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Submitted by: Katie McGowan on Oct 30, 2015
This is a LONG overdue testimonial to this page. We got our boy Rogue (then known as Kaiser) back in April 2012. We already have 1 Brit who is almost 6, and they adore each other. Best friends for life. There is no one Rogue loves more in this world than his older brother Raley. He also adores his human grandparents and uncles. I couldn't imagine life without him and can't thank Ann enough for bringing him in to the world for us. I still remember the day we went to pick him out. What a wonderful experience. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything. I love this boy more than I ever thought imaginable. He is quick to please, learns fast, is such a great runner and has a better nose than any other Brit I've known. He's also gorgeous. We call him our "pretty boy". He doesn't hunt but he loves and loves deeply and genuinely. He also enjoys being up in the hills with our family while the other dogs do their thing.
Submitted by: Andrea Swenson on May 28, 2015
Anne is a wonderful breeder. She truly cares about the Brittany breed and has set the standard. We traveled from Northern California and Anne was actually recommended by another breeder. We absolutely love our little girl! She is beautiful, healthy and smart. We hope to get another pup soon!
Submitted by: Kimberly Haynie on Dec 24, 2013
I decided I wanted a Brittney but really knew very little about how to select a puppy. I called Anne to see if she had any pups for sale. She did not have any at the time, and had never met me, but was still willing to share her knowledge and experience with me in a kind and patient manner. She help me focus in on what I really wanted in a Brittney and which competitive activities I would most likely enjoy. I was suprised at how easily and quickly she was able to help me gain clarity. Anne also gave me good advice on what kinds of question to ask a breeder of any pups I might be interested in, and she was willing to try help me find a pup elsewhere if I did not want to wait for her to breed her dam. Anne obviously cares very much about the Brittney breed and the people who are interested in giving Brittneys a loving home.
Submitted by: Kari Somerton on Jul 13, 2013
I have one of the current litter of Anne's pups and we are absolutely in love with her. She is 10 weeks old now and is everything we wanted. She is smart, sweet, cuddly, healthy and playful. She picks up new tricks so quickly and has already learned to retrieve as well. She is friendly to everyone and did not even flinch at the fireworks! As for Anne she is sincere, honest and easy to work with. She was generous with her time, and answered all my questions with her vast knowledge of Brittanys. I am so glad we came across her on this site and would recommend Anne as a breeder without reservation. Thank you, Anne, for the best puppy we could imagine!!
Submitted by: K Parks on May 09, 2013
I have known Anne for 2 years and have been to her property in Central Point many times. I acquired a rescue Britanny and needed a place to board him while on vacation, so I gave her a call. She has been a valuable resource for me and my family... training tips, health advice, boarding, and she has been gracious to allow my 2 youngest children to help socialize her most recent litter of puppies (Jewel/Major April 2013). Those puppies are gorgeous! Also I've known both Jewel and Major and would not hesitate to raise one of their puppies if I had the opportunity (but my wife says one Brittany is all for now). We will continue to board Jimmer with Anne when we are out of town; and my kids will always look forward to playing with her puppies each spring.
Submitted by: Angie Weaver on Jan 09, 2013
There just aren't words to describe how wonderful our experience has been! Carl and Dena Miller are just fantastic. We recieved the second pick of the male pups from Chip and Molly's litter. We live in No. California, but Carl kept us updated with videos and pictures on facebook. To top it off they brought our pup to our home on their way up to Oregon so we didn't have to make an extra trip down south.
We received Aragorn Sep. 18, 2012. He is eager to please, highly intelligent and super easy to train. He is the perfect companion and family dog.
We do a lot of hiking and camping and we wanted a dog that enjoyed being out in nature as much as we do. Aragorn is, in my opinion, the perfect dog.
Submitted by: Diana Miller on Oct 22, 2012
