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Submitted by: Trent on Jun 13, 2016
We are doing good. Still don't have a family photo because my wife is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to photos. Here are a few though from the past few weeks. Maddux is fitting in the family nicely. We'll be in touch!

Submitted by: Lynn Dee on May 30, 2016
We are very excited about our new puppy. She is from Sun Country Bretons and if she is half the bird dog that our other gal from them is, she will be a very good one. We can't say enough about the Rice's....their dogs, breeding, and ethics are top notch. Thank you Linda and Don. Her name is still up in the air a little bit as we get to know her.

Lynn Dee
Submitted by: Laurie on May 29, 2016
Hi Don and Linda,

I just wanted to let you know I finally completed the registration papers for Mikey: Miles Rhys de Pays du Soleil (call name Rhys).

He's doing well and has an appointment for his vet visit next Wednesday.

He has one or two frenzied episodes each day where he seems just completely nuts! Our Aussie did the same when she was a pup,

He's getting plenty of sleep and exercise and seems basically happy, although there are sounds that frighten him (like motorcycles starting up and neighbors dogs barking).

Our female really seems to like him and he loves her. He follows her around and watches everything she does.

Thanks for all your help and patience!

Submitted by: Michael on May 29, 2016
Don & Linda,

Just a quick note to update you on Holly. She continues to do well and has put on a couple of lbs.

She knows and responds to her basic commands as well as a couple of fun ones like shaking hands and rolling over.

Here she is on point during one of our evening walks. There was a family of quail in the hedge row about 30 yards in front of us that crossed the road a few minutes later.
<photo 1.JPG>

We get out to the Air Force base where I work at least once a week. Over 90000 acres...and no one seems interested in hunting the quail there. Holly and I have pushed as many as four coveys in less than two hours.

Attached are some pictures from those hikes.

Anyway, thanks again for the wonderful companion Holly has become.


Submitted by: Dave on May 22, 2016
Just wanted to thank you both for doing such a wonderful job socializing Mia. We had many people over to meet her last night and she was great with everyone, big and small. Of course the whole family is in love with her. We had a great first night, not much whining at all. She seems very adventurous in the yard as well. Super excited about our future in the field.
Thanks again,

Submitted by: Brian on Apr 29, 2016
Don & Linda

We are really enjoying our days with Lucas ! He is an amazing Pup. Fun & Smart. Quite handsome too ! He gets lots of attention on outings as people are quite taken by his appearance and personality !
Attached a pic of him pointing a pigeon last week. He is developing nicely.

Hope all is well with you.
Enjoyed seeing pics of your latest litter on FB !

Blessings, Brian
Submitted by: Janine on Mar 11, 2016
Hi Don and Linda,

I heard that you have one of Mavericks 2014 pups. I am not sure if my parents mentioned that we are considering getting a second dog. We were thinking about a cavalier King Charles but now are reconsidering the breed. We really would like a companion for our first dog from you,Gracie, that can keep up with her out in the canyon. Rob runs her in the canyon behind our house daily and hoses her off when he gets home cause she likes to get muddy. He likes her low maintenance coat. We have been so spoiled because she has such a wonderful temperament. I can't say enough to good things about her. I am not sure if you would consider selling the dog to us, but if so, we would like to find out more about him.

Look forward to hearing from you,


Submitted by: Janine on Mar 11, 2016
Hi Don and Linda,

On a happier note, Junior is doing great!! He is such a big sweetheart! He actually listens better than Gracie sometimes. She can be a bit mischievous at times and he just watches her. It's so cute to see them together. He loves to be right at my feet while I am working and at night he snuggles up to Rob. He has been such a joy to have and we love him soo much!! I can't wait to see him interact with Maverick when we visit at Thanksgiving.

Take care and I will keep in touch :)

Submitted by: ID on Nov 29, 2015
Hi guys

Thought that we should give you an update on how Belle is doing this season. In short: impressive. Although her youth and lack of experience do show at times, this little gal has an innate composure on birds that is impressive. This morning is an example. I am housebound with a litter of 5 day old setter pups so Mike and Belle went hunting alone. Mike could see that Belle was trailing and when he approached her staunch point, turkeys began flushing all around them. Belle stayed on point until the one right in front of her flushed. Mike dropped it w his little 28. Mike had marked where the turkeys flew and later she again pointed and he dropped a 2nd turkey over her. She pointed 3 more turkeys but he had only 2 tags so let them go. A bit later she pointed and only a single quail flushed. Mike thought he missed cleanly but they continued up that draw. A bit later, there comes Belle from up the draw with that quail in her mouth. She also pointed a covey of quail.

