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Submitted by: Becky Hofer on Jan 12, 2013
We have known Chris for close to 7 or 8 years now. Honestly, we have lost track. Chris bred and trained our old gsp Maggie and we have been friends ever since. When we lost our dear sweet girl in the summer of 2010, we decided that fall to get another GSP pup. That December, we made the trek from South Dakota to Iowa to pick up our new girl Eva. Eva was 12 weeks old when we brought her home. When you lose a dog your have spent a large portion of your life with, it is hard to imagine ever getting another dog "as good" as the one you lost. Fast forward 2 years: Eva, fondly known in our house as Little Miss Mighty, is one of the most amazing dogs I think I will ever have. Her natural instinct to hunt is beyond compare. We brought her back to Iowa this summer to spend 3 months with Chris getting professional training. We had a fantastic season pheasant hunting thanks to little Miss Mighty. I am proud to take her in the field with neighbors and friends. they are always amazed at her skill, her training and her self control. At 2.5 years old, she was the only dog in the field that did not need a collar. Her response to a whistle is a sight to behold. Her hunting ability is really just a small part of this dog. She is the most gentle-mannered, loving, smart, kid friendly dog a person could ask for. She is my daily companion and our 6 year old son's "little sister". Dogs like this don't happen by accident. Breeding is a HUGE part of it. Chris Riddle in my opinion breeds the best gsps I have ever seen. Thank you so much for such an amazing dog Chris.
Submitted by: Dan Cole on Jan 07, 2013
My little dog really put on a show today! You would have been proud to see this happen. Five of us were hunting over three dogs, one mutt, a lab and Elsie. One of the guys knocked down a rooster over a cattail slough and the dogs couldn't find it. After about five minutes they wanted to pull out. I told them to call their dogs out and hold them and I sent Elsie in all alone. I kept telling her "dead bird". At one point she was all the way on the other side of the slough. The guys were growing impatient and wanted me to call her out. I said to give her a couple more minutes. Sure enough, here she come with the bird...and it was still alive! I don't know where she found that bird, but she really covered that slough bottom before she came out. Them boys were extremely impressed, as was I, and proud!
Submitted by: Don DeBuhr on Jan 07, 2013
Chris I just wanted to send you an e-mail to let you know how my pup is doing. I am the guy from Jefferson City Missouri and was working in Mn. when I purchased my pup from you. I bought B&W German shorthair pup. He is nearly 6 months old and this is the most birdie pup I have ever been around. I am entering him in NAHVDA for his Natural Ability test this October. He absolutly loves to retrieve and he has been holding his points solid since the second bird I put him on. Feel free to use me for a testimonial if you want. I plan on running Bandit in NSTRA in the spring. I don't want to do it this fall instead I want to take it easy with him.
Submitted by: Andrew Miller on Jan 07, 2013
I purchased a pup from you June of 2010, last year (June) he finished his Junior AKC Hunt Test Title, yesterday he finished his Senior Title, we will be working on a Master in the spring.

He is an outstanding dog, and has received many high comments from Judges and other GSP breeders
Submitted by: Bob Adair on Jan 07, 2013
Looks like our bird dog Kat is on track she just turned a year old and so far I couldn't be happier!
I picked this pup up in Iowa when she was 4 months old its been a long time since I trained a bird dog? But after getting some of my time back when retiring from full time work just had to have one more chance at the days missed afield with a pointing dog? I forgot how much work and time was involved but so far it looks like time well spent!
Submitted by: Nancy Petersen on Sep 22, 2012
Hi Chris,

Jay and I want to thank you for training class you did September 15th and 16th. We both learn a lot from you and was very impressed how you work with the dogs. It was very interesting watching the dogs of different ages and stages working with you and their owners. Jay and I learned a lot and are looking forward working with you and Roxie again. Too bad Jay didn’t come on Saturday and see Duece work, he is awesome. On Saturday, Roxie seemed like she was not sure what to do with the bird, but Sunday was a whole different story. It was so exciting to see Roxie’s response to the birds on Sunday. It seems like she finally caught on when you had her work with Ava and Sage on fetching the quail in. So sometime soon I want to talk to you about some additional training for maybe two weeks. I think that is the longest I can handle not having her with me at a time. Since last weekend she wants to go out and work with the pheasant wing all the time. We went to Jester Park Wednesday evening and walked some prairie grass fields, Roxie was in her element, and working her noise. Can’t wait to get Roxie working with some more live birds soon.

Submitted by: David Chesser on Feb 03, 2012
Attached find a few photos of Molly. I thought you might like to see how she turned out. She just turned four years old and has developed into an outstanding hunter and family pet. Couldn’t ask for a better dog. She absolutely lives to hunt. The natural hunting instinct is abundant in this bloodline and was easy to further develop through training. Watching her lock up and hold on a bird is a thing of beauty! I look forward to purchasing another of your dogs in the near future.
Submitted by: brad vonnahme on Dec 02, 2011
Hey Chris wanted to drop in now that I see Dakota's pups are up. I will tell everyone here and now that you will find no better dogs than ones you are looking at. Chris is the real deal when it come to German Shorthairs he takes his dogs and hunting serious. I had the pleasure of meeting Chris and his better half Tamara four years ago and took Dakota home from him. There is no finer dog than Dakota, he is a pleasure to have in the house and is amazing to watch in the field, his points are amazing to watch, sometime he locks up on point so tight I thinks he is going to break his neck. I will tell you a story, when I was in South Carolina I would turn him out on my hunting lease while I was working, one blast of the whistle he was always back in 30 seconds or less, it always amazed my friends they could never understand how I could let him go for an hour or more and never lay eyes on him and he would stay that close. I always told them good breeding and he loves me. Well folks that is just it GSP's don't just obey their owners they love them. Well I will wrap this up by telling ya Chris and Tamara are not not just "breeders" they are some of the finest people I have had the pleasure to know. I am currently stationed in Sasebo Japan on my twilight tour (20 years) and Chris offered, now you remember I said offered to watch Dakota for a short period of time before I was able to get him over here. Well as is the norm in military life it didn't work out so Chris has been watching him ever since. I have had to come up with creative ways to repay the favor to him, but if there is a kennel that supports the military it is 6R. In closing Chris is not a dog salesman but a friend that you will be proud to have and in the deal you will get a dog that is unmatched, I have always enjoyed my hunts and conversations with him long after the sale was done. If you happen to miss one of Dakota's puppies I am sorry but they will be the best of the best, oh well the rest will just be the best of course.

MNCS (SW) Bradley T. Vonnahme
Submitted by: Steve Harthoorn on Nov 27, 2011
My son Jason & I purchased Beau from Chris in Feb,2011. Beau was our first ever GSP. I became so interested in the breed, especially Chris' dogs that I purchased Rhett in June, 2011. Beau & Rhett are half brothers both sired by A-jax. They both are doing very well in the field thanks to Chris for all his help with training. I met Chris for the first time at the Sportsman's Show at the state fairgrounds in Des Moines in Jan.,2011. He has been very helpful with everything. I recently hunted with Chris,Deuce & A-jax. It was awesome to see our Beau & Rhett working in the field with their sire & grandsire. I can truly say that I have found a great GSP breeder, trainer, and most of all a friend. Thanks for everything, Chris!

Steve & Jason Harthoorn
Reasnor, IA
Submitted by: Leslie Whitaker on Sep 24, 2011
After being raised with labs, my family purchased our first GSP from 6R Upland Kennels last December. I have never been so impressed with a trainer/breeder. Chris Riddle not only has an amazing training capability, but he has a real passion for his line and true love for his dogs. This is not just a business to him. We could not love our dog more. He obtained his Junior Hunter Certification this weekend with Chris in Iowa. Thank You Chris, we love Trey!!
Submitted by: Joel Cordes on Sep 16, 2011
I cant believe the demeanor and instinct of this dog- She is phenomenal.
Ellie will point a bird wing on a fishing pole and even hold the point until I come in and release her-
I mean she is only 8 weeks old, incredible.
Her personality is great, very brief moments of hyper activity but for the most part, calm as can be.
I just could not be happier, you are breeding some awesome dogs over there Chris, keep up the good work!!
Joel Cordes
Submitted by: Gerry on Sep 16, 2011
Just an update on Cooper.

What a puppy, learns fast and has a nose unmatched by any pup I've ever had.
Of course this is Katies dog but dad will help in the training. He gonna give us a reason to hunt upland more than waterfowl in the years to come.

He gets along with all the other dogs but the cat is still trying hard. LOL
He's going in for his 12week shots and check soon so take care and thanks again for everything.

Submitted by: Katie Labau on Sep 06, 2011
It didn't take Cooper long to weedle his way into our hearts and lives. True to his breed he has an inquisitive spirit and active nose! He is bonding with Katie and runs to her when she gets home from Cross Country practice. Chester (our Lab) is doing well with him but Lucy (English Setter) is a little tentative. She is used to being queen bee so she needs more time to adjust. Gerry is going to put a portable day pen next to her kennel and run so they can be next to each other for an hour or two a day. I think our cat, however, is still hiding under the bed! Funny to see 25 lbs of feline afraid of 2 lbs of puppy!

Cooper is going for a puppy meet and greet with his new Vet today. They are excited to meet him because they don't have any GSP's in their practice. Everything is fine with him..just like to socialize him with the Vet so Cooper doesn't associate him with just shots and poking and prodding. They board our animals from time to time too.

Tomorrow, Cooper is going to meet Katie's Cross Country Team and watch her run.

We are taking Cooper with us on our vacation up north next week. We spend the week before Labor Day with friends who own a Mom and Pop type resort on Leech Lake. They are excited to meet Cooper. We 're leaving the other dogs home so Cooper won't be too overwhelmed.

