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Submitted by: Joe C. on Dec 02, 2014
This is my first DD and she is now 11 months old. Roger was very informative and was able to answer all of my questions. He does not sugar coat anything and will tell you like it is...brutally honest. A great source of information and they welcome your call anytime you should have questions. Top notch kennel. Would highly recommend them.
Submitted by: Jim Walter on Sep 13, 2014
Over 20 years ago I decided to purchase my first hunting dog. After much research and phone calls I decided to buy a pup from Roger and Nancy at Vom Altmoor. They could not have been more helpful with my many initial questions. And I could not have been more satisfied with my new pup, Ty. Since then Roger and Nancy have become very good friends. Their dedication to their customers and the breed is unparalleled in the industry. Ty has been gone for many years but our family still talks about him. Perhaps the finest hunting dog I've heard of and a real part of the family. I miss him to this day. I have since purchased another dog from Roger and Nancy for my daughter and once again I was astounded at his hunting prowess, temperament and intelligence. I wouldn't consider any other breed or breeder in the future.
Submitted by: Robert Wasylyk on Sep 11, 2014
I have know both Roger and Nancy for years and also owned a Altmoor dog. They have been nothing but helpful, and knowledgeable on the breed and training thoughts when ever a question came up.I consider them family..
Submitted by: Nick Tallone on Sep 04, 2014
Roger and Nancy of Vom Altmoor Kennels are top notch. I could not be any happier with my pup. You will not be disappointed if you purchase a DD from them.
Submitted by: Bruce Tuck on Sep 02, 2014
I have been involve with Dogs for over 30 years both my wife and I raised and trained Alaskan Malemutes for over 20 years and have had many American and Canadian Champions. When I decided that I wanted a hunting Dog I did a lot of research on the many various breeds and then came across information on the VDD and the testing and other things involve before a Deutsch Drahtharr could be breed unlike the breeding of an AKC registered dog where nothing is required except paper work. If you want a hunting dog that can hunt and track anything you want a Drahtharr and some of the best come from Altmoor I have had 2 very exceptional hunting dogs from them.
Submitted by: Daniel Sharp on Aug 28, 2014
My pup from the K4 litter is a great dog and a source of pride. Just under 6 months now she is tracking out to 200 yards with multiple bends, retrieving to hand, completely gun broke in water and on land. She will not quit or hesitate. We'll be on wild birds in a few days and I have no doubt she will excell. She takes hand direction well and always hunts where I'm looking. I know any time I have an issue about anything I can contact Roger for support. I am a new dog owner but would not hesitate to buy another Altmoor dog or recommend them to a personal friend or family member.
Submitted by: Ralph and Barbara Venezia on Aug 28, 2014
Over the past 25 years we have had 5 Deutsch Drahthaar from Nancy and Roger’s Altmoor kennel. As other reviews have stated, they are extremely dedicated to both their dogs and their customers. Every one of their dogs has been exceptional hunters as well as family dogs. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any serious hunter. Roger and Nancy have been there for us whenever we had questions, health concerns or training issues. It is such a comfort to know they are only a phone call away if you need help or just want advice that you can trust. When we lost one of our dogs at the beginning of the hunting season, Nancy and Roger were able to connect us with another Deutsch Drahthaar owner who was looking for a good home for his dog. Friends and family frequently comment on the great disposition, temperament and laid back personality of our dogs.
Submitted by: J Sauser on Aug 27, 2014
I have been a gun dog handler and trainer for over 40 years and I am now training my second DD from Altmoor. Both of my dogs have tremendous natural talent and are extremely easy to train. Anyone looking for a fine hunting dog should check out Roger and Nancy. They will get you the best.
Submitted by: Stephen Slyfield on Aug 27, 2014
Altmoor has the best all around Drahthaars on the planet and have done it for the 30ish years i have known them.
Roger and Nancy are Drahthaar breeding and training experts known nationally and internationally for their expertise and wonderful dogs. Their Drahthaar Puppy Manual tells you how to train your dog through 3 years old. They consistently produce Drahthaars that are the epitome of Excellence in Upland Game, Waterfowl, Blood Tracking and great family dogs.
Whether you train your Altmoor dog through the Drahthaar or NAVHDA Natural Ability and Utility Tests or just expose them to hunting you will have a great dog! My Dog, Storm III vom Altmoor, has excellent scores on Natural Ability and both the Drahthaar and NAVHDA Utility Tests and is a very good hunter in all hunting disciplines. His 7 month old Son, Indy IV vom Altmoor is mine too. He is from their 82nd litter. Even at 7 months old he points, retrieves marked and blind retrieves, searches on land and water and blood tracks 400 yards, 4 turns, 4 hours old with 4 oz of blood.
Buy an Altmoor Dog, you'll be very happy.
Submitted by: Channing Redfield on Aug 27, 2014
I purchased from Altmoor, Neva is my 3rd VDD and she is the best yet.That once in a life time dog. Great nose, great prey drive,very bright, and a sweet dog in all ways in the field or in the house.One outstanding dog inside and out. A dog that would have stories written about her . Roger and Nancy are the most knowledgeable,caring breeders I have met..They are willing to give of their time and expertise..As a Pheasant Guide in SD, Neva continues to wow clients as the best bird dog they have seen..This year.. year 7 in SD Neva will surpass 2000 wild pheasants
