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Dams: Fabrizia (top) & Sofia (bottom)  ~~~  Flash (top & bottom) Hunting in Italy

Winterborn Spinone is located in Northern Idaho. We are a small breeder of Spinone Italiano, and our Spins are part of our family. We are committed to breeding quality Spinone and have chosen our pack from highly respected breeders with champion bloodlines. For more info. please check out our website:

~  We have two reservations available in our Summer & Winter 2022 Litters ~

Sofia x Flash 11 Puppies ~ "Fantasy" Litter (Pictured on Day 2)

The Colors of Winterborn

All of our Spinoni have been DNA tested by the AHT (Animal Health Trust in the UK); and are "CA Clear" (Cerebellar Ataxia Clear).  This is a rare genetic disease that kills puppies at a young age. Bloodlines that are "CA Clear" never need to worry about this disease.

Our puppies are sold with full AKC registration. All of our puppies come with puppy shot records, microchip identification, tails docked, dew claws removed, health warranty,  information packet, and a familiar toy. Litter pedigree available on Gun Dog Breeder's (Top tab: Dog Pedigrees, to Spinone Italiano Pedigrees, to Winterborn Spinone). We will help facilitate domestic shipping at your expense.

Please let us know what you envision doing with your Spinone. Since each litter has a limited number of puppies to choose from, we will pre-screen the litter for the best candidates for your needs. From that selection we will give you a choice from that group (as long as they last).
New photos of our puppies in our Winterborn Spinone Puppies calendar:
Winterborn Spinone videos on YouTube:
Winterborn Otter At One Month:
Winterborn Tessa Loves the Camera:
Winterborn ~ Sprouting Herbs ~ Day 14‪:
Winterborn Progress Report ~ 4 Weeks:
Winterborn "Gunslingers" Litter ~Day 19:
Winterborn Spinone Fantasy Litter ~ Day 21‬:
Winterborn "Elements" Litter ~ Day 17:
Winter At Winterborn ~ Preparing for Extreme Cold:
Winterborn Spinone ~ "The Desserts" Litter ~ Thriving:
Winterborn Spinone ~ Meet the Desserts ~ Day 22:

Winterborn "Italian Cities" Litter, Fun & Games:
Winterborn "Italian Cities" Litter, Days 14 &15:
Winterborn "Italian Cities" Litter, Dinner Time:

Winterborn Flash Playing with Puppies:
Winterborn Presents "Forli" Week 15:
Winterborn "The Borgias" Litter Day 25:
Winterborn "The Borgias"Litter Days 13/14 Walkin' & Talkin':

Winterborn Artist Litter 2014 Highlights from 7th Week:
Winterborn Artist Litter 2014 "Comfy Crates" - 9th Week:
Winterborn Shares Teaching the "Go Potty" Command:
Winterborn Artist Litter 2014 Playtime, Day 27:
Winterborn Artist Litter 2014, Day 21:

When it comes to hunting, the Spinone is an all-terrain hunter with a steady trot, "hunting at a more human pace." When asked, "Does this hunting dog make a good pet?" my answer is, "Absolutely, but most are still hunters at heart so you will need a fenced yard."
Spinone are for people who like to spend time with their dogs.

In the Spinone Italiano breed boys are as sweet, or sweeter, than the girls.

We look forward to hearing from you,
Sherry Durst

Forli ~ Eyes on the Prize ~ Pictured at 15 weeks
Hunting Dog Breeds Raised
Spinone Italiano
Breeder Contact Info
Sherry Durst
Northern Idaho
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 8 years.
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Submitted by: Mark Caine on Jan 02, 2022
We first connected with Sherry in fall 2020, and after several informative and enjoyable phone conversations we put ourselves on the waitlist for a Winterborn puppy. We are so happy that we did: as of November 2021 we have received our puppy, who has - along with Sherry and the Winterborn team - exceeded our expectations in every possible way.

Four aspects of our experience with Winterborn Spinone particularly stand out:

1. Information: Sherry is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the spinone breed, and highly generous with her knowledge. In the early phases of the process she shared valuable insights and resources on spinones, which helped us confirm that this was the right breed for us given our lifestyle, home environment, and plans for the future. Sherry is more than a breeder: she is a veritable authority on spinones and a leading player in furthering the breed in the USA.