Katie is just blossoming with her new responsibilities with Cooper. She worries and frets and is hoping she will have him ready to come to Game Fair next year to show you your decision to give her a puppy was a good one. She was so impressed with Duece and is hoping she can help Cooper be half the dog he is! Thank you for giving her this opportunity. It means so much to us to see her focus like this on something she can call her own. She dearly loves that little guy!
Submitted by: Jennifer Chastek on Sep 05, 2011
My husband and I bought our dog Remi from Chris when he was about 3
months old, but due to us moving we asked if we could pick him up when
he was 4 months old. He didn't hesitate to accommodate our needs with
bringing him home and even started the crate training for us. Chris
is awesome, he knows his dogs and knows their temperament and
personality. We wanted a dog that could be inside/outside and also
hunt. Chris brought us a few puppies to see whose temperament matched
what we were looking for plus one that was geared to being outside
only for contrast. Remi is almost one year old now and we could not
be happier. He is super intelligent and obedient in the house. He
has never chewed on anything that was not his. He learns commands
quickly, sometimes even on one repetition. Outside he works so hard
to please, and never wants to stop, whether it is fetching a ball or
searching for scented decoys. We brought him back to Chris for a 6
week training session, and Chris said he will make a great bird dog.
We are bringing him back for a refresher while we are on vacation, and
are excited to see how he will do his first hunting season.
Everywhere we go people are always commenting on how calm he is for
his age and how well behaved he is... and we always tell him that it
started with his genetics. Don't hesitate to get on one of Chris's

Thanks for everything!
Jen and Scott Chastek
Submitted by: Erroll Brager on Aug 16, 2011
Hey Chris, I saw you had a repeat breeding of Willy and Ellie. As you know I got a setter (Molly) from you out of their first breeding and wanted to give you a quick update. She is hunting hard and pointing well. I entered her in a american field horse back trial this spring and she placed 3rd in the derby (as a puppy) finding more birds than any other dog that day period. She followed that up by placing first in puppy stake the following day. She beat a lot of good pointers and shorthairs both days and is a very fast stylish dog!

I just wanted to let you know about how your how happy I am with her, currently she is in Montana at summer camp learning about wild Sharptail and Pheasant and learning to handle herself off horseback and getting ready for the fall hunting season. She loves birds and so far has pointed and had shot over her ruffed grouse, sharptail, huns, pheasant, chukar and quail - well done Chris!

Are you planning on breeding them again sometime?

Submitted by: ndrew Miller on Jun 27, 2011
I purchased one of your pups last year and he has been great, hunted
last season, and just got a junior hunt test title yesterday, he is
everything you promised when we discussed purchasing a pup. Thanks
again. By the way his name is Full Throttle Fearless Chupa. I am looking
forward to entering him in the Seniors.

Submitted by: Greg Kraus on Jun 17, 2011
Hello Chris....

Well here we are in the middle of June..daydreaming of the up coming season.....
A little bit on the past season first.. Bailey (2-2-08 Jake and Sadie)and I were very close to our third 100 bird season. Lots of snow in Illinois may have us just a bit shy on the bird count. I hunted my 2 clubs and visited another. It's so nice having a dog that listens, thinks, and works so well....we just laugh at the other Dog Whisperers. Her points are held till I show up, and she retrieves to boots...with a victory lap.LOL....Can't say enough about her personality,
great watch dog, calm in the house, and good with most other canines....She has lots of doggy friends. The best part is all of the great comments I get whether in the fields, or walking a sporting clays course... she is so pretty, where did you get her, who trained her, etc etc etc...
The answers are easy 6R Kennels in Grinnel IA call Chris Riddle, and she trained me....
and remember like you told me when I picked her up at your house.... all you need to do is talk to them... aint that the truth.

Take care have a great summer and I'll call you soon.

Greg Kraus
Submitted by: Robert Nutt on Jun 06, 2011
We met Chris at Pheasant Fest in Omaha in February 2011. After attending several of Chris’s seminars, we decided to put a deposit down to get a puppy from one of Chris’s upcoming litters. Our puppy was whelped on April 7th. We chose a gorgeous liver and roan female and named her Dakota. We came down to visit Dakota every two weeks (thanks for putting up with us Chris) until we were finally able to bring her home on June 3rd. On the weeks that we were not able to visit Dakota, Chris emailed pictures of her to my daughter. Chris, you have no idea how much that meant to her. This is just one example of him going the extra mile, for his customer.

Through the entire process, Chris has been outstanding to work with. He is always ready and willing to answer any question we had. You will never find a more honest breeder or trainer then you will with Chris. He puts yours needs first, instead of his. He made sure we got the dog we wanted and was a good fit for our family. Chris will tell you that once you buy a dog from him, that he considers you family and he absolutely means it and believes it. It is not lip service. Another great thing that has come out of our meeting Chris and 6R Upland Kennels is that we have now met someone we consider a great friend. We are excited to bring Dakota back to Chris later this year, so he can start her training.

If you are looking for a breeder and trainer that cares about their dogs and one that is willing to put your needs and wants ahead of theirs, then look no farther than 6R Upland Kennels. I have met a lot of trainers and Chris is the first one I have felt comfortable talking to, without feeling intimated. Chris makes you feel like there is no dumb question, and he really put you at ease. He doesn’t brag about how great he is he just tells you his goal is to give the dog you want and perform the way you expect it to. It is not all about him, like a lot of trainers are. He is the one training your dog, not some helper the trainer has hired. He works with each dog on a one on one basis.

We know when we bring Dakota back for training she will be in fantastic hands. BTW, she is already locked up and pointing leaves blowing across the yard.

Thanks for everything Chris!

Robert, Carrie and Erin Nutt

Submitted by: James Dean on May 18, 2011
Chris, Just wanted to let you know that Ellie wnt 4 for 4 on her JH tests. She passed her last 2 last wekend and now has her JH title at 8 months old. She is a wonderful girl and a great joy to be around. We are so pleased with her. She is a perfect fit for our faimly and springers.

Thanks, James
Submitted by: Kim Daughton on May 13, 2011
I'm Kim, Mike's wife. I just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE the puppy. We named her "Roxy". She has adjusted so well and seems completely at home here today! She's happy, playful and totally lovable. She's a complete gem and I wanted you to know she is in a loving home and will be well cared for. Here are some pictures. Our son is the happiest boy in the world!!! Again, THANK YOU! You can check on her anytime you want. We love her so much!!
Submitted by: Judy Stephens-Wilson on Apr 18, 2011
I want to rate 6R Upland Kennels a 10+, but sadly the rating only goes to 5. But I still give it a 10+ out of 5. I want to explain how I know the quality of 6R Upland Kennels is a 10+. If you are a GSP lover, you'll hang in here and read this. Otherwise I guess you’ll just have to hug your lab.

When we contacted Chris, Dave and I had raised 9 puppies and 2 children during our years together, often several of the above at the same time. 4 of our dogs were GSP's so we have strong notions of what a "good one" should be like. WARNING: If you are as weak-willed as we seem to be, beware browsing alone through the 6R Upland Kennel website. The dogs are beautiful.

Since we had recently lost 2 of our GSP's due to old age, we had decided that we didn't want another dog. We were done with dogs. However, my husband dared to browse Chris' website alone, and we quickly changed our minds. (You may not be surprised to know that we have now joined a "Don't Look at Puppies on a Website" self-help weekly support group.) Bear in mind that since we had raised so many puppies, we are obnoxiously particular in our GSP standards.

With the patience of the biblical Job, Chris graciously stayed with us throughout the entire process, and I do mean process. Despite our standards, due to our grief over the recent death of our 2 dogs, we seemed to be somewhat unsure when it came to actually selecting a dog...a mature trained dog, a puppy, a youngster ready to be trained...we didn't really know. But we were certain we wanted one from Chris' line. His dogs are absolutely beautiful, intelligent, social, even-tempered, extremely talented natural hunters, and for good measure, loaded with personality. (Hey, you can't pick your kids, but you can pick your pups).

Giving us several options, Chris showed us all around his kennels. Recognizing our emotional dilemma, he even said we could take one home and "try it out.” The problem is that Chris is so passionate about his dogs that we always wanted the one he had just talked about, and he talked about so many of his great pups.

We finally chose a beautiful male pup we named Osmond, Ozzy for short. When he finishes his field training with Chris, he will be Dr. Oz, GPS PhD. Oz is all we wanted and so much more. Ozzy is our "NEO" …"the ONE." WARNING: Don't buy a pup that is smarter than you are! But thank goodness Ozzy has been very patient as he has trained us.