shot over her and retrieved. C.Redfield
Submitted by: Rob Sielaff on Aug 27, 2014
I have a pup from Roger and Nancy's Z3 Litter and she has exceeded all my expectations. With their guidance I trained my pup through both the VJP and HZP tests doing very well in both. I use my dog mostly for ducks and grouse. On ducks she excels at rooting out cripples in the cattails. The majority of what I do is grouse hunting. Zia's points are cautious, long and steady. Currently I am training blood tracking and have been amazed how she can follow a track that has been washed off. Altmoor is a kennel that has a real passion for the Deutsch Drahthaar breed. Each litter is a high quality litter that will produce a pup you will be very happy with.
Submitted by: David Stow on Aug 27, 2014
This is my second dog from Nancy and Roger and I could't be happier! Yuri is an outstanding hunter, extremely easy to train and a personality that is wonderful! His love of the outdoors is outstanding and his indoor demeanor is beloved! His desire for attention and approval makes him an easy student and an excellent hunting companion!
Submitted by: Susan Urquhart on Aug 27, 2014
My husband and I purchased our first DD from Roger and Nancy 8 months ago. After a year of researching breeders there was no doubt that we needed to travel to New Jersey. Grace has exceeded our expectations. She is a true versatile hunting dog and is eager to please, easy to train, and more importantly she loves being with her family! Thank you Roger and Nancy for breeding such fine dogs.
Submitted by: Mark Waltrup on Aug 27, 2014
I researched DD's for about four years prior to pulling the trigger. I spoke with and visited other DD breeders and owners on numerous occasions. I was always drawn back to Altmoor. My experience with Roger at Altmoor was fantastic. His straight forward and knowledgable approach was impressive and welcomed. My pup was from the D4 litter.She is a hunting machine. At 8mos. she went 23 for 23 retrieves on her first dove hunt. It was about 90 degrees and the beans were 4 feet tall. Most of the birds fell in the beans and not the flowers. She was unstopable.At 10mos. she successfully blood tracked 3 deer. Although her hunting abilities are important and what drew me to Altmoor, her personality and temerment are what I ended up cherishing the most. She is a clown as well as a sweetheart. She is my constant travelling companion and a mellow and alert houe dog. I am sold on DD's and Roger and Nancy. I have a feeling that another of their pups is in my near future.
Submitted by: Glenn Schumaker on Aug 27, 2014
I purchased a DD Pup from Roger & Nancy at vom Altmoor 14 months ago after a good deal of research about the breed and associated breeders. As for the pup, she is an extraordinary hunting dog that never ceases to surprise me with her intelligence and desire to hunt, point and retrieve. I was seeking a versatile hunting dog which would hunt Upland game and retrieve Waterfowl with equal fervor and would be a great family member as well. I have not come close to being disappointed. This pup demonstrated her natural desire to hunt from the day we picked her up. She was retrieving doves in tall corn, blind water retrieves of ducks, and pointing and retrieving Quail, Grouse and Pheasants from five (5) months old on. They truly are a versatile hunting dog. Further, she is a perfect family dog; well behaved in the house and great with kids of all ages in my experience. This I believe is a direct result of the approach of Roger and Nancy, who are clearly dedicated to breeding the very best hunting Drahthaars. Their willingness to answer any question, (long after the sale) in the interest of assisting an amateur trainer to get the very best result, is a demonstration of their dedication to the breed, their dogs, and their customers.
Submitted by: Jonathan Wirth on Aug 26, 2014
I have purchased two Drahthaars from Roger and Nancy. I hunt grouse and Allie is great on grouse. She is a relentless hunter, tracks rabbits and is a reliable retriever. She is also a great companion: quite affectionate. But, I really appreciate the service after the sale. They have always been there to answer my many, many questions and offer sound advice. They know how to train dogs!!!
Submitted by: Daniel Gravatt on Aug 20, 2014
I have had pups from Nancy & Roger over the past 25 years. As breeders, they are extremely dedicated to both their dogs and their customers. I have had 5 dogs from them and everyone of them have been exceptional hunters as well as family dogs. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any serious hunter.
Submitted by: Carl Bois on Aug 19, 2014
I have bought 7 Drahthaars from Roger and Nancy over the years.I guide bird hunts over them and would not consider another breed. I have had several other breeds of hunting dogs and the Altmoor Drahthaars are the only dogs for me. I have three of them now the youngest is 9 months old. She is at the trainers now and they couldn't be more impressed with her natural ability. I will be hunting over her this fall. Roger and Nancy bred high quality dogs and are there to answer any questions about the breed and training
Submitted by: James Ledermann on Aug 15, 2014
I purchased our 4th DD from Altmoor. Being a professional guide for 23 yrs this breed is my favorite. Their work ethic & companionship makes them so special. Roger & Nancy are committed to breeding excellence. They're very knowledgeable & supportive. All of our dogs have lived a long & healthy life. We believe that's due to their breeding program. Very excited for the Fall season with our H4 pup! Thanks Team

