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We breed, raise and train high quality Brittanys from Nolan's Last Bullet, Microdot, Grand Junction Jake, Gamblers Ace in the Hole, and Hammerin Hank/Dandy blood lines. Our Brittanys have wonderful persaonalities, love to hunt, are natural retreivers, have long range noses and are very smart. They are easy to house train and make great family dogs as well as bird dogs. Our Brittanys are bred for long legs, short hair coats and are not aggressive. We have both orange & white and liver & white pups and dogs. Our Brittanys will hunt Huns, Grouse and Pheasants up close and will range out to cover ground when Quail or Chukar hunting. With long range noses they will find birds, lock up and point, are natural backers, will hunt dead, retreive to hand, and†then scoot to do it all over again and again! We love to hunt with our BiebelBrittanys. We have a sharptailed grouse and pheasant hunting camp in eastern MT, pheasant camps in North & South Dakota and Iowa, and a quail camp in KY. You and your new pup or dog can come join us! Harold Biebel.
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Harold Biebel
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Bowling Green, Kentucky 42102
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 23 years.
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Submitted by: harold Biebel on Jan 09, 2020
Hi Harold!
I just wanted to show you how much Drake has grown since we got him from you in August 2018. We absolutely love his outgoing and loving personality.

Thanks again!
Maura R. in Kentucky
Submitted by: Harry in Maine on Jul 29, 2019
Hi Harry and thanks for the good news on Rocky. I bet he loves it up in Maine! Who wouldnít!
Yes they do tend to remember my voice. Please send me hunting photos this fall. Thanks, Harold.

Watched your video and "Rocky" was sitting right next to me. As soon as he heard your voice, his head perked up and you had his full attention.Just to make sure he wasn't playing a little game, I played the video back and he did the same thing. It's been just over a year since we got him Harold, but he still remembered your voice.

He'll be 2 on Thursday and you absolutely couldn't ask for a better dog. He's a wonderful pet and a killer in the field.

Warm here in Maine today. All in all it has been a pretty nice summer. Maybe we'll catch you coming through sometime.

All the best,
Harry W.
Submitted by: Brady on Jun 18, 2019
Hi Harold,

I wanted to share a picture of Dolly with you. She is from High Hopes Dark Nite and your Penny. She is six months old now, and it is clear that she is VERY smart. Iím excited about her potential to be a bird finder! She is also super sweet : )

When I came to pick her up at your house I mentioned to you that I had two of my dogs qualified to run in the Kentucky Regional this year. You had asked me to let you know how that went. I had some luck, and one of my dogs actually took first place. He is a Brittany named Boogie, and he was only 20 months old when he won. Iím also very excited about him and have future plans of breeding him with Dolly!

Thanks for this great pup!

Submitted by: John on Jun 18, 2019
Hey Haroldó

Happy Thanksgiving!! We are thankful for many things, but Rocky is near top of list. He is already an integral part of our family and simply a joy to be with. What a hugger!!

Had him out in the field last weekend and he did it alló working close, finding lots of birds, holding point and retrieving like a champ. I used the tone on the collar and mostly voice commands, think you told me he hasnít been trained to the whistle. Would love to hear any further hints from you on how to best work him!!

Thanks again & all the best,
Submitted by: jim on Jun 18, 2019

April is a joy! She is adjusting well and has found her favorite spot on the sofa. Made a couple of nice points and retrieves yesterday.

Submitted by: Jared in CA on Jun 18, 2019
Hey Harold,

We are doing great! I decided to change his name to Guinness (in part because he's the color of a stout and in part because he's pint sized compared to my last Brittany, Scotch) haha. He wasn't responding too well to Rex or RJ when he arrived though it may have been since he didn't know me well yet and because he was a little overwhelmed by the change at first but he's learning his new name slowly now.

So far, he's having a blast! our daily walks add up to about 8 or 9 miles and each walk is generally 1-2 hours in length. On top of that, we've been doing the nice dog park in the area every day and so he's gotten to spend about 2 hours a day running non stop and playing with dogs. People tell me that he's about the sweetest dog they've seen and that he seems to bring out the best in all the dogs he meets. He's played with everything from tiny mini golden doodles to Great Danes and every dog gravitates towards him. It's been such a joy for me and he's been having an amazing amount of fun as well.

He's been attached to me since the minute we met at the airport but it took a little while for him to adjust to being here since he's around a lot more cars, people and dogs everywhere but the change from 6 weeks ago to today is remarkable and the things that scared him or he was unsure about are no longer issues at all. He's still a little unsure about the ocean but I've been introducing him to that slowly. His first trip there he was terrified of the sound of the ocean so we stayed far back and i just let him get adjusted to the sound, the 2nd time there he was a little more curious and the 3rd time to the ocean i used my 30ft lead and he ran all over the beach smiling and having a fantastic time. I think we're close to doing off leash at the ocean and then if he does well, we will go to the famous dog beach which is about a half hour away.

My father came to visit us 2 weeks ago primarily to meet him and they had a great time together and he thought the little fella was perfect. My mom visited last weekend and felt the same way. He has SO many dog friends now both in our neighborhood and at the parks and it's so wonderful to see him having so much fun here. He also seems to love my king sized bed and doesn't want to even use his dog bed I gave him. He uses that basically to put his toys, treats and bones on and once he''s on the bed, he doesn't want to move. He's taken my bed over and I love it. Overall, I'm just so happy with him and feel so lucky to have found you and him back in April. Soon he and I will start to go on some adventures and likely first up with be a 2 hour drive to Lake Arrowhead where we can rent a cabin and he can swim and run through the woods with me. We spent about 5 hours at the dog park on his birthday and i got some great photos of him playing with his friends and hopefully when i have some time to edit them, i can send you all a bunch of them.

