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Since 1995 we have been proud owners of Epagneul Bretons, AKA French Brittanys and producing dogs for the foot hunter as well as family companions. We usually plan one or two breedings each year. Our breeding program focuses on dogs with proven natural hunting ability, proven in health ( all breeding dogs are OFA certified and test negative for the Ay gene that is responsible for the Sable coloration) and meet the breed standard. Our dogs must excel in the field both on wild birds and in test and trials. We don't just claim to have good dogs, all of our breeding dogs hold Master Hunter Titles or are well on their way to achieving it. In fact we have more AKC Master Hunter titled dogs than any other French Brittany Kennel in the United States. Our clients can be assured that puppies we produce come from breeding stock with champion lines, are OFA certified, proven in health, and are proven hunters both on wild birds and in competition. French Brittanys are one of the smallest pointing breeds. Their sweet and pleasing disposition and high level of intelligence make them wonderful family companions. Yet, when the guns come out they are all business! Their fantastic bird sense & drive, natural retrieving and pointing ability, and close working nature make them fantastic upland bird dogs and a joy to hunt behind.
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Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel
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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 16 years.
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Submitted by: Hart on Nov 16, 2022
Dear Linda,
My name is Howard I currently am still hunting a 12 year old pup sired by Titus and Bella Rose.
Fallon is still hunting well, one of the best we have ever had, but, she is limited to a half day hunt when she goes. In fact she went this morning and pointed two birds. One of which I missed, pulled trigger and click, and one of which my daughter bagged.
I am now in the need of another pup. I would like to sign up for a female puppy from Penny and Teddy.
If you have space available for me, please let me know. I will be happy to send you a deposit.

Submitted by: Dave on May 12, 2022
Good morning Don/Linda,

Sarge is doing great and is a heck of a bird dog. Now that he’s older we’re looking to get him a brother. Just wanted to throw my hat in the ring for any upcoming litters. While I know puppy color can’t be controlled my wife REALLY wants a tricolor male. Let me know if this email will suffice to get a place in line or if I have to fill out an app again.

Take care,

Submitted by: Michael on May 12, 2022
Don and Linda,
I thought you might like to know that Cici passed her Navhda Natural Abilities test in April. It was a challenging day. Very dry, little grass, and windy, all of which made the tracks challenging. A number of dogs didn't pass that day. Here is a photo of a hard point she made on her first bird. She'd doing great. We're now working on retrieve training.

All the best,
Submitted by: Michael on Oct 25, 2021
Don and Linda,
We just wanted to say hi and convey how great Cici ( Sweet Pea) has been so far. She's been to a number of Navhda events so far, points well and loves to do water retrieves (see the photo from our hike today). She also really has a knack for tracking and is a real sweet heart. Anyway, thanks again.
I hope you're both doing well.

- Michael
Submitted by: Steven on Oct 25, 2021
Hi Don and Linda, Hope all is well. Just wanted to share some news about Scout. I took Scout quail hunting! He is a good little partner. We have taken him twice. No luck the first hunt, but yesterday we did get into some birds and Scout was high as a kite. I wounded a quail and Scout happily found it for me. Not only did he find it for me but he also chased it down. This quail still had a lot of life and took off running. Scout was on it in a flash and snatched it right up. It peeped and squeak in his mouth but he put a quick end to it. ????. Boy did he have a lot of fire after that!
Submitted by: Greg on Sep 23, 2021
Don and Linda, here is a pic of Nash who was out of Titus and Josie in 2017. We had Oregon Sage Grouse permits this year and he did great. Man I love this dog! Off to Wyoming for antelope and he is going with me so we will try to hunt sharp tails and Huns also.

Submitted by: Gordon on Jun 23, 2021
Hi Don and Linda,

Wanted to send a quick update on Ralphie (call name Ludo). He's been a wonderful buddy through this crazy year, and we are so glad he's ours. Working with him on training was a great way to pass the many months at home. He's great with other dogs and people, and has such a great and funny personality!

He attended a 4-week winter camp in February, outside of Tucson and has been in North Dakota at camp since mid-April. For both camps he's been with my father-in-law's setter, Corbett who is about 9 months older. We are excited to finally have him home with us in a few short weeks.

Greg Fryar, the trainer that we are working with, is not one to sugar coat or be particularly effusive about dogs who don't earn it but sent a text update a few weeks ago "Holy crap Ludo's turning into a nice dog. He's really got it going on". We're looking forward to seeing him in action! Gord and his dad are hoping to sneak in a few hunting trips nearby before it gets too hot for the summer.

Attaching a few photos we've received from camp below. He has the kennel next to Corbett, and the two of them are great buddies.

Thanks again! Hope you are keeping well. We enjoy your updates on Facebook.
Submitted by: Dave on Jun 10, 2021
Hello Don/Linda

Just wanted to let you know what all has gone on. It appears he had a nasty uti that took more than one dose of meds to cure. Thankfully now he is MUCH improved and loving life! He is super smart and takes to training with ease. This past week I started letting him run around and find birds. He busted the first two pigeons and chased but since then he has held to flush and has let me kill birds for him. Impressed the heck out of everyone watching considering he’s just shy of four months (he will sit on point so if you have any tips for that please let me know!).

I’m sure glad that guy in California gave him back! Attached is a picture of how he likes to spend his day when not being a crazy puppy (he’s not spoiled by the way).

Submitted by: Steven on May 23, 2021
Hi Don & Linda,

Scout is doing great e is doing great aside from pee accidents, and sleeping through the night. ????
He is very good natured - playful, affectionate, smart, and confident with new experiences and friends. He is getting used to walking on a leash and has been on a few outings. He has met lots of people, young and old, men and women and is so friendly. He was also introduced to an older dog of a friend of ours and could not have been a more well mannered. He is also so so smart he makes me look like I know what I’m doing. You must have worked with him some. He has mastered sit, come, let’s go, and is very good at “leave it”, aside from my Guava tree ;), “fetch”, and down. He already has a favorite poop area in the backyard, that I could not have chosen better. When he’s done I praise him and he comes bounding to me to celebrate. So funny! You all got him off to a great start. Thanks so much!
Submitted by: Michael on Apr 23, 2021
Linda and Don,
This dog is great. She's the sweetest thing and after just 36 hours with us she comes right when I call. I just wanted to say thanks again. If you ever need a references/testimonial for a website or something, just let me know.
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