Submitted by: Rick Lyman on Aug 14, 2014
I have known Nancy and Roger for over 20 years and have a 16 month old vom Altmoor pup at this time.
Over the years they have been very helpful and honest to deal with. Very consistent puppies.
Submitted by: Almus Kenter on Aug 14, 2014
I am on my second Altmoor dog. What better praise is there, than repeat business?
Zara Vom Altmoor in 2000 and Zilla (ne Zelda)
Vom Altmoor 12 years later Both dogs are, and have been phenomenal hunters and companions.

Roger and Nancy are there for you before you get your pup, and they are there for you through all stages of ownership. Have a problem? Have a question? Call them. Even if you don't get a dog from Altmoor---Get their book!!
Submitted by: John J. Bergin Jr on Aug 14, 2014
In 1990, the demise of the wild pheasant in Pennsylvania prompted my search for a close working, pointing dog. My objective, at that time, was to purchase and train a pup to use as my grouse hunting partner and duck retriever. An advertisement in “Gun Dog” prompted a phone call and subsequent visit to Vom Altmoor Kennels in Shamong, NJ.
It is now 2014 and four Deutsch Drahthaars later. I am still enthralled with the breed and forever grateful for the help and guidance provided by my good friends Roger Smith and Nancy Bohs. These are the folks who literally and actually wrote the book “The Drahthaar Puppy Manual” which has become the bible of our puppy training.
My Vom Altmoor D/D pups have consistently scored high in the field and breed test and proved free of physical problems. One male was used at stud to continue his excellent blood line.
You absolutely cannot go wrong when you select a pup from this premier breeder in the USA. Why not get started with the best possible line of the magnificent Deutsch Drahthaar – Vom Altmoor. Jack Bergin

Submitted by: Terry Gibson on Aug 13, 2014
My pup is now 16 months old. He's steady on point, just won't stop retrieving and he did a great job blood tracking a couple of deer for me last year.

As importantly, he is a joy to have in the house. Listens well. Very affectionate. Gets along with all the dogs at the hunt club just fine. You haven't owned a DD, you owe it to yourself to try one.

Terry Gibson
Treasure Coast Hunt Club
Submitted by: Susan Lesko on Aug 13, 2014
My husband and I recently bought a Deutsch Drahthaar puppy from Roger & Nancy at Altmoor kennels. We have never owned a hunting dog even though we hunt quite extensively. Working with Roger and Nancy has been wonderful. They kept us informed and up to date with the pups ever since they were born with pictures and videos. They also happily answered all of our many, many questions. We had to have our pup shipped to us since we live so far away which we had also never done before. They made it a very positive experience and took care of all the details. As far as the pup goes, we have never had a better dog. Even at a young age she is showing incredible natural talent and is so very easy to train and get along with in all aspects. We could not have picked a better breeder and a better dog!
Submitted by: Don Amboyer on Aug 13, 2014
In 2010 I decided to purchase and train my first gun dog. I spent the better part of that year researching breeds, training methods and breeders. I narrowed my search to Deutsch-Drahthaar breeders after seeing these dogs in action.

Ultimately I chose to buy an Altmoor dog because of the great performance I saw in both VJP (puppy) and HZP (utility) tests from their lines. What made it an easy choice was seeing their dogs temperament that was friendly, attentive to handler and hard-working. Those were traits I saw in all of the dogs I came across in the field at training days and test events.