During this process we visited Chris more often than potential buyers should, e-mailed him, called him, and generally hung around constantly pestering him. He and his family were so patient, so kind, and very determined about wanting us to have a dog that suited us. When you select a dog from 6R Upland Kennels, it's not really about the money for Chris; it's about what he has that fits your needs. He will do all he can to match you up with the right dog, and he isn't happy unless you are happy with your choice. Since the 6R dogs are so special, it was very tough for us to choose. Chris maintains great kennels, he loves dogs and hunting, he loves talking about dogs and hunting, and his hobbies are dogs and hunting. He knows what he's doing as a breeder and has perfected his kennel's genetic line to be very predictable and of the highest quality. He is by far the best GSP kennel owner with whom we have worked. So we are absolutely thrilled to have found Chris, his family and his kennels. As you know, if you find someone who loves GSP's, you've found a friend forever, and we certainly feel we have done just that with Chris and his family. (Ozzy would have typed this, but he is busy writing the Great American GSP novel.)
Submitted by: Gene Ricketts on Mar 10, 2011
I just wanted to let you know that Bailey who was whelped 11/1/2007 has turned into a fantastic hunting dog and a great companion. On Monday we finally were able to bred her with a sire who is out of my old line.The puppies will have a good mixture of moessgaard and Hillhaven with a bit of Serakraut (a kennel in Wisconsin)mixed in. She is not very tall and is a bit small but a dynamo in the field.
Submitted by: brian on Feb 17, 2011
I purchased Gabby from Chris 4 years ago and she has been great from day one. In the field she has tons of drive. So much drive that when she was a pup and I didn't want to tire her out I would try to have my dad take her back to the car while hunted over our other shorthair. She would have nothing to do with that. If im walking the field she is always hunting in front of me. I have taken on 4 day hunts to Kansas hunting her 4-5 hours a day and she has never stopped hunting. Highly recommend Chris' Shorthairs if you are looking for a hard hunting and responsive Shorthair.
Submitted by: cody dostart on Jan 31, 2011
i found chris on gun dogs i call alot of people to try to find the perfect dog for me. Everyone that i called said 500 dolars now and my dog is the best dogs you ever would see i didnt like the price that everyone was asking for. i found chris number and called him we talked not about his dogs we talked about what kind of dog i wanted. we talked on the phone for about two hours and i asked him if i could come see what kind of pups he i when up there about a week later and he came outside and met me . so we walked over to one of the litter tht angel had and i asked him what would you pick out of this litter and he picked up the biggest male out of the litter and put the dog on the for the first time. the first thing that the dog did was went stright over to the birds he has at 4 weeks old. i told chris i want that dog right there and he said to me what a great dog you picked he would be jus like his after i got the dog home. i dint know hw to train him for bird i had to call chris about 2 or 3 times a day and he helped me out so much. when ace as about 6 months old i took him out for the first time and he listined to me the whole day we was hunting and that was the best day of my life to see my lil boy find bird and hold them i was really proud of him. and if i had to do it all over again i wouldnt have changed a thing about going to chris. thank you chris for all your help.
Submitted by: Micah on Dec 23, 2010
I visited Chris a while back and after a few of his stories of hunting with his dogs, I simply asked him "if you feel confident that your dogs are among the best in the world, then why don't you charge more?" his simple reply was..."Micah I just can't bring myself to charge people that much money on a dog. I don't just sell dogs...I sell companions." After hunting with Chris just one time and seeing him hunt with Deuce, Chris's words couldn't have been any more true until the moment I saw Deuce follow Chris until Chris told him it was alright to go hunt again. I can't wait until I can unfold hunting memories and have that kind of loyalty shown to me someday from the pup I bought from him.
Submitted by: Doug Simpson on Nov 22, 2010
This is Doug Simpson that bought Brandi from you about 3 weeks ago. I wanted to update you and also give my thanks. Brandi has been a great dog from day 1. I have had her out hunting about a dozen times now and got her on birds, she learns something new everytime we go. She has been hunting with a 7 yr old GSP and learning many lessons from the older dog. She has a great tempermant for a 7 mo old. She is great around other people, children, and dogs. Her calmness around our house and riding in the car is amazing. I highly recommend others to you.
Submitted by: John Hackett on Oct 28, 2010
I bought Star in the spring of 2010. After bringing her home she was instantly birdy and was pointing soon after. I returned her to Chris for training. After about 6 weeks of trainging she earned her Junior Hunter at eight months of age in just four trys, which is the minimum requirement.
If your looking for your champion 6 R Upland Kennels is the place to go.

Submitted by: Matt Melcher on Oct 26, 2010
We got our dog Trooper from Chris a year go Labor Day weekend. He is one of Duece and Queenie's boys. Looks like he's finished growing and he weighs 50 pounds. He's very healthy with no problems whatsoever. He is one of the nicest looking shorthairs ever - at least that's what every person that see's him says. Someone even asked if he was a showdog. He get's along well with all dogs and people and has never been agressive in a bad way. He's got a ton of energy and is showing signs of becoming an excellent hunting dog. This is a very smart dog and he has easily picked up just about everything we have taught him. I highly recommend Chris' dogs. He's an excellent breeder and a great guy.
Submitted by: Kyle Mastropasqua on Aug 30, 2010
About 2 years ago I started my search for a breeder. I already had two GSP's and I was looking for a special dog. I found Chris and instantly knew this is where I was going to get my puppy.
There were some bumps along the way. My first litter didn't work out, but Chris made it right. Chris gave me his pick of another litter that was due about the same time as my litter had been. There was only one male, and Chris made sure that I had him.
Shipping was nerve racking, but Chris worked with me all the way through to ensure that I got him the safest and quickest way possible.
Breacher is about a year and a half now, and is becoming a wonderful dog. I lost 9 months of time with him last year due to a deployment, but I am home for along time now and plan to have him in the field starting this fall. He shows excellent prey drive and his instincts are very impressive. He is very energetic, well behaved in the house that occasionally has a tough time slowing down, but still a very good family dog. Breacher is everything that Chris told me he would be.
If you are looking for a strong, intelligent, driven dog you should seriously consider getting your dog from Chris. You will have a dog that loves to please, and is a joy both at home and in the field.
Submitted by: Steve Ashbrook on Aug 29, 2010
I hope you and your family are well.
I dont know if you remember me contacting you about Tony getting hurt on a hunt and running into a barbed wire fence and cutting his nose and mouth.
He didnt hunt the rest of the day and would only walk next to me.
I was concerned about him not hunting any longer.
We have done a few farm bird hunts this year and Tony has done excellent ( in my opinion)
he gets better every time we go, he honors point for other dogs, doesn't break his point even when we walk in to kick up the bird, he stays close and doesn't run far ahead.
the last couple of hunts he has started to retrieve and bring the birds back to us.
and the hunt we just did on march 20th he retrieved several and brought to us with in a couple of steps.
I know some folks that hunt all the time might not think he is "Great" but he is an awesome hunting buddy for me. He and I have gotten to be really attached and he gets so excited when we go to get in the truck to hunt.

I wanted to Thank you for the work you did on Tony's training.
I dont get to hunt alot, and I dont get to get out and work Tony like I should either.
This being the case he is a much better hunter than I could even expect him to be.
Submitted by: Darrell Knutson on Aug 29, 2010
Hi Chris,
I wanted to drop you a note and tell you how extremely happy I am with my new puppy. I've named her "Tipper's Pied Piper" and we just call her "Piper". She is growing like a weed and loves her new home. I could tell you so many stories about her, but the bottom line is; I couldn't be happier with my purchase and the great service you provided in the transaction. Thanks for all you did. I believe I'll have a lifelong companion with this little sweetheart. I have had her up in my hayfield (it has stood idle for several years and now is really a hunting preserve) everyday and she has a ton of natural instincts. As she grows, she has much more stamina and can handle the deeper grasses easier. She's already given me some sharp "points", though I haven't had my camera to catch her in these poses. When I remember to take my camera and I do get a point pose, I'll get that off to you.
Thanks Darrell
Submitted by: Mike Larson on Aug 28, 2010
We bought Cody about 2 years ago, he is one of Duece and Queeny's pups. What a fantastic hunting dog and member of our family. Last season he was only a year old but I was really impressed with his nose and how relentlessly he works a field. If there is a bird in the field he will find it. I recommend Chris and 6 R Upland Kennels to anyone looking for a great GSP.
Submitted by: Jerry Grueneberg on Aug 28, 2010
Submitted by: Ken and Theresa Welch on Aug 11, 2010
My husband and I were looking for a trainer that would train our German Wirehair puppy with gentleness and kindness and treat him as we would, but still make an amazing hunter out of him. We certainly found that with Chris and 6 R Upland Kennels. Gus is an inside, very spoiled dog, but with Chris's exceptional training and guidance, he is an incredible hunting dog. Gus completed his 1st trial, working his way to a Junior Title at 11 months old. We couldn't be happier with our choice and would recommend 6 R Upland Kennels and Chris Riddle to anyone wanting their hunting dog trained with not only expertise, but also with kindness. Thank you Chris for everything!
Submitted by: Rod Sorgaard on Jul 28, 2010
We bought one of Mandy/Duece's pups in February from Chris and just love her. She is the smartest dog we've ever had and was pointing at 10 weeks. We are so pleased with our girl and can't wait to use her this fall for hunting, she's already been flushing and pointing when we are on walks. She's also very good with the kids and is such a sweet girl. Amazing dog. I would recommend Chris's dogs to anyone.
Submitted by: Terry Landers on Jul 19, 2010
I Purchased Rowdy form Chris and he is a wonderful hunting dog and family companion with a great personality. Chris’ knowledge of training really shows. He was as Advertised and more! I can’t wait till this fall!
Submitted by: Chuck Eaton on Jul 04, 2010
Our Ava Rose is the daughter of Duece and Macy. She is only 3 months old now and we can't wait to get into some gun dog training. At 7.5 weeks we just had to make the 5 hour trek to Grinnell to see our soon to be new addition to our family. As we visited with Chris, Ava Rose was very interested in the birds. Chris decided to see what she would do with a live bird. Right out of the shoot Ava went over to the bird, looked at it for a moment, picked it up in her mouth and brought it right to Chris. Soft mouth and natural retrieving instinct. Very impressive!!

As a breeder, Chris cares to do what is right for his dogs and his customers. As Ava progresses, I will write more, but for now I can't say thank you enough for Chris' time and expertise as he made a very special match for our family.

Chuck, Kris, J.P., Erik, Jake and Megan :-)
Submitted by: Dan Cole on Mar 14, 2010
Doug, sorry I missed you and the SD trip.

I have to share this story with people who may be considering a dog from 6R’s. It’s a little long but it is a good dog story. It tells a lot about the kind of dogs that come from Chris.

