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Bird Dog Training

Specific articles for training bird dogs to find and retrieve upland game.

10 Common Mistakes in Training Your Retriever

Aug 12, 2008
Training your dog is extremely easy if you control his environment and channel his behavior in the directions you want. Your dog will practically train himself if you keep from interfering too much. However, a number of frequently encountered practices are totally counterproductive to producing a tr... Read More

Buckets for bird dogs?

Mar 02, 2008
We all know that a dog must be staunch on point in order to be considered a finished gun dog. The dog that refuses to hold his birds for the gun has ruined many a hunt. The question is how to attain a high level of steadiness on game while at the same time maintaining the dog's style and intensi... Read More

Dog Training Techniques, The Fundamentals

Aug 12, 2008
We have trained our 2 hunting dogs with numerous dog training techniques. Our Vizslas Abby and Peaches hunt and are competitive in AKC sponsored events. These are the fundamentals with which we teach our dogs. Flexibility, Consistency, Fairness or Positive attitude are all key to successful dog tra... Read More

Force Fetch Tips

Aug 12, 2008
Some thoughts on force fetch training for retriever gundogs: Let me share with you my generalizations on force fetch developed over probably 2,000 labradors over 40 years. 1. I have found that the lighter the pressure (pinch), the faster the overall process proceeds. You want to use just enough p... Read More

How Your Johnny House Should Work

Apr 21, 2010
After I had trained dogs for about five years I knew all there was to know about it. Now that I have almost fifty years in it I have fewer answers and those only if you feed me the questions in the right order. But I would like to think that I have some tips to pass along. I thought Jonny h... Read More