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About GSP Ranch
Champion Pups with AKC Champion Lines. Ranches in North, Cetntral and South Texas and we deliverpups all over the state of Texas during our business travels. We have Real References with Phones #s and Many Client Testimonials to share. We only have SELECTIVE breedings on a very rare basis. Most breedings are for our own personal use, however we do not need an entire litter so we make these available.


  1. Most of our dogs are pointing backing and retrieving by 4 months of age!!! If you have a good blood line it makes it easy!
  2. Our Pups are priced reasonable and the value is there.
  3. Occasionally we have a breeding that ends up in the middle of our summer vacation or Christmas Vacation and we will sell puppies at a reduced rate to maximize our family time.
  4. When we do sell pups at a reduced rate we are NOT going to sell to ANYONE, we want our dogs to be raised to their maximum potential. 
  5. Our Puppies are raised in a CLIMATE CONTROLLED kennel facility that ensures your dogs helath. The central AC and Heating system in our facility also captures dust etc. further protecting your puppy.
  6. Our Puppies are raised in a whelping pen with SURGICAL BLANKETS as used in hospitals to ensure your puppies are in a clean and sterile environment, others may use shredded newspaper, shavings etc. that can cause digestive tract problems later in life as your puppy becomes an adult and the damage from digesting these becomes apparent.
  7. We have REFERENCES with phone numbers, real people you can call and talk to about our facility, and quality of our puppies.
  8. We SHIP TO ALL US STATES. We know how and WHEN to ship your puppy and understand the best flights to use and not to use. Shipping a puppy can be very easy if done properly, most of our dogs make the trip in 6 hours. If you do not know how to schedule a puppies flight then a puppy can end up travelling for 12 hours or more, which increases the stress on the puppy. Our puppies take a nap and wake up in their new owners arms.
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PO BOX 232
Ranches in North-Cen, Texas 73069
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 26 years.
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Submitted by: kenneth Hoyer on Jun 15, 2018
I have trained several field springers in the past all from good breed stock This dog is wonderful My wife loves it due to the personality We had a few hick-ups but I must say if you want a good very easy to train dog this the guy to buy from I think having a lot of people around the first two helps a lot in the dogs life Kenney
Submitted by: Sean Miller on Jun 03, 2017
I recently purchased two English Springer Spaniels from James and family. As one of my only experiences purchasing from a breeder it was quite impressive. James made the entire process easy. It was especially nice that we are local to him and we were able to come spend the day with the puppies before making our pick. The ranch was extremely well kept and the dogs had their own section of yard to hang out, play, and spend time with their family. The Kennels and houses were clean and organized so the dogs were able to sleep and eat comfortably. As well James and family spend time with the dogs throughout their days and the kids interact with the puppies taking them in the house sometimes or playing in the yard. I have recommended James to our current vet as she was looking for Springers and I would not hesitate to recommend others. If I ever need another Springer, James will be my first call.
Submitted by: Sharon Marks on May 24, 2017
We purchased an English Springer Spaniel from Texas Gun Dog Ranch-Champion Pups AKC in April 2017. His name is Angus. Angus is a very healthy, active puppy. He is easy to train. Even though he is not 3 months old, we have taught him to sit, walk on a leash, house broken and crate trained him. Angus is eager to learn and a happy little companion. Angus was purchased from James Sprouse III. James is a very consentious breeder. He knows and hunts the breed. These are working class dogs and excellent pets. You can not go wrong purchasing a pup from James.
Submitted by: George Harpole on May 04, 2017
Mr. and Mrs. Sprouse have some of the best Springer pups I've ever seen and quite possibly could have the best. From the start Mr. Sprouse was excellent in communication and his knowledge of the breed was outstanding. We were fortunate to have gotten a female Springer Spaniel from him and couldn't be happier with the pup. Her behavior was perfect right from the start and you could definitely tell she was well taken care of and loved by her owners. We couldn't have asked for a better experience and would without hesitation purchase again and/or recommend the Sprouse family to anyone looking for their forever companion. These Springer's are truly amazing dogs and you can't go wrong with one from Texas Gun Dog Ranch/Springer Spaniel Ranch.
Submitted by: Luke Zechiel on Feb 08, 2012
I recently purchased a male GSP from Texas Gun Dog Ranch, and I highly recommend this breeder to someone who is looking for an incredibly smart dog! Also, I purchased our pup out of state and was not sure what to think about the idea of getting a dog I have never been around. Now after having the pup for almost three weeks, I can testify that you are in good hands with James Sprouse. At 10 weeks my dog is responding consistently to the sit, stay, and here commands along with pointing to a wing on a stick and retrieving. I don't think it can get much better than that. Thanks again James!
Submitted by: Chris Johnson on Jan 02, 2012
The dogs that come from Mr. Sprouse's ranch are definitely top notch! They are healthy, good looking dogs that perform like no other. I was shocked at how well they did during a recent pheasant hunt that I took with Mr. Sprouse.
Submitted by: D.A. Hughes III on Jan 01, 2012
I had the pleasure of picking up my Springer Spaniel last March 2011 from Gun Dog Breeders, and i must say, since day one "Pakula" was a true hunter. I have taken her on several dove hunt in the past 6 month and she has done great on retrieving. I have hunted her several time on blue quail and she has do a great job finding them and pointing. I have been extremely pleased with my first dog ever to buy, James made the process as easy as possibly and I continue to stay in touch with him about Pakula's and my hunting experiences. Pakula just turned 1 on January 31st 2011, I can imagine how much better of a retriever and pointer she will become!
Submitted by: Nick on Dec 30, 2011
I bought my female ESS on Tuesday. I was hesitant to trust any breeder on that I found on the internet, but I was delighted to find that James and his Springer Spaniel Ranch blew my expectations away. When I first contacted the breeder he was very responsive and conveyed that he cared for all his animals (they have llamas, goats, ducks, and more). I am a first time dog owner and I found that no matter how much research is done before hand, there is still a learning curve. James and his family helped me through the first days of the puppy being home and I am happy to say that the pup is happy, healthy, and a very fast learner. Springer Spaniel Ranch is a top notch breeder.
Submitted by: Logan nezat on Jul 25, 2011
I just purchased a male English Springer Spaniel puppy from James Sprouse A couple of weeks ago at Texas Gun Dog Ranch in Normangee, Texas. I found James to be very friendly, responsive. So far he one of the smartest dogs i have ever owned and he is only 11 weeks old!!! Will be a great bird dog and family pet. I recommend mr James dogs to anyone.
Submitted by: Louis Oliver on May 29, 2011
I have looked at a ton of dogs and i can honestly say that Mr. Sprouse has some of the best mannered and working dogs that i have seen. When you pull up to their ranch to look at a puppy you think your at their house but you are actually at their dog kennels. The Sprouse family is a very nice and loving family they have many animals and their is not one poor or sick looking animal on the farm everything from the 20 year old horse to the 3 day old puppy is in top health. I have had the pleasure to hunt with Mr. Sprouse and his dogs and i must say i was shocked. These dogs are top notch and one of a kind their puppies are beautiful and very smart. So to sum it all up when it comes time for me to purchase my german shorthair IT WILL BE through Mr. Sprouse and no one else.
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