The last day of the 2009 Minnesota Pheasant season came and I decided to take my pup Elsie (Duece x Queenie) out for one last run. We headed to a large cattail slough that we had worked a few days earlier that had held allot of birds. We entered the slough and walked across the ice to the far side, maybe 5/8 of a mile from the pickup. As soon as we got close to the cattails, it was apparent that Elsie was picking up bird scent. When she entered the cattails she took 4 or 5 high jumps and locked up on point. Of coarse I couldn't see her on point because of the cattails, but I knew from experience what was up. I hurried myself into position and just waited; knowing that sooner or later that bird would tire of looking her eye to eye and would flush. Sure enough, it didn't take long and a nice rooster takes flight. I was in great position and didn't have any trouble dropping it. Elsie watched the bird fall and takes off in her high leaps over the cattails to retrieve the bird. I watch her make a half a dozen or so leaps when she suddenly disappears. I think "all-right, another bird", so I position myself and again wait on the bird to flush. But it never did, and after a minute I began to question my dog, something I have learned not to do. So I waited some more. Something didn't seem right and it's now getting close to two minutes with no movement or sound from Elsie's location. I called her name and I hear a soft sound. I call again and I heard the worst sound I could have ever imagined at that time, the sound of open water! I charged into the cattails and there was my pup, barely clinging to the ice, her whole body submerged, with only her head and front paws above water. I tried calling her to me but it was obvious she was depleted. I knew I would have to go in and get her. I took one more step and the ice broke out from under me and in I went, all the way to mid chest. Now we both were in trouble. I had to throw Elsie on top of the ice in order for there to be any room in the hole to maneuver into a position to get myself out. She was so spent that as soon as I got her out of the water, she immediately lay down and curled into a ball. After a tremendous struggle, I was finally able to get out of the water and up on the ice. My lungs felt like they were being ripped out of my chest, I seriously thought I was going to have a heart-attack! I grabbed Elsie and carried her for about 100 yards along the cattails in the CRP. The snow was more then knee deep here and it was really tough going. We finally came to a spot where I had walked out of the slough a few days earlier. We headed for the ice and easier walking. I put my dog down and much to my amazement, she went right back to hunting. Despite uncontrollable shivering, she insisted on hunting! We had to cross through about 30 yards of cattails and then another 150 yards of CRP to the pickup. Elsie was right on my heals when we entered the cattails, but within 20 yards of exiting them I realized she had disappeared. I immediately thought the worse, thinking she had found a warm spot in the cattails and decided to curl up. I called her name but no response, I tried again louder this time, and still nothing. I seriously thought at this point that I had lost my dog to hypothermia. I decided to hit the beeper on her collar, and when I did a huge Rooster flew up from the cattails and a few seconds later here comes Elsie out from that very spot! Here was a pup in her first year hunting, practically dead from hypothermia and exposure, shaking uncontrollably, and she was still pointing and holding birds!! She has no quit in her!! She's a tough hound, and to go right back to the hunt shows a ton of heart on her part! By the way, once we were safely inside the Pickup, the radio said the temp was -12f and -38 windchill! But all turned out well and now it's just another hunting story. I can't wait till next bird season....because I've got a hunting dog!
Submitted by: Randy Woodward on Feb 23, 2010
I purchased a male pup from Chris in early fall of 2009. Probably the biggest thing that stands out is he's INTELLIGENT! A very quick learner, a lot of natural ability, and an all around good looking dog. Thank you Chris, you're great with dogs and a great guy to know.
Submitted by: Mike Martin on Jan 31, 2010

Just wanted to give you an update on Katie. She has really done well adjusting to us. She and I have bonded well. Started to point and hold pigeons.

She is great at retrieving! I really like her disposition and she does listen to you very well. Thanks for all your help, will keep you posted.

Submitted by: Bob Ravenscroft on Dec 13, 2009
Sanders was a pup from Sarah and Dakota. 2008 was his first season in the field hunting with me and my then 5 year old vizsla, Ruud. First time out he followed me until Ruud pointed and retrieved a rooster. Later that day Sanders pointed his first of MANY birds during the 2008 season. Durning training early this fall and a trip last week we to a game farm, he picked up right where he left off last year. Multiple double points, honored retrieves....they are great combo together. He is a big boy, 75+ pounds, fantastic stamina....and funny disposition.....great pointer and retriever. Fun to read about others pleased with Dakota and Sarah.....I can see why.
Submitted by: Doug Haglund on Dec 13, 2009
I had meet Chris at the Pheasant Fest in MN at that time I didn't need a new pup, but then a year later my GSP died from twisted stomach and that was very hard on us, and never thought we would find another dog like Jake. So I contacted Chris through email and phone and he was very knowledgeable and caring and then he was going to be in Madison for the Pheasant Fest and had a male left that he would hold to look at and we ended up buying him and Chris took him back home with him for some training, and Zach is awesome I just got back from South Dakota and got 25 birds the wind chills were 20 to 30 below but Zach didn't seem to care he loves to hunt!! We only lost one bird out of the 25 that we couldn't find but what a nose on Zach. I would highly recommend Chris as a breader and 6R Upland Kennels, it was worth the five hour drive to Iowa to get him. Thanks again Chris, talk to ya later. One other thing he's doing good on the grouse also.
Submitted by: Josh Seemann on Dec 13, 2009
Hey Chris!

Just wanted to say hello, and see if the places you hunt faired any better then the places I go.

Both places I like to go are covered in 2 to 4 foot drifts and walking and hunting is almost impossible.

I took Blake out last Sunday before the snow started to fall and we cleaned house! When we first started he pointed (solid, no movement) a group of two hens. We walked the rest of the first area, shot one and kicked three to the ditch. When we were done with the wild flowers we moved to the ditch since we kicked the birds over there. Blake was running up and down cris-crossing the ditch as we walked. We got close to the corner when he jumped up on th road and start walking to the corner when he stopped turned and pointed (picture perfect), I told him whoa and I crept closer, jumped the bird, and was so proud of the point I almost forgot to shoot the bird. My buddy and I ended up double teaming the bird and Blake ran over and pointed the dead bird until we got to it and told him to get it.

We walked out that ditch and decided to take another ditch to get to another little wild flower patch. Half way down the ditch he pointed again and froze, I was telling him whoa, and moving around so I could push the bird for a safe shot. The whole time he is not moving a muscle and never flinched until I told him to. It ended up being a false point (no bird), but I could not believe how mature and professional he was acting.

We got to the little wild flower patch and Blake and I went around to push it back to the rest of the group. We flushed a rooster out in front Blake and shot it, as we recovered it and continued on another rooster flushed out of gun range, Blake continued to work the rest of the cover up to where the bird had flushed and pointed the birds last spot and held on point until I got up there and tried to flush the point, no bird but I almost had to physically move him from the point.

At the end of the hunt the other three people that I was hunting with could not believe how well my 6 month old dog did that day!! I told them I whish I could say that it was my masterful training, but I can't take that credit, what they saw that day was genetics. They said they couldn't wait to hunt with Blake in future and could only imagine how good he will be in a few years.

Thank you so much for doing what you do and helping me with all my questions.

Excited 6R Upland Kennel dog owner!!

Submitted by: Gene Ricketts on Nov 29, 2009
Well Bailey turned two this year and recently she started her second season of hunting pheasants. The difference between last year and this year is night and day. She has turned into a solid bird finding dog and she excels on cripples and running birds. She still has to improve on listening to commands but she is getting better. I just thought you might want to know about her progress.
Submitted by: Sarah Arnold on Oct 20, 2009
I contacted Chris about a year and a half ago about training my GSP Gryffen. He was already two years old and I hadn't done much in the line of hunting training with him as I wasn't exactly sure what I was supposed to do, however, I had always intended have him trained. I did alot of research into trainers and talked to several. I finally settled on Chris after talking with him and realizing just how much he loves his GSP's and how much time and effort he puts into trainig each and every dog.

Gryffen spent four months with Chris last summer. I was only able to vist a few times but each time I was saw significant improvement and am still extremely happy with the finished result.

There were several things that impressed me about Chris and the work he was doing with not only his dogs, but mine as well. He took my dog in and treated him as his own. (Don't tell his wife but I am quite certain Griff even went inside the house and watched TV with Chris a time or two!) He took my dog from one who had no idea what to do in the field to one who is actively seeking and finding birds, solidly pointing and retrieving even out of water. I picked up a different dog then I dropped off. In addition Chris took the time to do extra training for me with Griff such as working with him to sit in the passenger seat of the car as I travel a great deal with him. Many people still can't believe that he sits there as well as he does.

I hadn't done much work with Griff since last pheasant season, but recently took him out and he performed as if I had just picked him up from "summer camp" with Chris. I was very impressed watching him and glad to see he had retained his knowledge and was right where we had left off.

If anyone is looking for a trainer I would not hesitate to recommend Chris. Your will not find any better. I have also spent quite a bit of time around his dogs and was extremely impressed with the quality of dogs being produced as well as the care they are receiving. Basically you can't go wrong if you go to Chris for any of your GSP needs.
Submitted by: John Steele on Sep 26, 2009
I like to tell you about myself I have a wife and four daughters and I am 43yrs old and I am a disabled hunter. My love is upland hunting I had 4 elhew pointers and 1 setter and all of them did not work out. So I went on a hunt for a GREAT shorthair I talked to many kennels and no one would take the time to talk to a person like me until I came across 6R kennels and Chris he took the time to talk to me and asked me things like where I live what I hunt all before I said anything about buying a pup. Well let me tell you I drove him CRAZY and he hooked me up with a great male pup. If he could handle me he can help anyone get a pup or stated dog or what ever you are looking for. Chris is a great person and loves his shorthairs. You cant find a better kennel or breeder anyplace chris is a true people person! Thanks Chris for all your Help and Time!!
Submitted by: Ernie Freund on Sep 26, 2009
I purchased a pup from Chris not quite 2 yrs. ago. He is the fourth German Shorthair I have owned, one at a time over 44 yrs.. I didn't think I wanted another dog after my last one passed away on Christmas Day 2007, but after looking at the pups on Chris's website I fell in love with them.