2. Family matching: We are not hunters, but rather an active young family who lives in a city but spends a lot of time in nature. We also have a rescue cat at home and will soon be having children, so our home situation and lifestyle call for a certain temperament of dog. Sherry was very attuned to the importance of a dog's fit within a family/home environment, and having had our dog for 2+ months now we are amazed at how well she matched the dog to our particular needs and preferences. Our dog has already become an integral member of the family, and we are astonished and incredibly grateful at just how well her temperament and energy fit into our lifestyle, home environment, and plans for the future.

3. Quality of Dogs and Early Puppy Care: Beyond her great fit with our family, our Winterborn puppy is just an overall wonderful dog. She conforms well with AKC breed standards, and more importantly she has a wonderful personality, a high level of intelligence, and a remarkably sweet temperament. Based on the feedback we have gotten from our vet as well as her behavior around the house, it is clear to us that she enjoyed both excellent parents and a nurturing early puppyhood while in the care of Sherry and her team. This includes valuable early training foundations, including potty training and crate training, which have made our subsequent training efforts so much easier and more productive than they might otherwise have been.

4. Communication and Ongoing Support: From the our first phone call to the present day, Sherry has been extremely communicative, responsive, enjoyable to work with, and generous with her knowledge and experience. It is so wonderful and reassuring to know that Sherry's commitment to our dog and our family goes beyond the pick-up date.

