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Must specify when calling you are interested in the discounted puppy that someone forfeited a large deposit on.
ONLY 1 Male and 1 Female available. Our dogs have been featured in TV shows, in magazines, are employed by International Airports, Military, Search and Rescue groups with over 200 dogs in search and rescue work and PLENTY OF Pet and Hunting Homes IN Texas. The price of our puppies allow you to purchase top shelf genetics at a very average price.
Here at Texas GSP Ranch, we not only breed some of the highest quality hunting dogs, but also great companions and family pets. All of our German Shorthairs are bred from some of the purest breeds and proven hunting dogs WITH STRONG GERMAN HISTORIES. LOOK AT OUR PEDIGREES that include FC/AFC HMKs Self Posessed,Dandi Runaway Rusty, Dixieland Rusty, FC K-Man, Blue Earth Rexx. If you are looking for top quality pups that should be loaded with tons of natural ability this should be it. The mother and father are both natural retrievers, good noses and are bird finding machines. For the money you cannot get any better than this also see HOW MANY FIELD CHAMPIONS and DUAL CHAMPIONS (FC DC) are in our bloodlines. Our Parents are trained in upland and waterfowl bird hunting.

Pups are ready to go home now. Liver and white, lots of ticking. Parents hunt and have produced pups that have been wonderful hunting companions as well as family pets.
Our pups are genetically bred for a specific result of health, temperament, obedience and intelligence.

Ask the Following Questions to anyone you are thinking about purchasing a puppy from:
1) Are your puppies raised in a loving home with 10 kids who handle the puppies and help build the human bond from day 1 which is CRITICAL in their overall development, this fact alone makes a HUGE difference in our overall development of our puppies.
2) Are your puppies raised in a climate controlled environment utilizing surgical blankets for bedding. The surgical blankets eliminate the intake of wood shavings, newspaper clippings etc. and assure you that your dog does not experience digestive system problems later in life due to the intake of these harmful bedding materials.
3) Are your puppies raised in an environment that is sanitized DAILY by kennel help and constantly monitored
4) Are your puppies birthed in a home environment (we usually are up all night with the mom in our laundry room)
5) Has your facility been inspected by a Vet?
We have many clients over the years that never hunted their GSP’s and just enjoy their extreme intellect and companionship as well as providing a sense of protection on rare occasions as I have gathered from the many stories from clients over the years. We have our pups in extreme high net worth homes all the way down to one of my favorite clients who is a grocery sacker with two of our dogs that travel to Canada, South America and Rockport TX and that are constantly sending me wonderful photos and making me want to rethink my own life priorities! We also have large families with our GSP’s and we have several elderly live alone individuals who rely on our GSP’s for simple things like letting them know when the phone rings or when their alarm clock goes off or someone is at the door or driveway. We also have our genetics in various services areas including search and rescue, international airports and military work.

Here are some references: (we have hundreds of references if you need more)
Submitted By James Hamm The genetics that your dogs represent are the BEST genetics I have ever seen around the world and I have spent a lot of time in the UK around some incredible genetics. I have several decades in the military in the area of canine development and know dogs very well. I would like to commend you on your exceptional top shelf program! James Hamm, President International Association of Canine Professionals 254-449-6993
Note by ME: I highly recommend James for your training needs, I have over 100 clients that have been incredibly impressed with him and his program and he is located in central Texas and very easy to utilize!

Matt Martinez is a professional guide from the San Antonio area and he has seen and owned a lot of dogs over the years, however after hunting over our dogs he had to have one of ours and after getting his pup he has said” this pup is the most incredible dog I have ever seen or owned” his number is xxx-xxx-xxxx available upon request

John Warren (the warren ranch is located on Warren Ranch Road near Waller on 290) at over 5000 acres they are the single largest landowner in Harris County Texas (the county where Houston is located) and he runs professional hunts at his place and he has hunted over our all of our dogs in Texas and in South Dakota and has been very impressed his # is AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST, he has been to our ranch and has seen our “top notch facilities” as he has called them