The puppy I selected has more than lived up to expectations. When I took the pup to my Vet. he said you have a good dog there and on my last visit he said he didn't have to worry about that dog for 10 years. I had trouble in the past with health problems for my Shorthairs so that made me feel pretty good.

If you look at my dog you can see he is a Champion and he is also my buddy, a real companion(sleeps on the bed with me) and goes eveywhere I go. He is gentle and full of energy, I do not have to worry about him around people no matter their age.

I constantly receive comments on what a good looking dog he is. Many have asked me where I got him and of course I say from 6R Upland Kennels.

He is a great hunter and can hunt all day long, I have never had a dog with his energy and stamina. He isn't too crazy about water but neither is he afraid of a bath.
I can only repeat what one fellow wrote, " You can't go wrong buying a dog from Chris Riddle."
Submitted by: Sam Dirksen on Sep 26, 2009
Our oldest son gave Sam a German Short Hair Pointer for his birthday. Chris, this breeder, knew just what Sam wished for and was able to match the dream exactly. Annie should even be ready for pheasant season this October.
Although we have had dogs ever since we were married, we have never had this breed. Wow!!! Annie is the smartest, fastest dog we have ever owned. She is gentle, yet not a lap dog- she's tough. Annie was fast to learn her borders; we do not leash her except at parks. She loves to do "the feather thing"- could point and retrieve when we picked her up as a young pup. The first time she hears something, she remembers. She loves her "kong" and enjoys getting the last dab of cream cheese from it. She is the first dog we allow to sleep at the side of our bed; a friend told us that's all right- just don't let them in bed (they think they are 'people' then). We wouldn't even think of it. This already is a stretch. Annie is not allowed on our furniture. She is in our house with a Brittany, another combination breed, and a miniature daschund (inherited). She is gentle in playing "chew toy" with the other puppy who is 2 months younger.
Sam couldn't be happier. He is eager to get her out pheasant-hunting. Thank you for making his dream come true.
Submitted by: Brian Schnoor on Sep 18, 2009
I contacted Chris for training on my hybrid GSP/English Setter. I could not be more happy with the results. His price was very reasonable and transformed my dog in a matter of 6 weeks. I only wish I had gotten her there sooner since she was already 17 months when I took her there.

She has a much more confident and social demeanor. Her nose was always good, but now she knows it too.

I can't say enough good things about Chris. He kept me updated via email regarding her progress. Very open to questions after training was completed. And he took time to show me on what I need to do to be consistant with to make sure she maintains her focus and ends up a great finished dog. I know I didn't get my pup from Chris, but he's the first one I'm calling when I'm ready to gain an additional one.
Submitted by: Dan Cole on Sep 17, 2009
I first contacted Chris a year ago when my family and I decided to get a hunting dog. From the first time I spoke with Chris it was very obvious that he was extemely passionate and proud of his dogs. I asked a ton of questions and Chris had the right answers. I also had several qualities that I wanted a dog to have, both for myself, my wife, and our two kids. Chris felt confident he could deliver the goods in a puppy and get us exactly what we wanted in a hunting dog, companion, and family pet. I put down a deposit for first pick from a litter of pups out of Duece and Queenie. Being a rookie, I chose a pup, then changed my mind, wanting a different one, then changed my mind again and chose another one, I did this several times. The only benefit to all these changes in picks was that I was getting to talk with Chris every other day about his dogs. We were getting to know each other. Better yet, he was getting to know me. Finally I decided to keep my inexpirienced mouth shut and let Chris decide what pup would fit mine and my families demands. Best thing I ever did in my dog search. It took awhile, but Chris chose a pup for us. So how did he do? We have exactly what we were hoping to get...and much, much, more. I have a dog that is an absolute hunting nut, well mannered, extremely intelligent, friendly, and very, very happy. She's very healthy, she's beautiful, and has a personality that most of my friends couldnt match. My family has a true house dog, and great friend, a tremendous entertainer, and a dependable companion and best friend to our kids. Yes, Chris done very, very, well! This dog was blind retrieving 3 dummies when she was 6 months old! She shows more desire for birds than any dog I've ever been around. She has a beautiful, solid and steady point. She has shown that she has more heart and try then any animal I've ever been around...she will not quit and I'll never have to worry about her giving up on anything. Always happy and full of fun. As my wife says, "she always looks like she's smiling". I havnt gotten to hunt with her yet, but its coming. She's with Chris right now getting some training and by the way he tells us its going to be a great season for birds because this dog can hunt! If Chris is impressed with them, then you know you have a keeper! Myself and my family couldn't be happier and we couldn't have gotten a better dog any where. I'm glad we came to 6R's for our pup. Chris gave me sound advice from the start. He didnt pull any punches then, and now a year later, he still hasn't. And he won't. If you want to deal with a strait shooter, tell it like it is person, then Chris is the guy you need to speak with. Here's the most important thing for you to remember when choosing a Kennel: Chris does this for a living! He doesn't work for anyone but himself and his job is studying the GSP, breeding the best dogs possible, and training dogs to thier full potential. In other words, he has dogs on his mind 100% of the time 24/7/365! Three weeks ago when I dropped my dog off with Chris for pre-season training, I asked him what his goals were for my dog. Without hesitating he replied, "I want you to have, and expect you to have, the best hunting dog in your area." WOW! Thats the best answer I could have heard! I'm glad I chose Chris, and I'm positive you will also have similiar results when you deal with him. 6R Upland Kennel's, thanks for inviting me into your family.
Submitted by: Adam Groves on Sep 12, 2009
I said last year I was sure she'd "perform in the field", and this is exactly what happened. Both my son and I watched Tilly point birds, 'fetch'em up', and bring them to hand without fail. It is satisfying to see Tilly so happy to go to work and to 'switch-on' when her paws hit the ground. Tilly's strong drive has been shaped into an excellent hunting companion. So let me give a quick history as to how we arrived at this point.

I bought Tilly from Chris over a year ago. Since then I have followed advice from 6R about working with my dog in between a few visits back to the kennel(frozen birds, wing on a string, check cord). The next step was to have her 'finished'. So, for the whole month of August 2009, I left Tilly with Chris to do just that. Today, Sept 12, I brought her back to 6R to see how her training paid off. My son and I watched a new dog go to work in the field. No matter where you are in terms of hunting and bird dogs this is your kennel. 6R made good on their promise--plus we had a lot of fun.
Submitted by: Cliff Ludman on Aug 20, 2009
Hi everyone.I just wanted to send a little message to you about my experiences with 6RUpland kennels. I am in canada,and was looking for an upland gamebird dog.I came across Chris and began talking to him about gettinga dog.Never have I met a more helpfull and eager person thoroughout my search for a breeder.You might Remember Rusty,an english setter who was up for adoption a few months back.Well,I was the fella who was fortunate enough to find him here at 6RUpland Kennels.He has been a fantastic addition to my family,and Chris did everything possible to get him to me in a safe and prompt manner.Any questions i had were answered with an eager and helpfull attitude.I am so very impressed with Chris and his breeding that I decided to get another dog from him.I will be adopting Duke ,a German Shorthair Pointer, to join my family.Thanks Chris,for all your hard work and helpfull information. You are a breeder above and beyond.

Cliff Ludman
Submitted by: Greg Kraus on Aug 19, 2009
Hello Chris,
Just a little update on Bailey. I kept a log book on our hunts last year, not very accurate but something none the less. I was suprised when I added up the bird totals. 117 birds in the freezer and at least 3 times that in birds pointed. All of this with a well behaved dog less than one year old. I can't wait for this season to get here. Also we are heading up to northern wi. to hunt Grouse in Oct. I'll send some pictures soon.
Submitted by: David Kruse on Aug 15, 2009
My second Moesgaard blood line super-puppy from 6R UPland Kennels is just as amazing as my first. "Rock" is 10 wks old now and has a beautiful point! High head, 12 oclock tail, and steady! He retrieves and hunts every critter in the yard. My kids love him and he's 90% crate/house trained - he's so smart! I can't wait to see him develop into another bird crazy hunting machine! Thanks Chris
Submitted by: bob skelton on Jul 08, 2009
about 40 years ago i got my first gsp it was a male out of fc fieldacres ib's dek and moesgaards dandy's star. my pup was a litter mate to fc/afc brown l. great breeding. so i wanted to say with that breeding and my next male gsp was out of clown. so now 40 years later i wanted a male gsp out of the moesgaard blood line.after a lengthy seach i came across 6r upland kennels. why, 45 testimonials about a great breeder, great dogs, and the moesgaard breeding. i called and talked to chris many of times, just talking gsp and what i was looking for in a gsp. i met chris and talked more about what i wanted. due to my age and health chris matched me up with a older gsp that was trained, and would fit my hunting style. now i have a great hunting partner, and great friend who's alway there when i have a question. thanks chris.
Submitted by: Troy Smith on May 21, 2009
I came across Chris and 6R while in the market for a GSP. I had already contacted numerous other breeders and had not gotten the response I was expecting. The few breeders that I could get to respond back seemed like I was bothering them or that they didn't have time for me. When I contacted Chris he was quick to respond and very willing to talk about his dogs answer my questions, and help me out. After selecting the pup I was interested in we picked up "Duke" at 10 wks. old, Chris offered to bring him to Pheasant Fest which is much closer for me. Duke is now 6 months old and is coming along very nicely. We get comments from people wherever we go about what a nice dog we have. This dog LOVES the birds, his natural instincts and good breeding is amazing. I am looking forward to continuing his training and very excited to get him in the fields this fall. I highly recommend 6R, it is very obvious as an owner of one of their dogs that they know what they are doing and truly care about their dogs and the people that purchase from them.
Submitted by: Melissa on May 21, 2009
Chris is a great person with fantastic dogs! I have been raising and training dogs for a long time and when I got a pup from Chris, I was very impressed! Smoke is just plain awesome! He currently has 2 legs up on his AKC JH title and will be finishing that as well as his SH title this fall. Smoke is extremely intelligent, easily trained and loves everything! Then I got a female from Chris that is the exact same way! She will be testing soon. I am now waiting on my 3rd pup from him and can't wait to put her into the hunt tests!! I highly recommend to get your next hunting dog from Chris if you are in the Iowa area!
Ariels Kennels
Submitted by: Jim Garrett on May 21, 2009
We found Chris and 6rupland kennels following a lengthy internet search. Being in Idaho we had few options close to home. We got out female (Darby) in later November and she is almost 8 months now. I must say that we have been completely happy with our choice. She was birdy from the start and what a fun addition to our house. She crate-trained almost overnight and was house-broken within 2 weeks, yes 2 weeks.