Roger and Nancy have been super about answering all of my questions. I had a lot of questions as a first-time gun dog owner and new to the VDD/JGHV testing system! They have always been extremely gracious about giving their time to walk me through even the most basic of training drills and healthcare details.

As I got more involved in testing I learned how much time and energy Nancy and Roger volunteer to the breed organization; VDD-GNA. Their long-standing commitment to improving the national club, mentoring handlers in the Atlantic Chapter, organinzing training days and tests as well as traveling across the country to judge speaks volumes about their commitment to their kennel and the breed. They've literally "written the book" on how to successfully raise and test a Drahthaar!

In 2011 I took home a male from the Y3 litter. With their's and the Chapter's support we successfully completed both the VJP and HZP tests. I've been so impressed by the dog whether I've asked him to hunt pheasants in NJ, PA or Montana, ruffed grouse in MI and MN, ducks in the Midwest and East coast, red grouse in Scotland or blood-track a mule deer in Montana. He's an incredible machine in the field and our best buddy in the house.

In fact, I've been so impressed that I just brought home a new pup from their K4 litter! She'll be enjoying a full season of hunting in the prairies, forest and marshes this fall.
Submitted by: Frank Middleton on Aug 13, 2014
I found my experience with Roger at altmour kennels to be very pleasant. Although this is my first dd it will not be my last. The pup is great. I only ever have two dogs at a time and need the dogs to be well behaved in home and great hunters afield.I'll go back to altmour again.
Submitted by: Rogelio O on Aug 13, 2014
I cannot recommend Altmoor highly enough. I recently purchased a male pup from them. He has since shown intense willingness to learn and has been easy to train. He is also a great house dog and gets along great with my three young children. Roger answered all my questions and is very knowledgeable about the breed. He has also been an excellent source of information after I had the puppy home. This is the place you want to get your next hunting companion.
Submitted by: Brian Brusiewski on Aug 13, 2014
I purchased a Drahthaar pup from vom altmoor 4 years ago and I have to say that this dog has been nothing but incredible. Her drive is unmatched as is her being a unbelievable family member. My wife says she is HER DOG!

If you go to the VDD Web site and read what the description of a DD is, that is my Sasha. Also I took my Sasha to a preserve one fall day before the regular season opened her in NJ and the local dog trainer for hunting dogs saw her in action and was throughly impressed.

My experience dealing with vom altmoor has been nothing but top shelf. They will assist you with anything that is within their power. Great people and unreal hunting dogs. They are truly world class dogs.

When it's time for my Sasha to retire you can be assured that I will be getting another vom altmoor DD.

Oh one little tidbit on my experience. One of my favorite things to do is this. I get to the hunting areas LATE when everone is leaving and people saying all the birds are gone.... I just smile and me and my DD go to work and bring back my limit.

You won't be sorry you contacted Vom Altmoor. I promise

Submitted by: Mark Neubauer on Aug 13, 2014
I first did business with Roger about 15 years ago when I purchased a TriTronics collar from him. His service was excellent. It was at that time I learned of the Deutsch Drahthaars.

When it came about that I wanted to buy another dog, I knew it must be a Drahthaar. I had done years of research and attended many breed tests for the Drahthaars. Roger Smith and Nancy Bohs are some of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to breeding and training. I bought a pup from them and was thoroughly impressed with the thoughtfulness they showed in helping me choose the right pup and in helping me train the dog, too.

Their website is a wonderful education about the Drahthaar breed.
Submitted by: Glenn Harvey on Aug 13, 2014
Nancy and Roger were among the first to introduce and support DDs through active participation by training, testing, and judging in both the VDD/Group North America and NAVHDA. They are good folks who breed and produce great dogs.
Submitted by: James Ciancimino on Aug 13, 2014
I bought my first VDD from Altmoor 10 years ago. It was the best move I ever made as far as getting a friendly, easy to train excellent companion and hunting dog. His name was Fritz and all my friends and cousin loved hunting over him. Can't remember a day afield we didn't come out of the field with full bags, both rabbit and pheasant. He was a fantastic bird dog. He passed towards the end of last season.

In the past, I've owned Britts and Weimeraners. Both had their merits but didn't come close to the VDD from Altmoor. I am now 71 years old and the breed makes me look like an excellent hunter. As I'm sure you know it's really the dog that makes us look good in the field.

I just recently purchased my second VDD pup from Roger and Nancy of Altmoor. He is eight and a half weeks old and he comes to his name, sits on command and retrieves a bumper to me pretty consistently. He is smart, easy to train and loves the whole family(including the ten grandkids). Looks like another DD that's going to make me look good, again, in the field.

