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We have owned/trained and raised Weimaraners for approx.�30 plus years. We raise Weimaraners and my son has a Vizsla. Our family is very involved in hunting and competing our fur kids. This is a family affair for us and our dogs are involved with everything we do. Our puppies are socialized from the moment of conception. The mothers are in the house and around the family at all times. We believe socialization starts before birth and one of the main points of raising a well rounded hunting partner/family member. Health is also very important to us and our puppies come with a full health guarantee against genetic disorders. All parents are screened before breeding and females are bred only once per year or once every two years. Health Certifications are displayed on our website for each of our dogs.� All puppies are started on the hunting process by 5-6 weeks of age. We are members and participants of the WCA (Weim Club of America), AKC (American Kennel Club) NAVHDA (North American Hunting Dog Association) and the VHDF (Versatile Hunting Dog Federation). We are also involved in the local rescue and placing needed homes for rescue Weimaraners. We have some of the top hunting bloodlines from around the world, including Germany, Australia, Argentina, Sweeden, The Netherlands and the USA.� Our puppies are raised for family companions, hunting partners, agility, show, tracking, therapy...they truly are the versatile dog. Please contact us with any questions or information. We also have NAVHDA puppy packets for anyone seriously interested in becoming a member. We look forward to visiting with you about our dogs and family. Please view our website for health certifications such as OFA, PennHip, CERF, Cardiac, DNA Testing for HUU/HPYM/SD and General Wellness and pictures galore!
Dawna and the gang!
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Dawna Miller
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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 30 years.
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Submitted by: Jen on Feb 05, 2015
I'm not much of a reviewer, but if anyone in the world deserves a glowing recommendation, it's Dawna. I am Weimaraner obsessed. I have had Weims, have Weims now, and will always have Weims. They have come to me from Texas, Rhode Island, and Canada. I came across pm weimaraners a couple of years ago while doing extensive research on weim breeders. She is by all accounts amazing. She is an endless font of knowledge.... Medical and health, genetics, training, bloodlines. She was not breeding long hairs at the time so I went with another breeder. Yes, yes... How stupid am I. Well very to be exact. I just couldn't wait so I got a long hair from another breeder... By 7 months old I could tell something was very wrong. It was. He has no hip joints.. None, not even a shadow of a hip joint. They are so bad in fact that the only surgery he is even a candidate for is total hip replacement which equals = $10,000 for both hips. The other breeder no longer even communicates with me. But there is Dawna, helping me the whole time to figure out my situation. Had I just gotten a dog from her, I would not be in this situation. I knew what amazing dogs she has, what an incredible hunting dog breeder she is, and overall what an incredible person. So really I shot myself in the foot, but she was there to help me along. Please learn from my mistakes and just go to Dawna whether you need a hunting dog or just an amazing life companion. She is actually true to her word and her dogs are her life, trust me I know personally. I owe her a tremendous amount of thanks and I will NEVER get a dog from anyone but her.
Submitted by: Ashley Geigle on Mar 11, 2014
PM Weimaraners is a great kennel! My Piper (Alize/Colt litter) is almost 20 months old, and I am so thankful I stumbled across this kennel's ad. Dawna is truly all about breeding a better weimaraner.

I loved that her website has individual pages with pictures and health certifications for her weims. Dawna takes the time to find out what potential owners are all about and what they'd like to have in a puppy. I found it very cool she uses the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test to help determine which puppy goes home with you.

Dawna is very knowledgeable about the breed and its training, especially regarding hunting. Believe me, if you get a puppy from Dawna, you'll have a puppy with excellent hunting instincts. Piper retrieved from the time I brought her home, pointing and stalking followed shortly. (Squirrels were very fascinating last spring!) She had just a couple of exposures to live birds before her first hunting season last year, but Piper caught on quickly. She's an eager to please, nose to the ground, "find the birdy" hunting fool!

But, by far, the absolute best thing about Piper is her phenomenal temperament, quirky weimy shenanigans and all! Piper is intelligent and fun-loving, socializes easily, and lives to spend time with her people.

Dawna is invested in your puppy long term. She's always willing to answer questions and give suggestions. She also has a Facebook group page so PM Weim owners can connect with each other. It's been great having access to that network of information.

Thank you, Dawna, for my gorgeous Piper!

