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Submitted by: Steve Marr on Dec 21, 2013
Echo at 10 months old. She's an outstanding companion and retriever. She has just over 100 retrieves in the 1st. half of our duck season. She's very loyal to me and our family. Training is going great,i've had no issues with bad behavior. She's alittle protective of downed birds,and my gear, but I find that to be more than acceptable. She does a great job marking downed birds. we hunt ponds,the Montezuma refuge,and the big fingerlakes. Echo does a great job at them all! Thanks again for such a wonderful dog. Steve.

Submitted by: Ryan Quinn on Dec 21, 2013
Hi Dyane,

Yes you did send me the names, thank you for that. I attached some pictures of the beautiful little girl. As you can see, she has already made friends with the 1-yr old golden we watch, and she already has a knack for finding my birds (she dug the one in the picture out of the back of my vest when I wasn't looking... couldn't help but laugh at her face covered in pheasant feathers). Right now she is across the hall sleeping in the bathtub.. the little smarty figured out how to turn on the faucet by lifting it with her nose.. never thought I'd have to puppy proof my shower faucets haha. I'll be sure to update with more pictures and try to get a few on facebook when I get a chance.

Thanks again,

Submitted by: Gitte Morgensen on Dec 21, 2013
Hi Dyane

Everything is very okay. I'm so sorry I haven't sent you any Christmas
Greetings yet, but.... I have been waiting for our new calendar for 2013.
It has arrived now and I'll send you one next week.

Nevis did EXCELLENT in 2012. We are so proud of her - she is a real little

Think I told you she was world junior winner 2012 in Salzburg and 3 x BOB +
a 4th place in the group in Sweden.
She got several BOB in Denmark and Breedwinner 2012. She is also Danish
Winner 2012 and Winner Amsterdam 2012 + 1 x best bitch and BOS in Kassel,
Germany (Saturday) and BOB in Kassel Sunday. We (Nevis, Pixie and I) drove
to Romania in October 2012. Looonnngggg travel - 2500 km. each way. The
Romanian Kennel Club had arranged 5 dogshows including the EuroWinnershow in
Bucharest. The shows started in Targu Mures in upper Romania with two shows,
then one in Ploesti (350 km. south) and at last two shows in Bucharest.
Nevis was BOB 4 times - even at the Eurowinnershow, so... she managed to be
Eurowinner 2012. Pixie got 1 BOB and Euroveteranwinner 2012 so it was a
marvellous trip. Long, hot - up to 35 degrees - rotten roads, bad roadsigns,
no GPS signals etc. but... we survived and were very proud of our selves
when we at last came home again.
Submitted by: Jan Jann on Dec 21, 2013

Just wanted to let you know that Ms. Natty is the sweetest, most beautiful pup. I love her little white toes, and she has the most awesome coat! Beauty and Brains! Thanks for adding to our ever growing line of terrific Pond Hollow Chessies; we're Pond Hollow brand snobs. Five great ones in a row; it is very hard to pick a favorite from them since they all have great personalities..

Everyone totally adores her except our old dog, Fowler. She constantly attempts to make friends with Fowler; he just whisper growls at her. Natty will sleep in any bed, with anyone that grabs her. You can see the photo of the bed cubby she outgrew fitting into. She often snuggles with Bo, and they play nonstop since they are both just youngsters. When we have Bella here they all play, sleep, and eat together quite well.


Submitted by: Kerry Stough on Dec 21, 2013
Hi Dyane,

September is around the corner, which means we have had Bo almost a year. Time surely flies when you're having fun!

We certainly had our fair share of transition issues as Bo adjusted from life with Russ in Boca Raton, FL to his new home in central Alabama. He is our second Chessie, but first rescue. I just wanted to quickly share with you his successes as our family member.

When we drove to Boca Raton to pick him up sight unseen, we understood from Russ and the local rescue volunteer that Bo demonstrated dog aggression and protectiveness issues. He lunged and snapped at the volunteer when she entered Russ' home, required constant separation from the other two dogs in the home due to aggression, and was strictly food-driven for basic obedience. Russ clearly loved Bo a great deal, but our initial impression when Russ introduced us was that Bo was the man of the house.