We met Anne 12 years ago when we purchased Molly 1 from her so we called her to purchase another Brittany this year. This past April Anne gave me the most incredible opportunity letting me attend the birth of Jewel's 1st litter of puppies. It was a long day and night but I wouldn't have missed it for anything. I had never seen puppies born before. Anne has a great deal of experience and made the whole event exciting and educational. I went to see the puppies twice a week for 8 weeks and watched how Anne started their training very early. We purchased a female from this litter, Little Molly III,she is our pride and joy.
The time and effort Anne puts into making these pups the best they can be shows true dedication. I believe the dogs have natural ability needed for hunting but Anne gives them a head start on confidence and exposure. All of the pups are her hands on projects which makes for intelligent loving dogs.
Thank you Anne for raising great pups and helping owners to raise great dogs. Diana Miller
Submitted by: Lisa on Sep 26, 2012
We brought our sweet girl home a few days ago. She is from the July 2012 litter from Carl & Dena Miller's Molly. Not only is she beautiful, she's got the best disposition and is so eager to please. She happily goes into her crate for naps and night time and has learned basic stuff in an amazing amount of time! We simply love her and she is a great addition to our family. Looking forward to all of our adventures and memorie! Thanks Carl & Dena for the love & work on this litter, an amazing pup! All of the love and work you poured into her shows! She has figured out the flow of the family and flows with us! Carly's quite content and happy! Super ball of busy fun! Thanks again!
Submitted by: Rob Gunderson on Apr 19, 2012
I purchased a female puppie from the June 2011 litter. I have owned a Brittany and two Lab's previously. Our new addition has been great. I couldn't have asked for a better companion. She loves the outdoors, has great instinct, and loves to please. She is a beautiful dog and I get compliments everywhere I go. I would highly recommend Anne Henry and Treasure Keepers Brittany.
Submitted by: Ed and Adele Basham on Mar 24, 2012
All of Anne's pups were spoken for but she helped us find one by referring us to several other breeders in our area who might have pups available. It's a testament to her commitment to the betterment and promotion of the breed. Thank you Anne for helping us find Enzo the wonder pup!
Submitted by: Pat Cronin on Jan 10, 2012
I picked up Hawkeye a week ago and my wife and I have fallen in love with him. He is my fifth Brittany and looks to be the best of them all.It is obvious that he was raise with great love from Ann. He wants to please and learns very fast. I took him on his first hunt. He followed Marley my five year old Brit around then went out on his own, pointed two birds and retrieved one with no urging from me. He is a born hunter, and I am looking forward to many more hunts with him.
Submitted by: Joan and John Bille on Dec 25, 2011
We had the good fortune of being able to obtain a male Brittany pup from TK's most recent litter, born June 2011. We were encouraged to meet the breeders and their dogs prior to making a decision to purchase a pup. That gave us the opportunity to check them out and they could see what we are like as well. We were also lucky enough to live fairly close by so that when the puppies were born we were able to spend time with the mom (Star) as well as the pups almost from the day they were born. We believe this is part of the reason the pups are so well socialized. The rule was that we had to hold, snuggle and play with every pup, not just the one we wanted. From an early age they met a variety of people and were introduced to the outdoors, to water and even to potty training. The breeders are also willing to advise on training and on picking up our pup were given a mini course on care and training. Our pup Reacher is an amazingly well adjusted dog. He is loving, friendly and smart. He gets along wonderfully with our other 2 dogs, a 14 1/2 yr old Brittany and our 11 yr old Border collie. While playing with the 14 yr old he is gentle and a holy terror with the Border collie. At nap time they are a lump of dogs, all snuggled in together. Reacher is a beautiful, lovable and loving character and a joy to have a member of our family. We've expanded our circle of friends too - we're email buddies with a litter mate's "Mom" and a Mom from previous litter. And they are as crazy about their dogs as we are with
Submitted by: Kathy Lydon on Nov 27, 2011
I have always loved the gun dog breeds for their beauty, intelligence, and disposition. When I lost my beloved GSP to cancer and the time came to find a new dog to love, I decided upon a Brittany. After thorough research I contacted Anne Henry at Treasure Keepers Brittanys (TKs). I live in Los Angeles and Anne arranged for me to meet Bernadette, who also lives in L.A., and Baci, her gorgeous TKS Britt from a previous litter (see her review below). We have quickly become lasting friends.

