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Gun Dog Breeder Reviews for Griffonpoint Kennel (Newtown)

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Submitted by: Cody Farnworth on Nov 15, 2012
Katy is simply the best. My wife and I researched not only the Wirehaired Griffon for over a year, we researched and called different breeders and found Katy Stuehm and her "Griffs". Katy knows this breed as well as anyone out there and makes sure that these pups go to good families. Katy was great before, during and after we got "Dutch" and has been extremely helpful anwering and showing me how to raise a great versatile hunting dog. Katy's dogs are extremely cooperative and have the "it" factor when it comes to hunting. I am grateful we found such a breeder that really take pride in her "griffs" Again, Katy in our mind is simply the best.
Submitted by: Steve Illingworth on Sep 09, 2012
I picked up my first Griffon in April 2012 after talking to Katy and reading many of the Newtown/Griffonpoint reviews on this site. I did not want to gamble on a breeder that did not have highly satisfied clients. I have little experience bird hunting and have never owned a bird dog so my selection of the breeder and trainer were my highest priority. Katy was very helpful and tireless over the next 5 months by eagerly guiding me step-by-step, with the end goal of having a successful hunting dog.

Katy recommended Brad Higgins ( for training. After spending the past 6 weeks training with Brad and Katy I now have an 8 month Griffon that is ready to hunt...without ever having worn an e-collar. Brad's training methods are completely unconventional meaning all training is rewards based, not discipline based. Bottom line this is a great Breeder & Trainer combination and I am 110% satisfied!

Submitted by: John Adolph on Jun 17, 2012
Katy is top notch. I met her through my hunting partner that purchased a 4 yr old male. Through our shared positive experience (in the field and in general) when it was time for me to get a new pup I gave her a call. I am an experienced dog owner, but this has been my first gun dog - throughout the process she has been immensely helpful and enthusiastic. She was able to help us find the perfect fit for my family's (and the dog's!) needs. Everybody is happy and heathy, and I would recommend her to anybody.
Submitted by: Gary Belcher on Apr 10, 2012
A great experience with Katy Stuehm, she updated us with pictures, videos and preferences for the type of Griffon we wanted. She was always available for discussion and would continue with training as required. A very good experience all round. Highly recommended.
Submitted by: Scott on Sep 27, 2011
I had been looking for an adult Griffon and when I saw the listing here on GDB, I immediately contacted Newton Kennels. From day one I have had noting but the best experiences.

While I've worked with gun dogs, I've never owned one. I spoke with Katy (the owner of Newtown Kennels) several times before I met Archie and it was obvious to me in our conversations that she has raised these dogs with a lot of care. Katy was very patient with my lack of knowledge, willing to answer any question I had, and offered hands on training/support that has been very valuable in getting me up to speed.

My boy Archie has been a pure pleasure to own. Even if I never took him into the field he is hands down the best dog I've ever owned. Thankfully I have taken him into the fields and Katy has delivered a solid hunting partner. I'd recommend Newtown Kennels to anyone looking for this special breed of dog without hesitation.
Submitted by: Sarah Murphy on May 16, 2011
Katy is an outstanding breeder and trainer. We have two of her dogs, a brother and sister from the same litter. They are the most loving family dogs, great with kids, excellent hunters, excellent on the recall and great mountain biking companions. Ka She and Brad are outstanding trainers. Training is logical, simple and humane. ty has been with us every step of the way. She has helped us, truly 24 - 7. We will not leave our Griffs with anyone but Katy. She is knowledgeable and passionate about these dogs and knows them academically and spiritually. I cannot recommend Katy and her dogs highly enough.
Submitted by: Neil Maxwell on May 14, 2011
Katy's hard work and dedication as a breeder of wire-haired pointing griffons is reflected in the quality of the dogs that she has produced. For me, that dog is Cricket who is now almost 3 years old. As a retired 71 year old man, Cricket keeps me active and amused. She was so easy to train. As a result she is very obedient and anxious to please. We are inseparable. She is also really good with the grandchildren. For a great dog and a great breeder I highly recommend that you contact Katy at Newtown Kennels.
Submitted by: Richard Tree on Sep 13, 2010
We started looking for a Griff breeder in California over a year ago. When I contacted Katy over at Newtown Kennels I was a little surprised at the lengthy application I had to fill out to be considered for one of her Griffs. I soon realized that Katy took her breeding very serious and wanted to make sure her Griffs would go to the right homes. Katy has been THE BEST Griff breeder I know. Our first Griff from her was simply awesome. Katy was always available to talk whenever we had questions and she is always such a nice person to talk too. We have been so pleased with our Griff from Newtown Kennels we were lucky enough to get our second Griff from her too. Katy has a great knowledge of the Griff breed and has a great relationship with one of the best gundog trainers in the US. We love Newtown Kennels!
Submitted by: Ephraim Learned on Sep 12, 2010
Kathy has done an amazing job with Newtown Kennels. Breeding happy, healthy and effective hunting dogs is clearly her passion.