That being said, his turn-around amazes us. Bo spent many, many weeks relearning sit, stay, heel, and down (and a few new commands); relearning how to swim (he was an entrenched water-freaker); and relearning how to socialize and play with other dogs. I think Bo's significant improvement is a testimony to your breeding program and investment in dog temperament, and we wanted to say thank you for your due diligence to breed and support healthy and well-rounded Chesapeakes. He is now a fluid swimmer, has not had a negative interaction with other dogs in over 10 months, is reliably obedient, and is a beloved member of our family.

We sent Bo to Kathy Luthy in Crestview, FL for force-fetching in mid-spring and are extremely pleased with her program and the outcome of Bo's retriever training (she also helped us get him to his ideal weight...finally!). We are currently fine-tuning short blind retrieves in anticipation of duck season this winter. Kathy was very complimentary of Bo's drive and intellect...while helping us better understand common Chessie stubbornness!

I am so proud of our boy, and hope you appreciate this update. I imagine you and Marie hear lots of success stories regarding your litters, but I also imagine it never gets old . I could not relocate Marie's email address, so please pass on our sincere appreciation for her help last year with Bo's transition. Many thanks to you both for your invested interest in the long-term success of this breed - we are so happy that we took a leap of faith and drove to Boca Raton nearly a year ago!

Kerry and Josh Stough
Jasper, AL

Submitted by: Jeff Adrian on Dec 21, 2013

It has been a long time since I’ve talked to you. I wanted to let you know I had to lay to rest Jade this week. We moved from South Carolina to North Carolina 7 years ago to a 70 acre farm.
I’ll I can say about Jade is WOW! She did everything asked of her and more. Her temperament and trainability was unmatched. I had so many compliments on how obedient and good looking she was. I want to thank you for such a wonderful friend. My bed isn’t the same without my little girl in it. As I walk around the farm there isn’t anywhere I can go that doesn't hold a memory of Jade.

I don't compete anymore. I just need a best friend again.
I can’t tell you how much I miss Jade. Thanks for the 13 1/2 wonderful years. Please let me know your breeding plans

Jeff Adrian
Submitted by: Joe Shedlock on Dec 21, 2013
Hello Dyane:

Greetings from North Idaho.

Today is one year for Buster Brown and his litter mates. He is a very nice male Chessie. Outstanding temperament and mannerisms. Very sensitive and affectionate. 84 lbs. with a dark brown coat as thick and full as a sheep.
His conformation is outstanding. His features are impressive, head size, teeth, fabulous tail, he moves with grace, power and speed. He has finally slowed down at the food bowl - this guy can "slam" food! Have followed your feeding rec's. and have kept him trim. A swimming fool!! Initially had to use a 50 ft. check cord to get him under control and to get him out of the water. Loves to swim forever. He dunks his nose in up to his eyes and blows bubbles. He has done it since a puppy in his water bowl! Very funny to see! Also a good retriever, flashy and fast on the mark, somewhat slower and deliberate on the return, good instincts for finding hidden falls. Still working on steadiness. He has an incredible desire to please, and is very sensitive to correction, so much so that I really backed off on the intensity of the verbal commands. He works almost entirely with hand signals.

We are very fond of this guy. He has fit into the pack perfectly. Has a great boxing relationship with Gus the old cat.
Lucy is his mentor and "boss". They are an impressive retrieving team on land and water.

Best regards,
Joe and Linda Shedlock
Submitted by: Blake Henderson on Dec 21, 2013

I wanted to give you an update on Nash. Duck season was one of the worst I can remember due to an over abundance of rainfall shortly after the season started. The ducks were spread out with all the water and Nash didn't get to pick up nearly as many ducks as last year. Counting dove season, he picked up nearly 400 birds in the 2011-2012 season. He's doing well with handling this year as long as he's within about 200 yards. We are going to work on the longer blinds in the off season. He is in the house with my family most nights and he accompanies me to the farm almost every day. What a great dog!

Blake Henderson
Submitted by: Michele Kelly on Dec 21, 2013
Hi Dyane,
The girls are doing well. Chiffey is begining to slow down a pace or two but her disposition is without equal. Missy is Missy, full of energy and my husband's shadow. Thanks so much for two wonderful girls.
May the New Year be a blessing to all at PondHollow.
Charles and Michele Kelly
Submitted by: Bill Gallant on Dec 21, 2013
Hi Dyane,

I just wanted to send a quick note to update you on my kid! Bailey is the funniest dog I have ever had- she is a wide open clown dog for sure! She is much more popular around my neighborhood and Church than I am- kids come to the door and want to know if Bailey can come out! What??? The other evening, a bunch of my neighbors were gathered in our cul de sac- the area hangout for the people that have kids or are too old for the bar scene like me! Anyway, I took Bailey up there and right away, a little toddler named Reese comes walking up with a basket ball. Bailey started going nuts (she loves to retrieve anything that you can throw, especially a ball!) Anyway, Reese's mom said "throw the ball to the puppy". Reese threw the ball kinda towards Bailey. Bailey got control of the ball but obviously she can't pick it up, so she just kinda nosed it back over the toddler. She then sat, so excited and tail wagging a hundred miles an hour- waiting for her to throw the ball again! It was so cute watching those two play!

