that will cause damage to a HUMMER.

Lisa & Tripper AKA Squirrel Hunter
Submitted by: Lisa, Brian & Kate Edgehouse on Jul 14, 2013

Its been a little over 6 months with Tripper and she is such a part of the family. Looking forward to hunting season since she points every bird on our walks, including the family of Red Tail Hawks near the field where I let her run. Kate leaves for the College of Wooster in August and she talks about how much she'll miss Tripper; nothing about how much she'll miss mom & dad. You really do a GREAT job of breeding well rounded Brittanys. By the way, July 4th came and went and it was just another night to Tripper.
Submitted by: Todd in Washington DC on Jul 12, 2013
Gus - Bullets Darling Hokie JH

Just wanted to let you know that after 13.5 great years with Gus we had to put him down today. He was the greatest dog we could have ever hoped for. If I remember correctly he came from the 3rd litter of Libby and Nolan's Last Bullet. It seems like just yesterday I picked him up and drove him back to Virginia Tech with me where he spent a semester and a summer in college. He adjusted very quickly to Fraternity parties, trips to the New River and college life in general. Over the years he made many road trips, did a lot of fishing with me, retrieved a great number of ducks and even a few geese. He also had the highest score of the day in his 3rd leg of the AKC Junior Hunt test. On the fourth and final test he broke after the flush, chased down a flying quail which he caught in his mouth 4 four feet off the ground and brought it back to me still alive. Needless to say the judge was rather impressed. Throughout his 13 years he never had any health problems or genetic issues.
Right up until the end he still loved to chase birds, just last week he went after some Mallards in the National Reflecting Pool and jumped right in after them. I just wanted to thank you again for breeding such a healthy, birdy and well-mannered bird dog that brought us soo much joy over the years. For anyone reading this, I hope your Brittany provides as many great memories for you as Gus did for us.
Submitted by: Mark in Minnesota on Jul 02, 2013
Hi Mark. Did you receive my email with the link to the video of Shilow and 2 pups playing in the yard? Good video of your boy Shilow. Harold.

Hi Harold. The video is awesome, we have watched it about 10 times. He looks so big compared to the pups. He looks big for a britt, how tall is he and what weight do you think he is at? He will need some of that height and weight for the fields and woods I hunt around MN. Most of the stuff I hunt in southern and western MN are really thick, tall prairie grass. He looks great, the excitement continues to build with our family. Mark.
Submitted by: Ted & Family on Jul 02, 2013
Harold. We've been thrilled with the BiebelBrittany addition to our family, and frankly still a bit shocked at how accommodating you have been. Thank you, Ted.
Submitted by: Anthony & Kristen on Jul 02, 2013
Hello Harold! We've had Wyatt for close to 2 weeks now, and can't tell you how amazing this dog has been. We have been working on the basics, crate training and house breaking. Needless to say, It's been a breeze so far. We've been playing and having short retrieving training sessions, he's been doing very well with his retrieves for an 11 week old pup. I want to thank you and your wife again for giving us a beautiful, healthy pup!
Submitted by: Jerry & Beth in Tucson on Jul 01, 2013
Harold, thanks a bunch for these pics. Have them stored on my computer, but when reviewing these realized that the one of Callie and me may very well be Callie's last pointed birds to any degree. Could not hunt her at all last season because I was afraid of losing her due to being almost totally blind and deaf. Which was a real shame because she could still gets along just find and wanted to hunt in the worse way. Took her along on every trip anyway. Thank I will frame that one of the two of us. Thanks again for some fond memories!! Jerry

Hey Jerry. I was just looking at Callie's file. She was in Libby's 4th litter, Libby bred to Nolan's Last Bullet. Callie was whelped on 8-17-00. I still have the Air Waybill from shipping Callie to you on American Airlines on 10-23-00 from Nashville to Tucson, AZ. Our Libby, Nolan's Last Bullet and your Callie pulled you and me together 13 years ago we are still great friends. And our wives are big buddies too! Thanks to the dogs! As always I look forward to seeing you in the bird fields this fall. P.S. That Libby, she had 8 litters in her career and was one of my best dogs ever. And she found Nolan's Last Bullet for us. Harold
Submitted by: Denise in Tucson on Jun 25, 2013
Hi Harold,
Her name is Sabine. We call her Beanie or Green Bean because of her green collar. She is really "birdy" and chases birds back and forth across the back yard. We have never had a dog look up as much as she does or talk as much. She is a real sweetheart. Unfortunately,because of our business, we didn't do much with her this past bird season, but we are doing more and will be putting her in the field this fall.
Thanks, Denise
Submitted by: Michele & Chris on Jun 23, 2013
Hi Harold,

Thank you for the medical reminders. Rusty did get his wormer today and will be getting his shot next week as well.

All continues to go well here, our other Brittany and Rusty are getting along very well. She is very motherly to him, and he has been following all of her leads and learning quickly.

Thanks again,
Submitted by: Marjory Roberts Gray on Jun 21, 2013
Can This Marriage Be Saved, Part I:

My husband and I purchased Boomer, a 5-year-old Brittany Spaniel, from BiebelBrittanys 3 1/2 years ago. My husband has loved him as a hunting dog, and we've all loved him as a family dog, including our son. However, he's been a challenge for me on walks, running off all too often despite his Tritronics and GPS tracking collars. He always comes home--but not without fraying every nerve of his loving owners. I finally decided it was time for Boomer and I to get some training together. That's where Harold Biebel comes in, who generously offered to get me where I needed to be on a recent visit with my family. In only two training sessions, it was clear that Boomer was listening to me in a way he never has, thanks to Harold's clear, patient, and sensible training strategies.Many thanks to Harold! Update to come in a week or two.... Marji Roberts Gray
Submitted by: Michele on Jun 18, 2013
Dear Harold,

It was so nice meeting you and your wife, we cannot thank you enough for driving over 14 hours to give us our puppy on Saturday. Rusty is such a wonderful addition to our family. We appreciate all of the time and effort you put into these puppies (especially all the photos and videos you provided). At only 8 weeks he has really caught on very quickly and is pretty much house trained. Thank you again and I will be sure to send you updates.

Michele and Chris.
Submitted by: Athena & Robert N. on Jun 03, 2013
Hey Harold,

Just thought I would give you an update on our Lillie Lu!! She is doing amazing. Her eye is alot better and looking awesome. Also, she competed in her first field trial today as a flusher. And she took 3rd with a time of 8 mins and 36 secs. She is very fast. Everyone who meets her loves her. They ask if she is still a puppy because she is so little. Here is a picture of Delaney (our daughter) Robert and Lillie Lu with their award from today!! Delaney Loves HER Dog as she says. She threw a fit everytime we had to kennel her today. I can tell they will be best pals when Delaney gets older.

Athena & Robert N.
Submitted by: Tony on Jun 03, 2013
First Birthday -- T-Rex turns 1-year old on 4 June. I cannot believe its been a year.

I took some action photos specifically for making of his birthday card to invite his dog friends over - ones that I was going to share, but, I am now somewhat torn between sending the "city dog pictures" Rex in his birthday hat with photos of his butt sniffing Vizsla's eating "everything" in the house- or photos of Rex with a "bob white- quail" in his mouth on retrieve working with competitive Brittany's in a field setting behind him. Hmmmm, so, I chose not to do the birthday card as not to upset anyone.

LOL. not really, but I must say that Rex is a beast, athlete, and a friend - he keeps me excited and I look forward to his next year.
Submitted by: Cory at Ft. Knox, KY on Jun 01, 2013
Boomer checked out fine at the vet today. I should have his blood work back early next week. He also has a new haircut so I will try to send some photos by the end of the weekend.
Submitted by: Randy in Indiana on May 30, 2013
Thank you so much for driving 3 hours to meet and assist in training my one yr old Biebel Brittany.
I sure appreciate the time you took to train Brock and introduce me to another fellow bird hunter.

I had Brock out again Monday at 5:30am – still awful warm and no wind- but he got a good work out and another exposure to quail- he readily retrieved the birds and brought them back to me.

He minded well and appears to be much birdier in the house- following birds flying and going from window to window to watch them fly.

Will try to get him out again a few times- a friend had a quail pen so I was able to preserve all the quail I bought.

Thanks again!!
Submitted by: Larry S. on May 27, 2013
Harold. Thanks so much. I am going to list the puppies on that web site and I am in the process of developing a small little web site of my own also. I will send you a pick of me and Rookie ASAP and would like to sincerely Thank You for all your help you have done for me since becoming part of the Biebel Brittany family you are truly a wonderful person and love all the emails you forward to us all. This whelping thing has truly been a wonderful experience.

Larry S.
Braggin' Brittanys

Head Coach
Batavia Varsity Wrestling
Submitted by: Geoff & Joan in Illinois on May 13, 2013
Just want to thank you and Renee for your hospitality. Renee took us all over in the rain. Does not bother me at all but a girls hair is important.
I enjoyed our conversation, and was happy we met again.
It was wonderful to meet all the dogs. They were happy to have company and Joan and I took advantage of it.
Joan loved Huck, and I was intrigued by Mike. He kept staring at me like Amber used to do. When he was out I petted him close, just as I did Amber. What a good connection. I did not remember until later that he is Amber's dad.
Joan was impressed by Huck's sweetness. I don't think she expected it in a male, but Mikes got it too.
Trixie is beautiful and reminds us of Amber. We are anxious to see what she and handsome Huck produce. Bet you feel the same.
All the best.
Geoff & Joan
P.S. If you hear from your Warrior please let us know.
Submitted by: Carla & Jerry; Tucson, AZ on May 01, 2013
Hi Harold,
We plan to head for Minnesota on May 10th. We will make our first stop at a friends gun club for a tournament then should be home around the 20th. If the winter doesn't quit in MN we might just turn around and return to AZ! :) The boys are doin' GREAT! Both are such lovers and Jerry has been taking them out in the field with ecollars. They are both quick learners and Hammer is such a good singer, too. I plan to take some pictures of the "boys" soon - I'll share with you. Hope all is well with you and yours!
Carla & Jerry
Submitted by: Bobby in KY on May 01, 2013
Harold. I Just got in from working Boo. She did very well and only 7 months old. Put out three birds. She held point on all three let me walk in front and flush birds. Retrieved two with little coaching.
Thanks for all you help.
PS must add weight to quail holder.
Lewistown was my favorite place in Montana
Submitted by: Joshua Blakely on Apr 28, 2013

I had such an enjoyable experience training dogs alongside you for a day. You were a terrific teacher and mentor for a new Brittany owner. Chandler and I cannot wait to get our Biebel Brittany this summer/fall. We truly found a great friend when we chose to become a part of the Biebel Brittany family. Chandler says hello, and we look forward to many more experiences with the Biebel Brittany clan.

Many blessings,
Josh Blakely
Submitted by: Rich in Chicago on Apr 21, 2013
Harold, how is this for a comfortable position? (BiebelBrittany JJ sound asleep on the sofa) Had him out at the shooting preserve for the last time this season. I shot a pheasant that fell into a pond and JJ did a swimming water retrieve. He gets better every time. Lets go to Iowa together this fall. Rich
Submitted by: Tony D. on Apr 15, 2013
Rex placed 2nd in Derby stakes this past weekend. Niagara Frontier, Polk PA. Rex had a splendid run, casting was spectacular and he handled marvelously on relatively shorter course (about 250 yds). Rex needs a lot of terrain. Bottom line... Nice points and Rex found his birds!
We will run again 4-5 May 13. Oh, T-Rex is a special 10 month old puppy.
Tony D.
Submitted by: Rich in Chicago on Apr 13, 2013
Harold: Phyllis made Chili with the Elk burger you brought us and it was delicious. Phyllis liked it which is unusual because she normally does not like game. Had our BiebelBrittany JJ out today at the shooting preserve and we got 12 pheasants, he was terrific, as always. Thanks, Rich.
Submitted by: Lisa in Ohio on Apr 13, 2013
We ran our wonderful BiebelBrittany Tripper yesterday in the Camp Belden big field again. I think she would still be running this morning if we let her! She is so good at what she does. And what she does is love us and make us proud.
Sent from my iPhone
Submitted by: Lisa in Cleveland on Apr 12, 2013
Hay Harold, Tripper is doing very well. She is an extremely fast learner and has adjusted to house dog without incident or accident. We are interested in getting an e-collar as soon as possible because I don't want her to think she is just a house dog. I think she is a little disappointed in that she hasn't had a chance yet to show off her bird hunting skills for 'mom' & 'dad' yet. Can you please email your contact at Tri-tronics so that we can purchase a collar.
We all agree that you won't have to change her name to "BIEBEL'S TRIP TO OHIO". She has her own 'chair' in the family room and we can't believe we have lived so long without a dog. We are all smitten!
I promise there will be pictures to come!
Submitted by: Lisa in Cleveland on Apr 12, 2013
Hay Harold, Tripper is doing very well. She is an extremely fast learner and has adjusted to house dog without incident or accident. We are interested in getting an e-collar as soon as possible because I don't want her to think she is just a house dog. I think she is a little disappointed in that she hasn't had a chance yet to show off her bird hunting skills for 'mom' & 'dad' yet. Can you please email your contact at Tri-tronics so that we can purchase a collar.
We all agree that you won't have to change her name to "BIEBEL'S TRIP TO OHIO". She has her own 'chair' in the family room and we can't believe we have lived so long without a dog. We are all smitten!
I promise there will be pictures to come!
Submitted by: Tony in KY on Apr 08, 2013
T-Rex man wins a big one in Michigan !!!! 2 points now on to Derby.

Harold, Tony again from the Puppy Field Trials in Michigan. I Cannot explain my excitement. This is a bird dog. The epitome of what one hopes for in a 10 month old BiebelBrittany puppy, and T-Rex is delivering. Rex man ran for 30 minutes to win in Michigan, (see the photo of him with his Blue Ribbon) then he bolted for an hour, on to the bird course to point and show birds in their venue too. Handler Jimmy couldn't catch him. I cannot tell you how I am elated I am to see this dog move on to Derby. Good luck other dogs. Respectfully, Tony.
Submitted by: John in Iowa on Apr 08, 2013
Hi Harold,
Tucker is doing great what a dog. He's best friends with his big sister, she's finally starting to put him in his place but he will not back down from anything. Our walks he doesn't go around things he goes through it. He's the most tenacious puppy I've ever been around. Not one accident in the house, sleeps through the night . Boy can he use his nose, I can't wait till hunting season. I love the dishwasher photo, the dog knows what he wants and does anything to get it. We couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family, worth the drive to bowling green.
john in Iowa
Submitted by: Rich in Chicago on Apr 05, 2013
Harold, had my BiebelBrittany JJ out yesterday and he cleaned up the fields at the shooting preserve. We didn't have any birds released and he still found 5 pheasants. He pointed and retrieved all 5 of them. He had to run down two as they were wing shot. Might go out one more time, depends on the weather.Rich
Submitted by: Charli in Lexington, KY on Apr 05, 2013
A bit over a week ago I picked up my second Biebel Brittany. My first is a year old orange male. Harold offered to keep my one year old and do some obedience work with him during my first week with my new pup. I agreed and rode home with one new pup and my one year old in good hands. Throughout the week, I got to know my new pup, Huck. Though his personality is so unique, he, like my year old Ollie, has an alertness, friendliness, and responsiveness such as I have seen in few other dogs. When I returned to pick up Ollie from Harold, Harold spent two solid hours helping me learn how to continue the training he had so successfully started. I thoroughly plan on taking Ollie and Huck back to Harold in the near future. The man has a gift with the beautiful dogs that he breeds. And trust me: they are beautiful, intelligent, eager dogs. I'm incredibly lucky to have two! Charli.
Submitted by: Tony on Apr 01, 2013
Harold Happy Easter!

T-Rex finished 3rd in Puppy stakes at trials in Ionia, Michigan this weekend. Again, consistent and he sure is a "hot" dog! He will run again next weekend in Ionia.

Rex will be 10 months old on the 4th of April.