Submitted by: Dan Wolfe on Jan 24, 2014
Just an update about our soon to be one year old Weim, Duke.
He is King of the house and I think gets more attention than our eight
grandchildren. He lasted one and a half nights in his kennel and has been in the
middle of our King size bed ever since. I Know, but we just could not help it he was
so persuasive. It got to be a long winter because of so much snow and cold weather,
so was hard to get him enough exercise, but he enjoyed his bed in front of the
fireplace every day. He is at work with me every day now at the Scobey Golf Course,
and hunting every tree row. We hunted every day of pheasant season last fall and at
five months old he was awesome with no training. What an incredible nose on him. He
and my seven year old grandson are pretty much inseparable. I have to admit that
when my son surprised me and brought him home I was a little skeptical, but he has
brought a lot of love and joy to the Wolfe household.

Thank You

Dan, Renee & Duke Wolfe
Submitted by: Jenny on Jan 04, 2014
PM Weims is a class act! Dawna is so wonderful and helpful! Not only is she helpful but her knowledge of her breed is incredible. I have Cami a one year old Long Haired Weim is just so amazing! She is so loving and easy to train. Cami is excelling in hunt test and we adore her. Again I cannot say enough good things about PM Weims and Dawna! I HIGHLY recommend her and her dogs!
Submitted by: Duane on Mar 29, 2013
I am the proud owner of 2 of Dawna's awesome weim's. My oldest, Cash, is 6 and I have had him for 5 years. He is a very easy going and sweet boy. I have never had a good grouse dog until Cash. He has taught me so much about birds, bird hunting, and having fun in the field. I guide many clients every year with Cash for several different species of birds and he required very little training and handling.

Our most recent addition, Spiller, is not quite 6 months old as I write this. We have had Spiller out in the field 5 times in the past 3 weeks for bird hunting. The first 3 times he went with Cash. Cash did the bird finding but amazingly Spiller started staunchly "backing" or "honoring" Cash, sometimes from over 100 yards from Cash's point. He was not gun or flush shy, and did get to do a few retrieves on downed birds. The last time out we hunted liberated quail. Spiller had his first hunt on his own. In about an hour hunt little Spiller tracked, pointed and retrieved 8 quail! Keep in mind this is his 5th time out, and he is not 6 months old yet! Im am proud and amazed at Spiller.

Now I could try to take the credit here, but when a dog is so young and has had so little hunting experience you know it is more genetics than anything else. Dawna keeps breeding the best weims I have ever seen.

I have talked to Dawna several times for advice and about weims in general. Dawna is top notch, second to none in producing the finest bred weims anywhere! If you want the very best, you need a PM weim and thats the bottome line! Results speak for themselves. Ive never been the kind of person to give out praise often but Dawna has earned it. She is the best at breeding weims period!
Submitted by: Steven Boyett on Jun 07, 2012
My name is Steve and I am the proud owner of Kaiser (Beth X Dago).
Kaiser is now 2 years old, and I still call Dawna from time to time for advice and to keep her posted on Kaiser's progress. No matter how
hectic things seem to be on her end of the line, Dawna always takes the time to chit chat about what is best for Kaiser.

Words cannot describe how proud I am to be Kaiser's dad. He is great with children, other dogs, and loves to pester my cat Leo. Weims
aren’t for everyone. They are full of energy, need constant exercise,will test your patience, and are as stubborn as my WWII vet grandfather (whom I love dearly). In return, Kaiser has been the most loving dog I’ve ever owned. Kaiser is extremely intelligent, very athletic, an excellent swimmer, and full of endurance and drive. As a
puppy 15 minutes is all it would take for him to learn a new trick! Too bad he hasn’t learned he cannot dig his way to China.

I’ve never trained a dog before or owned a bird dog for that matter, so Kaiser was my first. I watched videos, did a little reading, and started working with him early. I would not call my training intensive, extensive, or professional by any means. I was simply a happy dog owner playing games with my best friend. My #1 goal in getting Kaiser was to have a family pet and if by chance he hunted that would be a bonus.

Kaiser turned out to be a phenomenal bird dog. I can tell you his ability is 100% natural and has little to do with my training. Last
time we went pheasant hunting the ranch owner commented on how well Kaiser worked in the field. The ranch owner, seeing the potential in
Kaiser, then filled my hands with pamphlets with information about field trails (this was nice, but field trails were never my intention or a desire of mine). Kaiser has the following under his belt: dove, quail, pheasant, and chukar.

Kaiser is the greatest dog in the world and I attribute that to Dawna’s unparalleled dedication to the breed. My next weim will come from PM Weimaraners (just as soon as I trick the fiancé into letting me get another weim). Thank you Dawna for all your support and for always being accessible when I had questions.
Submitted by: Tim Peters on Mar 20, 2012
Hi Dawna -

Molly is perfect. She is in her new bed next to my desk as I type this email. Shhh - she's sleeping, which is good because she is a big distraction for my staff!