So anyway, Bailey weighs close to 55 lbs now. She is a picture of health- I wish you could see her in person. I get so many compliments on her and she just eats up all the attention!! I hope you and Bill are doing well- Talk to ya soon...
Submitted by: Steve Mikac on Dec 21, 2013
Hi Dyan,
Its been a while so I want to let you know how Cherry is doing. Cherry is full of spunk and loves life. We had a little girl who is now 2 years old and they are the best of friends! Cherry is great with her, couldn't ask for anything better. Cherry has also excelled this year in pheasant hunting. She is so good at finding them birds for me. She also love duck hunting! She gets a little aggravated with me though because I miss more than I should on ducks. We also entered some retrieving competitions and did really good. We took second the first time and first the second time. She is an angle and keeps us laughing. Thank you!!!!!!
Submitted by: Steve Hazelitt on Jul 12, 2013
I don't think it would be possible to pack more energy and spunk into a dog than what Zoe has already. she took her puppy kindergarden class back in late Feb./early march- followed that up with 8 weeks of basic obeidience class- that class ended 2 weeks ago. Next week she starts "Novice" class currently she will sit,stay,down,heel,come,stand,walk on a loose lead and walk in heel position with the lead on her and the other end simply hanging from my shoulder(no hands).

she definitely wants to work and has a degree of focus that none of our labs have EVER had. Her drive to retrieve is incredible and currently her favorite thing is to bring tennis balls back-she will do that for over an hour at a time-so literally hundreds of retrieves if we let her. It's clear it isn't entirely her choice- that is she is driven from within to do so. she gets along well with our 4 year old lab- but frankly zoe is too much action for annie to handle. If any dog,including annie somehow beats her to a tennis ball, zoe quickly takes it away from them. primarily she will knock a shoulder into annie untill annie drops the ball-and then zoe brings it back- but it isn't often zoe gets out raced to a ball.

our trainer( who raises labs) tells me she was a little concerned about me bringing a CBR to class because at shows where she competes a lot of her fellow trainers don't want their crates near CBR's because the chessies have a bit of an attitude. I think Zoe has won her over.

one of the assistant trainers has told me on at least 4 seperate occasions " I would give ANYTHING to have my dog look at me the way Zoe looks at you." Zoe is currently asleep on my foot as I type this, LOL

Submitted by: Diane Adams on Nov 02, 2012
Hi Dyane

I hope all it well at your house – busy summer?

Well, I am still in disbelief here, but today Bluebell earned her UTDX (Urban Tracking Dog Excellent) and in so doing, became a Tracking Champion! This is unreal, she is only 3 and earned all four titles on the first try. According to the judge is only the 27th dog of record in Canada with the Tracking Championship, and my guess she is likely the first Chesapeake, though I will have to check with the CKC on that one.

Thank you for this amazing girl of mine, she never ceases to amaze. I’ll forward some photos when I get them, the judge took several on the track. She is headed back to Ontario tonight so will no doubt get them in the next few days sometime. She also earned her Rally Advanced this summer.

Be in touch soon

Submitted by: Dennis Gunzelmann on Nov 02, 2012

Just wanted to drop a quick note on our little guy. We are thrilled with Goose. He was deemed flawless by the vet who was very impressed with the care to date, and quality of your information packet. The first two nights had frequent potty trips (4-5) but the last two nights he was up just once during the night before getting up around 6:00-6:30.

He's definitely an energetic eater, but as of today (day 4) he is already waiting in a sitting position until given the command to eat. Our greyhound hasn't exactly taken to him maternally, but she's calm and tolerant even if he chews at her tail or paw.

He's been to Petco and a local outdoor shopping area for some socializing. People have asked about his breed and are obviously making mental note. His behavior is very good...eager to be petted and with an obvious affinity for children.