Anne was there with information and support every step of the way. It's not about "Show me the money" at TKs, it's about "Show me the love and commitment". She emailed pics of the parents, Star and River, pregnancy news, and then pics of the newborns and updates on their developing personalities. I was able to watch the pups grow from afar via pics and video until I drove to Oregon to pick up little Skye at 9 weeks. Skye is PERFECT in every way. She is the smartest, most loving, beautiful girl. I could not be happier with her or more pleased with the Treasure Keepers experience.

Skye is now six months old. She is excelling in obedience and she and Baci recently had their first play date. Anne and I continue to communicate often. She deeply loves these dogs and she generously shares her vast knowledge of training, health, growth, and development. As a bonus, she is just a really nice person! If you are looking for a breeder of integrity, look no further than Anne Henry at Treasure Keepers.
Submitted by: Jenny Malone on Jan 05, 2011
I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Anne Henry and her beautiful dog Jewel at the store. Jewel is in training to help her out and I was astounded at how well she behaves. She stayed right by Anne's side, moved when she did, sat when Anne wasn't moving, (we were talking), and behaved beautifully! I have been around other dogs that were in training before, but, Jewel is a Jewel! She behaves so wonderfully and does just what she is supposed to do. I am greatly impressed! Thank You for your information, and I know that Jewel will treat you well. What a Joy! Jenny Malone
Submitted by: Katrina Laws on Jul 23, 2010
About two years ago my husband began researching Brittany breeders and watching their websites. He kept going back to TK Brittanys. I, myself did not grow up with dogs and was a little apprehensive about being a pet owner. After the first communication with Anne I was sold and knew that a Brittany would be great for our family.
Anne opened up her house to us before the pups were born for us to meet her and Star, the mommy. She made us feel at home and included our children in the process.
After we brought Lucy home in April 2010 the communication and education of being a pet owner was continued. If we call or email Jim or Anne they answer us and if they don't have an answer they ask around to help us out.
Our little, Lucy is gorgeous, healthy and is going to be a great bird hunter with my husband. Anne & Jim introduced the pups to the bird wing and birds when they are very young and it shows! Lucy brings us much joy and our thankful for the GREAT breeders, Anne and Jim.
We are taking our kids and Lucy to visit Anne and her dogs this weekend. I'm sure we will come home with new training techniques.
Submitted by: Carl Miller on Jul 17, 2010
From day 1 my wife Dena And I were very pleased with what had learned about Treasure Keepers. A breeder that really cares about their dogs and strives to better the breed. After reviewing the pictures Anne sent we made a selection on the 8/8/08 litter and had the 2nd pick.In early October we drove to Oregon from our home in Southern California to pick up Molly. She was adorable and Dena and I knew we would be very happy with our new family member.We immediately joined the California Brittany Club. In February 09 at just 6 months old Molly earned her Junior Hunter title. Not much training at this point she just worked the birds on her natural instincts from her TK breeding.We began going to confirmation shows and Molly began to show great promise in the ring. In May of this year at just over 18 months she swept the 4 day Mission Circuit show in Pomona not only earning 4 & 5 points on Friday and Saturday to finish her Championship but also earning another 4 & 5 points on Sunday and Monday towards her Grand Champion title. I was also working with Molly on Obediance and to date she has completed two legs of her Companion Dog title. When time permits we will enter her to earn the third leg needed for her title. Molly has been with our local trainer for a 2 month course so she will be ready to compete this fall to earn her Senior Hunter title. What more can I say. The breeding of Treasure Keepers is a solid line with dogs that can compete in the field and the ring not to mention that Molly will curl up on the couch with us every night and would rather sleep with us rather than her kennel. She is a hunter, a show dog,obediant, and a house dog. We are so happy that we found Treasure Keepers and met Anne Henry.It was a long drive but worth every mile to have a dog like Molly.
Submitted by: Rose Vivier-Layfield on Jun 06, 2010
I cannot tell you what a joy my pup, Venture is. He is my very first Brittany and is very impressive indeed. Jim and Karyn were very nice to let us visit Venture and reserve him as my show dog. He is turning heads everywhere he goes and I would HIGHLY recommend TK's to anyone looking for top quality Brittanys. I am anxious to get him started in handling classes this month and to continue his upland bird training. Look out show world. TK's Umpqua River's Wild Adventure is gonna rock your world. I cannot say enough good things about this breeder and my dog. Thanks Jim, Karyn and Anne for giving me this great opportunity.
Submitted by: Bernadette Antle on Jun 03, 2010
Having two Brittanys from rescue, I fell in love with the breed. So, when my female, Tir na, died in August 2009, I knew Iíd eventually want another. I decided, for the first time in my life, to look in to breeders. I was very nervous about the whole breeder experience. After much research, I contacted TKís Brittanys online.