This morning is quite typical for Belle. What young dog doesn't go berzerk over turkeys flushing around them?! Her composure on point is like that of a veteran dog, not a youngster and she has shown it since day 1. She has a heck of a nose and is learning how to trail quite well. She has a natural caution in trailing and she rarely causes a bird to flush. We have seen her relocating so slow and low to the ground in open cover that she almost looks like she is crawling, all in an effort to not cause the birds to bust. She backs well and her retrieve is pretty good. She ranges out quite a ways but has learned to check back in. All of this with zero training from us - we just take her hunting.

I know this sounds pretty glowing but it is true. We are curious if this type of composure is something you would say is typical of your breedings? Her style is quite different than our other FBs - they are more hard charging and aggressive in their point - still highly effective, just different than Belle.

Thank you for this little bird dog, you should be proud of her. She is a good one and has especially stolen Mike's heart. He calls her "Sugar Belle".

Submitted by: Nancy on Nov 19, 2015
We had bought one of your puppies three years ago and we would like to get another one when you have a new litter. Our Gabbi is just beyond WONDERFUL!! He loves to hunt with Floyd and is very good at it. He knows the difference between hunting and being a spoiled family pet at home. We LOVE him so much!! A big THANKS for letting us have one of your puppies.
Nancy & Floyd

Submitted by: Travis on Nov 11, 2015
Hi Don and Linda,
Travis and I got our beloved dog Hawk (Ellie's brother) from you about 6 years ago. We were talking recently about what a great dog Hawk is and thought it would be nice to let you guys know that.

He is the smartest dog I have ever known and an EXCELLENT hunter! We have had so many amazing bird hunting experiences with him. We are so bonded to him and he is to us.

We couldn't have hoped for a better bird, family, companion dog. We look forward to more fun adventures with him!

Courtney and Travis Bruner
Submitted by: Lynn D on Jul 29, 2015
Good morning! I hope that all is well with you and your crew. I know that this is a hot time of year for you folks as well as here so perhaps it is a quiet time for you also. Belle continues to be a wonderful gal. It's interesting - at just about 18 months of age her ribs sprung and she filled out and she went from being a lean teenager to being nicely bodied out. After such a precocious puppy season we are anxious to see what she does this fall - we think that she will continue to impress but we are also experienced enough to know that she may also have some wild-child 2 yr old days. We will keep you informed but want you to know that we love her and are very happy with her.
Submitted by: Courtney on Jun 17, 2015
Hi Don and Linda,

Travis and I got our beloved dog Hawk (Ellie's brother) from you about 6 years ago. We were talking recently about what a great dog Hawk is and thought it would be nice to let you guys know that.

He is the smartest dog I have ever known and an EXCELLENT hunter! We have had so many amazing bird hunting experiences with him. We are so bonded to him and he is to us.

We couldn't have hoped for a better bird, family, companion dog. We look forward to more fun adventures with him!

Submitted by: Jon on Mar 29, 2015
Don update on Boulot, he's crate trained, he's used to a doggy door, is the sweetest, goofiest pup there is. He's awesome. Truly a wonderful dog. I named him Boulot (Boo-low), which is french for "tubby". The boy likes to eat .

Thanks very much Don.

Submitted by: Rick on Feb 22, 2015
Don want to tell a quick story. I'm sure you've heard many stories about how good a Brittany's nose is but there is a good one. This photos isn't staged or doctored.
I'd just shot a pheasant and Fiona was retrieving it back to me. So I got my camera out to take a picture of her with a pheasant in her mouth. Recall retrieving is her weakest skill, (cuz of me), and she'll normally bring it half way back, drops it and lays down. That picture I already sent you.
So as I'm getting ready to take the picture she drops the pheasant in her mouth and immediately goes on point at the nearby wild rose bush.
That to me that is exceptional. With one in her mouth she's able to be on to the next one!!!
Something for your clients to know.
Take care.
Submitted by: LD on Feb 09, 2015
Hi Don and Linda

