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We breed, raise and train high quality Brittanys from Nolan's Last Bullet, Microdot, Grand Junction Jake, Gamblers Ace in the Hole, and Hammerin Hank/Dandy blood lines. Our Brittanys have wonderful persaonalities, love to hunt, are natural retreivers, have long range noses and are very smart. They are easy to house train and make great family dogs as well as bird dogs. Our Brittanys are bred for long legs, short hair coats and are not aggressive. We have both orange & white and liver & white pups and dogs. Our Brittanys will hunt Huns, Grouse and Pheasants up close and will range out to cover ground when Quail or Chukar hunting. With long range noses they will find birds, lock up and point, are natural backers, will hunt dead, retreive to hand, and then scoot to do it all over again and again! We love to hunt with our BiebelBrittanys. We have a sharptailed grouse and pheasant hunting camp in eastern MT, pheasant camps in North & South Dakota and Iowa, and a quail camp in KY. You and your new pup or dog can come join us! Harold Biebel.
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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 23 years.
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Submitted by: Bill on Jun 23, 2021
I got my Brittany Mike from Harold in the winter of 2021 and he is the best dog a hunter and family could ask for and the best dog I have ever owned out of many. Devil in the field and angel in the house. He is super affectionate to all people and animals (except birds, rabbits, squirrels, etc.) and has one and one thing only on his mind when he is outdoors outside of my house....HUNT. In the house he is in your lap until you stop petting him, then he is curled up in the corner. We trained him to like cats in a week and he had 1 potty accident in our house upon arrival on day 1 hour 1 and that was it 6 mos ago. One or two reminders of bad behavior and he is fine, he knows which sofas he is allowed to sit on and which ones he is not. If he had opposable thumbs, I could teach him to brush his teeth. Mike goes for morning runs with me off leash for 30 miles a week (Mike will easily do 70) and in a good week he will freeze up like a statue 50-60 times on anything that flies, mostly robins. He won't move until I flush said bird and give him the ok command to keep hunting. He learns very quickly and listens well in the field with minimal use of the e-collar. He can easily be handled with hand and voice commands with pretty minimal training. I trained him to whoa, heel, come, come around, ok, in 3 months ....and the rest is all genetics. Mike has what Harold calls "auto retrieve" in his lines and will swim through a lake or the densest thorn bush from hell for his birds. He pays no attention to nasty thorn cuts in the field yet is very submissive with people and other dogs. Harold and I hunted together in OH, he and his brittany lines are a real treasure for anyone looking for an active family dog. Just need to convince the wife to let me get another brittany from Harold. There are nearly 700 reviews of Harold for a reason, do not die before you have a BB in your life!
Submitted by: Martin Rice on Dec 13, 2020
I found Harold about 15 years ago. We have a 6 year old dog that I get lots and lots of questions about and it just happened again today. Dixie is just so perfect and we've had lots and lots of Brittany's going back 50 years from when I was a kid growing up with them. I think the thing that separates Dix is two-fold...Outstanding genetics; it all starts there and Harold absolutely has it. Secondly is solid training and we used for the first time Ronnie & Suzanna Smith thanks to our friend Tim who pushed us so hard that direction. Any future Brittany we get will come from Harold, and then go to RSK for training. We've found the magic combo!
Finest regards,
Martin Rice
Tennessee & Indiana
Submitted by: Harold Biebel on Dec 07, 2020
Hi Lou and thanks for the testimonial. So very glad you “pair of bears" have bonded!! Harold.

Dear Harold,

Thought you might like to have an update on Bear. What a dog he has turned out to be! Of my five Brittanys, none have matched his drive or his range. And he is a great family dog. We just love him.

These pictures were taken last week in Nebraska, where he did great work on pheasants. I just got back today from southeastern New Mexico, hunting Scaled quail, and he really got to show off his range in those wide open spaces. Some spectacular points, and several downed birds that we would never have found without him.

Did you get to Montana this year, or did COVID keep you at home?

I promised last year that I’d let you know when we had a really good year on Scaled Quail, and get you out here for a late-season hunt. Well, this isn’t the year yet. It’s OK, but cover is sparse, and the birds are scattered and wild. Hopefully, we’ll get some moisture next spring, and it will be a better year. I haven’t forgotten my promise.

We can’t thank you enough for bringing Bear into our lives. He’s just been wonderful.