Tony D.
Submitted by: Jerry Palmer on Mar 26, 2013
Harold. The "boys" are doing GREAT! They have had their shots, gotten micro-chipped, Hammer got neutered, and they have been rattle snake trained!!! Seems like we have had them for much longer than 3 weeks!!!! The hardest thing has been teaching them NOT to jump up without being asked. They are learning and are getting the routine and pecking order down real well. Bucko and the boys do very well together. We are very pleased to have them join our family. Thank you for all you did to make this happen!!
Hope all is well with you and yours!!!
Carla, Jerry, Bucko, Buddy and Hammer in Tucson
Submitted by: Daniel Morgan on Mar 26, 2013
We got " Libby lanes miss Gertrude"-TRUDY in sept.2001 from mr. Biebel,that has turned out to be the best day in my life.her hunting and companionship is the most outstanding of all dogs I have owned in 73years.I even had one man tell me,that he doesn't like dogs,but " I like that dog".She made me a much happier person,next to my wife she is my best friend.
Submitted by: Dennis Allen on Mar 23, 2013
Purchased my Brittany from Harold last in May 2012, and Scout has just turned 1 year old. He is been a great addition to our family as well as an eager hunter to be. Scout has been training on stocked Pheasants on my family's farm. He has a great nose and is a very good pointer. He gets a little anxious sometimes on point, but his enthusiasm is second to none. We both cannot wait until hunting season! The best part about Scout is his love for me and my family. Everyday when I return from work he is the first to greet me at the door by jumping into my arms and kissing me to death. He is also wonderful with my two little girls who he loves and will protect at any cost. Harold is by far one of the best breeders you will find. He is very knowledgeable and will answer any question you will ever have. His love for Brittany's is evident when you first talk to him. I will always choose Harold and recommend his Brittany's to whoever is lucky enough have a Brittany of there own.
Submitted by: Frank Moore on Mar 18, 2013
I just returned from a 3 day quail hunting trip to a big farm NW of Jacksonville with my Biebel Brittany named Maggie. She is 2 1/2 years old and is really in her prime ... Great nose, steady on point, and a natural retriever. We got 48 quail during the 3 days and had a great time. Maggie is also a fine pet and gentle house dog. I couldn't be more pleased with her.
She has required almost no training. Just take her hunting. The rest is natural. Harold is a great breeder and his dogs are the best.
Submitted by: Randy Schulz on Mar 12, 2013
I purchased a Brittany puppy last sping of 2012 for my daughter who had recently married a young man in the Air Force.
They named him Brock.
We are getting ready to start working with Brock as he is 10 months old but all along the way Harold has answered my calls- given me suggestions on training and has been so responsive in assisting me and my son in law along the way in the training questions.
I am anxious to get Brock out with my GSP and work him and of course Harold has offered to assist us in that as well- I can not say enough about his help and his professionalism throughout the process. Thanks Harold- you are the best!
Submitted by: Lee on Mar 11, 2013
T-Rex Report (REXREP02-03/11/13)

Lee D here, from the bowels of Robertson county, TN. I am feeling a proud obligation to report in from the field with an update on our amazing BiebelBrittany T-REX, (9MOS). We ran some foreign bird terrain way-down in southern Georgia in February and found our share of wild bird coveys in a weather challenged area. Comments that I see posted often about Biebel Brits are the natural hunting ability and great noses these dogs possess. Rex did exceptionally well in GA. We just completed our first Brittany puppy trial in Ohio this weekend. Rex’s run was impressive, but not because he out did or didn’t outperform the other dogs, but most amazing thing about Rex is his ability to adjust quickly,and still “run big”. Running,casting, and handling on a course designed without birds was a true test for Rex who can cut the topography apart like a surgeons scalpel with relative ease. He can find wild birds on any given day (not to mention planted birds if required). More so than many seasoned dogs. Yet, it was T-Rex’s ability to respond to horse and handler adjustments that made this diverse trial course so important for him to “make it around”. Rex is a pure “all age” field champion in the oven. Genetics and responsible professional breeding,handling (and family love), are the ingredients that bring these animals along to showcase the standard in high regard. I am in-line for another Biebel puppy, because?? Duh? Stay tuned for more on T-bones Tyrannosaurus Rex

Thanks Harold!
Submitted by: COL(R) Hawk Ruth on Jan 28, 2013
In July of 2010 we acquired from Harold Biebel an orange and white male puppy with an extremely strong breed line from his famous grandfathers, Nolan’s Last Bullet and Just Call Me Roy. Both grandfathers are national champions. Scout was introduced to the other two Brittanys already in the family; Ace and Chief, both big orange and white males. I have been hunting quail and pheasants in the South and midwestern states for over forty years. I have prided myself in being able to develop puppies into strong gun dogs. The young puppy was immediately recognized as a strong, agile, smart, intense dog with an exceptional sense for finding the quail. I have to say that Scout has lived up to the reputation of his heritage and has become one of the exceptional Brittanys in a pack of pro hunting dogs. I could not be more pleased and more proud of this two and a half year old puppy as I am today. I thank Harold and his great kennel for not only holding the high traditions of breeding, but to produce some incredible, strong Brittanys that are not only key family members, but also an equivalent partner in the field of hunting. I am confident with my forty years of experience, that Scout would match up to any national field trial dog in the areas of skilled hunting, incredible nose for finding, fixing and retrieving the birds and holding the point for long periods of time. He is a strong backer and will hold point for a considerable amount of time. Most of the time Scout is the lead dog on any point. I am proud to call him one of my boys. His skill in working with large groups of people and dogs is remarkable, but yet his attention and behavior is always in response to what I want. Scout has seen North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee.I have had the pleasure of hunting with two of Scout’s littermates and they, too, are of the same quality in performance as Scout. When he is not hunting, Scout is a wonderful companion dog to our family. I’m proud to say Scout is a true hunter’s friend and partner.

Submitted by: nick trame on Jan 27, 2013
I would like to share my experience with Harold Biebel.I bought a 6 month old dog female from Harold,her name is Freckles.We had a 3 1/2 hour drive home and she laid quite in the back seat with 3 boys.We got her home and she is best little house dog.She brings her toys back to me and we play for hours.She has never messed in the in the house at all.Harold is a very nice man and we can't wait until he trains Freckles.But my kids also can't wait either because they want to hunt with her so badly.

Thanks from Nick,
Ryan Trame
Submitted by: Joe K. Owen on Jan 23, 2013
This past weekend I had the pleasure to hunt for 4 days with 9 great bird hunters and a bunch (total 15)of great Brittany bird dogs in Western KY. Part of the time we were hunting wild quail and part of the time we were shooting pen raised birds. Three of the Brittanys were Beibel Brittanys and performed great!!!! Two of them were from the same litter (Biebel's Ga Peaches and Biebel's Buddy Boy Roy) born in May 2010. These dogs hunted like seasoned gun dogs with lots of style and confidence. Harold had 9 of his Brittanys there that really shined. It was a pleaseure to observe all of the Brittanys work.

Harold Biebel's Brittanys are great gun dogs that hunt close, work the terrain very well, point solidly with authority, are a pleaseure to watch, and hnunt over.
Submitted by: Rob Earp on Jan 21, 2013
I recently returned from another hunt with Harold, this time in Kentucky. My 2.5-year-old is my first real gundog, and he's at a stage where his instincts and skills are developing rapidly. I've gotten to observe a lot of things in my dog which are very surprising to me, but are pretty routine for Harold. For me, it's such a great blessing to have Harold to turn to as I watch my pup grow into a finished pointing dog. He's able to give me insights which make me a better trainer and a partner to my dog in the field. Once again, on this trip Harold brought a bunch of dogs along for training. I've gotten to see Harold asses young dogs and provide training that is appropriate to each of their abilities. Whether you're looking for a very young pup or a dog that's already ready for the field, you can bet that Harold has done everything possible to prepare your dog to reach its potential.
Submitted by: Daniel Dieckmann on Jan 05, 2013
Just thought I'd give an update on Brock now 7 months, couldn't be happier with the choice to get a Brittany from Harold. Brock is a quick learner and loves to please, he's learning the basics quickly. Have had him out in the field a few times, on lead and also on an e-collar, he listens very well and naturally works the field. Unfortunately there aren't that many birds around here so I haven't been able to see him work any birds yet. Couldn't be more impressed with the quality of the dog & will update again once I get him working in the field.
Submitted by: Brian, Lisa & Kate Edgehouse on Dec 30, 2012
We just returned from a 7 hour drive to Kentucky and it was worth every minute! We drove down last night and were welcomed into the Biebel household like family. We were shown the indoor kennels, introduced to the sweetest dog (Tripper) and a few others, and then were treated to a delicious elk burger dinner. After swapping some dog stories, (we were Lab people but wanted a smaller dog) we headed back to the hotel knowing we made the right choice. The next morning we anxiously headed back to the Biebel household to pick up our newest addition. After some basic instructions, a tour of the outdoor facility and pictures we were headed home.
Why did we choose Biebel Brittanys? Harold helped us find what we wanted! We wanted a young started female, and Tripper being 2 1/2 years old was just that. Also when we started looking, Harold kept in touch with us every day and answer all our questions with the upmost knowledge of the breed. I would recommend Biebel Brittanys to anyone who wants a great bird dog and a family companion!
Submitted by: Baron Fidler on Dec 30, 2012
I would like to share my experience with Harold Biebel. We had lost our first Biebel Brittany named Sadie to an fungal infection unusual to Utah (North American blastomycosis) this summer. As you would expect there was a period of grieving as Sadie was a good family dog and we have a young son (under one year old). My thought was to travel to Montana in early October to meet with Harold and review a few of his dogs and introduce him to my family. Harold mentioned he had a young dog (born in mid-May) that he was saving for us and he could send her out when we were ready. My wife had some concerns with a puppy and we wanted to be sure any dog would be good around our son. Harold took time to send a video and address our questions. Ginger left Nashville on an early morning flight and arrived into Salt Lake City mid-morning of November 9. I picked her up from the airport and stopped into to work for a few hours. She was a good girl just hung out in the back seat of the car and didn't chew anything - granted she has become more comfortable with chewing. We took a road trip back to South Dakota to see family and hunt late season pheasants. We hunted 5 days and she did good - better than I had expected. We are very pleased with our Biebel Brittany and Ginger has become a part of our family. Harold is professional, honest and compassionate to ensure your Brittany becomes a family member that can also upland bird hunt.
Submitted by: Gary Clendenen on Nov 26, 2012
I just purchased a second Biebel Brittany from Harold.My first one,Hershey,is a machine in the field and the best house dog ever.Boomer my second is 18 months.I talked to Harold about a 2nd brit and he set me up with Boomer.He took him to Mont.with friends for a long hunt then arranged to for a friend,Dale to deliver him to my door in No.Calf.What breeder would to that.Harold would.Boomer is a great dog and is taking to his training excellent.He learns more from Hershey than from me.In a few more months he will be as good as Hershey and what a team they will be.If you are looking for a great hunting Brittany and family dog go give Harold a call.His Britts are the best.Gary Clendenen
Submitted by: Jeff Martin on Nov 16, 2012
Thought I would catch you up on a 1-1/2 year old Biebel Brittany named Jake. What a wonderful dog he has turned out to be. We researched several breeders when we were looking for a dog and decided to go with Harold and have not been disappointed. We had hunting in mind but since then my work schedule has prevented us from getting out like we planned. I still take Jake out to the farm every couple of weeks and he loves it. Jakes personality is the best. He is always happy and loves people; he has turned out to be a great family dog. He is also very smart… I am surprised every week as he continues to learn how to manipulate me in to petting him… ha ha. I had been using an electronic collar but several months back I stopped; he obeys every command almost to 100%. I can tell you that you will not be disappointed with a Biebel Brittany.
Submitted by: Chris Reed on Nov 05, 2012
I got Max from Harold as a 10 week old puppy about 5 months ago. I wrote a previous testimonial about Max's adaptation to the house and my two children. I found Harold as I was searching for a versatile breed dog with a good pedigree. I wanted a versatile breed dog as I planned to train the dog to hunt the upland species, but I also wanted a dog to hunt fall turkeys. Max has been through his first segment of fall turkey hunting in Kentucky and I am blown away. At 7 months old, he flushes a flock of turkeys like a champ. He will find the turkeys if they are in the area, and then absolutely scatter them far and wide! We are working on being still for the call back, but at 7 months he is beyond my expectations. Max ranges fairly close and checks back often. During our turkey hunts, he will stop and point quail and woodcock, but instinctively knows he has to charge the turkeys.. in true versatile breed style. Max is one fast Brittany, if the turkeys are within 100 yards, they will have to fly to evade him. Quail season starts next week and they are in trouble. Of course, we will reinforce the pointing for the quail. Max also loves the water, you can't keep him out of a pond...if you take him fishing eventually he is going to try and retrieve your bobber! That being said, I think he would be well suited for light duty waterfowl as well (early season), with some training. Get a Biebel Brittany and have a companion for all seasons.
Submitted by: DALE on Oct 30, 2012
Hello everone
Just got back hunting in Montana & North Dakota great fun great people. Hunted with my 2 Biebel Brittanys that did a great job. In both States got complaments on how well they hunt hold point back and retrive. Great dogs due to Harolds breeding program thanks Harold. When had my pup trained trainer said she was the easyest dog he has trained. If you looking for a good hunting dog And companion look at biebel Brittanys and you won't be sorry I am not anyway
Dale Schuetz
Submitted by: Doug Sarver on Oct 22, 2012
Saturday was the first day of small game in PA. Took Bear my 2 year old Beibel Brittany out for birds (of course stocked here in PA) on our farm that is in CRP.
Bear located 9 birds and pointed them all! Held point great! On one bird I hit it but not hard, he ran 150 yards through the field where the bird landed and retreived the bird to my feet.
It is obvious that the instinct is bred into these Beibel Brittanys.
Bear is a great hunting companion and great family pet!
Submitted by: Ed Manion on Oct 16, 2012
I have purchased two Britts from Harold Biebel. They are both wonderful hunting dogs and family pets. I was quite lucky to find a breeder of integrity like this. I just returned from a hunt in Baker, MT where I had the pleasure of hunting Huns, pheasants, and Sharptail Grouse with Harold and several of Harold's other Brittany buyers. No one has anything but the highest regard for this man.
You will never regret getting a dog from Biebel Brittanys!
Submitted by: Rob Earp on Oct 16, 2012
I spend another week in Montana with Harold and his outstanding Brittanys. This year I had the opportunity to see Harold assess and train the 11 Brits he brought along for the trip. Without a doubt, I once again witnessed Harold's unparalleled commitment to his line of Brits, working with dogs of various ages to ensure they got the start or the refinements they need to make excellent hunting dogs for virtually any circumstance. I also received sophisticated, experienced advice on appropriate strategies for hunting various types of gamebirds with Brittanys. What fun!
Submitted by: LEE on Oct 15, 2012
We recently acquired a Brittany puppy from Harold Bieble (BiebelBrittany’s),in Bowling Green, KY. This is our first Brittany experience and I would like to share just a few words of our experience so far and to share with those considering the breed and looking for a worthy kennel. Our journey, although still very brief has so far exceeded my expectations in many ways.

August, 2012. First – since the day we contacted Harold Biebel we realized that we found a friend, and a very professional dog breeder that made it clear that we can have a solid exceptional “bird dog”, and still can have a family pet. For those that own Brittany’s know exactly what that means. In August, 2012, Harold asked my wife and I to his wonderful home and kennels to look over some pups whelped in June. We arrived early on a weekend morning just after the early chores were done at his kennel and was greeted on the property with the sight of Harold relaxing in a lawn chair, cup of coffee in hand, while several beautiful little puppies made their way around his feet, and quickly trained their attention on us. What a beautiful day!

We fell in love with a male pup – liver and white, and decided this pup should be our new family member. Harold and his wife were informative, friendly, and made it clear that this is a family affair and my family is now an extension of his. We were fortunate to be introduced to the parents of the puppies and the lineage is very impressive. For a new Brittany owner one may not totally respect, or even understand the criticality of the litter certificate showcasing the family tree of this marvelous breed. We took our puppy home within two weeks and the transition was simple and smooth. I just cannot stop playing with this puppy. He wants to go to the field everyday with my golden retriever (yes genetics are critical). We spend a lot of time walking around the grass and pond.

September, 2012 – the first of September with our new Brittany puppy was spent working on the perfect name for our pup, and it became clear to us after studying his actions, his mannerisms, and his eyes. T-Bone's tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex-or just Rex)fits him perfectly! Our puppy is wading out into the pond, bounding through knee high field grass and chasing and pointing on anything that flies. In our house, T-Rex easily takes to his kennel for ease of house training and sleeping. For the most part, Rex is house-broke, very well mannered, and his socializing is so fun to watch. I have calculated that T-Rex wants to play with the backyard quail now, just like my golden retriever does – so he point the birds, (he is bored with sight pointing a wing on a string- yes it has to be the BiebelBrittany genetics at work here). Rex, can run and quarter our property and ultimately find a frozen bird or even live quail in a wood pile. He is an absolute natural hunter. His tail is up and rigid, he raises his paw, he stands firm for a bit all because he wants to. We think we like this puppy a lot.

October, 2012- (Rex is now 4-Months old). We were invited by a family friend to our first major Brittany Trial event in Western PA. just to observe this majestic gathering of quality Brittany’s to see what the trial game is all about. My wife and I are hooked on this impressive dog breed and the game that they have. Noteworthy, many of the folks at the event knew all about T-Rex’s heritage when I dropped a few names from his family tree on them. Once again, we recognize that the Brittany dog owners are a close knit group. We had our eyes opened this weekend to a whole new world of skills that Brittany dogs offer to a family seeking to do more than just shoot birds over a dog. We found that T-Rex likes horses and they like him too. Back in our hotel room, Rex and I spent some quality time watching birds being being flushed via my laptop on YouTube. Too Funny!