Well, in a few days the bird season ends here in Kansas so I thought I would give you an update on Belle. We love her! She is going to be a great little birddog and addition to our pack. She has gotten to hunt several species this year ranging from Montana to Vermont to Kansas and has gotten many, many hours of hunting. She has legs and covers some ground - she will range out 200 yds yet checks in and keeps track of us. We are fine with that because she is incredibly staunch - once on point, we can take all the time we want to get to her, take pictures, position ourselves for the shot, etc and she will never push the birds. She will relocate on her own if they run but usually will wait until we get there to do so, yet she has so much composure on birds that in relocating she rarely bumps them. Just yesterday she pinned a covey that was in a hedgerow. they ran, she relocated them and pinned them - in an, open, over- grazed pasture. Nice move for any dog.

She retrieves nicely, especially if hunting alone. All of our dogs like to retrieve and she won't scramble with them for the privilege but we feel we can count on her when she is alone. Backing is great as well. All of this is with zero formal or official training from us, the birds and other dogs have taught her all.

She is a pretty gal, a bit leggy and gangly at this point but will fill in with time. Mike couldn't be happier with her.

So, thank you again for this wonderful little gal. Can't imagine that a year ago we hadn't even met her yet. I have attached some photos of her for you.

Lynn Dee
Submitted by: Seth on Feb 06, 2015
Don & Linda,

I wanted to take a second and thank you guys once again for my little Sammy. Don with your guidance and help in training Sammy has turned out to be a wonderful hunting dog. She took fourth place out of twenty five in the Arizona Pointing Dog Club Hunter Class even after missing several trials last year. She has not only proven herself in the field during her two short years of life but also has proven herself as a wonderful family dog. She has became best friends with our one year old son trying to share her bones and making sure his face is always clear of food. She is a pleasure and a joy we couldn't ask for a better dog.

Submitted by: Todd on Dec 18, 2014
Don and Linda,

It's been too long since we have updated you! Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how things are going. We have now moved back to Montana. We still have all five EBs, and the bird numbers are great here. Gila is doing excellent in the field. She is now a reliable retriever, she has always naturally backed very well, and of course she holds her own birds quite well. She has an effortless stride, so she covers the ground with speed and grace. We couldn't be more happy with her.
Submitted by: Cameron on Nov 05, 2014
Fletcher did amazing on our pheasant hunt today thanks for one of the best dogs ever my wife was able to limit out on her birthday and the dog made it amazing for her and Tanner my son!

Submitted by: Dick B on Jun 10, 2014
It takes a fine jeweler to take a piece of ruff diamond cut it, polish it, shape it to enhance the true beauty hidden within its blemish exterior. You can say the same about training dogs. You must have the knowledge, know what to correct , and what to encourage to help a hunting breed reach its full potential.
I have two dogs from the Sun Country Bretons, Gigi born May 2011, Hooper born December 2012 both Titus and Rosie puppies. Gigi is as birdie as its gets but I made a lot of training mistake which I can honestly say today she will never be as good as she has been breed to be. I had no idea how or what to do but I stumble through it with an a occasional call to Don.
Hooper has the same bird drive and character that she has. I must not be the sharpest tack in the shed, because I thought I could train Hooper like I muddle my way with Gigi. Wrong! On a hunting trip in January I notice Hooper was experiencing some anxiety when he would hear a gun shot He had never done this before. When I got back to camp called Don he gave me some very good advice. " bring him to me I can work him through it".
For the next three months Don worked with Hooper, he called me once a week to explain what the next step would be, the techniques achieving that goal for that week, last but not least how Hooper was responding to the training. When I went to pick Hooper up and bring him home Don made sure that I went to the training area and walked side by side with him as he put Hooper on birds. He was very helpful letting me know when I should correct and how I should do it. Hooper now is not gun shy at all, and has a lot of potential to be a very good hunter. Without Dons expertise I believe Hooper would never be the Gun Dog that he was breed to be. Thank you Don!.
Submitted by: Noah on Mar 27, 2014
Hi Don and Linda,

I enjoyed seeing the updated photos of Iona's sisters on Facebook. Here is a link to a post on my website of some pics and a video of Iona. Now, her bird list is up to 11 species (including Barn Owl! She is a great pup and we just adore her.

