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Since 1995 we have been proud owners of Epagneul Bretons, AKA French Brittanys and producing dogs for the foot hunter as well as family companions. We usually plan one or two breedings each year. Our breeding program focuses on dogs with proven natural hunting ability, proven in health ( all breeding dogs are OFA certified and test negative for the Ay gene that is responsible for the Sable coloration) and meet the breed standard. Our dogs must excel in the field both on wild birds and in test and trials. We don't just claim to have good dogs, all of our breeding dogs hold Master Hunter Titles or are well on their way to achieving it. In fact we have more AKC Master Hunter titled dogs than any other French Brittany Kennel in the United States. Our clients can be assured that puppies we produce come from breeding stock with champion lines, are OFA certified, proven in health, and are proven hunters both on wild birds and in competition. French Brittanys are one of the smallest pointing breeds. Their sweet and pleasing disposition and high level of intelligence make them wonderful family companions. Yet, when the guns come out they are all business! Their fantastic bird sense & drive, natural retrieving and pointing ability, and close working nature make them fantastic upland bird dogs and a joy to hunt behind.
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Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel
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Don and Linda Rice
28015 N 144th Dr
Surprise, Arizona 85387
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 16 years.
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Submitted by: Kelly on Aug 16, 2020
Don, Sure love this dog, sure wish we could get another from the same parents but I guess dad’s sperm is all gone? Do you have any litters coming up for the winter?
Submitted by: Eric on Aug 10, 2020
Hello! Hope all is well. Pepper is growing very fast now and really getting birdy! She is very althetic.....her physical ability is really changing fast also. She also finds everything that she shouldnt.....she has brought me a rabbit leg, dead birds, a shoe, an old diaper, a pair of underwear on our walks ...she has a strong nose! She is a very good swimmer.

Submitted by: Kelcey on Aug 10, 2020
Ludo (fka Ralphie) is just the happiest rascal of a pup! Today he got to go to the beach for the first time, and played so well with all the other dogs. He is so funny, and wins over everyone he meets!

Submitted by: Curt on Aug 09, 2020
Home in Utah with Riley... (Whiskey Jo )
>>> She slept on the plane and never made a peep. So far the world's best dog. Will check with vet on Monday. Loving our dog. She’s soooo perfect! Thanks for a great pup. We’re in love:)
>>> Curt and Amy
Submitted by: Eric on Jul 14, 2020
Good morning! Just wanted to give you a puppy update and say hello!
We are now calling Rosebud...Pepper! She is a spark plug and so very smart! She learns fast but also has a stubborn side! She is a comedy show and never stops making us laugh. She has already eaten a couple lizards. She hunts little flying bugs in the yard right before dark. She uses her nose very well already. She has already found a dead bird and a dead kangaroo rat. She has flushed a few covies of quail and she gets so excited. She is definitely starting to search for them. She is a voracious eater. She weighs about 12 lbs now. She loves car rides in her crate. She plays hard and sleeps hard! She is a blast. I hope you guys are doing well! This past week was on the very hot side here.
Submitted by: Nicole on Jun 24, 2020
Hi Don & Linda,

I just wanted to give you an update on Leo and send you some pictures! He is such a joy to have and is so sweet (and crazy lol). He loves everyone he meets and plays so well with the dogs he has met. He was quick to learn his basic commands and is doing great on his leash. We go for long walks every morning and we spent the past week in Flagstaff hiking and enjoying some cooler weather. I am so grateful to you for allowing me to make him a part of my family!

Submitted by: Emily on Jun 17, 2020
We wanted to give you an update on Poppy. She went to the vet last Wednesday and she weighed 10.3 pounds! She knows her name, come, sit and no. She’s mastered the stairs but can’t quite jump up on the couch. Our wacky rescue dog loves her and they love to play together! Poppy has been a wonderful addition to our family. Pictures will follow.

Submitted by: Kevin on Apr 11, 2020
It has been a long time, but thought you would like to see a picture of our Duncan (Ernie from Rosie's 2009 litter). Yesterday, 4/10, was his 11th birthday and I have attached a couple of pictures. He has started to slow down a little bit over the last year, but overall is doing great. He has two new best friends (in the pictures) that take great care of him and give him lots of love and he is so great with them. Hope you enjoy the pictures and hope you all are doing well. - Kevin
Submitted by: Greg on Feb 08, 2020
Hi, this is Greg Love, I have Nash out of Joise and Titus. We are down south of you hunting and I got my first scaled quale. Nash had a great point on it.I sure love this dog. When I'm ready for another oneI want one from you guys. Thanks, Greg
Submitted by: Ralph on Nov 26, 2019

We have decided to name our little boy Prince Yogi. He is just precious. He and Lilly became fast friends and play outside in the grass all day.
Thank you for everything!

Ralph & Sandy
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