A note to Harold: Thank-You my friend! We are deeply greatful to you for your kindness, and for your masterful skills in breeding these high-quality Brittany’s. We appreciate you being there to answer questions for us as we continue our Journey with T-Rex, (and with additional Brittany’s in our near future.) Video will soon follow. Lee.
Submitted by: Doug Sarver on Oct 12, 2012
Just got back from a hunt with some fellow Beibel Brittany owners. It was the first time I was able to see my new dog Bear in action. He did fantastic! The hunt was a very good time and it was great to meet all the other owners and see the other Beibel Brittanies in action.
Submitted by: Larry Smith on Sep 16, 2012
Hello all, bought a 4 month old male brit from Harold last oct and at five months old Rookie was finding live birds and dead lock points. He has unbelievable bird sense and drive since then. He also at this time backing other dogs as well as i train my female Daisey with him. I have many seasoned hunters tell me what a special dog you have at such a young age (hats off to Harold's breeding lines). Also my experience with Harold when i picked Rook up was a oustanding time at his kennels. Well done Harold keep up the good work. Headed to michigan this week for some grouse.
Submitted by: Larry Smith on Sep 16, 2012
Hello all, bought a 4 month old male brit from Harold last oct and at five months old Rookie was finding live birds and dead lock points. He has unbelievable bird sense and drive since then. He also at this time backing other dogs as well as i train my female Daisey with him. I have many seasoned hunters tell me what a special dog you have at such a young age (hats off to Harold's breeding lines). Also my experience with Harold when i picked Rook up was a oustanding time at his kennels. Well done Harold keep up the good work. Headed to michigan this week for some grouse.
Submitted by: Kathryn Kranitzky on Sep 12, 2012
We found Harold online after searching for the perfect Brittany and we couldn't have asked for a better experience. Ziggy instantly found a place in our hearts after Harold sent the first pictures right after she was born. Ziggy is now 7 months old and ( If I do say so myself...) the most beautiful dog in the world. She is smart, loving, great with other dogs and people, gentle and has a wonderful personality. Ziggy loves going
On the lake ( is a great swimmer), loves being on the farm to run and chase birds, and even likes to fly in the helicopter. I honestly could not have imagined a better puppy and have Harold and his wonderful wife to thank for that!
Submitted by: Elliott Pennington on Sep 10, 2012
I just want to let people know that I really couldn't have gotten a better American Brittany than our orange & white female, Trina. We got her from Harold in July of 2010. He was very patient and cooperative with me as a newbie in the arena of looking for pup. Trina housebroke like a pro, and her natural hunting instincts have been terrific since her first day home. She was pointing a wing at 9 weeks old, and it's amazing how fast she locks onto things on our walks. She has loads of energy, loves everybody she meets, and she has been absolutely terrific with our 13 month old little girl. I really hope many others have a chance to take home a Biebel Brittany, and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
Submitted by: Daniel on Sep 09, 2012
Never have been much of the type to write a review on something I bought but I am thoroughly impressed by the caliber of Harold's Brittanys. We bought "Brock" in July and have nothing but praise for this dog, perfect attitude, great to have in the house & also very adept outside.........can't wait to see his first point and shoot the first bird over him. 15 out of 10 and I would definitely buy another from Harold!
Submitted by: john fischer on Aug 28, 2012
I'm a person that would not give a review on anything I do not truly believe in. So this is easy , I could say a lot of great things about my dog "tucker" or Harold the breader of tucker. I will share a story. Tucker is being trained at one of the top dog training facilities in the Midwest Willow creek kennels . After the first week the trainer called me and asked if Tucker had already been trained , and this was a refresher course, I told him no, he was amazed, he could not believe all the natural abilities in this young dog , I could not have been happier, thanks Harold.
Submitted by: Jim Benke on Aug 10, 2012
First a little background to qualify my comments.I have hunted Brittany's for 52 years.I hunt 60 plus days each year for the last 25 years. I have had some excellent Brittany's. Our Biebel Brittany, Maggie rates right at the top.She has a strong hunting desire, excellent stamina,good field manners and brings the birds to hand.Maggie is part of our family and she lives in our house.I would get another Biebel Brittany in a heart beat.

Submitted by: Dale on Jul 10, 2012
Went on a trip to Ky to visit Harold & Reene to take them a pup from my 2 Biebel Brittanys. Harold is keeping this pup for himself. If you need a great hunting dog see Harold & Reene they have champion lines so you can not go wrong. They are also the best of people and good friends of mine. Thanks again.
Submitted by: Mason Howell on Jul 06, 2012
We purchased a Brittany pup from Harold Biebel last week after a couple of informative phone calls. Harold was very helpful and continues to provide useful information on the care of our new pup. Roxie is doing well and seems very interested in learning for such a young pup. We plan to train her as a hunting dog but she'll primarily be a family dog.
Submitted by: Charli on Jul 03, 2012
My pup, Oliver, is now 15 weeks old. I''ve spent the beginning of this summer getting to know and love him more and more each day. I grew up with golden retrievers and always thought them to be such smart, loving, attractive dogs. I still do, but there's a smarter, more loving, and even more handsome dog in my life now--Oliver.
Harold and his wife did a great job helping me to pick the pup of my dreams. My boyfriend loves him because of his natural instinct to hunt (he's an excellent pointer and retriever), and I love him for his unabashed loyalty and affection.
Oliver's my first Brittany; based on my experiences thus far, I doubt he'll be my last.
Submitted by: Mike Williams on Jun 26, 2012
Thanks again for the great GSHP and hooking me up with the owner. She has turned out to be a great hunter as well as a GREAT family pet!
Appreciate all your help and enjoy our time in the field.
Submitted by: Tim Fisher on Jun 23, 2012
My experience at Biebel Brittanys was outstanding to say the least.Weather you hunt upland birds,water foul or coons.This is the place all dog hunters would like to have.The grounds are very well maintained.Both days I was there it was 90+ degrees.There was not a fowl Oder the kennels were clean and in perfect order.About DotE!her pedigree is literally jaw dropping.There are so many Hall of fame and duel champions were could I start.DotE! is alert at all times even at rest.When I brought her home she immediately covered every square inch of my property nose to the ground.DotE! is four and a half months old and a perfect fit to my family.She is the dog i've wanted sense I was boy.Now Harold Bieble.Harold is one of those people that when you leave you are better off for knowing.He is warm and inviting.He treated my children and I like he had known us for years.I could see wright away is love and passion for Brittanys.If you are looking for the prefect bird dog Bieble Brittanys has your champion.
Submitted by: Dale on Jun 13, 2012
Biebel Brittanys are the best.I know I have 2 when you take then in the field thy are all about the hunt. When they are hunting they hunt for you and not much correction needed.After the hunt they are the most lovable dog you will ever have. If thinking about a getting a great hunting get a Biebel Brittany.
Submitted by: The Hinton Family on Jun 12, 2012
When both of our sons headed off to college, we promised our daughter, Sarah, a puppy. We already had a golden retriever and thought we wanted another one until we met Gracie Belle, one of Harold's Brittanys. After researching the breed, we found that they are smart, family oriented, great hunting dogs, social, and very easy to train. We went to Biebel Brittanys and met Harold. In addition to his warm personality and extensive knowledge of the breed, his kennel is very clean, he has a special relationship with all of his dogs and he is an expert in training them as well. Sarah fell in love with Gracie Belle and needless to say we took her home to become part of our family. We look forward to many years and happy times with this puppy! I would recommend Biebel Brittanys to everyone.
Submitted by: Chris Reed on Jun 09, 2012
I met with Harold about a week ago and he invited me out to meet his current litter and a 6 month old female pup. Harold's place is clean and he has a plethora of dogs to look at so you can get an idea of coat, size, energy level, etc. Harold had put out a few quail prior to my arrival and I was able to see how the puppies were willing to go into cover that was much taller than they were. Harold let out a few of his trained dogs so I could see them run and see their enthusiasm when they got some fresh scent. Upon arrival, a 10 week old puppy really caught my attention. He went right into the cover, seemed confident around people and much bigger dogs, and seemed completely biddable. I tugged on his ears, rolled him over, pulled on his legs, all the things he would encounter when my two little kids met him, and the puppy didn't care one bit. So I bought him, named him Max, and brought him home. This is my synapsis of Max after a week. Max is very smart. Within 24 hours he had figured out the dog door and we have had very few accidents. He shows zero food aggression, you can do anything you want to him while he is eating and he will just sit down until you are finished messing with him. He is great with my kids, 4 year old daughter and less than 2 year old son. My daughter carries him around, messes with him constantly, and he takes it all in stride. Again, no aggression. I take Max to a local dog park to run him. No fear of other dogs. He rides well in my truck. He has taken a couple of problem. A trip to the groomers...they loved him and said he was completely docile. I took Max to the vet yesterday for an exam and his next series of shots. My vet is like so many guys who grew up with bird dogs and wild quail, and have gotten away from it because the wild quail have disappeared. He took one look at Max and got really excited. The vet loved him, kept telling me he was perfect, and kept checking him out. He asked me about Harold, and told me if he could find wild quail again, he wanted a Brittany just like Max. At this point, I couldn't be happier with Max. We are taking a couple of weeks to for him to learn his name and get acclimated to his new home beware we start much of any kind of training. He is being taught about being a "good citizen", and taking instruction well. Max definitely has the DNA to be a good hunter and if he takes to his hunting instruction like he has everything else, I see no reason why I won't have at least a decade of heft in my game bag. If you are looking for a Brittany that needs to serve a dual role as hunter and family pet, give Harold a call.
Submitted by: Brian Sullivan on Jun 05, 2012
I purchased a Biebel Brittany pup a week ago and she is one of the nicest pups I’ve ever had. Harold is a great guy to do business with because of his honesty, sincerity and true love for Brittany’s. Renee is a very kind person and spent a lot of time discussing puppies with my wife. Both Harold and Renee welcomed my family to their home for the entire morning; it’s hard to put into words how nice they are.

Harold has been working with us for months and did a great job helping us to choose the perfect pup. Harold will take lots of great photos and maybe even a video for you, but his Brittanys are even better once you see them in person. The biggest problem with going to see Harold & Renee, their great pups and wonderful dogs is that you’ll have trouble picking just one! If you talk to Harold, you’ll get to know some of his sayings. The one that truly resonates with us now is that “she will be the love of your lives.”

‘Biebel Brittany Mae’ already has an affinity for tall grass and loves to crash through it. Planting a few quail in the early fall will be lots of fun. I can’t wait to take Mae out to hunt in Montana 18 months from now. It will be an awesome experience with a great dog and my good friend Harold.

Thanks Harold!
Submitted by: Dale Schuetz on May 09, 2012
Well all hunting done till Sept. Had a great year with my Biebel Brittany Amos. Hunted With Harold in Montana Then went to N Dakota for Pheasant. There hunted with shorthairs & labs and Amos could not be beat. Finished the season at a local hunt club and the owner (when he is there) always comes over to watch Amos work. Have had Amos going on 3 years and you would be amazed how well he hunts for me. When hunting I don't even have to call to him he seems to know what I want. Great Dogs great Breeder.
Submitted by: Charli Fant on Apr 23, 2012
I visited Biebel Brittany's today to meet my 11 week old Brittany. Though I cannot pick him up for another 3 weeks until after I move, Harold and his wife are holding him for me and taking great care of him. They have even been taking care to bring him into their home in order to further socialize him during this period. While meeting him, the subject of his name came up--clearly the name i had picked out for him did not match the rambunctious, affectionate lad taking turns playing with everyone in the room. No, instead, Harold helped me to decide on a name: J.J. We then spent the rest of the time meeting J.J.'s family. Needless to say, I am impressed with what I saw.
Looking for loving, intelligent, handsome dog with a natural instinct in the field? Biebel Brittany's is the place to go.
Submitted by: Chad and Amanda Halliday on Apr 22, 2012
My wife and I first contacted Harold in early March of 2012 in search of the perfect Brittany. Fast forward to April 21st and we now have our new Brittany named Tommy. He couldn't be better! Harold did so much work on our behalf, sending pictures and video of Tommy. He really went out of his way to make sure that we knew exactly what Tommy's personality and behavior are like. His description was spot on. Tommy is a high-energy boy when he's in the yard, but bring him in the house and he's a whole different dog (very low key and relaxed). I've not taken him into the field yet, but he always seems to be looking for birds. To top it all off, Harold drove to Eastern NC and made sure that Tommy fit into our family and that we were fully satisfied. Needless to say, we were!! And I can't wait to follow up this comment with one this fall, after Tommy has gotten into some birds! Thank you Harold!

-Chad, Amanda & Sawyer Halliday
Submitted by: Rich Markiewicz on Apr 05, 2012
JJ update. As Harold said, the more I hunt JJ the better he will be, is true. Every time I take him out hunting he gets better. He stays in gun range, listens well and is a joy to hunt with. He is adjusting to the house real well and am starting to area train him in place of an electric fence. We will see how that goes.If you do not like this dog you do not like dogs. Thanks Harold
Submitted by: Doug Sarver on Mar 26, 2012
Just got back yesterday from West Virginia where Harold was kind enough to meet me with Bear. We went to a farm and hunted 6 birds with Bear and he performed great with the birds! Harold made some great pheasant breast for supper and spent the night. Great time!
We are now working on Bear's house skills but I am really looking forward to this fall and hunting more pheasants!
Thanks Harold!
Submitted by: Curt Hatle on Mar 02, 2012
We have now had Emma (Gunnar) since Dec. 26th she has been great. After talking to Harold about how delivery flying her was the best option and we picked her up at the Minneapolis airport. My two boys were so excited for the late Christmas present. We live in North Dakota so Emma will get plenty of pheasant hunting. She has pointed pheasants it the trees behind our house and i can't wait until October to see how she does in a live hunt. I can't say enough for the help Harold was in making this happen with ease. thanks Harold hope to meet you in person when your in ND.
Submitted by: Rich Markiewicz on Feb 25, 2012
Saw the ad for JJ and asked for more information. I asked for a " house dog that hunts" and was told by Harold that he fit that description. We both wanted to talk on the phone and after our conversation we both decided he was the dog for me. Harold delivered the dog, stayed overnight, and we became friends. JJ is as advertised, and getting better everyday.It is a pleasure to deal with a man who cares about his dogs the way Herold does. I will update my life with JJ as necessary.
Submitted by: Joe Owen on Feb 19, 2012
I obtained a Biebel Brittany in 2010. Her name is Brandy. The stud dog is Buddy Boy Roy and the Dam is Ga Peaches. Right from the start Brandy was a very loving energetic pup that liked to please. I started her on pigeons in launchers when the weather started to cool off. In the fall of 2010 she got to hunt in Upper MI, ND, and SD on wild birds and loved it. Additionally, she had the opportunity to hunt at preserves in several other states in the 2010-11 season.

This hunting season (2011-12)she has hunted in ND, SD, MO, TX, KY, FL, NC, and VA (where I live). She has also competed in the VA National Upland Classic Series hunt test and an amateur pointing dog and did well, except on retrieving.

Brandy will be two years old in May 2102 and loves to find birds!!!!! Her ability to work cover and find birds is great!!!! Her nose is great and she has a soft mouth. She will back and for a two year old is generally steady to wing and shot. She is learning that retrieving is what I want her to do, we are working on that skill, and will be better for the hunting and competition season this fall.

Brandy is still a very loving teenager, with lots of energy, and well behaved. I would recommend that anyone that wants a great Brittany gun dog and companion to contact Harold Biebel.
Submitted by: Tim Madren on Feb 07, 2012
Our Tucker is a 7month old Bieble brittany out of the Cocoa /Grand junction Jake breeding. He is a handsome pup who is full of bird drive .I started Tucker at 13weeks on pigeons and quail and this early foundation and great Hall of Fame genetics has formed his early abilities as a great young dog.He is very trainable in the field ,quartering nicely, returning to the Here command, and hunting in range.Tuck finds the quail if they are there and aggressively pursues shot birds.If you are looking for a nice hunting dog,contact Harold and research the great line of champions that these pups originate from.
Submitted by: Rob Earp on Jan 17, 2012
I just returned from a quail hunt on a Kentucky preserve with Harold and friends. I met some terrific hunters and bird dog owners and learned a lot through the experience. Each time I come away from an experience with Harold I feel more confident in my hunting and training. Harold not is an authority on dogs but he surrounds himself with passionate people who are generous with their knowledge and time. This trip I also got to see Harold working to finish young dogs and it's clear he's got a deep bench of talent. Anyone would be lucky to have one of his pups or his finished gundogs.
Submitted by: Gary Clendenen on Jan 16, 2012
Hi Harold,I took Hershey out for his first California hunt after recieving him 3 days earlier.He pointed 4 chucker and 3 pheasant.My son missed 1 chucker.2 hrs Hersh got real birdy,then boom locked up on point on the chucker my son missed.The bird flushed,the shot went and as with the previous 6 birds Hershey retrieved right to hand.All I can say is what a guy.Thanks Harold,you helped make one of my life long dreams come true and I am 61 yrs young.With sincere appreciation,Gary Clendenen
Submitted by: Brent Downen on Jan 12, 2012
Would just like to say that the 2 pups that we got from Harold this last summer have been hunting with us this past season and done a great job in all types of cover. Neither pup has had any training yet, just letting them go so they can build confidence. Well at 7 months one of the pups made a point on wild single Quail while the other pup backed. To top that off they did all of this while about 30 yards away another Biebel Brit had a single that we shot and killed without either of those to pups so much flinching on that point while guns were going off. With this said, we are really looking forward to getting these 2 pups training and hunting them for real next season. Outstanding pups Harold!
Submitted by: Logan Bradley on Dec 09, 2011
In the last 15 months I have jumped head first into owning hunting dogs. Harold Biebel has helped in that leap.
I am a military service member, stationed relatively close to Harold, and he has taken time out of his busy schedule to hunt with me and give me pointers on working my pointer. During the times we have hunted together, I have had the privilege to hunt behind some of Harold's Brittanys, and it has been a true delight. Each and every dog has shown a natural desire to hunt birds, from the young pups we have worked, all the way up to the old dogs. Not only do the dogs exemplify the characteristics of a good hunting dog, but they also have those of a true family pet; loving, caring, obedient, all with a desire to please, and of course be pet.
Since beginning to work with Harold, and behind his Biebel Brittanys, I have decided that a Biebel Brittany is the next dog for me, and I have made it known to Harold. Can't wait to have one!
Harold, and his dogs, have made what was an already enjoyable experience, into an even more enjoyable one for me. Thanks for everything!
Submitted by: Harold Biebel on Dec 05, 2011
I just received a letter and photo from Bruce in Lakeville, MA. He purchased one of Cocoa's pups from last summer breeding to Grand Junction Jake. Bruce raves about his "Holly" in the letter. Easy to train, full of energy and very loving. Bruce says, "this dog is the love of my life."