My previous dog was a Brittany and my hunting buddy has raised Brittanys for many years. Although he has had some true champions he readily agrees that Darby is the single smartest pup he has ever seen. Bidable and willing to please she is just amazing. We can't wait for September. Thanks Chris!
Submitted by: Adam Staley Groves on Apr 29, 2009
My friends envy my dog because she loves to cuddle (helped my wife get used to the fact we have a new family member), strangers pay her the highest compliments because she has great disposition and mannerisms plus she can hold a solid point. But I had no idea that would be the reality...

My son and I have beginner's luck. We are relatively new to hunting (not to gun dogs) so when we came across 6R we lucked-out, I tell you why. When you are new to a sport or any activity it is always helpful to feel welcome and to be able to trust those already involved. It is also important to be able to trust your dog and those who trained her. We have an excellent dog. And the only way to get such a great dog is to have a lot of love, and it takes time to fully see how much love was put into her. We picked her up at about 6 months, and roughly 7 months after that Tilly is the star of the dog park, and soon, when Chris helps us finish her this summer with some extra training, I am confident that Tilly will perform in the field for my son and I. We got her and she could hold points (wing on a string) and retrive.

I know we were lucky to take the trip to Grinnell and met Chris and his family and our new family member. As new hunters we trusted Chris. You can read up as much as you want about purchasing a dog, but that does not promise you will get the right treatment, value and warm feeling that quality gives. If you read this ahead of the making the committment, you can be lucky too.

The Groves Family
Submitted by: Brett Halley on Mar 12, 2009
I found 6R Upland Kennels in late 2007 through an internet search and am very glad I did. Cocoa is 18 months old now and our family would not be the same without her! My experience with Chris during that time has been very positive and he is always interested in hearing how she is doing. The combination of field skills and people skills exhibited by his pups have us getting ready to pick out puppy #2 from one of his 2009 litters.

Thanks Chris! Talk to you soon~~
Submitted by: Chris Merrill on Mar 02, 2009
My family and I purchased a sixteen-week old GSP from 6RS Kennel (we have a four year old Labrador and wanted a dog that was a little bigger so he would not get accidentally injured by our lab). We are so delighted that both dogs get along well with one another; both dogs got along right from the start, which speaks volumes toward 6RS Kennel.

Our experience at 6RS was very positive. Chris took me on a hunt to show off his dogs prior to looking at his puppies. If our new dog hunts as well as the dogs Chris showed me, I will be back at 6RS for my next GSP.

C. Merrill and Family, Illinois
Submitted by: mike black on Feb 25, 2009
i purchased a 3yr old gsp named crockett from chris 2 yrs ago. he has been the talk of the town ever since. not only is he the best hunting dog in the field hes also my best friend. we recently competed in a field trial and while he was retrieving a bird he locked on point on another bird! it was the most awesome thing id ever seen. i would recommend anyone looking for a dog to see what chris has for you. he loves his dogs and always is ready to hear my stories when i call. THANK YOU CHRIS!!

mike black
Submitted by: Nick Palmer on Jan 29, 2009
After about 15 to 25 emails to different breeders i finally got a call back from one. Mike openly invited me up to hunt with his dogs, from the time i arrived he was great to work with. I knew then that i had found a good friend and breeder. Through the past few months (witch seemed like forever) both Chris and Mike have both been there whether, it was picking out a pup or just a silly question I had. Just wanted yall to know how much Mia ( the pups new name ) fit in perfectly.
Thanks Gryphon Shorthairs and 6r Upland for the great pup looking forward to training and hunting with yall.
Submitted by: Brad Green on Dec 11, 2008
I wanted to send you an update on Joker. I can't begin to tell you how pleased the whole family is with him. He is well-mannered enough that my wife allows him in the house from time to time, the kids love to play with him as much as he loves playing with them, and he is all business in the field with me. We had a family hunt with my brother and his family from Texas over Thanksgiving, and they were amazed at how much he loved the kids and how well he worked for a 18 month old dog. My brother hunts with several well-funded groups in Texas, and sees some high-dollar pointers every year, so he knows what a good working dog looks like. He is trying to get me to "loan" Joker to him so he can take him on a few of their outings. Everyone I have hunted with has been very impressed with his manners as well as his nose. He never fails to back my other dog, and other than an experience with a covey of "wild" chukar, he will hold a point until you release him. On this last hunt, he and my other dog both went on point at the same time on different birds about 20 yards apart. We were closer to the other dog, so we flushed her birds first and Joker held his point through all of the flushing and shooting.
Submitted by: Scott Rosson on Dec 08, 2008
I met Chris at a bird trial and watched his dog work and was very impressed. I was looking for something older to hunt and I bought a very nice male named Jake from him. Chris told me all about Jake and he sounded like he was what I was wanting. I got Jake home and I am very happy and impressed with this dog is better than Chris told me about him. Chris steered me right on Jake. He is a bird finding machine! You can't go wrong with Chris or his dogs.! Thanks Chris!!! Scott Rosson
Submitted by: Brad Vonnahme on Dec 01, 2008
After searching the internet for what seemed like an endless time (hate to say it but most of us have ended up a slave to the net) I happened across the 6R website and Chris, I had talked to probably 10 or more breeders who talked about their “products” and what “they had to offer.” It wasn’t that way with Chris, these were “his dogs” and I could tell he was not only proud of them (they were not in anyway a product, but a labor of love) and was concerned with who purchased them. First thing he did was invite me over to go out on a hunt with a few dogs that he had available. So, I hopped in the truck and we met up at his place in Grinnell. My immediate impression was how much he really cares about his dogs!!! As we prepped to go out on the hunt, we talked about the dogs he thought I might be interested in purchasing. I flat out asked him “Which dog would you pick?” Without a hesitation, he told me Dakota was the one. I took his word for it and Dakota was everything he said he would be. I am proud to say that I took him home that day. The next day with a little coaxing, Dakota let me know he was ready to get out in the field; he hunted for me like he was a dog I had since he was a pup. All I need to use is a whistle and even though I have a shock collar on him, I have never had to use it.

I could go on forever about the experience that I had dealing with Chris. Here are a few points on what sold me. His dogs have had socialization they are friendly, want to be petted and please. I know this because he invited me into his kennels to help feed and water, and hunts with them. This isn’t a kennel that will take you out to a field where he taught a dog to that it will find a bird in a certain spot and a mechanical response rather that a drive to hunt and please, there are no smoke and mirrors here. I could go on for pages but I will tell you in closing this kennel I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to purchase either a pup, started or finished dog, quality above and beyond.