He's everything we could have expected. Thanks so much.

Dennis & Michele Gunzelmann
Submitted by: JR Dodd on Nov 02, 2012
As you can see, Wye is growing into a good looking girl. She has settled down (some) around the house, though she has never been a problem. My son is taking more and more interest in her so they are starting to bond fairly well. Her retrieving drive is steadily increasing and her drive for water retrieves is through the roof. Making myself keep things slow and simple, reinforcing the very basic things without pushing too far or too fast. So far, she has been everything I could ask for. Thank you both so much.

Submitted by: Ellen Stern on Nov 02, 2012
Dear 'Mama' Dyane.
I know Arthur has written to you about Cash's progress but of course I have to add my 2 cents to his.

Cash continues to grow like a sprout: He is still a little boy in a big boys skin, an oh, so loving and anxious to please. He learns every day and the 'big guys' ,
. June, believe it or not, has taken him under her wing and even tolerates his puppy play, while reminding him with a paw on his back, who's in charge. He has even rejuvenated Junie and we chuckle to watch them both tear-assing around. It's wonderful to watch Junie, back as a puppy, even for a short time.
Most important, he is a big lover!!!!!! He adores affection and when we scratch behind his ears, he rolls over for a tummy rub..He is so eager to please, and so far, responds to praise, but NEVER says no to a cookie. He is almost trained and lately has very few accidents and the ones he does have, are usually our fault for not picking up his cue.
He loves the water and is beginning to swim; the splashing and the coughing is something to see. All I can say is, he's not afraid to try. Meanwhile, Junie is circling him, gliding smooth as silk, probably guffawing to herself.

Can you tell that getting Cash was the best part of the summer!!!!!!! My only complaint is that he is growing up so quickly that he can't fit on my lap anymore.

Thank you for once again, matching us to the perfect pup for us. He is the joy we needed!
Ellen Stern

Submitted by: Shawn Roe on Nov 02, 2012

Attached is a picture of Henry training for his hunt test this Sunday. He is almost 9 months now. He is such a natural and extremely strong swimmer. There is no giving up in this guy either he stays out there till he gets the duck
(or when I think he is too tired).

Judy Zeigler was giving him some pointers.

Just want to thank you again for a wonderful dog. I will be sending another picture shortly.

Pond Hollow On The Wing (Pond Hollow Going Great Guns JH "Sam" X Ch Pond Hollow Wicked Good "Wicked"). Sam & Wicked are both sired by Ch/MH

Submitted by: Matinque Pollack on Nov 02, 2012
Hello Dyane!

Hope all is well with your little fuzzy-butts. :) Ginger has grown into such a great teenager. She is exceptionally lovey and playful. She really enjoys jumping around, imitating the toad or grasshopper at her paws. The toad j
umps, then she jumps. And then she gently prompts it to jump with a little pat from her paw... I really must get it on video!! It is hysterical!!

Last week we took her out for her first goose hunt in the boat behind a blind. She did so well. We got out there at 0500, set up, and started calling in the geese. As my husband would raise the gun to shoot, she immediately got very attentive watching the geese fly overhead as Jeff took aim. She was still while he shot and didn't move until we gave permission. Unfortunately, Jeff's shot was off as he hasn't been hunting in over 5 years... a little rusty. We look forward to the rest of the duck hunting season and watching her grow into the working dog she was born to be! Really looking forward to getting her picture with some trophies!

Thanks again Dyane for picking out the perfect pup. She is a fantastic and BEAUTIFUL friend.


Submitted by: Mandy Yount on Nov 02, 2012
Friday, September 14th, we said farewell to our "first baby"; the one who welcomed our next four babies. He wore a path in the grass guarding our home and left his prints on our hearts. He was happy when he was with his family, taking a rid
e through the countryside, and enjoying time in the water; I define it likewise. Our family is forever changed, but for the better. Thankful the Lord blessed us with nearly 11 you, Claybear ♥
Dyane & Bill, "thank you" will never suffice for the work and time you put into your pups. Our Clay (PH Clayton) was the most amazing dog. People stopped us constantly, complimented us often, and always offered money to buy him. Needless to say, he was priceless to us ♥ We are so thankful to have "Winchester" (aka PH "Flintlock": Going Great GunsX Wicked Good). His love for us and energy have really helped this transition. Stop by my page to see the beloved photos we had done in Clay's final days here.