There is much more that I could write about our experience with Winterborn Spinone, but suffice to say that we could not be happier with our experience, our dog, and our ongoing support from Sherry. As soon as we are ready to welcome another spinone to our family we will be coming right back to Winterborn Spinone!
Submitted by: Charles Rimpila on Nov 28, 2021
I recently received a puppy (Ella) from Sherry and her family and I have to say it's been an amazing experience. They are professional and very sincere in their methods of raising the pups and providing a wonderful environment for them to grow. The information that they also provided was outstanding. Ella is so well behaved, even for a 3month old. She's potty trained, crate trained and also the sweetest dog I've ever met. I couldn't be more happy with Sherry and her team. I highly recommend them if you are serious about Spinone!
Submitted by: Ryan Berube on Aug 30, 2021
Sherry and her family exceeded all expectations. We had been talking to her for several years, and after putting a deposit down for a litter last year, our living circumstances prevented us from feeling confident that it was the right time. Her understanding and flexibility stood out. Winterborn Spinone's care for our puppy was SO impressive. We are happy beyond measure with our brown roan boy (Frank! We're in love!). Sherry set us up for success, and her respect and dedication to the breed should be where the standard is set.
Submitted by: Dina Jadallah on Nov 07, 2020
Since puppyhood is joyous and wonderous, but fleeting, I thought it might be helpful to write an updated review that addresses how our ten-month-old Winterborn puppy, Lucrezia from the Kings and Queens litter. has matured....
With every passing month, Sherry's exemplary work as a breeder and as a resource on all things spinone becomes more apparent... and deeply appreciated.  Winterborn Spinone is impressive in every way. Sherry has been wonderful and invaluable, generously sharing her vast knowledge with us whenever we reached out with a question. Our puppy has exceeded all our expectations. We couldn't be more grateful to the Durst family for breeding marvelous spinoni that are incredibly sweet, intelligent, sensitive, beautiful and eager to please.
In one of our conversations with Sherry, she mentioned that at Winterborn, they raise puppies with families in mind and that they aim to "spread spinone love." Initially, I didn't truly understand the scope of "spinone love" that Sherry succeeded in breeding into her line of spinoni. My husband and I have never had a dog that was as loving, as gentle, and as attached to us as Lucrezia. Lucrezia has yet to exhibit the typical "teenage rebellion" phase of normal puppyhood and I'm not sure she will... Coming when called, even outdoors with distractions, is one of her greatest joys. I can garden in the front yard, open the garage door, and leave her where I tell her to stay. She does not try to escape even when people or other dogs pass by. We're keeping our fingers crossed this attitude lasts! 
Sherry also said that Winterborn focuses on breeding very intelligent dogs. On that front, Lucrezia has proven herself a super smart cookie! She already learned tens of commands, usually after only one or two lessons. Moreover, she has amazing retention, recalling new commands surprisingly well at later dates. She is an avid and happy student, even prodding me to start our training sessions at the usual time! She knows most of her toys by name and loves to retrieve and "find" the ones I hide. Her nose is very keen. While we are not hunters, she nevertheless finds and points hiding quails when I take her for our morning run. True to breed descriptions, she loves to stay in close range even when I drop her leash on (safe) sections of the trails while we're running. She also loves a challenge and makes up games (usually pushing, hiding and stalking a tennis ball or running around with one of her rope toys) to entertain herself when I can't play with her.
In raising the puppies, Sherry and her family expended notable efforts to raise well-behaved dogs for families. We continue to benefit greatly from all their foundational work. Lucrezia remains very thoughtful, cautious, and polite in her greetings. For example, she goes into an expert, and totally adorable and charming, army crawl to greet other dogs, especially when they are smaller than herself. She is especially careful around little dogs so as not to scare them and empathetically adjusts her playing style to suit the demeanor of the dog she meets. She is always polite when greeting humans as well. We take her almost everywhere we go, including to restaurants for outdoor dining two or three times a week. She lays down patiently while we eat, does not beg, and is invariably polite with people dining near us. She likes to think before she acts and is generally cautious. She also is delightful and makes us laugh every day.
Lest you think that I am biased, I most definitely am!! I admit that my husband and I find Lucrezia irresistible: it's hard to pass up kissing and petting her every time we look at her fuzzy head and long-lashed green eyes... Her house manners are impeccable (thanks in large part to the solid foundations that Sherry instilled). She has never destroyed or harmed anything in the house and my garden survived her young puppyhood almost intact! Her responses to commands indoors is perfect; but she still needs work outside not pulling on a leash. 
Over the past several months, we have found Sherry's recommendations regarding pet products to be incredibly useful... and unerringly correct! Sherry is an encyclopedia about spinoni and about dogs! We often feel so very grateful to her for generously sharing her knowledge and wisdom; not to mention for breeding our fantastic Lucrezia! 
I cannot end my review without mentioning that it is always a real pleasure to talk with Sherry: her personality, insights, integrity, and sense of humor are truly exceptional and uplifting. We can't say enough great things about the Winterborn team and their terrific, beautiful, smart, and lovable spinoni!! Getting on Sherry's waiting list for a puppy and being patient while we waited was well worth it. Now Winterborn Spinone has spoiled us forever. Nothing else will do in the future...
Submitted by: Dina Jadallah & Gene Flood on Mar 12, 2020
Sherry Durst and her family deserve all the respect and the highest praise and commendations. I cannot recommend Winterborn Spinone highly enough! Sherry is simply extraordinary - being both an outstanding breeder as well as a wonderful person who is a pleasure to know. Her Winterborn Spinone have exceptional beauty, conformation, and temperaments.