She is a fabulous pup and is adapting incredibly well and fast to her new home. You must have started house training? And fetching? And sitting? And come? She has picked up on all this so very quickly. And I've never seen an 8-week old pup with a nose as developed as hers!!

With 4 little kids in the house, all of them wanting to help "train" Molly Pop, we are focusing on 5 words - her name, followed by a command. For
now, the only commands we are working on is come, no, potty-time, and kennel. She is so smart. I bet within a week we will introduce some new commands.

Guinness is doing real well with both Molly and Gaffney. The pups adore Guinness, and Guinness seems to enjoy the pups.

We will be taking Molly to the vet this week as well.

Thanks so much for being so kind and accommodating to me, and to Charles and Katie. It was like getting an adopted child for us and you made it
very special for all of us. Also, thanks so much for the generous gifts of the collars, blankets and chew toys. That was very nice and thoughtful.

So glad we met. We will definitely stay in touch and will keep you posted on the girls' development.

Please let me know if your son wants to apply for the hunting camp at the Minnesota Horse & Hunt Club. I will be happy to hand deliver the
application and can get some inside scoop on what they look for in the essays which are a part of the application process.

All our best, TJP and family

Timothy J. Peters
Peters Law Firm, P.L.C.
Submitted by: Craig Gates on Nov 26, 2011
Hi Dawna,
Wanted to update you on Gunther. This is his second season and he is a great dog. The best out of the 4 weims I've had. In the last couple of
weeks he figured out the final secrets of working the running pheasant we have here. He now has a nice slow stalking pace once he tracks to hot
scent, locks up, and repositions cautiously to point again.
He had a natural honor from the start and hunts dead with determination. He's a great house
dog. He likes water, and swims well. You were right on the Longhair/shorthair cross, his fur is more dense and he is the first dog I've had with no stitches after a season and a half.

He hunts both head high and on the ground, and luck on litter, pick or breeding gave him an excellent nose. Maybe the best ive seen.

He's smart. After one porcupine experience with about 10 quills, he figured that out. Yesterday he pointed a porcupine, then as I walked up he
BACKED away in reverse stalk mode. I shot the porcupine, and Gunny just turned away and started hunting again. This compared to my 7 yr old, who,
after 8 experiences with almost infinite quills and the "whole shoot a porc and ecollar burn the dog repeatedly" still can't be trusted.

So, all in all a great dog. Hasn't been sick a day in his life. My only complaint is he won't quit pissing on my car and bike tires in the
Craig Gates
Submitted by: Brennen Hannah on Oct 20, 2011
I just want to say you have given us an amazing dog. I cant believe how awesome gunner is. We went on a pheasant hunt monday and it was his first time out for pheasants. He tracked his first bird down a irrigation canal for about 200 yards and finished with a point, my friends moved up, shot the bird, and it fell on the other side of the canal. Gunner swam across but couldnt find it. He looked for 25 minutes and never gave up, then found it. Im sure he would of kept looking until dark if he didnt find that bird, his drive is insane. After that first bird gunner went nuts. He tracked 3 more pheasants that night with very little wind. we shot one and it went down in a ditch and ran. Gunner again looked for a while then tracked it down the ditch and pointed it again. When we bumped it out it ran at mach 10 down the field until gunner caught up and tackled it in a cloud of dust. We went out again today and same story, gunner did amazing tracking down runners like theres no tomorrow. I just want to say thanks again, keep up the good work. Tomorrow I am going to try to get video of our hunt, should be exciting.
Submitted by: Jon Pollen on Aug 16, 2011
Hi Dawna, As always, Slate is doing AWESOME!!! He's met quite a few dogs now and is very outgoing and friendly to all of them. He knows when to back down when a dog is feeling grumpy, but when another dog shows signs of acceptance, it's on! He just loves to play. All of our friends and family that have met him absolutely adore him. Liz and the girls took him down to Pearl Creek Elementary School (the kids go there) and let him run around the soccer fields. He ran non stop,and was introduced to all the kids in the playground, just tons of ooohs and ahhhs, lots of petting, he just soaks up attention. Potty training is still being worked on, but he's sleeping pretty much through the night, wakes up a few minutes before my alarm goes off (he's so considerate!) Also, we took him for the wellness checkup,everything looked good. They clipped his nails and gave him a physical. I've been loading pictures like
crazy on my facebook page of Slate, swing on by and check 'em out. Thanks,
Jonathan Pollen
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