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We have dedicated our lives to raising, training and perfecting the finer qualities of the pointing dogs we fell in love with many years ago. We take pride in producing top quality Vizsla's& GSP for hunting, show & family companionship. Our dogs are proven in the field and many compete in AKC performance events! Our goal is to pair each individual/family with the pup who best fits what they are looking for exactly. While providing a dog that you & your family will be proud to own for many years to come.
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German Shorthaired Pointer, Vizsla
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Sierra Combs
GREENSBURG, Kentucky 42743
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 6 years.
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Testimonials (5)
Submitted by: Cliff Tredway on Sep 05, 2020
After years of research on Vizslas I was finally ready to move forward buying a pup after having to put my current dog down. I reached out to Nosam Kennels who spoke with me for nearly an hour providing detailed information for me to consider in deciding on where to purchase my pup. They explained to me that for most reputable breeders I would need to go on a waiting list. But after doing some google searching I found a breeder that had a pup available immediately. So I guess it’s human nature to get what we want now. As it turned out this was a back yard breeder who had no experience in breeding Vizslas. After the first few hours after receiving the pup I knew something was wrong. He was beyond just being shy. He was fearful of his own shadow. After all the research I had done on Vizslas the behavior he was displaying wasn’t in line with the breed standard. After five days I had to return him back to the breeder. I was heartbroken. I immediately reached back out to Nosam Kennels explaining what happened and I immediately put down a deposit and went on their waiting list. Fast forward a few months and now I have my Vizsla pup and I couldn’t be more satisfied. This pup is everything I could have ever hoped for. Sierra Combs with Nosam has been here every step of the way. The temperament of my pup is exactly what I requested when I filled out the application. He’s confident, smart and so trainable. Please use my testimonial as guide that when it comes to purchasing a puppy that will ultimately become a part of your family for years to come it’s worth waiting to get the pup from a reputable breeder who will work hard on your behalf. And with this said, I highly recommend Sierra and Alex Combs at Nosam Kennels.
Submitted by: William Fortune on Nov 21, 2019
Sierra does amazing things with the dogs given to her. She had my 6 month old lab with minimal field training for six weeks. During that time, Sierra trained well enough to qualify for amature field trials. My dog consistantly follows field commands for retrieving ducks and was introduced to upland training. I could not be happier. I plan to send my dog back for follow-on training in the spring.

If you are looking for a trainer who will diligantly train your pup to work in the field. I recommend Sierra and Nosman Kennels.
Submitted by: Angela Quatse on Dec 29, 2018
My finance and I are the proud owners of a 3 month old Nosam Kennels Vizsla puppy named Cairo.

After doing extensive online research, I landed on Nosam Kennels in West Virginia. While I could have chosen a breeder much closer to home, thankfully, I was drawn to them. The educational materials provided on their website made it evident from the beginning how much they truly care about their individual dogs and bloodlines. After I was officially placed on a waiting list, Sierra and Alex (owners) sent numerous email, photo and video updates over the course of the next few months. While I am still not quite sure how they manage this time consuming feat while rearing litters of puppies, this continued until we picked our pup up at 10 weeks of age. The reading material helped us to prepare for the new pup and ensure success in training. It was and still is priceless to say the least. Sierra also responded to my (many!) emailed questions with patience and professionalism.

In my opinion, the price Alex and Sierra charge for their pups is beyond fair. When considering the amount of time, energy and love they invest in breeding, rearing and training the puppies, I feel they could charge much more. They are truly unique in their approach and you should consider yourself lucky should you be placed on one of their wait lists. The foundation they instilled in Cairo was evident from DAY ONE and impressive to say the very least. (Every new person he meets expresses the same sentiment!) Not only is he gorgeous but he is also a well mannered and well tempered, sweet, highly intelligent and biddable pup. I cannot thank them enough...

I highly recommend selecting Sierra and Alex of Nosam Kennels as your Vizsla or Weimaraner breeder. They are fair, respectful, accommodating and professional. It is clear that they dedicate their lives to ensuring a strong bloodline and happy forever homes for their dogs. I would happily return in the future for another pup without hesitation!
Submitted by: Patti on Oct 16, 2018
I did a years worth of research in finding a reputable breeder. I am so glad that I didn’t buy the first thing that came around or I wouldn’t have a dog like mine. Sierra was beyond knowledgeable and helpful and replied immediately, even if it was something “silly” I needed clarified before and after purchasing a dog. Now my pup is 9 mo old and had his first win at a field trial, 2 passes towards his JH and 2/3 legs for his beginner novice obedience title! Without Sierra’s help guidance and encouragement I don’t think we would be as far as we are. She produces great gun dogs with a brain and velcro personality that fits into your family. If you choose another breeder you will be missing out on all that NoSam’s has to offer!
Submitted by: Tamara Stone on Aug 05, 2018
I love Sierra and NoSam Kennels. I got a Vizsla female (now 8 months) from NoSam. It’s not just the puppy (that is awesome), it’s the education I received before putting a deposit down and still now in support of raising my Pup. I have never had a dog (as an adult), and needed to ask many questions and probably will do in to the future but Sierra is always happy to offer a non judge mental view. This is clearly a team that love what they do and strive to do better. She never sits on her laurels and continues to educate herself. This is a breeder I trust is not just in it for the dollars but wants to establish herself as a fabulous breeder and trainer, both of which I rate from my experience.
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