We are in the process of a second breeding to Jake. If you would like a "love of your life" please contact me soon. Thanks, Harold Biebel.
Submitted by: Dale Schuetz on Dec 02, 2011
Congrats Harold
All your testimonials say it all I know I have 2 Biebel Brittanys
Submitted by: Dan on Dec 01, 2011
I got my dog through Harold and I couldn't be happier with him. He is a beautiful dog and a great companion. Harold is excellent to deal with. I am very happy to have found him and his dogs -- both are great. Thanks again Harold.
Submitted by: Kathy on Dec 01, 2011
I could not be happier with the dogs we received through Harold. The dogs themselves are beautiful in every way. Their temperments make them great for both family pets and hunting companions. They are go, go, GO in the field but not hyper at home, a good balance. Harold is a really great guy as well. He is honest and cares about his dogs. He will treat you well. I would not hesitate to recommend Biebel Brittanys to all my family and friends who are looking for a great Brit.
Submitted by: Ron Sweat on Nov 30, 2011
Our Jack is a six month old from Harold's Cocoa and GJ Jake. He is developing nicely as a hunting dog and even better as a member of the family. I have had dozens of Brittanies over the years and from that group of good dogs, I believe Jack will be the star. I highly recommend Harold and his Biebel brittanies.
Submitted by: Rob Earp on Nov 28, 2011
Made the short trip up to Bowling Green the Saturday after Thanksgiving to work with Harold on drills to perfect the point of my one-year-old Brittany. As always, Harold was generous with his knowledge and time. It's always a privilege to get to learn from the best!
Submitted by: Chris Odde on Nov 28, 2011
If you are looking for a Brittany, look no further then Harold. Harold takes care of his customers, friends, and dogs with great care. If you have any questions or concerns with a dog you got from him he will be there for you. My family and I look forward to Harold coming to stay at our house and hunt every year. He is a great man with great dogs!!
Submitted by: Rusty Knight on Nov 28, 2011
Bird season is just getting into swing here in Louisiana, and like many of you, I have not been working Reba, my Biebel Brittany on live birds. I live in an area where we begin to get migrating woodcock this time of year. My worries about not doing my part were alleviated last week when Reba, my 2 1/2 year old, locked up on three woodcock in a row while out for a morning run. These dogs live and breathe for birds. Great blood lines and careful breeding clearly pay off. When the season opens up in a few days, I will thoroughly enjoy trying to reward Reba with a few birds to fetch. Harold does a great job with his dogs, and they are a joy to work with. Rusty Knight
Submitted by: Frank Moore on Nov 28, 2011
Maggie, my Biebel Brittany, just turned 18 months old. Last week I had her out for her first hunt of this season, and she did great - numerous points with good holding discipline even when the birds were restless. She also consistently honors points from Dottie, her senior mentor. At this point, I have to say Maggie is the better dog overall. I could not be more pleased with Maggie. She is a loving pet and an eager and accomplished hunter. We look forward to years of fun together.
Submitted by: Marc Illman on Nov 26, 2011
As a pro dog trainer I have had the opportunity to work with many dogs and have established long term relations with dog breeders around the country. Harold continues to produce high quality Brittany pups. I've trained several of his customers dogs and find them to have a great nose (Something you can't train for) as well as a strong desire to please and hunt.
If you are looking for an easy to train dog, Biebel Brittanys would be a great choice.
Marc Illman
Greensprings Bird Dogs
Submitted by: Trent Chambers on Nov 26, 2011
Hey Harold,

Just wanted to say we love Rusty and couldn't ask for a better dog. Although I haven't had Rusty out around the birds alot we were also looking for another family dog. Rusty is very well natured and is very good around our 7 and 3 year olds. They both love him and want him to sleep with them every night. So of course we get to flip the coin. Rusty is very good around hailey our 6 year old Lab. Hailey is very tempermental around most dogs but took very good to Rusty for some reason! Rusty is very good at not ranging to far out and a very good natural pointer even with the little training that I am able to give him. Well it has been nice talking to you again and keep the puppies coming so other people can enjoy them like we have.
Submitted by: David Edwards on Nov 23, 2011
I have purchased several Biebel Brittanys from Harold who now is a great friend and a member of Joshua Creek Ranch that I am the General Manager of. One dog named Hank that I purchased is by far is the best birddog that I have ever owned and I have had several hundred dogs in the past thirty plus years. Thanks Again for the great dogs Harold
Submitted by: Tim Madren on Nov 23, 2011
My kids begged me to see Mr.Biebel's new litter this summer while driving through KY though we had never met.Harold and Renee were very welcoming hosts and 2 weeks later,perhaps by devine intervention,my wife and kids picked up our new pup.Tucker is our 5.5 month tricolor brittany,a son of Harold's Cocoa and Grand Junction Jake.He is developing great as the younger brother in the house and aggressively hunting and pointing quail with a good progression to gunfire.Tucker picks things up quickly.I had heard that some brits are timid but Tucker has always been very bold around birds and his drive is tremendous.It's been great getting to know Harold and reading all the positive comments ! Tim and Dixie Madren,Lafayette IN
Submitted by: Daryl W. Cox on Nov 22, 2011
I have known Harold for several years and know him as a breeder who does things right. He only breeds the best quality Brittanys only after both parents have been checked for genetic defects and cleared for breeding. Owning a Biebel Brittany means you own a genetically superior dog with a great nose, easy to train and will have a long and healthy life. My next Brittany will be a Biebel Brittany.
Submitted by: Ed Manion on Nov 22, 2011
Harold biebel is a great guy to buy a dog from. he's so good that I just bought a second dog from him! Nuf said.
Submitted by: Dan Scott on Nov 22, 2011
I have two Biebel brittanys. I have hunted with all breeds and would not trade my Biebel brittanys for any other. They are easy to train and make wonderful friends. My only problem is that between them and my wife, they take up most of the bed at night!
Submitted by: DALE on Nov 22, 2011
Hello again. Harolds dogs are great my dog Amos is the best companion dog I have ever had He stays by my side when I am working at home and never gets in the way. Thanks again Harold
Submitted by: Mark Porter on Nov 22, 2011
I have a 1 1/2 year old male that is the grandson of Harolds Sugarbear. Last season, He was pointing and retreiving as well as any of my friends much older dogs. So far this year, He's been outstanding. If your looking for a wonderful companion in both the home and in the field, you should definitely consider a Biebel Brittany.
Submitted by: william funk on Nov 22, 2011
I own or owned 4 of Harold"s Brittanys. I have been very pleased with all of them. I have traveled the country fullfilling my dream of collecting all 17 upland game birds. I have succeeded, often using one or more of these dogs. On one trip to Idaho, one of these dogs pointed and retrieved seven different species. She had never smelled any of them before.
I have no problem recommending these dogs.
Submitted by: Bob Skiba on Nov 22, 2011
Harold is dedicated to provide the best and will not settle for second best. I have 2 britts from Harold and they are great family dogs best hunters ever. Got the first as a started dog and a pup,you will not regret going with his line.Great breeder great guy. May go for # 3 in a year or so... Good Hunting
Submitted by: Brad Gray on Nov 22, 2011
Just finished hunting over multiple Beibel brittany's in TX at Joshua Creek Ranch (JCR). (A Beretta endorsed ranch). What an amazing line of dogs. Guides at JCR have obtained dogs from Beibel brittany's and I know why. Hunt there and you won't be disappointed. Better yet, get your own dog and take it to JCR and hunt yourself!!!
Submitted by: Derek and Chessa Ross on Nov 21, 2011
We got our Brittany from Harold and have just fallen in love with him. He is a wonderful family dog and has been pointing since we brought him home. Harold went above and beyond to help us learn to train a Brittany and we couldn't have asked for a better experience with a breeder. Our pup is one of the most beautiful Brittanys we've seen and we just love him!
Submitted by: Rich Boyd on Nov 21, 2011
Harold has been great to work with. The puppies he hand selected for us have not disappointed. Highest quality. Wonderful, eager, beautiful, tractable dogs who have become a part of our family. Harold "lives and breathes" bird hunting and his bird dogs and has bent over backwards to make our puppy "adoptions" convenient and successful.
Submitted by: Greg Howard on Nov 21, 2011
Hey Harold,

Just a dog update: This past weekend we had the opportunity to hunt at a gun club outside of Colorado Springs. Major, who is out of Mike, has not been on birds in more than a year. Our Paducah hunting has not been good for a couple years. But….He picked up where he left off and was working like a champ! His usual ritual is to run to the downed bird, pick it up, show it to me, drop it and back to hunting. He was in a full service mode…Point and retrieve…on this day he was doing it all! All this stuff is natural to him. He has been trained but his nose and eagerness to hunt are due to his great genetics!

I hope in the future Paducah gets better and we can do a little quail hunting.
Submitted by: Jeffrey Martin on Nov 21, 2011
We received our Brittany pup about 6-months ago. Since we live in the same town as Harold we were able to make several visits during the rearing of the litter. Harold's is a perfectionist concerning his dogs and kennels and he takes great pride in what he does. His kennels are always clean and he keeps a close eye his dogs an pups for health issues. Overall, I don't know how you could do better.
Submitted by: Sean Pruett on Nov 21, 2011
On the 17 of this month i met with Harold and spent the day with him and a few other Biebel Brittany owners at JCR Ranch in Boerne Tx. I had two hunters in my group with me that i had never met before that was very impressed with my buddy boy. Now i am expecting my next finished Brittany from Harold in Feb and i cant wait to get some hunters over the top of them together to hear the praise of success. What a great feeling! Owed all to a great breeder thanks Harold
Submitted by: steve gaines on Nov 21, 2011
I bought my Biebel brittany in Sept. 2003 and man he sure has turned out to be a heck of a bird dog. My dad and I picked this dog out with Harold, who was nothing but kind and always available, not only because of his coloring, but his attentiveness to us. I named him Jack and although he is getting older he lives to hunt. Jack holds his points very well, backs other dogs well and will hunt dead for a bird as long as you want him to. I, my dad and brother have killed a lot of quail in Kentucky and Iowa over Jack. We've also killed a lot of pheasant over him in Iowa and South Dakota. I would certainly recommend a Biebel Brittany to anyone. My next dog after Jack retires will be a Biebel brittany.
Submitted by: Wally Barden on Nov 21, 2011
I just returned from KS where my Biebel Britts were terrific locating pheasants under tough conditions. My oldest is 10 1/2 and still moves at the speed of heat. The 3 yr old keeps up and is great at finding downed birds. Contact Harold Biebel for a Brittany which will be a great hunter and will also become a faithful family member. Pheasants, huns, Mearns and Gambel quail are all easily handled by Biebel Britts. Make arrangements for your's now.
Submitted by: Gordon Waterfall on Nov 21, 2011
I just watched my 1 1/2 year old Lucy Lu hunt with her mother, Coco and her uncle, Lee. What a delight. I am extatic that she was able to keep up with those two amazing dogs. What a great genetic pool. Lucy is a dog of a lifetime......Gordon Waterfall
Submitted by: Jim Emery on Nov 21, 2011
My best friend has a Beibel Brittany and I recently had the privilege of hunting pheasants over him. What an amazing dog. Had an absolutely wonderful hunt and all the better because of the ability of this amazing Brittany
Submitted by: Denise Gartner on Nov 21, 2011
I've been hunting with the Biebels on numerous`occasions and their dogs are awesome. They point, they reteive...they are so well trained and they are beautiful on top of all of it.
Submitted by: R Wade on Nov 21, 2011
Harold's passion for fine hunting dogs is infectious. I met Harold on a bird hunt in April. By my birthday in September, I was blessed with a little BiebelBrittany bundle of joy named Crockett. Although still in the puppy stage (e.g., my wife and I rarely find the mates to our shoes in the same room) he is already starting to reveal his superior breeding. Crockett was retrieving from day one and soon began shadowing my other dogs, learning from their every move. I have no doubt that he will soon be performing with the best of them. Thanks, Harold!
Submitted by: Jerry Mayberry on Nov 16, 2011
I have owned 4 Biebel Brittanys over the past 12 years & currently have two. I hunt from September to Feburary for pheasant, sharptail, huns, chukars, desert & Mearns quail. My Biebel Britts handle all that variety & volume masterfully and never dissapoint. They have always arrived very well socialized, with a lot of natural ability and desire and have been very easy for me to train.
Submitted by: Martin Rice on Nov 16, 2011
Harold is a terrific friend. My most recent dog came from his kennels and we just met in South Dakota from some awesome hunting in awesome weather.

Martin Rice
Submitted by: Joe Owen on Nov 15, 2011
I am the proud owner of one of Harold's and Renee's Brittanys. She is one and one half years old and is doing great.

I recently returned from ND and SD where she hunted like a champion. She has lots of drive loves to hunt and has a great nose.

In another year (her third hunting season)she will be hunting with more confidence and style.

I would recommend to anyone that wants a great hunting Brittany to contact Harold Biebel!!!
Submitted by: DALE on Nov 15, 2011
If you want a great hunting Dog get A Biebel Brittany. They do it all easy to train point solid retreive to hand I know I have 2 Biebel Brittanys and both retreive out of water also. You also Get a great friend out of it 2 for 1 result. Thank you Harold & Renee
Submitted by: Bradford Gray on Nov 13, 2011
Harold and his Brittany's are the best. I have a 3 1/2 year old male who LIVES (and loves) to hunt. Also an amazing family member. Couldn't ask for a better dog and breeder.
Thanks Harold
Submitted by: Ryan on Nov 13, 2011
Mr Biebel drove from Kentucky to Massachusetts to deliver our Brittany (thats a long way)! We've become good friends since then. Boomer is an amazing hunting dog, esp loves pheasants. Couldnt ask for a better family companion. Our next brittany will certainly coming from Biebel Brittanys
Submitted by: Marji on Nov 13, 2011
Our Biebel Brittany is an absolutely outstanding dog! Both a wonderful family dog and a completely driven hunter who loves nothing more. Contact Harold only if you are willing to have two things to happen: 1)you want to own an amazing hunting dog, and 2)you are open to developing a genuine friendship with Harold
Submitted by: DALE on Nov 11, 2011
My wife and I hunted with Harold in Montana this year with our 2 biebel brittys. Not only did he show us how to acess the land to hunt he also took time with my wife to teach her how to work her pup. Left Montana to N Dakota with our 2 dogs and when left all our hunting buddies said the pup will be hard to beat next year. That says a lot when our dogs are the only Britts the rest are shorthairs. If you want a great hunting dog see Harold for the best. I think my biebel brit Amos cant be beat.
Submitted by: Doug Callander on Nov 10, 2011
In June of this year, I was lucky enough to make 2 new friends; Harold Biebel and Moon, one of his liver and white Brits. Harold went the extra mile for me including hosting me in his own home and giving whatever time I needed to watch and get to know Moon before I made up my mind. Moon is now mine and I couldn't be happier. He and I just completed our first full bird season together and he was super. His nose is second to none. As I sit now in my office and watch our first snowfall fly by my window, I know I have made 2 life long friends; Moon and Harold.
Submitted by: Bob Biebel on Nov 09, 2011
My Black Lab, Duncan, is the uncle of BB's litter, litter mate to the sire. He is great as is the entire line.
Submitted by: Jim Ganser on Nov 09, 2011
I just finished up a week hunting trip in Aberdeen SD with Harold and his fleet of dogs. I have never met someone so passionate as a trainer and you can see it in his dogs. I hunted behind several of his dogs during the week and one word comes to mind amazing. I have several labradors and have always thought one of Biebel Brittanys would complete my kennel of dogs. If your considering a Brittany dont look any further than this kennel. Harold stands behind his dogs 100%.
Submitted by: tiffany biebel on Nov 09, 2011
Whether yr looking for a hunting companion or family friend biebel briitanys is the place to go.these breeders know what they are doing and very experienced in providing u with a perfect fit for your family. All the dogs brittany or black lab or pointer are trainedto hunt and aprotect. Sk if your looking for a dog with personality and is smart this is the place to get a female or male so call 12707964085
Submitted by: Judy on Nov 09, 2011
I can't think of a better place for anyone to purchase a brittany dog. Mr. B has been breading
and raising brittany dogs for a very long time.
I have worked for him for over 13 yrs and have seen how much he loves each and everyone. He not
only loves them but makes sure he places them in
homes where they will continue to be loved.
Submitted by: David Kunz on Nov 09, 2011
I am 55 years young and have raised and trained dogs for my own use for the past 30 years. I have known Harold for the past 6 years. He is a great person and a great breeder. A few weeks ago I phoned Harold and was able to obtain a male pup for a friend of mine (Larry) out of Cocoa's last litter. He is a beautiful tri-color Brittany and very sociable due to Harold's knowledge of how to properly raise a puppy. Harold's kennels are clean, his dogs are healthy, he has the best of the breed, and he knows what he is doing. Do not hesitate to get a pup from him. Remember good things are worth the wait.
Submitted by: Sean Pruett on Nov 08, 2011
I met Harold over this website. Just a few months ago and hit it off great. Now I am the proud owner of a finished orange and white named Buddy boy. One of the best dogs I've seen. I have now made a friend for life. Thank you Harold. I will be back
Submitted by: Rob Earp on Nov 08, 2011
In October 2011 Harold provided me and some new friends a tour of some of the best hunting that the state of Montana has to offer. Further he showed us how to hunt different upland game birds effectively even when conditions were far less than optimal. And finally he had us hunt behind his fine stable of hunting dogs that are among the very best running today. Harold again showed why he is THE guy to know and work with when it comes to good hunting opportunities and first-rate hunting dogs.
Submitted by: Todd Paul on Oct 18, 2011
After Hunting over Harold's dogs for 7 days and watching them work, I couldn't more higher recommend him and his dogs. They are amazing bird dogs. After two days of hunting, I fell in love with a 3 year old Liver and White female and she is now at my house. Great hunting dogs and a great guy!
Submitted by: Reid Rice on Oct 02, 2011
Harold is a great breeder to be around. He worked with my sister and me on three puppies to sell as a business opportunity. We already sold two and we have one left. Harold offers us lots of dogs to take care of, one of them is now my hunting dog Rocket. Every year my dad, Harold, and some other men go to Montana and it is a blast...last fall I got to go along too!!!
Submitted by: Dale Schuetz on Aug 05, 2011
Hello Harold & Renee
Just wanted to let everyone know how satisfied hunters would be if they buy a Biebel Brittany. Doty is now 15 months old and ready for her first wild bird experance with you in Montana know she will do great. The trainer Chuck Tash said she was one of the easiest dogs he has ever trained. this says a lot about your dogs. So if any one is looking for a outstanding hunting dog you give then my name and phone # for referances. I now have 2 Biebel Brittanys 5year old named Amos and the pup. Last year got more birds then I expected to thanks and Amos
Submitted by: Joe Owen on Jun 17, 2011
I obtained a Biebel Brittany last year. She was one year old in May 2010. Started her training last Sept on pigeons and pen raised quail. We hunted her a little in ND and SD last fall. Worked her for several days at a preserve in MD in Jan and more in Feb, Mar, and Apr at various locations. We competed in an Upland Classic Series hunt in SC. All fall and winter, for a less then one year old she did great and has shown lots of bird hunting potential!!!!

