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Since 1995 we have been proud owners of Epagneul Bretons, AKA French Brittanys and producing dogs for the foot hunter as well as family companions. We usually plan one or two breedings each year. We dont just buy a bunch of dogs, slap on a kennel name and breed a lot of pups just to make a buck! Our breeding program focuses on dogs with proven natural hunting ability, proven in health ( all breeding dogs are OFA certified and test negative for the Ay gene that is responsible for the Sable coloration) and have been confirmed by a breed specialist as meeting the breed standard. Our dogs must excel in the field both on wild birds and in test and trials. We don't just claim to have good dogs, all of our breeding dogs hold Master Hunter Titles or are well on their way to achieving it. In fact we have more AKC Master Hunter titled dogs than any other French Brittany Kennel in the United States. Our clients can be assured that puppies we produce come from breeding stock with champion lines, are OFA certified, proven in health, and are proven hunters both on wild birds and in competition. French Brittanys are one of the smallest pointing breeds. Their sweet and pleasing disposition and high level of intelligence make them wonderful family companions. Yet, when the guns come out they are all business! Their fantastic bird sense & drive, natural retrieving and pointing ability, and close working nature make them fantastic upland bird dogs and a joy to hunt behind.
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Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel
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Don and Linda Rice
28015 N 144th Dr
Surprise, Arizona 85387
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 16 years.
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Submitted by: Ralph on Nov 26, 2019

We have decided to name our little boy Prince Yogi. He is just precious. He and Lilly became fast friends and play outside in the grass all day.
Thank you for everything!

Ralph & Sandy
Submitted by: Dick on Oct 24, 2019

Don, just an update. Gigi opening day with my son David hunting the mountains close to Dan Diego, Hooper and I went to the Mojave he did a fantastic job,

Submitted by: Greg on Sep 28, 2019
Hi, this is Greg Love from Bend Oregon with Nash our pup form Josie & Titus. Hunted sage grouse this weekend and once Nash figured out what we were hunting for he did fantastic! We sure love him, he is a great little guy.

Submitted by: Greg on Sep 22, 2019
Hi this Greg from Bend Oregon with Nash our pup from your Josie and Titus litter. Hunted Sage grouse this weekend and once Nash figured out what we were hunting he did fantastic! We sure love him , he is a great little guy!
Submitted by: Noah on Feb 04, 2019
Iona is a 5 year old Epagneul Breton. In the US, the breed is commonly known as a French Brittany. While they were originally bred to hunt small game, Brittanys are extremely versatile and excel in most all sports. Iona came to us from Sun Country Bretons. They breed fabulous hunting dogs. Iona is extremely fast and accurate in this sport and has one multiple high it trial placements.
Thanks Don and Linda

Submitted by: Dan on Dec 11, 2018
Update on Boone, he had his first point this weekend. He ran down a pheasant and pointed a scaled quail five times before I shot it for him. He had some really good points this trip. He could be a really great dog if I dont mess him up to much.

Submitted by: Scott on Nov 21, 2018
Hello Don,

Itís Scott from Reno who got Gunner on New Years. Gunner is doing awesome but Iím having a little trouble finding a good trainer. One trainer Epps Kennels comes highly recommended but they take the dog for 3 months minimum and I didnít really get a good first impression. Iím not looking to do field trials with my dog just bird hunt a few months a year. I found another trainer that uses the West/Gibbons method but wasnít sure if that was a good method with this breed. Thanks in advance for any input you can give me and for the time.

I have to say Iíve never had a dog that got so much attention, he is a very handsome boy and if I was single he would be a definite help with the ladies. Maybe that should be a selling point for you :). He got to go on several camping trips this year here he is relaxing after playing in the ocean for a couple hours.
Submitted by: Stacey on Nov 21, 2018

I hope this finds you all doing well.

We sure are loving Shadow. She has a great nose, lots of energy and just the perfect dog. She likes to take me for a walk in the morning. So I used a pinch collar to slow her down. Then I thought I might be messing her up for the training. So I went back to the harness. Curios what you think.

I am wondering when to get her set up for training. Are you up for it or should I get a hold of Todd?

Take care
Submitted by: Damon on Nov 17, 2018
Hi Don, Linda
Just got back from Nebraska, how could I have ever doubted him. I guess a switch just turned on in his brain. Day 1 he retrieved a running cripple, always liked a good dog/pheasant chase. Day 2 he was pointing (he never took to the fishing rod bird wing thing at home). Can't wait to go back, local hunting has gone way down over the last years. He's even becoming a good citizen around the house. Thank you guys so much for our new buddy.
Best, Damon
Submitted by: Greg on Nov 09, 2018
Don, Happy 1st birthday to nash aka nolan out of Titus and Josie in Bend Oregon, He has been such a wonderful dog. Rest assured he is loved. Greg
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