Lou and Bambi Sturbois
Submitted by: Harold Biebel - BiebelBrittanys on Dec 07, 2020
Afternoon Harold,
My name is Michael Harned, I am Jeff Harned’s brother (don’t hold that against me). I am looking to enter into the world of hunting dogs and have been quite impressed with Jeff’s dog he got from you. I believe I’m most interested in a started dog given the frustrations of a new puppy would not fit with my life right now. My time frame is flexible, a dog right now to try and finish the season with sounds great but not sure how realistic that is, or I could get an arrangement for a started dog in the future. I’d appreciate talking to you about what’s available or upcoming litters and details.
On Nov 23, 2020, at 8:19 AM, Jeff Harned wrote:

Submitted by: Harold Biebel on Dec 07, 2020
Hay Harold,

Its been about 5 year since I got Tucker from you, we are in Kansas hunting quail, Pheasant and hoping to see a prairie chicken but not yet. Anyways I am ready for another hunter and my wife is getting excited about a puppy. I really like the orange and white but my wife says she gets to pick this one and she wants a liver and white female but really does not care for the roan. Any chance of getting one between now and spring?

Damon Rosenbarker
Submitted by: Harold Biebel on Dec 07, 2020
Hey Harold!
Just wanted to let you know that we had Katie..(the little black female lab
I bought from you when I got Rosie aka Monroe)...bred 3 1/2 months ago. The stud dog
is a smaller lab that we had hunted with in SD. She had a beautiful
litter of pups. One blonde and the rest blacks 8 in all. There were only 2 females in
the whole litter. I am planning on getting one of them who I have named Sadie!

You may remember that Rosie died suddenly this past winter. I'm still in mourning over that.
Hoping this little black turns out to be a great gun dog. She is showing early signs of such.
I will be going to SD to get her the weekend of December 5-6. She will be just over 8 weeks.
All 8 of the pups are doing extremely well and are all spoken for at this time!

Pastor Mark Nielson
Submitted by: Harold Biebel on Dec 07, 2020
Hi Harold,

How has your hunting season been? Had a great time in South Central Iowa last week with Beau on roosters and quail. Bird numbers seem to be up!

Submitted by: Greg in TX on Apr 21, 2020
Good morning Greg and thanks for your email. Yes Old Glory is wonderful. I intend to send it out to all new folks asking about our Brittanys! And good to hear of the progress with Winnie. She will continue to develop. Harold.

Thanks for sending that OLD GLORY clip. It was inspirational at a time when we really need that. Who would have thought that 6+ months ago when we picked up Winnie that our world would be going thru a Pandemic now. Winnie is a high energy , strong willed dog. She had a sweet side to her as well. We are making good progress on training. I need to get some live birds in front of her now. It turned out to be a good time to get a new pup for a few reasons. She’d been a good distraction w all that’s happening, also amusing. Hope you are well. Just wanted to check in.
Submitted by: Gary in Ohio on Feb 27, 2020
Gary this is the first I have seen of your email. We have had server problems. And thank you for all your kind words regarding Hershey. I did see the Western Outdoor news story. I kinda brag on him.

Gary can I bring you a pup or a young started love of your life? Harold.

Dear Harold don't know if you received my other e-mail so am writing again . It is with broken heart that we had to lay our beloved Hershey to rest a week ago .I got him from you in Jan. 2011 . He was a very special dog ,fantastic afield and the best family dog ever .I sent you a paper ( Western Outdoor news with us in it ) . Just finished watching video of Him from you Hershey takes a bath . Thankyou for breeding the best Brits around and thankyou for making this old mans dream come true he is and will be missed .
Submitted by: Brett on Feb 03, 2020
Hi Harold,
I have been missing your emails and was in hopes that all was well with you. My Dad passed in June so this was my first year not hunting with him out west. I did not stop, but took new friends and family. Made three trips to western KS and hunted 17 days with my two Biebel Brittanie’s. My some says I need one more dog. I attached the bill of sale from Beauregard, my three year old Male. He is small as you forecasted at only 30 pounds. He is the friendliest loving of the Brittanie’s I’ve had over the last 30 years. I am in the market for an orange and white female puppy. I only hunt on foot and I may want to breed Beau to the female in a year or two so please consider the lineage. thanks, Brett.
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