Here is what some of our other clients took the TIME to write about us

Submitted by Greg in San Antonio, I was very apprehensive about purchasing a dog online and spent many hours reading and researching and had talked to a few breeders and was still apprehensive even after talking to several breeders and then I called James. The amount of information James shared with me in 5 minutes exceeded the multiple conversations with all of the other breeders combined. Since he has been doing this for over 30 years as a hobby he really knows what someone needs and does not need and how to explain everything in terms that a newbie can understand. I thought I would just call and get a puppy. NO WRONG It is much more involved than that if you want to make the right choice from the right breeder. Genetics make ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the world for the pup and TO YOUR MARRIAGE and FAMILY as James explained and after having our pup for 6 months now I can attest to this true statement first hand. I have 3 friends that have GSP’s at various stages in their lives and our dog TOTALLY BLOWS their dogs away, one of my friends GSP is a living nightmare that’s in a outdoor kennel full time because it cannot come into the house as it will destroy their home and the other two are no where near as smart and as obedient as our pup. Now understand when I say ..I MEANING ME the MAN in the house bought this pup for occasional hunting and to be my dog and the reality is that the pup is as much if not more my wife’s best friend and daily companion as mine and I NEVER thought this would be the case. On top of everything else since we bought our pup from James we also had FREE access to James Hamm the trainer who has a very successful training program and includes videos, training materials and phone consultations. This FREE training program is worth thousands of dollars over the 6 months and I feel this very simple and easy to use training program made the difference between great success and the extreme success we are enjoying now. BTW James Hamm was just nominated as one of the top ten Dog Trainers in the WORLD! Bottom line is I should have just called GSP Ranch first and saved myself a lot of time and aggravation! I could have saved a few hundred dollars by buying my pups elsewhere as my friends did, boy am I glad I did not! We have a happy healthy intelligent and obedient member of our family for the next 15 years we will enjoy and our family will build memories with.

Submitted by: Garhett located in Texarkana, TX I have purchased 3 GSP’s from GSP Ranch over the years and they are all incredible dogs, we do a lot of duck hunting in East Texas as well as dove and his dogs have been top notch! The most important thing about his dogs is that they are family pets for 9 months out of the year due to the limited hunting season and my wife and kids really enjoy the dogs, they are incredibly intelligent and wonderful in the home. I work late hours and am gone quite a bit and the dogs are very protective of our family and will alert my wife to an approaching car well in advance of her being able to see it or hear it. Also when she goes shopping and has one of them in the car they are very protective about people approaching the car and constantly on the lookout for people approaching the vehicle and my wife and kids. We unfortunately lost one of our GSP’s in a rollover auto accident and we did not hesitate to get our 3rd GSP from James and as usual this new dog is incredible as well.

Submitted by: Luke in Louisiana, I recently purchased a male GSP from GSP Ranch, and I highly recommend this breeder to someone who is looking for an incredibly smart dog! Also, I purchased our pup out of state and was not sure what to think about the idea of getting a dog I have never been around. Now after having the pup for almost three weeks, I can testify that you are in good hands with James Sprouse. At 10 weeks my dog is responding consistently to the sit, stay, and here commands along with pointing to a wing on a stick and retrieving. I don't think it can get much better than that. Thanks again James!

Submitted by: Chris Bryan-College Station, The dogs that come from Mr. Sprouse's ranch are definitely top notch! They are healthy, good looking dogs that perform like no other. I was shocked at how well they did during a recent pheasant hunt in South Dakota that I took with Mr. Sprouse.

Submitted by: Thomas Spring, TX I have owned numerous bird dog breeds and have had experiences both in the field and at home with a plethora of bird dogs, however the dog that we received from James is head and shoulders above all I’ve experienced. The genetics at GSP Ranch will provide you with a dog that is both exceptional in the field and at home. Our Tillie is an intuitive learner and an eager performer in the field. I recommend James to everyone that asks where Tillie came from, and to those prospective owners who are hesitant to take the plunge. You will not be disappointed.

Submitted by: Nick I was hesitant to trust any breeder on that I found on the internet, but I was delighted to find that James and his GSP Ranch blew my expectations away. When I first contacted the breeder he was very responsive and conveyed that he cared for all his animals (they have Horses, llamas, goats, ducks, and more). I am a first time dog owner and I found that no matter how much research is done before hand, there is still a learning curve. James and his family helped me through the first days of the puppy being home and I am happy to say that the pup is happy, healthy, and a very fast learner. GSP Ranch is a top notch breeder.

Submitted by: Louis, I have looked at a ton of dogs and I can honestly say that Mr. Sprouse has some of the best mannered and working dogs that I have seen. When you pull up to their ranch to look at a puppy you think your at their house but you are actually at their dog kennels. The Sprouse family is a very nice and loving family they have many animals and they do not have one poor or sick looking animal on the farm everything from the 20 year old horse to the 3 day old puppy is in top health. I have had the pleasure to hunt with Mr. Sprouse and his dogs and I must say I was shocked. These dogs are top notch and one of a kind their puppies are beautiful and very smart. So to sum it all up when it comes time for me to purchase my German shorthair IT WILL BE through Mr. Sprouse and no one else.

Submitted by: Tania Kierklewski My husband and I recently purchased a female puppy from James Sprouse. I found James to be very friendly, responsive, and accessible throughout the process. His facility is top-notch, very clean, spacious, and professional. The dogs were all well-cared-for, and very well-socialized, with the help of his many children who give the puppies a lot of attention. We were able to meet both parents on site, which was really nice. I would recommend James to anyone looking for a quality breeder.

