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Welcome to 6R Upland Kennels, The home of Moesgaard's German Shorthaired Pointers, Yes its true the bloodline is not dead and gone, it is alive and well in my back yard, All of my studs and most of my females are out of the Moesgaard line. This is a picture of Duece,Trey and Ajax just out showing off for the camera these boys make hunting birds a joy, as you can tell they are some handsome boys and don't miss many birds. We offer Moesgaard's German Shorthair Pointers, Pups , Started Dogs, Finished Dogs, Dog Training, Guided Hunts on over 12,000 private Acres in central Iowa. Our dogs bloodlines have been around for over 60 years with Dams and Sires in the pedigree's going all the way back to Fieldacres Ib and Fieldacres Amy. Darrel Keenan took a lot of pride in this bloodline and I have taken what he taught me and continued to produce high quality hunting dogs. With our new kennel we have built we are able to train more dogs now, if you are interested in a small family kennel where the dogs get a lot of one on one handling then we are the kennel you have been looking for. We have 600 acres of CRP to train in and raise the birds needed to have your dog working the way you want it to. Our training is done to your expectations not ours. All our dogs love attention and only want to please their owner, So if you are looking for a life long friend and a breeder and trainer that is available to answer your questions give us a call you will not be disappointed. All of our puppies come with a 2 year health guarantee but being in the dog business as long as we have we have never had a dog come back with any health issues we have never had to worry about all the tests for hips, eyes or joint defects we stand behind every dog we sale and always make sure our customers are 100% satisfied. A lot of our dogs and their offspring are AKC titled and we have been told they are some of the best looking dogs where ever they are competing, We have added a line of Brittany's to our kennel and are sure you will find the same high quality in them you have come to expect from 6R Upland Kennels.Thank you for taking time to look at our kennel and thank you to all who have left us a testimonial, We really do value our friendships we have been building. We wish to thank all those who have helped make our life long dream a success. Thanks Chris,Tammy,Mike,Kyle,Chris Jr and Tiffany. The 6R Family. Good Friends,Sunshine,CRP and Dogs on Point, you must be at 6R Upland Kennels.
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German Shorthaired Pointer
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Chris Riddle
2960 330th St
Gilman, Iowa 50106
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 22 years.
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Submitted by: Becky Hofer on Jan 12, 2013
We have known Chris for close to 7 or 8 years now. Honestly, we have lost track. Chris bred and trained our old gsp Maggie and we have been friends ever since. When we lost our dear sweet girl in the summer of 2010, we decided that fall to get another GSP pup. That December, we made the trek from South Dakota to Iowa to pick up our new girl Eva. Eva was 12 weeks old when we brought her home. When you lose a dog your have spent a large portion of your life with, it is hard to imagine ever getting another dog "as good" as the one you lost. Fast forward 2 years: Eva, fondly known in our house as Little Miss Mighty, is one of the most amazing dogs I think I will ever have. Her natural instinct to hunt is beyond compare. We brought her back to Iowa this summer to spend 3 months with Chris getting professional training. We had a fantastic season pheasant hunting thanks to little Miss Mighty. I am proud to take her in the field with neighbors and friends. they are always amazed at her skill, her training and her self control. At 2.5 years old, she was the only dog in the field that did not need a collar. Her response to a whistle is a sight to behold. Her hunting ability is really just a small part of this dog. She is the most gentle-mannered, loving, smart, kid friendly dog a person could ask for. She is my daily companion and our 6 year old son's "little sister". Dogs like this don't happen by accident. Breeding is a HUGE part of it. Chris Riddle in my opinion breeds the best gsps I have ever seen. Thank you so much for such an amazing dog Chris.
Submitted by: Dan Cole on Jan 07, 2013
My little dog really put on a show today! You would have been proud to see this happen. Five of us were hunting over three dogs, one mutt, a lab and Elsie. One of the guys knocked down a rooster over a cattail slough and the dogs couldn't find it. After about five minutes they wanted to pull out. I told them to call their dogs out and hold them and I sent Elsie in all alone. I kept telling her "dead bird". At one point she was all the way on the other side of the slough. The guys were growing impatient and wanted me to call her out. I said to give her a couple more minutes. Sure enough, here she come with the bird...and it was still alive! I don't know where she found that bird, but she really covered that slough bottom before she came out. Them boys were extremely impressed, as was I, and proud!
Submitted by: Don DeBuhr on Jan 07, 2013
Chris I just wanted to send you an e-mail to let you know how my pup is doing. I am the guy from Jefferson City Missouri and was working in Mn. when I purchased my pup from you. I bought B&W German shorthair pup. He is nearly 6 months old and this is the most birdie pup I have ever been around. I am entering him in NAHVDA for his Natural Ability test this October. He absolutly loves to retrieve and he has been holding his points solid since the second bird I put him on. Feel free to use me for a testimonial if you want. I plan on running Bandit in NSTRA in the spring. I don't want to do it this fall instead I want to take it easy with him.
Submitted by: Andrew Miller on Jan 07, 2013
I purchased a pup from you June of 2010, last year (June) he finished his Junior AKC Hunt Test Title, yesterday he finished his Senior Title, we will be working on a Master in the spring.

