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Only a visit to our website,  can give you the answers to all of your questions.  For now, we'll try to be brief.  We are a husband-wife team, both passionate hunters who, after years of breeding Brits and Springers and owning and/or professionally training Labs and many other gun dog breeds, in the early '80's found that the Deutsch-Drahthaar was the all-around sportsman's answer for a family gun dog that excelled at everything - waterfowl, upland, and blood tracking.  But, first and foremost, our DD's are companions and our best friends.  They are equally suitable even if you are primarily an upland hunter or mostly hunt waterfowl - their water abilities are unequaled.


VDD is the world-wide breed club of over 11,000 members, with over 1,100 members in the USA - VDD-Group North America.  Both of us have served terms on the Executive Board of that organization, as well as our local chapter.  We were among the first judges in the USA to be approved by the over-seeing organization (JGHV) in Germany in 1990.  We constantly try to give back to the breed that has given us so much and have received several service awards from our breed club.  We are the authors of The Drahthaar Puppy Manual, a book which numerous DD, DK, and DL breeders give out with each pup they sell.  With a combined total of nearly four decades in law enforcement and almost nine decades of hunting and gun dog experience, we think you'll find that we are very knowledgeable and trustworthy, and have a nationwide reputation for support after the sale.  We are one of the three most experienced Deutsch-Drahthaar breeders in the world, witnessing our 116th litter in 2022.  We place our pups only with licensed hunters.  Pups typically cost $2,200 to $2,600 and must be picked up in NJ.  We average two to five litters each year.  All our litters are born in the house and spend their first three to four weeks in the bedroom, then the living room.  If you pinned us down and asked what qualities we breed for, we'd say that hunting traits are a given, but sound and friendly temperament with a high degree of cooperation and biddability are at the top of our list. Our dogs work with you and for you, and will hunt till they drop.  Check our website for testimonials.


Finally, as you look through this site and other sources in your search for the pup of a lifetime, you'll find many who tell you that they breed Deutsch-Drahthaars.  In fact, some of those will actually be breeders of AKC GWP's, FDSB German Drahthaars, or of some other registry. Or, they are producing more than one breed of gundog.  Only a VDD-registered breeding can offer you a pup which is the product of decades of objective water and field testing and evaluations for suitable conformation and coat by independent experts.  VDD pups are registered in Germany, come with a registration document in the German language, and have their German registration number tattooed in their right ear.  If you don't get your pup from us, at least please check the Breeder Listing page on the website to be sure that you'll be working with an actual VDD breeder and are getting at least the same quality pup that you would if you went directly to Germany, where the DD is far and away the most popular gundog.