Mandy Yount & Family

Submitted by: Rebecca Baughman on Nov 02, 2012
I did get your Facebook message, but was out part of the weekend so I didn't message you back until last night. I am glad to hear Ridge is doing well. Logan- His bone and coat are beautiful. He really is a remarkable puppy; very smart and sweet. He loves sitting on laps, swimming just to swim, and lounging in a lawn chair on the deck staring at the pond. He can already successfully complete 30-40 yard marks through varied cover, up or down small hills, crossing terrain changes, and going from land to water and back to land. He loves giving kisses and is very content in the evenings to hang out with the family and chew on a toy. I'll try to be better about sending you pictures of this stunning boy.


Submitted by: Doreen Harris on Nov 02, 2012
Orion's first duck hunt. He is just turning 1. Sire: Ch Calico Colonial Rumfire Dam: Pond Hollow Congaree MH.

He went on his first duck hunt. The first hour of sitting in the marsh was a mess. He pulled me into the mud twice,knocked me backward off my seat. He did not understand why I was making him sit still when he could be running and swimming. I did a dominant down in the mud...he settled down.

As soon as the ducks started flying and the shooting began, he knew what
to do.He is the only dog EVER that" marked" ,watching the gunner.He instantly watched the ducks, then followed Jim's gun. I could whisper commands to him from this point. He picked up every bird and delivered to hand. He even found bird that another gunner shot, that he did not see fall. Very impressed with the first outing. Over all behavior is improving. He did not jump on the sofa for 2 weeks,then did it 2 days in a row-LOL.

Submitted by: Blake Henderson on Mar 07, 2012

I wanted to give you an update on Nash. Duck season was one of the worst I can remember due to an over abundance of rainfall shortly after the season started. The ducks were spread out with all the water and Nash didn't get to pick up nearly as many ducks as last year. Counting dove season, he picked up nearly 400 birds in the 2011-2012 season. He's doing well with handling this year as long as he's within about 200 yards. We are going to work on the longer blinds in the off season. He is in the house with my family most nights and he accompanies me to the farm almost every day. What a great dog!

Blake Henderson
Submitted by: Lisa Johnson on Mar 07, 2012
Hi Dyane!
Thank you for the Christmas card. Sugar is doing wonderful and we love her beyond words. She is a great companion and snuggle buddy! She enjoyed heading to the beach this summer. She tried riding in the kayak and enjoyed swimming in the pool. Sugar is the perfect name for her because she is just so sweet and loving. She also thinks she is a lap dog and enjoys trying to join us on the couch. Our other dogs love her too, especially savage who just loves to cuddle! Thank you so much for sending us such a fabulous dog with such a great personality. Happy Holidays!
Junior, Lisa, Robert, Meredith, Doodles, Savage and Sugar
Submitted by: Shawn Roe on Mar 07, 2012

Just wanted to give you an update on "Henry".
He is doing great. At 4 months he is a little over 40 pounds. I could not be happier with him. He is very well behaved, except for a few puppy things, but he is a puppy. Every vet visit has brought glowing remarks about his health and disposition. He is so big the vet asked me if he was 6 months.

Its hard to take him for walks because everyone stops me to say how beautiful and well behaved he is. Then they ask what breed he is. Not many have guessed his breed correctly.

He just started obedience classes with Denise Smalt. You can tell he has a mind of his own, but he listens more and more each day. All he wants to do is please and he has so much energy (keeps me very active). Let's not forget his love of water. Just the other day we were at a pond with a lab and a golden; there was a stick floating in the water. The lab and golden jumped in but got right out because of the ice. Not Henry, he plowed through the ice got the stick brought it back and dropped it at my feet for me to play fetch. He truly is amazing.

I just wanted to thank you. It is truly a pleasure to have such a wonderful dog. It does take a lot of time and effort to raise a dog, but when the dog already has a wonderful mindset and good genes it makes that job so much easier.

Thank you from a new Chessie lover.

Shawn Roe
Submitted by: Dennis Gunzelmann on Mar 07, 2012
Just wanted to drop a quick note on our little guy. We are thrilled with Goose. He was deemed flawless by the vet who was very impressed with the care to date, and quality of your information packet. The first two nights had frequent potty trips (4-5) but the last two nights he was up just once during the night before getting up around 6:00-6:30.