He is an outstanding dog, and has received many high comments from Judges and other GSP breeders
Submitted by: Bob Adair on Jan 07, 2013
Looks like our bird dog Kat is on track she just turned a year old and so far I couldn't be happier!
I picked this pup up in Iowa when she was 4 months old its been a long time since I trained a bird dog? But after getting some of my time back when retiring from full time work just had to have one more chance at the days missed afield with a pointing dog? I forgot how much work and time was involved but so far it looks like time well spent!
Submitted by: Nancy Petersen on Sep 22, 2012
Hi Chris,

Jay and I want to thank you for training class you did September 15th and 16th. We both learn a lot from you and was very impressed how you work with the dogs. It was very interesting watching the dogs of different ages and stages working with you and their owners. Jay and I learned a lot and are looking forward working with you and Roxie again. Too bad Jay didn’t come on Saturday and see Duece work, he is awesome. On Saturday, Roxie seemed like she was not sure what to do with the bird, but Sunday was a whole different story. It was so exciting to see Roxie’s response to the birds on Sunday. It seems like she finally caught on when you had her work with Ava and Sage on fetching the quail in. So sometime soon I want to talk to you about some additional training for maybe two weeks. I think that is the longest I can handle not having her with me at a time. Since last weekend she wants to go out and work with the pheasant wing all the time. We went to Jester Park Wednesday evening and walked some prairie grass fields, Roxie was in her element, and working her noise. Can’t wait to get Roxie working with some more live birds soon.

Submitted by: David Chesser on Feb 03, 2012
Attached find a few photos of Molly. I thought you might like to see how she turned out. She just turned four years old and has developed into an outstanding hunter and family pet. Couldn’t ask for a better dog. She absolutely lives to hunt. The natural hunting instinct is abundant in this bloodline and was easy to further develop through training. Watching her lock up and hold on a bird is a thing of beauty! I look forward to purchasing another of your dogs in the near future.
Submitted by: brad vonnahme on Dec 02, 2011
Hey Chris wanted to drop in now that I see Dakota's pups are up. I will tell everyone here and now that you will find no better dogs than ones you are looking at. Chris is the real deal when it come to German Shorthairs he takes his dogs and hunting serious. I had the pleasure of meeting Chris and his better half Tamara four years ago and took Dakota home from him. There is no finer dog than Dakota, he is a pleasure to have in the house and is amazing to watch in the field, his points are amazing to watch, sometime he locks up on point so tight I thinks he is going to break his neck. I will tell you a story, when I was in South Carolina I would turn him out on my hunting lease while I was working, one blast of the whistle he was always back in 30 seconds or less, it always amazed my friends they could never understand how I could let him go for an hour or more and never lay eyes on him and he would stay that close. I always told them good breeding and he loves me. Well folks that is just it GSP's don't just obey their owners they love them. Well I will wrap this up by telling ya Chris and Tamara are not not just "breeders" they are some of the finest people I have had the pleasure to know. I am currently stationed in Sasebo Japan on my twilight tour (20 years) and Chris offered, now you remember I said offered to watch Dakota for a short period of time before I was able to get him over here. Well as is the norm in military life it didn't work out so Chris has been watching him ever since. I have had to come up with creative ways to repay the favor to him, but if there is a kennel that supports the military it is 6R. In closing Chris is not a dog salesman but a friend that you will be proud to have and in the deal you will get a dog that is unmatched, I have always enjoyed my hunts and conversations with him long after the sale was done. If you happen to miss one of Dakota's puppies I am sorry but they will be the best of the best, oh well the rest will just be the best of course.

MNCS (SW) Bradley T. Vonnahme
Submitted by: Steve Harthoorn on Nov 27, 2011
My son Jason & I purchased Beau from Chris in Feb,2011. Beau was our first ever GSP. I became so interested in the breed, especially Chris' dogs that I purchased Rhett in June, 2011. Beau & Rhett are half brothers both sired by A-jax. They both are doing very well in the field thanks to Chris for all his help with training. I met Chris for the first time at the Sportsman's Show at the state fairgrounds in Des Moines in Jan.,2011. He has been very helpful with everything. I recently hunted with Chris,Deuce & A-jax. It was awesome to see our Beau & Rhett working in the field with their sire & grandsire. I can truly say that I have found a great GSP breeder, trainer, and most of all a friend. Thanks for everything, Chris!

Steve & Jason Harthoorn
Reasnor, IA
Submitted by: Leslie Whitaker on Sep 24, 2011
After being raised with labs, my family purchased our first GSP from 6R Upland Kennels last December. I have never been so impressed with a trainer/breeder. Chris Riddle not only has an amazing training capability, but he has a real passion for his line and true love for his dogs. This is not just a business to him. We could not love our dog more. He obtained his Junior Hunter Certification this weekend with Chris in Iowa. Thank You Chris, we love Trey!!
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