My husband and I waited a long time to get one of Sherry’s puppies. It was worth every minute! We were looking for an easy-going, smart Spinone who would be a family companion and running partner. We got our darling Lucrezia from the Kings and Queens (Emperors and Empresses) litter one week ago and think she’s spectacular!
In our wide search for a reputable breeder, we never came across anyone who came even close to Sherry in terms of knowledge about the breed, quality of loving care for her dogs, and preliminary training work. Anyone who’s watched the Winterborn Spinone YouTube videos can sense the unique rapport, the expert handling and the love in Sherry’s interactions with the puppies. Sherry is informative, conscientious, responsive, helpful and honest. She is an excellent communicator, providing us with extensive training and care resources. She is also vivacious, cheerful, and most importantly, deeply cares about her dogs. Her joie de vivre and expert handling leave an indelible and positive imprint upon the puppies, thereby establishing the best possible foundation for their future.
The proof is in the pudding! We are so impressed with how confident, polite, healthy, happy, smart, and adaptable our Lucrezia is! Before she arrived we had steeled ourselves for the, we thought (based on our past experiences with many dogs), inevitable trials and travails of puppyhood... We need not have worried! She’s a dream puppy!
Sherry taught the puppies to "settle" which proved to be invaluable in producing a puppy that can rest through the normal activity of our family's normal day routine. Lucrezia's calm, curious, and happy temperament is evident when she encounters novel situations, locations, noises, and so forth. She is especially eager to please! She picks up commands in just a couple of repetitions and retains her newly acquired knowledge, recalling the commands from the first attempt the following days. After flying to California, she quickly recovered from the transition and bonded with us almost immediately. She sleeps well in her crate and has great house manners! She goes “potty” on command and has only had two accidents (that were our fault) in the first three days. Since then she has had no accidents, which is remarkable considering she is free to move all over the house – although under close supervision and proactive management on our part. By the end of the first week, she knew how to ask to go out to do her business by walking to the door that leads to the garden.
We are in love with Lucrezia. We're very impressed with her intelligence, her easy-going and gentle attitude, and her playfulness. She’s already a remarkable retriever, returning her tennis ball and toys and even sitting and dropping them when asked! She does not puppy-bite and sits for pets. Lucrezia is affectionate, loves cuddles, chase games, find it games, and being sung to. She is sweeter than pie! We love her orange fuzzy face and ears as well as the orange bullseye on her tail and derriere – especially when she wags it so much it could fall off!
We have Sherry to thank for the invaluable and, in our experience, unprecedented efforts that she and her loving family put into pre-training the puppies to set them up for success.
Submitted by: Joe Sloan on Jan 23, 2019
We picked up Willie (from the Jewels litter) on Jan. 5th. Sherry was a complete professional throughout the entire puppy buying process. She proactively communicates, provides extensive training resources and is very knowledgeable about Spinones. She takes great care to deliver a healthy and well socialized puppy. We couldn't be happier with our choice!
Submitted by: Jay Arana on Jan 13, 2019
Exceptional experience from start to finish. Sherry has a firm grasp on every detai of the process starting with the questionnaire to fit you with the right puppy. Excellent communication throughout the process with lots of videos of the pups, information packets, training resources etc. These are beautiful dogs as well as pre-trained (housebroken and basic commands) and very smart for such a young age. Careful selection of bloodline has paid off and Winterborn provides you with the ideal Spin. This is our second Spinone and Luca is a wonderful addition to our family. I would highly recommend using Winterborn if you are a lover of this special breed.
Submitted by: Leah Bray on Jan 05, 2019
Sherry is an amazing breeder, and we couldn't be happier with our Spinone Italiano puppy from the Jewels litter. Freya is a wonderful puppy. We picked her up at 8 weeks old, and we have had her about a week. She was already socialized enough that she bonded with my husband and I very quickly. The pre-potty training work done at Winterborn is excellent, Freya preferred to go potty outside right when we got her, and she has had very few accidents. She is learning how to tell us that she needs to go outside. The crate training work done at Winterborn is also excellent. Freya was sleeping in her crate without issue right from the get-go. She is healthy, strong and has a lovely temperament. We are very pleased with our choice to purchase a puppy from Sherry at Winterborn Spinone.
Submitted by: Amanda Garrett on Jan 01, 2019
I could write a book about this breeder. Sherry and family are absolutely the best breeder we could hope for. The puppies received 24 hour love and training inside their home. Our puppy knows simple commands, has had only one potty accident in the house (completely our fault) and has polite manners. We are not hunters, but big lovers of dogs of any kind. We typically rescue adult dogs, but decided to contact WInterborn after an encounter with a Spinone at Home Depot. He even knew his name when we got him. The pups are raised around household noises and music and singing, but in such a fun, professional manner. They can not help but be sweet, well adjusted puppies. Belushi is very gentle and loving, and became attached within 30 minutes of meeting us. One last note: the communication was consistent and thorough from the day we found out the due date. We even got ultra sound photos! Thanks to the entire WInterborn crew, especially Sherry!
Submitted by: Christina on Dec 08, 2018
We picked up Otter in October of 2018. Sherry provided a tremendous amount of information from the time we first reached out, to when he was born, to when we picked him and beyond. Otter was a complete trooper through three airports. Once we had him home, the work Sherry and her family puts into their puppies was obvious. He was well adjusted, settled right into his crate and was quickly doing all his business outside. Couldn't be happier with our new pup and experience with Winterborn.
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