He's definitely an energetic eater, but as of today (day 4) he is already waiting in a sitting position until given the command to eat. Our greyhound hasn't exactly taken to him maternally, but she's calm and tolerant even if he chews at her tail or paw.

He's been to Petco and a local outdoor shopping area for some socializing. People have asked about his breed and are obviously making mental note. His behavior is very good...eager to be petted and with an obvious affinity for children.

He's everything we could have expected. Thanks so much.

Dennis & Michele Gunzelmann
Submitted by: Scott Strader on Feb 16, 2012
Hi Dyane,

Thank you for the Christmas card. Sorry we haven't sent are a few of our special girl! She is doing wonderful and is very attached to our oldest daughter. She is so protective of the kids...I love it! She loves to be close to all of us and rarely leaves our side. We are going bird hunting in the morning. She got the hang of it about the 3rd trip out with little training, of course I really wasn't going to use her as a bird dog, but she loves it.

I hope all is well, Merry Christmas to you and Bill!!!!

Submitted by: Cj Snider on Feb 16, 2012
Good morning guys,
I figured I’d drop you guys a line and let you know about this little troublemaker we’re raising. Honestly I don’t think you guys could have made a better choice in which pup we got. The first week home she was hooked on wings and bumpers…not to mention squeaky toys. My original fear with bringing her home was with my 9 y/o female, Mossy. The introductions with everyone went really well and everyone got adjusted rather quickly. Naturally they are all protective of their own territories in the house, but Bella doesn’t care and is quite fearless about the growling older dogs… in fact she’s quite adept at climbing on Mossy’s back to no end. Thankfully Mossy is all bark and no bite, so I don’t have to worry about the rough play turning too rough. We’ve had to reinforce our baby gates to keep from her charging into them, and knocking them down in her toy fueled fun fests of sprinting through the house.

Bella has surprised us all at her natural ability to retrieve and learn obedience commands. I’ve just enrolled her into her first official, and private puppy classes with a friend of mine that can help me refresh my puppy skills. This will be more educational for me I believe, and more interaction with other people and dogs for her. She’s quickly becoming a very social puppy with new people. I try and take her everywhere I go so she gets that interaction and isn’t shy to meet people. This past weekend we took Bella and Caitlin’s puppy Shea to the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD. Needless to say it was awesome for all 4 of us.

Submitted by: Steve Alzamora on Apr 20, 2011
Dear Dyane,

I am embarrassed to admit that I just came across your note about the AKC registration of our pup. I had misplaced the form and your note; my apologies for not getting back to you in a timely manner. Below is a copy of the AKC registration I just submitted online.

Well our big boy will be one year old in ten days. His name is Yukon and he is a handsome young pup. He weighs in at 81 pounds. You picked out the perfect family dog for us. He is a big lovable mush ball. The entire family adores him. His temperament is great, we could not ask for a gentler dog. His retrieving is a little under par but we are working on that (but he can sure steal shoes).

Thanks again for a wonderful dog,

Steve Alzamora
Submitted by: John Brown on Apr 20, 2011
I hope this email goes through. I have tried to send you pictures of Maggie for some time but the emails keep coming back. Quite simple she is the best dog Jackie and I have ever had. So smart and attentive and so loving/protecting to her family.

Maggie is from your Bogie liter of 2007. I believe she would make you proud of her. Hope and pray you and your friends are all doing well.



John Brown

Campbell-Brown Inc
Submitted by: John Brown on Nov 08, 2010
Dear Dyana

It has been to long since I have contacted you but I wanted you to know what an awesome dog Maggie is. We enjoy our regular walks in the woods, time in the lake and time around the house. She is a great friend and guardian. Of course as soon as someone greets her lovingly they are her new friend.

Attached is an old picture but it is the only one I have on this computer. Miss Mae is one of Bogey’s pups from 2008.

Again I just wanted you to know how much she is loved and enjoyed daily. She is the smartest dog I have ever had.


John Brown

Campbell-Brown Inc
Submitted by: Mike Berg on Nov 08, 2010
Hello Diane,

I just wanted to give you an update on the Chesapeake Bay Retriever that I obtained from you. Her sire was Safe Harbor Treasure Lake and her dam was Pond Hollow Tintagel. Your name for her was Mist Over Meadow.

We received, what we named her as Chessie, (real original) in September of 2008. She has been a tremendous addition to the family. I appreciate your ability to match the dog to the owner.