Submitted by: Robert Claesgens on Feb 10, 2014

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with Harley. You have done a great job training him! Hunting with Harley and Gunner is such a joy - they have so much fun together and Harley always has a big contagious smile. Your gentle training techniques have worked wonders - at 13 months Harley is solid and holding his own while, running with much older and more experienced dogs. My hunting buddies are constantly mistaking him for Gunner. I can't wait for trial season to start. Thanks again for another great pup!

Submitted by: Lynn Dee on Feb 09, 2014
Hi Don and Linda

Belle is doing great! She is having a ball running the house and has claimed all toys as her own. She loves Grandma (my old setter) but at this point we keep her away from the other dogs while she adjusts and grows a bit. She is already going to the door asking to go outdoors to relieve herself and at night if she cries I take her out and she quickly does her business and goes back to bed. (Her crate is in our bedroom) We were hit with a blizzard the day after we got home but Belle likes the snow - the good thing about the cold is that she quickly takes care of business and runs with me back to the door. She is bold, no - fearless, and eats like a horse, all good!

Thank you again for your hospitality and for the great pup. We love her!
Lynn Dee and Mike

Submitted by: bob claesgens on Feb 08, 2014
Don -

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with Harley. You have done a great job training him! Hunting with Harley and Gunner is such a joy - they have so much fun together and Harley always has a big contagious smile. Your gentle training techniques have worked wonders - at 13 months Harley is solid and holding his own, while running with much older and more experienced dogs. My hunting buddies are constantly mistaking him for Gunner. I can't wait for trial season to start. Thanks again for another great pup!

Submitted by: Aaron on Feb 04, 2014
Hey Don and Linda!

I wanted to give you a 1 week update.

Ivy is doing wonderful! She is sleeping in her kennel at night, only going to the bathroom 3 times during the night. During the day she's not the biggest fan of the kennel, were working with her on that. She is almost potty trained, down to one or no accidents in the house a day the past couple of days. I took her yesterday to my Vet for her second shots, my vet was very pleased with her! I have been working with her on "Come" which she has down pretty good so far and have been having her fetch a bumper with quail wings tied to it. She retrieves well but at first was hesitant with giving the bumper, now she understands she gets a treat after the retrieve and gives the bumper up immediately after the "Give" command! She is showing signs of her intelligence which is blowing me away already! Thank you guys for everything, I will be wanting a male from you in the next couple of years!

Submitted by: Starla on Feb 04, 2014
One year ago, we picked up this awesome pup! Stella sure has brought a lot of happiness to our home!!! Thank you Sun Country Bretons!

Submitted by: Ross on Jan 04, 2014
Dear Don and Linda,

Happy holidays. I just saw the pictures of Corey and Ellie's new litter. Five new owners will be very happy!
Hallie(Katie) is progressing nicely. Attached is a picture of us with chuckers from the East Mojave. She is so tiny (actually perfect sized) that I have her wear a bell, so I can find her in heavy cover!
She has great hunting drive, and an excellent nose, steady to point, and a "here" keeps her close and quartering. My hunting buddies have nicknamed her "the rocket".
Most of all, I like her disposition.. What a sweetheart. I am so happy to have one of your dogs. Best to you both and Happy New Year.

Submitted by: Dick on Oct 21, 2013
I did take both dogs out Saturday in an area that I knew didn't have cactus and might have a birds in it, let them run and hunt, Hooper has the drive and the nose just like his older sis. He will be a dandy some day. But you will see that in March when he goes to school.
Took Gigi out this last Sunday, she is my little bird dog, it was hot, she had to wear a vest and boots, lots of cactus, single birds, the brush was thick , six solid points, three dead birds found by her, one really nice retrieve, .She was beat when we were finished, I am very proud of my pet that happens to like to hunt birds. Not bad for the last pick of the litter, I can only imagine how her siblings hunt!
Best Regards
Dick B
Submitted by: Carolyn Y. on Sep 08, 2013
Hey Don and Linda!!!