If your are interested in a great VDD pup to own, I would strongly suggest getting one from Roger and Nancy of Altmoor

Good hunting and good health.
Submitted by: Tom Costanza on Aug 13, 2014
I've owned 3 of Roger and Nancy's dogs. All have been solid and confident hunters as well as social dogs.
Altmoor is a top of the line breeder and one should buy any pup from them with full confidence.
Submitted by: Ken Girt on Aug 13, 2014
We bought our first DD from Roger & Nancy 20 years ago. We are now on our third from this kennel and my Daughter is training this one which she scored a 70 out of a possible 77 in the HGP puppy test. No reason to look any further than this kennel for a true, one of a kind hunting dog. These people are true "gun dog" breeders.
Ken Girt
Submitted by: Molly Girt on Aug 13, 2014
I grew up with Roger and Nancy's DDs in my house and now have one of my own. They have been incredibly helpful in the training and needs of my dog. They have been available to answer all of my questions, both hunting and non-hunting related. My dog is an intense, fun-loving hunting dog and I've had the best time training her, thanks to Roger, Nancy and all of their experience.
Submitted by: Charles "Casey" Koller on Aug 13, 2014
I have a 3 year old Drahthaar from Altmoor's Y-3 letter. He is an absolutely super dog. In his first year we harvested 48 pheasant, and over 100 in each of his next two years....there is no question about any of his hunting capabilities (my shooting is another story). What was a surprise is his personality...exceptionally friendly, attentative, and easy to get along with as he wants to please. Everything that Roger and Nancy promised and then some. The have been top notch as breeders, representatives and advocates for the breed, and have been available to me for any questions and consultation ever needed. Highly recommended!
Submitted by: Jeanne C. Ludlow VMD on Aug 13, 2014
I am a proud owner of a 4 yo Deutsch Drahthaar –originally purchased as my husbands last hunting dog. Roger Smith and Nancy Bohs were so helpful when we were training “Wolf” as a puppy. Their club holds monthly get-togethers to train in the water and on land. They give their time freely for anyone wanting to put in the time to train their Drahthaar correctly for hunting. So much of it is natural, but I was a beginner! “Wolf” is not only a versatile hunting dog, great in the water finding ducks, or pointing and retrieving upland game, but he has become a member of the family! In our spare time he has earned a CD in obedience, and a TD and TDX in tracking. Now we are having fun with agility until hunting season opens again! He is great with kids, has the energy of a toddler, and is always eager to please. I love this breed- they are so versatile! And I like having these experienced breeders to contact whenever I need help with collars, training or events. Love vom Altmoor dogs!
Submitted by: Bill Brundige on Aug 13, 2014
I grouse & Woodcock guided in Upstate NY
and still hunt in the NE.&the south
This is my second DD , My first(Max) was a
very special dog, in every respect.( VonAltmoor breeding)
A hunting machine Upland & waterfowl. I now have a 4month old pup that has pointed wild birds
Woodcock (Yesterday) swims like an otter and is
very biddable.
Nancy & Roger are consummate professionals and
Von Altmoor Dogs have the Versatility
Temperament and drive that makes them a joy to hunt with and be around.

Submitted by: Caryn and Jim Biehl on Aug 13, 2014
Vom Altmoors Deutsch-Drahthaars Zenzi III is almost 3 years old. She is truly an amazing dog - in the field - at home - loves kids & other dogs - tones of energy - faithful & to smart. We have been buying dogs from Vom Altmoor for 24 years now - this being our 4th. Roger & Nancy have always been so helpful in choosing a pup & answering questions that arise regarding preparation for training & hunting.
Submitted by: Stan Longenecker on Aug 13, 2014
I met my first Drahthaar on a Southern 95 degree quail hunt when my vet's six month old pup found a bird that my superbly trained dog missed three times. The same vet arranged my first Drahthaar, 'Wolfe' who had a passion for hunting that led us from Canada to Argentina hunting ducks, geese, dove, pheasants, chukar, grouse, pardize (sp), and even pigeons. Wolfe would blood trail deer. Wolfe has passed, replaced by Dixi (just passed), Doc, and Zeus.

I have the deepest admiration for Roger and Nancy for their commitment to provide quality dogs. You can take any dog they produce and expect an even-tempered, aggressive dog who will play with kids and never draw blood yet point, flush, and then retrieve. My Drahthaars routinely embarrass my Lab friends because they are faster on land and water.
A word of caution. You should train a Drahthaar yourself because the dog bonds with his trainer like no one else. Dixi looked hourly for my son long after he went away to college and marriage only to greet him like a prodigal son when he returned home!

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