She is a great house pet that is playful and enjoyable. She is easy to train, whats to please, and learns quickly.

This summer she will be force fetch trained and will make the trip to ND and SD again in Oct and Nov for big birds in big country. In Dec we will be in TX fro a month and then more trips for late winter and spring hunts at various locations.

We are very pleased with this Bieble Brittany and would highly recommend to anyone that wants a great pet and hunting dog to contact Harold and Renee Bieble.
Submitted by: Rob Earp on Feb 27, 2011
I have come to know Harold Biebel personally over the last few months and have recently had the opportunity to hunt over several of his Brittanys. The two adjectives I'd use to describe his dogs are Automatic and Awesome. You're just not going to find a better breeder of hunting dogs. It's that simple. But beyond the dogs, Harold can make available a level of advice and a stream of resources that is truly unparalleled and unique. Having the dogs is one thing. Getting the most out of it is another. Harold understands that and works to provide the entire package.
Submitted by: Dan Dodson on Feb 04, 2011
I just took one of my Biebel brittanys down to get Harold to get some professional training from Chuck Tash, spent the night at Harold's place. The hospitality was second to none. If your thinking of a Brittany be sure to get one from H. Also if you get a change to hear Harold's rendition of Lynyrd Skynyrd it's a must hear, you won't b sorry.
thanks Harold
Submitted by: JERRY MAYBERRY on Jan 25, 2011
I currently have two Biebel Brittany's, Callie my 10 1/2 year 0ld dog of a lifetime and Dixie, 18 months, who looks like she may be my 2nd dog of a lifetime. I have owned, trained and hunted over at least a dozen Brittany's over the last 40 years.Biebel Britt's are the greatest. But as I have stated before, when you buy one you may be getting both a dog of a lifetime, but also a friend for a lifetime. Since buying Callie I have been fortunate enough to join Harold on hunts for pheasant, sharptail, Mearns & desert quail. I will be meeting him in Texas next month for a Bobwhite quail hunt. I am honored to call him a best friend.
Submitted by: Eric Willard on Jan 25, 2011
I bought a female liver from Harold last summer named Molly. Harold was on his way through our town and brought her to me. That was my first good impression that I had made the right choice in selecting Harold. Over the last few months I have gone back to visit Harold at his home. He has given me pointers and even took time to show some training techniques to get Molly started. You can find many breeders that will sell you a dog and talk about champion bloodlines. The best breeders are the ones who have dogs with champion lines and also give you their phone number. Harold likes to keep tabs on his pups and will make time for conversation when it comes to his dogs. When you get a pup from Harold you know that you are gettiing a quality dog and you may also forge a new friendship as well.
Submitted by: Keith Sharp on Jan 23, 2011
It's been said a number of times, and it's true, that when you get a Brittany, you get a dog that will hunt hard for you all day, and rest his head in your lap on the way home. But when you buy from a breeder like Harold, you also gain a friend who loves bird dogs and bird hunting, and is honestly interested in helping your new pup be the best he can be.

Our 7-month old pup Floyd is already a treasured part of the family, but today under Harold's guidance he got his first whiff of quail. It is clear he has desire and potential. Thanks, Harold.
Submitted by: Bob Skiba on Jan 20, 2011
I have 2 liver and white britts from Harold have had Dugan now his third season and Cecil his first season. We have been quail hunting in Texas 5 trips this year, and I can't thank Harold and Chuck Tash enough on how both dogs have turned out nothing short of Great. I strongly recommend the Biebel Brittany line as top of the line hunters and Chuck Tash for your training needs. These dogs are great comic relief and managable as house pets....
Wouldn't have it any other way.I look forward to hunting with Harold in February when he comes to Texas.
Submitted by: Rob Earp on Jan 19, 2011
Harold is a devoted Brittany lover and a truly avid hunter with experience shooting upland game all across the country. Who better to provide you with your next Brittany pup? Harold gives you the time, care, and attention of a good friend. Not only can he match you perfectly with your pup, but he can provide a world of good advice and knowledge on making life with your Brittany a true adventure, whether in the field or at home. Having moved to the mid-south from Texas, I had no familiarity with regional hunting grounds, not to mention opportunities across the wider world. Harold is really helping me along and I feel like I've reached a tipping point in my hunting life because of his willingness to share his wealth of experience.
Submitted by: William Funk on Jan 19, 2011
I got my first brittany from Harold six years ago---and have since gotten three more. They are the easiest dogs to train in my 68 years of trying. He pairs dogs with owners, somehow, that works for both.
These dogs make fine hunters as well as pets.
I have no hesitation recommending Biebel Brittany's as the hunting pets we all want.
Submitted by: Dan Dodson on Jan 14, 2011
If your looking for a first class breeder with world class dogs, look no further. Keep up the great work!!
Submitted by: Chuck Tash on Jan 14, 2011
I have trained dogs from Biebel Brittany Kennel for 10 years . Harold puts a lot of effort into breeding quality Brittany's. I have personally seen several that have made competive field trial dogs. Others have become personal gun dogs and family companions. Harold will try to match the owner to the right puppy, instead of just selling a dog. I reccomend Harold and his dogs. Chuck Tash, Tash kennels.
Submitted by: Ed Manion on Jan 13, 2011
I got a "well started' dog from Harold Biebel 3.5 yrs ago. The bloodline is dreamlike-Microdot on one side, Nolan's Last Bullet on the other. "Lee" pointed (staunch), honored, and retiieved naturally. He loves to hunt and covers more ground than 90% of the dogs I've ever hunted behind. He has a SUPERB nose! When you let him out of the truck, he's all business. When you take him home he's a totally calm,very affectionate companion who follows you all around the house and loves to sleep right next to you on the bed!
Harold Biebel is the only person I would buy a Britt from. I trust him 100% and I know he will stand behind the sale, whatever the reason!
Submitted by: Gordon Waterfall on Jan 13, 2011
I have been a German Shorthair fan and still love the shorthairs. But, I have hunted over a number of Biebel Brittanys and am so impressed with these dogs that I have put a deposit on a pup from an upcomming breeding. What else can I say?......Gordon Waterfall
Submitted by: Elizabeth O'Meara on Jan 13, 2011
Our Biebel Brittany is the love of our lives. She is perfect in every way, both as a family member and as a hunting dog. She is almost human. She is a once in a lifetime dog!
Elizabeth O'Meara
Submitted by: Rusty Knight on Jan 13, 2011
My brother Dusty and I grew up hunting a variety of game. By the time we came along, most of the wild quail in our area were a thing of the past, but we had both spent some quality time with our Dad, our uncles, and our grandfather following dogs after wild birds.

When Dusty told me he had gotten his first Brittany in 2007, I immediately was envious, but did not see a bird dog in my near term future. He finally convinced me in October, 2010 that I was ready. I met Harold in Huntsville, Alabama, where he delivered Reba to my wife and I. She has been a delight. Hunted well from the beginnins, and is a companion without equal. Harold has become a friend, and is always willing and able to give advice, hunt, or just hang out.

Harold, keep up the good work.

Rusty Knight
Submitted by: Jerry Mayberry on Jan 12, 2011
I am on my 3rd Biebel Brittany and continue to be amazed with thr overall quality of my dogs. Callie my first Biebel Brit. is now going on 11 and she still is going strong.I thought she was going to be my "dog of a life time" but my newest sweetheart Dixie may challenge that. At only 18 months she has already shown that she will be another great one.
Submitted by: Dusty Knight on Jan 12, 2011
Hey guys just a quick note about Harold. I found Harold on the internet back in 07' while I was looking for a Brittany. We talked a couple of times and after Harold checked me out to be sure I would be a good owner I bought a year old dog named Ranger from Harold. Ranger has had over 3000 birds shot over him in the last three years and does great. A year after receiving Ranger we got another dog from Harold this time a pup we named Rebel. He is a wonderful dog and has over 2000 birds under his belt. I had Harold down to hunt Quail at Coachs Dyes place in Auburn the first season after I got Rebel and what does he do but bring me Rebels brother who is almost solid liver colored. I could not turn him down. We named him Ruger. So now I have three Biebel Brittanys and love all of them. Good hunting Harold.
Submitted by: Lindsey Dodge on Jan 12, 2011
We got a beautiful liver and white pup from Harold in October last year. Max is so smart and we love having him. :) I'm sure he will make a great bird dog and we can't wait to ho hunting with him next fall. I highly recommend a Bieble Britt if you want a highly intelligent, energetic, loving puppy!
Submitted by: Steve Smith on Jan 11, 2011
I purchased my Brittany from Harold about 8 years ago. This has been a choice of a lifetime!

Buck arrived as a 8 week old puppy and it was love at first site for my family. I had spoken to Harold a few times on the phone and he had described the puppies that he had available at that time. He went so far as to get out the video camera and provide us with about 1/2 hour of video of all the puppies in the litter running/playing/etc. We got to pick ours out and Harold shipped the pup to us.

Buck has been a joy from day one. Hard driving dog in the field, lazy mutt at home. He has provided hours of pleasure hunting, pointing, tracking, and retrieving quail, pheasant, chucker and grouse throughout the west. At home is is a relaxed pup that enjoys a scratch on the head.

Harold continues to include his customers with information about planned trips, upcoming litters, and general great times that he has with his dogs and forwards adventures that other customers have to me. He is always available to answer the phone and willing to talk dogs and hunting with anyone.

Harold's dogs are first rate. I know others that own his pups and not one has anything bad to say about Harold, the purchasing experience, or the dog provided. He does his homework with his breeding and it shows in the final products.

I have no reservations in recommending Biebel Brittany's to anyone looking for either a companion dog that occasionally hunts or a hunting dog that is also great around the house and family.
Submitted by: Kathy S. on Jan 11, 2011
Harold is the real deal. If you've met Harold, you know what I mean. If you have not met him, make sure you do. He is one of those rare, good people that cares about his dogs in a way that a non-dog lover cannot understand. We have Harold to thank for our Tuffie. Tuffie is an outstanding dog -- a snuggler at home and a hunting machine in the field. Can't hardly wait till February when Harold will be bringing us our SECOND Biebel brittany. So there you have it -- we have purchased TWO dogs from Harold. Do I really need to say more???
Submitted by: J. Benke on Jan 11, 2011
Hi Harod,

I just wanted you to know how pleased we are with our Biebel Brittany, Maggie. I have hunted brittanies for over 50 years. I have shot a lot of upland birds over some excellent Brittanies. Maggie being one of them.

Maggie is calm in the house but energentic in the field. We hunt a lot of Gambel quails which are difficult for pointing dogs. Yet, three year old Maggie is doing an excellent job handling these birds. I am looking foward to many fun years with Maggie.

Harold, thank you for bringing Maggie to us. We are forever Biebel fans.

Best regards,

J. Benke
Submitted by: Wally Barden on Jan 11, 2011
Arizona's quail season is well under way and my 2 yr old male Biebel Britt is an excellent bird finder. He is big and strong and in addition to finding birds he is my constant companion in and around the house. Want a bird dog and/or a pal? Contact Harold Biebel and you will get the dog that will exceed your expectations. If you have access to hunting grounds, Harold may adopt you just so he can come check on your dog while it hunts. Biebel Brittanys is a kennel from which you can be assured that dog quality is the leading priority.
Submitted by: Joe Owen on Jan 10, 2011
Last summer two of my bird hunting buddies and I obtained puppy's from the Biebel Brittany kennel.

The puppy's will be 8 month old on 15 Jan.

This past weekend we hunted for quail together at a presurve in MD for 3 days. It was cold(20's), the wind blew (20 - 25 kts), and it snowed. The wind chill was in the low teens.

The worse weather day was on Sunday and we conducted a puppy derby. It was a great pleasure to see three littermates hunting for birds with a great deal of confidence with about 3 inches of snow on the ground, low to mid 20 degree, and the wind blowing at 20 - 25 kts.

These puppy's did great!!!! They were able to find, point, and hold the birds. Retrieving is coming along very nicely. They honored our older brittany's with a lot of poise. None of these puppy's have received formal professional training.

In addition to early this demonstration of great hunting potential, the puppy's are great house pets - very well behaved and playful.

I would recommend a Biebel Brittany to anyone that wants a great hunting dog

Regards, Joe Owen
Submitted by: Dan McCarty on Jan 10, 2011
After communicating with Harold for a couple of years we purchased two pups from the first Peaches and Buddy Boy litter. I was not very familiar with Brittanys but had decided they were what I was looking for. I simply cannot imagine having better dogs than the ones we received. They are extremely intelligent and have become an active part of the family. In fact, the moment they arrived I think they expected to be part of the family. Even though our female pup Bonnie has been with us only 6 months it seems she has been here for years. We plan to get some bird dog training for her soon as that is what she wants to do every time she is outside. I doubt you could go wrong with a pup from any litter that Harold produces. Any future pups we get will certainly come from Harold and Biebel Brittanys.

Dan McCarty
Submitted by: Dale Schuetz on Jan 05, 2011
Just A note to Harold Took Doty out Jan 1st Planted some Pheasant and 1 bobwhite for training. Doty is only 8 mo old Doty ponited the bobwite and retrived to hand and release in hand when said release. No formal training will go to Chuck Tash in April This says a lot about Biebel Brittanys
Submitted by: DALE on Dec 28, 2010
Submitted by: Dale on Dec 13, 2010
Harold just a note about the 2 wonderful britts i got from you. Was out hunting with a friend that is a german shorthair man his son was talking to him about Amos my wonderful biebel 4 year old and he told his son not to worry about Amos because he can hold is oun in the field. What a compliment to your dogs you sell. So if anyone is looking for a outstanding hunting dog get it from Harold. Not only will you have a great dog but a great friend also. Buy a Biebel Brittany. Now about Doty took her out for 1st time last week and hunted great with a good nose. Going to trainer in June cant wait she is going to be a outstanding hunting dog. She has so much natural abilities so thanks
Submitted by: Lori cook on Dec 13, 2010
Couldn't ask for a better Breeder and a better Dog Thank you so much for my wonderful Sugar thank you Got her 4 1/2 years ago for my Birthday best gift I ever got her...
Submitted by: Chris Odde on Dec 10, 2010
We got our second Beibel Brittany from Harold, he is just the best. Words cant explain how great of a guy Harold is, and his dogs are just as great. We let Harold stay at our house twice a year for 5 days each, he is one of my favorite people to hunt with. My kids like him alot also and are sad when he leaves. Harold I want to thank you again for Cody and Cocoa. Look forward to hunting with you next October buddy.
Submitted by: Bradford Gray on Dec 10, 2010
I bought my first hunting dog a bit over a year ago from Harold. At that time he was a 1 1/2 yr old liver on liver roan male brit named Boomer. This wonderful dog has become an amazing part of our family. He is lovable, friendly and very playful with our two other non-hunting dogs and couldnt be a better family pet/friend. With that said his raison d'etre is to hunt!!!! Outside, that is all he wants to do. He seems to know when its time to find pheasants. Minimal training (and little knowledge on my part) and Boomer still seems to know what to do. We couldnt be happier.
By the way, when we decided to purchase Boomer, Harold drove him from Kentucy to our house in Massachusetts. (Look at a map - thats a long way!!) There were no contracts - just the understanding that if we didnt think Boomer would be a good fit that Harold would take him back. Over the last year we have become good friends with Harold and my son Ryan and I recently went quail hunting in Texas with him and a multitude of his wonderful brittanys - including Boomer's mother Cocoa.
If you are looking for a great hunting dog and dont mind adding a long term friend then I would tell you to call Harold without reservations.
Submitted by: rhsaigo on Dec 08, 2010
I have hunted with Harold and gang this fall in MT. Not only were his dogs wonderful, his Biebel owners were really nice folks, and the meals with Sharptail was priceless. If you are interested in a Brit, consider a Biebel Brit because you become a relative of Harold. Happy Hunting. Roy
Submitted by: Joe Owen on Nov 20, 2010
I obtained one of Harold's and Rene's Brittany Pups in August. She is a great dog!!! She loves to play with our 4 year old Brittany. She is very playful, loving and was very easy to house train.

The best part of this grand daughter of Nolan's Last Bullet, is that she loves to hunt birds. She has been worked on many released training birds and has been shot over with a starter pistiol. She hunts smartly, points, waits patiently for the bird to be released, and then chases it with great vigor!!!

A few weeks ago I had her in SD for a big bird trip. She loves the big birds and the big fields.
At 6 months of age, she did very well!!!! She was quartering naturally, without any previous instruction. She was not indiminated by the the large hunting party, the actiities of the larger dogs, and shooting did not distract her one bit.

We are very pleased with our started bird dog and am looking forward to many days in the field with her.

I would definately recommend one of Biebel's Brittanys to any one that wants a great houst dog or hunting partner.