We just wanted to check in and see how you guys are doing? We are doing well and running around like crazy's! Seb is going to dove open this weekend and Jack is sad that he can't go. We know he knows Seb is getting ready to go as all the stuff comes out!!! He is so awesome. We took him out to work him at a field two weeks ago and he did soooooooooo well. He is really excelling and having a blast doing it! As far as him and Audrey, they are just loving each other! They actually play together, were Jack play bows her with a toy in his mouth and shakes it. Then Audrey shakes her head and runs. He chases her being ever so careful to not run her down and to dodge her so he doesn't knock her over! Its really cute. Plus if he barks at her she barks back!!! Anyway we just thought we would share a pic with you guys of these two! Thanks again for an amazing dog and friend for us as well as Audrey!

The Yardimians

Submitted by: Seth on Aug 07, 2013
Don, You can use my comments or even give out my information if someone wants to talk directly to some. I want more people to see the joy in these little dogs. I think they are the most under rated bird dog out there and itís a fair argument that you have one of the best lines. I have seen Rosie and Gunner both work in the field and they both hunt every bit as hard and big as most shorthairs. The only big difference is they are 10 times better the house dog. I also really loved the way you and Linda were in this whole process so in way too many words any way I can help I will.

Submitted by: Eli on Jun 18, 2013
Hello Don and Linda,

Scout is doing really well. He is smart and playful and sweet. He has a fairly strong grasp of all the basic obedience commands as well as some tricks. We have not yet started any hunting specific training, but he has a very strong natural point and is awfully "birdy," and is exceptionally fast and agile. He loves people and dogs and is great with small children. We still have some work ahead of us; he can be a bit obstinate when he gets excited, though he is doing great considering he is only six months old.

I hope everything is going great with holly and your other dogs and with you!

Eli and Kali

Submitted by: Dean on Jun 18, 2013
Hi Linda and Don,
Sorry we haven't sent you any pictures of Kaydee (Hydee). She's a great dog and keeps us plenty busy. Kaydee just graduated from her second obedience class and was almost the star of the class. She's very outgoing, loves other animals (dogs and cats) and people, she would have been the star if she didn't greet everyone but that was ok by us. We've taken her to the Ocean, camping at several different places and my hunting area in Yakima WA. Here's a few pictures of her, we really like the heart shaped white marking on her side. She even gets the news paper for me, you can see by one of the pictures.

Thanks for such a great dog.

Dean and Karen
Submitted by: Dick B on May 02, 2013
Its not to often that i can get Gigi to sit still for more then a second. But this morning she sat in this chair, like she was a princess. Thought you and Linda would enjoy what we get to be with everyday. I am so thankful that Rosie delivered an extra puppy that year,that was just for me. She is a one of a kind. But than again so is our Hooper.

Submitted by: Seb and Carolyn Yardimian on Feb 19, 2013
Don and Linda Rice of Sun Country Bretons are amazing breeders. Their love and passion for their own dogs, the breed itself, and all the litters they have had, is seen through their open communication and their involvement in Brittany clubs and hunting activities. In addition to providing lovable companions, Don also offers field training from the beginning stages to the end. He is an exceptional trainer not only because he knows the Brittany so well, but also because he knows the process of training and when to advance or slow down a dogs progression. We sent our 16 month old, Jack Jack, back to Arizona for training with Don and it was the best thing we ever did. Because of our work schedules and young daughter we were not able to put in the time to focus on what Jack needed. Don had been giving us tips from the beginning, but having Jack go and work with him, gave him the good solid base and we were able to take him home and progress him. Throughout the time Jack was with Don and Linda we received weekly updates and pictures telling us how he was doing and what stage he was at. They welcome and are open to random calls, questions and emails, which made us feel involved and have a better understanding of training. They encourage their owners to visit and go out on the field for instruction and involvement in the training process. Jack came home with respect for other dogs on the field, respect to point, point, holding point, hold to shot and a stronger drive! We have to drag him off the hunting fields now!! We took Jack home prior to full completion because one we missed him and two Don gave us the knowledge and the encouragement that we could finish his training on our own. Since Jack has been home my wife and I have been taking Jack out for pheasant hunting and he is doing exceptional! Not only is he loving it but we are enjoying working on retrieving and continuing his good hunting habits. Don offered us a way to get on the fields faster and enjoy our amazing bird dog sooner! Thank you both Don and Linda for our new adventures with Jack Jack and for loving on him as much as we do while he was with you!! We highly recommend Don and Linda as breeders and trainers!!!

