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About Altmoor Deutsch-Drahthaars

Unlike many of the breeders in this listing vom Altmoor raises only VDD (German) registered and German hunting test proven Deutsch-Drahthaars.  Not AKC German Wirehaired Pointers, not FDSB "German Drahthaars", or any of the other similar derivatives.  If you'd like to check whether the breeder you are considering is a legitimate Deutsch-Drahthaar breeder simply check this site:  If not listed there then what you're looking at is not a real Deutsch-Drahthaar, but rather an unregulated bargain wannabe.  They might have some nice dogs, and you might get lucky, but real assurances of hunting traits and proper conformation and coat come only with a pup from a VDD kennel.  Altmoor is one of the two most experienced active kennels in the world.  We've been raising, training, and breeding DD’s since 1983 and will be having three litters including our 121st VDD litter, our QV, in 2024.  We are two of the four most senior German (JGHV) hunting test judges in the USA and Nancy is also a Breed Show (conformation & coat) VDD judge.  With our long careers as police officers and unblemished reputations as breeders you can be assured of honorable dealings and world-class advice before, and for years after, the sale.  We're the authors of The Drahthaar Puppy Manual - which explains everything you need to know through the first two years of your DD's life.  We have hosted and organized numerous VDD tests and training days, and have handled our DD's through more than one hundred VDD tests as well as many NAVHDA tests.  We are passionate hunters of just about everything, and the DD is our life.  We have owned and had personal experience with many of the other hunting breeds and there's simply nothing to compare with the Deutsch-Drahthaar.  Whether your interest is waterfowl, upland, or blood tracking, or all of the above, you will find no breed superior to the DD, and that's why it's far and away the most popular hunting dog in Germany. Please visit our website for more details.  If you email us please use and be sure to include your full name, address and phone number. 

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Deutsch Drahthaar, German Wirehaired Pointer
Breeder Contact Info
Roger Smith & Nancy Bohs
Shamong, New Jersey 08088
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 52 years.
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Submitted by: Karen on May 08, 2024
Through extensive research for a DD we decided Altmoor was one of the most reputable breeders in the entire country. My husband had a Draht as a child but the pup we got from Roger and Nancy put even the great hunting stories from that Draht to shame. We could not be happier with the pup. Everyone that meets Eva is amazed by her ability , intelligence, demeanor, physical build and more. And everyone that has hunted with her is just blown away with the experience. She even recently was retrieving and pointed another bird with a bird in her mouth. She just has a great mind and constantly impresses us. We got her certified to band woodcock and she was the only dog to pass the test the first time ( it was an intense steady test). She also is absolutely great with my falconry bird. She points and allows the bird to take down pheasant right near her and she does not interfere. My large redtailed hawk can fly right in front of her and she just stays steady and really no corrections were ever needed. They hang out often and she even protects my bird when weathering on a perch outside from other predators. Eva goes everywhere with us and is a member of our family.
This breeder is the real deal , have been at this forever and know what you want and how to get it from the genetics. You can not find a better DD breeder in the US in my opinion. Take a look but I don't think you'll find any better
Submitted by: Jonathon Arnold on Apr 25, 2024
My Altmoor pup is my second DD and first from Altmoor. The entire process of acquiring an Altmoor pup was professional. From the time of my first inquiry, to pup selection, and picking up the pup, Roger informed me regularly with emails and photos. My pup is everything I expect in a DD, and I am very satisfied with him. Roger and Nancy are enthusiastic experts on the DD breed, and I do not care to buy from any other breeder. I hope to have another from them.
Submitted by: Rich Horlbeck on Apr 22, 2024
We picked up our male last February so he is now just over one year old and has been nothing short of a gem. As a first time trainer, I was amazed at how easily he picked up the commands and even commented to Roger at one point that he was making me look like a pro. I had a great first year of hunting with him as well and you can just tell that he was born to be in the woods searching for birds. I haven't introduced him to ducks yet, but he easily took to water and will fetch bumpers like nobodies business. Fantastic dog from fantastic breeders!
Submitted by: John L on Apr 21, 2024
If you want a DD that has all the drive you will need with a great temperament call Vom Altmoor. As good as my dog is at handling wild birds, retrieving ducks and geese, hunting rabbits, blood tracking big game, his temperament towards people and other dogs is even better. He’s had a solid temperament since I picked him up as a pup.
Submitted by: Damian Wlazlowski on Apr 21, 2024
We got our first DD from Roger and Nancy out of a performance breeding in 2022. He's awesome!!!! Great personality and temperament. Altmoor does a fantastic job at communicating and following up....
Submitted by: Alejandro A on Apr 20, 2024
Nancy and Roger are the most experienced Drahthaar breeders in North America. So experienced, in fact, that they wrote the book on how to raise a Drahthaar, literally. I acquired my first hunting dog from them, and the have been an invaluable resource along the way. They produce uniformly exceptional litters and I highly recommend them.
Submitted by: Jim Barabe on Apr 18, 2024
If you want an amazing all around hunting and family dog, go to vom Altmoor.

My family has owned German wirehairs since I was an infant. I have been around them and just about every other breed of hunting dog there is for my entire life. I always thought that German wirehairs were the best all around dog breed. Then I got a drahthaar from vom Altmoor, and soon realized that drahthaars are the true zenith of the versatile hunting world.

Not only is Dasher (officially Dorn V vom Altmoor), the best all around hunting dog I have ever had, he is an absolute cupcake around the house. He will search out a wounded duck in the nastiest swamp you can imagine, then come home and chill out with our cats.

I doubt that there is a DD kennel anywhere in the US with more combined experience than Roger and Nancy’s vom Altmoor. They were instrumental in the development of the breeding and testing program in the states. They are both judges and are both amazing resources for their customers. When you get a dog from Altmoor, it comes with that well of knowledge, because Roger and Nancy are there to help you with whatever you are trying to do with your dogs, whether it be the testing system or just hunting, they have seen it all (and Roger has a great story for EVERYTHING).

I recommend a vom Altmoor pup as highly as I can recommend anything. They are the best!
Submitted by: Ashley Drury on Apr 17, 2024
I have 2 Altmoor females, one 6 years old and one 8 months old. They are both super cooperative and great hunting partners. The young one was pointing wild quail and woodcock at 4 months old! I have hunted the 6 year old in ND, KS, MO, IA, MS, AL and MN. I highly recommend vom Altmoor kennel. They've been doing this a long time and have some fine gun dogs.
Submitted by: Frank Devlin on Apr 16, 2024
After an extensive search on a breeder of DD’s I found Roger and Nancy. I couldn’t be happier with the pup I got from them. Gus is a true hunting machine and a great, friendly member of our family.
They are a wonderful and caring breeder of superb dogs.
Submitted by: Carl Bois on Apr 16, 2024
I have bought 8 dogs from Roger & Nancy. The dogs have been incredible hunters. I'm a reg. Maine guide & my clients have really enjoy hunting over these dogs. The dogs also have great personalities & temperaments. I would highly recommend Vom Altmoor kennels.
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