Regards, Joe Owen
Submitted by: Dale Schuetz on Nov 15, 2010
I bought a Biebel Brit fron Harold June of 2010 for the up Comming hunting season. I took Amos to North Dakota for Pheasants this year. He did a great job for me even thow we didn't know each other well. Amos was great he got me 1 hun,2 grouse and pheasant and did every thing Harold told me he would do.I was impressed. Then this last weekend we went on a charity hunt for the Lyons club in Pixley Ca. You could emagine the people.Amos hunted for me like we we hunting togeather for years.My friend and I each had a dog my Brittany and his 17 mo shorthair. limit is 2 birds each. Frist day Brittany 3 Shorthair 1. Second day Brittany 3 shorthair 1. If looking for A dog buy from Harold and you will not be sorry
Submitted by: Michelle Roberts on Nov 08, 2010
I got my Brittany "Brody" from Harold last October (2009) with no intentions to hunt him and not knowing too much about the Brittany breed. I just knew they were very beautiful dogs and I had to have one. He has been an outstanding dog. He is wonderful with the children and has the sweetest personality. But not knowing much about the breed I was having a hard time training him to do basic listening skills. I contacted Harold looking for his help, because getting rid of Brody was not an option for me. He has gone about and beyond to accommodate me. I met him in Elizabethtown to drop Brody off. He took Brody to train and see what works best for him to give me pointers. I will be getting him back on the 19th and I can't wait to see the change in progress. I'm only keeping him home for a little while for surgery and then Harold will be taking him again for session two of his training. I also can't wait to see what Harold has in store for me to become a better owner in continuing his training. There is not a better person I could recommend than Harold Biebel. Updates on Brody to come soon!!!

Thank you so much Harold!!
Submitted by: Kathy Sorensen on Oct 04, 2010
Well, we just purchased our second Biebel Brittany and I am THRILLED. Harold knows dogs and he knows people -- and he really knows which dogs belong with which people. We were not looking for a second dog just yet, but Harold contacted us and said he had the perfect puppy for our family. Dog gone it if he wasn't right... again!! He couldn't have done a better job of a perfect fit with our first Brittany. And he's gone and done it again!! Harold is the most accommodating breeder you will ever find -- circumstances do not allow us to bring our little guy home just yet, so he has agreed to hold him for us for a couple months. He also brought the puppy to us (we're in MN) so we could see how wonderful he is. Harold will go the extra mile for you -- figuratively and literally. His wife, Renee, is also as fine a person as Harold is. They are the only breeders we will buy all our dogs from and I'm happy to call them friends as well. Thank you again, Harold, from the bottom of my heart.
Submitted by: Brett Sorensen on Sep 29, 2010
I can't say enough good things about Harold Biebel and the dog I got from him. Both are outstanding. Harold is a breeder who genuinely cares about the dogs -- from carefully picking which dog to breed with which and right on through to who the dog would fit best with. Harold is friendly, helpful and has become a good friend. And as for my dog -- he is excellent in the field and a pleasure to have around the house. I would highly recommend Biebel Brittanys to anyone who is thinking about a Brittany.
Submitted by: Kathy on Sep 28, 2010
I wanted to update you on our dog we received from Harold. His name is Tuffie -- short for 'Too Tuff To Handle". He is an absolutely wonderful dog, I couldn't have asked for more. He is the best of both world -- a great snuggler in the off season and when it's bird season he is go, go, GO. His personality and temperament is outstanding. We will absolutely, positively be contacting Harold for our next dog.
Submitted by: Dan on Sep 28, 2010
I got my brit from Harold a couple years ago. He's really a great dog and beautiful too. He is beyond smart and very willing to please. I couldn't be happier with my dog or with Harold.
Submitted by: Frank Moore on Sep 16, 2010
Maggie is now four months old. She is a beautiful pup - strong, energetic, very responsive, and a most lovable pet. She has powerful hunting instincts, as I expected, since she is a grandaughter of Nolan's Last Bullet. I hope to have her in the field soon and on some live quail.

She has made friends with Dottie, my 10 year-old Brittany, and they are great companions.

Thanks to Harold for a great pup.

Frank Moore
Tampa, Florida
Submitted by: Trip Whatley on Sep 08, 2010
Harold delivered me a finished dog last week in Alabama. We tested her on some quail we released that morning. She found them all and held her points very well even in extreme heat! Two days later after Harold left, we went back and she found them again. Braska is a beautiful Liver and White. My wife loves her and so does my son! Thanks Harold.
Submitted by: Dan and Ellei Tempel on Aug 26, 2010
Bird season just opened up again the 10th of August here in Alaska and Buckwheat and I have again commenced on another memorable bird season. My Grandson and I went out on his first big hunt with me last weekend and we had a wonderful time chasing birds. As usual I had a great time telling him about the time Buckwheat locked up on point in the middle of him hiking his leg to go to the bathroom. While I did not time him, the poor guy had to have held point in that position for at least five minutes until I what was happening and released him whereby he locked up on point again in a picture perfect point ten yards downwind. Your famous saying "Birds down there Boss" came to mind at that moment. I never seen a more unusual point than that one and is a great campfire story that I enjoy telling over and over again. Those three birds that he lead us to sure tasted good! While it is funny to reminisce about, it illustrates to me how intense he is about pointing and how important good breeding is with a bird dog. I always dreamed about hunting over a good bird dog and got started in Texas while I was stationed there in Abilene for six years. I got a chance to field trial and attended training as a trial judge there as well through the Big Country Bird Dog Club. There I learned many of the facets of training and what it takes to get a quality dog. The Air Force sent me home to Alaska after the six years in Texas and my Texas hunting buddy passed away of old age. I had gotten to know the various breeders and studied the various champions lines and finally decided Bieble Brittany's were to be my kennel of choice. I never regretted that decision and consider him my breeder. Buckwheat is now eight years old and has been a wonderful dog. I don't think anyone would have any problem with the Bieble line-up and would recommend them to anyone. I fondly remember a conversation with Harold one day that has stuck with me. He told me that he does not raise Bird Dogs because he has to, he does it because he wants to. It doesn't get any more straight forward than that. Harold, Thanks again for a great dog! I hope to see you up here some day. Buckwheat and I would love to show you our neck of the woods.
Dan and Ellie Tempel
North Pole, Alaska
Submitted by: Dan Dodson on Aug 23, 2010
This is my second Biebel brittany.
Yes, I love him. Sam dropped him off Tuesday night when she got home. He has incredible markings, he really looks great. The little guy can really motor for as small as he is. He can run the entire length of the field about 150 yrds in no time. If he doesn't work out as a bird dog, Sam said he has a future traveling to horse shows with her. I'm not sure what he would do, I think she just wants to keep him. Apparently he was a big hit at the show.
He slept in bed with me last night, I was skeptical as to if he would not "go" in bed, but Sam said he slept with her every night. He was perfect, didn't hear a peep out of him. I will try to get some pics of him and Tommy this weekend.
Submitted by: Dan Dodson on Aug 23, 2010
I almost forgot to mention Harold delivered the little guy to me. oh and he lives in KY and I live in PA. first class service and even better class dogs. Keep up the good work.
Submitted by: jerry mayberry on Aug 20, 2010
My most recent Biebel Brittany( I currently have a fantastic 9 year old female) did not come out of one of his litters. I was ready for another pup and Harold did not have a litter on the ground. So Harold called his breeders contacts and found Dixie for me.He verified the pedigree, soundness of the parents, costy and delivery issues.He made it all work for me which speeks highly of him and his operation.I have always felt a man only gets one dog of a lifetime but Dixie is slowly changing my mind thanks Harold and his friendship. Oh, did I mention, when you buy a Biebel Brittany you get both a quality dog an a quality friend in the bargin.
Submitted by: Frank Moore on Aug 17, 2010
In early July I drove up to Bowling Green and purchased Maggie from Harold. He was a most enjoyable overnight host, and it was fun to see his kennel and all the healthy Brittany pups.

Maggie is from a litter of nine, and Harold took a few "action pictures" of me trying to hold all of them at once. Maggie is a healthy and energetic pup, and she is growing so fast it is amazing. I can already tell that she has very strong hunting instincts, and that her retrieval skills came hard wired through her excellent bloodline.

Maggie has bonded easily with me and with my wife. She's a real pleasure and promises much more fun in the future in the field. I could not be more pleased with her and with the enjoyable experience of meeting Harold Biebel.

Frank Moore
Tampa, Florida
Submitted by: Elizabeth O'Meara on Aug 17, 2010
We bought Zilla from Harold as a made dog seven years ago. One of the best decisions of our lives. She was even the subject of our son's college essay about the "person" he most admires. He got into every school he applied to! He described her as beautiful, athletic. intelligent, loyal, trustworthy, honest, affectionate and and a leader.
At the end of the essay he revealed that this person was his brittany Zilla. She does it all from carpool to quail hunting.

Elizabeth O'Meara
Submitted by: Dale Schuetz on Aug 17, 2010
Harold took Amos out on some planted bobwhites for training. Man does he have a nose. pointed 30 yards out. So if any one wants a good hunting partner buy a biebel brittany
Submitted by: Callie Woosley on Aug 17, 2010
I have been adopted by two of the sweetest and most beautiful liver and white characters in all of the Brittany world. Honey and Belle (a/k/a Nanner and Puddin) are Beibel (Braska/Mike) girls. These two natural little hunters make quite the pair on our 9 acres. No leaf left unturned, no bird left behind.
Submitted by: Dusty Knight on Aug 16, 2010
What can I say that has not been said already. I have three of Harolds Brittanys. Ranger who is just over 4 years old, Rebel and Ruger who are just over 2 years old. All three are great dogs and I can't tell you how much we have enjoyed them. I am lucky enough to hunt with Harold and some of his dogs most every year,so for you guys wanting a Brittany you can't go wrong with Harold. Thanks again for the dogs Harold.
Dusty Knight
Submitted by: Steve Elkins on Aug 16, 2010
I have known Harold and Renee since before they started breeding Brittanys. As a dog lover they have invited me to join them while training their Brittanys. Needless to say I was completely impressed with the care, affection, and training exercises they performed. Theirs dogs had incredible energy and would do exactly as they were taught.

I only wish I did not live in an urban setting so I could provide one of their Brittanys with the kind of life they were born and trained for.
Submitted by: Martin Rice on Aug 14, 2010
Harold, thanks for all the great times in the field and for Rocket. Rock is a super 2 year old I got from Harold when she was about 6 months. Harold helped me by hooking me up with trainer Chuck Tash in AL. After a 6 week visit at Chuck's training camp last summer, Rock was very strong, especially for her young age of 16 months in the field chasing September Sharps in Montana. Chuck also did a super job the year before training my 5 year old Abby, who is simply outstanding now. I've never met a guy who is more willing to go out of his way to please customers. He will forever be my 'go-to' on dogs. Fine regards, Martin Rice
Submitted by: W. J. "Rusty" Knight on Aug 14, 2010
Hey Harold,

I am back in Huntsville this weekend visiting with my daughter and son-in-law. It doesn't seem like a year ago that you brought Reba down to us. It has been a fun year. It is a testament to Reba's good breeding that an inexperienced guy like me could train her with no professional help. That is amazing. Thanks again.

Submitted by: Gordon Waterfall on Aug 14, 2010
I own a shorthair which is the dog of my preference, BUT, I have hunted over 7 or 8 Biebel brittanys and they are outstanding hunters. And, if I were to switch to the brittany, it would be a Beibel brittany. These dogs have noses, which is the number one test in my opinion for a successful hunting dog. These dogs find birds, they have class and are as bidable as you can expect of a dog. And, I know that Harold cares about the success of his dog owners...........Gordon Waterfall
Submitted by: Joe Owen on Aug 14, 2010
I have been chasing flying things for years. My most favorite days are spent in SD looking for those rascal wild Cock Pheasants. This fall will be my 11th year hunting in SD.

We obtained our first Brittany in 2006. We still have her and she is hunting very well. We got another Brittany in 2007, trained it, and sold it.

We met Harold and Renee Biebel a year and a half ago through a mutual friend and Brittany owner. We have visited Biebel's kennel in KY twice. Harold and Renee are great people!!! They have a great kennel and raise and train super bird dogs. They love and take very good care of their dogs.

I just obtained one of their Brittany's. Based on my recommendation, two of my fellow Brittany owners/bird hunting buddies have obtained Brittany's from Harold. I have hunted with Harold and look forward to hunting with him in the future.

I also am looking forward to training and many years of hunting the Brittany that I obtained from Harold.