He's truly having a ton of fun and I love him so much. He makes me very very happy and I wasn't sure I could be so happy after Scotch passed away and so the last 6+ weeks have been the best time I've had since Scotch passed in December of 2017. He's also incredibly smart and learned "sit" in about 30 seconds and now sits at every curb on our walks without me even asking. Up next will be "down", then "shake"...and in the interim, we will be working on his love of digging holes haha. But I can assure you and your wife that he's being loved a ton, being treated like a family member and is having an amazingly fun time out here. I think about 6x a day someone comes up to ask me if he's a German Shorthaired Pointer puppy i (partly his color/markings) and partly because his hair was so short) which is funny to me. His short hair has grown on me a lot but I've been growing it out to see how it looks though I may end up keeping it short going forward.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know he's doing extremely well and we are heading to his favorite dog park in a few minutes where he will play until he's tired. We've literally gone to this park everyday for about a month now and he never wants to leave even though we stay longer than anyone else. He clearly got a ton of love back with you and your family in Kentucky and a lot of dog socialization because he's literally the friendliest dog I've been around and ALL dogs love him.

I'll hopefully have some new photos of him soon to send to you.

Hope your knee is improving and all is well!

Submitted by: Lisa Edgehouse on Jun 09, 2019
Tomorrow is Tripper`s 9th birthday and I wanted to thank you and Renee for such a wonderful dog. I wish we had gotten her as a pup but I am so glad for the 6 1/2 years we have had her so far and we are looking forward to many many more. Besides being an awesome hunter (stays far enough ahead, squarters a field beautifully, freezes on point, follows direction excellently) she is a great house dog and has added another talent; she is an excellent running companion for my husband. We are so blessed we decided to get a Beibel brittany! We miss you and Renee and look forward to seeing you soon!

All the best,
Lisa, Brian and Kate Edgehouse
Submitted by: Jared in CA on May 20, 2019
Hey Harold,

I appreciate it and am looking forward to getting all that stuff in the mail and am so sorry your knee is still bothering you. Iím going to take him today or tomorrow to the vet to get set up and do the rabies shot. Did you say he needs his 1 year booster shot as well? Anything else he may need at the vet now or soon? My printer is low on ink but Iíll print all this out when I get more ink this week as well.

I was also for the AKC papers, what is the purpose of that? Iím not too familiar with the process since I didnít do it for scotch. Is it a database of sorts or is it mostly for people who do field tests/breeding? I have no problem do the paperwork, just wasnít sure what exactly it does.

Anyway, as I mentioned, Iíll probably take him to the vet early this week so if thereís anything else youíd recommend or that he will need in the near future, please let me know. I wanna make sure I keep this fella as healthy as possible.

Hope your knee is feeling better!!


By the way, we did the dog park again and after the first minute of shyness where he wasnít sure he wanted to go in, he proceeded to again have a blast and play with tons of dogs and chase balls and frisbees for 2.5 hours until dark. He was wearing out all the other dogs and was just so happy! I have an ecollar now and we had originally gone there to work on his off leash recall but he had so much fun, i postponed that training. Once we are a little more familiar with each other and Iím more confident off leash, we will start going to the beach all the time. Heís been just an amazing joy so far!
Submitted by: Jared in CA on May 05, 2019
Hey Harold!

*He's doing SO well! I just gave him a bath and now he's asleep. I will have my brother take some photos of us tonight or in the morning and i'll get those emailed to you. My dad's girlfriend is in town visiting some of her friends and is coming over to meet him in a little bit.

*He's a very curious, very fun and funny fella who seems so far to love chewing on my slippers ha.

*He's absolutely beautiful and has slept cuddled up next to me or on top of me every night so far and I love it. Scotch wasn't the most affectionate and did like some space when he was sleeping so Rex has been the opposite so far and it's wonderful! He's been a little shy with people and other dogs but he will be fine, i think he's still just adjusting to his new environment. Overall, I can't be happier. I was starting to think after Scotch passed and looking for the right guy for me for a year that it wasn't meant to be and this guy has made me so thankful! I'm so fortunately to have found you and him! We are quickly becoming best friends and having a blast together so far! He's doing great on our long walks and is pointing at people which I thought was pretty funny. I cannot believe how muscular he is...he doesn't look like he should be 35lbs but it does seem to be all muscle.

*I was curious, is he a lot smaller than Hershey or is Hershey just older? I couldn't remember if they were litter-mates or just "brothers". Just trying to get an idea if he will be growing much bigger or if this is his full size.
Rex and Hershey are same litter brothers. they were born 6-14-18. Your Rex weighed 35 pounds when shipped. Hershey weighs 33 pounds now.

Little Rex seems to almost be teething (he loves to find anything he can to chew and nibble on haha) and has such a bouncy puppy quality to him. He LOVES chewing on Bully Sticks (seems to be his favorite along with the Pupperoni) which is good since I'd rather him chew on those than my shoes. What was his birthday again? I keep forgetting his exact age. He does remind me a lot of my Scotch at about 6 months old (though scotch was a big boy and didn't have a haircut), after his nervous first few puppy months went away and he started to get very comfortable and turn into the dog he became as an adult. I will be ordering his training collar early this week and once he's a little more comfortable here, we will drive to the less populated beach down the road and work on some things together.

*I also was wondering when i should expect his paperwork and vet records so I can introduce him to my vet out here and make sure they let me know when any of his next shots should be. Just want to keep him as healthy as possible since he's going to be my best friend for a very very long time.
I will get this info to you by tomorrow Monday. Thanks for all the good info. We are very happy that you love the boy and that you are very happy too.

Eternally grateful,
Submitted by: Karen in Michigan on May 05, 2019
Thanks for your help! Jack is being such a good dog for us. We love him to pieces!
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