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About Ten Bar Ranch ESS and EB

Field bred English Springer Spaniels that are ranch raised and used in the heart of South Dakota pheasant, grouse and waterfowl country.† Our springer lines are heavy in†French and†British Field Trial bloodlines with many direct imports and have proven themselves in the field before being selected for breeding.† You can be assured of the highest quality gun dog, companion and family member from our program.† Puppies are guaranteed.† Offering puppies, started dogs, and training of all breeds.†††

We currently have a litter of French Brittany puppies and Springer Spaniel puppies.

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Thank you to everyone who has inquired about our program. We appreciate your interest!

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English Springer Spaniel, Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel, Springer Spaniel
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Terry & Tracey Jacobson
Lake Andes, South Dakota 57356
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 32 years.
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Submitted by: Matt Borst on Sep 11, 2018
Piper had her first find on wild grouse the other day here in Wyoming. The bird moved off and she held tight. I am sending a short video. She is going nuts over birds now! We have a fair amount of grouse so she is getting to work at least once a day. Of course some are runners.
Submitted by: Erryn Meyerink on Sep 11, 2018
Our little girl has adjusted so well, and we're loving having her here. She's so smart!!! We just want to say thank you guys - we couldn't be happier with our Mia (Officially Oh Mama Mia Ten Bar Ranch).
Submitted by: Aaron Chohon on Aug 30, 2018
Duke out of Loki and Jake has got drive like you wouldnít believe and has a nose thatís unbelievable! And to add to the bragging rights for ya, two weeks ago I was in a BDC event here in OíNeill and Duke wouldíve won if I wouldíve shot straight, he had all the birds up in 4:30, leading was 4:38 but I missed the last bird, heís 8 months old now and is competing with seasoned dogs
Iím not being boastful Iím just saying that your dogs bloodlines are worth the pennies if a guy wants a dog thatíll hunt
Submitted by: Katie DeLorenzo on Aug 20, 2018
We recently picked up a male puppy from the Loki x Jake litter and could not be happier. Many years ago my dad had a springer and he has wanted another dog for a while but was extremely picky about the hunting ability and look. After half a year reviewing different breeders and looking at litters he finally approved of this one. We received a warm welcome from Terry and Tracey at Ten Bar Ranch and were thrilled to see the puppy's mom and dad in-person. The puppy is extremely intelligent and already showing a strong hunting drive. We cannot wait to start his training and hunt dove and quail with him here in New Mexico. If we ever buy another dog or make a recommendation to friends or family this is without a doubt where we'll send them.
Submitted by: Susan Gill on Aug 10, 2018
I bought Remington about 3 1/2 years ago. She is the best dog I have ever owned. She is very intelligent, obedient, and loving. I absolutely love and adore her!!!
Submitted by: Svetlana Nedeska on Apr 24, 2018

Not sure if you remember us. We are in Howell, NJ. We bought our Jina (Gina) from you about 5 years ago or so. I was wondering if you still have Ivy and Brig and if you are still breeding them. Can't remember how she was, but I am assuming she is too old to breed at this point, if she is still here. Pls let me know.

We want to have another Jina, just amazing and perfect!
Submitted by: Jason Nelsen on Jan 29, 2018
Our first dog from Ten Bar Ranch was an excellent dog! Can't say enough good things about her. She had great instinct, drive, and control. She was an excellent flusher and a beautiful, well behaved dog. Our second puppy is showing a lot of promise as she is also demonstrating a strong drive for birds. We really look forward to seeing what she can do this fall. Working w/ Terry and Tracey is always a pleasure!
Submitted by: Joe Sacco on Aug 30, 2016
I want to take the time to say a big thank you to Terry and Tracey of Ten Bar Ranch. I had the good fortune to be able to visit them in South Dakota and not only see some truly incredible dogs, but got a real education from honest to goodness experts. Terry said he has been training dogs his whole life, and boy it shows. He had some very young pups doing some absolutely incredible work. Their Springer's hunted hard, stayed in range, responded quickly to the whistle, and were eager to retrieve. Oh, and talk about style, these pups have it. Additionally, the speed, drive, and scenting ability of their French Brittany's was truly impressive. Finally, Tracey and Terry graciously answered all of my questions with sincere, thoughtful, and educational answers. I am anxiously looking forward to purchasing a pup from TBR. Couldn't imagine two better folks to do business with. Thanks guys.

Submitted by: P. Rogers on Apr 23, 2016
I was very pleased with my first French Brittany from 10 Bar, so I just purchased another.:-) These folks have a great attitude and excellent dogs. IM not sure about the Springer's but they looked great as well!. Good folks to do business with. I highly recommend Tracy and Terry.
Submitted by: Mike McMullen on Apr 02, 2016
Terry and Tracey are have an amazing breeding program. My little Rainy just turned one a couple weeks ago. I've never had a more amazing hunting dog AND FAMILY MEMBER. Rainy is easily the best hunting dog I have ever owned. She learns instruction after two or three times showing her. Here retention of training is amazing. She was consistently putting birds in the air at 7 months old...I was shooting birds over her with smaller guage shotguns at 8 months...by the end of season one she is consistent and showing amazing instinct. On the other end of the equation Rainy is an amazing indoor dog. She sleeps on my bed every night. She sits on my recliner with me every night. I couldn't ever ask for a better dog indoors. She has even checked with me three times writing this referral. Caution must be had training her...she is so smart and picks up things so fast that if your not careful she will pick up your mistakes. I can't say enough good about Terry and Tracey and their amazing dogs...other than this...I WILL be buying my next puppy (family member) from TBR.
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