She was a little destructive in the beginning but has calmed down immensely. This was partly due to her boredom, which has been rectified. She loves to run and take walks to the creek that is close to our house. Her favorite toy is a rubber tire grade tube with a rope attached to the end. She loves to retrieve it and will not let it out of her sight.

She is extremely good with the kids and is getting much better with letting us know when there is a stranger on our property. We receive compliments on her all of the time which makes us very proud of her. She like to jump into the UPS truck upon deliveries but the UPS delivery guy has been patient. The color of her coat looks like she could be a UPS associate.

Having own beagles most of my life was a difficult choice considering another breed but you really made me feel comfortable and, as mentioned earlier, made a perfect match for the dog to owner.

I hope things are going well for you.

Please see attached photo with my wife and kids and Chessie

Michael Berg
Submitted by: Tracy on Sep 28, 2010
Our puppy is doing fantastically. He is a challenge, but a good mix of independence and desire to please. He has excelled at retrieving.. Rick has worked him in our yard, at Long Island Sound, and in the dark. He is a food hound though, as I suspect most retrievers are. Rick was hoping he wouldn't take after his predecessor, but he loves anything he can find in our yard or on the farm, both edible like asparagas, apples, pears, and not so edible like wool, etc.
I thought you would like to see some pictures of him. He looks alot like his mother
Sorry Rick hasn't kept in contact. We really do appreciate the job you have done with his breeding.
Submitted by: Jeremy Ulrich on Sep 28, 2010

It has been a few months since I last emailed you and I wanted to give you and update. Tucker (Pond Hollow Wing Supply; Mocha x Odie) is doing extremely well here on our farm in Lebanon County. This morning was his first full hunting experience. My father and I took him out this morning for his first Canada Goose hunt. He worked perfectly in the field retrieved all three geese. The one goose was even a 100 yard retrieve! His personality, attitude, and disposition is absolutely amazing! Every person we meet comments on how well behaved, and friendly he is. I have been giving you all of the credit because you did such a wonderful job picking him out for me and I want to thank you again for giving me this wonderful dog. On September 26, he will turn 10 months old. He is in perfect physical condition as we get about 1-2 miles of exercise every day.

I wanted to share this picture with you because as he is not even 10 months old he retrieved 3 rather large geese this morning as if he was a veteran. A few weeks back we met a gentlemen who had a brown lab. He was inquiring about Tucker and if he did any retrieving. At that point we were working on casting, and doing some dove hunting for practice. The gentlemen was shocked…. He said his dog was 6 months old and he wasn’t going to start training until the dog was 1 year old! I gave him some advice but afterwards just kind of chuckled because there was a lot of missed opportunities.

I will keep in touch but I wanted to share Tuckers first goose hunting experience with you.


Jeremy Ulrich & Tucker (Pond Hollow Wing Supply)
Submitted by: Chris Brunner on Sep 28, 2010
Dyane and Bill,

Since the pup we bought from you just turned one, I thought that I would let you know how she is doing. I apologize for not updating you on the previous Pond Hollow Chesapeakes that we owned.

This time I left Steve name our new CBR. He chose Reba which seemed like a good name to me too. Anyhow, Reba is a wonderful dog! She has a lovely personality and lots of energy. Did I mention that she is a smart dog, too. She listens pretty well. I did not get her to dog obedience class which I will explain later. Everday we walk around the pond in the morning and evening. She loves to hunt for mice in the tall grass. She also loves to fetch the bumper from the pond. Reba ranges ve ry well when we walk. She constantly checks to see where I am and always comes when I call. I put her in her kennel whenever I run errands and at night. All other times, she is free to run the farm. Of course, she stays right here by the back door. Whenever I go on long trips, I check her in at a wonderful kennel where she plays with her doggy friends. The owner of the kennel absolutely loves her. Since March, she averages about 10 days a month at the kennel. She loves it there.

I think whenever we spoke last, you knew that Steve was ill and not able to make the trip to PA to get Reba. His condition continued to worsen, and he died in January. I remember back in August/September I asked him that perhaps this wasn't a good time to be getting a puppy. He disagreed, and I am so glad that he did. I think that he knew that I would be needing a pooch to keep me company. I am so glad that I have her. Your chesapeakes continue to be t he best.