From the moment I contacted Anne, just looking for information (long before Star was even bred), she was highly informative, responsive and helpful. And this was before there was even a puppy to put a deposit on! I got pictures of Starís previous litter and once Star and Riverís litter was born on Feb. 7-8, 2010, pictures and info flowed in abundantly.

In April, I brought home my beautiful, smart, and vivacious little Baci. I drove up from Los Angeles with my 10 year-old male Britt, Nelson. Anne spent TWO days with me on training, feeding, grooming and many other important Brittany specific issues. I was able to meet TKís Jim and the kennelsí dogs, Katie (our Baciís grandmamma), Major, Truely, Star and Gaston Ė all beautiful, healthy, smart and titled. There were several puppies from the litter still at Anneís and it was priceless to spend time with them all and witness them interact with one another. Anne sent me home with discs and a wealth of information, and a family of Brittanys and their people!

Responsible breeders, Anne and Jim made my first experience the best you could dream of! I canít wait to start taking agility with Baci and look forward to another puppy from this outstanding kennel in the years to come!
Submitted by: Tracy and Dave Eisenberg on May 30, 2010
We just recently adopted our second puppy from Treasure Keepers and we are so happy with her. Dover is from Star and River's February 2010 litter. She is beautiful, healthy, smart, and has an OUTSTANDING disposition. Thank you, Anne, Jim and Karyn.

Tracy and Dave
Submitted by: Pete Weller on Feb 02, 2010
We bought our male Brittany on 10/18/08 from a litter born 8/8/08. We drove from Seattle to make the purchase and are happy that we did. He is a beautiful dog and a fine hunter. I appreciate the obvious love that Anne has for these dogs while in her charge. He's a loving, well-adjusted dog and member of our family.
Submitted by: Yolanda Haynes on Nov 11, 2009
We adopted Ollie from James Adams in late September of this year. Ollie was one year old when we purchased him and he is the beautiful orange and white son of Star. Ollie is our first Brittany and we are completely sold on this wonderful breed! Ollie is so smart, he has a great personality, he loves to play with his of stuffed toys, he has energy and endurance for all day romps, and he is so loving with everyone he meets. We could not ask for a better dog. Thanks so much Treasure Keepers. You really gave our family a treasure.