Our two year old Griffon, Lucas is everything she promised and more: From his gifted natural abilities and excitement to track, point, retrieve and watch for commands, his awesome athletic ability, wonderful temperament, smart and strong personality and overall happiness he is a very special hunting dog! In the last 18 months since we have had Luc three of our friends have been inspired to get Griffon puppys too!

In addition to providing us with a pleasurable placement process, Kathy's has continued offer help when ever we have asked for her services! To say that I would recommend working with Kathy and Newtown Kennels is a gross understatement! After a lifetime of of working with many breeders Newtown Kennels has been the best breeder I have ever known.

Ephraim Learned
Submitted by: Molly Lamme on Sep 08, 2010
Katy was the best before, during, and after the purchase of "Cali". She had great follow up and has always been extremely accessible to any simple questions since the purchase. Cali was 5 months old when we purchased her and is now over 4 years and is such a perfect fit for our family. I will be forever thankful to Katy for this gift of a fabulous companion.
Submitted by: Ron Capilla on Sep 07, 2010
Katy is an outstanding breeder of Griffons. She is very concerned about her puppies and goes through an extensive process to make sure that they end up with the right families. If you think that you will just show up at her door with money and buy a puppy you will be sorely disappointed. She is very well known for her breeding and care for her dogs amoung Griff owners. Her concern for her dogs goes past the initial sale of the dog as well. She sponsors training clinics throughout the year and stays in touch with her dog owners through email. I look forward to buying another Griff from her in the future.
Submitted by: paige bierly on Sep 07, 2010
Newtown Kennels offers Wire Haired Pointing Griffons. I found Katy to be knowledgeable and passionate about Griffons. After submitting an extensive application for a pup, she spent over 2 hours helping me select a the right Griffon for our family based on personality and purpose. I picked up the pup at 10 weeks of age. My Griffon is of excellent health, and is hands down the friendliest dog I have ever been around.
Submitted by: Greg Belanger on Sep 07, 2010
Good matching of the dog to our interests and great follow-up and experience after we purchased our wirehaired pointing griffon. We have participated in numerous workshops and training opportunities which have our experience much richer.
Submitted by: Dave Winkel on Sep 07, 2010
I first got to know Katy about five years ago when I was looking for my second Griffon. The breeder I had gone through for my first Griffon highly recommended Katy and Newtown Kennels. It was immediately apparent to me that Katy was not only knowledgeable about Griffons but also very dedicated to the breed. Katy made sure that she knew me and my family well before she matched us with the right puppy for our family. It was a great experience and we could not be happier with our second Griffon, “Woody”.

“Woody” is an incredible dog. He is an excellent family member and hunting companion; he has an excellent temperament and personality with a lot of drive and cooperation. I am also appreciative of the relationship Katy has maintained with us. Few breeders stay so involved with the families after the dogs have been placed; it has been a very positive experience to have someone who cares so much about the families and the success of the dogs. Katy also keeps current with the newest training methods and information. She is always available to answer question or offer training advice. Katy has truly been dedicated to the success of our new Griffon.

After getting to know Katy over the last five years, it is not surprising that I went to her when our family decided to get our third Griffon. Our newest puppy, “Reese”, is now eight months old. She is exceptionally personable and already demonstrates advanced drive and cooperation in the field. I am anxious to watch her develop over the years into another fine Newtown Griffon.

I have been fortunate enough to see several other dogs from Newtown Kennels in the field and these Griffons are a true testament to Katy’s breeding program and the quality of dogs that come from Newtown Kennels. I would recommend Newtown Kennels to anyone looking for their first or next Griffon.

Dave Winkel
Westminster, Colorado
Submitted by: Alan Griffith on Sep 06, 2010
Katy is a responsible and knowledgeable breeder that does her best to make sure her dogs are matched to their new owners. She is very accomodating and went out of her way to get our dog shipped to us on the east coast. She is always available and eager to talk about Griffons.

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