I would recommend them to anyone that wants a great Brittany for a pet or for a great hunting partner. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Joe Owen
Submitted by: Matt on Aug 14, 2010
It is getting close to bird season and the best way to fill your game bag is with a Biebel Brittany! Can't wait to see H and his string of pups in the U.P. of Michigan for grouse and woodcock this fall and again when we meet up in Iowa chasing some ditch parrots. It is always a pleasure to hunt with Biebel Brittany's.
Submitted by: Stacie on Aug 13, 2010
I do not own a biebel brittany but I do work for them and they are the greatest people in the world.. If your in the market for a pup, you couldn't get a higher quality pup from a better set of people.. How do I know about the pups you may ask? Well like I said I work for the B's in there salon but i also consider them friends so what do friends do???? They feed and water the dogs when Mr. B is gone hunting.... Lol
Submitted by: marc illman on Aug 13, 2010
As a professional dog trainer I've had the opportunity to work with several of Harold's dogs. They have great drive, a good nose and a natural point. If you are looking for a pup to hunt or trial with I would highly recommend
Biebel Britanys.
Marc Illman
Greensprings Bird dogs
Williamsburg, Va.
Submitted by: Judy on Aug 13, 2010
I don't personally own a brittany dog but I am around them every day - I have worked for Mr & Mrs. Biebel now for over 12 years and have seen
first hand how much they love their dogs and puppies. They always make sure that they go to
good homes and they make personal relationships
with each owner. So if you or anyone else are
looking for a top quality pup or dog then the
Biebel Brittany's are what you are looking for.
Submitted by: W. J. "Rusty" Knight on Aug 13, 2010
I met Harold Biebel at my daughter's home in Huntsville, Alabama about this time last year to pick up my new pup Reba. She is now 14 months old, and a full fledged member of the family. Her first bird season as a puppy was great. Very birdy, very easy to train, very eager to please. I am looking forward to this season with great expectations. Most important though is what a great companion Reba has become. Lots of fun. Harold has also been great. Always available if you have a question, and has become a friend as well. Rusty Knighy
Submitted by: Dale Schuetz on Aug 13, 2010
Submitted by: BETH MAYBERRY on Aug 12, 2010
There is nothing better than a BIEBEL BRITTANY!!!!
I have been to there home and found it delightful.
They have such love for the dogs and each one shows it. We picked our first one from a video, they showed us a wagon full. She has been our best dog so far. Now our latest, which was delivered to our front door, back in Jan. 2010. Looks like she will be as good, as our first, or even better. Her name is Dixie and she is a year old. From a Brittany lover, BETH
Submitted by: Michael Pinkosky Jr on Aug 12, 2010
I've know Harold since he started in Brittanys when he lived in Minnesota. He is working hard to produce the best possible bird dog that he can. I have been Breeding Brittany gun dogs myself since 1974. I highly recommend Harold. Buy with confidence!
Submitted by: Ed Manion on Aug 12, 2010
I got Lee, a Biebel Brittany, almost 3.5 yrs. ago. This breeder came very highly recommended to me. I wanted a dog that was a "huntin' fool" and a great companion. Lee has exceeded my expectations. He has an exceptional nose, covers a lot of ground in a hurry, and will go till he drops! He lives in the house and sleeps on the bed right next to me. At some point i will get another dog and you can be sure it will be another Biebel Brittany!
Submitted by: Bob Skiba on Aug 12, 2010
Biebel Brittany Saga Continued;
As I stated in March my second Britt from Mr H spent some time with Chuck Tash Harold and my trainer in Florence Al
I picked Cecil up from Chuck 4th of July weekend and Cecil now has the training to hunt this season. Chuck worked Cecil in tall green pasture and the boy found 4 for 4 birds Chuck put out now that's a nose he worked well quartered covering ground as he should. Held staunch on point did everything right. Now I have a brace of bragging dogs most people do not ever have this in a lifetime.
I had the pleasure of seeing Harold on his way delivering some pups he spent the night with us. I assure you if you purchase a Britt from Harold you will not regret it.
Submitted by: Teresa Kindred on Aug 12, 2010
We have a Biebel Brittany. His name is Lefty and he is the absolute sweetest, most lovable dog in the world! He's great around my granddaughter and she is only 5 years old. Would highly recommend a Biebel Brittany as a pet or as a hunting dog!
Submitted by: Wally Barden on Aug 12, 2010
Two of my Biebel Britts are ready for their second full hunting season. Stamina and desire, combined with being smart make them a joy both in the field and in the home. The third Britt just turned 9 and she still has more drive and desire than many other younger dogs. Get a Brittany, or 2, or 3 from the Biebels and you will make friends you won't forget! They breed outstanding pups and you can't go wrong with one of their dogs.
Submitted by: Rich Boyd on Aug 09, 2010
We have enjoyed getting to know Mr. and Mrs. Biebel in connection with our wonderful new pup, Ruby, just 8 weeks old. In our first few days with Ruby, she is well on her way to house training, keeping her training kennel crate clean and going immediately once we take her outside. And she "slept through the night" last night! She's playful, energetic and bold, as a gundog pup should be, and seems plenty inquisitive and "birdy" outside! Indoors, she is finding every Lego the kids have lost behind couches, etc. as we continue to work on our puppy proofing! We have high hopes for Ruby -- local quail and woodcock, beware! We will also be doing some early water work, familiarization, with the hope and expectation Ruby will mark and retrieve our ducks too! "Watch this space." So far we have had an altogether pleasant and worthwhile experience with Biebel Brittanies and our new little best friend, Ruby!
Submitted by: Sally on Jul 31, 2010
Hi Harold,just wanted to thank you again for our wounderful brittanys. They are sooo good for each other, Doty has taught Amos how to play like a puppy again, and Amos teaches Doty everything good that he knows already.At three months old she already knows to come, stay, up, kennel up,down,no, fetch it up, and of course she learned her name in the first two days that we had her. Amos is teaching her to calm down a little bit at times when she gets a little too rambunctious. It is plain to see that they love each other, they are more fun to watch and be with than I could ever describe, Dale and I love them sooo much and it's plain that they love us too! We will always be grateful for this match made in heaven! Thanks again for everything Sally.
Submitted by: Dale Schuetz on Jul 12, 2010
Biebel Brittanys, Can't say enough about how good they are. I took my Biebel Britt to a trainer to evaluate me as I haven't worked a dog in 20 Years. I needed a refresher course. The first thing out of trainers mouth was he didn't like Brittanys much. At that point we took Amos out of the kennel and the trainer just stood there for a minute or so just looking at my dog. When he did speak all he could say is I like this Brittany made me feel good. After we were done he told me Amos had a good nose and he was an exceptional dog. If you want a good Hunting dog get a Biebel Brittany you will not be sorry. Dale
Submitted by: Sally Schuets on Jul 10, 2010
Harold and Renee, just wanted to thank you for a wounderful time at your house, picking up Amos. We had a great time with you both, and hope to spend more time with you in the future. Now about the great Biebel Brittanys we got from you Amos is a wounderful dog, trained extremely well, he loves dale to pieces and listens to all his commands. He has become very affectionate with both of us but especially Dale!I don't think we could have found a better or more perfect dog for dale had we looked for years! They are great together. Now for my puppy Doty! What a brittany!! She already knows how to stay, come here, fetch it up, and she's not even three month old!!! what a girl, she loves me and I love her she is so georgious and smart!!! All I can say is if you want the best brittany get him or her from Biebel brittanys, you cannot go wrong!!! thank you so very much. Sally & Doty Schuets
Submitted by: Elliott on Jul 07, 2010
We're so excited to be going to pick up our new female orange & white brittany puppy, Trina, from Biebel Brittanys this weekend. The experience of working with Harold has been excellent, and my wife and I couldn't be happier. All of the puppies were gorgeous and energetic, and Harold has been extremely patient, informative, and accommodating with us. This is our first brittany, and I hope that there will be more to come.
Submitted by: DALE SCHUETZ on Jun 24, 2010
I purchased a 3 1/2 year old finished brittany fron Biebel Brittanys. I couldnt ask for a better hunting partner. I went to pick him up from Harold witch he said if Amos wouldn't do every thing he said he would do he would pay for all of my expenses. Amos is better then Harold said he was. So if you are looking for A excellent hunting partner and companion by a Biebel Brittany you will not be sorry.
Submitted by: bob skiba on Mar 10, 2010
Mr H., as stated by Chuck Tash/Tash Kennels, Florence Al in a previous testimony, we do love Biebel Britts as much as Chuck does. We are excited to send our new addition to the family, Cecil an outstanding liver and white Biebel Britt to Chuck next week. We got him at 12 weeks old from Harold, he's now 9 mos old. We have worked Cecil over quail here in Texas and he shows outstanding potential. I'm sure Chuck will have fun teaching his student the rules and regulations, Cecil has it in his blood all he needs is a little direction to become a outstanding gun dog. This will give us a brace of outstanding Britt's,Dugan and Cecil. We have shot hundreds of birds over Dugan already. He has turned out to be a fabulous gun dog. All I can say is Harold's line of dogs are complimented by the efforts Chuck Tash puts forward at his Kennel.
If you want the best I promise you you will not regret your choice. Harold's dogs have brought great enjoyment to myself, my family, and my two best friends that I hunt with.
All I can say Harold is Brilliant!
Thanks for all you do.
Submitted by: Bob Skiba on Jun 08, 2009
Im glad I am on the top of your list for a male Barley look alike pup! My #1 Biebel Brittany "Dugan" just turned 4 years old. I think the Cocoa/Barley litter will be outstanding....
Thanks for all you do Harold!
Submitted by: Daryl on May 26, 2009
Harold, put me down for a liver female. Thanks, Daryl.
Submitted by: Rusty in AL on May 26, 2009
Harold. My brother has 3 BiebelBrittanys, yes, please add me to the litter list for a liver and white female. Thanks, Rusty.
Submitted by: Dan is CA on May 26, 2009
This will be my first BiebelBrittany. We can wait!! Please add us to the list for a liver colored girl puppy. Thanks so much for all you did in helping us find our pup. Dan.
Submitted by: Tad in WA state on May 20, 2009
Hi Harold. Just received your email that Cocoa is having puppies in June. Put me on the list for a L&W male. We love Boomer that we got from you 5 years ago and it is time for another. Love those BiebelBrittanys.
Submitted by: Bill Jon Johnson on May 20, 2009
My wife just called me at work to say your Cocoa is having pups. Yes, we still need another BiebelBrittany. Please put us on the list. Thanks so much. Billy.
Submitted by: David @ Texas Hunting Preserve on Apr 15, 2009
Harold I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that we had a great season here at the Texas ranch. Our 3 BiebelBrittanys did a great job for our clients. This season George Strait (if you don't know who George Strait is don't come to TX!) hunted over Hank. Hank did great and George loved shooting over him. Thanks again. Looking foward to seeing you again this fall. David.
Submitted by: David @ Texas Hunting Preserve on Apr 15, 2009
Harold, I forgot to tell you that Gov. Rick Perry (TX) also hunted over Hank this season. Hank just blows all the other dogs away. When he retrieves if he hits bird scent again he just stops and locks up with a quail in his mouth, on point again. He is the hardest running retriever I have ever seen. And that is saying something since we have over 60 working dogs here at the ranch. David.
Submitted by: David @ TX Hunting Preserve on Apr 15, 2009
Harold, ok, ok, just one more commernt. As you know we have many oil company executives and owners as members here at the ranch. Well I can document that this year 2 Billionairs, yes with a B, hunted over Hank. Both tried to buy Hank from me. I will not state the price offers but they were substantial. No, I will not sell Hank but it sure would be tempting to be able to pay off the house!! Thanks buddy, David.
Submitted by: Dusty in Alabama on Apr 15, 2009
Hi Harold. Just a note to let you know that my brother has convinced his wife that they just can not live without a BiebelBrittany puppy. When is you next litter due? They would like a liver & white female. A female would be a fun change to go with my 3 male BiebelBrittanys! Ha, maybe she will be able to keep up! Thanks for all the fun, Dusty.
Submitted by: Curtis Feldpausch on Apr 06, 2009
I got a Male pup from Harold about 1.3yrs. ago. We made a little trade for a charter weekend on lake michigan for 1 of his pups. Buster has turned out to be a fantastic dog. He is a natural retriever and eager to please. He has really come into his own in the last 2mos. I would highly recommend one of Harolds dogs to anyone. Feel free to contact me anytime.

Thanks Harold!!!

Submitted by: Jerry in Tucson on Mar 16, 2009
Harold came out to AZ to hunt Gambles and Mearns with us this past January. We all had a great time. Harold brought 3 Biebel Brittanys and I have my Biebel Brittany Callie. What great dogs. Looking forward to hunting with my buddy Harold many times this fall. When are you going to have your next litter? Jerry in Tucson.
Submitted by: Ed in Tucson on Mar 16, 2009
Wow what a fun time in TX at Joshua Creek Ranch. Jerry and I met Harold and his Brittanys at JCR for 3 days of quail shooting. Both his dogs and my Biebel Brittany Lee did great. Lots of birds shot and eaten. Biebel Brittanys are wonderful and Harold is sure fun to hunt with. Ed from Tucson.
Submitted by: Wally in Tucson on Mar 16, 2009
Hi Harold. Sorry I did not get to hunt with you this past trip to Tucson. I heard you had a great time with the rest of the gang. My 2 BiebelBrittanys are doing wonderful. This past fall was the pups first season and they put their hearts into it. We love our BiebelBrittanys and whole heartly recommend them to anyone who wants a wonderful hunter and family dog. Wally.
Submitted by: Jim B. in Tucson on Mar 16, 2009
Harold. We all enjoyed hunting with you in Tucson this past January. As you saw my BiebelBrittany is learning fast. Those Gambles can't hide from her! Come back soon. Jim.
Submitted by: Harold Biebel on Mar 16, 2009
Thanks guys. We now have 4 families with BiebelBrittanys in Tucson. And I get to hunt Mearns and desert quail with all of them. What fun! My wife says I breed Brittanys just to make new friends and Jerry, Wally, Ed and Jim are living proof that she is correct. And they take me to their secret hunting spots! I have some special spots too; for pheasants mostly. If you would like a very special BiebelBrittany of your own and the low down on secret pheasant hide outs just email me or give me a call. Harold in Bowling Green, KY.
Submitted by: Ed on Feb 11, 2009
Today, my Biebel Brittany, Lee, pointed a Gambel's quail from an honest 80 yds. away! He routinely points quail 50-60 yds distant. He's got one heckuva nose. He lives to hunt and is a real go getter. He is also a wonderful pet. He sleeps on the bed w/ me every night.
Submitted by: Trent Chambers, Iowa on Jan 14, 2009
This is from a point to tell you guys what kind of guy Harold is and the dogs he breeds. I don't own a brittney, but Harold keeps trying to get me one. I met Harold last january when a friend of mine from Chicago and harold came to Iowa to pheasant hunt. Very nice guy. I met a few of his dogs and like everybody says they are top notch hunters, very well mannered, and beautiful. Since I met Harold we have talked several times and when Harold was going to South Dakota to visit some people this December we drove out of his way just to have dinner with me(well we were going to hunt but not in a blizzard). Harold has talked me into someday owning a beibelbrittney but not until by beloved hailey(chocolate lab) leaves our family first which will be quite a while. If harold ever tells you we knows what you need you best listen because he knows what he is talking about.
Submitted by: Martin Rice on Dec 28, 2008
Harold, I am afraid I have badly taken advantage of our friendship. Somehow, you let me get away with the absolute sweetest, smartest, most loving, and finest up-and-coming bird chasing pup in your arsenal!

Rocket got home without any more puke. I skated into the church parking lot just early enough not to be beaten and parked in the back 40. Made sure the kids rode home with Jo. Wasted a little time and backed into the garage after everyone was inside. Later with everyone in bed I got her in the utility room sink and gave her a full bath and dried her off in front of the fireplace and we bonded. She loosened up immediately and was having great fun. She ate a light hot dinner and slept in the wal-mart box with some straw and cedar while it was still in the back of my truck in the garage. After all the presents were open Christmas morning I went and got her and hit the doorbell. The kids looked through the beveled glass and were really excited and happy. Our 7 year old boy was outside with her nearly all day!

She took to Jet and Abby right away and vise versa. Everyone is happy. I am telling you...Rock is smart. By the end of the day she was fully acclimated to a lead and check cord and she absolutely knows her name now and will come. ALSO...she has at least a start at whoa! Will keep reinforcing and introducing new things in the coming days. Will probably take all the dogs to the farm this weekend and let them run and run.

We all owe you a huge thank-you, man! What a wonderful Christmas!
Submitted by: Harold Biebel on Dec 16, 2008
A week ago I picked up a finished male and a 7 month old female Biebel Brittany. Both are wonderful. I have been on 2 hunts with the finished dog and he is a complete quail hunter and retriever. The young pup is now the love of my family. Everything is in fine order. Thanks Harold
from Tom in North Carolina
Submitted by: Dusty in Alabama on Dec 16, 2008
4 months ago we got our second BiebelBrittany from Harold. His name is Rebel. Yes, very fitting for a dog in AL. He is now in training and doing wonderful. We couldn't be more happy. Harold, keep breeding such wonderful dogs. Dusty.
Submitted by: Bill M. in KY on Dec 16, 2008
Hey Harold. I hear on the grapevine that you are getting ready to go back up to Iowa and South Dakota for one last shot at some roosters. I do enjoy your newsletters and photos when you return. But, couldn't you shoot some video of those Biebel Brittanys in action!! Or maybe mount a video camera on your Benelli, sorta like "gun cam." Then send them over to YouTube so we all can see them. And live the adventure with you! Thanks in advance, Bill and his Biebel Brittany girl.
Submitted by: Dan in PA on Dec 16, 2008
Hey Harold, thanks for the recommendation that I take Tommy to Chuck Tash for force breaking to retrieve. Yes, Tommy (BiebelBrittany, liver and white male, Mr. Bird Dog at our house) is an excellent bird finder, holder, backer and hunt dead'er, but still not always bringing the bird back to my hand. Chuck will fix that in about 4 to 6 weeks, guaranteeed! Then Tommy will be PERFECT. Also, what a great family member. Dan.
Submitted by: Mark Homs on Nov 21, 2008
Great Dog, Great Guy, Great Price, and Great Service. Need I say more!!! I look forward to watching my new puppy grow into a world class hunting companion and well loved house dog. I also look forward to quail and pheasant hunting with Harold and my soon to be hunting partner (Belle).

Thanks again Harold,

Mark Homs
Submitted by: Joel Boyd on Nov 17, 2008
I started looking for a brittany about a month ago, and with all my searching for breeders and reading everyone's testimonials I decided to give Harold Biebel a call we talked to each other over the phone and he told me he had an excellent pup that would do very well with my kids, wife, and myself. So we purchased our new Biebel Brittany and his name is Buddy. Our family couldnt have asked for a better companion. Harold delivered Buddy to my house in Altus, Oklahoma this past thursday and it only took us 2 nights to get buddy house trained. Harold breeds very beautiful dogs, I highly recommend Biebel Brittanys to anyone that is looking for a lovable and smart hunting companion. As far as Harold, he is one of the nicest and down to earth a person could ever meet. Harold, you and your wife are always welcome at our home. Thank you so very much.
Submitted by: Bob Skiba on Nov 09, 2008
Two hunting buddies and myself made a trip to a great place we hunt near Boerne, Texas, Joshua Creek Ranch, last weekend still warm in south Texas, but we wanted to quail hunt. Dugan a Biebel Brittany was along, we hunted Sunday afternoon and Monday morning Dugan was great he picked up where he left off last year, but even better. David Edwards, the ranch manager, guided us both hunts and we had a great time. Dugan ran with the big dogs and I consider a son of "Buddy" out of Nolan Huffman's line, none better who is Hank one of Harold's Biebel Brittanies. Hank is a fabulous dog he jumped in a tank to cool off during one of our hunts, Dugan pointed some quail not 15 feet from where Hank was watering and he honored and backed Dugan while he was still in he water! Harold's line of Brittanies are awesome.
Submitted by: Chris on Nov 08, 2008
Last fall Harold delivered a beautiful white and orange male BiebelBrittany. We love him. This fall he picked Cody up and took him to his trainer Chuck Tash in Florence, AL. Wow, what a great pheasant dog. We live in SD so pheasant ability was a must. We are very happy with our BiebelBrittany Cody. Thanks Harold, Chris in Aberdeen.
Submitted by: Dennis on Nov 08, 2008
I just returned from a pheasant hunting trip to Aberdeen SD with Harold and Chris. We hunted over BiebelBrittanys and they were great. We found, pointed and retreived many pheasants. The dogs were great. Thanks Harold and Chris. Dennis from KY.
Submitted by: Harold Biebel on Nov 08, 2008
What a great pheasant hunting trip to SD. Lots of pheasants, great weather, great frends and great BiebelBrittanys. Chris invited us up again this year to run our BiebelBrittanys on wild and fast
SD pheasants. What a gas! We now have a freezer full. Can't wait to come back again in December after all the corn is out and the pheasants are hiding in the CRP. Thanks Chris see you soon. Harold Biebel.
Submitted by: Darrick S. Brown on Oct 28, 2008
When I called Harold during the summer about a dog, I was very surprised of his knowledge and care for the breed. He was unlike other breeders who just want to get rid of their dog and we actually emailed and talked on the phone several occassions. He really cared about getting to know me and find out where and how his dog would be living. I got Jack when he was 2 years old and I couldnt have been happier. Harold told me that he got fairly tired in the field but I didnt let that stop me into working with him. The past few months ive re-collarconditioned him and worked on his basic obdedience along with teach him to whoa and stand on point. He's been introduced to minimal birds and gunfire but did great with both. When it came to delivering Jack, he even met me half way and we sat and played with Jack while talking about the breed and Jack more into depth. Jack is such a hard working, loveable, strong hearted dog. Im sure Jack will be terrific this season and I cant wait to hunt over him. If I ever need another Brittany, I will always remember Biebel Brittanys! Thanks for everything.

-Darrick S. Brown
Submitted by: Brett on Sep 03, 2008
Its a big world of breeders out there with questionable intent. I think its as important to evaluate your breeders intentions as it is to evaluate the animal you are buying.

Having said that, I have nothing but the highest praise for Mr. Biebel. Watching his interaction with his Brittnays, it was obvious that the dogs wanted to be in his presence. Speaking with him, his excitement about the breed was as clear over the phone as it was when he gave us a tour of the facilities and let us meet his puppies.

After everything was said and done, we now have a beautiful Brittnay, Rigby, who is independent and curious about the world. She is smart as a little whip and extremely well built.