Happy Hunting
Seb, Carolyn, Audrey, and Jack-Jack Yardimian

Submitted by: Todd on Jan 16, 2013
Don & Linda,

We thought you might enjoy some photos of Gila from this hunting season! She was exposed to lots of birds and did a great job working the birds and being steady on point. Gila is an excellent retriever...she has always loved to retrieve dummys and toys, even in the water. She isn't as crazy about retrieving a bird at this point, but we don't think it will take her long to pick that up. There were also times this season where she was able to show her backing skills and she did an awesome job with that as well. We are really impressed with her in the field!

Happy New Year,
Todd & Kaylen
Submitted by: Allie on Dec 01, 2012
Don and Linda,

I wanted to send you updated pictures of Huck! He is a total gem and a cuddle bug. I could not have asked for a better pup. He listens and well is just to cute for words, great expressions. He has his flaws like he still loves water and puts his whole face in the water bowl when drinking and whimpers when I leave for work daily but he loves when I come home to play! I am so glad I waited, Huck was well worth the wait.

We are working in the field and he is a natural backer to Beaux my dads 7 year old French Brit. He has a great nose on him as well.

Hope all is well with you and here are the long over due photos.


Submitted by: Dick B on Oct 31, 2012
My son David and I also walk along ways, steep and rocky just for two birds, but I can't believe how Gig never gave up looking for birds, when we finally located a small bunch running up a cliff. She let us know we had birds in front by switching into her hyper bird mode. I am not a dog trainer so what ability she has out in the field comes naturally it has not been taught to her. I think she is amazing, I have said this in the past but if Gig was last pick I can only wonder what the other owners are saying about her brothers and sisters.
Dick B
Submitted by: Yvonne on Oct 08, 2012
Don and Linda,

We are beginning to get settled in our new home and area, but do not have any photos to send of Hope yet. Will try to get some.
She has been such a joy as a puppy, although a bit hard to house break. She has a wonderful personality. She likes to please, is smart, very birdy (anything that flies actually) and learns quickly. Hope has lots of energy, at times it overflows, but she can be quiet and settled after her exercise. We have had a lot of flies this summer and she loves to point the flies that invade the house.
We are really attached to her and have high hopes for her as a bird dog.
Yvonne & Donovan
Submitted by: Ross on Oct 08, 2012
Don and Linda - It's about time we sent you an update on Katie (Hallie)! She's about 27 lbs. and 18" at the shoulder now. I have been working on her "whoa" command(as well as the basics) and live pigeons. She's pointing sometimes strong and sometimes weak(which is usually at a good distance). I think she's got a good nose, just doesn't trust it yet. She has a calm, friendly disposition - except for some puppy crazies occasionally- to be expected!

She's not gun shy - we used a starter pistol and shot pigeons over her 2 weeks ago. She even retrieved a live one without killing it.

This weekend she will get snake trained and once it cools down, we will introduce her to quail and chukar. We will update you on that. Let me know if you have any suggestions or thoughts.

She's a beautiful pup - thanks for sharing!
Submitted by: Bob on Oct 08, 2012
Gunner took first place in The Arizona Pointing Dog Club championship last weekend! He competed against 26 other dogs over the year in his class and came out on top at the championship trial. I'm so proud of him! He is such a joy, always eager to please and a real sweetie around the house... Thanks again for a great pup!

Submitted by: Bob on Oct 08, 2012
Gunner took first place in The Arizona Pointing Dog Club championship last weekend! He competed against 26 other dogs over the year in his class and came out on top at the championship trial. I'm so proud of him! He is such a joy, always eager to please and a real sweetie around the house... Thanks again for a great pup!