Haynes Family
Jacksonville, OR
Submitted by: Tom and Nancy Loughlin on May 15, 2009
We have a wonderful liver and white female American Brittany named 'Pepper' from the March 2009 litter of Truely and Major. The dog is perfect. Well formed, beautiful markings, wonderful demeanor, and intelligent. I canít imagine a better dog to have with us for the next 15 or so years. We look forward to a great companion. We do not hunt but intend to sharpen her skills in the field and at home. Treasure Keepers Brittanys are proud of all their dogs, and for good reason. They produce a quality dog that is healthy, alert, and ready for your home. Anne provides excellent advice and material for making the transition easier for the dog and the new parents. We highly recommend Treasure Keepers Brittanys without exception.
Submitted by: Tracy and Dave Eisenberg on May 06, 2009
We highly recommend Treasure Keepers Brittanys. Whether you want a hunting dog, show dog, or family companion, you will get the BEST from Anne Henry. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionately devoted to her dogs. Our Bristol (from Truely and Major's March 2009 litter) got the perfect start in life being cared for by Anne. Anne communicated often with us, from before the breeding until we took our puppy home at 8 weeks. She warmly welcomed us into her home to visit often so we could begin bonding with our pup. We couldn't be happier with our beautiful, healthy, sweet natured Bristol. We suggest putting Treasure Keepers at the top of your list of qualified breeders.
Tracy and Dave
Submitted by: Gary and Cindy on May 04, 2009
My family purchased "Ruger" from Treasure Keepers in October 2008. He was part of the 8/8/08 litter. Since he has been with us we can not praise this breeder enough. He is a great dog and we recieve positive comments about his demeanor, and appearance all the time. When we went to check out the puppies we were met with breeders that were not out to just make a buck but truly loved the dogs and wanted to promote the breed. We were showed all the puppies and given a chance to handle all of them. It was a hard decision so we returned the next day to make our final decision. Since the purchase our vet has commented about the quality of dog we recieved and just recently he has attended Dan Mar's training for hunting dogs and I was thrilled to have a world renowned trainner comment so positively on him. He will soon be leaving for 2 months of training with Dan and can't wait for his first hunting season. I want to thank Treasure Keepers for giving us the opportunity to add such a special dog to our family. I highly recommend these folks.
Submitted by: Andrew Silani on Jan 10, 2009
I guess that you can delete your not so great feed back. Like I wrote before make sure you know what you are getting. A great dog. HOWEVER they are limited AKC! That means you can NOT Breed or do any thing with out this breeders permission. Make sure before spending the kind of money, that they ask, that you do not want to breed the dog or do any thing that needs a full AKC paper.
By Limiting the AKC means there is no reason to have the AKC Paper work to begin with. I am sure they will delete this post also. I am not in any way saying the dog is bad it is just LIMITED!
Submitted by: Chevelle Malone on Jan 07, 2009
Samson is the son of Major and Star, and he is one of the loves of my life! He is truly a part of our family. He is extremly smart and sweet, he loves going running with us as well as just sleeping on the couch (or in our bed) draped over our laps. He is also very considerate of our newborn baby girl. Anne was nothing but helpful, always quick to respond to my questions (both before and after the purchase of Samson). I couldn't ask for a better breeder or a better dog- Samson is everything I hoped for! I wholeheartedly recommend TK's for anyone wanting to add a Brittany to their family!
Submitted by: George & Lynne Hill on Jan 05, 2009
Our 10/08/08 Brittany puppy purchase from TK's Brittanys was a perfect purchase. This is Brittany #3 for us, #1 and #2 were the experiences that sold us on the breed. Sarah from TK's is the best treasure we could welcome into our household. She is smart, beautiful, and showing she will excel at the hunting game. Breeder Anne Henry knows her dogs, their bloodlines, capabilities and dispositions. Her progressive daily exposure to stimuli begins the day the puppies are born. Anne's evaluation of each puppies disposition and traits was educational, informative and comparable to being exposed to the puppy encyclopedia. The most asked question at our first veterinarian visit was "Where did you get this top quality Brittany?" The remarks about Sarah's obvious top quality breeding keep coming. We are especially proud to hear the positive comments from our AKC certified judge neighbor. We are very pleased to say this has been a perfect positive puppy purchase.
Thank You Anne !!!