Please feel free to call or email me at anytime for a reference. One last word, Chris is the kind of guy that you will think of as a friend, not a guy just selling you a dog. 361-727-7359
Submitted by: Burke Blanchard on Oct 31, 2008
I purchased my pup Otis from Chris at the begining of this year. He has been everything I had hoped for in a pup and more. He pointed his first wild rooster opening day morning of the Iowa Pheasant season at nine months old this week. Chris has been outstanding to work with from the beginning and has become a good friend. He not only has amazing dogs but is always just a phone call away with great advise. Chris also does a great job training dogs to hunt and allowed me to be involved with Otis' training. His dogs are not only great hunters but great family dogs as well. I assure you that no matter what litter your pup comes out of you will be getting a great dog and companion when you purchase a dog from Chris and 6R Upland Kennels
Submitted by: Eric Brown on Oct 21, 2008
I was introduced to Chris through my fahter in-law. He purchased a 1 year old female from Chris. We hunted with Chris at his place in Grinnell in Dec. 07. The expierence was great. After hunting behind Chris's dogs I was determined to get a puppy from him. I hunted behind dogs that ranged from 7 months to 7 years. Each and every dog was unbelievable in their ability to hunt. The 7 month old puppy was Ajax who is now a stud for 6R. After seeing him hunt I reqested Chris inform me when Ajax bred another of his dogs. In March of 08 Chris called and said Ajax and Cassie had bred. I told Chris if there were any all liver puppies in the litter I would request one. In May of 08 Chris called with the good news. A dream of mine came true on June 26 when I went to Chris's house and picked up my all liver female puppy who we named ANGEL. I have two young boys and Angel makes a great companion for them as well as me. Its Oct 08 and Angel has been hunting pheasants and chukars.
Submitted by: Mike Moncada on Oct 21, 2008
I have purchased two shorthairs from 6R Upland Kennels. We have a male and female 4 1/2 months and 5 1/2 months old. We have been very impressed with the quality of dog and tremendous bird sense and drive to point. Very excited to see what the future brings!
Submitted by: Ben and Liz Eiler on Oct 20, 2008
We bought our wonderful boy Reggie from Chris when Reggie was 2 days old, and we brought him home at 8 weeks. He is now 18 months old, and is such a gorgeous dog, he literally stops traffic when we walk him in the city. People ask us all the time where we got such a fantastic, sweet, smart dog, and we recommend Chris Riddle and R6 Upland Kennels all the time. These are THE best dogs, bar none!
Submitted by: Jeff Glosser on Aug 28, 2008
6R Kennels has a tremendous line of Moesgaard shorthairs. After my seasoned male shorthair passed away I completed an extensive search of kennels (internet, friends of friends, phone call after phone call) with bloodlines that would match up well with my 2 females. After the first call to Chris I knew I had found where my next puppy would be purchased. I can't thank Chris enough for fielding all my calls along the way and taking the amount of time with me that he did when I picked up Chief. Chris worked with me to pick a male pup that would meet my expectations and serve as a stud dog for my kennel. Chief is coming along well at 6 months and I am currently working him on pigeons. If this continues, Chief definitely has what it takes to be the future stud for Turning Point Kennel. I hope we eventually get to run dogs together and you have a standing invitation to hunt quail in my corner of the world. Once again, thank you for allowing me to purchase a pup from the Dakota/Mandy litter ---Jeff
Submitted by: Ron Young on Aug 14, 2008
I purchased a puppy from Chris, and she is wonderful. I have been training her at a slow pace, as that is all my schedule allows. She is doing very well on her training, and will hold Whoa, allowing me to come into the house and wait about five minutes. I then will go out and release her with a touch to the head. She is very smart, and has advanced quite a bit to only be six and one half months old.
Submitted by: Greg Kraus on Jul 16, 2008
Bailey is doing great. Her field work is very surprising for having a first time pointer trainer. It seems to me that she quarters back and forth and checks in with me to make sure that I am keeping up with her. A simple toot on a whistle and she comes running back to see which way we are heading. Very very smart dog.

She took to the whoa command easily and we practice every night while pointing Robins, Sparrows and butterflies….

In the house her manners really could be no better. We think that she does not realize that she is a dog. She sits upright in a chair at the dinner table, and leans on the rail of the porch just like I do.

In fact last night my wife made the comment “If I could have another dog like her we will have two dogs”…….
Submitted by: Dave Kruse on Jul 10, 2008
I've always been an English pointer and setter man until I hunted w/ Chris and his "SuperDog" Duece last season. Duece has a cannon for a nose, winding birds from 40 plus yards out! He's also a retreiving machine! I knew I had to have one of Chris's dogs. I'm the proud owner of the next generation "SuperPuppy". His name is Rio and he's amazing! Just last weekend we were working him on quail. He locked up solid, held point, and when we flushed the bird and it went down Rio caught it and carried it walking next to me about 200 yards back to the truck! When Rio put it in my hand I held it up and it flew away! Not bad for a 13 week old puppy! I can't wait to shoot birds over Rio this fall. Chris and his dogs are "The real deal." Call him if you want a "SuperDog" of your own.
Thanks Chris, and I look forward to a great season this fall.
Dave Kruse
Submitted by: Mike Dziki on Jun 21, 2008
I have known chris for 3 yrs now. He is one of the most honest breeders and trainer i have met in a long time. I have been around gun dogs all my life,and it has been a honor to meet chris and his family. Not only do i have one of his dogs(who has gotten her JH huntest title). But i bred my older dog Sarah to his stud dog Dakota and they had a wonderful litter of great pups. I will continue to breed with chris dogs.Chris over the years has become somone i am proud and happy to call a true friend.
Submitted by: Glen Williams on Jun 04, 2008
I've been meaning to contact you about Kate (Katie), that's her name. What a DOG! Sweet, Smart, Learns Quick, Eager to Retrieve, Points, etc., etc. Currently we are spending a couple of hours playing with pigeons, 3 times a week, having Katie work with more experienced dogs. She learns quick. Katie is very socialized with lots of other dogs. She goes with me everyday, all day. We have really bonded. As we progress, I'll stay in touch. Maybe we could visit next year. I plan to take some trips with her. I'm sure you already know this, but this dog is somewhat different than the other shorthairs I've seen in our area. We are SUPER HAPPY. Thank you for selling me this dog.
Submitted by: Dustin Miedema on Apr 17, 2008
Chris just wanted to let you know I have been extremely pleased with Cheyenne (Ginger). Ive spent alot of time with her retreiving and playing. She is getting better the more she gets to know me. I took her to a pheasant hunting preserve Tuesday. She found and pointed all four birds! She tryed to retrieve them but had a hard time keeping them in her mouth but she tryed hard. We are going out again tomorrow afternoon. I keep her on the check cord to keep her closer but I think in a few trips she will be ready to come off the cord. Thanks for the great dog.

Dustin Miedema
Submitted by: Brad on Dec 05, 2007
Chris has some awesome dogs and takes the time to make sure that the right dog is matched to the right home. I was looking for a familoy dog as well as a dog I can hunt with. Joker is a perfect match. He is great with my 10 year old son and my 6 year old daughter. He is working well with my 8 year old female GSP and is getting better by the day.
Submitted by: Keith Herbs on Dec 01, 2007
Name: Keith Herbs
Comments: Chris made my first pheasant hunt a great experience. His dogs did a great job and we saw a lot of birds. I am already thinking about my next trip to IA and the opportunity to hunt with 6R.
Location: Winston-Salem, North Caro
Submitted by: kyle kolbet on Nov 15, 2007
I just wanted to let you know that Beau has been doing an EXCELLENT job in the field. The first 15 min. of the season he locked in on a rooster for me and then retrieved the bird. I have been really impressed with his ability to find cripples or down birds even when he never saw the birds and we just sent him in that area. I am really impressed with your work and in the future will probably be looking to you to purchase another shorthair.

Kyle Kolbet
Submitted by: Shane Van Dee on Sep 21, 2007
I got to know Chris through were I work. Somehow we got to talking about pheasant hunting and how we both enjoyed it. Chris had asked if i had any bird dogs and I said no, next thing i know Chris had asked me to his house to see his dogs. I was blown away when Chris let out a litter of 8 week old pups and they knew what to do needless to say I went home with one that night and now have 3 of Chris's awesome dogs. When you get one of Chris's dogs you have made a good investment both for hunting, companion and a friendship with a breeder who knows dogs and any question you have about your dog Chris can help, I have asked him many times myself. If you decide to have Chris train your dog for you, you will be amazed how well Chris can train your dog the way you want your dog to perform.

Thanks Chris for the awesome dogs
and helpful advice. .Hope everybody
has a good hunting season with
your new hunting buddy.

Shane Van Dee
Submitted by: mike and amber black on Sep 11, 2007
we just recentley purchased crokett from chris.he is a 3yr old finished male. we have taken him to 2 preserves to hunt and not only did he impress us, but our hunting party and guys who owned the preserve as well. he is everything chris said he was and then some. he fit in well with our 2 kids and other 2 dogs.he is a very loving dog and plays with our kids for hours. chris was so nice in helping get crokett out to us and made sure that he called when crokett got on the plane and wanted us to call as soon as we got him. i have called chris to tell him how much we love crokett and he said we could call anytime for anthing.i would recomend chris to anyone lookin to buy a dog or have a dog trained. i can tell that he loves dogs and likes to make his customers happy. he has earned my bussiness for life. one of the guys i hunted with asked how much it would cost him to take crockett of my hands. i told him this...2 hunting licenses $90
2 new shotguns for me and my wife $2500
hunting behind crockett PRICELESS!!!!!!
thanks again chris.

mike and amber
Submitted by: Brent Beswick on Aug 12, 2007
I first met Chris at the Pheasants Forever Convention in Des Moines, IA. After talking with Chris about his dogs and pheasant hunting, I soon found myself writing down my contact information to be put on Chris' calling list for upcomming liters. I already own a solid liver female GSP that is 8 years old and I really wanted to get another pup to learn the ropes while my current dog is still in her prime. Chris called me back in March stating that his next litter should produce some solid liver pups. That litter only produced solid liver males, but Chris told me that his next litter would be due in a couple of weeks and hopefully there would be come dark females in the litter. That next litter produced my Moesgaards Locked and Loaded Citori. I was able to drive down to Grinnell a couple of times to watch Citori's father, Duece, and Chris' other dogs work birds. Chris always had great control over his dogs in the field and I was also impressed on how well his dogs found and pointed the birds. In the weeks leading up to my purchase of Citori, I became great friends with Chris, always asking him questions about the puppies and how his other dogs were doing. I keep both of my dogs in the house and I must say that Citori's temperment is perfect. She gets along really well with the older dog and she is also very smart. So far her training is going really well. The older dog has been showing her the ropes in the field on finding wild birds but, Citori does a great job of honoring point when the other dog locks up. She has a great nose and is already retrieving like a pro. I have no doubt that she will be a great hunting companion. Chris has called several times to check up on the puppy to make some that everything is going alright. He really cares about his dogs and their new owners. Thanks Chris for setting me up with such a great bird dog. I would recommend Chris to anyone that is looking to buy a GSP.