Have no fears when dealing with Mr. Biebel.
Submitted by: Jamie Bender on Aug 10, 2008
I grew up with Brittanys. When I moved out of my parents house, I knew I wanted a Brittany of my own. My husband and I purchased our first Brittany in 2006. She is an AWESOME dog. She is a GREAT family dog. She is wonderful with our daughter (a very active toddler). She is super patient with her. She is also great in the field. Her nose is always working, whether in the field or our backyard. She was super easy to train.
Submitted by: J Benke on Jun 09, 2008
I have had Brit's for over 49 years. We bought a Biebel Brit about five weeks ago and already she is showing the signs of being a true hunting dog. At 12 weeks old, Maggie caught her first dove. This was done on her own and she proudly showed off the 'find'. She has been a wonderful indoor family dog. Is quick to learn and gets along with the other dogs in the house --- showing no fear. From past experience, I would guess she will be everything I need in a companion and a hunting dog. My hunting buddies and I average 60 to 70 days in the field. My brit's have held up to all the other breeds. Our country is extremely taxing on a hunter and dog, it takes an animal with a lot of heart. Which Maggie seems to have. Thank you Harold and we will keep you posted.
Submitted by: Wally Barden on Jun 02, 2008
Recently I contacted Harold Biebel for a bird dog puppy. My previous Biebel Brittanys have been excellent bird dogs and family pets so I expected no less from the newest pup. Arizona quail hunting is demanding and tough on a bird dog and stamina and drive are key traits needed and Harold's dogs have those qualities. In addition to the color requirements I had Harold had just the pup I needed. Thunder now joins Rider and Stormy as bird finding machines in southern Arizona. Harold Biebel breeds high quality Brittanys and works hard to match prospective owners with the perfect puppy or started dog. Contact Harold for your Brittany needs and you cannot go wrong.
Submitted by: Harold Biebel on Feb 25, 2008
Hey Dan, thanks for the kind words. We are so happy to see Tommy Tom go to live and hunt with you. Tom is a special boy and we know he will have a full and wonderful life at your house. Congrats and enjoy! Harold Biebel.
Submitted by: Dan Scott on Feb 25, 2008
I just received my second biebel brittany. My first is only 1/1/2 years old and hunting like a pro, as well as keeping the fireplace warm on those cold winter nights. He is by far my granddaughter's favorite(although #2 is gaining ground). I wouldn't go anywhere else if you want a great pet, great hunter/retreiver/friend.
Submitted by: Dan Dodson on Feb 23, 2008
I have to first than Harold and Renee for opening up their home to me when I came to pick up Tommy. If you are looking for a top notch Brittany, look no further than Biebel Brittany's. Harold has some of the best looking and friendliest Brittany's I have ever seen. He is truly a first class breeder, and he is completely dedicated to the Brittany breed. I purchased Tommy as started/finished dog, and he did not disappoint when I arrived to pick him up. He is rock solid on point and backs as far away as I have ever seen a dog back. I also got the opportunity to hunt over Harold's big stud dog (Tommy's father), while I was there, and I was very impressed. If Tommy turns out to be half as good as him, I will be very lucky. I can not stress how dedicated Harold is to the Brittany. He is a true professional. If you are looking for a true pro, and not just a back yard breeder, or someone in it just for the money, give Harold a call. You will not be disappointed.

Dan Dodson
Submitted by: Brock Hochhalter on Oct 25, 2007
First off I would like to thank Harold for our hunting buddy and a great house dog, Libby. Six years ago we decided to purchase a Biebel Brittany, but we didn't know it would be the best descision of our lives. Harold is a wonderful person. He drove from Kentucky all the way to our home in Jamestown, North Dakota to deliver our pup.
Libby is one heck of a bird dog. Her nose is outstanding. When ever we go hunting in a party, Libby always outhunts the other dogs.

Even though she is a great hunter, she is an awesome companion. So good of a companion and hunter we have decided to purchase another Biebel Brittany.
Submitted by: Daniel Howard on Oct 19, 2007
I want to first start off talking about how good of a guy Mr. Biebel is. When we first got our Britt Harold drove all the way down to Texas to hand him over. Nice guy, genuine guy I can't say enough to do him justice. So I will move to Major (our dog). Outstanding hunter, the best I have seen. My family and friends all have their own dogs, but when major steps onto the field, like his name suggests..he just takes over. He is extremely well-bred and extremely well trained. I have him trained and I was recently chatting with his trainer and he said to me "You have one of the best dogs I have ever trained, and this is my job. I have trained a ton of dogs." I have one Biebel Britt and hopefully soon I will have another. So all I can say is, you cannot go wrong with a Biebel Britt.
Submitted by: Elizabeth O'meara on Sep 25, 2007
My husband and I bought Zilla from Harold for our son Gerry's 13th birthday present. It was one of the best parenting decisions of all time. She has been a star in every single way. She has been wonderful as a hunting dog,and some of my fondest memories of Gerry's youth are he and that little brittany together in the dove field and quail hunting. She has loved that boy as he has grown into a young man with a devotion I have never seen in another dog. She is always with him when he is home. She sleeps with her head on the pillow beside him. She watches TV with her head snuggled up under his chin. She did every carpool run untill he could drive. She has been there through every teenage triumph and challenge. She had one litter and Gerry gave the puppies to his closest friends because he wanted all of them to have a Zilla.
Everyone with a dog from Harold seems to feel the same way about their dog. We are all so fortunate. Biebel Brittanys are a Blessing!
Submitted by: Harold Biebel on Jun 25, 2007
Yea, I have Heros and one of them, my Dad, sent in a testimonial that you may read below. My Dad, Hal, is a WW2 Pacific Theature Vet. He served on LST 475 in the Phillipines, Japan and China. He enlisted in 1944 at age 18. We are currently video taping his war years memories.
My Mom, Arlene, was an Army WAC (Women Auxiliary Corp). She was a Registered Nurse in Europe and received a Bronze Star for serving in the Battle of the Bulge. Arlene is inurned at Ft. Rosecrans Military Cemetary at Point Loma, San Diego, CA.
And a few more Heroes: Nolan's Last Bullet, call name "Buddy", Nolan Huffman and Chuck Tash. I have learned most of what I know about Brittanys from these two great friends and Buddy, who I consider a friend too.
And, of course, my wife Renee who was the first to "feel" that the accidental meeting of Buddy and Nolan in a Wal-Mart in Washington, KS, in 1998 would be a tipping point in our lives. And it was. Harold Biebel, BiebelBrittanys.
Submitted by: Jamie Burrell on Jun 15, 2007
We bought our Biebel Britt almost a year ago. We were looking for a great house dog. Afer 9 months we realized she was bored, and needed a challenge. We were unable to train her like she deserved. We couldn't even let her outside without having her on a leash. Not the life for a Brittany. I contacted Harold, and he agreed to take her for 2 months (He even offered one of his older dogs to keep us company while Emma was away). Afer the 2 months he brought her all the way back to us, and to my surprise she was a changed dog. My husband is planning a Hunting trip in October with Harold. If you are looking for the best all around, Biebel Brittany's are the the way to go.
Submitted by: Lori Cook on Jun 06, 2007
I just want to say we are so happy with our Biebel Brittany we love her so much she is the best temmpered and sweetest dog I have ever had. Harold, will always have my buisness as a breeder I will always purchase a top brittany from.
Submitted by: Mike Williams on May 29, 2007
I have the privilage to hunt and know Harold Beibel. If you are looking for an honest and dependable Brittany man you found him. I have hunted with many of Harolds dogs and all of them are great hunters.
Recently Harold set me up with a great female GSH as my 12 year old is in the last days of the hunt. Harold took the time and effort to help put this great dog and I together, he knew the dog would have a great home and be hunted as it should.
Thanks Harold
Submitted by: HAROLD M BIEBEL JR on May 28, 2007
I don't have a BiebelBrittany but I DO have a BiebelBoy. His dedication to his dogs and the care he takes to match with great owners is the mark of an ethical man. My BOY

Submitted by: Kathy on May 15, 2007
I'm going to share from a little different perspective. Can our Biebel Brittany hunt? He certainly can, everything the others said is absolutely true. They are unbelievable in the field. But I want to talk about how we came to know Harold and Biebel Brittanys. About a situation that maybe a few of you are in right now and really having a hard time with.

Biebel Brittanys and Harold had big shoes to fill. We had just lost our beloved Brittany of almost 18 years. We knew what we wanted. Another Britt exactly like what we had -- the intelligence, the gentleness, the loving pet, the never tiring hunting companion. We wanted the whole package, but felt it would be impossible to be so fortunate again. Harold was remarkable ?- he was very understanding, patient and kind. After a lengthy conversation, he said he had the perfect dog for us. Honestly, I wasn't sure it was possible. We talked many times on the phone and through emails over the next two weeks.

I gotta tell ya, Harold was right. The dog he said was perfect for us, well, is beyond perfect. He is everything Harold said and more. He is an outstanding hunter. He is beautiful and strong. He is loving and gentle. He is part of our family. His name is Tuffie and he was two years old when we got him. Everything about him is perfect -- even his name. He had "tuff" shoes to fill, and he's done it beautiful.

Thank you Harold and Biebel Brittanys. We are so pleased we will soon be doing something we never thought we would -- adding a second dog.

So there you have it, Biebel Britts are THAT good...and more.

Leash and Collar = $30
Kennel = $120
Biebel Brittany = Priceless
Submitted by: Bill McMurray on May 03, 2007
All my life I've been a work alcholic. DUMB! DUMB! DUMB!

Never took time to hunt much. Sure, I hunted with my friends and their dogs, but never owned a dog of my own, so when I retired I decided to get me a dog of my own. I started looking around and decided on a Brittany. I heard "they make a pretty good bird dog and a good pet". WRONG! My Molly is the most enthusiastic hunter and the most enjoyable pet I have ever know. Not just good, but excellent! She is easy to work with, obeys willingly and eager to please. Hunts hard!

Since I didn;t know much about dogs, I thought I should get one with a pretty good pedigree. I ended up at Harold's and picked out a lovely & cute orange and white female pup (all his dogs have good pedigrees).

Brought her home and kept her in the laundry room while I built her a nice run and pen. She still lives in our house! We only use the pen when we go away & can't take her with us. She didn't have to be house trained. Never, ever peed or crapped in our house, once.

Molly and I went to George Hickock"s week-long dog & owner training school. By the time the course was over' I knew she knew more about hunting already than I will ever know. She continues to teach me each time we go out. It has been fun and amazing to watch that little dog's genes & instincts come out on her. I don't know much about training dogs and she hasn't had an old dog to hunt with. She just knows! She is easy to work with, obeys willingly and is eager to please. Hunts hard!

So if you're like me and not a skilled dog handler/trainer & want a dog: simplify the process & get a Brittany with a good pedigree. Better yet, get a Biebel Brittany!

Harold and his wife are wonderful host & hostess. They have become good friends of ours. Harold has been most helpful with the keeping. feeding & training of our dog. They do engoy their dogs. They treat them well and expect us to do the same. They are active hunters, so they know their stuff. They are wonderful people to do business with as well as, just good people. I recommend them without any reservations.

Bill McMurray, Shelbyville, Kentucky
Submitted by: Brendan Smith on May 02, 2007
It's not very often that a breeder refuses to sell you a dog because he or she doesn't have the right fit for your needs at that particular time. I was looking for a potential field trial dog and Harold admitted he didn't currently have the right dog for me. Then he did something I've never experienced either, he loaned me one of his older experienced dogs for the quail season until he had what I was looking for. That's the type of relationship and level of trust I'm looking for in a breeder. I trusted Harold to let me know when he had the right breeding and the right dog that was showing the drive and boldness to be a successful trial dog and when he did he was spot on. Tuffie ran in his first NSTRA event this past March and came home with a first place in a 32 dog field. Let me summarize by saying this, many breeders will tell you what you want to hear, Harold hears what you want and gets you the right dog for you.
Submitted by: Chuck Tash on May 02, 2007
I am a proffesional dog trainer. I have trained about 25 Brittanys from Biebel Brittanys. These dogs are easy to train, and are often great natural retrievers. They are very personable. I kept a coulple of Harold's dogs here and ran them in NSTRA sanctioned field trials. They had wins and placements in a short period of time. During that time my wife and daughter (and myself) became very attached to Sugar Bear and Mike. Keep in mind that I have about 30 dogs here all the time. For any dog to stand out, it must be extra special. Biebel Brittanys are great in the field, fun around the kennel, and usually wind up getting to go in the house. I have received many phone calls from clients who I trained their Biebel Brittany. Many of these people call me to let me know they are getting another pup from Harold, and they want to book a training time. Repeat business is a sure sign of customer satisfaction. They must like Biebel Brittanys as much as I do.
Chuck Tash/Tash Kennels, Florence Al
Submitted by: Andy Worland on May 01, 2007
Over four years ago I was looking for a Brittany, I not only found a wonderful Brittany, I found a great friend in Harold Biebel. My Brittany is a excellent hunter, but she is also a wonderful house pet. She has so many natural abilities from her pedigree, she is just awesome! Andy Worland
Submitted by: Bob Skiba on May 01, 2007
I have been around hunting dogs all of my life, pointers, setters, brittanys, beagles, black and tan coon hounds you name it. I have had 3 brittanys over the years and have always enjoyed the ease of handling and hunting over this breed. June 2006 I started to have conversations with Harold about acquiring a started brittany and after numerous emails and telephone conversations, Harold personally made a trip to Sugar Land Texas to deliver the dog personally in December 2006. Harold is truly in love with the sport,and the breed. Not only does Harold have one of the most exceptional bloodlines of brittany's in the country but he personally goes out of his way to make sure that his britany's end up with people who will hunt and care for his dogs as he would. Dugan has been a true delight and wonderful addition to our family. Dugan lives to hunt. He?s a clown in the home he has a great personality, was easily transitioned into the home life, housebreaking was a breeze. This line of britanys is truly an exceptional one. I have not only acquired an exceptional bird dog but have made a life long friend and look forward to hunting with Harold in seasons to come.
Submitted by: Steve Smith on Apr 27, 2007
Harold is a stand up guy that sells stand up dogs. I have owned Buck, my Brittany for more then 5 years now. Buck is a hunting machine that is also a great house dog. Easy to train, ready to please with just a little mischievous streak in him to keep things interesting. I've hunted Buck on Pheasants in Colorado, Texas, North Dakota, and Kansas. Sage grouse in Colorado, quail in Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado. He loves them all and learns quickly how to handle each when confronted with new birds. I highly recommend Biebel Brittanys.
Submitted by: Dan Scott on Apr 26, 2007
I have a Biebel Brittany that is now 2 years old. He was hunting full time at the age of 8 months. Harold has sold 5 brittanies to others as a result of watching my dog hunt. Rowdy has hunted quail, pheasant, chukar and huns with equal enthusiasm, and is a great family dog at home. I am impatiently waiting for a female pup from Harold to add to the family. I have owned a brittany for the last 25 years, and would not go anywhere else for a pup. Biebel Brittanys has the type of brittany anyone who loves to hunt and have a pet with a great personality would want. Here is Texas, the weather can be very warm at times during the hunting season, and my Brittany takes the heat is stride. This breeder is a credit to the breed.
Submitted by: Greg Howard on Apr 26, 2007
nobody is perfect....but I have been very pleased with my gundog from Biebel Brittanys! My dog, Major, started hunting at 5 months on just natural instinct. I kenneled him after an hour or so the first morning...I was worried that he was too young and might not please the others in the wasn't 10 minutes later that one of them ask me to turn him loose...he was finding birds!!! Nothing but good things about...Biebel's dogs!
Submitted by: Brent Downen on Apr 26, 2007
I now own two Biebel Brittany's; they are everything that Harold said they would be and much more to my family. I got my first Brit from Harold about six years ago and what a dog she has turned out be! She points, backs and is our fail safe retriever during the hunting season. I hunt her over 30 days each year and she does a great job here in my home state of Indiana as well as all of they other western states that I have hunted her in over past severeal years. That is why I purchased my second Brit from Harold last summer. The pup is showing signs of being another great hunting dog for me and daughter and we are looking forward to her first season this upcoming fall. As for family dogs they are the best, they love being around my family and don't have a mean bone in their body, also neither one of the two Brit bark much if any at all which makes them great dogs to have in a subdivision setting.
Thanks Harold for the great Brittany's, look forward to getting another one in a few years!

Brent Downen
Newburgh, IN
Submitted by: Wally Barden on Apr 26, 2007
Biebel Brittanys breed top quality hunting dogs. Stamina, intelligence, speed, and a willingness to please are just some of the dog's outstanding qualities. I have had my dogs, both females aged 5 and 2, on pheasants in NE and KS, Huns in MT, and 3 varieties of quail in AZ and they have proven to be top notch bird finders. You will not go wrong with a dog from Biebel Brittanys. Harold Biebel breeds for quality and will insure that his dogs measure up to what he promised they would during the purchase transaction. I stongly recommend that anyone considering a Brittany give Harold a call.
Submitted by: Ed Manion on Apr 26, 2007
Harold Biebel is a great guy to deal with and i got a wonderful dog from him who is a natural hunter w/ a great nose. This Britt hunts hard and hates getting back in the truck at hunt's end!
The price I paid was fair.
I know three other people who have bought Britts from him and they highly recommended him.
His dogs have incredible bloodlines. You won't find better.
Ed Manion, Tucson
Submitted by: Jerry Mayberry on Apr 26, 2007
I have owned Bittanys over the last 35 years.In an average season I probably spend some 50 days in the field behind my Brittanys Hunting In Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana ,Nevada and Arizona for sharpies, huns, pheasant, chukar and 3 species of quail.I have owned some exceptional Brittanys but can say ,without reservation, that my Callie purchased from Harold Biebel some 6 years ago is the very best. She is a gorgeous orange&white female with long legs, sleek body and a short straight coat. She is very smart, obedient and adaptable regardless of the hunting or social situation I put her into. She was very easy for me to train and was "doing it all" by age one.She has exceptional desire, stamina and endurance whether in the chukar mountains or desert heat.The first thing that attracted me to Biebel Brittanys was the bloodlines. The second, was the fact that his dogs hunt for their master (not for themselves) and always check back. With Callie, no matter how big the country & how big her range (and this dog has some wheels)I rarely have to use my whistle. What a joy to handle and hunt behind. I now know several people who have Biebel Brittanys and all without exception are very happy with their dogs and their purchase experience with Harold. Moreover, If you buy a dog from Harold you probably will find that you have made two new friends and the two legged one just might be for life!
Jerry Mayberry
Fall City , Washington & Tucson, Arizona

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