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Submitted by: Lane on Feb 17, 2021
In the fall of 2020 I was fortunate enough to be able to connect with Todd Brown at Misty Acres and finally get a chance to get a Griff of my own. It was like hitting the lottery............literally! Someone had just backed out on taking the pick of the litter at the same time I reached out to Todd. It was the only remaining pup in the litter. If you're familiar with Griffs, you should know by now you're going to be on a waiting list to get good stock from a reputable breeder. And in a lot of cases you'll be on that waiting list for a year or more. My luck, if you wish to call it that, didn't stop there. This pup took to the field and training immediately and loved every second of it. At 8 weeks he was burying his head in wood piles, hedge rows, hay bales, blankets / quilts......you name it, he was diving in and pointing it. Then at around 10 weeks old while hanging out with my son on a dove hunt, lo and behold he started retrieving! Albeit ever so clumsily and still lacking in focus at that age. None the less, his instinct, intelligence, desire to please, and drive were all obvious. By 14 weeks Tucker was repetitive and making blind retrieves flawlessly. Now at 6 months old he completely understands and follows "commands"...... or directives as I prefer to call them. He is spot on cue whether in the field or in the blind. Yes, he's still a pup. And yes, although it's rare and easily corrected, he does make puppy mistakes. These mistakes are almost always the result of a distraction he's never encountered before. But whether it's ducks, doves, or quail, it matters not to Tucker. He loves his work and he loves his family with undying commitment. Further more, he gets along very well with all the kids and critters on the farm. Hell, he even gets along with the barn cat ! And barn cat gets along with NOBODY !!! I know what you're thinking, but nobody's perfect. At any rate, I couldn't ask for a better or more versatile companion. His intelligence and disposition are unequaled by any other breed we hunt with. All of my Lab owning buddies consistently turn to their Labs and say "Gunner, watch Tucker.........just watch..........see??? That's how it's done and exactly what you're supposed to do son!" True fact; so far, every time we've hunted with others, someone tries to buy him. Hunting aside, Tucker is an absolute joy to be around no matter what we're doing. Although I can only speak for one dog........Tucker...........I'd recommend Todd Brown and his stock to anyone without any reservations. Everything Todd advised me on has been accurate to a tee. And by the way, if you don't like having your hunting buddy riding shotgun, and I mean right next to you, in the Ranger............well, maybe you should consider a cat......like that damn barn cat I mentioned earlier. Thanks again Todd
Submitted by: Scott Brown on Jun 06, 2019
We got Elwood or Wirehaired Pointing Griffon from Todd at Mistie Acres in March of 19. After spending about an hour on the phone with Todd, who was always available for our bazillion questions, we knew we had picked the right breeder for our needs. Todd is extremely knowledgeable of the breed as well as Beagles. After our very good conversation we made the trip to Arkansas without hesitation to get our amazing pup. Todd took his time with us while we were picking him up and set Elwood all up for his long trip home. Elwood is s very healthy very active smart puppy. Here we are at almost 5 months old and Elwood knows his basic commands and is progressing well in leash training, even though i injured my hand and could not work with him for a couple months. And this dog loves the water!. He is a joy to have and his good breeding is obvious.
Thanks so much Todd for letting us get our Elwood!
Submitted by: Dale Bright on May 22, 2019
If you are looking for a great all-around hunting and family dog the WPG is a great choice and Todd is a great choice for a breeder. We got a new pup from Todd in January of 2018 and our experience with her has been outstanding. Ellie is an exceptional family dog and her first-year hunting ducks in Arkansas was a success. Ellie is 17 months now and has turned out to be a great companion.
Submitted by: Jason and Anne Lambeth on Nov 23, 2018
Our WPG puppy came from one of Todd’s litters at Mistie Acres 3 years ago. He is the most beautiful dog and such a wonderful addition to our family. Rambo is big, strong, healthy and loyal. We haven’t had a bit of trouble with him. Todd clearly loves his dogs and is passionate about them. They are well cared for and are raised in a healthy and safe environment. He made sure we had everything we needed and every question answered when we took our little bundle home with us three years ago. We have spoken with him a few times since, and he has always been eager to visit with us and hear about Rambo’s progress. Thank you, Todd!
Submitted by: HANNAH ROATEN on Jul 02, 2018
We purchased our WPG in December 2017 and made the drive from Dallas. Todd communicated very quickly and was very helpful every time that I reached out to him. Stevie is the best family friend and I love her willingness to please and her ability to relax when it is time to "quiet" down. Thanks Todd for an amazing dog!!!
Submitted by: Carlo Jurani on Mar 28, 2018
We called and made arrangements to pick up our WHP Griffon Feb 4, 2018. It was an easy drive from Kansas City. Mr. Brown has been great with information to get us started training our family pup. He sent us off with meds and towels and every reassurance that he would be easily available for questions. All the documentation helped quickly transition to our vet at home. The dog is beautiful and easy to train. Super dog with our kids 10 and 13. Thank you Mr Brown.
Submitted by: Mike on Mar 27, 2018
Met Todd in early January of 2018. I drove from Tennessee so I could see the kennel and dogs (wirehaired pointing griffon) before deciding. Lilly is now 4 months old and a great family friend to my boys and wife.

Lilly is a pure hunting dog. Tons of drive and catching on quickly to all training, currently imprinting her on quail and shed horns. Lilly's parents were both calm and receptive to all my interactions with them. It has carried over to Lilly as she is not only trainable but very sociable.

I would recommend this kennle for anyone wanting a quality dog for family, hunting, or both.
Submitted by: Walter Cox on Feb 03, 2018
If you are looking for a great all around hunting and family dog the WPG is a great choice and Todd is a great choice for a breeder. We have a new pup from Todd and our experience with him has been outstanding. Spenser was well taken care of and has transitioned into our family with ease. I can't wait for the weather to get a little warmer so we can start working on some outdoor training better. Our vet was impressed with the pup especially because she is familiar with the breed and said you have to be careful with the show breeders as they have bred some less than desirable traits into the show lines. The hunting/family lines Todd breeds don't have the problems.
Submitted by: Jesse on Jan 27, 2018
Great breeder to deal with. Our griffon is now 3 months old and couldn’t ask for more out of a dog. Well mannered and a quick learner. Todd took care of some logistical issues when we purchased that really helped us out. Overall great experience.
Submitted by: Anne Red on Jan 31, 2016
We picked up our wirehaired pointing griffon last month. Todd was great to work with. He clearly loves his dogs, which are happy and very well cared-for. Our puppy is absolutely perfect! He is exactly what we were hoping for when searching for a griff. Thank you Todd!
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