Brent Beswick
Dakota Dunes, SD.
Submitted by: Mark Adams on Jul 15, 2007
I met Chris at the Pheasants Forever Convention in DesMoines,Ia. After a few minutes of talking my wife and I both agreed that Chris is not only a breeder/trainer that knows what he is talking about,but also someone with a real passion for his dogs. I picked up Jade from Chris in June and can tell you that she has exceeded all of my expectations. I have been training birddogs semi-professionally for 15 years and have seen alot of dogs come and go through our kennel. From my experience Chris is producing the real deal and I would encourage anyone looking for a solid birddog and companion to look no further,because 6R Upland Kennels has what you are looking for.
Submitted by: Tony Briggs on Jul 14, 2007
This is the 1st German Shorthair pointer I have owned. Chris at 6R is an outstanding breeder and trainer, when I picked out Sadie he told me that she would be a good hunting dog and he is right. Already pointing at 14 weeks.
Submitted by: Craig and Marge Hall on Jul 12, 2007
A little over a year ago, our neighbor boy and his girlfriend brought over a German Shorthair Pointer puppy. As high school teachers, my husband and I are often offered dogs (or cats)to adopt because our students know we love animals (or they have a large litter to find homes for). At the time the Shorthair paid his visit, we had recently lost our Springer Spaniel to old age. These kids kept telling us that they had the "perfect dog" for our family. (Not the first time we've heard that line of persuasion.) When the kids came over, we met the most mellow, gentle, lovable, beautiful puppy. He gravitated to the one family member who isn't necessarily a "dog lover" and proceeded to lie in his lap and fall asleep. That's all it took for our son to became the dog's greatest advocate. It was only minutes into the meeting that we all agreed that this puppy was indeed a keeper. (Should I mention that the neighbor boy is Chris Riddle's youngest son??)
WE LOVE OUR DOG!!! "Gregor" is a family pet for sure, but true to his breeding he is a great gun dog as well. Chris stops by to check up on him occasionally. Talk about a guy who loves his dogs! He'll take Gregor along with the other dogs he's working with in the field. Chris's dogs are a pure joy to watch in action. They perform like the field champs they are and it's a beautiful experience to watch these dogs love doing what they are bred to do.
We would recommend 6R Upland Kennels without reservation. Chris Riddle cares deeply about his dogs. Our German Shorthair Pointer is truly the perfect dog for our family. He's most likely got a pup in his kennels for yours as well.

Submitted by: Steve Valkema on Jun 20, 2007
Steve Valkema
Owner of Moesgaard's 6R's Sadie Girl. Beautiful dogs! Thank you, Chris!
Submitted by: Bruce Lautenschlager on Jun 16, 2007
Bruce Lautenschlager
Comments: Chris was introduced to me by a friend who had known chris through bird hunting in Iowa. That contact resulted in my purchase of Moesgaards Shelby. Shelby has been everything I had hoped for. She was started and trained by Chris. Outstanding worker, pointer, and retreiver in the field. She is also an excellent family pet. Well mannered and even tepered. Thanks to Chris I have a wonderful bird dog.
Chris was introduced to me by a friend who had known chris through bird hunting in Iowa. That contact resulted in my purchase of Moesgaards Shelby. Shelby has been everything I had hoped for. She was started and trained by Chris. Outstanding worker, pointer, and retreiver in the field. She is also an excellent family pet. Well mannered and even tepered. Thanks to Chris I have a wonderful bird dog.
Submitted by: Cory Welper on Jun 06, 2007
Hi. I bought Nitro from Chris on 6/2/06. Chris took my dad and I on a hunt with two of his dogs, Deuce and Rose, to show us the quality of his dogs. I immediatly was amazed to see the first dog go on point and then see the other honor point. It was awsome walking behind such great dogs. I could have walked behind his dogs all day and enjoyed every moment. That's when I decided to get my pup from Chris. Nitro is 8 weeks old now and he is already showing some great points. I am looking forward to hunting with Nitro, and Chris has earned my business and friendship for life!
Submitted by: Jeff Alspaugh on Jun 03, 2007
I bought my GSP from Chris four years ago, and I couldn't have asked for a better bird dog. She is a very intelligent and intense hunter as well as a great family dog. From her first season at four months, she has never failed to produce for me in the field, and she continues to improve each year. I would highly recommend Chris' dogs to anyone looking for an intelligent hunter and a loyal companion.

Jeff Alspaugh
Toledo, OH
Submitted by: Clif Martin on Jun 02, 2007
We bought a 9 weeek old GSP from Chris. Going through all the process of buying the dog Chris was very patient answering all of our questions and matching the right pup for our daughter. The day that the pup was flown in Chris called to check on the pup (Kolby Lee) and Kolby arrived in great condition very well cared for. My daughter is thrilled and so is Kolby. At only 9 weeks old the dog is very social and bright. My daughter is reading to prepare the dog for training. I am sure we will have many more questions for Chris. If i know anyone that wants a GSP I will send them to Chris. - C.Martin
Submitted by: toby smith on May 16, 2007
I purchased a pup from chris roughly 6 weeks ago. I couldnt be more pleased. The pup has awsome hunting instincts, as well as a great family dog for the kids. Chris is more then willing to give me pointers on training, as well as me coming up to work with him in the fields. He is 100% deadicated to his dogs and clients. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting a top notch gsp. He is the first person I recommend when someone askes me were to get a dog.
Submitted by: Ben and Liz Eiler on May 13, 2007
We are so impressed with Chris Riddle and 6 R Upland Kennels. The dogs are smart, healthy, beautiful, and good-natured. We bought our amazing puppy from Chris and couldn't be happier. He is wonderful to do business with, and it's great to see a breeder who truly loves his dogs the way Chris does. A puppy like ours doesn't happen by accident. Chris really knows bloodlines and pedigrees and is breeding some wonderful dogs.
Submitted by: Derek Birt on Apr 24, 2007
I met Chris Riddle at the National Pheasants Forever banquet in Des Moines this year. I walked by his booth and my eyes couldn't leave his pups that he had with him. After about 5 minutes speaking with Chris I knew that I wanted to see his Kennel and look at the dogs that he owns and raises. He allowed me to visit his kennel and I was impressed with his dogs right away. They were all well behaved and showed a certain calmness about them that I could tell came from Chris. He really is a Dog Whisperer with his Shorthairs. I eventually left with a 7 month old pup who is ready for the field immediately. But, more important to me is that my shorthair is a true companion for life. If you want the best than Chris Riddle and 6 Upland Kennels are the best.
Submitted by: Ben and Alanna Parsons on Apr 11, 2007
We recently purchased a pup from Chris 5 months ago, and we couldn't be HAPPIER!!! This dog is absolutely phenomenal when it comes to the field and at home. When we first got her she was already pointing and holding at training wings when she was 8 weeks old. 10 weeks later Gabby showed so much promise that by the end of the pheasant season she was already pointing and retrieving wild birds in the field. In addition, Chris has been there for us when we had questions, and has helped us out whenever we needed advice/techniques about our new dog. We are so happy with Gabby and she has truly become part of our family.
Submitted by: Dustin Koskela on Mar 22, 2007
After 6 months of searching for "the perfect German Shorthaired Pointer", I stumbled upon an ad in the Minneapoils Star Tribune. I made 3 trips to Iowa from Minnesota before finding the one I wanted, out of his wide variety of dogs. 400 miles each trip one way, boy was I lucky to find such an excellent breeder, whos pedigree is pheonominal. My dog "Ace" is now 6 months of age and I just cant wait to take her back to Chris Riddle for bird training.
Submitted by: David Kruse on Mar 21, 2007
I took my english pointer to Chris to train as a young dog. She tranformed from a pup into a stylish, resposive, and experienced hunter. Chris trains in the yard, but more importantly spends serious time in the field. My dog was very well taken care of and was in the best shape I'd ever seen when I picked her up. I have Chris tune her up every fall and look forward to exciting hunts with Chris every season. I simply can't say enough good things about the entire experience and value Chris brings to the overall hunting experience and enhanced performance of my dog. Like Chris say's, "Sunshine, tall grass, and dogs on point...Welcome to 6R Kennels!"
Submitted by: Kary Ray on Feb 17, 2007
Hi I am just writing you to let you know how great it was to hunt with such a professional outfit. I have hunted for years with my brother and have had some great experiences, But I would like to let you know the hunt I booked with you will rank right up there. Your guide service is second to none and I have never hunted with nicer people. As for your dogs,I have never hunted behind your quality of dogs in my life. It was such a pleasure to just sit back and watch in awe the ability and strength they showed. I swear if there was a bird in the feild they were going to find it. And as I looked over your facilities I thought it was a top run kennel. See you next season. Kary Ray
Submitted by: Mike Dziki on Feb 15, 2007
I had recently purchaed a pup from Chris Riddle.It was one of the best experiences i have had with a breeder.The pup is my 2nd shorthair.She is a very nice dog and and it is a joy to talk to chris.He has helped me over the phone with her training.She is a promising young dog and i look forward to dealing with chris and hunting with him this fall.
Submitted by: Jeff McAdam on Feb 14, 2007
My wife and I purchased our 2nd German Shorthair from Chris at 6R Kennels 2 yrs ago. Twister has been a good hunter and friend for us just like every dog Chris sells.
I have hunted numerous times with Chris and his dogs and have never seen any problems with his dogs hunting abilities.They honor other dogs points and work well together as well as with other hunters dogs.
I /we highly recomend Chris as a breeder and have just recently had our 4 yr old female Piper bred with 1 of Chris' awsome dogs.
Chris not only has awesome dogs for sale but is a great trainer of hunting dogs.
Chris had the patience to teach us and Twister both how to work together in the field.
Chris is HIGHLY RECOMENDED by us and We would not be afraid to send our friends to him for a pup or training of any hunting dog.
Jeff & Kristen McAdam

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