Submitted by: Greg Gober If you do not do anything else you MUST visit the ranch and see the kennels. I have seen some nice houses in my days, however to arrive at what I thought was their house only to discover it was the doghouse just blew me away. Who builds a 6 figure house for dogs? Someone who cares for their animals obviously. The kennel house is climate controlled, has pella double pane windows and is made of custom stone and hardi plank with spray in insulation. The interior of the 5 dog runs is covered in the white wall coverings like a commercial kitchen for easy cleaning and control of bacteria and contains a walk in shower for the dogs. The kennels were spotless due to the fact that they have a full time person caring for their animals which were all family pets and breeding is a special occasion for them. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this kennel for a puppy.

Mark S. West University, TX I was very apprehensive about buying over the internet, after 5 min on the phone and checking their incredible references I placed a small deposit and the pup was actually delivered the same day as James was in route to South Houston that day. Buster is an incredible dog and huge part of my life. I was very fortunate to find GSP RANCH

Mario G. San Antonio, TX We had talked to several breeders before calling GSP Ranch and within a few minutes of talking to James I could not believe the amount of very important information I received from him. While we did have to wait several months on the puppy waiting list it was very much worth the wait. Our family is EXTREMELY impressed with our highly intelligent pup. My sister has since purchased one also and now my brother is on the waiting list for a puppy. I am glad I made the decision to pickup the phone and call as Millie our pup will be with us for many many years and the right breeder makes all the difference in the world

Melissa S. Austin, TX My husband asked me to research some puppy options and I was quite frankly overwhelmed with all of the information on the internet, I started calling a few breeders and needless to say I was even more overwhelmed and concerned after talking to 2 of them and not able to reach GSP Ranch. Later that day James called me from GSP Ranch and within a few minutes of talking to him, I knew this was the right breeder. It’s a hobby for the family as they own several other business interests and breeding not their source of income which makes it a passion for them and a true love. You can definitely feel the true love and passion when you visit their incredible ranch estate and family and understand how the pups are raised with ten kids and well socialized

Doris Galveston, TX Our first GSP Daisy we purchased from James is now 16 years old and doing well and we just purchased another puppy from James. The experience is wonderful working with James and GSP ranch. They now have a lot more kids than they did 16 years ago and the new puppy seems even more socialized. The new puppy is sleeping with Daisy and has not had one accident in the house. We could have saved several hundred dollars by purchasing elsewhere, however the dogs produced by James and family are quite frankly worth twice as much as they charge as we have a once a year vet visit and that’s it for Daisy while we have other friends who purchased elsewhere and their dog lasted 7 years and had several thousand in vet bills and a few years of anguish which was hardly worth the few hundred they saved. Thanks again James and Family for our Daisy and now Betsy!

Bill H. Lufkin, TX I want to tell people that the dogs from GSP Ranch are top notch and very different than your average dog. Our Margaret dog we are convinced recently saved the life of our grandson when he wandered in front of a momma cow with a calf and was being threatened by the mom cow. Our Margaret dog placed herself in between our grandson and the mom cow and was barking and alerting us to the situation while at the same time backing the cow up away from our grandson in a different direction. She is incredibly alert and protective of our family and tells us when someone is coming up our long driveway before we even see or hear the car ourselves. Incredible dogs from James.

Heidi, Corpus Christi, TX As a single mom with a 13 year old son who wanted a puppy for many years I was dreading how the puppy would become mine in reality. Boy that was NOT THE CASE AT ALL, In reality Hank is very much both my sons and my dog and he is something I look forward to everyday and enjoy so much and we cherish every moment of my time with him. Hank is a real friend and companion and I wish I would have purchased him 5 years earlier as we have both been missing out on a wonderful companion.

Mike T. Lubbock, TX We have a commercial hunting operation in the panhandle and have some GSP from up north that we have used for years. When we needed another dog we were referred to James at GSP Ranch. We looked at his genetics and talked to a few clients of his and were very impressed. We purchased 2 pups and one year later I have to say they have far exceeded our expectations, incredible noses, very biddable, and will not give up on a retrieval of a wounded bird no matter how far. The pups from GSP Ranch were natural hunters and we actually did not have to do any training in reality which saved us a lot of money and time. Compared to our other GSP’s we can really tell a difference as James’s GSP’s perform to a very high degree of excellence always and never slack off. We will only purchase our dogs from James from now on and have actually now had several clients purchase from James with the same results as ours

Susan G, Houston If I would have called James first I could have saved so much time searching. Our Greta was delivered the next day and she is now 3 years old and incredible! .
Ad location: Ranches in North-Cen, Texas
Ad created: Oct 12, 2021

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