Nancy Bohs & Roger Smith

Hunting Dog Breeds Raised
Deutsch Drahthaar, German Wirehaired Pointer
Breeder Contact Info
Roger Smith & Nancy Bohs
Shamong, New Jersey 08088
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 52 years.
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Submitted by: Joe C. on Dec 02, 2014
This is my first DD and she is now 11 months old. Roger was very informative and was able to answer all of my questions. He does not sugar coat anything and will tell you like it is...brutally honest. A great source of information and they welcome your call anytime you should have questions. Top notch kennel. Would highly recommend them.
Submitted by: Jim Walter on Sep 13, 2014
Over 20 years ago I decided to purchase my first hunting dog. After much research and phone calls I decided to buy a pup from Roger and Nancy at Vom Altmoor. They could not have been more helpful with my many initial questions. And I could not have been more satisfied with my new pup, Ty. Since then Roger and Nancy have become very good friends. Their dedication to their customers and the breed is unparalleled in the industry. Ty has been gone for many years but our family still talks about him. Perhaps the finest hunting dog I've heard of and a real part of the family. I miss him to this day. I have since purchased another dog from Roger and Nancy for my daughter and once again I was astounded at his hunting prowess, temperament and intelligence. I wouldn't consider any other breed or breeder in the future.
Submitted by: Robert Wasylyk on Sep 11, 2014
I have know both Roger and Nancy for years and also owned a Altmoor dog. They have been nothing but helpful, and knowledgeable on the breed and training thoughts when ever a question came up.I consider them family..
Submitted by: Nick Tallone on Sep 04, 2014
Roger and Nancy of Vom Altmoor Kennels are top notch. I could not be any happier with my pup. You will not be disappointed if you purchase a DD from them.
Submitted by: Bruce Tuck on Sep 02, 2014
I have been involve with Dogs for over 30 years both my wife and I raised and trained Alaskan Malemutes for over 20 years and have had many American and Canadian Champions. When I decided that I wanted a hunting Dog I did a lot of research on the many various breeds and then came across information on the VDD and the testing and other things involve before a Deutsch Drahtharr could be breed unlike the breeding of an AKC registered dog where nothing is required except paper work. If you want a hunting dog that can hunt and track anything you want a Drahtharr and some of the best come from Altmoor I have had 2 very exceptional hunting dogs from them.
Submitted by: Daniel Sharp on Aug 28, 2014
My pup from the K4 litter is a great dog and a source of pride. Just under 6 months now she is tracking out to 200 yards with multiple bends, retrieving to hand, completely gun broke in water and on land. She will not quit or hesitate. We'll be on wild birds in a few days and I have no doubt she will excell. She takes hand direction well and always hunts where I'm looking. I know any time I have an issue about anything I can contact Roger for support. I am a new dog owner but would not hesitate to buy another Altmoor dog or recommend them to a personal friend or family member.
Submitted by: Ralph and Barbara Venezia on Aug 28, 2014
Over the past 25 years we have had 5 Deutsch Drahthaar from Nancy and Roger’s Altmoor kennel. As other reviews have stated, they are extremely dedicated to both their dogs and their customers. Every one of their dogs has been exceptional hunters as well as family dogs. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any serious hunter. Roger and Nancy have been there for us whenever we had questions, health concerns or training issues. It is such a comfort to know they are only a phone call away if you need help or just want advice that you can trust. When we lost one of our dogs at the beginning of the hunting season, Nancy and Roger were able to connect us with another Deutsch Drahthaar owner who was looking for a good home for his dog. Friends and family frequently comment on the great disposition, temperament and laid back personality of our dogs.
Submitted by: J Sauser on Aug 27, 2014
I have been a gun dog handler and trainer for over 40 years and I am now training my second DD from Altmoor. Both of my dogs have tremendous natural talent and are extremely easy to train. Anyone looking for a fine hunting dog should check out Roger and Nancy. They will get you the best.
Submitted by: Stephen Slyfield on Aug 27, 2014
Altmoor has the best all around Drahthaars on the planet and have done it for the 30ish years i have known them.
Roger and Nancy are Drahthaar breeding and training experts known nationally and internationally for their expertise and wonderful dogs. Their Drahthaar Puppy Manual tells you how to train your dog through 3 years old. They consistently produce Drahthaars that are the epitome of Excellence in Upland Game, Waterfowl, Blood Tracking and great family dogs.
Whether you train your Altmoor dog through the Drahthaar or NAVHDA Natural Ability and Utility Tests or just expose them to hunting you will have a great dog! My Dog, Storm III vom Altmoor, has excellent scores on Natural Ability and both the Drahthaar and NAVHDA Utility Tests and is a very good hunter in all hunting disciplines. His 7 month old Son, Indy IV vom Altmoor is mine too. He is from their 82nd litter. Even at 7 months old he points, retrieves marked and blind retrieves, searches on land and water and blood tracks 400 yards, 4 turns, 4 hours old with 4 oz of blood.
Buy an Altmoor Dog, you'll be very happy.
Submitted by: Channing Redfield on Aug 27, 2014
I purchased from Altmoor, Neva is my 3rd VDD and she is the best yet.That once in a life time dog. Great nose, great prey drive,very bright, and a sweet dog in all ways in the field or in the house.One outstanding dog inside and out. A dog that would have stories written about her . Roger and Nancy are the most knowledgeable,caring breeders I have met..They are willing to give of their time and expertise..As a Pheasant Guide in SD, Neva continues to wow clients as the best bird dog they have seen..This year.. year 7 in SD Neva will surpass 2000 wild pheasants
shot over her and retrieved. C.Redfield
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