Submitted by: Janine on Jun 26, 2012
Just thought we would drop you a note. Katie(Hallie) is a great puppy! She is a handful! She is so confident and well-adjusted, we can only attribute it to your breeding and early care. We started puppy training and it's going well.Hope you're having a good summer. Thanks for everything.
Submitted by: Bob Claesgens on Jan 09, 2012
I spent a lot of time researching dogs and breeders and did extremely well with Sun Country Bretons. My pup Gunner is now 8 months old, and has exceeded my expections in every way. He is great around the house and progressing to the point that my lack of shooting skills is holding him back in the field. Having visited SCB several times, it is obvious that Don and Linda are passionate about the breed. Their dogs are world-class and proven hunters. Don and Linda give a lot of time and attention to training and socializing their dogs that would not be possible with a higher volume breeder. They made the process of selecting and training a puppy easy. Don and Linda are great people to deal with and I am hoping to purchase a second puppy from them once Gunner is fully trained.
Submitted by: Tad & Missy Lane on Jan 02, 2012
Our experience with Don and Linda at Sun Country Bretons has been exceptional!! We purchased our little male from the 2 1/2 years ago and we absolutely LOVE our "Gus". First and for most, he is the most adorable and wonderful companion. He makes the perfect house pet and is so friendly with other dogs and loves everyone he meets. Secondly, his hunting ability is amazing. From the very beginning you could see his natural talents in the field. He can go all day long and can run side by side big running German Shorthairs, but with his small size is much more agile. We could not be happier with this little guy. . .
Submitted by: Chris and Suzi Smith on Dec 30, 2011
We purchased our French Brittany, Gabby (now Bella), from Don and Linda this past summer. The entire experience, from pre-birth kennel visit through answering our incessant questions, to final pick-up was easy, enjoyable and without flaw. Bella is a great pup, very active and great with the family. She loves heading to the field and knows that her check cord means "fun". Not only is the French Brittany an excellent upland breed, but Don and Linda are awesome breeders in every way!
Submitted by: andrew on Dec 27, 2011
Don and Linda are the nicest people you will ever get the chance to meet. Their dogs are world class, the puppies from their breeding program are what most people call " once in a lifetime" dogs. I should know I have three. Thanks to Sun Country Bretons quail hunting is fun again!
Submitted by: Tom Floren on Dec 21, 2011
Don and Linda made purchasing a puppy a worry free experience! Radar has been everything I was hoping for in a French Brittany/Epagneul Breton, extremely birdy and a wonderful family member for my wife and four young children. I will post a video of one of Radar's first training sessions which shows the type of innate characteristics their breeding has produced. Just having computer issues but will post soon. I am forever greatful and would recommend Don and Linda to anyone looking for an exceptional bird dog but mostly a great companion!!
Submitted by: Dick & Karen Baucum on Dec 20, 2011
Don and Linda at Sun Country Bretons not only breed quality dogs, they are there to anwser any qustion you may have. We purchased our French Brittney puppy in July and she has been everything they said she'd be. Gigi is very smart, loving, active and birdie.
Submitted by: Bob Moses on Dec 20, 2011
I bought a puppy from Don and Linda about 18 months ago and it was the best decision I could have made. Howie ( Frisco ) was from the second breeding of Titus and Rosie and has been the best companion I could ever want, he is a boundless ball of energy and has the best nose for both Quail and Pheasant that I have come across and is relentless in tracking them down.
Submitted by: Steve Quesenberry on Dec 19, 2011
I purchased a pup from Bella and Titus this past summer. I have only been able to hunt him a few times but he has the desire and ability to find birds in the field. He is an outstanding retriever of the shot bird and has no problem with feathers in his mouth.

Don and Linda have answered all my questions before and after purchase. If I would want another dog I would definitly go back to Sun Country Bretons.
Submitted by: Todd & Kaylen Lehner on Dec 19, 2011
Don and Linda are a great asset to the breed. Gila is now almost 8 months old and doing great. Her nose quality and hunting potential is already quite evident. She is the high quality pup that we expected from your very accomplished dogs. It is great to see breeders who truly care for the dogs and pups as much as the Rice's do. Thank you so much, and we look forward to staying in touch.
Submitted by: Floyd & Nancy Carpenter on Dec 18, 2011
Don and Linda have the best French Brittany puppies as we bought a puppy in July from them and what a nice experience in purchasing, communication is beyond great as they so care that their puppies go to good homes. I can not say enough good things about this breeder. We are so happy with our Gabbi and such a good puppy to have. He is only seven months old and has already been hunting. This breed is so smart, learns fast, loves to please you and such a lover. As you can see, we are extremely happy with our puppy and with Don and Linda as breeders.

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