I am attaching some pictures. I will try to update you each year. Hope that all is well with you. Sincerely, Chris Brunner
Submitted by: David Rowsey on Oct 26, 2009
My family received "Finn" from Dyane and Pond Hollow on Oct 13, 2009. Without knowing it, Finn came into a household that was once held by another CBR, "Scout", who had much Pond Hollow in his bloodline, and was the most dedicated working retriever I have ever been around. For that reason, I went to Pond Hollow this time to, hopefully, get a CBR that would live up to Scout's high standards. I have not been dissapointed. Finn has exceeded my expectations in a huge way. @ 10 weeks old he is doing all of his basic commands, and has already started doing them by whistle. To my great joy, he is already ahead of Scout in his willingness to be trained and respond.

The reason I mention this is that I let Dyane choose Finn for me, knowing that I am a hunter. I had never done this before, as I was always hands on in picking my dogs. Dyane assured me that she would pick a dog that suited my desires. She has been dead on the money. @ 8.5 weeks old I took him into a dove field just to see how he responded to gun shots. No gun shyness. Great. To my suprise, he was pouncing on doves that fell close to us, which is more than I ever expected at such a young age. These dogs are natural hunters/retrievers.

I did a ton of research on CBR breeders before I settled on Pond Hollow and Dyane. I did just as much research on Dyane after I thought I knew I was going with Pond Hollow for my next CBR. Her reputation speaks for itself, and her dog savvy is worth its weight in gold.
Highly Reccomended,

Corpus Christi, Tx.
Submitted by: Perry and Deb Carpenter on Feb 25, 2009
We have two Chessies bred by Dyane Baldwin, father and son, Bear(5 yrs) and Hunter. Bear is the ultimate hunting dog, but he turned out so beautifully that we showed him and he is a Champion as well as having his Sr Hunting title.
Out of his first litter we wanted a pup so Dyane chose one for us and our dark curly boy Hunter was the result (18 mos old). Both Bear and Hunter are perfectly suited to our household and needs, super happy dogs, and they were hand picked by Dyane. She is first and foremost dedicated to breeding the best and most true and healthiest Chessies. She is a good friend to us and has kept in touch with us through thick and thin, Dyane is the best you could ask for. She is particular where her pups are placed, so you will be lucky to get a Pondhollow pup. Any advice you need with your pup is always there. Five stars PLUS
Submitted by: C dodson on Feb 25, 2009
I have 2 girls from Dyane and can't say enough wonderful things about their temperment and their drive to retrieve. Not only are they hunters but their conformation is excellent! the older girl has conformation, hunt and obedience titles and the younger one is on her way, hope to be a CH/MH!
Dyane Baldwin has contributed so much to the breed,will always try to improve on what she feels is necessary. We are very fortunate to have Pond Hollow pups and thank Dyane for all that she has done.
Submitted by: Jim Coulter on Feb 25, 2009
In terms of professionalism and proven results Dyane Baldwin and her Pond Hollow Chesapeakes would easily rank within the top five Chesapeake Breeders both Nationally and Internationally.

This is a serious Breeder with each breeding carefully researched and planned with prospective buyers in mind; while most of these litters are either show quality or close to it, the breeding also produce versatile dogs who are at home in the field, obedience and or agility rings with excellent temperaments.

Dyane and I co-own Ch Pond Hollow Rappahannah CD, SH (aka Hannah) who now has 3 Master legs and we hope to finish her title this year. Hannah is a good example of the Pond Hollow program in that, Dyane knew Hannah was going to a Pro Trainer and into Hunt Test competition. With that in mind, Hannah was selected from a litter and the rest is history.

After her Senior Title, she went back to Dyane for her Breed Title finishing with 3 Majors including to 2 Best of Breeds.

The other important factor is Dyane is always there for an owner when you need help. If I don't call her, she will check in to find out how Hannah is doing.
Submitted by: Rich on Jun 26, 2008
No one has worked harder for the Chessie breed than Dyanne Baldwin. Her tireless effort to promote the breed, help manage The American Chesapeake Club and at the same time, put her heart and soul into her own breeding program earns her a great big "Atta Girl"! We have a 10 yr. old boy, "Teak" (Pond Hollow Chincoteaque) out of Dyannes' beloved late boy, "Bogie" (Pond Hollow Casablanca)He is a doll, we love him dearly. Best of all, Dyanne still, after 10 yrs, checks on him from time to time. So, if you want a carefully and thoughtfully bred Chessie and want to make a friend who someday, if not already, reaches legendary status in the Dyanne.

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