George & Lynne & Sarah, aka: nine of thirteen.
Submitted by: Angela Owens on Dec 29, 2008
Our family purchased "Torch" at 8 weeks from the litter of 13 by Star and Major born in August of 2008. I really cannot say enough about Treasure Keepers, and especially Ann. She spent so much time with us and allowed us to come frequently to visit. Ann gave us invaluable time and knowledge and still does so. This is truly a top-notch place. Having only one litter at a time, Ann definitely devotes all her time, energy and love into all the puppies. It is truly an amazing thing to see. All the dogs here receive excellent care, and the adults are very well trained. Our puppy is such a wonderful addition to our family, and he came to us very stable. Our son is beginning 4H this year with our puppy, and he is such a quick learner. We are very happy together. I would absolutely recommend Treasure Keepers Brittanys.
Submitted by: Charlotte McCusker on Dec 21, 2008
We recently acquired a lovely little female nine month old Brittany from Anne Henry. The dog had been well cared for is lively, funny, has lots of personality and is a joy to live with. When I have e-mailed Anne with a question she has promptly returned with an answer. We are delighted with our dog and high recommend getting a dog from this kennel.
Charlotte McCusker
Submitted by: Aaron Constable on Jan 26, 2008
I purchased "Ripper" Cal Ripkin JR. from Anne and I am very pleased with him. Anne was very through in presenting all the information and documentation on Ripper. He is very smart and a great companion. I plan to take him into the high desert in October for some chukar hunting. Anne runs a top notch operation and I would highly recommend purchasing a Brittany from this kennel.
Submitted by: Johanna Dantzman on Nov 22, 2007
Treasure Keepers is an amazing find if you are looking for a high quality dog. These dogs are raised with love and devotion from the moment they are born. We brought home our dog at 8 weeks and he is a wonderful addition to the family. We are grateful that we found Treasure Keepers. I am sure that everyone who receives a puppy from TK Brittanys feels the same way. Thank you.
Submitted by: Edie Van Valkenburg on Nov 21, 2007
We purchased our 4 month old Brittany puppy from Anne Henry, and we have been thrilled with both the dog and her service. Our pup is smart, healthy, friendly, and has become a true part of our family. Our pup loves children and going for long walks. She already has a beautiful point and learns quickly. Anne has been invaluable in giving us advice and hands-on training, even lending us collars and leashes that are appropriate for the dog's size. Anne is a wealth of knowledge, and truly loves all her dogs. We especially appreciated how she allowed us to visit the puppies frequently and play with them so we could choose just the right one for our family. The dogs are well taken care of, and have an impressive lineage. I would highly recommend acquiring a dog from this breeder.
Submitted by: Diana Miller on Nov 20, 2007
Treasure Keepers Brittanys are very dedicated to producing pups that are happy,intelligent and beautiful. We bought our Brittany, Molly, at 8 weeks old. When we picked her up we were given advice on her care and suggestions on helping her adjust to a new home. I was very impressed with TKB's efforts to make sure the pups go to good homes and have a continued interest in their training and care. It was a pleasure dealing with TKB and would recommend their dogs and services to anyone.
Submitted by: Patricia M. Berlet on Nov 11, 2007
I consider Teasure Keepers Brittanys the Best. My five means top of the line dogs. I have used Treasure keepers as a dog sitter for my standard silver poodle Koda. She gets the best attention, clean environment and love from the owner. I would not trust my dog with anyone else. Much love goes to Koda from the owner of Treasure keepers, along with food and plenty of exercise with the other dogs.

I would like you to consider them as a top of the line breeder as well as top of the line pet care-taker.

Pat Berlet
Submitted by: Kaley Olson on Nov 11, 2007
I have one of Katie's grand-daughters. Maggie has proven to be the best dog a family could ever ask for. She is an amazing dog with all who come in contact with her. She is especially great with babies and children. I have also had many experiences with Anne. She is a very knowledgable person and wonderful breeder. Anne is very good with her dogs and treats then with excellent care. The puppies come with beginning training and a love for birds. The fact that they are already micro-chipped is an added bonus. Anyone who loves their dog should have this done. When Anne places a puppy in a new home there is never a question of the quality of dog a person would get. Anne has always been available if I have any questions or concerns. She has always been able to help or if she doesn't know she will find the answer for me. I appreciate all she has done for me and would recommend her to anyone looking for a great Brittany Spaniel.

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